Oregon Governor Kulongoski: Sovereignty, Dignity, Unalienable Rights SUMMONS YOUR ATTENTION!!

Governor Ted Kulongoski
State of Oregon                                                                                  June 9, 2003
900 Court Street NE
Salem OR 97301-4047

                                               U.S.P.O Registered Mail Article No RR463870684US

Dear Governor,

   The State of Oregon has wronged me.  You, sir, are where the "buck stops", at least in this State.
On behalf of the people of Oregon and myself, I appeal to you to right that wrong.   Reading of your
prior experience as Attorney General, you sir, possess the credentials and expertise to resolve this
issue, perhaps like none other of your predecessors who sat in your seat.

   The issue I bring before you is a one of Sovereignty, Dignity, and Unalienable Rights. It is also one
of corruption, false arrest, false imprisonment, hunger strikes, unlawful Oregon courts which refuse
to follow the law, and indifferent bureaucrats who have forgotten that they are the servants of the
people and not their master.

    It is a lengthy story, one which may be considerably shortened by having your staff research the
Internet web links found on journalist Peter Sparacino's "BEHIND THE SCENES IN JOCO" website
at http://www.budget.net/~primrose/catalog2 and following the "Updates"  link found thereon.  It is a
timely issue.  One which has the high profile attention of the country focused upon it.

     My intention was to live peaceably in retirement in beautiful Southern Oregon.  Since September
5th, 2002, it has turned into the nightmare of my 65-year-long life.

     At this stage, the issue is focused on the Tort Claim I filed with both the Oregon Department of
Administrative Services managed by David Baird and the Josephine County Department of
Administrative Services, through Josephine County Commissioner Harold Haugen.

     The claim, filed on March 3, 2003 lay dormant until May 27th, 2003 See:

     Hard copies of all court files may be accessed through the Josephine County Court Clerk's office
regarding Case NO: 02-CR- 0617.

     It is my hope that you, as Governor of the State of Oregon, shall end the nightmare, allowing
peace to return to one man's life.

                                                                Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
                                                                Secured Party, Creditor, Claimant
                                                                InCare of : PO Box 1870
                                                                [97523] Cave Junction