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The Measure of a Christ IS TRUTH!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

This Living Christ does not engage in dialogue with anyone to convert or pursuade them from their current point of view. 

A simple man of Truth, a Christ, is Truth itself.  Truth does not argue, Truth  does not judge, Truth  does not condemn, Truth merely MIRRORS the illusions of the world which satanically controlled blind, robotic believers cling to as truth for their security.

These are the "damned", "the living dead", the civilized man, irrespective of which conditioned belief systems they worship.

I do not pander to egos for such egos are satanically conditioned entities which must encapsulate its spiritual energy in its protective shield to guard itself against the dualistic/opposing forces of Hell.

A Christ uses dualistic thought to communicate.  All thought is Satanic in nature for it is based in the energy of dualism and opposition.  Truth opposes NO ONE and  NO THING.  It merely Mirrors the Illusions believed to be Truth, God. etc, but are merely intellectual concepts.

The conflict of dualism cannot access the nondualistic realm of Truth.

Truth can be likened to the "Eye of the Hurricane" which is absolute in its PEACE, for NO CONTRADICTION can ever exist in Truth.   Peace remains undisturbed by the violence of dualism swerling all around it, but cannot touch the realm of Truth due to its own satanic  limitations. 

That is the nature of ALL OF MY DIALOGUES with others on and off the net, bound to their Satanically controlled Intellects who can naught but seek to destroy the Truth which mirrors them.

Should you think this is an exaggeration, I PUT A OPEN CHALLENGE TO anyone and everyone in the world to scour the Internet writings of this Christ over the last 18 years, and find one single solitairy "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man who has EVER actually exposed this Christ as a fraud in Dialogue. 

Is this not an opportunity for Media, Scholars, Historians, and all other researcher scribes to destroy this Christ, once and for all. You have to be DEAD IN THE HEAD not to understand the SIGNIFICANCE of this Challenge. Do you folks want to continue with Satanic Rule, or discover the PEACE that has always been your BIRTHRIGHT.

I have put my reputation and character on the line. The least you folks can do IS SPREAD THIS CHALLENGE FAR AND WIDE throughout the world of the Internet.

You will find all who have sought to attack this Christ hide behind the mask of anonymity and multiple fictional identities, so as not to be held responsible for their slanders and libels with their actual IDENTITIES.

All of you folks who are offended by this Christ are so, because of the Inner conflict of your own Satanic Conditioning which cannot be resolved within you by  your own best defense which takes form as an ATTACK.

The world of CIVILIZED MAN is a Satanic World of ILLUSION which unfortunately deceives man into believing it to be TRUTH.   Put that in front of the Actual MIRROR OF TRUTH, and you can see the results of such foolishness.

That is the Challenge I put out to all SATANIC ORGANIZATIONS AND ITS INTELLECTUAL RESEARCHERS TO DO.  DESTROY the credibilty of this Christ IF YOU DARE!


"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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When Truth Meets Belief!

Jess Laratonda writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes:

jl: > Raymond, Jesus Christ understood the value of planting seeds and was not so frustrated when they did not blossom to his liking. As you need to understand, to have dialogue, you must first seek to understand before being understood.

rk: Jess, it is clear to me that you have no understanding of the Christ, but for your belief in the Satanic Myth fashioned by mind controllers around his life.

jl: > That is THE WAY. You instead claim we are playing Satanic games which is accusatory. If I have no response to you it is because I have no response.

rk: Not accusatory --- FACT! Truth cannot be met with Belief and expect a link be forged. Such understanding can come about only in the Silence of True Listening. Clearly your conditioned noise stands in the way. Of that observation there can be no argument. You don't speak for yourself, you meet Truth with Fiction. You don't see it. Of that I am sure.

jl: > You do not speak to my paradigm. I believe I am filled by the Holy Spirit. I am sorry that I cannot accept any other but Jesus as my savior. No amount of facebook commenting is going to change that. I appreciate your views and I'm sorry that you are so irritated by mine to the point that you would like to unfriend me.

rk: Truth does not speak to "Paradigms." Your belief is irrelevant to Truth, as it is only a projected conditioned thought. I have no problem with your accepting Jesus as your savior. That merely points to your own spiritual debility of worshipping "Graven Images." your own thoughts.

jl: > When you copy/paste links to your personal website and YouTube page, it seems like an advertisement and not a dialogue. Again, I'm sorry if you feel Like you are being ignored, but I thought you were talking to others on this thread and not me directly.

rk: I post links to my Website and Other places of my dialogues to share them with as m any people as possible who are controlled in their thoughts through their own religious conditioners. I seek to expose the "divide and conquer" agendas of Cults which feed on the gullible and the codependent sheeple.

jl: > I agree that a large part of the Christian religion is under the influence of sin and evil, but not in my church where I can see it. We are a supportive community of believers who want nothing more than to know God. We do seek friends and help from one another. This is not a game of who is smarter than who... I don't know what you are trying to accomplish exactly but I am glad for your info and I know many do come to Christ through seeking spiritual oneness and personal empowerment.

rk: Jess, if you cannot see the Truth alone, and speak truthfully of your own level of understanding but require the support of other like-minded and blind believers, you are merely the "Blind being led by the Blind" and preventing each other the opportunity to break loose of the conditioned Satanic Spell which binds you all.

jl: > To believe the bible is the word of God is an abomination to you, I see... However we cannot have dialogue if you're only purpose is to shatter my belief in my God and in Christ Jesus. A dozen Facebook comments and you have expectations not being met. This is a problem for you, I guess?

rk: Jess, you are right. A Christ is an ICONOCLAST, a destroyer of illusions which are held to be truth, but are merely satanic hypnotic spells which enslave one to political or religious authority. A Christ's purpose is to allow you to see yourself as you actually are and not be lost in the dream of who your think you are. Such action is never pleasant to one who lives in illusion.

