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OREGON DMV Engaged in Commercial Fraud. Part II

DIRECTOR                                        Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
STATE OF OREGON DMV             C/O General Delivery
1905 Lana Avenue NE                       Cave Junction Oregon [97523] 
Salem, OR 97314 
                                                                                                 July  6th, 2016

     Yesterday I received a Phone call from Progressive Insurance indicating my present premiums on my auto insurance would rise dramatically as of Sept. 1, 2016,  due to your agencies records showing a suspension of license  and citations concerning RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI  the dead fiction created by government bearing my name.

    As of Sept. 1999, this living man rescinded the previously held Oregon Driver License, as this  living man is and was not a driver engaged in Commerce and  had an Unalienable Right to use such travel conveyance for private travel upon the OREGON roadways.   This Right to Travel has been upheld by the United States Supreme court. 

   I have, since 1999 been travelling in my various travel conveyances without a license,  not needing to seek privilege from  any government corporation that I do not belong to while exercising  my unalienable Right to Liberty, which includes the Right to Travel.   

  I have sent numerous communication to your agency since September 2003 requesting that all such false information concerning false suspension/revocation of driving privileges be when no such License has existed since 1999.   How does one revoke/suspend a License  that DOES NOT EXIST?

     Prior to my rescindment of OREGON Driver License I had never been revoked or suspended by any government Agency, either here in OREGON or elsewhere in the country. 

    Written Notices were sent accompanied by my Affidavit to the OREGON government, COURTS, AND DMV of my status,  and yet notices have been roundly ignored by all agencies and agent whom have thus made this Living Man the subject of  repeated Law Enforcement and Courts Harrassment impounds, arrest, incarcerations, etc.  as all such Corporate entities HAVE REFUSE to follow the law and amend the false records.

   In JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS CASES OF "02CR0617", AND "03CR0170"  filed with the JOSEPHINE COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTS SECTION,  I, this living man  underwent two criminal trials regarding these phony charges, stood Sui Juris,  and the Fictional Defendant was found guilty in both Trials.  

  However, throughout both trials and 20+ Hearings,  I, THIS LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH, AND BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN challenged the Fictional Courts to Prove JURISDICTION over this living man.  They did not, could not, have not even unto this present day have been able to prove JURISDICTION OVER THIS LIVING MAN. 

   As such, when it came to sentencing  I, this Living Man REFUSED to accept the courts authority as they had evaded the question of JURISDICTION could not PROVE JURISDICTION OVER THIS LIVING MAN.   As a result, of  the court's inability to link the Fictional Defendant's name to this Living Man,  threatening him with 40 years in prison, they released this Living Man from Jail, with no charges hanging over his head.  However, the fictional information of the Juristic person,  the OREGON fraudulent records continue to show up in the fictional records held by the Police, courts, and DMV computers.

    This STATE WIDE CRIMINAL FRAUD continues to this present day, July 6, 2016,  as  they continue to attempt to hold this living man hostage to the fictitious crimes of a fictitious "person" in a fictitious reality that has NO BEARING on this living man. 


   I have repeatedly asked the Courts, the Sheriff's office and your agency to remove the fictitious records which appear in your fictitious files and in the State wide Police computer, BUT ALL have refused to do so even to their own detriment by violating their own OATH OF OFFICE, AND UCC Files  Defaulted upon their own unlimited Commercial Liability by numerous Agents to the tune of $40,000,000 (Yes, that's 40 million dollars)  which includes the former SECRETARY OF STATE AND NOW GOVERNOR, KATE BROWN, STATE OF OREGON DMV DIRECTOR THOMAS MC CLELLAND and other Attorney Generals, Judges, District Attorneys,  Several Sheriffs, and numerous bureacrats.  

    Nevertheless, such Conspiracy to Commit Fraud by all these Oregon public officials "tough it out" until the whole system collapses and hope to use that as a cover for their criminal activity and lack of responsibility.

    I, this living Man, demand that all records concerning the false suspension/revocation nnd  fraudulent citations issued to the FICTIONAL MAN be STRICKEN FROM THE RECORD AND POLICE COMPUTERS as they DO NOT  apply to this Living Man.

  When such action has been taken,  please send to me this living man such revisions IN WRITING, so that my insurance company will be satisfied that such prior and present records DO NOT APPLY to this Living Man of the People. 

   I will be dropping this packet of supporting information off at the Cave Junction office of the OREGON DMV.  I expect an expedient response IN WRITING  to this matter so that I may satisfy my Auto Insurance Agency. 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski
Secured Party, Creditor, Holder in Due Course

Attached files:

TWO Christs:  A Heart to Heart Conversation!

