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When Truth Is Introduced, SPARKS FLY!

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

Konstantine Dracoslayer Raymond Karczewski, I quickly went thru the comments & saw a common theme: you are being rude in nearly every reply u write! This is a 1st polite warning to cut it out, please

...Raymond Karczewski Konstantine, By your comments, It would appear that ego stroking is required in order to communicate with others on this forum, rather than just express directly the Truth hidden by acceptable satanic conditioning.

I recognize my comments have a different energy to them than is routinely expressed, but that is the nature of Truth in the process of Awakening others to their True potential.

I guess you'll just have to do what you must do, but if you ban me, you will merely sabotage the efforts of Mark Passio's mission to awaken others. Mark Introduces seekers to a consciousness in a seminar setting. One which lies beyond the limitations of an interacting, conditioned Intellect while I actually set such energy focused on satanic conditioned egos in motion via dialogue.

Lets just say I'm the workbook section of Mark's Introduction to a new, holistic and Truthful consciousness. However, Once ignorance is allowed free reign, you shall have silly twits taking over your forum.

Your Call. I don't abide by threats.

Konstantine Dracoslayer Raymond Karczewski...threats, shmeats dude. it's simple: ur being an asshole in the comments & attempting to explain it away by saying it's "similar to Passio's presentation style". Mark is not a deliberate asshole, from what I've seen. You, however, seem to even be PROUD of being so. Smh. And, when u say "I dont respond to threats" it's a dead give away that u have a marked inability to show remorse for bad behavior. Man up, dude: if ur wrong and get called out on it, just admit it! Fighting it just proves ur trapped in Ego

Raymond Karczewski By the way, to all On-lookers needing to acquire a clear picture of the interaction which prompts konstantine to threaten me with banning, check out the thread "Re: Explaining Anarchy To An Average Person"

Konstantine Dracoslayer U just won't let up will you pal? Do u habe ANY sense of wrond doing whatsoever?

Konstantine, a Christ, a simple man of Truth IS TRUTH. He speaks Truth, He Lives Truth. Truth is Nondualistic therefore it cannot be wrong, Nor DO HARM. The harm comes from within the dualistic Intellect of the Satanically Conditioned who have yet to WAKE UP!

Konstantine Dracoslayer U've misunderstood me: I'm ALL for free expression, etc. This group, which i started on a mere "hunch" has become awesome beyond my wildest dreams and the great ppl in here & the discussions that happen is just mindblowing! BUT, is it THAT hard to to try and be a bit "nicer" in the comments?

Raymond Karczewski Konstantine, As a Christ I comport myself in Truth and let the Devil Take the Hindmost. As you have seen, such Truth has a Devastating effect upon Satanic Consciousness. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#CENSORED

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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Re: Explaining Anarchy To An Average Person

By Raymond Ronald Karczewskię

Xmoo@midtown.net (Bryan Cowan): wrote:

b: >| : | I was trying to explain to a young lady in my math class why I support anarchy, and her question was *How are we going to eat? How do we stop people from reverting to the law of the jungle?* The explanations I gave| her didn't seem to make any sense to her. She's only a high school graduate. How would anybody suggest that I try and explain this to her?


rk: First come to understand that "Freedom of Beingness" (true Anarchy) transcends the dualistic conflict of a life bound
to temporal reaction via institutionally authored divisive concepts; i.e., man-made laws.

In such a moment of direct insight, the unmanifest, unknown energy labeled "Anarchy" expresses itself with a pristine,
primal, holistic ring of Truth the copycat mind is unable to replicate. As the words form themselves from the unknown
holistic Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit of Intelligence) which is the very essence of your being, you will have sown the seeds of
Truth. Whether they grow in the consciousness of another (in your case, the young lady) cannot be of any concern to an
integral being speaking his Truth.

In nontechnical matters the mind of dualism is the renown Biblical "Satan" (the Opposer) which serves as the destroyer
of peace and the creator of suffering.

To the ignorant mind, this fact is hidden "in plain sight." Anarchy is the liberation from the tyranny of psychological
enslavement to one's dualistic intellect. It comes to one who is grounded in the Truth which always lies beyond the Intellect,
the realm of the limited concept.

A True Anarchist is an unconflicted being, untouched by the vicissitudes of dualistic reactions.

He is one who is in this world (the world of thought) but not of it.

He is the Truth, the Life, and the Way. He is the I AM THAT I AM.

In other non-Biblical words, he is a simple, plain, unpretentious, direct perceiving, integral and uncompromised manifestation of Truth itself.

Such a balanced person has the grace of Supreme Intelligence guiding his/her every action and therefore has neither need nor desire for power.

Freed of that conditioned human curse that is power, the energy of nonharm manifests as the natural momentum of that person.

Why would such a person need the corruption of man made-law to guide him?

