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A Letter from Elaine Brown Approaching Thanksgiving Day.

FCT Aliceville
P.O. BOX 4000
Aliceville ALA 35442                                  

                                                                              Nov. 9th, 2014
   Dear Ray,

      This most certainly is a spiritual experience.  This trial has changed me so much.
I have never known such peace, considering where I am and the uncertainty of the
future.  It is extraordinary.

      I know God is working to shape me,  to strengthen me into a better person.  My
faith in Him surpasses any doubt and fear I might have.  If it is His will to be
released, I will be released.  If not, my release will be the final on into His Kingdom.

     I have even a closer connection with my children in spite of being separated for
so long. 

    Satan is doing a good job out there, but his will does not have to touch us.  With
the Holy Spirit in us, we can ward him off and hopefully help other do the same.   In
the final chapter of JOB,  God asks satan where he is coming from.  Satan replied
"from walking to and fro,  and back and forth upon the earth."   He certainly has
big feet.

    Only He knows if there will be a culture of morality in this world or if this is the
steady decline into the Tribulation.  The End Days started with Jesus' resurrection,
so it has been going on for 2000 years.  There are still many good people in the
world, so I pray more will come to Jesus.  Maybe then things can turn around if
there is indeed the final descent.

   Thank you for the address for Liberty Institute.

    May your Thanksgiving be blessed. 



Dear Elaine,                                                      Dec. 7th, 2014

    Here, you and your husband sit in Federal Prison, two political prisoners on
trumped up charges,  yet you have found peace in your life in a most satanically
questionable environment, FEDERAL PRISON.

   All of your "fairweather" supporters, have abandoned you in the final outcome,
and you have been isolated to deal with the fear producing energies of prison life. 

   As you know, I have stopped writing to Ed because He still has some satanic
conditioning to work out with his present  political views.  As long as he continues in
the present vein,  he shall not find the key to spiritual liberation.

  I continue to communicate with you, because you are working at it, and have not
given up. 

  By now, I expect you well know my position on Satanic mind control, which
emanates from Satanic Institutions of Government, Religion, and Media. 

  It is not my intention to convert you or convince you of anything, but merely to
communicate Truth and ONLY TRUTH to you.

  You are experiencing PEACE in your life under such harsh circumstances as
incarceration in Federal Prison,  NOT because of your conditioning, but of your
true nature of love for humanity. your Love for Truth.

   You are experiencing peace because of who you are, Not what you Believe.
You and millions of others of a Christian mindset have been lied to all of your lives,
Yet you have still managed to remain True to yourself, instead of total abandonment
to an Idea which has been imposed upon you through Christian Conditioning.

  Do you honestly believe that God, the very essence of Infinite Intelligence  would
favor fractional thinking Christians over any other Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-
Blood, sentient natural man or womn who would hold a different belief system, or
do you understand that God is an holistic essence of Infinite Intelligence who
observes and allows freedom and peace of mind to Men and Women of Truth, who
work their way through the insanity of a world rife with Satanic confusion and

  If your present peace comes from your holding onto an idea of "Jesus" as your
Lord, Savior, and salvation,  then you shall untimately come to the realization that
you are worshipping a thought and it can be replaced with another thought that
serves you.  God Does not Play Favorites.

   No, Elaine, it really does not work that way.  You are yourself, a Christ, like
all others, but unlike most, you are working through your present spiritual amnesia
brought about through Satanic (intellectual) thought processing and  conditioning.

  Elaine, I say this to you and all others not through Belief, for I have transcended
(Trance - Ended)  that level of Satanic Conditioning, and can ONLY SPEAK
TRUTH.  That scares the Hell out of all believers who hear my words.

  Elaine, you carry with you, the Realm of God, the Realm of Truth.  It is called
your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.  It is that realm of Consciousness which is timeless,
without beginning or end, multi-dimensional, non linear, and Infinite limitless
possibilities.   That, Elaine, is the realm of Creation, and You are the Co-creator of
your life,  that is only, if you do not succumb to the Temptations of Satanic Mind
Control which rules over  the Intellect.

  The way to God, the Subconscious realm of Consciousness, is through Meditation.
through experiencing True Silence, and exercizing direct perception of Truth via
Divine Insight.  That holistic (holy) resonance is the Essence of Truth, Love,
Harmony, God. 

  I sense that you are experiencing that very energy, but are attributing it to your 
belief in an idea of Jesus, and not the TRUTH that Jesus Pointed to through His
parables and stories, because the average intellect was incapable of grasping the
Truth that Jesus was, just as the average Christian of Today is also Satanically

   Elaine, I know that I have dropped a bomb on you, but it is a Truth that I
perceive you are ready to hear.     Do not exercize any "method" of meditation for
most of them are merely self-hypnotic techniques to induce satanic
counterconditioning.     Just be quiet.  Observe your thoughts without attaching
yourself to them or judging them.  Just let them go, and Let God.  The thoughts will
become fewer and fewer, until you reach a point of True Silence, not merely the
satanic, dualistic "idea" of Silence. 

  You will know the difference.  Ultimately, you will reach and resonate with your
Subconscious mind, the mind of God.   Then you shall know True Peace, and may
convey to others.

 That Elaine, is my gift to you as it is to all others.  However it has been wildly
rejected in favor of  the civilized Intellect continuation of worshipping Satanic
Condiioned thought.

  That is why the civilized world continues to be the HELL THAT IT IS                                           

A Christ Speaks TRUTH: Take it or Leave it

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

I am going to say it, and let the Devil Take the Hindmost. I have looked at the comments of the Christians on this site, and only one Truth is SCREAMINGLY dominant. You are all victims of remote Satanic Mind Control, and show yourselves to be the basis for the confusion and Insanity of the world you live in. You willingly and wantonly support and defend your satanic indoctrinated STUPIDITY.

You are all seeking Peace,Truth and Justice in your lives as none of you have found peace in your lives, for otherwise, you would not be seeking it, or worshipping GRAVEN IMAGES, that have been remotely imposed upon your consciousness, and by doing so, cause you to violate your own First Commandment.

You are asleep, unconscious, so UNAWARE that it pains you, all the while you persist in living in an hypnotic satanic stupor. You do not see that what you base your lives on is a fiction based on repetitious, reinforcing story-telling which forms and re-inforces habitual life patterns while conflict with other mind controlled believers clinging to divisive disimilar beliefs.

It is all tied in with the insecurity you experience within yourselves which cause you to "go along to get along". To commiserate with others similarly afflicted in taking pride in your ability to boast of your "victimization."

You have sold your souls to those who utilize Satanic Mind Control over you. These are your leaders, your experts, your saviors. They are all figments of your own suggestible imagination. You give them power over you, when in fact, they have no power over you without your willing consent and support.

Thus you are responsible for the quality of life you have created for yourselves, because you have relinquished responsibility for yourselves. This is the Civilized society that you have created through your consent. The society of wars, conflict, confusion, violence, exploitation and mutual MURDER.

Yes, each of You are SATANICALLY mind controlled believers and you will sacrifice your own lives to support such STUPID fictional imagery rather than retake your True Spiritual Estate as children of Divine Intelligence, God Itself.

You allow words, concepts, images, mythical and fictional superstitions to rule your behavior. You are robotic, indoctrinated, computerized machines serving the Satanic way of the "Living Dead."

