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May I welcome you to Don's Site.  As you shall soon come to see Don's method and mine are vastly different at the "Letter of the Word" delivery stage of Communication.  To be focused on that is to miss the Spirit of the communication which is unerringly the same.  Love is not an emotion but a distinct, nondualistic resonance which is often counterfeited, but never truly duplicated at the peripheral levels of Intellect..  The Love Don and I speak of  reverberates deeply within all who are True Seekers of Truth, though they be "partially sighted" children of God, Divine Awareness dealing with their "moments of Truth."              

Serious Dialogue is Welcome however fair warning is in order. Unless the "Spirit of Truth" is discerned to resonate conditioned belief-ridden contributions  will never see the light of day.    Ray

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The House of God

By D.W. Suiter

 Scriptures speak of a "house" and different "houses." They speak of the mind.
The mind houses all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, beliefs, and information. It is the place where the storehouse is, where all of this is stored in the memory, which is also the subconscious. When facing a particular matter in life, all information in regards to what one faces is re-membered or brought to the conscious mind to "arm" the mind in order to relate correctly with what one faces. The "remembrance" is the act of bringing to the forehead or conscious mind, the members of the particular information concerning the matter or subject one faces.
In the subconscious or storehouse, there are many rooms or compartments, similar to a filing cabinet. The matter of "dish soap" is not filed away under "automobiles." All matter is filed by association.

 The mind can be a wonderful thing. It is a remarkable possession. It is also a creation. Each and every mind has been created. Just as a house is built, so also a mind is built. 

A child is taught the basics or foundational principles on which other principles are laid in order. Man did not create this process, he merely uses it. Just as he did not create his physical body but uses it. Man learns from others of mankind and from personal experience.

 As there are many different types and kinds of houses so also there are many different types and kinds of minds. Some houses are mansions some are slums. Some houses are well built and some are pieces of cardboard taped together.

Every problem man experiences; every social ill of mankind; is directly related to his mind and the contents or members therein. Man has become obsessed with filling the mind with extraneous information and naming this "education." At the same time, his social ills grow and grow. 

Man has established leaders in many "fields" but there are no social leaders among mankind. There are none giving direction and information for the creation of the mind. There are boards of education. 

God is a master house builder. Jesus of Nazareth was a house builder, or as scriptures relate; a "carpenter." It takes two to build the House of God. God supplies the material and the one receiving puts everything together as directed by God. "Information" is substance taking shape and form in the mind. God "informs" mankind. God gives knowledge and understanding that takes shape and form in the mind. This, becomes a body with shape and form, a body of spirit. As there are many subject matters there are many spirit bodies.

"Spirit" is the substance that has been inspired or built up in the mind. All that is inspired by God is called "Holy Spirit" because it is from God and not mankind. This Holy Spirit occupies the House of God; the mind God creates. This Spirit has many words and teachings that collectively are called "The Word of God." These are the members of the House of God, the mind God creates. This substance is what is "re-membered" when facing matters in life. This is the Word from God that is stored in the "storehouse" of God. This is where God has written His name as Author of this Word.

 When a child is born in the physical the mind is empty of knowledge and understanding. There is no wisdom. All knowledge, understanding and wisdom is acquired. It is created in the mind.

 The mind is also described in scriptures as "the earth." It is the place where "seed" is planted. From the seed comes a tree or vine that bears fruit. The earth at the time of Adam's creation was already in existence but was void and empty of the Word and Spirit from God. Homo sapiens have existed for many generations, or millions of years. Adam was the "mankind" created by God in the image of God; Spirit. The mind and spirit in Adam is what God created. The physical bodies were already in existence. 

Just as in this day, the physical bodies are in existence, but the minds of the vast majority of mankind are not created by God. This earth, or minds of mankind, is void and empty; barren and desolate; of the Seed or Word from God. Just as a desert or a wilderness where there is neither planted garden nor trees bearing good fruit.

 The House of God is as a carefully designed and planted garden. The earth is tilled and made ready for the Seed. The Seed is planted and it is watered by God. The Light from God is as the Sunlight to a garden. The Seed takes root and eventually breaks through to become a tender young shoot absorbing the Light from God, growing by this Light and this Living Water from God. 

