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Time to Change Government:  Let it begin here in Oregon

James,   I noticed you as Owner, and Moderator of Popular Blog site:  OREGON SHOUT,  have cut down your promotion of articles which impact Oregon Government.  For many years, you stood out loud and proud for such change.  I hope they have not worn you out.

  There is no question the people have been asleep and most have been  too fearful to step up and speak against the tyranny which has befallen Oregonians and Americans alike. 

   I acknowledge it is disheartening to stand alone and find so little support for what one is doing because spectators have been conditioned to sit on their hands and remain mute, as though they have been struck down with FEAR AND APATHY.

   It looks like a taxpayer's group in JOSEPHINE COUNTY has finally found their backbone and have armed themselves and are now taking the initiative in facing crime while the Sheriff, GIL GILBERTSON has evaded and, backed off his responsibility to serve and protect those who have invested their trust in him.

   I bring your attention to my letter to the Editor of the Illinois Valley New written three years ago, now contained in my latest article:  "Citizens take law into own hands after cash-strapped Ore. county guts sheriff's office".  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch357.html#guts

  This could be the BREAKOUT point, in restoring the DeJure Constitutional Government from the present De Facto corporate government which has HIJACKED the reigns of True DeJure, Constitutional Government through Trickery and Deceit.

  I put that letter out in earnest to gauge public reaction three years ago.  To see if the   people of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON  were serious about changing the quality of life here in Oregon and America.  I GOT NO RESPONSE.

  Well, we're getting closer to the point of restoring the DeJure Government wresting the control from the DE FACTO CORPORATE GOVERNMENT which is coming closer each day to  declaring War on the People through presidential decree and Martial law.

   It is time for Sovereign Americans and Oregonians to act now.  I suggested what I would do were I to be elected to the Office of JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF.  Its time for another POLL of the people to see if they would support such a man as I who professes such a threatening change to the existing status quo of Law Enforcement of the People here in Oregon and America.

   If my position was not True and Correct in every instance, I WOULD BE IN PRISON today.  Oregon Law Enforcement, the Attorney Generals Office and the JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS  tried to put me in Prison, but they FAILED.  Why can't the American People and Oregonians see that SIMPLE FACT.

  I meant every word in that letter.  NOW ITS UP TO THE PEOPLE..

  The people will GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

                                    Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Re:   Citizens take law into own hands after cash-strapped Ore. county guts sheriff's office

Mirror of TRVTH   wrote:
Raymond Karczewski wrote:
MOH:  >>   Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (1/3/14).
ark...@frontier.com (Raymond Karczewski) wrote:
rk:  >>> This was a letter sent to the Editor of Illinois Valley News in  JOSEPHINE COUNTY several years ago by me.
MOT:  >>   Is that part of the reason you were banned?
rk:  >>>    Most Sheriffs, are but corporate managers, business entities.  The  corporation is who they serve, not the people.  That would all change  were I elected Sheriff. 
MOT:  >> So, fatboy, you ran for sheriff?  Oh, wait -- Ray is all talk and no action.
rk:  >>>     I would no longer support traffic enforcement upon Living,  Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women .Traffic  enforcement would apply only to those in commerce and those who have  consented to enter into contract with the state via application for  Driver Licenses.   Our People would have the freedom to come and go as they wish, as long as they did not harm others or another's property.
MOT:  >> And, under the regime of King Ray, traffic accidents would skyrocket.  People from Douglas County would go down to Grants Pass to have drag races on the freeway.
MOT:  >> So let us know when you file for election, kookboy
                         Raymond Ronald Karczewski¬©
rk:  For the last 18 years I have been stalked by Government/Media sponsored/supported Internet Disinformation Agents whose themes contain the most degrading libels, forgeries  and phony biographies written by fictional authors creating fictional members of my family which have flooded the Internet with unspeakable false stories attributed to me. 

rk:  All of the Disinformation themes are directly traced to a party named Ed Wilkinson who bragged of his ties with the Federal Intelligence Community and was himself,a cult member, along with his mother of Mind Control/hypnosis authority Roy Masters and his Foundation of Human Understanding.

rk:  All Libelous themes are traced to a single conversation had with WILKINSON at a Grants Pass Oregon picnic in 1997 when I confided to him of an Interview with a prospective applicant for my Security Patrol Business "PACIFIC COAST INVESTIGATIONS AND SECURITY" who spoke of his shooting a mannequin when working for another agency. (His employment was rejected, by the way)  That is one of the mainstay libelous themes promoted widely throughout the internet by these anonymous and relentless Disinformation Agents. Read WILKINSON comments of the picnic meeting at http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch244.html#Description

rk:  That was the one and only face to face meeting I had with WILKINSON, and found him to be mentally unstable.  I was surprised to hear later on the Internet that Wilkinson had become a Cop somewhere, but I had not been able to confirm it. However when the masks are removed from the legion of false Internet Handles used by these disinformation agents, WILKINSON style of writing and face will be amongst them.

rk: One may read of my experiences with the Roy Masters Family and their subsequent banning of me from the Roy Masters family owned Radio Talk station KOPE FM in Southern Oregon, later to move on to the Premier Broadcasting, one of the largest talk show networks in the country.  See Media Unmasked at

 The same, Identical ploy as in Media Unmasked  was later used by Talk Show Host Alex Jones to bar me from his station. Listen to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTCXeFbG13k  

rk:  In 1997 I was Kissed off by the Oregon office of the FBI in attempting to have them investigate a Mind Control campaign exercised on Internet using patrons.

rk:  The same request was made of JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF DAVE DANIEL AND his successor, SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON. I could find NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY on the FEDERAL, STATE, AND/OR COUNTY LEVEL to investigate a Crime of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE.  This led to my forming an internet petition to Congress to compel the FBI to Investigate Government/Media sponsored/supported Mind Control/Disinformation Activities on the Internet
http://www.petitiononline.com/petitions/RayNita1/signatures      Coincidence ?