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

Jason, it is clear to me that you and I are resonating with the energy of Christ Consciousness, the simple Truth that is missed by all who find themselves slaves of their own Intellect.

As you well know, the word Truth is not Truth, nor is the Idea of Truth,  Truth, for Truth is the undefinable, unreplicatable energy holistic in nature and all encompassing  and beyond all  illusory dualistic energy of the Satanic Intellect which falls short of Truth.

Jesus of Nazareth told all who he was.   He said that He was the Truth, Life and the Way, that holistic energy that Intellects cannot hold a candle to.  One can see how that energy fell short upon deaf ears and was satanically manipulated by opposing mind controlling satanists, who have ruled the western world through the Illusory structure of Christianity.

My time is over.  My message has been delivered.  I have demonstrated the protection afforded a simple man of Truth who stands firmly and untouched by seemingly  but imaginary power of  Illusory Intellectually driven world leaders.

My two website and along with the various Internet search engines are rife with the demonstrable truth of my life experiences in facing down the Satanic bogus image of government and religious power.

Jason, as you know, Truth, actual Truth is undefinable.  If it is defined, it is NOT TRUTH, it is merely an illusory image of Truth.

Until now, when meeting up with you on the Internet, I have not met, known or resonated with another human being in this lifetime who resonated with that  undefinable essence of Truth.

I was married to a wonderful woman for 49 years, yet she did not understand that elusive energy of Truth which fueled my beingness.  She passed away 8 years ago. 

What remains with me is her comment to a death panel of University of Oregon Doctors who interviewed us to determine whether open heart surgery which bought her 15 additional years to her life would be a worthwhile endeavor.  They asked her "Why do you want to live?'   Her response moved me when she said, she wanted to be around when the world discovered "my husband  and his truth."   Unfortunately she didn't make it.

She's not here to share the subtle, but very real change coming about in our chaotic human world of civilized society with regards to the simple words and experiences of this Living Christ.

My time is limited.  I feel it.  You Jason, I perceive will carry on after I am gone.  

The greatest thing that you have to offer is your resonance of Truth which is the signature of your being. 

Until now, no one speaks as we two have spoken.  Their words merely languish at the "Letter of the Word" Level , which is all Satanically (divisive and opposing ) superficial and transient in nature and do not reach deeply into the "Spirit of the Word" that can only arise from the Subconscious level of Human Consciousness. 

Jason. this is your time now.  You have already made a greater impact upon onlookers who heretofore doubted what they were hearing from only One man.  Its been easy for them to rule him out as some misfit who does not fit into their society.  That I perceive to be my greatest gift to my fellow man.   The gift of Freedom in a world of Slavery.   Now there are two saying the same thing with the same energy completely unrelated or unknown to each other until now. 

I guess what I am saying is that you, Jason need to open up and manifest your destiny and speak your Truth openly, widely and publicly.  Its your time.  The people are ready for the Truth You and I have offered them, but it has been easy for them to not trust the words of just one man, because they have been conditioned themselves to doubt themselves and function only at the superficial evel of blind belief and obedience to another leaving them to be secure minded, codependent order followers.

The Sovereignty of Truth is the Spiritual Key which unlocks the chains of Slavery that binds the civilized Intellect of fallen man.

Jason,  The time is NOW!

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--NTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today

The Infiniteness of Christ Consciousness--The Finiteness of Satanic Consciousness

By: Raymond  Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

As can be seen, I, this Living Christ express myself in short increments.   This is done to include as many levels of consciousness and attention span to grasp that ethereal energy called  Truth. 

I neither engage in soundbytes, nor in long discertations designed to confuse and confound those who, through Intellectual overload cannot grasp the simple truth as they resonate at different levels of awareness.

I say AWARENESS because that is not the same as KNOWLEDGE


TRUTH is common to all, but not recognized by most.


TRUTH is God.  It is Eternal.  It always has been,  is now, and ever shall be.  It transcends all dimensions of consciousness.  It is the holistic (holy) complete, undivided energy of "WHAT IS".   It is the timeless, unlimited, Infinite essence of life as seen in its  varied manifestations  according to the receiving terminal of consciousness (man) even whilste it  passes through the filter of Ego,  the intellectual instrument which facilitates the fictional world of civilzed man breaking the wholistic energy of truth down to fragmented patterns,  composed of divisive, opposing energy.


