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This page is a forum for Truth. Through such a forum, fundamental change may emerge in the collective consciousness of mankind. Truth has many voices. Although cultural expressions may differ, the essence of truth is quite unmistakable to the spiritual ear. We invite all Brothers and Sisters of the spirit to share their truth openly on these pages.

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A NEW ELECTION SYSTEM: Vote with your Pocketbook!!

In all civilized societies operating under rule of law, breach of contract is considered grounds for the dissolution of the original agreement between the parties to the contract.

Government representatives hold their office at the behest of voters who put them there. They have no authority but that which has been given them by the people they represent. Yet they seem to have forgotten this basic tenet and act with indifference to the welfare of the country while they play their silly games at public expense.

Where do tax monies go? Ostensibly to fund the operation of government in their provision of *service* to the people. Without controlling how government spends our money, and holding them responsible for their actions, no amount of tax increases are going to stave off inevitable bankruptcy.

Our country originated when "taxation without representation" was understood by our forefathers, and they found it intolerable. They fought a war which brought them independence from a government that could only view them as objects of exploitation.

Here we are, 200+ years later, and we find ourselves in the untenable position of being taxed to support a government on the verge of bankruptcy evidenced by periodic shutdowns due to its inefficiency, and pork barrel/special interests spending.

Where is the tax money going for the services that are not being rendered? I, personally, understand that all civilized governments are but facades which front for those who control the rest of us. Unfortunately, my words fall upon the deaf ears of slave-minded individuals whose livelihood and security is threatened daily by those who control the money and set the prices.

Money is a symbol of one's personal energy. It is this redistribution of one's personal energy that makes one man a slave and the other a master. It doesn't matter what name it is given, the essence of the relationship remains the same. I must tell you that it is all an illusion. No one is another's slave unless they consent to it or are unable to face their own fears when coerced through intimidation by so-called authorities to act against their collective self-interest. Without the money generated through the personal energy output of the average man, the leaders could not continue in their present course.

You've been told, your vote counts. You now know that that is not true. What counts is the monies that are stripped away from you in taxes. You are being pushed into debt and ultimately into indentured slavery. It's all done automatically with your consent. It is done through the witholding of taxes clause in your personal employment contract with your employer.

Do you want a better life for yourself and your children? That calls for a better system, not cosmetically, but fundamentally. Don't cast a meaningless vote via a computer-driven system rife with opportunity for fraud and vote tampering by the *experts.* Instead cast your vote with your money. Don't allow it to be stripped away from you. Renegotiate your agreement with your employer. Secure your full wage or salary. Then, with your total energy intact, start living life as a free person. Fund those programs you endorse with a vote from your pocketbook. Do that, and the frivolous pork barrel projects which are the hallmark of the present system will be no more.

This must be done on the basis of individual effort, not through an organized movement whose leadership can be controlled. Most people are conditioned in their thought patterns to seek strength in numbers and are easily seduced into participating in such collective movements. What is not seen is that though millions may participate in a collective movement, there is but the one mind, called leadership, which directs and controls the destiny of the vast membership. Control the leader and you control the led. That is how our present government works in the exploitation and division of groups, pitting one against the other for the purpose of continuing the momentum of chaos.

Think of it, a few "million" freedom-spirited people acting independently, not collectively, taking back control of their lives. How can it be stopped? The answer is -- it cannot, for the human spirit will always prevail against the tyranny founded in empty rhetoric.

One may not like to hear the word "slave" when referenced to oneself ; but if one is not in control of their own destiny, has been rendered inert and apathetic through the "dumbing down" process of indoctrination and is left dependent upon an outside authority which promises services, but seldom delivers on those promises, what else can he be called?

Raymond Karczewski

Christs with Amnesia: Preface and Summary


This is a book of letters. I undertook to write these letters because of the increased momentum of violence building in our world. This violence and mental instability, if not stemmed or altered in some way, will bring mankind to the point of either total destruction or total slavery.

This book contains the intuitive grasp of one's true nature; that of being a child of God. Our true nature allows one the infinite capacity for understanding. This was given up long ago, by the average man, through the medium of mind control and psychological pressure. This was the Fall from Grace; the fall from the oneness of direct perception into the conflicted, fragmented consciousness of the dualistic-based, intellectual mind. It is this intellectual mind that is the ruler of civilized man. This mind is the realm of eternal conflict, which has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. It is Hell.

This book is the essence of the Christ message. This should not, however, be confused with the message of orthodox Christianity for reasons which will be revealed in the book. This is not a doom & gloom book. It is a book which reveals the true spirituality of man, not the mind-sedating pablum you are accustomed to hear from the pulpit. It is for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. It is also for the person who has hit bottom in their life and is ready and serious about making a personal change while still possessing sufficient energy to take that quantum step in consciousness. The book serves as a wake-up call to those who are fast asleep through the hypnotic mind control techniques which have rendered them inert and helpless.

The first letter Christian or Bigot? was written in February of 1993, the last ended the series in February of 1995, some two years after it all began.

This book is not based in any belief system whatsoever. It is founded in the human capacity for direct revelation. So why should another bother reading it? The answer is quite simple. When the mind is revealed for what it is, you will see the truth for yourself.

From the first letter to the last, you will find no contradiction in the essence of what is described. This book will serve as a reflection of consciousness. Not mine, but yours. As the letters are read, one becomes a mirror unto themselves. It is the utmost personal relationship born of unity.

The messenger is unimportant, but the message is all-important. For we truly are all one. Do not study the letters. Rather, be quiet and observe your personal reactions to what is read. You are your own teacher. It has always been and will always be so. You have been trained out of that level of intelligence and have been made dependent upon others for guidance and support. Do not allow your conditioned judgments to prevent you from reading this book. If you do, you will have chosen to remain a CHRIST WITH AMNESIA.


Now that you have read my letters, may I bring it all together and tell you what I perceive to be underway at the present time. Keep in mind this statement is being written on November 29th, l994.

The everpresent pressures of mind conditioning has brought us to a collective shift in our thinking processes. That shift has brought us to a crisis point in our world. That crisis is manifesting on two levels: political and spiritual. We are being bombarded with media coverage of the supernatural, of the esoteric, of the occult. Our minds are being distracted and misdirected by television, magazines, and newspapers with stories of UFO's, angels, and New Age concepts to replace the old age Christian dogma (at least here in the Western world). We are being set up for a battle under the guise of the End Times. Most of us are terrified by such prospects.

There is nothing new about the New Age. The old name for it was Paganism. It held sway long before Christianity came upon the scene. Make no mistake about it, the battle presently underway is for power--the continued power to control minds. It is the struggle between the powers of the old age (the decentralized sovereign countries) and the (centralized one world government buttressed by a computerized, cashless Big Brother society) New Age. The pendulum has swung back with a new face, but still remains to be business as usual. Nothing has changed. The few elitists and bankers who rule the rest of us still retain their puppeteer's role as they pull the strings and watch governments rise and fall.

As in all intellectual matters based in dualism, such opposite belief systems are required to keep the schism of Hell in operation. It is necessary for leaders to keep us separated into warring factions so that we are desensitized to our humanity and violence becomes our normal daily fare. Population control measures, through the culling out of undesirable members of our society, are presently underway. It's being done through the targeting of the weak, the infirm, the indigent, the drug addict, the elderly, the helpless fetus--anyone and everyone perceived to be a noncontributor to our overpopulated society and world. The face is different, but the heart behind the movement is not much different than that which could be found in Hitler's Germany in the 30's and 40's. It's done through the selective enforcement of laws, allowing certain types of crimes (drugs, drive-by shootings and heavily armed camps of juvenile gangs in the inner city) to be rampant within our cities.

All this goes a long way toward fanning the fears of the general citizenry. It allows government to extract more and more taxes for promised services never to be performed. This population control policy is furthered through the selective process of medical treatment of those suffering from mysterious, uncurable diseases. These diseases cannot shake their lingering, whispered intimations of their man-made origins.

On a worldwide scale, it is accomplished through the ploy of humanitarian overtures which, not unexpectedly, become transformed into military interventions into sovereign lands under the aegis of the benevolent imaged United Nations.

