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A Living Christ asks Americans for Help In Taking Back America!
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

This is being addressed to ALL AMERICANS who are confused, conflicted, and living in fear with the Changing Times unfolding in our Nation, and are looking for direction in how to stop the ever-increasing Terror and Tyranny unfolding in our world.

The SOLUTION lies in the numbered articles and You Tube Videos below.

They will be a shock to the belief systems of most of you, but it you are serious about changing your life, your country and your world,  I assure you, that they will present the key which shall release you from you Enslavement to Hell on Earth.

They will present the Light of Truth to you which has been denied to most of you for your entire Lifetime and present the solution to your life lived on Earth, a veritable Life of Hell.

I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©,   am undergoing a series of Internet hacker attacks since I have posted the articles and You Tube videos #2  and #3.  with periodic loss of DNS Server contact and audio phone service.   Contact made with the phone service company showed there were no mass outages, but I continue to intermittently get Internet connection/disconnection , BUT NO VOICE PHONE AT ALL.    I find that Curious as this all occurred just after I had posted  the article and you tube #3.

A repair Serviceman was scheduled to work on the problem on this day, Monday, Dec 14, 2015,  NEVER SHOWED UP!

At this time, I still have no Telephone Contact.  Below will give you a picture of what I have been going through in delivering my liberating message to a slumbering People for 20 years.

It is just a sampling, but a most important sampling of the experiences faced by me in disseminating the Truth which can liberate all physically, mentally, and spiritually, from their imaginary slave bondage via their own CONSENTUAL contract with the corporate entity claiming to be Government.  

The Government Intelligence Communitity sponsored/supported Internet disinformation has failed to destroy the credibility/reputation of this Living Christ after a twenty year campaign, and so now HAS TAKEN THE TACT  DECLARING THIS LIVING CHRIST IS DEAD.  That is the extreme degree they have gone to misdirect your attention away from the Truths contained in the articles below. 

I am being CENSORED,  BLOCKED AND BANNED on the Internet, and have been for years.  It is all documented on my websites below.    See:  #1. 

Articles #2 and #3,  are the most important messages you shall ever hear in your lifetime, for that is the secret behind the Enslavement of the Many by the Few.

The Message of This Simple Man of Truth, CAN TOPPLE the "fictional"  government and the equally the "fictional" NEW WORLD ORDER,  were the common man to awaken to the reality of his true Status, As a Living Breathing, Flesh-and- Blood, Sentient, Natural man, and not the "Fictional Persons" they have been made to believe they are. 

As I have said,  the double digit numbers of views attached routinely to my You Tube Video indeed tell their story, when the content is truly considered.  

I ask that all give their attention to the 7 articles and videos below.   If you are in agreement with its content, SPREAD this article FAR AND WIDE, containing the links to articles and videos below with 10 other people and ask that they do
likewise.  The powers to control  the media and internet can easily CENSOR the words of one man, but they are helpless from stemming the truth when hundreds and thousands send out and SHARE the very same message. 

That is the  Help that  I require of each of you.  I assure you, that you will be shocked at the degree the simple Truth below has been kept from you all your lives  and has been so,  tracing it back throughout millenia.    This is the True Meaning of  "THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST."   It is not a man,  it is a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


1.      Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, A Living Christ:
America's Best Kept Secret!

2.      The Transition from Satanic Worship to Christ

3.      A Living Christ Says, "There is No Hope for Civilized
Society -- IT IS HELL ON EARTH!"

4.      A Living Christ says --  MAKE MY DAY!

5.      The Sovereign Man's Solution to DEFEATING THE

6.      The NEW WORLD ORDER:  What would Christ Do?

7.      The Cry of the Peaceful 2nd American Revolution:

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind --

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Change The Quality of Your Life Today

 A Living Christ Exposes Satanic Talk Show and Guest   You Tube Video

I suggest all listen to the Dec 16th, 2015 RBN Talk Show "Corporation Nation"  hosted by CLINT RICHARDSON from the beginning.  Observe the slick, confident explanations of
two Satanic Wordsmiths.   Observe the breakdown of their poise when addressed by a Living Christ who was saying the very same things they were saying, but composed of the
nondualistic energy of Truth which reflected their limited Satanic dualistic energy of a linear dualistic Intellect. Incapable of grasping directly what was said but reinterpreting it to fit their own limited grasp of Intellectual conditioned Thought both lose their poise, their balance.  This clash of the nondual with the dual is the very energy twixt Heaven and Hell.    This accounts
for this Living Christ's immunity from Satanic Mans law, and why He was banned from the shows of major Talk show hosts, ALEX JONES, AND JOHN STADTMILLER.  WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA, YOU ARE BEING HAD BY YOUR SATANIC MIND