Take the time to read the comments found in the right margin of the page.  The petition was made of mockery of by these same Disinformation Agents.  They then went on a libelous campaign creating phony book reviews on Amazon.Com over my book "Journey Beyond Thought:  Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind". They are phony because they bear no resemblance to the actual book, and not many books were out in the public at that time. They also launched a campaign to get me off the Internet by having me lose my server (who did not want to be bothered by the controversy created.)

rk:  Then there is the Phony OREGON SENATOR RON WYDEN who tried to run but could not hide from public exposure by Anita and Raymond Karczewski at a Cave Junction Town Hall meeting on April 16, 2000.  A lengthy account may be read at http://www.arkenterprises.com/wyden.html  There are a host of other communication kissed off by Wyden and his staff.

rk:  To come to the point, I Raymond Ronald Karczewski© have been exposing the corruption, malfeasance of Office and outright Crimes, committed by Government and law enforcement officials at all levels, and have shared my material with local, state and national level news media, both mainstream and alternate, including 60 MINUTES, along with  forum and newsgroup readership and all I HAVE MET WITH IS A STONEWALL OF SILENCE or libelous disinformation attacks in all areas.

rk: My question is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?  Have they lost their backbone, are they held fast by Hypnotic spell of Mind Control, and have lost their will to be Free and Sovereign?

rk:  The opportunity exists to take back our country by means other that a shooting revolution or through reaction to Martial Law.  In my letter to the Editor to the Illinois Valley News, I have laid out a unique view of Law Enforcement that this nation has NEVER SEEN and certain has not been able to concieve.  If the People of Oregon and JOSEPHINE COUNTY, let alone communities throughout America,  DON'T WANT THAT TYPE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT,I have no problem conceding to their wishes and will not run for Sheriff.  However, they will have missed the opportunity of having a Living Christ, run for the office of Sheriff of JOSEPHINE COUNTY. 

rk:  If that is NOT NEWS, WHAT THE HELL IS?

rk:  All I am looking for is a Fair Shake in others also interested in exposing Corruption and taking real steps to do so, not just a lot of HOT AIR.  I can't do it for you.  I will not do it for you.  I have throughout the last 18 years on the Internet led you to the waters of Truth so that you might drink of it.  How thirsty are You?

rk:  I have searched and searched for an honest public official at all levels of Government and Media and have yet to find one. 

rk:  Hell, isn't It?

                    Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

"Casting Pearls Before the Swine"

 By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   "Casting Pearls Before the Swine".  Not a pretty picture or Characterization of Civilized Man in the world today, is it not? 

   No one wants to see, hear or think of themselves as such, do they?

   Yet that statement was delivered by another Christ some two thousand years ago, and one has to ask themselves, What has Changed?

   Truth has a devastating effect upon illusions which enslave all who are subject and bound to the illusions of the Intellect.  The "Living Dead" are still those who can be characterized as the "Blind leading the Blind."

   How can BILLIONS (that's right, with a "B") controlled entranced civilized AUTOMATONS regardless of where they live throughout the world, and irrespective of what belief system they adhere to, break free from the hypnotic spell which makes them so unaware while they bask in ignorance as they pridefully consider themselves to be so Intelligent?

  How can Hell on Earth, replete with satanic thought-based divisions and opposition responsible for the rape, pillaging and plundering of other countries natural resources and assets through organized campaigns of war, which authorize and employ Corporate mass  murder and the systematic enslavement of Otherwise Sovereign men and women, both home and abroad through justifying its theft of the production of mans wealth via taxes, tithing and outright theft and mass murder be allowed to continue?

  A Living Christ, that is not some mythical figure drummed into your consciousness through a lifetime of Intellectual manipulation, but merely a "Simple Man of Truth" is amongst you and has shown you the way to freedom, to love, to peace on earth. 

  Do you think that is an idle statement?  I assure you IT IS NOT!

  Put it to the test for yourself.  Read all you can on my daughter's and my Websites at http://www.leesarayenterprises.com and http://www.arkenterprises.com with its many links to a voluminous body  of evidence of the combined efforts of organized government, religion and media, in their efforts to destroy the truth that ALL MEN AND WOMEN are CHRISTS, but they suffer from amnesia of their True Spiritual Estate in life because they have been made to doubt themselves through mind Control.  See for yourselves, the length and breadth of their all-out, but failed satanic campaigns to destroy  the credibility of this messenger of Spiritual Truth and to stop him at all costs even to the point of imprisonment, WHICH ALSO FAILED. 