A living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural man of Truth, a Christ living amongst you, one who simply speaks Truth, raises the Hell which resides in each of you and shocks you out of the fictional positive imaged satanic concepts which cause all you to live in fantasy while you, through your leaders blame others for the wars waged on others of different satanic indoctrination, and dehumanize them to make it easier for men to kill other men, to keep HELL going on Earth as it has since Man Fell from Grace of Holistic Divine Awareness, into the abyss of Intellectual Hell,when the first Satanically ruled Civilization based on mind control was formed

You are all guilty of supporting THIS Satanically ruled BASSACKWARD WORLD.


"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Heaven Is TRUTH: Hell is ILLUSION

                                           By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Jesse Mora
I Believe that Enoch Jesus and Moses where physical beings Born on earth or created elsewhere and lived here to teach us how to live and Love and have compassion at a time transgressions and turmoil was the way of the empire ! Much like it is today ! The people of that time were not ready for change, But through the course of time things are different now! not with the world as this has always been about control!

The change has come to pass that we as a species as a culture as Brothers and Sisters of all races colors beliefs are awakening to the enslavement and Deceptions we all have been consumed in for generations ! We will in time if not sooner have a massive Exodus and free ourselves from the wickedness and evil this corrupt world has bestowed upon us people!

Raymond Karczewski
Jesse, your statement SOUNDS true to most but falls apart with your SECOND word, "BELIEVE".

You see, all belief is ILLUSION. It is a satanic construct of the Intellect. Beliefs are a representative symbolism for Truth, which is an holistic, (nondualistic) essence of energy that cannot be grasped by a partial, divisive, dualistic, opposing energy of a Satanically ruled Intellect.

Since the "Fall of Man" when man fell prey to the seduction of the Satanic Intellect, and fell to his consensual and obedient worship of the Intellect, man sold his soul (holistic beingness) in return for the promised Illusions of representative power and glory. He forfeited his wholeness of Divine Awareness for the promises of an Illusory status as an "god" in his own mind.

The rest has been History. Look at the civilized world. Look at what the Satanic Intellect has wrought upon mankind.

Jesus, an holistic, simple Man of Truth, a Christ exemplied what a man truly is. He lived simply, directly and resonated the holistic (nondualistic) energy of Truth. His words were his actions and his actions were His words. There was no division in them as is seen in the words and actions of Hypocrites, men and women of a divided consciousness, the Intellectual consciousness which created the world of Civilized man, the world of Hell on Earth.

I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, am also, such a Christ, a simple man of Truth who brings the same eternal message to all in this present day. I have been at it a little longer than Jesus of Nazareth whose public lives only lasted three years. I have been at it for 19yrs and am playing to the same Satanically indoctrinated audience that Jesus played to in His time, i.e., the robotically conditioned, enslaved living dead of mind controlled satanistic robots who serve the system of Hell.

In the last 2000 years, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Mankind is still enslaved to Satanic illusions. We are still killing each other in wars. We are still slaves to imaginary Leaders who hire slave overseers such as police and military to enforce rules with violence, imprisonment and death.

We still seek peace but experience violence in our daily lives while we dream of positive imagery illusions to be the solution to our problems.


STOP THE MOMENTUM. BREAK THE HABIT PATTERN which rules your behavior and your life.

Withdraw support, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, the evils of Government, Religion, and Media which has conditioned you to BELIEVE as you do.


What is the Result of that? Each of you deeply understand the answer to that. I don't need to tell you. Your confusion of a ruled satanic Intellect loses its power over you, to incite you to violence, to division, to fear, to uncertainty.

That, my fellow man and woman is all That the Christ State of Consciousness is. It is your true Spiritual State of Being. It has always been so and will be so to those of you who resonate with the simple
Truth just communicated.

Who amongst you ARE UP FOR IT?

There is NO NEED for a NEW WORLD ORDER. There is a need to return to the primary state of TRUTH as manifested through the Infinite Intelligence that is called God.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Christ and the New World Order.

http://youtu.be/-vBPrKyI6es You Tube Video

It is a Spiritual Truism that We, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient natural “man and woman” change our world by changing ourselves.

Listen to a LIFE CHANGING, WORLD CHANGING message from a Living Christ.

With all the INSANITY that presently grips our “civilized” world, LISTEN to the Simple solution presented by a Christ who ACTUALLY has demonstrated such simple technique in his own life. It is the Truth which can be used by all, be they presently unlawfully incarcerated or not.

There is no need for a NEW WORLD ORDER. There is a need for a New World

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ


Zareth Shahara

zs: > If I remember correctly, Raymond used to be a cop - he saw through the illusion, and now tells the truth about the lies he himself used to be a servant of.

zs: > Haven't seen you in a while. You and I both lived in Pacifica, CA. if I remember correctly. Obviously we were both permeated by the hyper-dimensional Earth/Ocean/Atmosphere/Ethereal 'energies' there - indeed, a VERY POWERFUL PLACE. It expanded my consciousness (awareness) just being there, next to the Ocean, listening to the steady pulse of the Mother Earth herself, in each incoming wave.

zs: > I wrote a book about this time we are in and some of the things to come, while I was living there, and much of the information included in my work is along the same lines of what you're saying here. No coincidences, huh?

zs: > Good to hear your words and wisdom again, Raymond, you're one of the few I agree with.

rk: Zareth, I regret that we have not met although living in the same town.

rk: Much has changed in the last 44 years since I was forced into retirement from the Pacifica Police Dept.

rk: In retrospect I see that it was necessary that I go through the Satanic trials that were already beginning
to show itself in the days to follow.

rk: I have been guided in my actions throughout the controversy which has dogged my steps since.

Re: A Christ and the New World Order.

Delbert 'Waddles' Schmidt wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

dw: > A Kook and a Contradiction in Essence
fake Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk: <...> I was forced into retirement from the Pacifica Police Dept.<...>

dw: > If you're going to sock up as Teh Real Ray (r) then you cannot make the claim he was forcibly retired because that contradicts his prior claim of having voluntarily retired due to a back injury. Can't have it both ways,fake Ray.

rk: Should anyone doubt the veracity of this Christ as to the US Intelligence Communities 19-year disinformation agenda via Internet Disinformation Agents, to destroy the Message of this Christ, a message that would Usher in the "2nd Coming of Christ" which would dissolve the present Satanic Mind Control hypnotic hold upon all Intellectual Blind Believers, well, doubt no more.

rk: What else and who else would carry on an unbroken 19 year internet agenda to stalk the writings of this Christ wherever it appears on these Internet groups, forums, and social networks, while bragging of their immunity from criminal prosecution by any Law Enforcement Agency in the country. This, by the way has been verified by the refusals of ALL of the FBI, State, and County Sheriff's and other law enforcement agencies contacted by this Christ to investigate criminal complaints of Conspiracy to Libel lodged with these government agencies by this Living man who in earlier life was a police investigator, former court officer for the Pacifica Police Department in California, and private investigator subsequent to retirement and was quite familiar with putting a case together for prosecution.

rk: So much for the Illusion of "Serve and Protect" , the illusion propagated to a mind controlled public locked in the Dream of Sovereignty, but chained to the reality of Slavery.