Such a person is a "True Anarchist."

His guiding TRUTH can simply be stated as "In this moment, and every moment hence-forth, Do not lie, cheat, steal, exploit,
or INITIATE harm to another. LOVE thy neighbor as Thyself --- THEN SCREW THE RULES!!"
Raymond Karczewski

"The injustices of this world can be traced to the space between words, for therein lies the "rest of life."

Sefira Keter very good definition of an anarchist, dear Raymond Karczewski!

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson Still, her question is legit. How should practical issues be solved and how about criminal behaviour? Youand me might be ready for anarchy because our consciousness is clear but how many are free from ignorance?

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, is that not what the experience of Life is all about?. One can help another, but THEY CANNOT
DO FOR THEM WHAT THEY ALONE MUST DO FOR THEMSELVES. That is the nature of Free Will. One must go through the dark to come to the Light. To make people dependant is to keep them in the spirit of Little Children. There comes a time in everyones life when we must put away the things of Childhood AND GROW UP!

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I think you miss my point. Ignorant people ARE children. Should there be no reprcussion for those who steal?

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, the answer you seek will not come from another. In Truth, in Oneness, the other is you acting as a mirror for you to understand yourself. A man or woman of Truth, one of Christ Consciousness will NEVER judge another. He will only point out WHAT IS nondualistically. That is the Nature of Spiritual Mirroring. The Spiritual Child's attention is reflected back onto the confused, the conflicted. It leaves them trapped with dealing with themselves with no escape. That is the essence of "Judge not lest Ye be Judged." It Is the Non Harm solution to resolving the conflict of a hellish Intellect.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I believe Marc Passio would say "That┤s bullshit!". Right brain dominance. That┤s what New Age feeds us. No resistance. I repeat: what to do with criminal behaviour if there are no laws/police/prosecutors and prisons? Surely you don┤t suggest them running rampant creating havoc, that would be chaos. Anarchy is peace and so requires peacful citizens. My point is the world aint ready for it. Collective consciousness is too dense, too low

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, why do you deem to speak for Mark? Speak for yourself and accept responsibility for your words, not his. Are you not speaking for yourself, when you say "the world ain't ready for it. Is it not the fact that You are not ready for peace as your Intellect does not allow you to transcend its duality and raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of Intellectualism to find the Peace of Nondualistic Divine Awareness. You see the Truth is there, yet you do not see it. You will never solve the problems of the Intellect with the Intellect. Yet that is the Way of the Satanic World, is it not? I assure you as this dialogue continues, you shall begin to feel the effects of spiritual mirroring. Nothing Right Brain dominance about it.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I just repeat what Marc teaches in his "Suppressing the masculine and New Age bullshit" show. I have no problem seeing the oneness beyond duality and I have no problem leaving people in peace. I┤m not an agress. Again, you miss my point. Do you seriously think people are ready for anarchy?  Taking that personal responsibility, where laws, police etc is no longer necessary? I ask because the question has baffled me for 30 years. Isn┤t it just as ignorant to pretend people are on that high level of awareness when they in fact are not, as it is by the followers of New Age to pretend that all is good, all is one, let┤s not resist and just turn the other cheek?

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, you are an accomplished manipulator. You evade responsibility for your thoughts and words. The energy of your words are strictly dualistic and you have no direct sight of Truth, otherwise you would not express yourself the way you do. You play the "Blame Game." And I do not miss your point. One engaged in direct perception of Truth would not be BAFFLED for thirty Years. I would ask you to pay attention to your own inner responses to this dialogue for there is where your True Teacher is.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson Sure, I┤m a fool. Fine. Can you answer my practical question now?

Raymond Karczewski, Camilla, your "practical question" is merely idle speculation which civilized men and women engage in. It goes nowhere as you as the individual can do naught about collective thought other than offer empty opinions. Change Yourself, and YOUR WORLD will change within you. Hence your confusion will disintegrate, and your world view and your actions will create a new world for you. It is that world in which you will find the Peace which presently eludes you.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I bet you haven┤t watched Marcs show suppressing the masculine and the bullshit of New Age. Do so and we can talk later.

Raymond Karczewski Yes, I have listened to Mark's presentation and his message is unique to anyone who has the "eyes to see and ears to hear." His words are based in his own understanding, his holistic resonance with the whole of Truth. However, you and others of like mind, by your energy of your words, reveal that you are still stuck at the periphery of dualistic Intellect and are merely being "reconditioned," and thus continuing the inner argument which
presently consumes your consciousness.