  Jesus of Nazareth had a public life of 3 years, and committed NOTHING to writing.  I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, this simple man of Truth, this Christ has had a public life of 18 years on the internet with a worldwide audience and I have Committed EVERYTHING in writing.  Nothing mythical about it.  Just plain Truth. 

  Then ask yourselves, If you and the remainder of Civilized Society could stand up to, and prevail over the combined efforts of these worldly satanic ruled organizations as I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© have, what would this world be like?

  Would it not be a Paradise on Earth rather than a Hell on Earth?

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Heaven or Hell on Earth!

   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   Heaven or Hell on Earth, Is it a matter of belief, or a fact. Can it be understood according to the misinterpreting limitation of conditioned Intellectual Consciousness?

   To a Simple man of Truth, a Christ, one possessed of multi-dimensional non-dualistic consciousness, the consciousness of Truth itself, it is a no brainer. 

   To satanically conditioned, undiscriminating, intellectually programmed, mind-controlled blind believers, it is the hellish source of unending dualistic confusion and self-doubt.

   Within the Intellect lies the consciousness of all "Civilized Men."  Those who ignorantly are caused to play out their lives in service to established and sustained satanic illusions of  power, wealth, fame and fortune.

  Such spiritually crippled entities, ignorantly support actions based in their own mass-conditioned thoughts for which they seek to blame others, but fail to understand that it is their own limiting mass-conditioned thoughts being created via institution of governments and religion that is the cause of Hell on Earth. 

   My 18 years of writing on the Internet is replete with explosive reactions by such blind believers to the exposure of their "limited" Intellects.

   These blind believers pray to the Illusions of their own minds, awaiting for some mythical "Second Coming of Christ" to arrive and save them from their helplessness and hopelessness. while they actively resist and attack such a Second Coming of Christ Consciousness from awakening them here and now, in this fleeting moment of Eternity.

   People are turned off by my use of the religious word "Christ" but clearly do not see that such "turnoff" is but their blind defensivenes of their own limited state of consciousness which exists but cannot grasp the holistic reality which lies beyond their Intellectual grasp.

   They do not understand that state of nondualistic Truth which causes hurt and brings attention to their state of Intellectual ignorance reflected to all via their satanically created unhealthy egos. 

   You see, the word "Christ" is but a "mind control Trigger" which reduces Sovereign men and women, into Satanic serving grovelling slaves who ignorantly serve the two Institutions of mind control which are prominent in ruling over masses of People -- those being Government and Religion. 

   The world of man has been reduced in consciousness to such limitations of the Satanically Illusory laws of Mammon, which finds the manipulation of Mass consciousness to be child's play.

  The purpose of life is to rise above the hellish abyss of a satanically ruled society and return to the Godly reality of Truth that is their True Spiritual State of Consciousness.

  We are all one in the Consciousness of Divine Intelligence, Truth, God, but most have been made to doubt themselves via their Satanically ruled Intellect. Therefore their lives have been reduced to serving Hell on Earth, despite the personal trappings of wealth, power and fame possessed by the "Haves" which separates them from the Poverty stricken "Have-nots" from whom the energy of the latter has been coercively extracted through force, fear. taxes and tithing. 

  Hell cannot begin when we die, since we are living in eternity, the  realm of timeless consciousness,  Heaven is the essence of the Timeless Eternity of Non-dualistic Truth.  Since conflict cannot exist in the state of Non-dualistic Truth, have I not just given you the key to attaining and restoring the God-given gift of multi-dimensional Consciousness, the State of Christ Consciousness?  

   This is my gift to all blind believers, but only you can take advantage of it if you are ready to make such a life changing transition.

   Listen to the rabid, rabble-rousing Patriot Talk Show hosts who promote the satanic principle of "RESIST EVIL" of the Illusory New World Order. They are but  the other side of the same coin of Satanic Power.  Hypocrites all, whose popularity is based in the fundamental ignorance of lesser intellects while they exploit the have-nots by extracting money to support their satanic networks. 

   The True Power lies in the NONVIOLENT WAY of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. DO NOT RESIST EVIL, BOYCOTT IT.  Yet this simple, nonviolent way of revolution has been resisted by these talk show hosts over the years when the system of government and religions go down, so will their explotive networks. 


"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

A Suggestion to Mind Controlled Sheeple


Observe the mannerisms of a frenetic hypocrite worshipped by millions who are daily emotionally whipped up into a frenzy of hate by such a seasoned rabble rouser mind controller.

Observe closely the video of a system pied piper. Does he exude balance and Peacefulness? Would you follow him to Hell?

Get real people! Open your eyes and ears. You ain't getting led down the garden path.

Look out for that cliff, lemmings.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ



Its time for a return to Our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not promote MARTIAL LAW of a New World Order.  May all Sheriffs throughout our Country, Re-evaluate their Oath of Office and determine why they are in Office and Who are they Serving, The Corporation  or the Sovereign People.  A Message from a Retired Police Sergeant who never forgot what he was there to SERVE.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Oregon, Josephine County Empire on the skids

See:  http://tinyurl.com/k6eggko

Submitted by Darren Smith, Guest Blogger A worrisome situation has been created in a rural Josephine County Oregon. Approximately seventy percent of the land area in the county is owned by the fede...

Raymond Karczewski When JOSEPHINE COUNTY taxpayers read the above report, they will know the tactic of county government and law enforcement is that of EXTORTION.