jl: > Unfriend me then. I do not want nor need a spiritual nanny.

rk: DONE!

jl: > I believe that you have a lot of things right with the indoctrination of the youth with behavior-control and our shackling paradigms of fear. However, the Christian who truly believes is told by the bible to Have no fear and to throw away your old self in this world except that of Christ.

rk: Such Christian conditioning is in fact Satanic, for it divides and opposes, as indicated by your divisive stance in defense of a mere belief. All belief is illusion, and such illusion is ALWAYS SATANIC, regardless of its "warmth and fuzziness."

jl: > There is true freedom in Christ, though this freedom is solely spiritual freedom & freedom from sin. The apostle Paul describes himself to be a slave of Christ, but to do Gods will and to be a slave is better to be a free devil, doing whatever our urges and egos prompt us to do.

rk: Jess, you and countless others do not understand that belief is SIN. For you worship a Graven Image, violating your 2nd Commandment as a Satanic Idea is worshipped, while Truth, God, goes unnoticed in the fleeting eternal moment of NOW.

rk: Goodbye Jess, I won't waste my time on dilettantes.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Re: When Truth Meets Belief!

rk: NOTE: see: Governor Kitzhaber, Clean up your State http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch363.html#State
Since I have taken the Freedom Fight to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, the government "dogs of disinformation" have been let loose with libel and forgeries.

One must be aware of the seriousness of my stand against the tyranny of our courts and the lengths that government will go to in libeling one who has the audacity to stand up to, and hold his public officials accountable for their Crimes and Malfeasance.

However, the Truth cannot be spun. The disinfo agent below, indeeds quotes words from Judge Alan Coon but that mental health ploy came back to bite Judge COON. You will note that although the juristic person was convicted in two bogus trials, I this living man was THROWN OUT OF JAIL with no charges hanging over my head when I refused to consent to this living man's incarceration as the courts could not link the conviction of the fictional defendant to this Living man. The upshot: JUDGE ALAN COON was forced out of his job, along with another judge, district attorney and sheriff at the peak of their careers for their DISHONOR in the handling of my case and I AM A FREE MAN..

Secondly, the article below IS just one of countless FORGERIES which exists on the Internet concerning the Internet attacks upon this Christ. Anita DID NOT WRITE IT. Anita and I, who met in highschool had 49 great years together, never divorced.  I don't have a brother named "Abraham". I've neither been addicted either to drugs or alcohol at any time in my life nor sought or received mental health counseling. I have never harmed my wife. The picture you see of her comes near the end of her life when she had little strength left, fell and injured herself.

Your freedom depends on it. Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Mark Maeiou Jess, that nutcase Raymond is using you as part of his ongoing lunacy. He dissected you last response, entered his own comments and re-posted everything to his own web page without your permission. Apparently Raymond is an old lonely guy who is in and out of trouble with the authorities. ......................... **** Judge Coon said he didn't understand Mr. Karczewsk's legal issues, then imposed public defender, attorney Peter Smith, on Mr. Karczewski against Mr. Karczewsk's wishes. AccordingJudge was quoted as saying, "I still have some concerns about the defendants mental health...the defendant has some ideas which are different...I don't have a problem with ideas that are different, so long as those differences are the product of a healthy mind." **** This guy needs to have his meds adjusted before he begins to harm innocent more people.

Anita Graves formerly Anita Karczewski: I AM NOT DEAD!!


Let me open by stating that I AM NOT DEAD!! This is a lie being purpetrated by my ex-husband, Raymond Ronald Karczewski as a reaction to our recent divorce. It has taken literally decades for me to find the strength to leave Ray, decades of enduring staggering abuse and neglect at the hands of this violent maniac.

Ray has on many occasions beaten me into a stupor and in trying to play the loyal wife, I blamed his alcoholism, drug addiction, and deteriorating mental health while convincing myself that he loved me. 6 months ago after he beat me to the point of a concussion then making public declarations of a "slip and fall" to cover his abuse, I decided that enough was enough. My brother in law, Abraham signed me out of the hospital and took me to a confidential treatment center from where I was then released to Abe's home. We drew up the divorce papers, filed them, and as of today, the divorce is final.

For all of those who think that making fun of Ray is all fun and games , it is not. When you disinformation agents made fun of him, he took it out on me with physical beatings. I suggest you all take a good look in the mirror, for you are all responsible for the decades of unbearable abuse I have been forced to endure.

Anita Graves, formerly Anita Graves Karczewski

Lisa L. Heathman wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

llh: > As a daughter of Ray and Anita, I have seen this garbage for years and have occasionally felt the need to respond to the outrageousness of some of the stories I've read. This is one of those occasions.

llh: > First of all - on this day (February 18, 2008) I received two calls at work from a nurse at Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, the first being that my Mother was moments from death (after a long, tortuous illness of COPD). A short while later, I received the second call that she had died. I tried to call my Father, but he was away from the phone trying to get a hospital bed so that Mom could recuperate at home.

llh: > My Mom's home was ALWAYS with my Dad - there was no divorce, there were no beatings, there was/is no Abraham either.
llh: > If there weren't so many people willing to believe these stories, I would almost find the whole scenario amusing - until I personally posted my feelings on my Dad's website while I was taking care of my Mom while my Dad was taken to jail on a ticketable (at best) offense. Then I was the target of these lies... Things got really out of hand when someone photoshopped a picture of my Mother smiling, in the stages of decomposing. Nice stuff for her grandson to possibly run across.

llh: > I figure people are threatened by what my Dad has to say. My Dad has never been malicious, what bugs people is that they get a glimpse of the facade they are living behind. But a facade is artificial, it's not real; and when reality presents itself, it can shake you to the core. But if that's the case and you want to lash out, leave my late Mother out of it.