rk: I wonder myself, just what will it take for a legion of satanically ruled men and women, trapped within their own limited, partial, Intellectual minds via governmental and religious conditioning to WAKE UP, to SHAKE OFF, their satanic conditioning which has crippled them spiritually and deprived them of their God Given unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..

rk: I bring all this to the attention of the enslaved public, because nothing else seems to break through their "hard-headedness" and blindness to the Illusions which bind them.

rk: This government sponsored mind control operation has used every mind control trick in the book in the last 19 years, to destroy the credibility of this Christ, even to the extreme point of NOW DECLARING THIS CHRIST DEAD, whilst they view timely You-Tube Videos such as "Christ and the New World Order."

rk: That alone ought to be a WAKE UP CALL to each of you as to what your government and religious, mind controlling leadership thinks of your present capacity for exercising awareness and Intelligence. After all, where do most of you get your views of the the World? Is it not mainstream and alternate media which forms those mind sets through daily, repetitious conditioning? Which one of you would go to war, or send your kids to war were you not compromised in your own God-gifted Intelligence without such Satanic bondage to illusion?

rk: I have to ask the question, "JUST WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FOLKS." You are losing your Country, your way of life, your homes and your Sovereignty, and NOTHING MOVES YOU into action To prevent that from happening.

rk: The statement of fictional mind controller " Delbert 'Waddles' Schmidt" who is a government mind controller, make no mistake about that, is all designed to wreak havoc with your heads, your consciousness, and keep you locked into a perpetual state of illusion and confusion when he says: --- "If you're going to sock up as Teh Real Ray (r)then you cannot make the claim he was forcibly retired because that contradicts his prior claim of having voluntarily retired due to a back injury. Can't have it both ways, fake Ray." is designed to rattle your unbalanced biased intellects.

rk: This is how easily most of you are being controlled because in your publicly supported satanic education you were taught WHAT TO THINK, NOT HOW TO THINK! You have been relegated to blind acceptance of such views issued forth by imagined authority, rather that living life in the AWARE STATE OF WHAT IS.

rk: The CHRIST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is the state of Divine Awareness, It is the realm of consciousness wherein the Direct perception of Truth exists -- That state of consciousness which lies beyond the artificial satanic boundaries of the Intellect with all of its illusions superstition, ideas and concepts which has enslaved civilized men and women since the beginning of time via a Satanic platform for WORSHIPPING GRAVEN IMAGES, the images which rule THE LIVING DEAD.

rk: There it is. This Christ has just spoken Truth to you. Whom amongst you will argue against such self-evident Truth? It is not pleasant to hear, is it? Again, I ask you to look at the state of the world which such consciousness has created. You'll find no argument from me. If you want to argue, argue with the facts that you and your commiserating friends refuse to face.

rk: Hell, isn't it?

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

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Are You folks willing to stand by a SECOND time while a Satanic Establishment CRUCIFIES A CHRIST?



Widdershins wrote:

tim@hill.nul wrote:

Fuming Gator wrote:

ed wilkinson wrote:

Sat, 28 Oct 2006 08:21:15 -0700

Sat, 28 Oct 2006 12:07:39 GMT, tim@hill.nul licked the point of a #2
Yellow Pencil, and wrote:

On 2006-10-28, Fuming Gator wrote:
"Widdershins" wrote in message

fg: >>> Guess what: Kazoo has been blocked on AIOE.ORG's newsreader.  I guess the admin doesn't like spammers clogging up his private server.

th: >>>Raymond is blocked on my ISP's servers, too. He apparently complained to them about my lampooning his silly diatribes and their response was not to TOS me, but to block his posts from replicating to their server so that I had nothing to reply to. Ain't it cute how everthing he has done to silence his detractors just comes back to bite him in the ass?

rk: Well, I wonder which one of the disinfo crowd did that (if it ever actually happened). I certainly have made no complaints to servers other than to Google for the forgeries which appear there in my name.

w: > I'm of the opinion that we should encourage this solution Usenet wide. The solution, of course, would be for him to change his Usenet handle, but I doubt teh convict is smart enough to figure it out.

rk: Anyone recognize the same old familiar aliases which have contributed to this post of "LETS CENSOR KARCZEWSKI?".

rk: Anybody recognize "fuming_gator"s posts coming out of "chadwick stone's" IP?

rk: Anyone catch the resurrection of "Tim Hill"? Perhaps somebody can search Google archives and find recent "lampooning" articles by tim hill. I certainly have not found any, at least not under that "alias."

rk: Anybody see the pattern developing here? Cowards, aren't they??

rk: What these disinformation disseminating dummies are having a hard time learning is that after 11 years of taking on a christ directly on the Internet "the gates of Hell have not prevailed." Hence their behind the scenes slinking. Hell, isn't it?

rk: You now have seen what these disinformation agents have been reduced to with their behind the scenes sabotage. Here is what they sounded like publicly before they began removing their posts from Google Archives with chadwick stone's favorite "X-No-Archive: YES" tactic and before, exhuasted after 11 years, realized they had a "tiger by the tail."

rk: By the way "Tim Hill", in addition to using a host of other aliases, as the early leader of the group and the self-admitted
creator of the newsgroups "alt.fan.art-bell, admitted his departure from the net as he was serving as a PR consultant for election campaigns. Isn't that SPESHUL???!!! Hill repeatedly used animal rape as a theme in the past. Perhaps "tim hill" has morphed into "kasia karczewski goldberg?"

ed wilkinson wrote:
ed: >> We all got together and conspired worldwide to block his posts from appearing on Usenet and afab, but the wiley devil
evaded our machinations!

rk: > > By the way, Ed, thanks for the admission. Your above confession will be added to an already staggering mound [sic] of
evidence supporting the libel. I see no intention on your part to clarify that such a statement is coming from humor. Don't fret,
you'll be allowed to explain it all in court. It's time for you and the other bullies to grow up,

ed: Ray Karczewski

Mr. Ed

P.P.S. I've just been told ol' Ray, the liar, is shopping for a lawyer! This should be a LOT of fun. I love battles like this, as
Ray himself will tell you, seeing as how he saw my editorial cartoons and read my pointed editorials in the local newspaper I
edited for two years!

When I hear he's found a liar, I'll get ahold of EFF and ACLU, send out a bunch of press releases to the major news media, and we'll start rockin' 'n' rollin'! This will be fun, and bring a lot of publicity to afab and ol' Art the kook.

Nice to have you back Mr. Ed. I have and still do call Ray Karzcewski a Motherfucking Fraudulent Liar whose "book" is a
piece of shit--expensive asswipe, as it were. And I have a good A.C.L.U. card-carrying attorney and I hope 'ol bRay tries to sue
*me*. Now perhaps Ray would like to apologize, publicly, for the trouble he has caused Glen and Dr. Tim?

