THOMAS MC CLELLAND       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©                                                        
DIRECTOR OREGON DMV    27550 Redwood Hwy                                  
1905 Lana Avenue NE                 Cave Junction Oregon [97523]
Salem, OR 97314                                 

                                                                                                    September 25th, 2014

U.S.P.O Certified Mail Article No.  7011 1570 0000 0658  7723

Notice of Commercial Default and Invoice.


    On September 8th, 2014, you were sent via certified mail #7013 3020 0000 5117 2440
the document "Affidavit and Notice of Proof of Claim and  Return of Manufacturers
Certificate of Origin, accompanied by my sworn Affidavit, containing 23 questions
of Jurisdiction requiring your rebuttal accompanied by your own sworn affidavit based on
your own  personal unlimited commercial liability.

The documents were received by your office and signed for.   See:

You were given 10 days to rebut the twenty three questions of  jurisdiction  and you have
joined the ranks of every Oregon Elected Official, Judge, District Attorney, Sheriffs and
Deputies whom I have contacted who have also defaulted in not rebutting the questions of
Jurisdiction thereby declaring my present traveling status as Truth and law.  

Such conduct by OREGON PUBLIC OFFICIALS is indefensible.  Each one and all of the
Agents for the Corporate government of OREGON  in the last decade is in Commercial
Dishonor, and Default, and, by law are in violation of their Public Oath of Office, and as such,
must be removed from such office and their Bonds Forfeited.  Yet they continue to hold
office, and the public and the law they swore an oath to uphold BE DAMNED.    Such is the
evident lawless conduct of our OREGON PUBLIC OFFICIALS, and you sir, are but the

Instead of your affidavit of Rebuttal, I, instead received on Sept 15th, a form letter with a
scribbled unreadable signature. of a nameless Processing Services Group Manager of a notice
of suspension sent to an address I have not lived at for at least 8 years to Customer 4142036,
an Oregon Driver license which had been officially rescinded by me in Sept of 1999 on the
basis of lack of full disclosure at time of application, thereby making such contract null and

It would seem that you people require an education in contract law, as you seem to think once
a license holder, always a license holder. 

By your not rebutting my 23 questions of Jurisdiction, you, and every official, judge, district
attorney, and cop has agreed that my position is Truth and law, and  therefore no contract
exists,.  As  such each and every one of you have committed crimes against this living man,
under the "color of law." 

The subsequent persecutions, impoundments, etc,  arising from such unlawful doctrine, only
attests to the fact that this OREGON GOVERNMENT and its agents are guilty of
perpetrating FRAUD, upon unwary and propagandized,  Travelling OREGONIANS. 

Fraud is a Crime with NO STATUTES OF LIMITATION, hence this fraud has been
perpetrated upon this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the
Sovereign People since 1999, and I WILL SEE JUSTICE IN THIS MATTER. 

See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dmvmc1.jpg

Verified Statement of Account
Non-Negotiable-Private Between the Parties

Account Debtor:                                                                   Account Creditor:

THOMAS MC CLELLAND                                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©                                                        
1905 Lana Avenue NE                                               27550 Redwood Hwy                                  
Salem, OR 97314                                                       Cave Junction Oregon [97523]

In accordance with notice and terms contained within  certain private, consensual contract by
and between Account Debtor THOMAS  MC CLELLAND and Account Creditor Raymond
Ronald Karczewski©, i.e.  Re:  Affidavit and Notice of Proof of Claim and  Return of
Manufacturers  Certificate of Origin on Sept. 8th, 2014, The 23 questions concerning
Jurisdiction accompanied by debtor's sworn affidavit based on his personal, unlimited
commercial liability  have not been answered and thus debtor has entered into dishonor and
Commercial default.

Principle Amount Now Due and Payable.          $2,000,000.00  (two million dollars)


    Affiant, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Common Law Trade-Name/Trademark,
© 2002, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural man, does swear and
affirm that Affiant has scribed and read the foregoing facts, and, in accordance with
the best of Affiant's firsthand knowledge and conviction, such are true, correct,
complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This Affidavit is dated the 25th Day of the Ninth Month in the Year of Our Lord
Two Thousand and Fourteen Eight.
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Secured Party/Creditor, Claimant


     County of Josephine    } ss.

     BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this _______ day of ______________, ______,
Before me, the undersigned, A Notary Public in and for the State of Oregon,
personally appeared the within named
known to me to be the identical individual  AS  described in and who executed the
within instrument and acknowledged to me that ___________ executed the same
freely and voluntarily.

                    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set My
                    hand And affixed my official seal the day and Year                 .               
above Written.
                            Notary Public of Oregon

                    My Commission expires: _______________________