Those Who Make the Rules, Win the Game, OR DO THEY??? A Christ's REJECTION LETTER

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

It has long been said that Those who hold the gold, make the Rules and those who make the rules win the game.  A Spiritual Fallacy is there ever was one. 

Such is the nature of Satanic logic.  With its utter disregard for the holistic, Spirit of the word and its lawyerly tampering of meanings at the unsubstantive  "letter of the word, level " of communication,  It has created a BASSACKWARD world where men ultimately come to BELIEVE THEY MUST KILL EACH other in order to achieve peace. 

Such utter insanity is the way of the world which has manifest in every Civilized Society, which has ever existed since the beginning of Time, Since Man's Fall from Grace, the descent into the abyss of a hell-bound dualistic opposing Intellect, ruled by the petty god Satan.  

This is the hell-bound world based on the Leaders and the led, via the Law of Mammon, the law of Man.  It clothes itself in positive imagery while its manifest actions assail and destroy common sense and  even attacks Truth itself whilst it weaves hypnotically lulling, satanic cocoons of consciousness which lures, entices, seduces, encapsulates, feeds, fuels, and sustains hellish consciousness of  the insane, the unstable, the foolish, the incompetent.  The average man who proudly bears the name SHEEPLE.  Few indeed, understand the real reasons their lives never measure up to their aspirations.  Such is the curse of human ignorance.  Masses live in denial while they read their report card  of lives daily lived as reflected in the Headlines. 

There has NEVER been a day without war, death, conflict, confusion and exploitation in this civilized world since man's mind was taken over by Satanic Conditioning and he was convinced to sell his soul for the promise of comfort and security.  to live by man's  rules, not God's Law. 

Any contract entered into without full disclosure of all terms made at time of contract, by law is considered NULL AND VOID.  And one can extricate himsell effortlessly from the chains which bind him/her.  EVEN THE CONTRACT WITH SATAN.  Satan operates by INVITATION ONLY.  He has no JURISDICTION over anyone who has not fully consented to such  What each of you have done to yourself with your own consent, YOU CAN UNDO. 

For those of you who have not read the three articles this Christ has posted at  with particular attention payed to STATE OF OREGON & JOSEPHINE COUNTY:  AND THE WALLS COME TUMBLING DOWN! I suggest you do it.

It goes to the heart of JUSTICE, EQUALITY, SOVEREIGNTY, and FREEDOM in America, lost to most of you but nevertheless, there for the taking,


Today, May 3rd, 2012, I received an unsigned REJECTION FORM LETTER for my two UCC-1, filings with the OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE UCC DIVISION.   Untouched by human hands, unmarked on either cover page or actual filing page, (The Envelope was date stamped)  They just GOBBLED up my Two filing fees amounting to $30.00 and adeptly "kissed it off"  without touching either page.  Such is the nature of the mindless, heavy-handed, robotic, Monster/Beast we know as government.

However, the center of the page bore this comment.  ORS Chapter 205,455 states on part, that "No person or county shall accept for filing a claim of encumbrance against the property of a federal official or employee or a state or local offficial or employee unless accompanied by an order from a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing The filing of the encumbrances. 

A rather IRONIC STATEMENT, in that I have been trying to get every responsible agent, prosecutor, sheriff, and judge in Josephine County Oregon and one from Jackson County Oregon, The District attorney of two administrations, the Oregon Attorney General, two administrations, and several administrations of the Oregon Governors office to answer the questions of JURISDICTION yet TO THE MAN, they and their AGENTS  have refused to answer.   Now what Kind of MICKEY MOUSE OPERATION have you folks sold your souls, your birthright for?

The simple fact is, these satanic minions understand who they work for.  THEY WORK FOR ME.  THEY WORK FOR YOU!  You and I, the Living man and woman the natural man/woman ARE THE TRUE GOVERNMENT, and they HAVE NO POWER, NO JURISDICTION over the SOVEREIGN man or woman.  That is why they have to deceive you, convince you were a subject of the Corporation of the present DeFacto Government, which has hijacked our true DeJure Goverement based in our Constitutional Republic. 

See: CRUDEN v NEALE   Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.

The Law of Commerce States:

All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law).

In commerce truth is sovereign.

Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.

An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.

A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.

All of my AFFIDAVITS through the last 9 years have gone unrebutted.

Such Commercial Dishonor calls for Removal of officials who have DISHONORED THEIR OFFICE.  Only one UNREBUTTED AFFIDAVIT is needed to establish TRUTH OF MY POSITION.  Yet the same public officials stand in DISHONOR of countless COMMERCIAL DEFAULTS.  While they use their satanic lawyer tricks to deceive and defame another with their word games. 

Since when does a party to a issue at law, HAVE THE RIGHT to make a rule (NEVER A LAW) that their own are immune from being held responsible for their crimes, and misconduct?

A Uniformed cop can stop you, arrest you, kidnap your, take you at gun point or Kill you and you have no recourse to HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE.  The directive that you must get the approval of a judge, who is also party to the conspiracy to rob you of your sovereignty, and also is held in multiple COMMERCIAL DEFAULTS goes beyond the limitations of sanity. 

I've pretty much given up on you, the American People.  You have sorely tested the patience of a Christ for these last NINE YEARS. 

JUST WHAT THE HELL IS IS GOING TO TAKE TO WAKE YOU UP? Let the Oregon Secretary of State know that Her obfuscation of the law has come to an end.  Do the Job, or GET OUT OF OFFICE. 

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