In The Glory of Love,

The Right Rev. Dr. Hugh Morles, Bs.D., E.D.B.


ed > Well, if you want to sue me for calling you a nutcase, go ahead. You're really getting my ire up, here, and believe me, I
am looking forward to tearing you apart on this thing.

ed > I've already gotten ahold of ACLU and EFF about your other piece of terroristic threatening, but this really takes the cake. You want to sue me for saying my opinion?! Fine, you go right ahead, but I swear to you Ray, I will drag this thing through the mud of every media organ I can think of.

rk: (Oct 28, 2006) Out of the mouths of Disinformation Agents! You heard it here first. You've heard what wilkinson said, now pay attention to what they are doing.

rk: Regardless of any retraction you may desire to come up with in the near future regarding this matter, this loose and
irresponsible use of accusations is the very lesson you and the others are finding very hard to learn.

ed > Oh, I think when all the dust is settled, Ray, and you are reminded once again that we live in a free nation where people
have the right to say their opinion, that we'll find out who really had the lesson to learn.

ed > How dare you threaten us for our opinions. How absolutely un-American of you.


rk: > For example, your P.S. says it all, doesn't it? You show you are not concerned with communicating your thoughts,
perceptions, and ideas to another directly; but display the intent to spread one-liner libelous statements, unsupported by
fact, to your AFAB confederates and the larger newsgroup audience.

Mr. Ed wrote:
Ed wilkinson addressing Ray Karczewski ed: Everything would be cool, and ya' know what, I think you'd get a lot less enmity here, too. We'd all see that for the noble gesture it is, and since it's really hard to cut a guy down who you respect, I think you'd notice a lot of the anti-Ray noise die down.

Mr. Ed

rk: Ed, "....A lot less emnity..." huh? You'VE put your finger on the matter haven't you. All one can expect out of the AFAB
bullies is "More or Less" Emnity.

Raymond Karczewski http://www.cdsnet.net/Business/Ark/

ed: Hey Ray, I've never once denied that you've been treated badly and with ill-will here. I just think you brought a lot of
it on yourself.

I feel sad for Tim and Glen. They've lost moral authority, and any jibes made from this point onward will only be seen as hollow gestures, 'cause when the rubber met the road, they caved in. I understand why, but it's still sad. Also, any more nutcases like Ray with a rolodex or yellow pages turned to Lawyers will be able to make them back down. Do you think Art Bell or BD Kettler are unaware of this precedent? I look for Bell or Kettler to pretty quickly start using the same tactics, i.e.: "apologize for whatever, or face my lawyer."

rk: > Ed, you're revealing quite another face to me. Are you the same man that I met and broke bread with at the picnic in
the park?

rk: Ed Wilkinson aka Agent Sir Ed, The originator of many of the the libelous themes throughout these years on the Internet which have been directed toward myself and my family is a 2nd-generation cult follower of Roy Masters whose family members
are high level executives with PREMIERE BROADCASTING NETWORK, owner of many High Profile Talk shows such as "Art Bell, Coast to Coast, Mike Savage", etc.

rk: Here is an excerpt from my book on tapes chapter: "Media Unmasked"(also published in a Southern Oregon newpaper). See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch125.html#Media

It exposes Radio Talk Show hosts David Masters, Son of mind control expert/cult figure Roy Masters.

"The day my ad went on, and continuing for the month’s duration of the advertising period, the station created an ad of their own which they positioned adjacent to my ad. Their ad was made from select statements made by me, but taken out of context. The ad was designed specifically to ridicule and discredit me. Certainly not the way for a business to treat one of its  customers."

At that point, the talk show host, a member of the board of directors, in an attempt to bully my wife, threatened to expose
damaging information about me if she persisted with the call.

My wife, shaken by the bullying tactics, was stunned. At my direction, my wife told the host to say what he was going to
say to air the statements. After several moments of silence, all the host could utter was, "That’s it. I don’t want to talk about
it any longer." and cut her off the air.

Too late -- the slanderous innuendo had already been implanted in the minds of the listening audience, and I was now effectively silenced from responding directly to any further statements of that nature made at that level of the media.

(This same tactic was used by another talk show host on the same station, another program, to another caller subsequent to my
experience. Coincidental?)

On September 1, 1993, between 9 and 11 a.m., a woman (a regular caller known to the station as Barbara) called in identifying
herself as a self-admitted Man-eater and spoke to one of the hosts, a self-admitted hypnotist.

After engaging the hosts in a mutual admiration and reinforcing conversation, reflecting a clear identification and common goal, this is what the woman said, and I quote; WE HAVE THE POWER TO DESTROY SOMEONE ELSE’S CHARACTER BY CHOOSING THE RIGHT ACCUSATION THAT CANNOT BE PROVEN IN THIS LIFETIME.

This comment was given assent by both hosts, one of whom was and is a major force behind the station and key person in the
establishment of the subsequent nationwide network. One man said, "Absolutely, thank you."—the other uttered "Yes." Both men uttered approval of such a statement.

This woman had articulated the exact technique that had been used in an attempt to silence me. I continued to listen, but
heard no one respond to the statement and hosts’ responses.

Have we become so inured to the psychological violence that is our daily fare, that we have joined the ranks of the blind and
the dead as spoken of by the man Jesus? Wake up Southern Oregon!  The next time you read about fairness in broadcasting, keep in mind—it works both ways. Remember my experience. The next time it might be you! (end of the original newspaper text)

The station in question is KOPE FM. The slandering host was David Masters, son of hypnotist Roy Masters. The other two cohosts handling the call regarding destruction of one's reputation were Roy Masters and cohost Jesse Peterson.

This may answer some of the questions posed by contributors to the Roy Masters Newsgroup who have asked why I post my articles on his group. I must admit, the frequency of my posts on the Roy Masters newsgroup can be traced to my radio experience with KOPE.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Copyright © 1995 by Raymond Karczewski

Rev. Dr. Hugh Morles wrote:

I hereby officially declare that Ray Karczowski, or however you spell it (like any body cares) is in my opinion a fucking
fraudulent liar and newage chickenshit goof. His book is a piece of shit. Nothing more than expensive asswipe. You are a
certified clueless condecending jerk.

In the Glory of Love,
The Right Rev. Dr. Hugh Morles, Bs.D., E.D.B.

No, no...Go a head and BUY his Book--buy one for your mother-in-law while you are at it. And buy all of his enlightening tapes as well. Far be it from me to deny you such pleasure. You too, at the feet of Ray Krackgooski, can transcend your Dualistic nature and realize the Christhood within. I'm just saying: "It's all bullshit." Btw, there are many paths going *nowhere*--shit, explore them all, for your pleasure. And of course, you have many lifetimes to have your Truth within come
to full flower.

In The Glory of Love,

The Right Rev. Dr. Hugh Morles, Bs.D., E.D.B. (Earned Doctorate

"Lady Nidiffer" Ray, you're a lying sack of shit.

You're a liar,

You're a lying sumbitch.

You're a lying asshole,

You're a lying blowhard,

This is to make up for the "line" I forgot to add to my sig.

Lady Nidiffer

Yes, Raymond Kaszooski is a liar

Dr.Postman USPS, MBMC, BsD wrote

Ray Karczewski is a liar.

Ray Karczewski is a damn liar.

dr. digger

(Dr. Tim) wrote
Yes, Raymond Kaszewski is a liar

No doubt about it, RAY KASCZEWSKI IS A LIAR!

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, said:

"...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple
and repetitious."

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly...it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over."
Dr. Tim
drt: The FBI paid a visit to me this morning. Apparently, Ray wasn't kidding. I expect to be arrested soon.