Yet the unaware taxpayer will continue to fund a service that continues to be paid, but fails to perform the duties for which they are paid. The OBVIOUS QUESTION arises, WHO IN THE HELL NEED THEM? People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY return to your own innate intelligence which lies beyond the hypnotic trance you now suffer from and BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the government from HELL.

I suggest all read the comments to the report itself. There you will find input of anonymous government provocateurs highly suggestive to fearful intellects that the only solution to the problem from governments standpoint is the "poor me, poor me" attitude which begs the Federal Government to intervene with MARTIAL LAW via military and foreign troops.

It is a no brainer that major urban areas are the first to be occupied via MARTIAL LAW, but it takes a little selling for government to implement MARTIAL LAW in self-reliant rural settings.

Has anyone forgotten that SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON "made his bones" working for the Feds in BOSNIA?

I now fully understand why there has been a coverup by JOSEPHINE COUNTY GOVERNMENT to prevent GILBERTSONS REMOVAL FROM OFFICE for his violation of OATH OF OFFICE action brought against him by this simple man of Truth.

You folks are being had, you are being enlightened by a Christ, yet you slink back into your fetal position and linger in your CATATONIC STATE, while you ring your hands in despair and commiserate with others in fear and apathy.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Truth, the Nature of God

    By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

  "I am the Truth, Life, and the Way"  Such a statement was made some 2000 years ago by a "Christ", a simple Man of Truth. It was made by a Man who, many today question to have ever existed. 

   What is unmistakable however, is the myth surrounding such an entity spread by the very institutions of Worldly power which were threatened by his very existence, His Truth, and according to Myth  destroyed Him then, turned around and promoted a religion in His name based in satanic mind control which subsequently formed the intellectual  illusions of countless men and women who were made to doubt themselves and consent to their own enslavement to an organized system call religion.

   The man of Christ Consciousness is the true man, not the typical partially conditioned, mind controlled, blind believing, civilized man who has been reduced to worshipping fictions created by other men bent on acquiring and exercising worldly power over others.  It is a system of thought which has emasculated those who have been made to doubt themselves, who have been subjugated and enslaved by their own consentual beliefs, in other words, YOU, the typical Christian!

  Did this statement upset you?  Were your Feelings hurt?  Didn't it act to cause a reaction within you?  You see, I just spoke the unadulterated Truth to you.  There's not a DAMNED THING you can do about it when Truth is introduced to your present conditioned Intellects but for you to respond with blind reaction to the upset which you experienced by such self-IMAGINED slight. 

  I touched you where you live, at the core of your being, well beyond your superficial Intellect,  for you live your lives in your own security cocoon of satanically imposed illusions.  You have sold your souls for the promise of security by the corrupt and exploitive systems of government and religion that have become your Masters.  Institutions where you worship and reward those who pander to you and manipulate you through such illusions, while you hate those who point out these illusions to you. 

  In other words, you folks have chosen to live in a BASSACKWARD world of graven images, of dead concepts which allow you to imagine you are alive, even whilste you remain dead in consciousness.

  How many of you consider yourselves to be aware beings, capable of direct perception of nondualistic Truth manifesting in the Eternal Moment of NOw?  On the other hand, how many of you are guided by your fictional consciousness of after-moment, memory based, dualistic ideas, concepts, and thoughts adhered to, and which make up the core of your very limited Intellect, your unhealthy egos?  

  Life itself is the environment in which the soul comes to "UNDERSTAND THYSELF", and resurrect the Divine Intelligence which eternally exists, but is buried by cluttering satanic beliefs which dictate a dark and conflicted existence by satanically directed self-contradicting entities, who are so foolish as to give up their Sovereignty to the mesmerizing, seductive, hypnotic Satanic forces, for spell-bound, empty promises of security, while supporting and contributing to their own spiritual and physical slavery.

  All such slaves are but spiritual children.  The purpose of Life is for these spiritual children to grow up, to understand who they truly are.  It is seen as a tough, arduous, painful and inevitable process, but grow up spiritually they must.

  In this lifetime, this Christ was father to three children. In their formative years, I led by example not programming.  I allowed them the freedom to make their own choices, which led to mistakes and learn by them, that is, if they were so inclined. All three children however succumbed to the popular conditioning of the world through school and their personal contact with other conditioned children and self-imagined authorities.

  The systems they were exposed to fed their childish egos and rewarded their incessant need for positive reinforcement of their actions because no matter what they did, they remained unsure of themselves and wound up habitually compensating for their programmable insecurities. Thus they followed the garden path layed out for them by the seducers of souls.

  They are all in their fifties now. Their report cards is in. Subject to their consensual insecurities, three separate, distinct paths were set upon.  One path led to the life of a Harvard Graduate now Practicing Law, another path led to a life of  homelessness and helplessness, and a third, to one, the most rebellious of the three growing in understanding of herself and facing the world by struggling against the conditioning which has forged such chains of doubt designed to keep one a spiritual child and perpetually dependant upon authority.

  The world will wonder why such divergent paths were embarked upon within just one family especially one led by a simple man of Truth, a Christ.  If looking a little closer however, with clear eyes, they will see the Harvard Path and the Homeless Path are pretty much the same when the superficial illusory attractions are seen for what they are and removed.  