We are being primed to think toward the occult. After the dust settles following the blood bath of Christian and Pagan forces which will decimate our lands, there will be the installation of a Savior. Such a staged event will bring it all together. He will arrive with much advance promotion and will come from outer space. It will not really be so, but the average man by that time will be ready to believe just about anything. It will be staged by the framers of our new one world government, whose foundation will be based on a consolidation of government and religion with the fictitious savior at the helm.

Rather bleak, isn't it? It doesn't have to be. As I said earlier, the crisis is on two levels: political and spiritual. It's all up to you as to what kind of a world you will live in.

You've read my letters. Follow the instructions of your own soul. To those of you who can do this, you will regain the memory of your true nature. It has been with you always, even though you have been blocked from it through the pressure of mind conditioning.

Once you realize who you really are, the new world, a world of peace and understanding, will be your inheritance. For you are the meek; you are the intelligent; you are the new stewards of this earth. You will no longer be endangered. You will understand your Christhood, just as the man Jesus understood His. Perhaps now you understand the true message of your spiritual brother Jesus.

The End

The following is a letter to a spiritual sister who, nearing the end of her life (she is now deceased), was questioning her lifelong religious beliefs as she faced her own mortality while undergoing cancer treatments. At the time, she was experiencing isolation from friends and family, and was quite fearful and depressed.

Dear Sister of the Spirit,

I was sitting here thinking about you today, so I thought I would write. I hope you are enjoying the tapes. Listen to them quietly. There is much on them that I am sure will run against the grain of your lifelong exposure to the orthodox religious community. Listen to your inner stirrings to determine the truth for yourself.

Dear sister, you are not alone, you never have been nor ever will be. What you are experiencing at this time of your life is the emptiness of loneliness, the loneliness of isolation, of separation from others with whom you desire a deeper relationship. This is one of the harder lessons we must endure in life before understanding comes to us. It is the temptation of a mind that produces such a painful experience. I know how you feel; but, believe me, it is only a trial, one that all spiritual pilgrims must undergo.

Accept your quietness and aloneness as a blessing in disguise, for that is exactly what it is. In recent years your life's routine has been disrupted with the passing of your husband and there is an empty spot within you that he used to fill. You survived him for that very reason. Though it be painful, do not back down from what you need to experience. Live life with equanimity.

The spiritual person must be whole (from which the word holy is derived). One must, through the understanding of the many painful lessons life places before us, restore the energy that is lost through the contradictions found in living an habitual life. The awareness that one experienced as a young child must be rediscovered for oneself, for that is what leads to the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is the directness of perception, untainted by fear, that is the light unto oneself. Very few really understand what life is all about, though many think they do. Dear Sister—welcome to the journey.

Do not strive for spirituality. If you do, you will block it. It will be prevented from coming into your life. That is the most difficult thing for most people to learn, not to get in their own way. It is already yours. It has always been so. Relax, be still, and you will see what I mean. It has never left you.

Your mind, with all of its endless demands, has taken you away from that clarity. Its demands have been a distraction to you. These distractions took on a life of their own when you were rewarded for having them by others who sought to direct you in life. The pleasant thing about one's senior years is that most of life's travails are behind us. If emotion does not overwhelm our recollections, the clarity of wisdom is its own reward.

Surely you must have discovered that that which you have sought for a lifetime has always been just out of your grasp, much like the gold ring on a merry-go-round. Don't stretch for it. Stop—be quiet and it will come to you. Your striving has been the lifelong barrier to that which you most desire.

I am telling you this out of my own experience and understanding. This is not something that you can learn and put into practice, for that kind of study is the very thing that is the seductive temptation of the mind which does not want to lose its control over you. You are the master of your mind, not the other way around. By being quiet, the mind comes to an end. It loses its power to control. In essence, it dies to that moment. That is the true Spiritual Rebirth Christ spoke of that has been misrepresented by those who followed in His name.

You may take offense at this, but You, and I, and Jesus, and all of intelligence, are, and always have been, that which is called Christ. Jesus knew it. I know it. But you, dear sister, are still suffering with amnesia. No matter. Have patience; for one day you, too, will recover your memory. Have Faith—in Yourself!

Your Spiritual Brother


This is an excerpt from the audio tape set "Christs with Amnesia"

Copyright © 1995 Raymond Karczewski

The "Magical Kingdom"

A child is born into the world. A new human being has emerged. Life, the infinite intelligence, has manifested itself as a tiny, helpless, dependent organism.

Such vulnerability evokes from the adult caretakers a softness and a desire to protect and nurture it. These are the same adult parents whose personal psyches have been battered and bruised, hardened in heart and mind by life's personal travails. Yet, in that state of infancy, if love is predominant in the parent, the child will be provided with attention to its needs. This increases the infant's chance for survival, both physically and psychologically.

In a loving family they will be treated as an emerging intelligent being with unlimited possibilities awaiting them. In an unloving family they are treated more like a personal adjunct, regarded as a dutiful responsibility, a possession, a psychological extension of the parent, a parental plaything whose seeming purpose is to serve and pleasure a damaged adult ego.

This new life form changes radically in a short time span. It begins to understand the actuality of cause and effect, even without knowing there are words to describe it. They scream, or cry, and attention is provided, their needs are met.

Through repeated interaction with their parent or caretaker, they adopt a variety of responses. Their eyes twinkle when mother plays with them. They smile, they frown, they twist and turn toward the voice of the mother. In their own way, unknown to the adults surrounding them, they are learning very quickly about the strange and unknown place in which they now find themselves. They feel secure, attended to, loved, wanted, needed. They feel their existence is recognized. They ARE.

The question should arise in everyone: Is the above description of life TRUE? The obvious answer is Yes and No. How can something be regarded as both yes and no, and still be true? We'll come to that multidimensional question later (even though I've just given you the answer).

Where does it all fall apart for that tiny manifestation of intelligence? Answer; They begin to grow up.

As they become more aware and functional, less dependent, something strange happens. They begin to be ignored, regarded as troublesome, in the way. Or the opposite takes place; they become smothered by an overprotective attentiveness. They are under constant surveillance. The child's freedom to learn and experience his world has been seriously curtailed by a parent who begins to project their own hopes, fears, and ambitions into the child's reality. Now begins the corruption. The "Sins of the Parents" are transmitted unto the consciousness of the child. Thus begins the training period based in reward and punishment, and the child is introduced to the "Magical Kingdom" of Thought.

Massive amounts of cultivating, character shaping, along with the parents conflicting personal data is "downloaded" into the informational craving, open, sponge-like mind.

The illusions of images, words and symbols are given more attentive reinforcement to the child's open mind. This serves to overwhelm its previous nondualistic state of direct perception. The child is evolving into a dualistic response oriented organism. Confusion is introduced into consciousness. He lacks the ability to discern the distinction between the "What Is" of existence and illusory images that pass for the "What Is" of existence. They all seem to be real to him. He talks and interacts with imaginary playmates. Are they real, imagined, or other dimensional? How can that be confirmed by parents. who've lost that once pristine state of openness? Their sensitivity has been hardened by years of imposed conclusionary belief systems which have effectively isolated them from the whole of life.

How is that psychological state inculcated into one, and how is it sustained? Magic, that's how. Not white magic, nor black magic, but magic per se. I must explain this in terms already established otherwise we may never come together in understanding.

Truth is "What IS." The idea of "What IS" is not "What IS." All ideas are but reflections, substituted images which are confused for the "What IS" by one who finds his life in service to the images within his mind. Such a person is called a conditioned, civilized, human being. He not only is in the world, he is of this world. The world based in man's thought.

Ideas have no existence beyond the mind. They are unable to enter the eternal realm of "What IS." "What IS" is self evident. Simply stated, magic is the management and manipulation of illusory images contained within a limited mind ,which by dualistic deception can be mistaken for the holistic "What IS" beyond the grasp of such a mind.

The man Jesus of Nazareth spoke of "The Kingdom of Heaven." He spoke of being "The Truth, the Life, and the Way." Although He was hampered in His communication by the limitations of the spoken word, He succeeded in communicating the existence of the holistic infinite realm of "What IS." He made no reference to the "Magical Kingdom" based in man's thought. Clearly He said He was "In this world (the world of civilized men) but not of it." At no time did He declare Himself a subject of the "Magical Kingdom," the world founded in man's illusions.