The greatest mind ever possessed by any of mankind is the mind and spirit of Christ. It is far superior to the "geniuses" man proclaims. The mind and spirit of Christ enables a person to live the life designed and structured by God. It is described as a life of peace, love, and joy. It is a life each person possessing the mind and spirit of Christ enjoy with God and with one another. There is no greater enjoyment in life than this enjoyment. It surpasses temporary comfort and pleasure of the physical body. It is eternal, continuing on when the physical body dies and rots away. 

But man does not seek this life. He does not know about this life. All he knows he has been taught by fellow man, the creator of his mind; the sower of the seed in his mind. He lives life as fellow man has taught him to live. His mind, as the earth, is void and empty of the Seed from God. There is no garden of God planted there. There is no fruit of the Holy Spirit. There is no Living Spirit from God. 

The social orders created by mankind show the mind and spirit of mankind. The social ills show the mind and spirit of mankind. This, is the house man builds. This is the mind man creates. This is the wilderness man plants with his seed.

 The social order created by God is seen in the lives of Jesus of Nazareth and the other Sons of God. Their lives with one another and with God. It is seen in the love they had for one another and for fellow man. It is seen in their giving of what they had received from God. It is seen in their disregard for worldly possessions and physical riches. They possessed far greater riches; the life God gives. 

If the physical body continued on in life, then it would be appropriate to seek comfort and pleasure for the physical body. It does not. A person only occupies a physical body for a short period of time compared to life eternal. Ongoing life is outside and without the physical body. It is knowledge of how to live life to its greatest enjoyment that is the greater goal. Enjoyment is of the mind. In the mind is the pleasure center. The physical senses merely bring stimuli through the nervous system to the mind. Although God designed physical pleasure, God also designed spiritual pleasure. It is spiritual pleasure that is the greater. 

Few of mankind know how to enjoy life. What greater enjoyment is there other than giving food to a hungry child or a simple toy to a child with no toys, or a dress to a young girl who wears rags, or clothes to a young boy who has only rags to wear? What greater joy than to help a person who is in need? The elderly lady wanting to cross a busy street, or a disabled veteran selling items for money to buy food. Or to visit a children's hospital, a nursing home, and spend time giving to these in need? Have you ever seen what love does to a lonely person? Or a person whose heart is broken? Have you noticed what a smile is able to do for a person? A simple hug? A kind word?

 Man is so caught up in getting ahead he has lost his ability to enjoy life. His principles do not allow this. His love for money and what money buys has become an obsession. Love of money is the root from the seed that causes all evil. It is sown by the evil ones of mankind. It is a principle used to create the minds of mankind. It is in opposition to the principle of God called "love for truth and righteousness."

 Then came the morning. It has been dark for such a long time. In the dark, the path cannot be seen and it is difficult to traverse. There are stumbling stones and many are found along the wayside where they have fallen. Others have taken a wrong path in the darkness, lost and alone without God. 

But when the morning comes, the Light comes to enlighten all things. What was covered by darkness is now illuminated to be seen. The way and the path are easy to traverse in the Light. And the Light gives warmth and comfort.

 The Word from God is this Light. The love of God is this Light. 

Before the rising of the sun, there is a star among the many stars that signals the soon coming of the great light of the sun. It is the bright morning star seen in the "east" or the "ancient ones." When this star sheds light, the light signals and tells of the coming of the great Light. 

The Sons of God are the stars or "light bearers" to fellow mankind, shedding light on the matters of God and teaching all how to receive the great Light from God. Metaphors that speak of existing reality; the reality of God; the reality of being taught truth by God; the reality of possessing the mind and spirit of Christ; the reality of possessing the House of God wherein is the Holy Spirit from God.

 Even on the darkest night, if you see the light from the morning star, you will know the morning will soon follow; the coming of day; the end of darkness. Mankind has been in darkness for two days and two nights; two thousand years. It is the beginning of the third day. A day begins in the darkness, not the light. On the third day, the Son of God and Christ rises again from death, spiritual death. 

The carnally minded have taught man that Christ went away to not be with mankind. It is their teachings that have caused mankind to be without Christ. It is mankind who has laid Christ in a tomb of death; the mind.

It is God who gives into man the mind and spirit of Christ thereby bringing Christ to mankind. It is God who raises up His Sons in the appointed time; the rising again scriptures speak of. It was the religionists who crucified Christ with their word and removed Christ from the minds of mankind. It was the religionists who placed Christ in a tomb (the mind of the spiritually dead) and placed the great stone (the great lie) in the entrance to the tomb. The great lie being man cannot be taught truth directly by God. The great lie man cannot be Christ, the taught one of God.