   The Harvard Path is a highly honed Intellectual Path nurtured in an equally highly but protective Satanic environment of Ideas and concepts, but lacking in common sense, in street sense, in the wisdom gained in living in the real world.  It is the protected environment indicative of that which children have become habituated to and is designed to perpetuates a dependency upon that of Illusory authority. Such an environment is a destroyer of Souls.

  The homeless path is a brutal one to be sure.  It causes in one the abandonement of will and is the fate of those who have been spiritually crippled in looking for outside sources to care for their security needs that only they themselves can provide.  These two outcomes appear to be opposites, but are not.        

  I share this personal information with all because Truth demands it.

  In Spiritual Essence, WE ARE ALL ONE.  It follows therefore, in truth, WE ARE ON OUR OWN.  We are the ONLY Saviors you will ever know.  Forget the MYTHS which bind your consciousness, and LET US GET ON WITH IT.

   Mankind is under assault by the New World Order. A program of Genocide is Underway and is only possible with the consent of a legion of Satanically mind controlled spiritual Ignoramuses.  Your fate lies in your own hands.  You are not a VICTIM unless you WILL YOURSELF TO BE.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

A Letter to Elaine Brown

FCT Aliceville
P.O. BOX 4000
Aliceville ALA 35442                                                                         

                                                                                                                Jan. 6th, 2014

Dear Elaine,  
     Hi Lazybones,

     So you're getting too lazy to write eh?  You'll have to snap out of that bad habit. I hope that you have resigned yourself to help as many as you can while on the inside.  They need it more than you do.  In a way, you have been blessed, although I am sure you do not see it as such.   This has been a spiritual Test for both you and Ed.  You are beginning to relate more with others on a plane of existence you previously were unable to access as the business of life and politics overwhelmed your consciousness.  Now you have time to reflect on your life.

     Sounds to me like you are doing OK though, despite the radical shift in environment.  Remember you are a Child of God, a Sovereign.  No Government can take that away from you unless you doubt yourslef and CONSENT to it. 

   You are living a dream that you are incarcerated, yet you also feel deeply withing that you, the dreamer are free, always have been free and always shall be free in Spirit.  You shall come to know that you are dreaming, but you are not the dream

   The average man or woman has no inkling of the real world they are living in  nor how it operates.  It is experiences like yours and Ed that you both are going through that is your spiritual teacher.   Don't, resent it, don't resist it.  JUST PAY ATTENTION to it and you will learn more than if you were to sit down and began reading countless books of other's experiences. 

   Elaine, You are your own Savior, You are your own Teacher.  DO NOT WORSHIP MYTHS, GRAVEN IMAGES, align yourself with Truth.  Let go of the past.  Do not dream of the Future.  Get out of the Time/space continuum and live your life clearly IN THE NOW.    Pay attention to the present and your soul shall be set free.  No bars can hold you, no cage can imprison you.

    Your actions in the NOW will create the Future, for the act of Creation is always made manifest in the Eternal Moment of Now.    Surely you have seen how you have been brought to where you are today.  They were  by your actions in the past, even though you did not initiate them yourself.  

    Elaine, you are a good woman, and a loyal wife.  You are to Ed what Anita was to me.  She would follow me to the ends of the earth as our bond was that great.  She had immense faith in me, as you have in Ed.

   You did what a loyal wife would do, you supported your husband, but i suspect you would not have done what you did if you were not bonded to  Ed.   Ed is still working out the spiritual things he does not yet quite understand, as he is fixed still in the confliction and  confusion of  political Thought.  Thats gonna be a tough nut for him to crack for it plays upon his lifetime conditioned ideas of manhood.

  That's always been a trap and is the major consequences of Satanic influenced mind control.  That is the process of how civilized man has given up his Sovereignty and thus has been thrust into the bondage of enslavement via mind control.

   Now you are separated, your lives have been disrupted by a corrupt and heartless, satanic  government.  Do not waste time hoping it would have been different.  Just understand that you have been given the opportunity to see the folly of having lived the American Dream that was merely a Nightmare which has finally unfolded.   And here you are in prison, wrongfully prosecuted and convicted, but  nevertheless,  still in prison you sit.

  I know that what I am communicating to you does not fully resonate with your present beliefs,  but deeply within,  you and I are one in understanding. 

  Elaine, I am sharing this letter with you on the Internet.  I am doing so, because there are thousands of others, perhaps millions who are going through the same process of self-understanding as you.   Most of them are fighting it tooth and nail.  I am unable to break through their resistance, but with communications with such a loving spirit as you, they may begin to break the Spell that binds their awareness.

  Aside form that, Elaine, I'm NOT MUCH GOOD AT SMALLTALK.   Let me know how you feel about what I have just Said.  If you like, I could send you some of the stuff I publish on the Net.   I perceive you are ready for it.



Corrupt Satanic US Government Is Orchestrating the Annihilation of massive numbers of Police Officers, National Guard, and Military in the coming Declaration of MARTIAL LAW.

      By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   When a government refuses to follow its own laws while expecting those brought before its courts to follow them, they will have orchestrated a public backlash which shall result in the annihilation of its "Thin Blue Line", the Law Enforcers hired NOT TO SERVE AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC, but to serve and protect the interests of the Corporate body of which hires them.