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind --

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Re: World Leaders are but Spiritual Children who have Sold their Souls. to rule The BASSACKWARD world We live in.

rk:   Dec. 18, 2015     I do not see an solution to the problems which face America in the present day. Several days ago, I put out a message to all who seek to retake our country back, our sovereignty, and our spiritual estate to let me know if they are reading my articles, a sort of a poll as to who is listening and understands what I am saying. I RECEIVED TWO REPLIES. HELL isn't it?

rk;   A timeless post from the Past.

Boyd Dictonary '0 Truth Harper wrote:

pix wrote;

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

bdth: >> Mannequin Assassins are but Convicted Felon Kook Award Winners who Melt Down:

rk: >>> What makes up Hell on Earth? Is it not adherence to rules made by men to govern other men?

bdth: >> No, it is the negative attention one receives when one does such things as: Files bogus liens

rk: Do you mean these VALID UCC LIENS which may be found on OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE UCC SEARCH? Nothing BOGUS about them is there? my my, you told a LIE!

Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
DAVIS, JOHN E 795 ROGUE RIVER HWY GOLD HILL OR 97525 90026127 UCC 04-15-2014 04-15-2019

Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
90026110 UCC 04-15-2014 04-15-2019

Lien Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
HELLER, JOEL 500 NW 6TH ST GRANTS PASS OR 97526 89996009 UCC 03-25- 2014 03-25-2019

Name Address Lien Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
GEIGER, JAMES 500 NW 6TH ST GRANTS PASS OR 97526 90216338 UCC 08-28- 2014 08-28-2019

bdth: >> Blinds sheriff's deputies with hi-beams.

tk: And how would you KNOW THAT, other than through words on a screen via Satanic Media PR?

bdth: >> Drives without inspection plates.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person, I am not required to have them. Millions of people give away their wealth through such satanic tactics. NOT I !

rk: If the average man had some BACKBONE, WE WOULD NOT have to put up with the chaos generated by such SATANIC GOVERNMENT.

bdth: >> Drives without a license.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person not engaged in Commerce, I am not required to have One. That statement is backed up with my freedom, sitting at my computer instead of Prison WHERE THEY TRIED TO PUT ME.

bdth: >> Shoots mannequins.

rk: Thats just another one of those Libelous fictions promoted by US GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY DISINFORMATION AGENTS. operating on the Internet.

bdth: >> Doesn't pay lawfully assessed fines.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person, One not contracted with the fictional Corporate Government, I am not required to pay such fines. If I am to be portrayed as Public Enemy #1, it must be noted that I have not payed a cent in fines, levies, or Court costs, in 12 years. Why do you suppose they do not come after me and arrest me?

rk: > How does it all begin?

bdth: >> Some nut case makes a mole's hill of a traffic ticket into a mountain of felony convictions. The solution is simple. Get a driver's license and pay your fine when you get caught driving like an *******.


rk:: The JURISTIC PERSON whose name was created via birth certification was convicted in two trials and was Under threat of imprisonment for 35 to 40, I see neither a Birth Certificate or this Living Man, sitting on a Prison Cot. DO YOU?

rk: Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that I am a LIVING MAN, whom fictional government HAS NO JURISDICTION OVER?

rk: Only SATANICALLY TRAINED, mind controlled USELESS EATERS consent to their own imprisonment. Hell, isn't it?

rk: >>> “This is not an ego statement on my part. THIS IS FACT!”

p: > If you’re truth was so obvious, then all would see it, evangelising it would be superfluous, the fact you are being self serving with your self promotion, means the complete opposite is true. You are a liar and an ego masturbater.

rk: If I did not SPEAK Truth for myself, who would speak for me. YOU? What would you, and others blind to the truth have to say when their own Satanic fantasies are exposed, mirrored back to them?