 When this stone is rolled away and the tomb opened, it shall be proclaimed there is no dead Christ. Christ lives as God lives. Christ never died nor did Christ leave mankind. What died was the mind of mankind to the reality of God. It has been mankind who has become dead to Christ; to God. It has been mankind who has not been able to receive Christ for mankind lost the way to receive from God, the mind and spirit of Christ. 

But then the stars appeared in the night, the darkness. And the light from the bright and morning star led the wise men to where the Son of God is born. The wise men travel to the ancient times and the ancient ones; to the beginning of the generation of "man" by God. Before Abraham was, the Son of God was. God is the Father of the Sons of God, not Abraham. God is the Father of Jesus of Nazareth not Abraham. God is the Father and God of the Living, not the dead. Christ is not dead. Christ lives. Christ lives in each and every person possessing the mind and spirit of Christ.

 It was foretold, the coming again of Christ to mankind. As a thief in the night comes, unseen and unobserved, so also the Christ returns to mankind, unseen and unobserved by the carnally minded. The Christ is a non-physical person dwelling in a physical body. The physical body does not identify the Christ. The Word spoken by the Christ identifies the Christ to those able to know the Word of God. Because the true image of the Christ remains marred and disfigured, the Christ is not recognized except by those who are truly of God and those to whom the Christ reveals himself.

 In this day and hour Christ lives and walks among mankind, unknown and unseen. Christ is seen by the eyes of understanding and understanding is a gift from God to those who have come to ask and receive.

 What house do you dwell in? Who is the builder? Who has authored the word in your mind? Who has taught you the principles you use to structure your life?

 Where is Christ?



Is Christ In You?

By D.W. Suiter

The apostle Paul spoke of the mystery of Christ in you. It was a mystery to those without Christ in them. It remains a mystery today to those without Christ in them, which is the vast majority of the people in this world.

"Christ in you" in simple terms is to possess the mind and spirit of Christ, the mature taught one of God. It is the mind and spirit created by God.

Many religionists declare this is not possible, thereby refuting the word of the apostle Paul who stated; "Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ."

At times I am bewildered by the religionists who make statements that are on their face totally contradictory to the writings of the new testament and contradictory to the Word from God.

Statements such as;
"Verily, verily, I say to you, he who is believing in me, the works that I do -- that one also shall do, and greater than these he shall do, because I go on to my Father; and whatever ye may ask in my name, (Son of God) I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if ye ask anything in my name (Son of God) I (The Son of God) will do it.

 `If ye love me, my commands keep, and I will ask the Father, and another Comforter He will give to you, that he may remain with you -- to the age; the Spirit of truth, whom the world is not able to receive, because it doth not behold him, nor know him, and ye know him, because he doth remain with you, and shall be in you."

The Son of God is this same Spirit of Truth. It is the Spirit of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit having come directly from God. The body of the Son of God is Spirit, coming directly from God, inspired in those able to receive from God. This body, is the new body promised to man by God. This body, is the body Jesus of Nazareth commanded his disciples to "eat."

This same new body; this same Son of God; is the new person and new creation of God each is transformed into by the renewing of the mind with this Word from God.

These things I have spoken to you, remaining with you, and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and remind you of all things that I said to you.

His "name" is Son of God, named to be by God. This "comforter" the "Holy Spirit" coming in the name of "Son of God" is the Spirit from God that teaches "all things" as Jesus of Nazareth declared.

What need does any person have for religions of man when he has this God, this Creator, this Teacher? Only God gives man this Spirit, transforming man into this Son by renewing the mind with His Word which is Truth.

Who is this Son of God?

"If the testimony of men we receive, the testimony of God is greater, because this is the testimony of God that He hath testified concerning His Son. He who is believing in the Son of God, hath the testimony in himself; he who is not believing God, a liar hath made Him, because he hath not believed in the testimony that God hath testified concerning His Son; and this is the testimony, that life age-during did God give to us, and this -- the life -- is in His Son; he who is having the Son, hath the life; he who is not having the Son of God -- the life he hath not."

Whosoever is begotten by God is the Son of God and life from God is in life as the Son of God.