Modern day man looks at the word magic and conjures up a stage performer entertaining others with slight of hand and other tricks. Or else he regards the word magic as a quaint superstition of ignorant people of some past primitive society. Modern day man is much too clever to be caught by such nonsense.

So the question arises: How does this open intelligent human child become transformed into "prideful," modern day man? It was done when he was initiated into the "Magical Kingdom" through the conditioning practises of his well-intentioned, but psychologically corrupted parents, family, friends, coworkers, and all who pridefully acknowlege themselves as civilized human beings. That act of corruption strips them of their true heritage as holistic human beings and makes them subjects of the "Magical Kingdom" called HELL.

By the way, there are many activities whose substance is founded in magic. One needn't go far to see it manifested as mind control, education, indoctrination, propaganda, brainwashing, deception, mythologies, mysticism, religious and secular cults, entertainment, legal system, sports, drugs, exercise of power, slavery, etc. etc. etc.

Isn't it time we stop passing our corruption on to our children?

Copyright © 1995 by Raymond Karczewski

Children of God

Following is a personal letter written to a woman who for many years was in the front lines of the abortion protest movement. A loving, sincere, and truly compassionate woman who risked everything in her fervor for life, she observed the change in direction of the national leadership and felt she could no longer continue. She became disillusioned by the violence of shootings and bombings that were being committed in the name of the "unborn." This letter was written to allay the confusion and answer the questions still unresolved within her consciousness after many years of hardcore service and sacrifice to the "organization."

Children of God

In one of my previous letters regarding intelligence, I used the term "Child of God." We, living on this earth, are all children of God; but we find ourselves strangely subject to a collective amnesia. We have forgotten who we truly are and have long ago relinquished our true heritage in favor of ideas which have been coercively imposed upon us through the medium of mind control. These concepts separate people according to their belief and are the source of every level of confusion and conflict civilized man has been burdened with since the beginning of time.

All understanding, which is the evidence of intelligence, lies within. It cannot be gained through the imposition of hypnotic pressure from an outside agency or authority. When you see that clearly, all of your questions will be answered, not by another, but through your own understanding With that in mind, please, be open to what follows. Don't be quick to believe what you are about to read, but look at it with a quiet mind. Let the answer of its truth come from within you. This is how one comes to understanding. This is the sign of intelligence in operation.

The word "God" is only a word. Through words, sounds, and symbols, we human beings communicate. This is the only purpose of words--to label our perceptions for the sake of psychological security; to communicate with one another, and to label images which allow for one to operate technically in a mechanistic world. Other than that, words have no intrinsic reality.

However, the mind which does not understand itself in its relationship with existence uses words (illusions) to create its own reality. It then mistakes that image-based world for truth (true reality). This is the illusory power of the mind. It can substitute the symbol (the illusion) for the real (the truth), and find itself, through unawareness, bound by that illusion. That which is offered through these letters comes from the realm of nondualism, the "What Is." It is based in personal understanding, insight, revelations born of direct perception.

I do not, nor will I, write to you in a knowledge-based, analytical way; as that entraps one within the realm of intellectual argument based in knowledge. One is coerced into labeling, taking a position, jumping to and voicing a conclusion. It requires immersing oneself at the lowest realm of consciousness by coming to a conclusion based in duality and defending or attacking any and all opposition to such conclusion. This is the way of the world; and we are all trained to live life in this crazy, conflicting way.

Either you are able to see the truth for yourself or you will not. It will be required of you to reach a point of quietness within yourself. This will allow the dualistic mind to cease its judgmental function. Laying such groundwork paves the way for the truth to be seen. My approach to life is--be simple, be quiet, and all that you need to know will be given to you at the appropriate time.

Meditation, or prayer, is the quieting of the mind. Such quieting makes for a mind's receptivity to the truth once you put a question to yourself. Has it not been already said, "Seek and Ye shall find; Knock and the door shall be opened." Everything else is based in the man-made, structured world of dualistic thought that is conditioned into us as children. It is accomplished through an educational system founded in the Pavlovian training practices born of reward and punishment. No culture, as we know it, is exempt from this scourge of mind conditioning, from the so-called "highest" society to the so-called "lowest."

This is man's "fall from grace." It muddles the truth of one's true heritage as a child of God. Now, let's see what that means. All things of the mind are limited. Therefore, the word "God" cannot be that unknown, unspeakable, unmanifested, unlimited infinite Being. We, in our limited consciousness, play with words for the purpose of feeling secure within our minds. Beyond the mind, there is no security, there is only "What Is;" and the mind can't do a thing about it, except to clutter itself up with organized activities affiliated with like-minded persons, which gives one a sense of power. All power is "evil," as it is based in the conflict of duality. Duality is the realm wherein the balance of the whole is fragmented through an act of judgment into an image with its opposing forces, each vying for a greater portion of energy at the expense of its opposite. This is why power always shifts. One moment you have it, the next moment, you don't. To have it is to be secure; to not have it is to be in fear. When one lives in that realm, one is living in Hell.

Back to that unknown Unity we call God. That Unity is beyond all conception—-without beginning or end. It is the totality of all, the Wholeness of all. It is infinite in Its manifestations. Nothing exists but for It. If we are the children of God, which to me is an absolute fact, then we as His children have within us the potential seed of infiniteness of action, thought, and creativeness (in our own personal world) that is the Father's. (This, by the way, is only a traditional term to point to the creative "Prime Mover" as asserted by a male-dominated culture.) Therefore we, each of us, no matter what family we were born into, or to what peripheral culture we may belong, are capable of doing anything, from the "highest" to the "lowest."

By the consequences of one's actions, one will draw to him all experiences that are required to bring one to a point of understanding. Therefore, one cannot judge another, but merely comes in contact with them for the purpose of learning about ourselves. This is inviolate. It applies to all human action, from the highest to the lowest. You get the right button pushed by another and it will prove itself to you over and over again. Yet, we seem to take a peculiar pleasure in judging others when we see the things in them that we are blind to in ourselves.

When one understands his true infiniteness as a child of God, there is a harmonious flow with the everchanging energy of life. One is given to know the right thing to do at the right time. Thus, conflict does not arise within a holistic, loving consciousness. One does not have to carry around with him unnecessary psychological baggage for the purpose of creating a sense of security in which refuge may be taken. Make no mistake about it, however; that person is still in this world. Conflict may be all around him; but, miraculously, it does not seem to touch him. It does not find anything to which it may attach itself, for there is no image created where conflict may take root. But it applies only to that person (point of consciousness), and that person alone. It is not, as popularly asserted at certain times of the year, "Peace on earth and good will toward men," which is a mere fantasy and certainly short-lived at that; but, rather, the truth lies within the statement "Peace on earth to men of good will." Can you see the difference?

This child of God does not need man-made laws to direct him in his action; as intelligence, based in sensitivity to divine guidance, is the essence of his being. He is in a state of grace. He is protected. He is in this world, but not of it. He is at peace!

It is when one gives up that state of balance that one falls from such grace and is subject to man-made laws based in the structured dualistic thought of mindful men. Since dualism introduces conflict, there is a need (based in a corrupted mind) to structure laws so that one may tell others how they should live. These laws carry with them sanctions or penalties to enforce and control others in their behavior. This is the "necessary evil" that we recognize as government and organized religions.

In the case of government, their sense of power carries them away in the act of legislating everincreasing layers of laws upon laws upon laws, without ever repealing out-dated or irrelevant laws previously passed. This is the everexpanding maze which obstructs one at every turn. It strips one of his freedom, his personal sovereignty. It is the source of the neverending suffering that accompanies one who lives in a so-called civilized society. It is only the clear, the innocent, and honest who are free from such psychological pressure.

This is the lesson of life for each of us. To be immersed in this world of darkness and let our light as children of God guide us in our way. Understand yourself and then you are able to help another based in your own clarity. Otherwise, a confused mind will only project its confusion onto others, who are themselves confused. This is the secret mechanism that is responsible for every protest movement, violent or otherwise, since the beginning of civilized history. One finds that this has never accomplished anything other than to create an on-going problem which only energizes the authority and gives it more power. This is Christ's meaning when He said, "Resist not Evil," for all resistance gives power to that which is opposed.

I have been questioned by some as to why I persist in writing these letters. That it is "arrogance" on my part to interfere with another's beliefs or place in life; that it is not my place to change that. It is not arrogance that moves me to write, but a need to draw attention to the actual momentum of forces in play, which, if not stemmed in some way, will destroy our way of life.