You are seeking to use Mark's words instead of your own. You are a believer, not a perceiver. You do not understand Mark, you believe him. You must learn to listen in a state of silence so that the whole of the message may be grasped without your prior conditioning constantly interpreting it. I realize my words may rankle you, but you must get beyond this present level of Intellectual belief to progress as a spiritual seeker.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I think Marcs presentation is super-clear. If you want to underestimate my spiritual realizations or analytical intelligence that┤s absolutely fine by me. I don┤t understand why you persist in wanting to prove me and others in this thread wrong, but hey, that┤s your call. Peace.

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, The "right" and "wrong" are your own reactions to another's words, your own judgement at work.. It is your confusion that you are dealing with. I merely point out the What Is and your intellect does the rest. There is no persistence involved in this relationship at all. I am dealing with you and others at a different level of consciousness which is beyond the level of intellectual conditioning. It is the level of Truth which is beyond the limitation of Intellectualism.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson I understand that you speak from a very different level than the rest of us. You have my deepest respect. However by judging me and others lack of "lofty" reasoning in a thread where we discuss the practical implications of anarchy is a bit strange. If you want to speak to me about "lofty" subjects, meaning that which is beyond the intellect, we can do so separately in another thread.

Paul de Visser Is this about helping each other progress or to talk down to people, Raymond Karczewski? I hope you are sincere about "sharing" your knowledge and if so please try to explain what it is you are trying to say. I for one see only someone who knows best. It isn't helpful.

Raymond Karczewski Paul, yours and Camilla's reactions are based in your own exposure to your beliefs held as truth. It is the spiritual gauntlet that all must walk through the dark to enter the light. There is nothing "lofty" about this as it is the simple truth which cannot be evaded at work. I don't talk "up to people or down to people". I merely point out WHAT IS.

Camilla Sublimia Karlsson For beeing a person so evolved you sure have a hard time getting your message across...

Raymond Karczewski Who Understood Jesus of Nazareth. The answer is DAMNED NEAR NOBODY. For if they did, would not there have been a different world existing today from the Satanic Screwup with its wars, division, poverty, and exploitation for the past 2000 years. Camilla you get no points for pridefully defending your own inability to see Truth! What mankind has done was to worship a satanic myth created about a man by the power elitists of His time after they killed Him. That Satanic spell continues to this very moment, in this present time,

Paul de Visser Ah, now we see the real man behind the words.

Raymond Karczewski If you see a "simple man of Truth, a Christ" no different from another simple man of Truth, a Carpenter, some 2000 years ago, would all this nonsense be taking place? No Paul Richards, YOU DO NOT SEE!

.Camilla Sublimia Karlsson You state on your timeline: "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!" A statement I find clearly delusional. I regard you as mentally unwell. Minimum having right brain imbalance, as I said earlier. Get well - get balanced. Until then we shall not interact.

Raymond Karczewski Camilla, you can run and hide from Truth all you want, and while at it, rationalize your inability to stand before the Mirror of Truth and experience the pain of your own reflection as you see yourself as others see you, but before you run off, back up you opinion and produce even a scintilla of evidence that the Statement made above by this Christ can be contradicted with evidence that anyone else in the history of mankind has made such a clear statement of Satanic Control. prior to me. Nothing Delusional about it but for a flailing Intellect trying to get out of the trap they have set for themselves. You see, talk at the superficial level of conditioned intellectualism is Cheap. Back it up with some action on your part.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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Intellectualism is Satanic control of the Mind

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

All this talk is merely intellectualism speaking speculatively ABOUT that which is whole, which is Truth, the WHAT IS, the WAY. Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence.

One may speak about life Truth and the Way, till they take their last breath, yet they will not Touch the Divine hem of God (Divine Intelligence, nondualism, call it what you will, until they STOP TALKING, and begin to LIVE IT, to BE IT! Creation in life occurs when action takes place after one transcends the preliminary thought patterns.

Reserve Intellectualism for the technical problems of Life, Yet free yourselves through Divine Awareness, Direct Perception of Truth, for the rest of Life. That is the barrier that keeps intellectuals as spiritual cripples.

James Grand soul traps?

rk: Yes. Intellectualism is the Satanic Temptation which some call man's "Fall From Grace" his descent into Hell of dualistic thought. The balance of the right and left brain is nothing more than the state of True Intelligence. The wisdom to use Intellect (left brain) for technical problem solving issues, and direct apprehension of Holistic Truth, non-dualistic DIRECT PERCEPTION (right brain) for all else in life. As you can see, the satanic world we live in with its wars, violence, exploitation, etc, is ruled by left brain, linear Intellectuals. Therein lies the Hell that is Civilized Society.

rk: Why do you think this Christ angers so many Intellectuals by mirroring their limitations of Consciousness. It is their own self-judgement which angers them when they get a glimpse of their own limited consciousness.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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Letter from Elaine Brown:  The Spirit of Love Transcends Belief.

FCT Aliceville
P.O. BOX 4000
Aliceville ALA 35442 

                                                      March 3, 2014

Dear Ray,

    I sit here with 3 letters from you to answer.