A Christ and the OREGON Governor
http://youtu.be/8Q8PfG_4wtE   You Tube Video

The time is now for the "SECOND COMING OF CHRIST" and the 'SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION".  Listen to simple words of Truth and a New Life shall emerge on this Earth.  Spread this message Far and Wide.  Let us Take Back Our Country and Freedom, THE PEACEFUL WAY.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Subject: RE: JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S Department engaged in Active TERRORISM against OREGON TRAVELERS.

From: EARL F <earl9876@msn.com>

To: "arkent3@earthlink.net" <arkent3@earthlink.net>

ef:   >   Hello Raymond,

ef:   >   I'm sorry to hear about all the grief that you are experiencing in southern Oregon.

ef:   >   Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for the problems they are giving you, but there is a possible escape hatch: the State of Jefferson near Yreka, CA, not very far from you. I don't know if this is related to the State of Jefferson or not, but I heard that a California county near there passed a resolution to secede from the state of California. I found a website for the State of Jefferson:

ef:   >   http://www.jeffersonstate.com/

rk:  Earl,  I thank you for your sentiments but your information is merely a point of Internet Mind Control.  You along with many other have been misled.  THERE IS NO JEFFERSON STATE.
If there was, I would be living in it. 

rk:  That concept has been bandied about for years, but like all mind control manipulating campaigns of the public, its all talk designed to give the pople hope but yet, allow the present tyranny to continue to slowly strangle the life out of a dying slave public .  Until people stop talking and start acting NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

rk:  My story is the biggest story to hit the country in years,  because it is based in law that even they, the tyrants must obey. yet what is the response so far?  Who knows? 

rk:  After 8 days , there are 53 hits on the video tube whereas such simple solution for a peaceful revolution should have gone VIRAL on the Internet.

rk:  All the major media players are STONEWALLING this issue, Google, You Tube, Facebook, 60 minutes, local papers, local TV, etc.  To them, you the public don't count and are easily manipulated with their control over the dissemination of news.  THAT'S THE PLAIN SIMPLE FACT of how a nation can be enslaved and remain so while thinking they have some freedom.  IT IS ALL AN ILLUSION.

rk:  I sent the letter to Governor KITZHABER of OREGON both via email on the State Site and via US Post office.  See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch363.html#State
Yet no acknowledgement has been made of receipt.  That is a game that JOSEPHINE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEPHEN D. CAMPBELL IS and other officials are  noted for.  NON-ACCEPTANCE OF CERTIFIED AND REGISTERED SERVICE VIA MAIL   SEE:   ATTENTION People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY:  Observe your Law Ignoring  District Attorney STEPHEN D. CAMPBELL, AND sheriff GIL GILBERTSON in their Dereliction of Duty.   This is the kind of service YOU support with your taxes!!!    http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch272.html#People

rk;  That is how couunty business is being conducted in JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON.  How does that sit with all of you JOSEPHINE COUNTY TAXPAYERS who fund these criminal operations either unknowingly or being just PLAIN SCARED?

rk:  Hell, the least you can do is to show support for such revolutionary action to restore freedom to this once Strong Nation via the county of JOSEPHINE OREGON is to "LIKE" the facebook articles that you support.  If you can't find your voice, or your backbone, a simple click of the key would notify these tyrants that YOU ARE OUT THERE AND WATCHING THEM.  Then too, the owners of the forum can just misrepresent the numbers as they have been doing with my VIDEOS, and article for years.
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
From: arkent3@earthlink.net
To: World-Wide_Politics@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 18:14:56 -0800
Subject: ]World-Wide_Politics[ JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S Department engaged in Active TERRORISM against OREGON TRAVELERS.


Let me begin by my stating my own personal opinion concerning the runaway lawlessness of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY AND STATE OF OREGON GOVERNMENT'S  POLICY of Committing Crimes against the People, under the "Color of Law." 

In my case, both the Government and Courts are COMMITTING CRIMES DAILY.  They have BLOCKED all avenues of redress for the People who have been victimized by their government which they support.  When all avenues of redress are blocked, all that is left is the Gun. 

It is my personal opinion that my 11 year unequaled persecution and UNLAWFUL  prosecution exemplifies that spirit of lawlessness and its  seeding of  revolution amongst the People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON has been demonstrated by those who have sworn an oath to PROTECT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE OF JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON..   Raymond Ronald Karczewski

Complainant:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  
C/O  General Delivery                  
Cave Junction  [97523]                  
Oregon Republic                            

500 nw 6th Street,
Grants Pass OR,97526,
(541) 474-5200,

Cave Junction OR. 97523
Phone 541-592-2156

Suspect#1  Deputy JOEL HELLER
1901 NE "F" Street,
Grants Pass Oregon  97526

Oregon Uniform Citation and Complaint #25344

                                                                                            Feb. 11th,  2014


2-11-14: 10:37 am.   While TRAVELING in my privately owned JEEP,  one not registered with the STATE OF OREGON nor used in Commerce, but for exercising my UNALEANBLE RIGHT TO LIBERTY which includes the Right to Travel, I pulled into the OUTREACH GROCERY store lot on Caves Avenue.

I parked and was walking into the store hearing a loud and commanding voice of Deputy HELLER,  "DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME".  I turned around to see HELLER repeating his command to me "DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME"  I had not seen him prior or was aware of his presence prior to his command.

HELLER knew all about me.  I did not know HELLER but for his previous contact as a cover officer for the previous State Police traffic stop on Sept 23rd, 2013.  see:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/ospwarII.html#POLICE

It is well known to the Deputies of JOSEPHINE COUNTY, that I have CHALLENGED all deputies who have stopped me in the past, along with SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON, DISTRICT ATTORNEY CAMPBELL, and countless other bureaucrats and law enforcement and government policy makers to prove traveling in ones private automobile for private purposes is a Crime or violation of any sort.  

To this day they have not and will not answer such questions nor prove their fictional  jurisdiction over this living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient natural man. 