This letter is being written out of love. It has universal application to all those who have become weary with the world as it is . Our world is in crisis. If we can't come to this point of understanding within ourselves, destruction is certain. Those of us who get the point--the meek--will be the only ones around to inherit the earth.

Excerpt from "Christs with Amnesia"

Copyright © 1995 by Raymond Karczewski

Who was Jesus?

Two thousand years ago, our spiritual brother walked this earth. What was He really like? Was He a man, as are all men, or was He a product of the story-telling mythmakers who control our minds today?

Was He the only Son of God or was He saying something much more important--that we are all the Children of God, spiritual equals who somehow have forgotten our true nature. Our Spiritual Brother was not welcome in His time, and was considered a threat to the presiding religious and secular authorities who made up the ruling class of His day.

When He spoke, He has escape routes at the ready to use when He was pressed upon. He freely stated that He was "in this world, but not of it." He abided with man's law, but was not subject solely to it. His exemplary lifeshone brightly as the "narrow way" of Truth, which leads one to salvation; and He eschewed the wide path of destruction made possible by the temptations of the dualistic, intellectual mind.

He warned His friends that if they were to follow His lead, they too, would be persecuted and reviled, held up to ridicule and scorn. He rose up against the corruptors of the temple and paid dearly for it. He was strong, clear, objective, yet kind and compassionate to those less fortunate.

Yet, He was not the image that He is presented as today. He was not an enabler. He did not do for others what they had to do for themselves. He did not get in their spiritual way. He was not an emotional manipulator who exploited others in their weaknesses. His life was based in non-interference, in Love.

When the authorities could not tolerate such affrontery; when they were unable to bring Him to His knees; could not break His Spirit nor intimidate Him, they killed Him. Even then, He exemplified a man of integrity to the very end. Rather than capitulate to His taunters, with His dying breath, He uttered, "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do". His last concern was for those who were not aware of their true nature.

His life, His message to us all was to teach us how to live and how to die. When you reach the consciousness that he preached was possible for us all, you will understand who you truly are.

Excerpt from Christs with Amnesia Copyright © 1995 Raymond Karczewski


Is it an actual place? Is it a self-projected state of mind which constitutes one's reality? Does it begin sometime in the future or does it exist here and now? Is it merely a mind-controlling concept used by some to frighten others into a relationship of submission?

How will you know whether what I am about to say will be the truth? To find the truth for yourself, the first requisite must be that you have a serious desire to know the truth. This requires one's full attention. Its grasp requires that one engage oneself in a different dimension of energy from that of the normal awakened state.

If one is of a serious mind, one has the capacity to delve deeply with an holistic energy and will go to whatever lengths necessary to find the truth for himself. That person is not easily distracted once his attention is focused upon his search. He does not concern himself with peripheral levels of beliefs. His seriousness guides him well beyond such early distractions. He is aware that such seductions only make one into a dilettante: one who merely dabbles with the truth. He is not easily manipulated by others through psychological pressure or intimidation.

In this letter, I am going to divulge a secret to you. It is one that has been kept from you for your entire lifetime by those who control our minds. It is the secret that has allowed the few to rule the many in every society since man became civilized. It is one that can set your spirit free. Furthermore, I'm going to do it with no strings attached. Why? Because Love, the essence of intelligence, can operate no other way.This may sound foreign to you because you expect that everyone has a motive behind their actions. You are highly suspect (and you should be) of one who professes to have no motive.

This is the first thing that must be allowed to flourish within oneself. This is the ability to discriminate through a healthy attitude of skepticism. This skepticism is quite different and should not be confused with the act of judgment. Though they appear to be similar, they take one to a different dimension of the mind and have vastly different consequences to one's consciousness.

I have written letters of this kind for well over a year-and-a-half to this and other papers here in Southern Oregon. Aside from a few clever and critical attacks, along with a few supportive comments aimed at the messenger (me), not a word has been said about the messages which had been conveyed. This isn't unusual, for messengers are a dime a dozen. Messengers have always been plentiful, but dismissable. That is, until they threaten the status quo.

Cultural taboos based in mind control, resulting in one's guiding belief system, do not yield themselves easily to a self-examination for the truth. Such peripheral beliefs make for a lazy mind: a mind strongly based in a need for security, with an extreme desire that it not be disturbed. The people who share this collective mind relinquish their ability to think for themselves. By their consent, they allow others to take charge of their destinies. The messenger who exposes the structure of thought which creates positions of power for such leaders and experts puts that structure at risk. Messengers who threaten this momentum of thinking are never welcome.

Do not react with alarm when I pose the question: What lasting, real, universal effect did Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and countless other enlightened beings have on the world presently being experienced by humanity today?

The answer, of course, is a resounding None. This statement is apt to start a violent confrontation merely by exposing the divisive beliefs held by those blind followers who haven't a glimmer of what these men really said, but are ready to dismiss or destroy all others who hold to a different viewpoint. Yet our world remains a testimony to this very indictment.

Please read the following quietly for its truth. Don't get swept up with your own personal emotional judgments based on the prevailing belief system that happens to be guiding you today.

Technologically, man has soared in the advances of the mind; but psychologically we have not progressed one iota from the Stone Age. We are still brutal, violent, and competitive in our relationships; although we cover this up with a deceptive veil of socially acceptable images. We call this civilized behavior, do we not?

We are still killing each other; as our no-growth, spiritually bereft, ignorant mindsets consider that to be the ultimate step in problem solving. When lesser attempts to manipulate the variables posing as problems fail us, the final solution to an impotent mind is to destroy the misperceived source of pain, in other words--itself. In the extreme, this inner or outer method of problem removal leads either to murder or to suicide. That always remains to be the mind's ultimate solution in the avoidance of its own painful conflict. The only difference now, is that we have entered the space age of weaponry as a means of mass problem solving; and we are placed in the fearful position of not knowing from what direction our demise will come. It leads to a constant state of fear and paranoia. Not a healthy way to live, is it?

Those who have learned to play the game of deception and power, clothe themselves with an image of refinement, while they have other, less refined, people employed to do their dirty work. These leaders ascend to their positions of power through a combination of ruthlessness and an impeccable image. It remains a constant source of confusion to their supportive subordinates and followers, who, try as they may, are unable to reconcile the images with the actions. This is how the human mind can be kept off balance and confused. Such is the bread-and-butter technique of all mind manipulators.

It is the structure of thought which creates the matrix of hierarchical relationship which defines one's position. This is the hierarchy where someone is above you and another is beneath. Nowhere in this structure will equality be found. One can endlessly play with the concept of equality in theory, but such thought processes are founded in dualism. If one's life is ruled by the mind, equality in that life is a virtual impossibility. What clearly emerges, however, is the indisputable relationship of slavery and servitude. This is the foundation of the inequality found in a life based in separation and division. This is the source of the conflict shared by all. Everyone must know their place and not deviate from it; otherwise the structure which holds the illusion together would self-destruct.

One is rewarded with advancement when he sells out his integrity for his ambition. Any advancement is based on the illusion that promotions will be bestowed upon the worthy by some intangible, mystical concept of authority vested in another. From where does such investment of power come? Is it not from the consent of all of the players in the game? Do not all the players agree to the rules before the game begins? In a world based in thought, in power, the rulemakers hold the advantage. They merely make it appear that the rules are inviolate, that they apply to all of the participants of the game. Even they themselves they maintain are not above the rules; for if such an exception were to be exposed, the game would not work. Who would want to play?

The unspoken truth, however, is that no one dare admit to themselves the obvious; that what the rulemakers can do--they can undo. Such an admission would expose the game for the charade that it is, and the power held by the leaders would be lost.

Power functions in the darkness of secrecy. It cannot stand up to any exposure by the light of truth. This is the essence and the lesson found in the children's fable The Emperor's New Clothes. It also serves as the basis for the maxims: Those who hold the gold make the rules, and Those who make the rules win the game.

There is general agreement, tacit though it may be, amongst willing participants to the game of power--that the structure which provides for their collective security is always more important than that of any one individual whose personal security may be threatened. One sells their soul, their integrity, for the empty promise of security. It is covered up with such trite phrases as Team Player or One of the Family.

