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 Journey Beyond Thought: A Liberating Book for Christmas.

        By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ
   Many of you folks don't know what to make of my writings.  It is impossible for you to grasp the simple Truths expressed therein as your conditioned Intellects stand in the way and will not allow for it.

    In your learning process, you have become addicted to ego stroking, pandering, and exercising flights of fancy which occupy your consciousness with extraordinary and superstitious storytelling and seek to escape the reality of life through fanciful flights of illusory tales which pleasure your egos (your conditioned unhealthy egos).

    You are not used to hearing plain and simple Truth expressed in your normal relationships.  That's a fact.

    I have been under attack for the last 18 years by government/media disinformation agents who have used every trick of disinformation in the book and have failed in their attempts to destroy my reputation, my character, my credibility, and most of all, my message.

   You may have noticed that I offer a book titled "Journey Beyond Thought:  Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind."  Without being a boast, it offers one release from the bondage of mind control that each of you are now enslaved by. 

   This has been put to the test in my own life as government has pulled out all the stops to stop my writing, including jailing me on false charges only to have it blow up in their faces. Even today, You tube does not give a true accounting of the number of responses to my videos, and Facebook is great for playing "hide and seek" with my articles.  Consequently, you are only privvy to what you see on your Internet screen.

     Below you will find BOGUS reviews posted to Amazon concerning the book. For those of you who have purchased the book, you understand that the reviews bear no resemblance of the true contents of the book.  However, for those of you who have not yet bought the book which can change your life, YOU DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER. You have allowed deception and libel to forge your ideas about the book and its author. 

    Put these these bogus comments below to the test for yourself.  The paperback is $12+%3 S&H  while the ebook is merely $5. Pick up the ebook and set it alongside the reviews below.  I assure you, you will be shocked by the contrast.  Once you see the value of this simple lifechanging book, buy the paperback for your loved ones as True life-liberating Christmas Gifts.  Make it a Truly Spiritual Liberating Christmas for yourself and your loved ones.  

    The following reviews are taken from the Amazon.com review page of my book "Journey Beyond Thought:  Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind" 

     There have been many more of thes reviews than just these Four of the five costumer reviews but space does not allow for them.  Here's a chance for you to see just how such phony offering clutter up you consciousness.

  Scot Nelson's is the only legitimate review posted.  How do I know the other four are phonies?  Because the reviews bear no resemblance to the content of the book (pay particular attention to the review  "Not exactly family material April 28, 1999"

     For those of you who would like to see first-hand the power of Truth in operation, to see why my books/tapes pose such a threat to the status quo of modern day consciousness and its mind controllers, to see why such a LEGION of  nameless, faceless, organized conspirators would spend so much time, money, and effort in their relentless campaign to discredit, defame, libel, and misdirect public attention away from my message, here is an experiment each of you may try for yourself.  Buy a copy of the book.  Write a truthful review, backing it up with your name.  Then stand back and watch the result of such a simple act.  You'll be amazed at the shift in momentum.  Don't allow yourselves to be intimidated by shadow dwellers.

     Now's the time to purchase the book, that is, if you truly do seek peace in a troubled world.

                           Ray Karczewski

Amazon.com  Editorial Reviews
                 Welcome to the Spiritual Journey..
     The publisher, Ark Enterprises , April 28, 2000

     Journey Beyond Thought is a journey of self-discovery

     Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind is a powerful, no-nonsense, spiritual, psychological, and practical examination of the conditioned mind.

     It touches upon all aspects of societal conditioning from the political and religious to the metaphysical. It is the perfect primer introducing the serious spiritual seeker to the life-changing revelations contained in Raymond Karczewski's follow-up work "Christs with Amnesia."

     Mr. Karczewski blazes a trail for modern man--a path of freedom, of truth, of integrity. It leads to the resurrection of the Spirit--unbounded and whole, free from the confines of a mind held to dualism.

    Does one truly wish to unlock the secrets of life hidden by their own culturally conditioned consciousness? That is the question each must answer for themselves.

     Internationally recognized author, philosopher and essayist Raymond Karczewski is profiled in Marquis "Who's Who in America.ģ" editions of Who's Who in the West 1998-1999 and Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment 1998-1999."

     On the international scene, his biographical profile appears in the 27th Edition of the "Dictionary of International Biography" published by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

*    Lost in Verbaige: Karczewski's journey - a short trip
April 27, 2000   Reviewer: A reader from Eureka, CA
     Raymonds literary style is full of the turgid overblown prose that marks the  pseudo-intellectual ramblings of the latter part of the 19th century. The book left me feeling less like I'd taken a journey, and had just read a badly written travel brochure. The writing is verbose to the point that were it tightened just a little, the book would be shortened by about a third. If you are thinking of taking this particular journey, stay  home, find a library copy of Norman Vincent Peale, and spend the money on a take-out pizza
4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
*     Ramblings for would be unabombers.  April 21, 2000
Reviewer: J. Henry Finkelmyer from Corvalis, Oregon
     Sometimes the messanger is the message, sometimes the message reveals the messanger. This is a book to avoid, not because of so called "dangerous truths" but  because of there is not real truth contained between the covers. Chloroform in print.                        Was this review helpful to you? 
3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
*     Not exactly family material   April 28, 1999
Reviewer: Alfred E. Lemson (aelemson1@juno.com) from Brucellos, NM

     I was very disappointed in the story contained in this pamphlet. The "plot" was merely  an excuse to invoke a string of gratuitously explicit scenes. I especially disturbed by the
author's account of his romp with his flock in a pastoral setting. That was too tasteless for my tastes, and entirely unnecessary. Yet we expected as much from the outset.

