To:  JOHN KROGER                                                                     From: Claimant:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©     
ATTORNEY GENERAL                                                                In Care of: PMB 115 Post Office Box 1459
OREGON DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                                      Cave Junction Oregon,  [97523]
Oregon Department of Justice
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4096
(503) 378-4400

Re:  SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON                                                 Re:  ROSEMARY DELASHMUTT
Josephine County Sheriff's Office                                                      Josephine County Chief Financial Officer
601 NW 5th Street                                                                           Josephine County Courthouse
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526                                                              500 NW 6th Street       
                                                                                                        Grants Pass, Oregon 97526       

                                                                                    USPO CERTIFIED MAIL # 7006  2150 0004 2199 7843

                                                                                                                          January 19th, 2011
Mr. Kroger,

     On December 16th, 2010,  I sent U.S.P.O. Registered Mail Article No. RR 487 240 113 US  to Ms. ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT, Risk Manager for JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON,  an Acceptance  of her Oath of Office/Affidavit and Demand for Proof of Claim accompanied by my Affidavit  See:

     Ms. DE LASHMUTT has since also commercially defaulted and is in Dishonor as has SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON  of JOSEPHINE COUNTY who has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the law he has sworn to uphold by defaulting on multiple occasions and has since, been operating for some time now in Commercial Dishonor.

     Such Acceptance of DE LASHMUTT'S Oath of Office and proof of claim  was based on her refusal  to show cause for the delay, obstruction and coverup by her in her impeding the insurance processing of my claim regarding  SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON'S breach of Oath of Office and repeated Commercial Defaults.  

    Mr. KROGER, you'll recall I sent you a copy of that document along with my request  that  an Investigation be launched by the OREGON DOJ into the unlawful coverup underway Regarding Josephine County Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON'S Breach of Oath of Office and repeated Commercial Defaults and Dishonor.

    My question of you is where does one in OREGON go when laws are being ignored and broken by public officials at the County and State level who thumb their noses at the very law they have sworn to uphold, yet refuse to do so and operate in Commercial Dishonor.

    Clearly this well documented issue is cut and dried.  Both Public Officials  of the County of Josephine have deliberately obstructed and covered up clear evidence of their Malfeasance of Office and corruption by their Commercial Default and Dishonor.

     It is my further understanding that a public Official acting in Commercial Dishonor must be removed from office and precluded from holding any further public office,  along with his/her insurance Bond/Indemnification be forfeited.

    I have not heard from your office regarding your progress in the Investigation. Must I also accept your Oath of Office to get someone from the County of Josephine and State of Oregon to perform their sworn duty?

    Please advise me of the disposition of your investigation in this matter of Removal of JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON and CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER/RISK MANAGER ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT from their publicly held offices.                                           

                                       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©.