   I speak from direct experience, not speculation, as, for the last 11 years of my life, I Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  have been blocked at every turn in seeking redress for criminal actions committed against me by the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICERS, PROSECUTORS, and  JUDGES, etc.

   I have followed every avenue of redress available and open to the public from the JOCO Sheriffs office itself to the JOCO District Attorney's Office; multiple Judges; The Oregon State Police; the Oregon Attorney Generals office; the Oregon State Department of Justice; the OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE, UCC DIVISION,  the Governors office; the FBI; OREGON State Senator Ron Wyden; the Supreme Court, and the White House. Damn near all resulted in a STONEWALL OF SILENCE. They FEAR saying anything as their words would INDICT THEM.

   In the meantime, as the police will not arrest me while I exercize my unalienable Right to Liberty, which encompasses the Right to Travel, they continued to impound my travel conveyances to the tune of thousands of dollars, in spite of Court Documents filed with the JOSEPHINE COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT CLERK'S OFFICE showing proof the conveyances are not owned by the State, Nor am I required to have a Driver License to Travel. They do not respond to such documents even though such paperwork is accompanied by my Affidavit of Truth.  Such Multiple refusals to respond point by point to each claim of mine accompanied by their sworn affidavits based on their own private, unlimited personal liability leaves them in Commercial Default, and proves that my position stands as Truth and Judgement according to
the Commercial Maxims of Law. 

   Additionally, the OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE REMOVED VALID UCC LIENS filed with their offices against the STATE OF OREGON, and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE and will not accept any subsequent lien applications sent to them. by me.  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/restore.html

   The State had ABSOLUTELY NO GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL OF THESE LIEN DOCUMENTS as they were not part of the equally false prosecution of this living man who was set free when he refused to consent to his own sentencing. 

   Throughout the sham of 128 days awaiting Trial in mostly SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, and going through more than 20 plus arraignments and hearings, along with two trials wherein they pulled the wool over the Jurors eye and CONVICTED THE FICTIONAL JURISTIC PERSON whose name was spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, they, the fictional courts threw me, THE LIVING MAN out of JAIL, with NO CHARGES HANGING OVER MY HEAD as throughout the whole sham of prosecution, I DEMANDED THEY, the FICTIONAL COURT, prove JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man. This SOVEREIGN.  They DID NOT, COULD NOT, AND HAVEN'T DONE SO even unto this very day, more than 11 years later.  SEE:  03-CR-0170 and  Case No. 02-CR-0617

   Although two Judges, the District Attorney, and Sheriff were REMOVED from office because of their DISHONOR in the handling of my case, they merely replaced the bodies with others repeating the same process. 

   Current JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON is unlawfully holding office as He defaulted in violating his OATH OF OFFICE in an action brought against him shortly after his taking office in his first term.  There has been a County Wide Government COVERUP of such action being kept from the People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON.

  So what has this to do with the Annihilation of Police and Military personal in times of MARTIAL LAW.  Will they not have ORCHESTRATED THE FINAL STEP IN REDRESS OPEN TO A PUBLIC WHO CANNOT FIND JUSTICE ANYWHERE ELSE?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

What is Wrong with You Christians out there?

      By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   This question is not only being addressed to Christians but to all Civilized men and women who daily support Hell on Earth and complain about it.

   The two main institutions of Satanic Control over Civilized People  is, and always has been, Government and Religion.

   The former rules through force and fear, the latter through mysticism, myth and illusion, all accomplished through Satanic Mind Control.

   Both institutions are the enslavers of mankind through insideous methods of long term, incremental, unending programs of Satanic Mind Control.  Both Satanic Institutions require your consent and support for them to have any power over you.  Neither can do anything without it.  You are the Sovereign People the creator of Law. the maker of Government.  They are merely your servants.

   You must consent to your own enslavement and then your fear begins to take over, for you have lost control over your minds and your intellect has now entrenched itself as your worshipful master. 

   You worship GRAVEN IMAGES, thereby breaking your first of your Ten Commandments?  You worship your conditioned thoughts while the Eternal Truth unfolding in every moment of your lives slips by you.

   You pray for a Savior, your own project image, to rescue you.  To save you from yourselves, because you have been trained to accept life as that which is filtered through the split dualistic, opposing consciousness of Intellect.

   You have been controlled all your lives by such hidden, in plain sight, mind control Triggers based on you belief in dualistic Myths, not non-dualistic Truths.

   You worship the myth of a Simple man of Truth, a Christ who lived some 2000 years ago.  One who was perceived to be a threat to the existing power structure of his time. 

   You remain stunned in silence to a simple man of Truth, a Christ who is living today. One who also poses a threat to the existing satanic power structure of His Time.   One who has displayed to all, the True State of ALL MEN who are Christs but suffer from Amnesia of that Truth.

   You cannot admit to yourself that you have been Conned by lawyers and priests.  You have been mislead. You have been enslaved by the Satanic forces which operate behind the images of Government and Religion. 

   The Christ of Today has shown YOU the way to Freedom, to Sovereignty to Peace on Earth, by STANDING DOWN THE SATANIC PRIESTHOOD OF BLACK ROBED JUDGES WHICH wield such power over your confused minds when you voluntariy step into their courtrooms, or refuse to expose them when you are forcibly dragged, against your will into such satanic setting. 