  You are so right about this experience being a spiritual teacher.  Never have I spent so much time with the spirit.  How else to find peace in such an environment?  Seeing daily the injustice done by our government and its paid minions can only awaken one to the fallability of man.

  Only our Lord Yahweh is without fault, and dispensed true justice. We may not see it in this life but there is no doubt it comes in the next.

   There are so many prisoners serving long sentences for crimes, that according to our Constitution are not crimes.  It is the shame of our once free country to have 5% of the world's population and 25% of its prisoners. 

   Disagreement and criticixm of our government and those who govern are becoming a dangerous action to take.

   How it will play out, only Yahweh knows.  Will he allow a reversal to the Christian nation we once were, or are we in the end times?

   Ray, I am not a Christ.  I am a follower of Christ, the Son of God.  I strive to be more like Him daily.  Because Jesus is the only  perfect man who ever lived, because He is part of the Triune godhead. I will never attain that state, but I will do what I can to get as close to that as is possible for me.  But Yahweh will always forgive me for failing when I sincerely ask Him to, and His Son Jesus Christ, Yeshua will intercede for me.

  More and more there is historical proof of Jesus' existence.  Even though there are those who deny the Diety admit He existed. 

  There is nothing Jesus taught that could be harmful to anyone.  In its basic form, His teachings were simple;  LOVE.  How can anyone impove on that?

  I believe in the Diety of Jesus Christ with my entire being and nothing will ever change that.   I know you are good hearted writing for what you believe to be in my best interests, but it does not shake my certainty of my beliefs. 

  Ray, I have no objections to showing my letters on the Internet.  I hope something I write will open some eyes.  Too often, the prevailing attitude is if someone is arrested, they must be guilty.  That is so wrong.  One must be caught in the system to believe all the injustice and corruption that occurs in the "justice" system.

   A woman her was convicted of conspiracy.  Her son committed a crime and she refused to give him up.  He got 12 years for the crime, she got 20 years for "conspiracy" for not giving up her son.

   You will not hurt my feeling Ray, but I may hurt yours, although I hope not.  Not believing in the Diety of Jesus Christ, not believing scriptures, I fear will be to your eternity in Hell.  I pray to you to have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one God who loves you unconditionally.  But that love will not prevent your eternal damnation if you do not accept Christ as your Savior.

  I want to be with you in Yahweh's Kingdom, to spend eternity in Joy, love and peace. 

   You are a strongly intellectual man, good-hearted and (unreadable) in your principles.  You deserve only the best in the next life.

  You are in my daily prayers.  I hope Yahweh sees fit to release me while we both are on the earth that we may meet at last.

                                 Love and Blessings


Dear Elaine.

   So you're backed up on your letter writing?  Shame on You!
   You may be interested to know that the prison authorities are helping you out with receiving too much mail.   They returned my last letter to you which was composed of some of my Internet writings. I'm being censored "all over the place,"  and thrown off forums.  I guess it goes with the territory of expressing Living Truth.

  Elaine, this was by far the most open and heartfelt letter of Truth that I have received from you.  You have opened up like never before.  I publish our letters on the Internet to show the heart of an innocent man and woman now languishing in prison, because they had the strength and integrity to stand up to a criminal government which will stop at nothing less than total slavery.

  Elaine, you and I connect in spirit, not mindful beliefs.  That is our bond.   That is something that not even my family can comprehend.   Belief has played a major part in our 50 year long estrangement.  I am speaking of the folks in our generation and those who have preceded us. 

   It is the Love of Truth, the holistic sense of Spirit that creates the bond we share.  It is that energy of love which transcends mindful fantasies.  It is based in DO NO HARM, and non-intereference with another's destiny.  Each must come to the understanding of oneness that IS THE CHRIST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS on there own.
It is not found in collective thought.

  Elaine, this may be shocking to you and others, but I HAVE NO BELIEFS.   I am not an intellectual.  I am the antithesis of Intellectualism, for all intellectual endeavors are Satanic in Nature, as they divide and oppose.  That is the nature of the Intellect and that is the Definition of Satan, (the opposer). 

  Your belief does not hamper you from resonating with Truth in another.  That is the very nature of our relationship.  Your conditioned religious beliefs have left you unwhole and seeking the love of holistic Truth, God to fulfill that void within yourself. 

   Elaine, Life is eternal.  We are living in Eternity.  Material life of the body begins at birth and ends at death.  The body is merely the temple of the Spirit which is Eternal.  You are not your body.  You are not your mind.  You are eternal spirit of Divine Intelligence which you have not yet accessed because of your early indoctrinations. 