In the last 11 years, they have not done so, but in each and every case resulting from the unlawful traffic stops made upon this Living Man, they have commercially defaulted in every case by failing to respond point by point to the issues of JURISDICTION that are  asked, and accompanied by my affidavit with their own personal affidavit based on their own unlimited commercial liability.  They have no special power, they are merely corporate employees enforcing corporate policies applicable only to corporate member through the latter's consent.

In other words, they are merely members of a fictional corporation which HAS NO JURISDICTION over anyone who has not committed a crime, nor is A MEMBER OF THE CORPORATION.   In other words, THEY HAVE NOT JURISDICTION OVER THIS NON-CONSENSUAL, LIVING MAN. 

 See:    CRUDEN v NEALE   Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural persons who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.

THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW.  but continue to impound my privately owned and id'ed  travel conveyances with the glib statement of TELL IT TO THE JUDGE.

Deputy HELLER followed suit in REFUSING to look at the stamped and certified court copy of the Public Notice of CONDITION PRECEDENT accompanied by my Sworn Affidavit, filed with the JOSEPHINE COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT CLERKS OFFICE AT THE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.

That, UNREBUTED AFFIDAVIT stands as LAW and as JUDGMENT as per the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE.   I pointed that out to HELLER and he refused to look at it and shrugged it off telling me to tell it to the judge.   In that moment, HELLER COMMITTED THE CRIMES WHICH FOLLOWED. 

I will be seeking CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of HELLER as he knowingly and willingly  thumbed his nose at the Law he has sworn to uphold.  That will be found in another document.

We CANNOT have criminals in the ranks of LAW ENFORCEMENT WHO WILL NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. 

There are mounds of paperwork concerning this runaway criminal operation of our JOSEPHINE COUNTY law enforcement and courts so it will not be repeated here, but for the follow demand for proof of Claim.

To each of the above AGENTS for the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, this Living Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, accept for value all terms of citations upon proof of Claim established by your answering the following questions of JURISDICTION, and request you answer them accompanied by your own sworn oath or Affidavit.

                             23 PROOFS OF CLAIM

   1.  PROOF OF CLAIM on how the Oregon Constitution operates upon me, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man.

  2.  PROOF OF CLAIM on how the State statutes by and through the Oregon Legislature and the DMV operate upon me, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man.

    3.  PROOF OF CLAIM that the name appearing on the charging instrument, in capital letters; RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI, is not a corporate fiction, but is the name of the living, breathing, flesh- and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man in his private capacity.

    4.  PROOF OF CLAIM that the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) describe any other class of license other than for commerce or for commercial trade, occupation or profession.

    5.  PROOF OF CLAIM  that this private man is specifically named in the Oregon State Statutes and more specifically ORS cites as applied in this matter.  (See the PEOPLE v. HERKIMER, 15 Am Dec 379, 4 Cowen (N.Y. 345, 348 (1825)

    6.   PROOF OF CLAIM that the STATE OF OREGON, in its Corporate capacity, has Jurisdiction over this living, breathing, flesh- and-blood, sentient, natural person/private man, the Secured Party, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in his private capacity unless consented to, and/or contracted for, by that natural person/private man.

    7.  PROOF OF CLAIM that the COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, in its Corporate capacity, has Jurisdiction over this living, breathing, flesh- and-blood, sentient, natural person/private man, the Secured Party, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in his private capacity unless consented to, and/or contracted for, by that natural person/private man.

   8.   PROOF OF CLAIM that all "Officers of the Court," which include members of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S staff, are under oath of office to support and defend both U.S. and OREGON Constitutions.

    9.   PROOF OF CLAIM that Deputies and/or Jail Staff, in their capacity as Agents for the CORPORATE JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, are bound by their oath of office to support and defend both U.S. and OREGON Constitutions.

    10.   PROOF OF CLAIM that the CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR JOSEPHINE COUNTY, in its Corporate capacity, has Jurisdiction over this living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person/private man, the Secured Party, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in his private capacity unless consented to, and/or contracted for, by
that natural person/private man.

    11.   PROOF OF CLAIM of the existence of the liability and how it was created.

    12.   PROOF OF CLAIM of what 'state' the liability came from, the de jure state ('The State') or the de-facto state ('This State'), a mere corporation.

   13.   PROOF OF CLAIM that the State of Oregon DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, DMV, through its Administrative Drivers Licensing process, has Jurisdiction over this living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person/private man, the Secured Party, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in his private capacity unless consented to, and/or contracted for, by that natural person/private man.
    14.  PROOF OF CLAIM that in my private capacity, that I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man, is subject to Class A, B, and C commercial driver license.
   15. PROOF OF CLAIM that the State of Oregon via the DMV sells any other ‘driver’ license.

    16.  PROOF OF CLAIM that the Motor Vehicle code does not operate upon all ‘drivers’ of ‘all’ vehicles owned or operated by ‘the United States,’ ‘this state,’ ‘or any county,’ ‘city,’ ‘district,’ ‘or any other political subdivision of this state’ … and thus operates upon this private man. (see ORS 801.020)

    17.  PROOF OF CLAIM that my ‘private' vehicle is not a ‘recreational’ vehicle that is operated solely for personal (private)
use. (see ORS 801.208)

    18.  PROOF OF CLAIM that my ‘private' vehicle is used for the transportation of persons for compensation or profit, or designed or used primarily for the transportation of property (for hire). (see ORS 801.210)

    19. PROOF OF CLAIM that Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man, was a licensee at the time of the ‘stop’ to subject himself to the motor vehicle code by agreement and as a signatory. (see Vehicle Traffic Law, 1974 Rev Ed., page 238, 239)

    20. PROOF OF CLAIM that, “In view of this rule a statutory provision that the supervision officials “may” exempt such persons when the transportation is not on a commercial basis means that they “must” exempt them, generally applies in this matter.  (State v. Johnson, 243 P. 1073; 60 C.J.S. section 94 pg 581)

    21. PROOF OF CLAIM that Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man, does not have the right in light of ORS 801.305.