"And we have known that to those loving God all things do work together for good, to those who are called according to purpose; because whom He did foreknow, He also did fore-appoint, conformed to the image of His Son, that he might be first-born among many brethren; and whom He did fore-appoint, these also He did call; and whom He did call, these also He declared righteous; and whom He declared righteous, these also He did glorify.

"for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God; The Spirit himself doth testify with our spirit, that we are children of God; and if children, also heirs, heirs, indeed, of God, and heirs together of Christ -- if, indeed, we suffer together, that we may also be glorified together."

We who are indeed led by the Spirit from God are the Sons of God. We who have received from God, the mind and spirit of Christ, are Christ. We, the Sons of God, the Christs of God, do the works done by Jesus of Nazareth for we are empowered with the same Word and Spirit from God. We are the Royal Priesthood appointed, anointed and established by God as His ministers of His Word. We are of no religion of man, we are of God. We have been taught by no man, we have been taught truth by God. What we have been taught by God we teach fellow man and our word is the Holy Spirit given us by God. We remind you of the teachings of the true apostles of God. We remind you of the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, our brother of God and our brother in Christ. For all Sons of God are brothers and of one Father; God. Jesus of Nazareth was the firstborn; we are the latter born. We are co-heirs with him in all he received from God. For all who are raised by God receive equal portion of what God has promised to give.

Our mission is to open the eyes of the blind; the ears of the deaf; and to lead all back to God; the real and Living God. Our word is spirit and is life to you if you accept it and follow the way of spirit; the way of salvation by none other than the Living God. We call out to those loving God to come join us.


 A Word on Religion and Religionists

By:  D.W. Suiter

Religion is a self contained entity. It exists as a creation of mankind, perpetuated by mankind, as a replacement for the reality of God. 

Think for a moment. Think of all religion teaches about God.

 Is God inadequate? Is God inept? Is God unable?

 What answer does religion give when asked why God does not deliver on the promise? Why does mankind remain in such a barbaric state of being?

 Ah, they, the religionists, say these are mysteries we are not supposed to know the answer to. They say we will find out of this when we are saved when we die. They say many things imagined, believed, and taught by the religious organizations.

 But what does God say? Oh, that's right; religions teach it is not possible to communicate with God. Ah, yes, religions offer us their interpretation of scriptures; all of the different and conflicting beliefs from religion concerning God. All being belief, not knowledge. 

It is amazing in this day and hour, when man proclaims to be so intelligent and knowledgeable; he is so susceptible to fraud. Fraud? Yes, fraud. Religion is fraud. Religion has been set up in the place of God as God to people. Set up in the place of God. 

Religion has replaced God. 

Most religionists are hypocrites. Professing all kinds of matters concerning God but inside they are filled with questions and doubts concerning God. Unanswered questions because religion cannot and does not answer questions concerning God. 

Question; "Is God able to provide for the needs of mankind?" 

Question; "If God is able to provide for all the needs of mankind, why doesn't He?" 

Ask these two questions when speaking with a religionist, a religious leader, teacher or preacher. When all the different answers come, recognize the inanity of religion.

Jesus of Nazareth and the other Sons of God spent their time and efforts telling people about the reality of God; the reality of asking and receiving from God; the promise of God. They taught the way to do this. They were not of any religion. They were not religionists. They received all things from God. They taught people that all mankind may ask and receive exactly as they had received from God. 

But what would happen to religion and its hold on mankind if people were taught truth? What would happen to the social order of mankind if people did learn, understand, and follow this way taught by Jesus of Nazareth and the others who were truly of God?

 Amazing isn't it, that this is the will of God, that none perish but all come into the knowledge of truth? But very few are? Why not? Because most are dependent on religion and religious teachings as a source of information concerning God. How many religions, denominations and sects are there? Thousands. You pick. Whatever sounds good, makes you feel good, right? Isn't this how you choose your religion? The size of a "church" or congregation is directly related to the ability of the leader to deceive with flattery, emotional manipulation, and salesmanship.

 Think for a moment on this. When your physical body dies you are not going to pass on into a religious organization. 

When your physical body dies you are going to pass on into reality; "The" reality God has established. But what will you do? You do not know God and have never been taught truth by God. You have placed your faith and your fate in the hands of religion and religionists. 