  Elaine, your letters are very important to Christians on the "Outside" who still live in denial of the Hell that presently occupies their thoughts and actions.   We live in a BASSACKWARD world when a woman such as yourself who emanates NO HARM is considered to be a criminal to be housed in a prison setting.   No Elaine, you and Ed are in prison as an example to others who seek to challenge the satanic power of government and its courts. 

  Know that you are serving your purpose in life on earth, even though you don't fully understand it.  Hate cannot destroy Love.  It has no JURISDICTION in that holistic state.  The power of Hate is found in division and opposition.  You and Ed faltered when you sought to oppose government.  Love always exposes hate, and the latter is thus rendered impotent to deal with the Transcendent Consciousness of Truth.

  I do not seek to convert you.  I merely speak Truth.  Such Truth is the state of Christ Consciousness.  It has no need for limited beliefs, and so its energy is unassailable by indoctrinating satanic concepts which are held as belief.  That seems to be a barrier which separates us as I see Jesus of Nazareth to be a "Simple Man of Truth."  His Truth was devastating to the Satanic authorities of His time, so they killed Him and created a myth, a legend glorifying a state of implied consciousness which has since enslaved western consciousness.

  Have you tried Meditating?  Quieting the mind?  Silencing it?  Ending it?  That is the state where belief ends and Truth emerges, The Rebirth process of Direct perception of Truth, Insight, Love, call it what you will.  Even Jesus said that One must die to be reborn of the Spirit, to end the chattering of the intellect with its many contradictory beliefs.  Illusion must end for Truth to Be. 

  Elaine.  We may never meet in person in this lifetime, but I assure you we are linked in Spirit and Love.  


Christ Banned from Another Forum


It would appear that I have been banned from the forum: New Age Bullshit: The Mark Passio Database


It seems that Konstantine Dracoslayer, moderator for the group has decided I am no longer welcome in lending my views to the popular forum.


I wonder if Mark Passio is aware of what is going on under his name?


All input from the group have been removed from my Facebook Page and I am unable to make any comments. I suggest anyone interested in this sudden change of events, read my posts to the group which still can be found on my Facebook Profile Page and figure out reasons for my expulsion.


Mark, if you read this, You might want to find out who and what is behind this. Ray


For all others, I invite you to visit http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#CENSORED and view the list of groups and forums which have banned my writing on the Internet, then ask yourselves, why my writing threatens so many people in their present world view.  Hint: It isn't the words for we all use them. Its the distinct nondualistic energy of truth which threatens long held dualistic satanic beliefs


"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"


Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ


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Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Call to Freedom on Roadways for Oregon Travelers.

   This is a call to all who feel they can do nothing in the face of increasing Government Tyranny.   YOU ARE WRONG.

   You are victims of Mind Control.  You believe you are victims, are slaves.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

   You are the Sovereign People, the Creator of government.  Without your support and consent, the fiction of government based in the thoughts you hold in consciousness is but a wish of your controlled imagination.  You are the power.  Without your consent, government does not exist. 

   Your world is an imaginary concept you believe to be real.  Thus if you think you are a slave, YOU ARE A SLAVE.

   How many of you want to take back control of your lives and your government?  How many of you understand what it means to be free, to be sovereign?

  Read  the following for a clear action to take back your freedom which you have given up through FEAR.

   Yesterday, I sent the following email message to OREGON Governor John KITZHABER.

                                              March 5th, 2014

  This is a followup on the case I sent you several weeks ago.  Would you advise me of your disposition of Oregon Government who Tyrannize
the People they are sworn to serve and protect. 

  Prior to sending the email form on the government page yesterday March 5th, 2014, the above caveat which did not exist when I first made a request for an investigation suddenly appeared.  Apparently my original request put a scare into them, for this is the action taken by government to a serious problem they do not wish to face. 

"As a state elected official, Governor Kitzhaber cannot provide legal assistance or advice, nor does he have the authority to intervene in matters involving the Judicial branch of state government. For professional legal advice, the Oregon State Bar can refer you to an attorney. Legal Aid Services of Oregon is able to provide legal assistance, in some cases free of charge or at a significantly reduced price, if you are income eligible. For all other questions, please fill out the form below."

  Anyone see the typical irresponsibility of government preventing the  holding of anyone in government accountable for crimes and tyranny in a faceless, soulless, compartmentalized, system of dominance?   I sure do.  

  I have been at this for 11 years and have been STONEWALLED by government  throughout.  I was falsely arrested,  threatened with 35 to 40 years in prison, jailed for 128 days awaiting Trial, kept in solitary confinement for 121 of 128 days, went on two hunger strikes amounting to 55 days, leaving me near death.  Went through two bogus trials resulting in conviction in both, however I refused to accept the courts offer of sentencing thereby negating a contract for my own incarceration,  as they had not proven JURISDICTION over this Living Man.  (Fictional Courts have authority only over other fictions such as the government created fictional JURISTIC PERSON/DEFENDANT who was convicted.) 