rk: You see, the average satanically ruled civilized man/woman is IGNORANT of his/her own true spiritual estate. Your own comment "You are a liar and an ego masturbater" made while hiding in the shadows of anonymity, only reveals your own cowardly satanic nature, for you and other Internet disinformation agents find you are compelled to oppose a simple man of Truth with vicious attacks which have no foundation to them. As for my speaking for myself, am I to rely upon such satanists to speak my words of Truth for me.

rk: My speaking my own words can be summed up quite nicely by saying, that "I am in this world but not of it!"

rk: I submit that People fear my words and are struck silent because fear arises when they penetrates the illusions people such as yourself hide behind.

rk: My words are True, Inarguable, and deadly to the Satanic masks worn by indoctrinated, trained deceivers.

rk: I put the TRUTH out there. One can take it or leave it. It is clear that all act at their own peril, when viewing the Mirror of Truth.

rk: Hell, isn't it? .

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind ­ INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Living Christ Reveals the Perpetuation of Hell on Earth via the "Spoken Word."

By:     Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

   Read Carefully and listen to the Spiritual Key that shall unlock the Chains of Slavery which bind all Civilized Human Beings to HELL.

  This Living Christ acknowledges that words must be used via the Satanic ruled Intellect, in order to deal with the fictional (Illusory, Fragmented) problems of the world that civilized man has created for themselves via the Intellectually created technical world which presently enslaves all mankind,  and for us to communicate with one another via the computer like instrument of Intellects.

  When man does that, they voluntarily and consensually give up their own God Given Gift, of Wholeness (holiness) of direct resonance with the nondualistic essence of Truth operating in life via the Subconscious mind, and adopts instead the Satanically constructed, narrow, limited, linear realm of the Intellect.  

That is Man's Fall from Grace, as he descends from his wholeness of understanding via the subconscious into the mired illusions of his own selective beliefs, and projects those beliefs outwardly in creating his own parochial views world.  That is the nature of abandoning Heaven on Earth and replacing it with Hell on Earth.  THAT IS CIVILIZED SOCIETY!

This cannot be denied and that has been the primary message brought to the world by this Living Christ via the balanced use of the Intellect in navigating the conscious mind via the technical venue of the Internet.

Jesus of Nazareth, another Christ, did not have this technical advantage throughout his life some 2000 years ago as He Committed none of his teaching to writing and was thus limited only toe the spoken word tainted by the recording of lesser men.  Such words were recorded by third party Satanists under the patronage of the Satanic Ruling Elites of his time and afterward.  Hence,  the myths, the legends, the superstitious tales, the belief based illusions of such a Mythical Figure rose in promimance within the Satanically ruled Intellects of undiscerning, blind believers which have come to be known as Christianity. 

This Satanic Techniques applies to all religions, governments, philosophies and Culturally imposed belief systems which go to create an Intellectually based Hell on Earth.   It is all ILLUSORY and cannot be found outside of Man's Intellect. 

A Simple Living Christ, comes along, Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) a simple man of Truth, and speaks and writes everything down that he communicates to the people via the written and recorded form.   It is all done in as close to a timeless fashion, directly so that there can be no  easy misconstruction of what is communicated.   See for yourselves the Hell that such a manner of communication has raised.  "All the Kings horses, and all the King's men   Government/Religion) have been exposed to their illusions and are seen to have lost their power over a simple man of Truth.

My words are Truth, based in direct nondualistic energy, and  this living Christ supports every word uttered by a Affidavit, just to satisfy the meagre satanically conflicted minds of Hell bound Intellectuals.

One can see the hell that my words raise with exposing the satanic Intellects of the leaders of our world.   While they sic their satanic disinformation attack dogs upon this Christ to shred any credibility from the written word of this Christ, they themselves can only hnnker down behind their own MASSIVE WALL OF SILENCE AND NOT UTTER A SINGLE WORD IN RESPONSE.

My twenty year record of communication speaks for itself.  It stands alone amid a mad civilized world of purposefully constructed INSANITY.

I recommend all listen and watch as many of  my  212  You Tube Video Messages to get a glimer of Truth which has evaded you all your lives.   (Pay attention to the double digit records of view to the greatest message ever delivered) Disprove them if you can.  NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO SO AS YET.   What you will see is the low level insanity of belief expressed,  by the common, public educated soul and blatant power to shut down this Christ via existing Satanic policies of the Government, Religion, Media and Internet. 