    22. PROOF OF CLAIM that the ‘entity’ bringing forth this claim can testify on the witness-stand of the same and bring all relevant evidence.

    23. PROOF OF CLAIM that the prosecutor, as an agent of the State, has established a ‘liability bond’ in this action to indemnify Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, the private man, in the event of any damnification.


                            LAW OF COMMERCE

    10 Maxims of Commerce

1.  A workman is worthy of his hire.

2.  All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law). See  CRUDEN V NEALE ABOVE

3.  In commerce truth is sovereign.

4.  Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

5.  An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.

6.  An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.

7.  A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

8.  He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.

9.  Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (if one has neither been damaged nor incurred a risk, and is unwilling to swear an affidavit -- i.e., "true, correct, and complete," the commercial equivalent of, " the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" -- on his unlimited commercial liability for the veracity of his statements and the legitimacy of his action, he has no credibility, and therefore no basis for asserting claims/charges or claiming authority).

10.  A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by counter-affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment.

  FOLLOWING IS A 10 YEAR HISTORY OF ONE MAN STANDING UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS !.   Oregon State Police Policies Mix Accident Investigation with Piracy On The Highways http://arkenterprises.com/accpirac.html#Piracy

2.   OREGON STATE POLICE Join JOSEPHINE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S Office in Hiding Behind A Stonewall Of Silence http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch229.html#JOSEPHINE

3.   OREGON STATE POLICE: COMMITTING  PIRACY ON JOSEPHINE COUNTY ROADS. http://www.arkenterprises.com/gptrafsp.html

4.  OREGON STATE POLICE:  Notice of Unlawful Impoundment http://www.arkenterprises.com/gptrafs2.html

5.  The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F47YO1tqOf4&feature=mfu_in_orde r&list=UL     LISTEN TO ACTUAL COURT HEARING ON YOU TUBE VIDEO.

6.  Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering committed by JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON law enforcement officials and Judges http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBxADk7iLQk

7.  Criminal Complaint Charging, Oregon State Police, Josephine County Sheriff, Josephine County Court Trial Administrator and Grants Pass Police Department policy makers with crimes of Conspiracy to commit,  Piracy, Robbery, Theft by Extortion, and criminal coverups http://www.arkenterprises.com/gpcrmcom.html#Criminal

8.   JOSEPHINE COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT CERTIFIED COPY OF Conditioned Precedent. Side 1.  http://www.arkenterprises.com/condprc2.jpg

9. JOSEPHINE COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT CERTIFIED COPY OF Conditioned Precedent. Side 2   NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT OF ZINA BOOTH, bookeeper for Illinois Valley New. Swearing that said Conditioned Precedent was
published in the Legal Ad of a General Circulation for 3 week, and went unrebutted. http://www.arkenterprises.com/condprc1.jpg.  

Ms.  Lorna Young

July 18, 2005
ODOT Deputy Director DMV
1905 Lana Avenue NE

Salem, OR 97314  

Affidavit and letter of Rescindment of all
U.S.P.O Registered Mail Article No.  RR 487279940US  
Ms Young,

  I am directing this Notice and attached Affidavit to you, as Deputy Director of the OREGON DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES. Enclosed is registration renewal form received in the mail for 1993Cadillac DeVille Sedan, Oregon License No: TKR 072, VIN #1G6CD53B4P4238032. . WE SHALL NOT renew it and am therefore returning it AS IS.

  I hereby rescind and cancel all previous contracts with the STATE OF OREGON which I have entered into without having been provided with full disclosure of all terms of said contract(s) by the STATE OF OREGON including contract regarding automobile registration, "Title," and "Certificate of Title" of my jointly owned private automobile, an automobile used only for private travel and not used for commercial purposes on the Oregon roadways.   See attached Notarized Affidavit and Notice of Rescission.
  Enclosed also find Josephine County Court-Certified copies of Affidavit of Publication Copyright Notice of name Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, and of UCC-1 Financing Statement Number 589259,dated June 4th, 2002, filed with the Office of the Secretary of State,Corporate Division - UCC Section, which establishes Raymond Ronald Karczewski© as Secured Party/Creditor and holder of perfected interest/supreme claim over debtor RAYMOND KARCZEWSKI©, common-law-copyrighted trade name/trademark.
  I no longer consent to being a party to the State of Oregon Trust which presently holds Title over said automobile, and thereby rescind such contract for lack of full disclosure of terms of Registration. Please send original "Title," presently in your custody, to said automobile and I shall surrender my "Certificate of Title" and license plates for said automobile.   Please address all replies/correspondence to Secured Party Creditor Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in care of General Delivery, Cave Junction, Oregon, near 97523

  My wife, Anita Louise Karczewski, co-owner of the automobile, concurs with the spirit and letter of this communication as evidenced by her signature.
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© Secured Party/Creditor, American
c/o General Delivery
Cave Junction Oregon near 97523
The United States of America.
Anita Louise Karczewski  CoOwner

Enclosures and Attachments:

Affidavit and Notice of Rescission Dated July 18, 2005 Oregon registration renewal form for 1993 Cadillac DeVille Sedan
UCC-1 Financing Statement Number 589259, dated June 4th, 2002 Affidavit of Publication Copyright Notice Raymond Ronald
Karczewski© dated May 30th, 2002

Affidavit and Notice of Rescission

The undersigned affiant, solemnly states and declares:

  That, any and all contracts, agreements, covenants, corporate franchises, (XIVth Amendment) franchises,hypothecations, promises, pledges, choses in action, cessio bonorum, bailment, transfers, use, cestui que use, cestui que trust, trusts and confidences (or presumptions emanating therefrom) and/or similar transactions by and between the undersigned affiant and the UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STATE OF OREGON and any and all subdivisions Thereof, including its or their representatives, are cancelled due to "non-disclosure" and "failure of fair consideration." including its or their representatives, are cancelled due to "non-disclosure" and "failure of fair consideration."