   They threw me out of Jail, with NO CHARGES hanging over the head of this LIVING MAN.  However the police WILL NOT arrest me for doing the very same things I did to cause the first arrest, but continue to rob me of my travel conveyances requiring me to pay thousands of dollars to get them out of impoundment yards of legalized pirates who steal property because they have the gun and you don't/

   Most people won't do what I have done?  They give up. They settle for slavery and hope government will leave them alone? Well, Hows that working for you?

   My case threatens the multibillion dollar scam of forced driver licenses for private travelers.  Each of you who possess a driver license but are not engaged in commerce are VICTIMS of such scam.  Consent to Scams=SLAVERY.

  This corruption does not exist only in Oregon.  It is a primary scam used by government to enslave millions of private Travelers. 

   I want your help.  I need your help.  I DEMAND your help.  Why, because I am you, just a man, but in spirit I AM FREE while you are capitulating SLAVES.

Spread this article far and wide with others who feel they are just one and fear to act.  I have the Law on my side, while government has THE GUN. 

  Let us have a bloodless revolution.  Raise your collective voice, OREGONIANS AND AMERICANS ALIKE.  Focus your energy on my Case instead of frittering your energies away on endless theoretical misdirections.

  For the last 11 years, I have done my part, but I STAND ALONE.  Who amongt you have the courage and heart to STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES
                     Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A FREE MAN

Re:  A Call to Freedom on Roadways for Oregon Travelers.

..Raymond Karczewski Thank you Brant for you support. I marvel at the silence of People who claim they want freedom in their lives, yet remain stone silent regarding an issue which ACTUALLY CAN SPARK a non violet revolution and retaking of power back into the lives of the Sovereign people from TYRANNICAL PUBLIC SERVANTS. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICAN SPIRIT.

..Brant Hunt They live in fear and not in love the American spirit probably was crush by the educational system that has been in place for a while. Plus many americans are living in fantasy!

..Brant Hunt Have you ever of the Informer and how we really have never been free here is a video on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9LDD_lh53w&feature=related
The Informer Talks About The United 'Estates' Of America
www.youtube.com  This is a show Vyzygoth did with the Informer at somewhere around 2009..

..Brant Hunt The United States is still a British colony he goes into the history of this and how lawyers have use man's law to be supreme instead of Natural Law.

..Brant Hunt Oh yea most people do not think any more they do not have a zest for truth!! They want to be spoonfed and all of it is lies.

..Raymond Karczewski Brant, I have proven that government does not have power over one who has rescinded his 14th Amendment Status and consent to membership to a private corporate government which has hijacked our Dejure Constitutional Republic Government. One may read the history of my backing down the satanic Oregon Courts by standing in Gods Law, Natural Law on my website www.arkenterprises.com

..Brant Hunt If I understand this correctly those who live in the system are the ones who are the slaves. Those who do not are not under their laws. I will look into this and may have questions, I do want to be free!

..Raymond Karczewski Brant, that is CORRECT.

..Brant Hunt Then how do you get out of the system? Do we have to fill out paperwork?

..Raymond Karczewski Brant, I have been writing about this for years and no one seemed to care. You can find what you are looking for on my website links http://www.arkenterprises.com   http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html and http://www.arkenterprises.com/corrupt.html but they are not found in one place. For a start, check out http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch160.html#TERRORISM

..Brant Hunt It is belief in the system that gives power to them, and we can choose not to believe that they are my government. I am sovereign that is where the power lies within, I do not live in fear because they have no power over me. Another words I do not give consent for them to rule me. I am my own self govern within I do not need a outside force!

..Raymond Karczewski  Brant, you'll need more than that should you be arrested and forcibly brought before the courts. I can tell you it is one of the most hellish and convoluted experiences any reasonable man can be subjected to and yet come out of it while retaining hisinherent Intelligence. The average man is primed toward submission to satanic control via years of slave conditioning. It is so because civilized man has been made to doubt himself.

..Raymond Karczewski By the way Brant, thanks for the purchase of the On-line Book, "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind. If you like what you read, tell others. The book is a spiritual primer designed to awaken all from their Satanic Conditioning.

..Brant Hunt You welcome I have been reading it on line and it makes perfect sense! Thank you for your attention to truth.about an hour ago

..Brant Hunt These things that you write are issues that I dealt with over 11 years ago when I was in seminary In Church History as they have created a God man who would deal with your sin and you would have no responsibility in how you live your life! It all lies but I knew that the sayings of what jesus spoke about have depth.

..Raymond Karczewski Again Brant, my words do not compute with the average satanic religious believer. You are blessed to have the "eyes that see and ears that hear."