Check an early sampling of the number of Internet groups which have banned the words of this Living Christ at

Listen to the actual You Tube Videos  below, which Prominent Alternative Talk Show Hosts such as ALEX JONES and JOHN STADTMILLER were caused to ban me from calling into their shows.  Listen for yourselves the discernable difference in the nondualistic energy of Truth behind the Spirit of the words of a Christ and the clear imbalance of Intellectually tethered Hosts who rely upon their expertise in manipulating the  carefull defined restrictions of the Satanic Letter of Word for their Communication .

1.     Censored:
2.     A Living Christ Exposes Satanic Talk Show and Guest   You Tube Video
3.     A Living Christ sends an Open Letter to Alex Jones and
John Stadtmiller.
4.     Radio Talk Show Host Alex Jones Bans Christ from
Exercising Free Speech
5.     John Stadtmiller RBN,  Whose Motto is "Because You
Can Handle the Truth"  Revealed his True Colors on Air

In  each of these events, the simple direct, Truth of a Living Christ,  completely exposed the limited satanic power of Elitists who form the world views of the common, undiscerning man. 

What is the protection afforded this Living Christ?  Simply this, although my words are the same as the words of satanic mind controllers, at the "Letter of the Word",  they are distinctly different in the energy behind the words which is the "Spirit of the Word".    Jesus spoke of this difference when He said that "He was in this world but not of It?    In other words, He and I realized that our physical bodies must navigate the world of Hell, but We, Living Christs in our wholeness of subconscious access are immune from the limited powers of consious mind of Intellectual Hell. 

Who amongst you can grasp this simple secret of Spiritual Liberation?

 "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind - INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Living Christ Calls for a Spiritual Revolution

              By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ        You Tube Video

Life on Earth in a Civilized world is Hell. It it designed to be so, as it arises from the satanic thought of civilized man, Satanic minions of Hell -- ALL!

Mankind is purposely placed on earth to undergo the spiritual challenge of transcending the Satanic Intellect and returning to one's rightful place as a child of God. As God is Truth,
Infinite wisdom, it is mankind's quest to face the petty Illusions of man made religions and government and transcend them.

The present Presidential Campaign is just another in a series of Satanic Shams. It is all an illusion based on civilized man's predilection for passive identification with imaginary leaders
who possess extraordinary traits not found or imagined in the voters themselves. Let there not be another Election until the People are In Charge.

The People, converted into believing they are fictional "persons" have been kept as spiritual children through story telling, emasculated as men and reduced to self-doubting human resources/slaves. Their only self-imagined purpose is to support the system with their hard earned labor and dutifully obey their leaders or be punished by them. This is all done
through their own consent of those who have willingly sold their souls to assuage the pain of their own self-imagined incompetency.

Well try this on for size. GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING! You are the producers with your life's blood, sweat and tears as you are being devoured by Tyrants in suits and ties, who not only decide how your money is to be spent, but indeed, overspend your money to create a Collapse that brings down your way of life to the point of destitution.

Make no mistake about it this country is going to collapse, however it depends greatly on who does the collapsing, the goverment Servants or the People, who are the real government. If the victor is government, the systems will shift over to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and there shall be NO SOVEREIGNTY, NO FREEDOM, NO SELF-EMPOWERMENT. ONLY WORLD WIDE SLAVERY.

If the People, You, the Flesh and Blood Sentient Natural men and women who are the creators of fictional government bring it down, (what you have created, you can UNCREATE) you will have the power to reshape your lives and the systems of servants who will serve you, the people, THEIR MASTER.

Do not allow yourselves to be divided, brother against brother, family against family, country against country, man against man. Understand the power that you hold in your own hands
via the money, the symbol of energy, that you have allowed to be taken from you coercively to be spent on wars, widespread killing, crime, and systems that have proven over and over to
increase at the expense of millions of lives.


The system DOES NOT WORK. Change it. Bring it to an end, peacefully, without rancor, without hatred, JUST PULL THE PLUG of endless monies being spent down the drain on
foreign countries welfare, while our own level of destitution grows with each passing day.