See:  Article I, Section 10, Constitution for the United States of America. Any alleged (ens legis) privileges and/or benefits are
rejected and waived.

Effective Date:  Common Era, September 23, 1937          

This Affidavit is dated the  Eighteenth Day of the Seventh Month in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Five
 Party Aggrieved; Without Recourse,
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© Affiant
c/o P.O. Box 1870
Cave Junction Oregon near 97523
The United States of America
A definitive answer is required of you within 10 days of receipt of this Registered Mail Service.  A non-response on your part to answer  point by point  the 23 questions of JURISDICTION accompanied by your affidavit based on your personal, unlimited Commercial Liability will constitute agreement to that charges brought against this living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural person, Creditor and Secured Party, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© are unfounded in common law and that Secured Party/Creditor's position is Truth and Lawful, and his Unalienable Right to Liberty which includes the Right to Travel is being systematically infringed upon by the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE AND ITS COUNTY COURTS.

Failure and/or refusal to bring forth such ‘proof of claim’ will place you in commercial dishonor, and thus constitute an admission of damage and injury to Raymond Ronald ©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural man in the amount of $2,000,000.00 ( TWO Million Dollars)   shall be payed in full due to Raymond Ronald Karczewski© upon such commercial default of you District Attorney CAMPBELL  DEPUTY SHERIFF JOEL HELLER,  AND JUDGE JACK DAVIS.

It must be noted the Department of Transportation, DMV, has long ceased to send me license and registration renewals but has continued to participate in this periodic fleecing of what they perceive to be a SHEEP.  


By the way DISTRICT ATTORNEY CAMPBELL, as I said earlier this is being posted wide and far on the Internet in case you are planning to again evade service of the affidavit as you have repeatedly done so in the past.

Judge Jack Davis, , since you are assigned Traffic Court duties in the CAVE JUNCTION CITY TRAFFIC COURT I am addressing this issue directly to you with the same conditions as applied to the others.  In all other cases, failure to answer the question within 10 days of receipt and prior to the Traffic Court Session, will leave you, as it has other judges in Commercial Default and Dishonor.  Commercial Maxims  5.  An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.
6.  An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.  have established that my position throughout the last 11 years is True and stands as JUDGEMENT IN LAW.  That is why NO WARRANTS are issued for my arrest or incarceration for failure to appear and I have not PAID A CENT IN FINES OR COURT COSTS. 


I therefore, accept for value all charges and will comply when you have answered all  23 questions of JURISDICTION point by point within 10 days of receipt of this document accompanied by your sworn affidavit based on your private unlimited Liability.   That should settle the JURISDICTION issue here and now.


    Affiant, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Common Law Trade- Name/Trademark, ©  2002, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient,natural man, does swear and affirm that Affiant has scribed and read the foregoing facts, and, in accordance with the best of Affiant's firsthand knowledge and conviction, such are true, correct, complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This Affidavit is dated the Thirteenth Day of the Second Month in the jYear of Our Lord Two Thousand Fourteen

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, Secured Party/Creditor, Claimant


County of Josephine    } ss.

 BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this _______ day of ______________, ______,
Before me, the undersigned, A Notary Public in and for the State of
Oregon, personally appeared the within named
known to me to be the identical individual  AS  described in and who
executed the within instrument and acknowledged to me that___________
executed the same freely and voluntarily.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set My hand And affixed my
official seal the day and Year last above Written.
                       Notary Public of Oregon

           My Commission expires: _______________________

A Christ Speaks to Satanic Slaves.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

  It is time for all civilized People to take a good long look at themselves.  I am speaking to each of you who read this.

  A event is occuring here in JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON which has relevance to all of you regardless of where you live in these "United States of America" and in the world.

  All of you, without exception are under the influence of mind control.  BAR NONE.  

   Whats more, YOU ARE ALL SLAVES, for you have relinguished your God-given gift of Unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property, at least those of you who live in these united states of America.

  You live a confused life, a life where you daily lose more and more of you freedom, your money, your jobs, your homes, your family, your individuality.  Whats left for you?  Death?  Imprisonment?, Homelessness?  War?  Destitution?  Martial Law?   Yes, without your consent or your feedback to government and religion, this is all you have to look forward too.

  Look at what you have done for your children, your posterity.  You bequeath them with a life of absolute Slavery.  I assure you, your children WILL DAMN YOU FOR IT.

  2000 years ago, another Christ, a man called Jesus of Nazareth, a simple carpenter, a simple man of truth, one who understood His sovereignty as a Son of God, walked this earth.  He raised the hell of Satanic Conditioning of the civilized people of His age.  He posed a Threat to the existing political and religious institutions of His time.  He was killed for it.  He could not be allowed to spread the word of freedom that the people were sovereign but made to doubt themselves and capitulate to satanic word mongers..  He attempted to convey the message that the people were the masters of their own destiny.  HE HAD TO GO.  and go he did.  He did not have the support of the people and so the satanic masters killed him.

  Nothing has changed since that time.  The Satanic forces are still wielding power over the minds of the SHEEPLE, the average civilized man, with the same mind control and strongarm tactics used throughout Civilized history.

  I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, am a Living Christ. (a hard pill to swallow for most of you)  I, too, am just a simple man of truth.  I am YOU,  but I differ from you in the FREEDOM which rules and emanates from my consciousness, for I have risen above the satanic Intellect of duality, and live in the nondualistic level of direct perception of Truth.  Yes, I, too, am TRUTH, LIFE AND THE WAY.

