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     For those of you who have the "Eyes to See and Ears to Hear",  take heart, this one's for you? 

     Can life be bountiful and peaceful despite the political, social and economic turmoil of the present day?  You Bet!

    Why does man persist in living in a condition of competition, opposition, and mutual exploitation, while all the while professing a desire for peace, freedom and spiritual release?

    Can man live beyond the reach of the Bankers and multitude of Corporate influences tied to the control and manipulation of money not only survive, but prosper? .

    Can we, as a people liberate ourselves from the bondage of a debt controlled system which strips away  our self-respect, our energy, our very lives?

     You've heard me call for BOYCOTT of the forces that enslave us.    Many question how it can be done.  Simple!  Opt-out of your government  imposed 14th Amendment slave assignation in the public realm, the realm  controlled by government, the Bankers and Corporate elitists  and  return to your rightful place as a private Sovereign interacting with your fellow man in the private realm where government has no jurisdiction, no power over you.  I invite all to visit my website at and witness for yourself the lack of power government has over the private man, the Sovereign man.

   The key to it all is a fundamental redirection of the prevalent conditioned. collective human attitude away from one of need to one of God-gifted, sovereign deservedness and its creative sharing.  Most problems in our societal mindset are all tied to how we all have been conditioned to look at money.

    Man has lost his capacity for individual creation of the quality of his life and has abdicated such fundamental right to experts who have enslaved  them  through their own conditioned, limited thoughts and actions.

    It has been said "It is more Blessed to give than to receive." Few understand the esoteric meaning of that statement. For money is the symbol of human energy which is constantly  flowing, shifting, and changing  in a stream of either giving or receiving according to ones needs, according to one's responsibilities,  according to one's desires.

    When one plants a seed and it falls upon fertile ground,  that seed  bears fruit and further seed a hundred fold.  Those seeds when planted also on fertile soil, bear other seeds a hundred fold and so on it goes. Some seeds shall fall on infertile, hard, rocky soil and just wither away bearing nothing but desolation and barreness.

      Human minds make up the full spectrum of consciousness from open minds, fertile soil to closed minds,  hard rocky, barren, unforgiving, lifeless ground.  Ground that bears nothing but hardship, fear, and unclarity.   

      I have just planted a seed in each of you reading this. Some of these seeds  will fall upon fertile ground and bear fruit.  Some will fall on hard, barren, lifeless ground and shall bear nothing but opposition to the simple truth I've just conveyed. For  Life/Truth begets life while dead beliefs bear nothing but hardship and compensatory, empty dreams of unfulfilled  promises for a better future which is the legacy of the infertile ground of the "Spiritually unaware". 

    I am speaking to you of a different way of life, the life that each of you know of at the deepest levels of your being..  A life of Abundance, A life of Freedom from enslavement.  A life of a Sovereign. 

    That seed shall bear fruit in the fertile soil of an open mind, an open heart and one filled with the Infinite Spirit of Love. In such a revolutionary spirit-based life, one shall reap what they have sown. That is spiritual Law.

    Can one break away from the negative forces which shall always   flourish in certain segments of a conditioned society?

    Can one be free in an unfree world? 

     There is a way, but only for those "who have the eyes to see, and ears to hear" and have the courage to act when all their  institutionalized conditionings screams out to them " don't move, don't act, be safe, be secure". 

     Security has always been the creed of slaves.  Freemen face life, face opposition, face risks and act according to their understanding of the fleeting, evanescent moment..

    It has also been said "Seek and Ye shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened."   Have you opened your minds to the simple Truth I have just conveyed? 

    Let the simple solution of giving, receiving and sharing with others, and NOT exploiting them through division. opposition and competition awaken you to the possibilities of a better world for yourselves and your posterity, 

    If the Truth of my words in this communication resonate within your being,  SEE VIDEO:  Do You Have Plan B""  then contact Me at and I will further share freely with you the secret that can affect forever, the quality of your life and that of your posterity,  but only if your spirit is so inclined..

                      Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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 All Rights Reserved.

  I welcome you to my Sovereignty & Driver License Essay Page.  Here you will be exposed to the Scam of your lifetime. Whether You have an Unalienable Right to Travel, or must require permission of Government  via a License to Drive.  You'll find here the real issues behind my Court battles.  Simple Issues of Freedom  your government does not want you to know.   You will see how a once Sovereign People can be reduced to Slaves through words.      Ray


No Court has Jurisdiction over the Sovereign Essential Man


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"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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