Bring the troops home. We are not the World's Policemen.  Dissolve Foreign militaryBases. Use that money for the starving, the homeless here in America. The Sovereign People are the Producers, Let their money decide what is to come of this once prominent nation. Let we, ourselves, put ourselves back to work. Recreated the Manufacturing Base we once had in the world.

Do it the Peaceful Way, the Christ Way, the Loving Way.  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Remove your support for wars and foreign government subsidation with your hard earned money. Spend it where you want it spent. You were not meant to be slaves. You have made yourselves such by your own misguided Conditioning.

Who you Truly are are SOVEREIGNS, Children of God, a Cocreater of your own lives. Why have you given that up?

PULL THE PLUG, the money you are so concerned about is IMAGINARY and the property of those who control the banking system which has enslaved you to imaginary currency.

Will there be disruption if YOU THE PEOPLE pull down the system rather than the Corporate and Government leaders, YES, but the truth will finally be seen by all as to whom the creators of the quality of Civilized Life actually are.

If you think, these comments arise from the consciousness of a MadMan, Think again about who really is MAD AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

You might want to ask yourselves, Why is this Living Christ America's Best Kept Secret. Why has Government not  destroyed this Christ after twenty years of failed campaigns.  Why is this Christ not sitting in PRISON like ED AND ELAINE BROWN who stood up to expose the IRS and was sacrificed as a political lesson to keep "the MUNCHKINS IN LINE." Why has the Print, TV and Radio Media pointedly ignored the existence of this Living Christ. They have the
power to DESTROY illusions, why don't they focus on the Truth of A Living Christ and see if they can destroy that. They have set their Satanic minions upon this living Christ for the last twenty years and failed so now they remain mute behind a STONEWALL OF SILENCE, as their
Disinformation campaign has reduced their Agents to declaring that this Living Christ is Dead and being impersonated by a Russian Agent. Yet the public does not pick up on such inanity.

There are Millions of People falsely imprisoned because of Satanic Color of Law Crimes which are not crimes at all, but merely the result of the averge man's own consentual capitulation to the Courts via their own contractual assent.  Such is the nature of Ignorance which accompanies a slave minded people.

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World
the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind —

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Living Christ Calls for a Spiritual Revolution     You Tube Video        You Tube Video  

A Living Christ discusses the BOTTOM LINE of Satanic Slavery in America and the Civilized World.   The beacon of Truth emanating from Christ Consciousness illuminates the darkness of our present civilized world.   You can go on rationalizing your lives away, or YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY, TAKE BACK YOUR SOVEREIGNTY.  What you, the Sovereign people have CREATED, you can UNCREATE.  Dispense with  the Phony Satanic Presidential Campaign.   You, THE PEOPLE are greater than the fictional government you have created.   Listen intently to the message and let THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE!

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind - INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Christmas: The Test of Truth

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

Eileen Snively- Parker I love this. You have such a gift of Discernment! May Father Mother- Life always protect and keep you. I listened to all of the Christ letters and took notes. Your message has changed my life. Thank you!

smp: Mr. Karcezeski. I am sitting here. I have no Christmas tree or gifts. I am so confused about celebrating Christmas. Knowing that Horus and Jesus are sharing the same birthday with other gods. Could you please help to understand if I would be a Pagan or not for celebrating. I listened to all of you letters. I pray the Father Mother LIfe. and have it memorized almost. Please help me to understand the things I am lacking. Thank you.

rk: Eileen, All is well. You are phasing out of your Intellectual Conditioning, and experiencing the temptations of long term beliefs. Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, are all conditioned labels. It is a Satanic phase that all souls must pass through in order to return to their holistic selves in Christ Consciousness. When one passes through their indoctrinated cycles, they need not have celebratory days to give them incentive for kindness, generosity, love.

rk: Christmas as civilized man has come to know it is a Commercial windfall for commerce, corporations, and religions and creates guilt if one does not "go along to get along." When one transcends the Satanic Intellect, they are living in timeless Eternal Moment of now via direct perception via the Subconscious Mind. There are no barriers, no reasons, no compulsion to Love. When the moment unfolds, only Love, Truth, Creation exists effortlessly.

rk: You will resonate with such love, but don't expect the Intellectually programmed to understand what you are experiencing. They have not yet acquired the facility for such spiritual discernment. Do not interfere with their progress for their time for understanding has not yet arrived. They shall continue to experience the pain of duality, when they have suffered enough.