..Brant Hunt I know it has cost me a great deal when I have to face those who believe in these beliefs but the path is always narrow and truth is something that most people do not want to know much less think about. I lost friends but I'm happy for it because It helps me to help others who are open minded in seeking the truth.

..Raymond Karczewski Brant, that's what its all about. Was not Jesus of Nazareth a carpenter and a "simple man of Truth" a Christ? Millions have been under the spell of worshipping the Myth created by those who killed him without understanding in the least the Truth the man spoke.

..Brant Hunt Yes, they created this illusion with their church councils and the man named Augustine who created the doctrine of being born into sin and the conflict that arose others who wanted to separate from Roman Church. Note the Anabaptists also were hunted down by Rome, Luther, and Calvin because they were teaching the teaching of Jesus. If you are a Christian why would you killed others who do not believe your teachings.

..Brant Hunt Unless you are not following the teaching of Jesus! Did not Jesus say to the woman who was caught in adultery "go and sin no more" This statement it is within you to stop doing those things.

..Brant Hunt Truth itself is freedom!

..Raymond Karczewski  Brant, Sin is nothing more than Contradiction which is present in a Satanic ruled mind that is caught up in the violence of duality and opposition. In other words, the intellect of Civilized Man. ORIGINAL SIN is Man's fall from Grace into the SatanicDepths of his own Intellect. The purpose of Life is to rise above such violence and to resurrect one's consciousness to the state of Divine Awareness, i.e., direct perception of Truth. This is the campaign that Mark Passio is currently involved in, in the restoration of the Law of Nature (truth) and which I have been engaged in publicly on the Internet for the last 18 years.

..Brant Hunt Okay I just becoming aware of these things!

..Raymond Karczewski Congratulations Brant, for you truly are awakening, unlike the currently invoked awakening that satanic ruled intellectuals bathe themselves in with the rearranging of the furniture of their own conditioned intellect so that nothing is added or detracted from the room but it just appears to be different. That is the illusion that is sweeping the new age satanic promotions.

..Brant Hunt I hunger for truth my desire is that I understand these things and will be able to teach others.

..Raymond Karczewski Isn't that what Truth demands, what Love demands?

..Brant Hunt Yes it does because I must help others if I love them!

..Raymond Karczewski All that need be now is for the satanically conditioned scales to drop from the Eyes of the damned so they may see, perhaps for the first time in their lives, who they truly are.

..Brant Hunt I have a wonderful conversation yesterday in a restaurant as I spoke to her about Natural Law and who we really are and she had the desire to see the truth herself. I spoke of Mark Passio and that she needed to watch his videos and to see that we are far more within than we have been told by others. She understood what I was talking about because she desire to know the truth.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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The Second Coming of Christ: The Second Coming of Peace and Freedom

By:    Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

   This is a message to those of you who are Spiritual Seekers, those in search of Truth, those of you who have the Spiritual Eyes to See and Ears to Hear"  those who understand there is something radically wrong with Civilized Society, yet feel trapped within the thrall of Satanic Mind Control.

  Life on Earth is a spiritual testing ground, a place where men and women may purify their spirit, for that is what they Truly are,  merely a spirit dwelling within a material body, guided by a mechanical dualistic Intellect.

  We are born into this world to experience the hell of duality, and thus transcend such hellish experience and thus return to our Wholeness (holyness).  That state of consciousness which is whole, nondualistic, based in Truth.  The state of Christ Consciousness. 

  Most of you live under the spell of such satanic mind control, for you exhibit your level of spiritual ignorance by virtue of living your particular level of belief in myth, superstition, illusion, fantasies, and such, all of which are Satanic temptations which draw you away form your natural state of Divine Awareness, direct perception of Truth.

  That is the simple state of affairs for all men living on this planet who have been indoctrinated into parochial beliefs which promise Peace, but never deliver.

  There are many who come to you claiming to have the Truth which shall set you free, but few indeed are able to touch you deeply, beyond your conditioned intellect.

  I am such a man, for I am One who has demonstrated that one can have peace in their lives even amidst a firestorm of controverlsy which dogs him daily, snipping at the heels of such a man, but never, ever making contact directly with He who walks through life in the "eye of a hurricane" in complete peace, while the world continues to violently swirl all around him, yet never touching that calmness, that sanity, that clarity that nothing can disturb.

  All the while, spectators such as yourselves look, on and identify with the violence, while denying you are doing so, for you desire peace in your life, but you don't really know what that is like, so you identify a peaceful man, a free man as a Stranger in spirit, one, whose resonance does not match your own.  Hence you dream one, but your action are one of identification with what you have been conditioned to believe in.  You side with the familiar, with the known and you cling to the words of every other New Age Pied Piper who comes along and entertains you with "warm and fuzzy" concept, flattery and the like. Those who stroke your ego, give you a respite from your pain, propose a solution but never deliver on it. 