  You never have understood that, have you?  For if you did, you would not allow for such satanic tyranny of dualism to rule your consciousness and destroy your quality of life.

  You, each of you consent to your own slavery.  Why in the HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?   You believe you are intelligent, yet everything about your life tells you that you have NO INTELLIGENCE.  For if you did, would you allow for your own enslavement?

  Civilized men and women  have read about Jesus of Nazareth and have forfeited their  lives in the return of worshipping a graven image, an illusory Icon, a Savior. 

   You have missed the point of the life of Jesus.  You are ruled by illusion, fantasy, legend, superstition, mythology, and every other "ology" that satanic mind controllers can conjure up. 

    YOu have lost your ability to think and take responsibility for your lives and so you have sold your souls into slavery, because now YOU LIVE IN FEAR.  The stupidity of your action lie in the fact that you have given your life to those who have actually enslaved you, and yet, you still do it.  Do you see where that will lead?  I, sure as Hell Do.

  That is why I am STANDING ALONE in this issue with Satanic ruled government and religion.  After all, who else understands the reality of standing down the illusions of satanic mind controlling government and its courts?

  What does it take for you folks to learn the lesson that Jesus failed to convey with his life and death.  He is not YOUR SAVIOR.  He brought the message in His day, and I bring the same message in this day, that each of your are YOUR OWN SAVIORS. 

  How long will it take for your to dissolve the Satanic hypnotic spell that enslaves you.  Will another Christ have to be sacrificed so that another 2000 years pass and civilized people are JUST AS STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE in refusing to WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION?

  Jesus of Nazareth faced Pontius Pilate, a governor.  Today, I face OREGON GOVERNOR JOHN KITZHABER, another governor.

http://www.arkenterprises.com/jocoterr.html#TERRORISM  and
Governor Kitzhaber, Clean up your State  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch363.html#State

  Therein lies the key to your own personal liberation.  Not mine, yours, for I am free regardless of the outcome.  A simple man, a man of Truth, a Christ who resonates with the spirit which resides deeply within each of you, one who represents your freedom, your sovereignty is exposing the corruption of institutions which violate Gods Law of DO NO HARM, while they cover their actions with Satanic words. 

  One man can do NOTHING if His Truth is not perceived by the many. 
I am sure all of you notice that I, this living Christ am a Free man even though the Satanic courts failed at imprisoning this free man even though they manufactured an illusory conviction upon the fictional defendant.  Yet, even that does not impress you, as you are being herded headlong toward personal enslavement and annihilation.

  GET BEHIND THIS CHRIST.  Add your name, your voice in DEMANDING
OREGON GOVERNOR KITZHABER follow the law, Satan's Law which still must bow before GODS LAW.   You see, presently, THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR OWN LAW.

   The fact is that even satanic rule has its own inner  rules WHICH THEY MUST FOLLOW.   That is part of God allowing Satan to test the spirituality of people who profess to love and serve him.  The Self-deluded, one and all.   This is one of those circumstances.  If you and enough others people add your voices to supporting an investigation into the corruption of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND COURTS, we, OREGONIANS, and AMERICANS alike shall BREAK THE BACK OF SATANIC ENSLAVEMENT.  But it cannot happen without your input.

  So there you have it.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO.  LIVE FREE OR DIE!

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Civilized Man Questions a Christ!

Paul Richards   writes:

pr:   >    Civilized? Hmm. There is your problem right there. Christ himself was killed under Roman Civil law. My advice would be exit the jurisdiction all together.
rk:  Would that protect a Sovereign entity from having War waged upon it, be it a country, or a Living Man?
pr:   >    This can be done without moving a single milometer. Legal jurisdiction and geography are not synonymous. Why would you suppose you or I, or anyone else would have any influence or authority over Oregon?
rk:  It is the Law of God, the Law of Nature that balance be attained when imbalance occurs within consciousness.
pr:   >   We did not create it, which means we do not control it. We are not a "People" or "Posterity" thereof, so by what authority could we presume to command Kitzhaber or any other official in a government created by someone else?
rk:  Paul, are you not arguing with your own dualistic self when you speak such conditioned confusion?
pr:   >   If we intend to be SELF governing, should THAT not be our sole focus? You say you are alone - something you've made clear in your voluminous writings, but man cannot exist as an island unto himself. In the verbatim minutes of the opening session of the United Nations it says "for lasting peace and security, men of good-will must unite and organize".
rk:  Is not the United Nations a SATANIC ORGANIZATION responsible for much death under the guise of humanitarianism?  Be careful who you listen to.
pr:   >    It's not necessary to agree on all things - that would be impossible. One common thread is all that is needed; desire for peace, and the pursuit of happiness, or any other common goal.
rk:  Again, Paul, you are not arguing with me, this Christ, you are arguing with your own confused view of the world state clothed in intellectual bias?
pr:   >   "All progress begins with differences of opinion and moves onward as the differences are adjusted through reason and mutual understanding." I presume your public writings are intended to attract others of like mind for the similar reasons, but how futile to petition (beg) your / our 'masters' for redress when we know (or should know) full well none will be forthcoming?
rk:  I do not seek likemindedness for that is SATANIC.  I write to the Like Spirited.  Quite a difference.
pr:   >   The mere act of begging presumes and establishes the inferior position of the beggar (petitioner).
rk:  Begging is your word, not mine.  Someone declares war on me, I EXPOSE THEM WITH TRUTH.  and, if need be, KILL THEM (the ultimate of problem solving).  That is God's Law given to all under the Unalienable Right To sustaining life through Self-Defense.
pr:   >  You and I are not party to the U.S. Constitution. The States  are a party, and can take up your cause if they wish, but going against the State, you lose the protection of that State (obviously).
rk:  Any entity be it State or Federal which presumes authority over a Sovereign man or woman is a Satanic enemy at war with God and His Children.  Why make it complicated, when it is SO CLEAR to anyone who has the "eyes to see."
pr:   > There is a solution, time tested and proven; gather and join forces with others of like mind, state to a candid world the reasons which compel you to separation, and assume among the powers of the earth you separate and equal station.
rk;  I assume the "you" should be "your" separate and equal station.  That Paul, is an intellectual concept which guides your thinking.  It has no bearing on truth or the Spirit contained within all.   I am RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS in those who are ready for it, not DEBATING IT!
rk:  For others to hear me, they must already be AWAKE, or are ready to AWAKEN.  To the Blind, the Dead, the Hypnotically asleep, they can only ARGUE.   They have already sealed their fate.  No amount of emotion of survivors with changed that.  That is the Law of God and the Law of Nature.
rk:  Look what such argument by those representing a FLOCK OF SHEEPLE has brought to the world.
rk:  Don't you think it is time for CHANGE?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Civilized Man Questions a Christ! Part II