Not a "fun" thing if U ask me Dr Tim. There's a fine line when dealing in parody, which is why I no longer

drt: Yes, My wife agrees I guess. She left me tonight and took my dear little ones, Tim JR, Dan, and Peggy with her. I'm a
broken man. I'm losing everything just because I couldn't resist tweaking a spiritual man.

drt: Right now, I'm sitting at my computer in a darkened room. I  have a half empty bottle of wild turkey sitting on the left hand side of the CPU and a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 caliber revolver lies on the right hand side. All night, I've been taking a drink, looking at the revolver, and then taking another swig. I'm not sure that I can face another day.

drt: Earlier tonight, I even prayed.

drt: God please forgive me

From: bogart1@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
(Dr. Tim)
Re: Anatomy of an Internet Libel
Organization: Lord Supreme Being of afa-b
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 00:13:22 GMT

I have met your conditions, and I am avoiding you in the newsgroups. I am not harrassing you under any assumed names. I
don't work that way. I have honored what I considered to be an honorable proposal.

Are you going to honor your part of it? Was it an honorable proposal? Are you honorable enough to answer a sincere question
let alone abide by your part of the proposal?

This post is directed at you alone. It is not to be used as some sort of rhetorical device on the usenet.

From: "Tim Hill" Organization: Completely Unorganized
Thu, 3 Jul 1997 14:59:17 +0000
Subject: apology
Priority: normal

July 3, 1997

I hereby formally, humbly, and abjectly apologize to Raymond Karczewski for using any line in my sig. file that might be
construed as meaning that he is a liar.

I have removed any line that might be construed thusly from my signature file and will not use any such line in any future
signature files.

I deny being involved in any collusion or conspiracy with any "bullies of afa-b" or any other person or persons to block
Karczewski's posts from appearing on "this" or any other newsgroup or any other written or spoken forum.

I also firmly believe that the allegations made by Mr. Karczewski against Glen Quarnstrom are without merit. I cannot believe that Glen would ever act to block anyone's posts nor is he a pathological liar. If anything, Glen is one of the most honest
people I have met on the net.

Please read my news group post in the Karczewski demands apology thread. Is it sufficient?

Did you have other demands? I don't seem to get all of your posts.

Tim Hill forged the following two posts:

(Raymond Karczewski) wrote:
Following is the preface and summary of my book on tape series "Fucking Sheep with Art Bell". You and Art should peddle your porno elsewhere.

Tim Hills followup to Ray's response:
Yes, but please don't cast such pearls as "Fucking Sheep with Art Bell" before us any more. As I said before, there are other
newsgroups for that kind of sick pornography.

Tim Hill

COMING HOLIDAYS -- The Gift of Spiritual Liberation.  A simple, easily readable book and audio tape that
can break the spell of Religious and Political Mind Control.

Your future and the future of your children lie solely in your hands. You will have No Excuse for what shall come your way should you continue to rely upon your Government/Religious Institutional Mind Controllers.

Read and hear the simple Truth which launched a 10-year-long Government/Media/Religious/New World Order Internet Campaign to block this information from reaching you and prevent you from living the Spiritual life your Creator intended.

With a Purchase of my Spiritual Primer, "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind" for $10.00 plus $3.00 S&H my gift to you is a cassette audio tape of "Letters to an Endangered Species", a $10 Dollar value. We are closing out our limited LES tapes and the offer is open only on a first come, first serve basis.

See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#Send


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Simple Man of Truth

A Living Christ Proves the Satanic Technique which Created the Bible.

             By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Today, Monday, December 15th, 2014 This  Christ, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient simple man of Truth  proved to all the Illusions of Satanic Mind Control which bind the destinies of billions through the illusions of words. 
No one can deny that I Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ  presently exists and speaks directly to all as evidenced by the You Tube Video 
See:  “A Christ and the New World Order.” 
http://youtu.be/-vBPrKyI6es  followed up by  Government/Media
disinformation  attacks in articles
“Re:  “A Christ and the New World Order.” 


In that brief demonstration, Government Mind Controllers were outed when engaged in a lengthy campaign, claiming this Christ was dead, when in fact He is very much Alive.

Has not TRUTH been established simply, directly, and  unequivocally?   Has not the deception, the image, the Illusion, the idea, the Concept, the Satanic representation of Truth also been established?

Billions of people have lived, died, and have been enslaved via the illusions OF SACRED BOOKS and SATANIC GOVERNMENTS throughout millenia. 

Billions, INCLUDING YOU, believe in the BIBLE, written by men who no different in intention that those who attacked this Christ, seek to control other men via the intellectual fantasy of words.  You will give your life for such illusion.  You will send your  sons and daughters to war for such illusions.  You will fund the Vatican with your life’s blood over such fictions.

These mind controlling minions are nothing more than  psychological wielding “hired guns” who are able to rule you through ABSOLUTE DECEPTION, through the dissemination of the Letter of the Word, even whilst the Spirit of the Word belies the simple  Truth.


”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

World Leaders are but Spiritual Children who have Sold their Souls.

                                By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

What makes up Hell on Earth? Is it not adherance to rules made by men to govern other men?

Why the Division, the dichotomy, the opposition?

Without such fundamental dualism of Intellectual consciousness, Hell could not exist.

How does it all begin? To those who have Spiritual sight, it all begins with the confusion of Intellectually programmed superachievers of spiritual Children who do not understand who and what they are, but compensate for such ignorance with the exercise of cliquish power over other Children through fictional rules brought about through committee thought.

The leaders of today were the Highschool officeholders of yesteryear who have honed their talents over other submissive, capitulating children who were made to doubt themselves and consent to the enslavement of such thought.

They grow up as physical adults, but remain as powerseeking spiritual children bearing the satanic trait which has devastating effect upon themselves, their own personal lives, and the world they create enslaving
others through such illusory satanic mind control Techniques.

The illusions they weave involve the techniques of Hypocricy, deception, and illusion of fear while vampirically syphoning off the living energy of submissive, doubt-ridden followers via taxes and tithings.

People die in the process, many giving up their own lives because they are bound by such confusion. Most live many lifetimes sorting out the confusion of a time-bound intellect which prevents them from accessing the Eternal realm of Truth, God, Divine Intelligence.

Since such Children do not yet understand what life is all about, but operate under confusion and coerscion, those who rebel must be punished to control Ignorant "persons" who know not what lies beyond, "stimulus, response,
reward and punishment."

Hence such threats require an ever-increasing prison industry which assures the Satanic power to remain in the hands of such Spiritual Children who impose their satanic will upon others.

In the Hellish illusions that imprisons the Intellect of such spiritual IGNORAMUSES live in, WARS and a host of other genocidal population control agendas periodically sweep clean, the number of what is perceived
by spiritual child-like leaders to be "goyem," "Cattle", "Useless Eaters".

What is the name of the new face of the old Satanic Institution of Hell? Is it not The NEW WORLD ORDER?!

New mask, SAME FACE.

Such is what happens when SPIRITUAL CHILDREN take their places either as Leaders or the Led in HELL!

“No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

The BASSACKWARD world We live in.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Is anybody out there aware of who is being censored here by "Popular Demand?" in the group Beforeitsnews.com See Comments section, "Re: A Christ and the New World Order."

My words are Truth. They cannot be argued, therefore Satanic Intellectual power is impotent when dealing with such simple stated Truth of a Christ. Thus, all that can be done in order to perpetuate the Satanic illusions which enslave human beings is for Censorship bombs to use in wiping out the inarguable Truth of a simple man of Truth, a Christ.