   Do your think that ANY MAN could just walk away, walk out of jail  even when the satanic deceivers claim the JURISTIC NAME has been convicted?

   Only a Living Christ, a whole man, an holistic (holy) entity,  could accomplish such, merely by REFUSING to consent to the courts assertion, without providing proof  of JURISDICTION OVER him, the LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN.

  The courts of our land have ALWAY BEEN mere FICTIONS who have exercized hellish control over Living Beings by the latter's CONDITIONED IGNORANCE.

   Through lawyerly trickery and deceit, they, the satanic authorities  convicted a fictional person they created through the Satanic mumbo-jumbo of Birth Certification, however, could not MAKE IT STICK without ultimately acquiring my consent to their offer of Sentencing, thereby striking a contract for incarceration.

  That is the power that each of you hold in your own hands, YET FOR 11 YEARS you have ignored such a simple and obvious solution to regaining your sovereignty, your freedom, your peace of mind in favor of continuing your hellish existence through your adherance to Satanic Mind Control and waiting for some imaginary Saviour to come and rescue you. 

   You think I'm crazy?  You think I am a Phony? You think I am other than who I say I am?  Then Tell, me, each of you.   Why am I Free today and YOU ARE NOT?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

A letter from Elaine Brown

                                                                                                   Jan 9th, 2014

Dear Elaine,

   The last letter I sent you was a response to your letter of 12-15-13, cited below.  As you know I share these communications with you on the Internet, as I percieve your experiences to provide major insights into the lives of most people who have pursued the American Dream and now find themselves trapped into a life of slavery.

   I didn't share your comments with others, in my earlier response to you, but after taking a second look at them I decided to include them.  If you would rather not share your views publicly, let me know. Your incarceration is probably the greatest contribution you can make to others at this time in your life.

  You and Ed are victims of a Satanic System that demands the selling of one's soul to the System.  Most sellout.  You and Ed DIDN'T.  You had to be made an example of, by the system, to others  who are seeking Truth and Understanding in their lives but lack the courage and/or integrity to do so.  

  I recognize Jesus as a Sovereign, simple Man of Truth, a Christ. Nothing more, nothing less.  I do not buy into the myth created by Catholicism concerning him, even though my first 8 years were in a Catholic-Conditioning School. 

  It was an interesting time indeed, for I truly tried my damndest to believe what they were selling to impressionable minds at such an early age, but deeply, within, I could not succumb to the temptation of believing such illogical fantasies.  What rang true, however, was the essence of His words, not the words of others, hired by the satanic leadership of their time, busily creating a mythology around him.

  That was the whispering voice which got louder with each passing day, week, month, year. It began at the age of Five.   I clearly was an outsider, even to my own generation of family and parents.  My Dad was a beaten down man by the system and died at the early age of 47.  He was a good guy, but he was overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the world which never let up, and  by my mother, a staunch catholic fortified by her own large family, also possessed of the same strong, but ignorant shared belief.

  It was in my own family where I learned the meaning of Hypocrisy.  Religious conditioned automatons plodding through each day, wearing masks which could not hide that satanic selling out of their souls for the promise of security.

  We were conditioned to be slaves.  A frequent statement of my mother was "You ought to be thankful you have a job."  It was this  beaten down slavemindedness to others just to make a living which I could not comprehend or tolerate. It separated me from the rest of the family.

  As soon as I was able, I left family and life in Chicago with Anita and began a new life with no trappings.  I was free to make of my life as I saw fit, without the old ties which bound us to the limitations of conditioning.     

  Elaine, we all come to this realization of choice between freedom and slavery at some time in our lives.  I was fortunate to come to it early in life.  Others live out their entire lives in continuous ignorance of their True selves, never awakening to who they truly are, even unto death.

  I'm am glad to hear you and your daughter have reconciled.  That conditioned generation gap is a tough nut to crack.  I have experienced such alienation with my family members for most of my life, and even with the passing of years and death taking most of my contemporaries, few have been able to free themselves from their early conditioning.  They bought the Satanic seduction of the world and compromised themselves to eternal hell by doing so.

  Nothing can be done to help them.  They have eternity to sort it all out for themselves.

  What appears to most to be Pain in life is the Spiritual teacher speaking to those who live in compromise to Satanic Intellectualism.
In other words, it is the Hell within that is made manifest and projected outwardly in ones life of conditioned confusion and opposition. 

  The purpose of life is to transcend (trance-end) the hypnotic spell of satanic conditioning which rules the Intellect of man.

  You and Ed are doing it today, at this very moment. Don't resist it.  Embrace it, for such action is timeless, eternal and spiritually liberating for One who comes to see that ALL ILLUSIONS end, but TRUTH IS FOREVER.

  Elaine, you are the focus to others who have not yet paid the price of freedom of a life lived in a world of Satanic Enslavement. 




                                          Dec 15th, 2013

Dear Ray,

  My apologis for not writing sooner.  Just lazy.  I certainly do not want to lose communication with you.  Many who used to write have dropped by the wayside, understandably, people have lives, and the world moves on.

  This experience has had the main blessing of bringing me back to the Lord. (Forgive me if I repeat myself in my letters - I don't always remember what I've written in the past.  I was raised Catholic, very strictly Catholic, but drifted away in adulthood.  This has brought me back to Him in a way I never knew before.  There is much about Catholicism I don't agree with, and now am simply a Christian - a follower of Christ, a reader of the Father's word.