One may be coerced into pledging themselves or taking an oath to protect and serve the organization. Such oaths and pledges carry with them serious sanctions should these oaths be violated. It matters not whether the structure with which one aligns himself reflects the overworld--the government, the corporate structure, or some other legitimate business--or that of the underworld of organized crime or the drug lords. The structure remains the same. It is the essence of duality which causes an unholy alliance to be forged between these representative opposing organizations who need each other for their mutual exploitation of the masses by force and fear.

In an atmosphere of deception and power, it is not long before public image problems begin to arise, exposing the actual fact of what is going on. The problems emerge through the conflicting images which were originally designed to sedate outsiders, the masses, from catching on to the inner circle's true agenda. These are the occasional actions taken by someone within the hierarchy which temporarily arouses the attention of the generally docile public and produces a significant reaction. When that happens, the implementation of damage control through public relations is required to restore the image so that the game may be continued. The deception is made known and admitted to, at least by the prosecuting authorities. After an extended pretense of drawn out investigations, the unfortunate misdoer is sacrificed for the sake of the continued structure. This is all done with a great deal of fanfare and ballyhoo, but with very little in the way of actual consequences. The misdoer may receive a transfer to another department or post within the organization, or he may be allowed to resign and continue working within another satellite organization serving the same structure. This allows business to continue with very little actual interference. The remaining players go on with the game until they, too, risk taking a turn in the crucible of controversy.

If you'll notice, all of this insanity stems from one important point; creating an atmosphere of duality. This division of you and everyone who is not you, is the beginning of eternal conflict. Thus, violence becomes a way of life. Everyone is divided from everyone else by the thoughts they hold within their consciousness. Have you grasped the significance of what I am saying?

Hell is living in one's mind. Hell is serving any society which is based in the structure of dualistic thought. Hell begins when one consents to belonging to and being governed by such a conflicting structure. Hell is the life lived by the vast majority of people; it is a life of slavery, of deception, of despair.

I'm afraid my letters aren't what most people are looking for in their lives. They're not full of wonderful, uplifting, awe-inspiring words. They don't create some fantasy that allows one to escape, even for a moment, from their painful daily existence into some entertaining dream state of wishfulness. I'll leave that to the organized religions who have parlayed that into big business.

My letters don't promise you a Fairy Godmother, nor a Prince Charming, nor an Angel to rescue you in your time of need. They don't offer false hope. They are not entertaining. They don't provide you with the pleasure of escape through distraction from your pain. I'm afraid they only give you a clear picture of What Is, which is your life as it actually is. That. for most of you, is what you are running away from.

The only way to peace is through spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is always based in understanding. For understanding to manifest in one's life, one must have the clarity to see What Is accurately. Our minds have been blinded to the What Is through our vulnerability to the effects of mind control and manipulation. It has caused us to give up our clarity through our unwitting consent. We do this in return for the illusion of security promised by another. It is the seduction of one into the state of psychological dependency. Forgive me for holding your spiritual feet to the fire. That is the only way to come to understanding.

I said earlier in this letter, that the men Jesus, Buddha, and others, were merely messengers and in themselves were not important. It was the essence of their message given to mankind that was important. Who of you understands that message?

Even the words of Jesus were artfully distorted by power-oriented leaders when He said to them, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. Jesus was not fundamentally different from you and me. He was a man of understanding. He spoke from the level of intelligence that is our collective heritage. That statement was not born of His ego or personality, but of His understanding--well beyond the limits of the intellectual mind.

He preached that love and equality made up the oneness of life. His consciousness was based in spirit, the resurrected spirit, the same spirit we all share. He surmounted the effects of the earlier cultural conditionings that were imposed upon Him. He sought to share that secret with the others of His time. That was the threat that He posed to the rulers who were responsible for His death. That is why He had to be executed. He had to be made an example of to others.

When He said, I am in this world, but not of it, He openly told you that He was on a visitor's pass to Hell, where He could come and go unimpeded by the power of the world. He understood, was at one with the holistic eternal life that transcends the body and ego. Who was there to listen?

You see, the spirit of truth manifesting itself in a man like Jesus is always with us. It is eternal. But who is there to recognize it? When it manifests in such a man, the collective mind, trained to react in fear, would rather kill the messenger than examine the imposed beliefs which have been psychologically drilled into them. This still holds true today. We worship and revere empty thoughts while we kill each other.

Jesus was not recognized in His time. Nor would He be today by His so-called followers. This is so; for the distorted, mythical image that is the worshipped icon of today bears no resemblance to the actual man.

You may ask by what authority can such a statement be made when historical and biblical scholars have held and promulgated the myth that Jesus was the exception: a man who held a place to which no other mere mortal may aspire--He was the only Son of God. Even Jesus openly spoke of the oneness of life, which by His own statement makes us all children of God. At any rate, if you are looking for an authority to guide you, you haven't understood a word of this letter.

Be silent. Calm the mind. Stop the momentum of the mind's traditional, repetitious chattering and the Christ State Jesus spoke of as the Way, the Truth, and the Life will reveal its mystery to you. Each of us are Christs with amnesia. The return to that state of being comes through the understanding of the painful experiences of living a life based in the hell of one's corrupted, conditioned mind. This is the spiritual rebirth process, the resurrection of the spirit which transcends the dualistic mind. This is the true meaning of the second coming of Christ. The servants of Hell, whom you have adopted as your spiritual experts, have a vested interest in keeping this secret from you. If that information were revealed (and it is now), they would lose the powerful hold they have over your mind. Having said all this, where do we go from here? We stop the momentum, here and now.

We are heading toward a crisis in our world. Each of us must face it within ourselves. Great danger looms ahead. The political crisis, by its very design, will destroy many of us; as population control is paramount in the minds of the social architects. Transcending the spiritual crisis is the only option left open to an intelligent being.

Do not be duped by the promises of a new world order, nor by the exaggerated and distorted opposition of those presently in power, who are fighting to retain their nationalistic power through perpetuating the status quo of the old world order. It's all window dressing.

Beware of a cashless society that promises to make your life better. It will not. If one buys into that, they will have taken the final step from their existing slavery and condemned themselves to a life of absolute slavery. When the rulemakers hold all the money in a computerized cashless society, one merely becomes chattel. They live and die by the push of a button. It is the international bankers and the multinational elitists who are behind both the old and the new world order. They seek only to consolidate their power through their intriguing machinations. What exists now, will be the future, only with less freedom.

Such deceptions are like mother's milk to the servants of Hell. They have, to date, been able to circumvent the wisdom of a Jesus and a Buddha through their mind control techniques; but my perception is that the coalescing of our spiritual energy in the coming crisis will be sufficient to bring that momentum to an end.

This is the message I have been trying to communicate to you for the past two years.

Excerpt from "Christs with Amnesia"

Copyright © 1995 by Raymond Karczewski

Journey Beyond Thought

Dear Ray,

I'd like to thank you for the time and devotion you put into your book "Journey Beyond Thought." Producing such material, under the circumstances, is nothing less than service based in love. Also the fact you are a reformed authoritarian is most palatable.

It is obvious we live in an era marked by fear, control and deception, but it is also an opportunity for humanity to evolve. I feel we now stand at that crucial point where evolution becomes a conscious choice. Our survival as a species depends on what we do now, and in our case, I do not recommend revolution with its dualistic power struggles and inherent violence. Leaders have so often incited violence and hate upon those who would otherwise be peaceful and loving. I would rather incite resolution. Revolution precludes conscious evolution, resolution insures it.

Our world is replete with unresolved issues. There is only one cohesive agent available to solve our dilemma, a singular force that knows no duality, it cannot be bought, sold or controlled and it resides in each one of us regardless.

Certainly resolution must first occur within. We can no longer afford to temper ourselves with fear of the unknown, this is unreasonable in light of our crisis era. We must instead, realized the collective treasure, which exists vast and untapped. Once this happens, humanity will finally understand who we are...a constellation formed between heaven and earth.

Much Love

Tracy A. Reedy, Oregon


I wrote the following article in 1995.

I repost it now on September 3rd, 2000, so that previous "doubters" (whose "politically correct" thinking, subject to the everpresent noise-making, misdirecting Internet mind controllers/disinformation agents who prowl these newsgroups) may see for themselves the strides that have already been made by the "Company Store" owners toward making our society a cashless, "One World Order" reality.