This is not an ego statement on my part. THIS IS FACT!

In my article, " WORLD LEADERS ARE BUT SPIRITUAL CHILDREN WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS." you will see that I have, in simple language that no one can evade, just ushered in the "2nd Coming of Christ consciousness" to shock and dissolve the Satanic mindset which pervades Human Society.

My words are simple, they transcend the "parables" Jesus of Nazareth employed in expressing the inexpressible truth. They do not condition, they DECONDITION. Truth cannot be accessed through Intellectualism, ONLY SATANIC CONDITIONING takes place VIA such unholy intellectual tactics. Are these not the tactics used by our Satanic educational system. Through such seemingly innocent setting, HELL IS CREATED in the minds of civilized men.

When a Christ Speaks via the "Mirror of Truth", all can feel the pain of their own self-judgment of their conditioned ignorance when exposed by the simple Truth.

My words of TRUTH, cannot be BASTARDIZED, twisted, nor can they be misdirected. All that is left is for the satanic forces which control your LIVES, YOUR MINDS is to STONEWALL, STONEWALL, STONEWALL, or forge Satanic storytelling TALES under my name. The google archives with bear this out. Go ahead, check them out and see how your lives have been impacted by such satanic conditioning tactics. see http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#CENSORED This is a partial list, for I stopped counting

Then Take a look at a partial list of internet groups which have blocked my messages in the last 19 years. My words have an undeniable disturbing effect upon the illusions of conditioned satanic minions -- YOU!

If this does not wake you up, you have NO FUTURE.

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:


Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Re: World Leaders are but Spiritual Children who have Sold their Souls. to rule The BASSACKWARD world We live in.

Boyd Dictonary '0 Truth Harper wrote:

pix wrote;

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

bdth: >> Mannequin Assassins are but Convicted Felon Kook Award Winners who Melt Down:

rk: >>> What makes up Hell on Earth? Is it not adherance to rules made by men to
govern other men?

bdth: >> No, it is the negative attention one receives when one does such things as: Files bogus liens

rk: Do you mean these VALID UCC LIENS which may be found on OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE UCC SEARCH? Nothing BOGUS about them is there? https://secure.sos.state.or.us/ucc/search.action my my, you told a LIE!

Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
DAVIS, JOHN E 795 ROGUE RIVER HWY GOLD HILL OR 97525 90026127 UCC 04-15-2014 04-15-2019

Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
90026110 UCC 04-15-2014 04-15-2019

Lien Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
HELLER, JOEL 500 NW 6TH ST GRANTS PASS OR 97526 89996009 UCC 03-25- 2014 03-25-2019

Name Address Lien Number Lien Type Filed Terminate Date Lapse Date
GEIGER, JAMES 500 NW 6TH ST GRANTS PASS OR 97526 90216338 UCC 08-28- 2014 08-28-2019

bdth: >> Blinds sheriff's deputies with hi-beams.

tk: And how would you KNOW THAT, other than through words on a screen via
Satanic Media PR?

bdth: >> Drives without inspection plates.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person, I am not required to have them. Millions of people give away their wealth through such satanic tactics. NOT I !

rk: If the average man had some BACKBONE, WE WOULD NOT have to put up with the chaos generated by such SATANIC GOVERNMENT.

bdth: >> Drives without a license.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person not engaged in Commerce, I am not required to have One. That statement is backed up with my freedom, sitting at my computer instead of Prison WHERE THEY TRIED TO PUT ME.

bdth: >> Shoots mannequins.

rk: Thats just another one of those Libelous fictions promoted by US GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY DISINFORMATION AGENTS. operating on the Internet.

bdth: >> Doesn't pay lawfully assessed fines.

rk: As a Living Man and not a Fictional Person, One not contracted with the fictional Corporate Government, I am not required to pay such fines. If I am to be portrayed as Public Enemy #1, it must be noted that I have not payed a cent in fines, levies, or Court costs, in 12 years. Why do you suppose they do not come after me and arrest me?

rk: > How does it all begin?

bdth: >> Some nut case makes a mole's hill of a traffic ticket into a mountain of felony convictions. The solution is simple. Get a driver's license and pay your fine when you get caught driving like an *******.


rk:: The JURISTIC PERSON whose name was created via birth certification was convicted in two trials and was Under threat of imprisonment for 35 to 40, I see neither a Birth Certificate or this Living Man, sitting on a Prison Cot. DO YOU?

rk: Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that I am a LIVING MAN, whom fictional government HAS NO JURISDICTION OVER?

rk: Only SATANICALLY TRAINED, mind controlled USELESS EATERS consent to their own imprisonment. Hell, isn't it?

rk: >>> “This is not an ego statement on my part. THIS IS FACT!”

p: > If you’re truth was so obvious, then all would see it, evangelising it would be superfluous, the fact you are being self serving with your self promotion, means the complete opposite is true. You are a liar and an ego masturbater.

rk: If I did not SPEAK Truth for myself, who would speak for me. YOU? What would you, and others blind to the truth have to say when their own Satanic fantasies are exposed, mirrored back to them?

rk: You see, the average satanically ruled civilized man/woman is IGNORANT of his/her own true spiritual estate. Your own comment "You are a liar and an ego masturbater" made while hiding in the shadows of anonymity, only reveals your own cowardly satanic nature, for you and other Internet disinformation agents find you are compelled to oppose a simple man of Truth with vicious attacks which have no foundation to them. As for my speaking for myself, am I to rely upon such satanists to speak my words of Truth for me.

rk: My speaking my own words can be summed up quite nicely by saying, that "I am in this world but not of it!"

rk: I submit that People fear my words and are struck silent because fear arises when they penetrates the illusions people such as yourself hide behind.

rk: My words are True, Inarguable, and deadly to the Satanic masks worn by indoctrinated, trained deceivers.

rk: I put the TRUTH out there. One can take it or leave it. It is clear that all act at their own peril, when viewing the Mirror of Truth.

rk: Hell, isn't it? .

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

The Truth of a Balanced Man Living in an Unbalanced World!

truthlovingsoul wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

tls: > RAY, YOU DO NOT SOUND LIKE A CHRISTED MAN. you are judgemental, rude, pompous and arrogant. your approach is full of anger and hostility. smoke a doobie or something

rk: "truthlovingsoul", Does smoking a "doobie or something" allow you to escape the Truth of your own life? Do not your own words indict a mindset of hypocrisy, do they not reveal the Truth about your own state of conflicted consciousness? Are you paying attention to your own words?

rk: What upsets most about my messages, is the clarity, directness and holistic quality that cuts through the satanically conditioned, artificial, fictional veils which block out the inescapable truth that most people are merely blind believers, robotic slaves in servitude to ideas which strip them of their sovereignty, their Christhood.

rk: Hence, the most effective satanic approach used upon satanic conditioned morons who make up the legion of satanists who populate Hell, is to shower them with complimentary illusions and praise them for their adherance to positive imagery, while they wreak Hell upon themselves and others by their confused action, while drowning themselves in the vices of drugs, alchol, sex, sports, and entertainment.

rk: Isn't it time to try, LIVING A BALANCE LIFE.