What are you? Simply a blind sheep following blind leaders, shepherds of religion not of God. How do I know? All true shepherds of God teach people to come to God to "know the truth." What was that? "To know the truth."

 Do I want you to believe you can really know the truth? Yes. That is exactly what Jesus of Nazareth taught as he also taught the way to gain knowledge of this truth directly from God.

But alas, it is difficult and impossible for most to believe this because they are filled with religious teachings that contradict this statement. And their belief in religiosity is stronger than belief in a word of truth. Even the word and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Even the word and testimony of those who followed this way and proclaimed being taught truth by God. That's right; the New Testaments. Ever read them?

 For this reason God raised up His true ministers two thousand years ago. To destroy the lies of religion and place truth in the minds of the people. He is doing the same in this day and hour as promised. It's called "salvation." Salvation from the mind and spirit created by religion. This true salvation is by God alone. That's right; religion cannot save you from your condition or your fate which is not in the will of God.

 Eternal torment is promised for every person not saved by God. Is this punishment? No, it is a result or consequence of mankind refusing what God has offered and promised. It is what man chooses. He does so without knowledge of what he is doing, but yet, he chooses this. 

Eternal torment is merely continuing on in life with the same mind and spirit created in you by fellow man. Every fear, doubt, worry, stress and concern, remains in your mind. As matters torment you in this day and hour they continue when you pass on from the physical body. If you do not possess the life God gives; the life of peace, love and joy; you will not possess this when passing on. You will possess what you now possess in your mind. All you will have to rely on are false teachings of religion. Teachings that have kept you separated from God; teachings that have prevented you from coming to God to receive the fulfilling of the promise of God.

 What can you do?

 Come out from among the religionists and be separated unto God. Hear the Sons of God.



Matter for Meditation and Digestion

By:  D.W. Suiter

Have you ever considered the fact that that most of what you think you know you do not know? People have mishandled and misinterpreted the word “knowledge.” The vast amount of matter acquired in formal education is not knowledge. Is is merely belief. Students are asked to believe what is being taught.

Consider a social order. A child is raised in teachings of how to live and asked to believe these. The child does not know if these “ways” are the best ways to live life. He is told they are so he believes.

At one time not long ago, a tribe in New Guinea built a shrine for worship in the form of an airplane, believing an airplane was a form of a god. The social order believed this and followed the ritualistic worship. Absurd you say? Consider the rituals of the many religions and you will see the same absurdity.

Do you “know” bacteria exists? Most do not. Most merely believe what they have been taught concerning bacteria. Bacteria can only be seen by using a microscope. It cannot be seen with the “naked eye.”

Scriptures speak of this “nakedness” which is the inability to see by the mind’s eye. There must be a covering such as a “robe of righteousness” which is in reality, having learned what is right according to the principles of God.

What then do we do with religion that has been created by mere belief and not knowledge? Belief in what has been imagined. The vast majority of people readily accept religious teachings as truth, thinking they have gained knowledge of the matters of God when all they have done is believed what has been taught. A simple story illustrates this.

A man told his friends he had made a journey into the forest and found a most beautiful tree that produced delicious fruit good for eating. Some believed what he said others didn’t. Both of these groups could not know if what the man said was truth or not and they certainly could not eat the fruit. However a few who had believed wanted to “know for sure” and asked for directions to the tree. Having followed the directions they found the tree and ate the delicious fruit. As the first man, they proclaimed this beautiful tree to exist and spoke of the delicious fruit. However, those who refused to believe remained in unbelief. Those who believed remained in mere belief. Only those who had gone the way and directly experienced the existing reality of the tree and fruit “possessed knowledge” of the tree and fruit. Although these offered to teach the way to others, the others chose to remain in unbelief or mere belief, refusing to enter into and follow the way to prove the matter.

So it was with Jesus of Nazareth and those who followed the way he taught. They gained sure knowledge of God and the matters of God. Others, the vast majority of mankind, refuse to enter into and follow this way because religionists have taught them this way does not exist and a person cannot be taught truth by God.

Those who did not believe the tree and fruit existed refused to follow the way. Those who merely believed were satisfied with their belief but they also never followed the way and never saw the tree nor ate the fruit. It wasn’t long until teachings of how to find the tree were lost from the minds of the people and teachings were created that taught there was no way to find this tree and this fruit. The people believed those in “power” and never sought to find the tree. Yet they created an image of the tree by their imagination, idolized and worshipped the image of the tree creating many stories about the tree and the properties of the tree.

