c/o PMB 115, PO Box, 1459
Cave Junction, OREGON  [97523]

                                                                                                            October 20, 2010

                                                U.S.P.O. Registered Mail Article No. RR 487 240 200 US

Verified Statement of Account
Non-Negotiable-Private Between the Parties

Account Debtor:                                            Account Creditor:
Gil GILBERTSON                                   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©                                                          
Josephine County Sheriff's Office          c/o PMB 115, Post Office Box 1459.
601 NW 5th Street  .                             Cave Junction Oregon, [97523]
Grants Pass, Oregon  97526      
In accordance with notice and terms contained and executed within the following certain private, consensual contracts by and between Account Debtor GIL GILBERTSON and Account Creditor Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  i.e.
 " Acceptance Oath of Office/Affidavit and Demand for Proof of Claim " dated, September 24, 2010
"Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM dated January 4, 2010
"Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM"  dated  April 16, 2009
"Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM"  dated February 25,  2008 
the following damages are set forth as follows: 

Principal Amount                                  Unauthorized-Use Locator Occurrences of Use      Extended Amount

Bond/Insurance                              Acceptance Oath of Office/Proof of Claim          1                                    
Policy Value                                  Proof of Claim  dated  September 24, 2010  
$2,000.000.00   Defaiilt Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance                                     1           $2,000,000.00
                  REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM dated January 4, 2010                

$2,000,000.00      Default Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance                             .     1           $2,000,000.00
                 REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM dated April 16th,  2009,

$2,000,000.00      Default Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance                              .   1            $2,000,000.00
           REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM dated February 25,  2008

Total:                                                                                                                                       $6,000,000.00

The total amount of this Invoice is Six Million United States Dollars ($6,000,000.00).  This amount is now due and owing.  Payment in full is herewith demanded.  Remit to:

                             Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
                             In care of:  Post Office Box 1870
                             Cave Junction 97523


    Affiant, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Common Law Trade-Name/Trademark, © 2002, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural man, does swear and affirm that Affiant has scribed and read the foregoing facts, and, in accordance with the best of Affiant's firsthand knowledge and conviction, such are true, correct, complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This Affidavit is dated the Twentieth Day of the Tenth Month in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Ten
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Secured Party/Creditor, Claimant


     County of Josephine    } ss.

     BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this _______ day of ______________, ______,
Before me, the undersigned, A Notary Public in and for the State of Oregon, personally appeared the within named
known to me to be the identical individual  AS  described in and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged to me that ___________ executed the same freely and voluntarily.

                    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set My  hand And affixed my official seal the day and Year last  above Written.

                            Notary Public of Oregon
    My Commission expires: _______________________