rk: I am a balanced as one gets, and that fact RAISES HELL WITH THE IMBALANCED OF THE WORLD.

rk: Hell, isn't it?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Re: The Truth of a Balanced Man Living in an Unbalanced World!

enricéaquahombré wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

e: > I'm born a new in christ. I was a stuck-up atheist al my live. And i came to christ by things and people who crossed my path. I ask the lord Jezus in my heart and my live changed drastic. And i changed in a way i could not believe. i still sometimes are stunded of the things happening in my live.

e: > i understand the point raymond is making, the old me toucht that he was a loving person and that i was doing good. As a christian and with the holy spirit in me i see things clearly and see that most people are living for themselves. And that is so wrong.

e: > love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Forgive, all man, don"t judge, you do not have the right. and live to give love to all people and try to help. but people have a build in rejection for christianity. but deep down there is build in knowing that God is real also. My wish is that people let there gard down and read the bible or go to a church and give Jezus Christ an honnest change. It will not harm you it only takes a little time. Wonders still happen. Afterwords you're free to be against believing.

e: > I'm sorry for my poor englisch writing, i am learning.

rk: enricéaquahombré, you have expressed yourself well via the "spirit of the word." When one is "unholy" they can only communicate via the satanic level of the "letter of the word."

rk: This is the level of satanic power exercized by the mind controllers of Hell, They are the satanic elitist minions who rule through Intellectual thought, they are the lawyers, judges, legislators, and indoctrinators.

rk: A balanced man is a Christ. He/she is not subject to the partial jurisdiction of hell-bound Institutions created by power wielding men. All satanic programmable entities are ruled by the Intellectual illusions instilled in them via belief.

rk: A balanced man, a Christ lives life Beyond Thought, through direct perception, awareness of Truth. He uses Intellectual thought for technical problem solving and communication with others, and silences the intellect, (dies) allowing for direct perception of life beyond thought.

rk: It is that Wholistic energy that disrupts such partial satanic views of blind followers of thought.

rk: He is the Co Creator of his Life, and sticks out like a SORE THUMB in a satanic ruled world.

rk: An unbalanced man, a spiritually blind robotic entity lives by belief and therefore is a slave to those who control his thought.

rk: If you want proof of the disruptive power of Truth in the minds of satanic indoctrinated believers, I invite you to see it for yourself in the Writings of a Christ over the last 19 years on the Internet.

rk: Visit the links below or Google my name to see the reaction of Civilized men to Truth!

Hell, isn't it?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

Satanic Belief exposed in all Cult-minded Christians

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

Note: The following is a dialogue which clearly reveals the dissonance of energy between Understanding and Belief. Christs resonate in nondualistic Truth while Seekers are hopelessly immersed in dualistic confusion masked by Satanic pride acquired through accumulation of fictional knowledge.

One may set this dialogue aside with the claim that the young girl calling herself "JOHN CHRISTMAS" is unbalanced, and disturbed. I, this Christ say that all men and women who view life through the prism of Satanic Intellectual Conditioning are equally Mentally Disturbed and unbalanced. Such unbalanced disturbance CANNOT be mitigated by calling it NORMAL civilized behavior. Read further, and see where You Fit IN!

Raymond Karczewski
All Men and Women possess Christ Consciousness, the Spiritual Estate of Divine Awareness. Most however have been Civilized out of it via Satanic Conditioning through divisive, opposing Intellectual Thought. They chose to live guided by Intellectual thought rather than Spiritual Awareness

John Christmas
but you must understand, we are all God's children and we are suppose to live as Christ lived and taught, however, there are certain people who are divine and those are the people that the NWO have been looking for. the "clear ones" the ones with the halos, they are the ones ordained by God. the ones that are suppose to be leading and teaching. they dont want these people to come forth, they have other motives. that is why those societies call themselves the "illuminated ones" or the "clear ones" its a contradiction to what they are, it has a deeper rooted meaning... it refers to the pure people with the halos.please listen to me. i know more than you think.

John Christmas
many of those people have been called "crazy" and put in mental institutions. a lot of psychology is part of the gvt plan to keep these people on the "hush"...they tell them they are imagining things and then they drug them and make them walk around like zombies and deny who they are...then they brain wash them into not speaking about it. I've seen what goes on first hand.

John Christmas
if you read all of my "notes" chronologically with discernment, and look at my album and read everything,hopefully you will get what i am trying to say

John Christmas
thought and spirituality at some point need to go hand in hand. we were designed to use our minds for discernment, God blesses our minds and spirits. but we must also learn to PROTECT our minds from manipulation. we need to THINK about about what is really going on and PERCEIVE evil..with our minds and our intuition.we need to meditate on the truth people, in general, are biased. if you raise a child to believe the color green is the color red...he is going to grow up believing that to be the truth.

Raymond Karczewski
With all due respect John, if you are prone to excuse your lack of clarity in expressing matters of Truth, are you not still fighting the battle within which separates you from yourself and others. Is that not evidence of confusion? One requires Satanic thought to resolve technical problems of life and to communicate with others. Tarry not at the Letter of the Word Level, but speak and write from the "Spirit of the Word level". Truth is revealed at that level. It is clear, holistic, stands on its own. Persuasion, manipulation, conditioning, is letter of the word stuff. Its what lawyers and Judges use to confuse, confound and enslave a public incapable of deep insight.

John Christmas
i am not interested in discussing your principles, i already know the truth and have guidence, but thank you. i am asking for you to listen to me and help me. my conciousness is fine, trust me. i know more than you think. you are right about the first step, changing the way people think and percieve things. but, there are THINGS THAT PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW. there is MORE TO THIS TRUTH YOU SPEAK OF

John Christmas
the knights templars (freemasons) changed the bible and the other holy books, they removed prophecies and covered things up, things that DIRECTLY EFFECT US CURRENT DAY. fatalistic..and NO i am not talking about the rapture, that is LIE.

John Christmas
i know the BIG TRUTH...the truth you havent seen. you know the basics.

Raymond Karczewski
John, I don't discuss principles. I don't live in shadows. I don't keep secrets. I speak Truth. If you already know, what can you possibly learn from another? In truth, one states WHAT IS. In satanic intellectual debate, two (the division) will vie for power and position via the nexus of opposing viewpoints. Truth doesn't argue, Satanic belief does. How difficult is it for the average man/woman to merely state a position and let it stand or fall on its own without struggling with another for agreement? Do you see the subtlety of it?

John Christmas
"knowledge speaks...wisdom listens"...i asked you a few times to read the my "notes" entirely and look at my album, yet you continue to dismiss my request. you are judging me. please stop, and just READ. my name is not JOHN, i am a girl. i am who i explain i am, if you read my notes chronologically. please stop trying to undermine me and read my entire contents on my page with dicernment. not everyone speaks and thinks the same, we are all different, God made me different for a reason. maybe i do "lack of clarity in expressing matters of the truth" and maybe i need to work on that. BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT. i HAVE A POINT THAT I AM TRYING TO DELIVER. stop concerning yourself with the way i am trying to deliver it and JUST READ.