It is confined only to the Intellect of Man.  It creates the dualistic arena of a complex, divided, oppositional, fictional  Intellectual reality confined solely within limited area of consciounsess walled off from an otherwise holistic, unlimited realm of Truth, the subconscious mind, the realm of God.

This walled off, fictional reality is found only in the conditional, manipulatable, outer directed and programmable Intellect which makes up the Satanic realm of Man' Consciousness, the fictional realm of Civilized Man.

I, this living Christ recognize that I must use this Intellect in order  to communicate with each of you through your Intellectual filter, and to use it for the solving of Technical (dead, mechanical problems created by Intellect) those that are  merely illusions  of the Intellect, but the energy of my words retain the holistic resonance of Truth and therefore are quite disturbing to all intellects which receive them according to One's overall  operating consciousness.  That is the WAKE UP energy delivered to all those who pass through life in an outer induced hypnotic sleep one calls "their life."

For those of you who get the thread of what I am saying,  increase your AWARENESS,  return to your Christ State of Consciousness by visiting my websites, and some 279 You Tube Videos at

You can also visit the many search engines under my name Raymond Karczewski and view the satanic war declared against this living Christ over the past twenty years on the Internet.

There you will see how serious the Satanic Forces which control your present mind sets are threatened by this Living Christ whom they deny even exists even whilste privately they have been engaged is a  launched twenty year disinformation campaign to destroy the credibility,  reputation, character of this living Christ. 

As the old saying goes. "Where there is Smoke, there is Fire."

It is time to "burn" off the dross of your present, enslaving,  conditioned Ignorance and regain your positions as sovereign men and women, children of God, Living Christs in your own right.

After all, what is your option?  To remain as Slaves in servitude to your FICTIONAL SATANIC MASTERS?

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--NTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today


This Living Christ Is Being Blocked By FaceBook from commenting on Others posts. I am restricted only to my Original Posts. See Below. It is just one of such comment I have made which have been blocked.

PEOPLE: Its time to change your Legal Status so that your are no longer considered to be a FICTIONAL PERSON owned and enslaved by a FICTIONAL GOVERNMENT. Change your Status from that of a 14th AMENDMENT, remove your consent from that of a member of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES and all subsidiary lesser CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS, AND YOU ARE FREE. ABOVE THE LAW OF SUCH FICTIONAL GOVERNMENTS.



”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--NTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Two Christs -- A Heart to Heart Conversation  -- You Tube Video
     You Tube Video

Let this Living Christ, this simple man of Truth Introduce you to another Christ, another man of Truth living in England.  The world of Civilized Mankind cannot but change in its confused collective Intellect with the emergence of a second Christ resonating with the same energy of Truth yet completely unrelated and unknown  to each other until recently.  This recent occurrence has the power to release all men from their Satanic Intellectual Slavery.

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--NTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Re: TWO Christs:  A Heart to Heart Conversation!  Part II

ClearFaced And Clear wrote:

To: Raymond Karczewski   wrote:

Good Day Raymond

cf  >   Thank you for your kind words, it is true that we have found resonance with one another in our communications. I too feel the oneness you do, as we communicate with each other regarding the illusions the intellectual mind of man conjures up to delude itself, that its thoughts and concepts, ideas and implanted programmes are The Truth.

rk:  Yes, when the programmed idea of Truth  becomes the focal point of one's life,  and its graven images are worshipped, one's progress in the path of Spiritual expansion is halted,  and Awareness is shut off,  leaving one divided and isolated.  But as you realize, that is merely a time-bound, temporary stumbling block, a problem which must be dissolved before further progress is possible.

cf  >   The Satanic forces that use the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the intellect, to control civilised man have as you know, in effect crafted a secondary Intellectual Hive mind.
This HIVE mind lies one layer above the original intellectual mind that each Man or Woman was born with. You call this the problem solving or Technical mind, the mind that was placed in man to be able to function and problem solve while in a physical body. I can see and agree that this is TRUE.

rk:   I have not made that distinction between the Intellect and the Hive mind.  I see them as one and the same.  As one grows in spiritual awareness, one's holistic energy of deep insight, awareness penetrates through all such illusions of conceptual counterfeit beliefs and goes directly to the Truth itself which is always there but covered by superficial satanic beliefs/thoughts.

cf  >   Its clear that if this HIVE mind is the mind of dead imagery, dead ideas, dead manmade concepts, dead man made buildings that are trumpeted as being colossuses of mans prowess, to be worshipped and glorified by civilised men. If these are Dead as they most certainly are, then the LIVING have no requirement for them. The living would see, them for what they are, fantasies and imaginations. In a nutshell this statement shows me the challenge that i , you or another wanting to help others see has.