I perceive time to be of the essence in the awakening of a sleeping populace if we as a people are to have any chance of preserving our U.S. Constitution.

Ray Karczewski


This is addressed to my fellow members of the silent majority--the vast numbers, the backbone of this country, those who make this land what it is. This is not directed to the vocal, high-profile activists, since they are well aware of their relationship with each other as they cooperate with one another in exploiting the rest of us through a system called government.

It is time for a change in the way man is governed. The time for it is NOW!

For those of you who don't recall modern-day slavery in this country, I would ask you to contact those coal miners who survived the era of the old Company Store. They can tell you what slavery is, first hand.

We are governed through words. One may alter a word, or change its meaning, but the actions which exploit and bankrupt our country still continue. Our currency is being devalued, destroyed in order to lead us into a cashless society.

Those in positions of authority who set the prices for the cost of living do so in such manner that the costs of goods and services always outstrip the amount of money earned by consumers, the "working stiff." Money is a symbol of one's personal energy. If you have none, you must solve your problems yourself. If you have a sufficient amount or an excess of it, you may hire another to solve your problems for you. That's all money is.

It is when the authorities and experts promise to solve our problems, and at the same time have a vested interest in the continuing promulgation of problems to solve (so that their positions may thus be assured), that those of us just trying to get through life are kept in a state of slavery, much like the old Company Store. What else would you call today's credit system?

Who are the culprits behind all of this? In order of precedence they are-- the multinational elitists, the banking institutions, the various governments of the world beholding to the world bank, the lawyers and the doctors--yes, the revered medical profession.

Through mind control, based in our educational systems, we are trained to accumulate property as a point of personal identification and a badge of success--homes, real estate, cars, planes, boats. The more you have, the better one's self-image is supposed to be. BUT--is that not the ultimate hold over your mind which the authorities have? Falter in your step on the career treadmill (because the authorities keep setting the speed higher and higher until you are exhausted, spent, replaceable), and you will surely see who has final possession of your lifelong accumulation of "your" property.

Falter on your taxes and see who takes your property without due process. Have a major illness, from a lifelong battle with stress, and attempt a reasonable payment schedule with the medical profession. You will soon see that doctors who wish to honor their Hippocratic Oath cannot or will not stand up to the power of the collective AMA.

I will not address the lawyers, for they are the collective confusers of our society, creating a system of words which defy common sense. But then, why do you suppose they must be trained into possessing a "Legal Mind?"

The age-old ploy of "divide and conquer" is still the most efficient, time-tested gambit held by government. We are being manuevered into violence so that our personal freedoms may be stripped from us, yet such intriguing machinations are explained away with words. For that is the tool of the politician. Never is their concern that of Truth, but merely with the power gained from the public's perception of truth, which can be manipulated.

The writing is on the wall, but it requires awareness to see it. Begin with new eyes to see the present momentum underway toward the increased pressure to use credit cards and the inane reasons given why one should not carry cash with them, and your Big Brother friend suddenly drops the quality of friend and stands only as "Big Brother."

This is the aim of One World Government--to be in the unique position of rulemaker and money holder. I invite each of you to take another look at your life. If you are not willing to break away from your long-held, indoctrinated, habitual, reactionary ways to regain your lost personal sovereignty, there is nothing more to say than "WELCOME TO 'THE COMPANY STORE.'"

Meditate on this: "Each small step toward "One World Government" translates into man's blind "Leap of Faith," inexorably thrusting him and his descendents into interminable Slavery: Such is the spiritually discernable essence of a PR-packaged "New World Order."

Raymond Karczewski

Let's Have Ourselves a New World Order!!!


Sit down, get comfortable, get quiet and observe yourself.

If you are "normal," you will be in for a rude awakening.

That awakening is the understanding of Truth.

IT IS: The Truth about yourself.

The Truth about your quality of mind.

The Truth about your integrity or lack thereof.

The Truth about your conditioning.

The Truth about your enslavement to intellect.

The Truth about your projected corruptions which form the reality you live in.

Truth is what you will come to understand if indeed you are able to withstand the pain of having faced the corruptness within you.

When you have understood the meaning of the above statements, you will have a deeper understanding of Truth; not just the dictionary definition of the word "Truth," which is not the holistic essence the word represents.

When that Truth, the One Truth, is observed as all there is, and you realize that YOU ARE IT, you will be resonating "ATONE" with Truth. You will have understood what the Man Jesus meant when He said "I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way..."

That is the Spiritual Rebirth process. It is the resurrection, the liberation of Intelligence previously trapped in the aftermoment based, dualistic, dead intellect operating in the time-bound realm of "Becoming" to the transcendent living, nondualistic state of infinite "Being," the manifestation of Supreme Intelligence.

Now LIVE your Truth. NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE or place yourself in a position where you FEEL that you need to lie.

Impossible you say? It can't be done!

At this point in human consciousness for all but a few living on this plane of existence, that is an accurate (but not true) statement.

When living in the thrall of a conditioned mind, to live in Truth is indeed "thought" to be an impossibility. It is only those who have understood their conditioning and have thus been liberated from their enslavement to the intellect who live a miraculous ( impossible) life.

What happens when one comes to atonement with Truth in their life? They stand alone. They are integral, sovereign, independent, holistic beings. They resonate in a state of noncontradiction though they may live in an artificial, contradiction-laden society.

They are those who are "In this world, but not OF it"! They don't fit. They are the outsiders. They pose a threat to the existing corrupt social order. They plain and simply "RAISE THE HELL" that hypocrites expend so much time and effort trying to hide behind with masks of positive images.

In the meantime, poverty continues. The schism between factions, from the highest to the lowest, widens. Endless wars strip away the sanctity of life. Greed and competitiveness, the motive force behind the redistribution of wealth (the essence of dualistic power, which create the schisms of the haves and the have nots), fuel the fires of division which cause untold suffering, confusion, and hatred.

Having come to the understanding of Truth and living it in our daily lives, what happens to the structures now in place which account for human misery? They fall away, don't they? That is . . . if you/I/we have the courage to live a life of Truth.

You become self-reliant. Codependence falls away as it is seen and understood to be a time-bound conditioning. You understand the True essence of Cooperation. You no longer wear the mask labeled cooperation, which reveals itself to be little more than hypocrisy expressing itself through forced volunteerism via the pulling of your guilt strings.

You take charge of your life, perhaps for the first time.

You become a responsible human being.

You stop making excuses for yourself.

In your return to self-sovereignty, you see things which were previously hidden-in-plain-sight from you. You are now "aware."

You realize that no one has authority over you unless you give it to them. Being responsible, you take back the energy you have previously frittered away through fear and doubt.

Money is a symbol of your energy, is it not? You are the sole source of your energy--both the sower and reaper. Hold to the fruits of your labor and spend your excess energy (money) wisely. Do not participate in a life-draining, enslaving credit system.

Were each of us to remove our money, the symbol of our energy, from the hands of the money handlers and manipulators, the banks and the government, a "new world" would indeed be upon us.

If each of us, acting independently, not in concert one with the other, were to renegotiate our employment contract with our employers so that withholding taxes were not taken out of our pay before we receive it, a death knell would be dealt to the relationship of slavery forever.

Those who make the rules would no longer have possession of our money in using it against us. The whole corrupt structure that has ruled all civilized societies since the beginning of time would crumble instantly.

This applies to the so-called elitists behind it all down the hierarchy to the international bankers who desire to take control of all the money in a cashless society, to their fronting politicians, down to the bureaucrat at the lowest rung. They would all instantly come to understand the equality of man.

This applies to the National Debt also. It is through such means that our children and their children's children will have been made slaves to those who "handle our money."

The momentum of slavery would be stopped cold, with a bloodless revolution born of intelligence.

All of the present posturing and saber rattling accompanied by the emotional incitement of the masses, designed to work us up into a civil insurrection, would come to an end. This simple, declarative act of self-reliance would spoil the plans of those who would benefit most by such a blood bath.

Now, begin with a new-sightedness, a new clarity heretofore unknown, a lack of fear, a "truely" cooperative spirit (for equality must exist for cooperation to be). Just as one must die to the old habits of life to be reborn of the spirit, so must we stop the past momentum of political enslavement for it to end completely. Only then can a new way of life emerge. Otherwise the old momentum will continue in a slightly different form, just as it has with all past thriving cultures until they, too, met their demise.