John Christmas
this is all new to me, i am only 23 years old and i have never been very good at expressing myself and articulating but that doesnt mean i DONT KNOW THE TRUTH. you are focusing on things that i consider irrelavent to the BIG TRUTH i am trying to deliver instead of listening

John Christmas
real wisdom is knowing that you dont know everything, mr karczewski, no one does. don't judge me, not everyone is like you, God made you the way you are for a specific purpose, but do not speak to me like i am inferior to you, please. it pisses me off. i am human and i do get offended when i am jspoken to like i am stupid. if you can sit there and honestly say you don't get angry when someone tries to undermine you, you are lying. even Jesus got frustrated, trust me, i know him better than you. that is not me "ego" talking, it is the truth.

Raymond Karczewski
I know you are a girl, yet you hide behind a man's name. What's wrong with that picture? You called my home three times this morning. You would not identify youself, asked me to check out your comments. You asked for my help. This is what you asked for, yet you now reject it. Where do we go from here? See what I mean about confusion and contradiction of Satanic thought? By the way, ONE CAN NEVER KNOW TRUTH for Truth is not a matter of KNOWLEDGE. One can only know THE IDEA OF TRUTH, WHICH IS SATANIC. Hell, isn't it?

John Christmas
i understand the things you are saying, and clearly you have wisdom, but i didnt not come to you for a spiritual guide..i already have God and i know i need to work on things, all humans (including you) do. you are seperating yourself from me and basically deeming me as someone who doesnt know what shes talking about...is that not contrary to what you call Truth?

John Christmas
i am a young woman who has limited capabilities and i needed your help...not your advice on my conciousness. if you read my entire page you would know why i choose to conceal my identity.YOU STILL HAVENT READ ANYTHING, have you?

Raymond Karczewski
Truth acts as a Mirror. It is held before all who stand before it. It is pristine, clear, no distortions. What is seen in that Mirror by whomever stands before it in relationship is WHAT IS. If Truth stands before such Mirror, not a whisper of dissonance is experienced, for all Truth is ONE. Wherein does the present dissonance in our relationship arise. I have not undermined you. Those are your words, your perceptions. See what I mean?

John Christmas
i didnt say "check out my comments" i said "NOTES" i have over 20 pages of notes explaining what is going on with me. YOU ARENT LISTENING TO ME

John Christmas
look at my photo album and NOTES (chronologically) located at on the left of my profile. please READ EVERYTHING, dont skim, and dont judge without reading everything, please.

Raymond Karczewski
Are you observing the deterioration of this relationship before your very eyes? What happened to Love?

John Christmas
I KNOW WHO I AM, and i am not you...who you are is who you are for your specific purpose. some people can articulate well and some people are good with numbers. that is NOT MY POINT my point is beyond what you are trying to say. my point is THEY WANT ME AND MY BABY AND I NEED HELP

John Christmas
my GRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE OF REALITY is unsettling for me. i am HUMAN ... i

Raymond Karczewski
All the help you need and seek is in this dialogue. The rest is up to you!

John Christmas
i am a young woman, who says "like" a lot and mumbles and gets moody and confused...maybe i could use your help with my conciousness, but NOT RIGHT NOW. that is not what i am concerned about right now. I AM WHO I AM, AND I AM THIS WAY FOR A REASON. I AM THE ONE THEY HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR.

John Christmas
again, you havent read everything to understand exactly where i am coming from. my life is in danger, not my spirit...the world as we know it rests upon the life or me and my child. that is the truth that you don't know. yes, it is THE TRUTH. it has nothing to do with conciousness...it is REALITY not holistics. that is why i am getting so frustrated with you.

John Christmas
i am not looking for a change in the state of mind i am in, i am looking for protection for my baby and i. they want to kill us. is that clear enough for you?

Raymond Karczewski
You have not been fair to yourself or others in this dialogue. I noticed you removed all of your comments and make this appear to be one sided. This was a very important dialogue for everyone to observe for it goes to the heart of how man creates his own Hell on Earth. I've taken the opportunity to post the entire dialogue on my website so that all may observe for themselves the True picture of what occurred in this dialogue. Your problems are out found OUT THERE. Your problems lie in your own prideful misunderstanding of who you truly are.

John Christmas
what are you trying to do?? say "hey look this girl is flawed". really?? i am beginning to think i asked the wrong person for help. i asked you to listen and read and you chose not to. you have free will. i am going to leave it at that. goodbye and thank you for your attempts to point out personal areas where i need work, that is not the kind of help i asked for.

John Christmas
i didnt not ask you to critique me. i asked you to HELP ME , i am in danger. Goodbye.

Raymond Karczewski
I have been writing for years on the Internet and Never have I engaged in such an important dialogue as this. You have taken Satanic Conditioned thought out of the theoretical and actually showcase the effects of Satanic Conditioning on one who is swept up and tortured by Intellectual thought yet exerts every bit of energy at their disposal toward defending their own source of confusion. Yours is the mind of one who seeks a "Savior." You don't realize you are your own savior.

”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

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Christ Consciousness Beyond Religious Belief

Normaly wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

n: I would like to ask the living man in the Group picture a question  if it is permissible.

n: How did he come to the realization of the so called Christ Counsciousness, and how he thinks one may listen to his youtube talks without making a dependence on that Man in the video and furthermore comprehending the message not as an idea and looking to realize that, but comprehending the real essence of the message (not the ideea wich comes instantly by the brain) !?

rk: Forgive me Normaly, for my earlier terse answer. You see, each and every one of us has Christ Consciousness within us . It is called "insight", direct perception of Truth, that holistic energy that is nondualistic.

rk: It is the nature of Divine Awareness. Early in life as infants, we are overwhelmed by family, school, and culture in forming artificial mind sets which we identify as Ego. The ego is nothing more than habitual thought gathered from the Infinite subconscious mind, the realm of limitless, unbounded, timeless consciousness which cannot be accessed by the Intellect.

rk: Through such identification with such thought arises the unhealthy time bound Intellectual ego which becomes the "I", the "Me". That is the "Fall from grace" when one sells out their holistic Divine Awareness (Christ state of Consciousness), their spiritual birthright, to to the allure of illusion of being a 'god' in his/her own right.

rk: Such satanic seduction reduces one to a partial state of intellectual identification. Such partiality leads to endless division and opposition. It is the programmable instrument of consciousness which make for Hell on Earth. It is normal, civilized consciousness, and few are AWARE of it.

rk: Many people have shown hostility to my messages because at a deeper level, It exposes their own life-long pattern of repetitive and reinforced beliefs, and they sense their own partial limitations, and judging themselves to be inferior, they project their own self-judgment of "inferiority" as resentment onto the messenger operating at a different vibration of consciousness. Such energy in unmistakable and is based in resentment.

rk: The disturbance they feel is their own conscience giving them a WAKE UP CALL, from their Satanically induced hypnotic spell.

rk: Such wake up call is a necessary step the in spiritual process,  of one returning to their rightful state of Christ Consciousness.

rk The purpose of life is to transcend such satanic opposition and return to the state of Oneness, Love Truth, Divine Awareness, God.

rk: One shall never return to their Christ Consciousness via Intellectual inquiry. All they can hope to achieve is reaching the IDEA OF TRUTH, which is but a Satanic Illusion.

rk: Again, Normaly, please accept my apology for my earlier terse answer. I try to keep my responses as short and clear as possible, but I realize I did not do your question justice. Hope this clarifies things for you. When I write to one, I write to all.

No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!”

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ

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