Paul Richards wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

pr: > An agreement to live in peace sounds like a promising beginning.

rk: Paul, If one lives in God's Law, Natural Law, He lives a moral life and does no harm. What need is there for agreement if one is actually living in peace. You see, Man's Law is Satanic. It is the source of conflict and disorder as it is divisive and opposing in nature. As such it requires, contracts, consent and agreement which are but artificial constructs.

pr: > An organization can be neither good nor bad. It is the the actions or inaction of the PEOPLE within the organization that matter.

rk: Paul. ALL organizations are based in man's artificial thought, THEREFORE IT IS EVIL. You cannot argue this, (although you will)

pr: > No Raymond, I have no wish to argue at all. What is it that unites people, brings people together? Lets boil away all the nonsense and just call it love (God's love, if you will). If that is a bias, it is one that I can live with.

rk: Cut the word manipulation Paul. Do you live in direct perception of Truth, (which is Love) or do you live in the thought of love (which is satanic)

pr: > Call it petition, pleading, imploring, prey, request, or what have you. In any case neither are they my words - these words existed long before I arrived on the planet.

rk: But Paul, when you repeat them, you perpetuate the illusion but seek not to accept responsibility for doing so. That is the nature of DENIAL.

pr: > It is the intent behind the words for which I am responsible. However as you say, we must be careful. The grimoire (grammar) is tricky. Would not want to become spell-bound by satanic word. We're pretty much in agreement here, though you know my thoughts that there is no such thing as a right that is "unalienable". If you have an absolute Right, then you have an absolute right to lien it. If you've read The Art of War, then you know where I stand on self-defense.

pr: > I think this is perhaps where my difficulty lies. You say it is so clear, yet you claim to be an American, living in a republic, with a name which has been registered and copy written in a system set up by others; Constitutions, decorations, and charters of which you are not signatory and have nothing to do with you (except as subject citizen).

rk; My name is Common Law Copyrighted, not Corporate Copyrighted. Your assumptions are running away with you.

pr: > Franklin said; ''A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it'. Well, they didnt keep it, It fell into bankruptcy and dishonor, in violation of treaty when it failed to pay back the 18 million lira it borrowed from France, which is why the Constitution was written that formed the Unites States FOR the United States of America. The word "for" means belonging to. It was a re-organization to guarantee repayment of the debt. The word "constitotor" means; one who by simple agreement becomes responsible for the payment of anther's debt. You want to re inhabit the republic as a sovereign, that debt is going to have to be paid.

rk: I don't need a history lesson in Corporate Conditioning. I live by God's Law, Natural Law, I DO NO HARM. Do you see how simple my life is, and how complicated your tenuous intellectual grasp of life is?

pr: > The system is old. Agreements by which the world has been operating have been in place for thousands of years, long before you or I arrived on the scene.

rk: Time does not "legitimize" satanic illusion. Truth is Eternal.

pr: > Its not reasonable to expect they would be thrown away just because you were born. You may say your sovereignty comes from God, and I might even agree, but your idea of God, mine, King Louie and the rest of the world may all have other ideas -- and all of them are right -- you need just ask them and they'll tell you so.

rk: Paul, that is where you and I part company. Sovereignty is Living Truth. The Idea of Truth is conditioned, therefore it is Evil, even though it may be "warm and fuzzy."

pr: > We cant go around killing each other, so we need to find ways to live in peace. .

rk: We certainly can Kill if War is Declared upon us by any Government which employs faceless, soulless, harmful policies which defy remedy and seek to employ Martial Law upon peaceful men and women who desire to live by the Natural Law God, DO NO HARM.

rk: No man is meant to be a slave, yet look about you and tell me what you see.

pr: > The right of Self-determination is found in International law under Peaceful Settlements of Disputes. Bring that to the table and the matter with Oregon is finished because according to Article Six of THEIR Constitution "the judges in every state SHALL BE BOUND THEREBY" . It doesn't get any simpler than that.

rk: Keep watching. l am quite comfortable being guided by God's Law, and have no need to jump through hoops. Satan's law must always defer to Natural Law, God's Law.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Christ and his Family

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

February 25, 2014

Today Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was named as the chief defendant in a child trafficking case involving Catholic orphans. Pope Francis will be asked to defend his role in child trafficking during Argentine's 1970s Junta Dirty War. This case of orphaned children from missing political prisoners was set for trial on March 31 2014 in a Brussels international court.

I wonder what its going to take for mind controlled cultists such as Catholics to wake up and understand just how BASSACKWARD their view of life is as filtered through the Satanic Indoctrination they have undergone for a lifetime.

I am speaking from direct experience in referring to my own family who have disowned me because of my understanding, yet defend the horrendous acts committed by parish priests. In my case, it has been fifty plus years since I left the spiritual ignorance of my family.

Intermittent visits to them in Chicago has resulted in being thrown out of their home because of my views.

They still are living in satanic "La La Land."

To them I say, "Hell, isn't It?"

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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