rk: Just observe the subtle changes occurring in your consciousness. That is your Spiritual Teacher, Your Savior.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today definespirituality


Kevin Jostes  wrote:

 Raymond Karczewski <>  wrote:

kj:     >    Thanks for finally sharing that assessment of what happened, I understand what you did and why it worked now.  I've often asked the courts what the subject matter jurisdiction was, never got a straight answer or one at all. 

rk:  They will not answer, THEY CANNOT ANSWER, for it they did, the whole "fictional" house of cards with which they rule undiscerning minds would come tumbling down!   That is why I appeal to all Americans to put pressure on the government courts to answer that question of jurisdiction.  THE SLUMBERING SHEEPLE CANNOT EVEN DO THAT!  By their silence, they tacitly agree to their own self-annihilation via a bloody revolution when Martial Law is DECLARED.

kj:     >    They always claim the state is the damaged party, where no damage exists, and fraudulently represent "the people" as a private corporation.

rk:  The State is a Fictional Idea, an illusion.  When fictional cops and fictional prosecutors along with fictional judges can make you doubt yourselves as Living men and women and make you agree to your fictional belief that you are a non-living "person" you just agreed to contracting your rights away as such and re-inforcing yourselves as slaves to the State.  Hell, isn't it?

kj:     >    These courts should be abolished and I am shocked that this is how they operate. 

rk:  "Should be abolished"?    Take such fictional opinion which is an illusion that fits in nicely with self-imposed slavery, and PUT IT into actions in the realm of Truth, and BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT.  Remove your support and see for yourself the abolishment of fictional government.  YES, IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT, yet impossible for Satanically mind controlled slaves.

kj:     >    According to the attorney who you cited, by copywriting my name, asserting my common law rights and not yielding to their jurisdiction, but instead making them prove it I should also be able to defeat their claims.

rk:  First off Kevin remove yourself from the fictional realm of Intellect wherein the words, "COULDA, WOULDA, SHOUDA" exist and you have already changed your life.  You have stepped out of the realm of fiction and into the realm of Truth.

kj:     >     It is a shame that you had to go on hunger strike for so long and that was clearly a crime, however, due to the high level of corruption you likely received not remedy even with your commercial liens, or if you did, only against low level officers and not the people truly responsible for calling the shots.

rk:   The "hunger strikes" were absolutely necessary, for they stood as testimony "in action" that words could not convey.  It was a demonstrable action to communicate, that this living man could not be broken by the empty fictional words of a fictional government and it caused no harm to anyone but the body of this living man.  "Have you not heard the one about "Give me Liberty or give me Death.   You see it is action of Living Men which disintegrates empty words of Fictional persons. 

kj:     >     I am currently dealing with corrupt police officers and a traffic court case where I was arrested for not having a license whereby after my arrest several officers left me in the back of a police car for two hours and I suffered heat stroke.

rk:   Kevin that is merely an example of the criminal actions of some police trained to believe they are above the law, when they are wearing that badge.

kj:     >     This was back in august, I have the evidence for the damages against my body  well documented and clear. I want to pursue action against the officers involved and wanted to ask you if it would be appropriate to file an action at law in u.s. district court, if I should retain a civil rights lawyer, or if their are other ways to go about it ie ucc liens.

rk:  Kevin, it is your own spirit you must inquire of  as to any action taken by you.  You already know what to do, but get confused when trying to do it according to the rules others make for you to follow.  If you are following God's Law, "DO NO HARM"  you are a Sovereign, and therefore "above Satanic man's law".    If you secure a lawyer, you admit that you are incompetent to express yourself in the eyes of God's Law.  That puts you under the jurisdiction of Satanic man's law and YOU ARE LOST.  That is the face of billions and billions of civilized people throughout the world. 

 kj:     >      I am not afraid to go to trial as my rights were severely violated and I did no harm, but I do want to correct my status properly once and for all and wanted to know if I need to do a secured party creditor filing with the secretary of state and also the charge back documents with the us treasury for bond set offs or if that part is a farce.

rk:   Kevin, everything you need to change your status can be found on my websites,   and   but you must UNDERSTAND IT for yourself.  see:  The Sovereign Man's Solution to DEFEATING THE TYRANNY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  REVISED AND EXPANDED

 kj:     >        It seems like their is so much corruption and deceit that even if something sounds correct it may not work or be so.  Thanks for your continued and elaborated updates I want to also help spread this information for all willing to listen

rk:  Kevin, I assure you that what you are experiencing is part of the fear that all who live in their Intellects, experience in life.  Your present trials are merely you own transition from Hell to Heaven.   Hang in there.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today


  By:   Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ   You Tube Video

   It is time for the People of America to RISE UP and retake their proper place as Sovereigns and the CREATORS of Government, Not its Slaves. 