We are trained to be complex in our thinking while, all the while, the solutions to our seemingly impossible problems can always be found in the place we are not looking: the realm of the simple, the obvious. I perceive that two to three million independently-minded, self-reliant people would be enough to set this tremendous, yet simple and workable, change into motion. The rest of the onlooking world, still entranced by the old mind conditionings, would only have to see that it can be done and they, too, would join the momentum.

In my heart and spirit, I perceive that all men are born to be free. When that deeply held vision of freedom is shared within the hearts of my brothers and sisters of the silent majority, we will have a new life on this earth.

Ray Karczewski

Art Bell and Mind Control

For the last five years, on and off the Internet, I have been writing about mind control and its pervasive influence upon the human species.

Without mind control, civilization as it is presently known would not exist. This civilized state of being is the alternate thought-structured reality wherein fragmented symbols and concepts have replaced man's natural intelligence; i.e., the simple holistic, direct perception of the everunfolding eternal momentum of "What IS."

This shift from the whole to the fragment is the corruption of man conceptualized and symbolized in Judeo-Christian religious terms as the "Fall from Grace." It is the beginning of the "time bound" consciousness of civilized man labeled as Hell. It is the tainted consciousness which has become the "norm" for those who ignorantly accept and rationalize the confusion and conflict that they have come to know as life. What they only know is their own conditioned, limited state of consciousness based in fragmented, dualistic thought. That is the sin (contradiction) that man unknowingly "chooses" to live in and pass on to his descendants. It is the nature of corruption which underlies the biblical statement, "The sins of the Father shall be visited upon their Sons." What is bequeathed to the next generation is the Hell of cultural conditioning which separates peoples, pitting them against each other, thereby assuring this life to be a "civilized" Hell on earth.

As a result of such shift of consciousness, man has lost sight of his true nature--as an holistic man, a Christ. Instead, he stumbles about through life as a "Christ with amnesia." He has become a fragmented, dualistic being, lost in fear and self-doubt, causing him to live in a continual state of anxiety. All this because he has been conditioned to "accept" such limitation of consciousness.

Living is such an artificially imposed, conditioned, codependent state, man is easily controllable through a lifelong conditioning process which is foisted upon him and follows him from the cradle to the grave. The outcome of that conditioning is evidenced in the neverending wars, conflict, strife, competition, exploitation, and hatred for those "unlike him" which manifests itself daily. All the while, the corrupted go on to continually excuse and rationalize their self-destructive actions with their glib, conditioned, positive fantasies.

Many have railed at my use of the term "bassackward" in describing the nature of civilized consciousness, but surely the evidence of such madness speaks for itself.

I have written a great deal over the past few years on the matter. Many who are asleep to this reality have been extremely disturbed by my writing. Why? Simply stated, I disturb their hypnotic sleep.

What has this to do with Art Bell, you may ask? Everything and nothing. When a fragment can overwhelm consciousness with its power to attract and occupy mass attention, one can be said to be functioning via the corruption of mind control--the state of consciousness where the fragmented image is perceived through the medium of belief to be the whole. When the fragment is clearly "seen" in its true relationship to the whole, life manifests itself as a balanced state of Consciousness, a state of beingness which transcends conditioning.

Conditioning is insideous. It requires gradual, imperceptible shifts of consciousness with constant reinforcement for mass behavior patterns to be shaped by the designers of "Politically Correct" attitudes and behavior.

Art Bell, plain and simply, is a tool of media. His program is a tool to "recondition" prevailing thought patterns. Of that there can be no doubt. It speaks for itself. We are being maneuvered to relinquish our "old consciousness" in lieu of accepting in its stead a "new consciousness" are we not? In fact, it can be seen by the spiritually sighted that there is no difference in the essence of the two, for both old and new still remain to be the same dualistic battleground that civilized man has been trained to live in.

Instead of the images of dead messiahs and saints who would intercede for us in our codependent state, angels, aliens, ufo's, and a wide assortment of heretofore foreign images now flood the conditionable mass consciousness which forms the fragmented reality of civilized man.

In other words, the momentum of the Art Bell show has been designed to administer social reconditioning. As with all trance states, as long as there is no break in the momentum, all seems to be well. That is the lull required to seduce another to a deep, comfortable, suggestible hypnotic sleep. In conditioning, however, it is required that from time to time the "entranced" be kept off balance in order to keep them codependent and anxious. Thus, from time to time the rug must be pulled out from under the one being conditioned. This is done by the controller, the authority, in order to exert power and dominion over the believer. Such activity also acts as a barometer to measure the depth of trance.

Several days ago, after years of bringing to the listening masses a "different and foreign talk radio format," widely divergent from the usual politically-oriented momentum found on talk radio, Art Bell pulled the rug out from under his listening audience. One only need observe the aftermath of such action in the mainstream media and on the Internet. It speaks for itself, doesn't it? This shows how the average man who considers himself to be an intelligent, balanced, reasonable human being can be so easily manipulated via out-of-control, dualism-based emotions.

Wake UP!!!

Raymond Karczewski

The Return to Oneness

The Basics of Oneness

  1. All of life is a dream that is being experienced by the ONESELF
  2. As is usually the case in dream interpretations--every person, object, or situation that appears in the dream is an aspect of YOU, the Cosmic Dreamer, and your entire universe is your mirror.
  3. You have chosen to incarnate into a physical universe. There is really only ONE PERSON here---one person who has divided him/herself into as many fragments of the ONESELF as are needed to portray a truth, feel a feeling, or learn more about the infinite Being which we all are.
  4. Just as there are many fragments seen within a universe (uni=one), so are there an infinite number of universes contained within the MULTIVERSE, which is a "wherehouse" for the storage and keeping of All That Is.
  5. Every person, object, situation, or location represents a VIEWPOINT for the Oneself to enjoy and observe the All That Is. You do not merely reside within a single physical body, though it may sometimes appear to be so. You are everywhere and you are everything.
  6. Truth is also everywhere, and in everything. In the Multiverse, there is a universe that literally honors and embodies every single belief or system of belief imaginable (and then some). There is no such thing as disagreement within a multidimensional reality. There are only variations upon a common theme. At the heart of each theme is always YOU.
  7. What separates each individual universe is the VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS, a semi-permeable membrane that surrounds each viewpoint and temporarily blocks remembrance of Self at all the other levels at which you exist. Like blinders on a horse, the Veil allows each separated viewpoint the freedom to experience its universe without being distracted by the other possibilities which are also available.
  8. Time and Space exist as punctuation marks in a limitless composition that is being written by the Oneself. They are notations, regulating the beat and measure for a concerto which has played and which will be played throughout all eternity. All time is now. All space is here.
  9. There is really only ONE Multiversal moment, divided into an infinite number of fragments, which are apportioned to as many universes as is required to embody everyone and accomplish everything imaginable (while always adding just a little bit more).

All of the above applies to YOU, the ONESELF Cosmic Dreamer, unless you say otherwise.


Welcome To The Paradox

There are multitudes of people that play at understanding life. They become attached to esoteric perspectives and the practice of techniques designed to make them more alert, more balanced, more sensitive, more in charge, more whole, and such. Dialogue is impossible with people like this, they are focused, determined, set in their minds, heavily invested, and they can't see beyond the precepts they operate out of. This is the action of an acquiring mind, to struggle after results, to pursue what is not, in the hopes of changing what is.

If we are caught in conditioning, and we are, and we negate the possibility of any outside help, which is the actuality, then where do we find ourselves? We find ourselves forgetting this negation over time, we slip back to our opinions and knowledge, we return to explanations and the empty bowl of supposed results. This is one of the attractions of a system; it stays the same even though we do not. We are too slippery, too filled with multiple i's to stand on our own, too unstable to work independently, too weak to be without guidance. This is no fiction, this is how we are, but our situation is less difficult then we realize. We are constantly making things much more difficult then they need be. Real effort requires a real dilemma and thought is more than happy to provide both.

To understand, to come to that which is not an accumulated result, not a reward for imitation, to witness a spontaneous change in Being that is permanent and therefore without cause, this is the beginning of real work. Working without effort is not hard to do, but to the mind it is impossible to do. Thoughts response to effortless work takes the form of a paradox, it appears to be a contradiction, but the activity of thought is the only contradiction at work here.