  Well, I am not such a man as most of you know by now.  I am simply a Christ, a man of Truth, and you either see it for yourselves or you do not.  My words do not originate in the conditioned Intellect, for that is the arena of all satanic activity.  It does not come from Intellectual garnered knowledge, but from the direct intuitive holistic energy of Truth that cannot be denied to those whose spiritual eyes are opening or are already opened.

   I am not an entertainer,  I do not preach escape from hell.  I  merely point to the place within each of you that has existed within you as long as you have existed that is TRUTH.  The Truth is anathema when regarded by the Satanic Intellect.  It causes reactions of fear amongst the ignorance, and SILENCE amongst those elitists who rule you through Satnaic mind control.

  I am talking about the government, religion, banking, institutions which are the creators of Hell on Earth, supported by your input, your life's blood, your submission to fear which creates slavery to the  god of Intellect. 

  Without your ignorant support of such satanic entities, there would be no hell on Earth.   This is not some fantasy, for I have embodied such peace on Earth, despite the best efforts of the satanic forces of government to break the spirit of this man of truth.  I have demonstrated that what I have done, so can you, for you and I, at the deepest level of our being, ARE ONE!

  As I have said previously, I am not one to engage in public seminars to entertain others to inform others at an intellecltual level of transition.  My truth is all black and white, and let the devil take the hindmost.  I have no intention of making the mistake that Jesus of Nazareth, another Christ, when He committed nothing to writing and so His spoken word was all that remained, and it was subject to the motives, and designs of the satanic elitists  who hired talented wordsmiths to create a Myth which has existed since the first civilization, although revised periodically.

  Truth, is who we are, whole, entities at one with God, Infinite Intelligence, yet we have given that up that sacred state of being for the seductive temptations of a Satanic iNTELLECT, who promises us that which we already are God, Infinite Intelligence, but have been made to doubt ourselves, to give up our nonduality of Truth for the petty perks of nondualistic satanic rewards.

  By now, I am certain I have desturbed a great number of you, for I have exposed you to yourselves.  What do you see? what do you feel?

  We are entering a time of great conflagration, a time of War, Restriction of Freedom via Martial Law, all designed by the Satanic leadership which has been allowed by Divine Intelligence, by God, to Test the spiritual mettle of those on earth.  It will be a time of Death, of Suffering, a loss of hope and of life, for most, because they have been emasculated by the government and educational systems which have conditioned your own thought process, have made you DOUBT YOURSELVES.

  I have been writing for years as to the spiritual solution to all this, and have been blocked, censored, arrested, held hostage for imaginary crimes, and ultimately thrown out of custody, because the Satanic system of government could not break the will of this Christ, could not make me doubt myself.

  That is the secret that each of you possess within your being.  You all know what truth is, and you all KNOW what the Idea of Truth is, the Satanic counterfeit, which has been made the cornerstone of your hellish life, here on earth.

May I suggest you read: 
A Call to Freedom on Roadways for Oregon Travelers.

Governor Kitzhaber, Clean up your State

   If the light of True begins to remove the shadows which have caused fear in you, YOU WILL SEE, a non-violent action that you as a man or woman can take that can usher in a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION, the SECOND COMING OF PEACE AND FREEDOM, here in OREGON and the rest of the nation all without firing a single shot in BLOODY REVOLUTION.

  I leave it to you.  Lets see how smart you are, or how dumb you are. HOLD OUR GOVERNMENT SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE, OR DIE IN BLOODY SHOOTOUTS?

  If you think I am just A NUT, you can take that with you to your graves. 

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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Demystifying "Let Thine Eye Be Single": Transition from duality to nonduality.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

Matthew 6:22-23
King James Version (KJV)
22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

Jesus, another Christ spoke through Parables, through Imagery. Wrote nothing down, explained nothing. Hence his popularity depended upon what others thought and interpreted what He said as Truth. It was encouraged by Satanic Leadership who authorized the writing of the Scriptures. Only the Idea of Truth can be conveyed via words and language. Such is the spell of all Satanic religion.

Look at the two passages. What is the Message conveyed? Light is Truth. Truth can only be seen directly (Direct Perception) Truth cannot be arrived at indirectly through thought, (idea of Truth)

Nondualism = One=Truth="What Is"=Single=Direct Perception=Divine Awareness=Insight=Clarity=Action=Godly (Good)
Dualism = Two=Intellect=Idea of "What Is"=Indirect Perception=Split=Opposing=Confusion=Inaction=Satanic (Evil)

Spiritual attainment requires the Resurrection of Divine Intelligence via the transition from darkness (thought of Truth) to Light (Truth itself) from Intellectual Theory to Direct Action Such is the purpose of Life. It is for each to transcend the Hell of the confusion of a dualistic Intellect and Merge with clarity of nondualistic Truth.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

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