  The second blessing is that it has me out of the trap I was in.  I was tired, wanted badly to retire, but nothing was selling, - the practice, house, office, so I could'nt stop working.  Now all those worries are gone -- the trap and the trappings. How God works for our benefit without our realizing it at the time.

   And last but not least, it has brought my daughter and me back into a much closer relationship.

  Ed and I had too much stuff.  Now all my possessions fit into one small locker and it is such a freeing feeling. Never again will I encumber like that.

  I have always been comfortable with my own company. Like you, I want peace and quiet, don't need people around me.  Guess I'm a bit of a loner, but I weary of foolish talk.

  Its good that you are not bothered by how others regard you - not everyone, by the way. Those who speak the truth are always reviled.  Look at Jesus. I consider your a man of intelligence and depth.

  May your Christmas be blessed with peace and joy in Yahweh.



When Casting Pearls Before the Swine Only Angers the Swine!

       By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   This is a message being sent to all Civilized Mankind, but specifically targetted to the Christian Sect of Satanic Mind Control.

   Have you ever considered your part in the making of "Hell on Earth" , yet while clinging to the spurious, repetitive, conditioned images of concepts such as love, salvation, kindness and good will toward your fellow man by religious institutions manned by other men who claim authority over you while wearing priestly garb?

   Have you even questioned such a relationship, as most of you, if you were honest with yourselves, would admit that you were brought into such an illusory mindset via family tradition through your equally conditioned parents, while just a child, unable to function with any measure of discrimination to sort out Truth from Fiction?

   How many of you actually operate with the Spiritual sensitivity of directly discerning the nondualistic vibration of Truth as it manifests in the Moment of NOw?

   How many of you, hindered in your present state of consciousness  operate with the Intellectual vibration of Satanically implanted dualistic/opposing Thoughts which limit your consciousness and condemns it to live a life based in the split and opposing consciousness of Intellectual Belief?

   How many of you are even able to grasp what I have just said here, without being disturbed by the mere words that you see on a screen?

   I guess, what I am asking here is JUST HOW DUMBED DOWN to ACTUAL TRUTH are you, that state of consciousness which allows you to dream of a world based in Peace, Love, Intelligence, while your actions wreak havoc on the world you occupy, based in collective belief?

   It is a given that damn near ALL OF YOU, are fractured entities, pulled apart within your own consciousness and with others through your outside relationships, based in your mutually projected conditioned, opposing thoughts.

   How many of you can discern Truth from the Idea of Truth?  How many of you even care to live such a life of discernment?

   A Living Christ (NO, NOT THE DEAD MYTH) is amongst you Here and Now. He speaks to you, the unadulterated Truth.  How do you know that it is Truth he speaks?

   The proof of such a statement is This:  Are you not disturbed in your beliefs when such simple words are spoken or written?  Nothing can Disturb Truth for IT IS WHOLE, COMPLETE, IT IS WHAT IS. 

   Only partial thoughts, beliefs, which masquerade as Truth CAN BE DISTURBED. It is a NO BRAINER THAT Only the image, the partial grasp of Truth, the petty, dualistic, opposing idea which holds itself to be the Whole Truth can be disturbed, for it is merely a counterfeit truth, a "Graven Image" a dead aftermoment, memory based, vibration of conflicting energies that you have been conditioned to worship.

  That IGNORANCE is the nature of ALL CIVILIZED MEN -- BAR NONE!

  Sure, in your Intellect you can PRETEND you are Whole, wholistic, holy, but that is merely a pretension, an illusion, for until you meet the next guy who has a different grasp of the same concept, but with a different twist, a different interpretation, then you begin to engage in petty squabbles, power struggles over ascendency of one's view prevails over the other. Is that not the Hell you have created in your own lives?   Is that not the world you silly believers occupy?

  Recently, I submitted World Changing Truth in the form of articles and sound files to the various websites of "DUCK DYNASTY", presently embroiled in a misdirecting political squabble over superficial belief systems. 

   Why did I submit such important articles and sound files to such a site? BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE PUBLIC ATTENTION IS PLACED.  That is where the numbers are. That is where most of your manipulatable attention is being focused upon.  That is where you are KEPT ASLEEP.

  In each and every case, the articles and sound files were promptly REMOVED by the webmasters.  Apparently such important, life-changing messages conflicted with the commercial intent of such sites and spotlighted the superficiality of such satanic implemented warring beliefs.

  That, however, is neither here nor there.  It is to be expected. For the last 18 years on the Internet, this Christ has been censored, libeled, forged articles posted in his name, False biographies containing the most horrendous of libels, and several campaigns to remove him altogether from posting on the Internet, followed by false Criminal prosecutions which blew up in the faces of Oregon government, courts, judges, prosecutors, Sheriffs, and Police have taken place and FAILED.

   Is that seemingly UNUSUAL to you?  Do you think SUCH CONTROVERSY stalks the life of just any man?  Would you personally survive such an onslaught?

  Yet the public remains in their conditioned STUPOR, seemingly indifferent to it all.  I don't mean to be insulting, BUT WHAT THE HELL DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU FOLKS TO WAKE UP?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