  In Truth, there exists in the realm of  Human Consciousness
1.  God's Law:   DO NO HARM
2.  Natural Law:  The Law of Nature
3.  Man's Law:  Satanic Law of the Intellect 

   Man's Law, the lowest form of law is SATANIC LAW.  It is based in Illusion,  and is the reason for HELL ON EARTH.  It is the realm of Dead Fiction governing the lives of the robotically conditioned Civilized Living Dead. 

  It is the law which rules over nearly all of you who are reading this, for you are IGNORANT, of you true status as SOVEREIGNS, the creators of government, not its slaves .   Your minds, via your conditionable Intellects have been co-opted by Satanic elitists posing as Legislators, Judges, Attornies and the like  via trickery, deception, and imposed violence.

   It is the scam which has enslaved civilized man since the beginning of time where satanic intellection was allowed to seduce man from the state of  nondualistic Truth, to the state of Illusion of  dualistic Truth.

  All things dualistic create violence, confusion, opposition.  It creates Hell on Earth.  It is Satanic.    Such a self-destructive energy requires institutions to control the behavior outcome of those afflicted by such an adopted conflicted mindset.  Hence, Man's law has been adopted by such undiscerning consciousness.

  All governments, police, armies, courts are FICTIONS.  They are not living entities, they  have NO POWER over Living Men and Women.  They are merely conceptual images entertained by those cursed to live life at the lowest level of consciousness -- THE INTELLECT. 

  I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, this Living Christ, EXPOSED AND  STOOD DOWN the Courts of OREGON, and JOSEPHINE COUNTY,  after they convicted their own JURISTIC PERSON  in two trials carrying a prison sentence of 40 years which I refused to ACCEPT.  I did so  with one fundamental question.  "Does a Fictional Court administered by a Fictional Judge have JURISDICTION over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man or Woman?

  That was followed up by other 23 questions of JURISDICTION  asked  by this Living Christ of every relevant Official in the State of Oregon, from the Governor's Office, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General's office,  the State Police, the County District Attorney,  the Sheriff and other Authorized Agents, bureaucrats etc.,  acting on behalf  of the County of JOSEPHINE, and the State of OREGON which left them with UCC Commercial Defaults to Liens, to the sum of upwards of $40,000,000.00  (Thats Fourty Million Dollars)

   This brought on a MASSIVE STATE-WIDE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO COVERUP their criminal acts. 

   That is the impact that this one man, this LIVING CHRIST has had in holding his public officials accountable.    But He stood alone while every other living man returned to their sleep state of Satanic Hypnosis.

23 Questions of Jurisdiction which No Oregon Official will Answer

That is the threat this Living Christ poses to the Satanic government of OREGON and THESE UNITED STATES.


RISE UP,  Retake your proper position as SOVEREIGNS,  the Creator of Government and in every STATE OF THE UNION, DEMAND this ONE QUESTION OF FICTIONAL JURISDICTION being imposed upon LIVING MEN AND WOMEN, BE ANSWERED be answered by the courts. 

Let us see if they can BACK DOWN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY of men and women who desire freedom and Sovereignty in their Lives?


 ”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind ­INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Living Christ Suggests a NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF GOVERNMENT!    You Tube Video   You Tube Video

The time for idle talk is over.  It is time for ACTION.  This Living Christ has proven that the fictional Satanic Courts which rule over slaves HAVE NO JURISDICTION when it comes to Dealing with Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Sovereign Men and Women.  They can STONEWALL one man but they cannot STONEWALL a country of SOVEREIGNS.  If the words of a Living Christ cannot move you to action, We as a Nation of Sovereign men and women ARE LOST!