So it is with the way taught by Jesus of Nazareth, the way to ask and receive from God, the truth from God, was lost from the minds of the people and teachings were formulated that declared this was not possible. This is the common belief of people in this day and hour. But, do you know this or have you merely believed this? What resides in your mind, sure knowledge of the matter or mere belief? Are you not worshipping an image of God created by the minds of religion? Is it not true, you have never seen God nor known God?

For this reason God established a way to “know for sure” or a way to gain sure knowledge of the matter. The way was taught by Jesus of Nazareth. Those who entered into and followed this way, testified of having received this sure knowledge from God in the truth taught by God. Their work was to “preach this gospel” or “teach this good news;” this new and living way established by God for the salvation of mankind.

Because the reality of salvation by God is at stake, it is a wise person who learns this way established by God; enters into and follows this way as the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth did, in order to receive the fulfilling of the promise of God which is salvation. Salvation from mere belief and installation of truth in the mind by God, which transforms a person from spiritual death to spiritual life by the renewing of the mind with this truth from God.

The obstacle preventing people from entering into and following this way established by God is the religious teachings that declare this is not possible. Teachings imagined, believed and taught as truth but in reality are lies.

God has provided a way to prove all things. This way was taught by Jesus of Nazareth and the others who had followed this way. Why then would a person remain in mere belief instead of proving all things concerning this salvation by God? Because it is customary and traditional of religions and the religionists who control the minds of people with their teachings and doctrines, as absurd as they may be. Why? Because people are intimidated into submission by the religionists. Because people have followed the way or religions for many centuries. And even though they have no substance or matter from God, they continue on in their beliefs and false hopes as taught by the religions.

In the secular world, lies and deception are used as tools as a way of life. The “news media” is merely a distribution process for the liars and deceivers. Unfortunately, most people believe what they read and hear in the “news.” This media is a very effective tool for those in power to use to manipulate and control the minds and actions of the people. Disinformation agencies are paid vast sums of money by regimes and politicians to create “news releases.”  The same tactics are used by corporate America in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

 The minds of the people are flooded with superfluous garbage, readily absorbed and believed. This is a how a people is controlled and manipulated into oppression. They are held in captivity by the substance and matter placed in their minds by those in power. Thy have been conditioned to merely believe propaganda and trust in this garbage, called “dung” in scripture. It is a waste product produced by the mind that has no value as food for thought. People have no protection, no armor. Their minds are not “armed” with the truth.

Consequently we have the social order of mankind in this day and hour that are indeed like mindless blind sheep. They are merely merchandise; labor; to be used by those in power. Those in power would have no power over the masses if the people refused to blindly believe and blindly submit to the manipulation. 

It was once said; “What if they gave a war and no body came?” What if the people refused to fight and demanded those in power settle their differences among their selves? Does this sound like a sane and sensible idea? Lock those in power and in conflict in a room and keep them there until their differences are resolved. The same applies to religious leaders. People should refuse to be pawns in government conflicts. After all, the conflict is always between principles, not people. The common people just want to live in peace, work, and raise their families. They could get along very well with out government and religion. Especially if they learned and obeyed the great principles of God that structure a social order. People have a right to assume a station provided by nature and nature’s God, as was declared in the “Declaration of Independence.” The “station” is a position in life. God has provided a way of life through the teachings of principles which is truth as to how life is best lived. War, murdering and killing of the physical body is not part of the social order established by God. Those who follow these principles are not of God. All who are of God, taught truth by God, live a life of peace, love and joy, with one another. This is the life the principles of God structure.

Religionists hear this terminology but have no concept of the reality of being able to live this life; to dwell in such a social order. Most are addicted to the demonic religious teachings of acquiring money and power over other people. Of getting ahead of others instead of giving for the needs of others in the equality taught by God.

Perhaps by meditating on these matters a person may have their eyes of understanding opened to the reality of what mankind has become and what mankind may be. Simply replace mere belief by coming to God to receive sure knowledge of truth.

I am a Son of God possessing knowledge of truth that is able to solve all of mankind’s problems and social ills. This, I have received from God. But, what I say is too hard for most to understand or believe. Because they are prisoners of their own minds created by fellow man in mere belief of lies and deception.