rk:  I agree.

cf  >   Why do i say this?

cf  >   I say this because the satanists add one final layer, the subtlest, but most destructive deceit that civilised man must overcome. This is the idea that they are the dead Paper man, The Legal Person, The Juristic Person, The Birth Certificate Person. The Fictional Man or Woman THE WALKING DEAD think is who they are. Only this Fiction can be indoctrinated by the Satanic forces.Satanic Forces propagate into the Walking Dead all the Dead imagery, Dead Ideas, Dead Concepts etc. This is Civilised mans Hell on Earth. I repeat myself and our other conversations....I know this, i do it because i want to get round to your message to me.

rk:   Yes, it is the Dead FICTIONAL world that the Intellect creates that most live in and demand conformity of all others to support and join them in their delusion even whilste they writhe in their personal suffering of living a confused, divided, oppositional life that is easily exploitable.

cf >    Your message that asks me to be more visible in spreading The Truth of these realities. Well i agree its a message that needs to heard, one that is rare, Truth in a world of lies. This though is the issue, the HIVE is so Lost, that i feel it must destroy itself. It can do nothing else, it is so far from the Oneness of God that its odious nature cannot continue. Civilised Mankind. The Walking Dead's time is nearly over.

rk:  What you say about a self-destructive Hive Intellect is true, but those of Christ Consciousness, those who have transcended the dualistic Intellect must Share with all, that which lies beyond their limited comprehension.   After all, there one will find the Truth and it is the Truth that shall set them free.

cf >    I have no issue with this Truth, they the Satanists, must be left to destroy theirselves.

rk:   Is that not the very nature of Hell itself, the neverending illusory conflict that destroys anything the outer-directed, programmable  partial Intellect does while pretending to be the whole of Truth that only lies in Direct Awareness of Truth, God itself/

cf  >    The Hive mind i talk of is now fully INSANE, it is beyond salvation. Civilised Man the Walking dead who are hooked into the Hive mind, in general cannot or do not want to be freed from it. They wish to carry on in their fictional reality. I say let them, the remnant few, the ones who will search for The TRUTH will find it as you and i have. This will occur come what may.

rk:  It is not a matter of "letting them" for each has free will and another must not interfere with that.  One must not add to the harm that is the nature of an ignorant Intellect.  That is God's Law, the Law of Truth, DO NO HARM. That is why I do not argue with such limited intelligence for it is really the seduction of Satan which seeks to  draw one into the state of dualistic conflict. 

rk:  That is the power and protection that all who transcend the limited Intellect have.  It is like standing in the eye of a hurricane where one finds complete stillness and peace, while violence is swirling all around him.  That comes only from Self-realization through holistic action not well intentioned beliefs.   Since you and I also understand that life is eternal, and we are life itself, there is no permanent death.   That is what Jesus of Nazareth, another Christ meant when He said "I am the Truth, Life, and the Way.  The superficial accoutrements of Intellect and Body are recycled through many lives before the Blind have been restored their sight, and the Living Dead have been restored to Life.


rk:  Thanks Jason for the Dialogue!  It certainly has opened the door to deeper Spiritual Dialogue that is absent when coming from just one source.  It is not so easily dismissed by those who control others via the superficial manipulation of the "Letter of the Word".

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Christ Consciousness -- Transcendence of Intellect

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

I, this living Christ, this simple man of Truth has been bringing the solution to all of civilized mankind's problems to you for the past twenty years on the Internet.

The problems of which I speak have existed since man's fall from grace when he was seduced at the Satanic Level of Intellect from his functioning at the holistic level of the subconscious mind, that level of consciousness which allows for the direct apprehension and application of nondualistic Truth, ie, the act of creation.

Truth can only be apprehended and acted upon via the holistic realm of the Subconscious mind when the oneness of understanding transcends the confusion of the dualistic divisive, opposing Intellect.

The Satanic idea of Truth is an illusion which creates an artificial, fictitious reality that most call life itself when one chooses to live in a civilized society. Nearly all of you live in that satanic world created and interpreted through your own present satanically ruled Intellect.

Your world, the world you have created, the world that you presently live in is a lie. It is an Illusion, which has overwhelmed the holistic consciousness of man with fictitious ideas, concepts, beliefs and superstitions. All such imaginary debris clutters up the consciousness of all who have consented to selling their souls in return for the fictitious promises of a time-bound dualistic (divisive/opposing) Intellect.