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind - INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

 Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

 The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Re:    A Living Christ Suggests a NATIONWIDE BOYCOTT OF GOVERNMENT! You Tube Video You Tube Video

The tool of satanic control over living men and women  is words.   Words are products of Intellects.  They are symbols concepts, and illusions which create an artificial reality voluntarily entered and submitted to by men and women who have been made to doubt themselves as the creators of those words and therefore voluntarily submit themselves as subjects to those words.  That is the nature of Man's Law.  It is the Satanic event known as "Man's Fall from Grace."  The removal of one from the Grace of direct resonance with God, Truth, the "What is."

In Truth, Living Men and Women who are living in this fictional matrix of an artificial world composed of artificial "Persons" but are NOT OF IT  are SOVEREIGNS.  When the man Jesus of Nazareth, a Christ of His time said that He was "In this world but not of it"  He was declaring Himself to be a Sovereign and not subject to the Satanic rules governing a civilized world of Slaves. 

Nothing has changed since that time to the present day aside from a Satanically conditioned Myth glorifying such a "simple man  of Truth" morphing Him into a "superhuman" icon for slaves to worship, and to emulate with no chances of reaching such a grandiose status as FREEDOM, so as long as the Myth was continued to be worshipped.

Now the world is faced with this Living Christ, Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c)  another Simple man of Truth demonstrating by words and actions the same message of Freedom,   and He is absolutely standing alone just as Jesus of Nazareth was in bringing forth the message of Freedom, of Sovereignty to all who had the Spiritual "eyes and ears" to grasp such a simple message.  There are admittedly a few words of support, but it is not followed up by ANY ACTION.

For 20 years, since 1995, I, this Christ and his message of Sovereignty have been ridiculed, libeled, jailed, threatened with imprisonment, forged,  the recipient of false biographies, buttressed by a 20 year US Government Intelligence, ongoing Community/Media Sponsored, Supported disinformation campaign designed to destroy the reputation of this Living Christ even onto this present day.  Since they have all failed, the government agents are reduced to declaring that this Living Christ is DEAD.    The FBI  has refused to Investigate these government sponsored crimes, as has every Law Enforcement Agency Contacted on the OREGON STATE AND COUNTY LEVEL    THEY WILL NOT INVESTIGATE THEIR OWN.   All this because the public remains UNAWARE OF IT since their news is tightly controlled by the few who rule the many. 

In the meantime, at the official level, the government does not want the public to know that this Living Christ even exists, as they control the print, tv, radio and Internet sources,  they have chosen to remain mute while hunkering down behind a STONEWALL OF SILENCE. 

That is how you folks have been KEPT ENSLAVED.  You complain a lot, but you seem to enjoy the comfort of your slave chains as most of you have made every effort to ignore this Message of Freedom, of Sovereignty for the last 20 years. 

Every effort to make public the Message of this Living Christ has heen thwarted by the commercial system which controls the dissemination of news of  book distribution, Mainstream, Alternate and Internet Media even though your country is disintegrating with each passing day. 

The purpose of this message is to re-inforce the fact that nothing can change with IDLE TALK.   It is only through ACTION that actual change comes about concerning the quality of life on Earth.  It will not come through mass reliance upon Presential Elections via bought and paid for politician candidates, running for office, but BY YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN AND WOMEN who redeem themselves from their present legal status of Slaves, and once again, returns to their original status as Sovereigns, the Creator of Government.

I have personally demonstrated the power of the Living Man who refused to capitulate to the enslavement of Satanic Conditioning.   What I have done, so can each and every one of you do.

You will find all the instructions for doing so on my websites  and BUT I WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU.  It is time for all of you to GROW UP.  You do not need a GOVERNMENT NANNY!

Sovereignty and Freedom requires RESPONSIBILITY.  That is the first step.  You will find my writing and some 200 plus You Tube videos voluminous.   That's what I have done these last 20 years.   WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?


 "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind - INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c) - A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Word On Government BOYCOTT  You Tube Video

A video which must be viewed by every Freedom Loving American man and woman who wish to return to their Rightful State of Sovereignty.  Slip the chains which bind you to slavery and retake your rightful place as SOVEREIGNS, THE CREATOR OF GOVERNMENT.

 ”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind ­INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© ­ A Living Christ

The Gospel according to Ray the Christ:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today