** Re: Subject: We Are God????**

rk: I received the following Christian Pronouncement via email:

A Christian Speaks: To believe that "We are God" whilst a very appealing concept, is complete blasphemy! The Truth will set you free. The truth is JESUS CHRIST.

Raymond Karczewski: Isn't it rather incongruous for one ensnared in such "blind belief" to judge another as a "blasphemer?" Didn't your Lord and Saviour (my spiritual brother) counsel you to "judge not lest ye be judged"? Do you even understand the essence of such words beyond the level of such rote-acquired beliefs?

Your comment "The Truth will set you free" is Truth.

Your comment "the truth is JESUS CHRIST", however, is an organizationally sponsored parochial expression of that Truth. Its power lies with the mystique of its 2000 year momentum of an implemented mind control agenda founded upon conditioned Belief.

The prior statement of nondualistic, unconditional Truth liberates; while the momentum of the latter, dualistic statement of belief serves only to separate and bind. That which embraces all is the nondualistic essence of holistic Love--of Truth. That which separates and divides is the essence of dualistic Hate which underlies all belief-based systems of thought.

If the nondualistic "Christ State" expresses itself as "the Truth, the Life, and the Way", embracing all as ONE, then surely that which separates and divides through the limitation of dualistic belief is the "Antichrist."

Even in the gross vibration of the linear realm of intellect, it logically follows that "organized Christianity" has been and continues to be the "A _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _!"

Raymond Karczewski

The Nature of Hell

Hell is the very nature of man's world which emanates from the dualistic thought structure of his own intellect.

Hell has been the underlying divisive energy of every society on earth since the "dawn of Civilization."

Hell is based in the illusions of man's conditionable intellect.

Hell arises from man's misdirected worship of the false gods of images, words, and concepts which reflect an holistic, infinite unknowable essence that lies beyond the partiality of thought itself.

There are none so destructive to themselves and others as those who use words, yet do not possess a deep understanding of the essence represented by those words.

Such person(s) may truly be described as minions of Hell. They are the "blind and the dead" who are compelled to navigate a time-bound world based in the structure of conditioned thought solely through the mechanical instrument of intellect.

In their ignorance they can neither "see" nor understand the psychological momentum they have created for themselves. They can be spotted by the "spiritually sighted" to be those who have judged themselves unequal (for is not Hell the dualistic realm of inequality?). Their actions are designed toward escape from the pain of their own self-judgments by "dragging others down" to their level through an acquired "worldly" array of deceptions and seductions.

Hell is the realm of dualism. It is the realm of contradiction, violence, and distortion. It is ruled by the intellect--the creator and perpetuator of division. Hell is the psychological realm which requires the drawing of battle lines to ensure power struggles will be found at all levels of relationship.

Hell is the realm of eternal suffering with its myriad built-in escapes, be they drugs, alchohol, sex, power, entertainment, sports, organized religion, politics, etc.

Hell is the realm of problems and problem makers. Hell is the limitedness of ignorance compensating for itself through its pretensions of cleverness and intelligence. Hell is the place where my Spiritual Brother uttered the words, "Forgive them, Father, for they (in their ignorance) know not what they do."

Truth in communication embraces, heals, mirrors.

Deception in communication divides, wounds, masks.

Those trapped in their own self-made Hell cannot go beyond their self-created, time-bound aftermoment environment of the living dead, and so must get their life from other sources through the vampiric process of psychological upset.

Those who are not of the limited energy of Hell, who are "In this world, but not of it," are Truth itself. They are life itself. They can travel far and wide in the world of civilized man which is beset with problems, yet they function effortlessly; for the "gates of Hell shall not prevail against them."

In essence, Hell is the "Old Consciousness" of a conditioned mankind. NOW is the moment to bring such time-bound consciousness to an end; to allow it to die. The time-bound OLD must end for the eternal NEW to be. That is the nature of Spiritual Rebirth.

Live, speak, and act in Truth; and Hell has no footing in consciousness. That was the simple message my Spiritual Brother Jesus brought to man in His time, and it is the same simple message I now bring to man in my time.

Raymond Karczewski

Consciousness: Heaven or Hell?

Eternal Life is the infinite momentum of Intelligence made manifest in the timeless living (loving) moment of NOW.

Hell is the realm of the psychologically based, time-bound, conflict ridden "aftermoment of dualistic thought." It is a state of mind posited by a conjuring, intriguing, power bent intellect (some have called Satan) able to seduce a fragmented, belief oriented consciousness into worship of the false gods of words, images, and reflections labeled as knowledge. Thus arises within such conditionable/manipulatable consciousness the hypnotically altered "living death" state that is called the "Civilized Mind."

"Awareness" of such momentum is the key of spiritual discernment which unlocks the "gates of Hell" and releases a soul held in bondage to knowledge.

Hell has no existence outside the walled-in realm of dualistic thought found within a conditionable, malleable intellect. Another way of saying this is that there can be no Hell if there are no rules. Rules are the building blocks of Hell. Power is the mortar which holds it all together.

Life itself is an holistic momentum of energy able to move within and without the time-bound dimension of intellect. Its transcendent essence defies the very nature of limitations and boundaries.

It is only in the shadows of a limited, fragmented intellect caught in its own projected pretenses of wholeness that the "Bassackward" world of man is formed. Thus "the limited" intellect is able to carry out the pretense that it itself is the whole.

This is where the Truth of Heaven and Hell reveals itself to those who are serious enough to take the first step in a "Journey Beyond Thought."

It is when the momentum is filtered through the dualistic realm of intellect that mind control emerges and takes hold over a suggestible image-bound consciousness.

To control the intellect is to control the mind. To control the mind is to control the person. To control the person is to control that unholistic (unholy) aspect of life identified as the "conditioned ego." To control such a conditioned ego is to control its destiny. That is the power of Hell which pervades the consciousness of all who live in a civilized society.

How is it done? It is simple. Those who control the momentum are those who make the rules. Those who make the rules win the game. You see it is a deadly game, is it not? Somebody wins at the expense of others who must lose. With it goes the redistribution of one's personal energy, i.e. the redistribution of "Wealth." So it goes within a closed, inert realm of recyclable energy of endless conflict and opposition. For most who populate this earth, it is the curse which governs their lives from the cradle to the grave.

It is only a man/woman of Truth, guided by his/her own holistic intelligence beyond the reach of the corrupted rules of man, who is not caught by such manipulations. These individuals can be said to be "Children of God." They can be said to be "In this world but not of it."

Remember, those who set and control the momentum win the game. That is the simple secret known to the ruling few which has enabled them to maintain an unbroken psychological hold over the mass mind since the beginning of the first civilized society.

At the same time, these individuals have sold their souls. They have given up their wholeness in return for the promise of power, wealth, and status. They have made a pact with the "forces of duality" in return for the petty acqusition of the illusion of power.

One who would walk this path soon becomes proficient in the twisting of words and thus finds him/herself required to put their word twisting skills into play to satisfy a need to provoke others.

In order to survive, they have learned how to play the psychic vampire game which feeds off the "life force" of others through upset and confusion. They do indeed manage to survive but their survival leaves them with an insatiable appetite for "the more," constantly leaving them in a depleted state, corrupted and empty. So they prowl the earth searching out others to corrupt through the medium of upset so that they may "live' a little longer by draining life from the "Living Dead." That is the nature of Hell, is it not?

One needs to look at one's use of language. Is it broad and effortless in its flow? Does it embrace and mirror others without judgment? Is it all encompassing? Or is it narrow and dark in scope, divisive and exclusionary in spirit?

This Hell on earth is created through simple, habitual, reactive behavior acquired over long periods of time with constant subtle, and at times not so subtle, incremental reinforcement via peer pressure, family, church, political, school, social and media influences.

Hell is the psychological realm where all who are held to such narrow reactionary patterns can be manipulated and set against others who have been trained to hold to peripherally dissimilar but fundamentally alike patterns.

What can be done about it. HERE AND NOW?

Be quiet! Look deeply into these "hidden in plain sight" Truths. If you can stand the pain of what you soon come to realize about yourself, the simple truth of it may well set you free!

Raymond Karczewski

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