Nearly all of you occupy that present fictitious world of Hell, a world created by the Intellect and its illusions without ever being AWARE of it. To you that is life, the only life you have come to know and have ever known.

You are not aware of its fictitious nature so you hopelessly, helplessly suffer unneeded pain, suffering, and confusion in your life while you worship fictitious images and icons which have been conditioned into you by other men, satanic elitists who enslave satanic slaves through the medium of satanic Mind control .

That is the power of the Intellect. That is the power of institutionalized Hell on Earth.

The only thing that will save you from you personal conditioning of Hell via the Satanic Institutions of Government and religion IS TRUTH.

It can be found on my websites, and along with the unadulterated Truth spoken by this Living Christ in some 280 You Tube Videos at

I have been at this for twenty years now on the Internet, and for most of you, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BUDGED FROM YOUR INSTITUTIONALLY CONDITIONED SATANIC IGNORANCE.

You may not understand this living man, this Living Christ, but the Satanic elitists who control your minds through Satanic Mind Control certainly do. They DO NOT want you exposed to me.

You've all been exposed to the messages of phonies who call themselves Christs, who are WIDELY PROMOTED by the Satanic Institutions which control you minds, only to find they are Charlatans whom are easily and willingly accepted by you.

The Satanic Institutions which control your minds leave every opportunity open to support such familiar fictions while they shut the door to any actual Truth being spoken.

You see, Truth shatters all satanic illusions and is blocked from reaching you and preventing you from reaching your own self-realization of your Christ Consciousness which can only happen when the Satanically created dualistic Illusions are penetrated by the nondualistic direct perception only possible via the Subconscious Mind.

It is not my agenda to preach, proselityze or control anyone's mind. I share the Truth with all, but only those who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear" will get it.

Let me share with you the length and breadth the Satanic Institutions of Government, Religion, media and other satanic corporate controllers have used on the Internet while employing mind control and other exclusionary techniques to block, censor, forge, ridicule, and destroy the credibility of this Christ in falsely promoting the idea that this living man is Dead while at the same time at the public level where they control such Internet media application, they stand behind a STONEWALL OF SILENCE in an attempt to deny the very existence of this living Christ.

Internet Media Site, forums, and Newsgroups:    (there are many more, but I stopped counting.)

You Tube Video counts edited from actual views.
(Check out the content and decide whether such seemingly disinterest in these spiritual matters matched videos of escapist entertainment, sports and other satanic diversions whose numbers go VIRAL)

Government's actual bogus arrests of this living simple man of Truth, this Christ, along with his jailing while awaiting trial, subsequent prosecution and conviction of the government fictionally created "juristic PERSON" who was facing the threat of a 40 year prison term yet, was compelled to release this Living Man with NO CHARGES hanging over his head when He challenged the Fictional Court to prove JURISDICTION over He, the Living man who did not consent to be ruled by any FICTIONAL GOVERNMENT, AND ITS FICTIONAL JUDGE PRESIDING OVER A FICTIONAL COURT.

This is a "GET OUT OF PRISON" ticket for ALL LIVING MEN/WOMEN presently incarcerated and to be incarcerated for violation of Fictional Statutes created by a Fictional Government that has NO POWER over any living man/woman without the expressed Consent of such Living Man/Woman.

It is time for Living Man to BREAK THE SATANIC SPELL which binds all such living men and women presently living under the thrall of Satanic induced hypnotic mind control and who have not willingly consented into donning the cloak of a fictional "PERSON", A SLAVE.

It is an inarguable Truth that a living man is a free man. Always has been, always shall be, for such man is Truely a Sovereign, one living beyond the fictional jurisdictions of Illusion.

Resurrect your God Given AWARENESS, your direct perception of Truth without the interference of a judgmental Intellect, and return to the living man/woman that you are and no longer languish in the hell of a fictional PERSON that you have been conditioned to BELIEVE YOU ARE!

This has been a message from a Christ. Yes, there are many Christs, not the mythical one you have been conditioned to believe in. All that is Satanic Mind control that has caused you to doubt yourselves and therely causing you to waive your God Given Sovereignty and thus accept the mantle of a Satanic Slave.

Do with what I have just communicated to you as you will for Truth and Sovereignty of Christ Consciousness demands that no Interference with FREE WILL be conducted upon another and one must take self-responsibility for one's own actions, one's own creations in life.

Send me some feedback. Shall we see who is capable of being saved and who is damned? Spread this message far and wide, for the only solution to the Problems of a Satanic ruling New World Order and One's Freedom from Slavery is the WIDE

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind­I--INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:
Change The Quality of Your Life Today