     That was on page 16. The rest of the book went downhill from there.  The author is confused about what exactly it is that he wants to write about.  Consequently, he does a poor job on everything. If you want to read about spirituality,  go straight to the source and read Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, or Roy Masters instead of  yet another derivative knockoff. If you want unabashed porn, try the Karma Sutra or Art Belle instead.
rk:  NOTE:  HERE IS THE VERBATIM CONTENT OF PAGE 16.  See if it matches the phony review above.

". . . honest and unencumbered in their perceptions and actions.  Unfortunately, this state of grace is soon lost as the child is inexorable drawn into the thought structures of adult society. 

To the adults of His time, who were already trapped by their conditioning, Jesus spoke of dying to the past, putting an end to their conditioned state of mind and being reborn of the spirit.  In doing so, He clearly showed the way to salvation. He cleared a path for those who were able to see.  He pointed to the transition that must be made from the intellectual mind of opposites to the nondualistic state of wholeness, of oneness.  He showed them the way to the state of being that transcended the limitations of the mind.   This was the promise of life everlasting that could be found in the vast, unlimited unknown--beyond all parameters.  Certainly when the mind's barriers have been transcended, one is living in a state of infinity, without beginning or end.  In this dimension, one is living a loving, timeless existence, not bound by convention, yet living peacefully, effortlessly, cooperatively, coexistent with it.

These truths have been spoken of by men of understanding throughout the ages,  Unfortunately, the expression of it seems to have fallen upon deaf ears.  The peripheral idea, the words used to encapsulate the essence of these truths have been subjected to the limitation brought about by the particular cultural influences and expressions of the time.  As a result, the truth has been interpreteded in different ways by those who hold power over the mass mind. These. . ."

rk:  That's it, folks!  That's the verbatim content of page 16.  Can you spot any resemblance to the content of the review above?

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
*****  Uplifting and refreshing commentary of life.  April 27, 1999
Reviewer: Kirshamurti (kirsha@usa.net) from Washington D.C. United States

     I borrowed this book from a friend and I must say this book is unequaled in astute commentary of the human condition and a pointer to a clear way of improving and sanitizing our "dirty" thought processes. The author has a most enlightening and
refreshing view of our civilizational, hypnotic and judgmental origins. This enchanting  author gives clear and direct techniques that one can use to elevate oneself out of the
"comfortable ditch" in which we often find ourselves trapped. This is truly a work of  prophetic porportions.
 2 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
*****   A potentially enlightening book for one with an  open mind. March 22, 1999
Reviewer: Scot Nelson (scot.nelson@gte.net) from The Big Island of Hawaii

     "Journey Beyond Thought" is Mr. Karczewski's inquiry into the human thought process  and the power of truth. He examines the roles and influence of government and religious authority, mass and individual hypnosis, and the ego upon the conditioning of the human  mind and the ways in which a conditioned mind thinks. Truth is identified as the only real power that can break the psychological bonds that tie a conditioned mind to Hell,
to insanity, to a mechanical way of being wherein the ability to examine one's self is largely lost. According to the author, the ability to recognize truth, to perceive it directly, can trigger a self-observing mode within us. By reading Karczewski's words,
one is more or less psychologically exposed in relation and proportion to the emotional  reaction(s) and thought(s) that arise within the reader. One key to reading this book is
that one must agree, a priori, to observe one's self while reading it. If this process is pursued with integrity, the reader will come face-to-face with certain decisions that create forks in one's path, one path leading to potential enlightenment and one towards continued ignorance of the dualistic hell of conditioned, human thought.

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,

including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Internet Mind Control Techniques

Below is a 7 day record of YOU TUBE'S Prevention of accurate reporting of the public's views of these Life Changing videos "The Nobody and the Somebody: the Christ and the Christian. Parts #1 and #2. This kind of thing has been going on for years with my HUNDREDS OF VIDEOS listed on YOU TUBE.

Keep in mind that my daily access to verify numbers of views have not even been recorded. How about your own access?

If your views have not been recorded on these dates, take the time to jot a note, indicating so on this site. Isn't it time we stand up together and expose the prevalent mind control techniques being used daily to structure your own personal world reality?

The Establishment does not want these simple Truths to disturb their control grasp over your consciousness. It's Time to BREAK THE SPELL . This is as simple an action that anyone can take. If you can't act at this harmless level, what are you going to do when the come after you to pen you up in FEMA camps or TAKE YOU LIFE?

                  #1     #2
Nov-27     336   137
Nov-28     336   138
Nov-30     337   140
Dec-1       338   145
Dec-2       339   143
Dec-3       339   144
Dec-4      339    145
total          4        8

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

An Address to all Civilized Zombies!

I sit here and wonder, why am I spending my time and effort in writing to People who have sold their souls, their liberty, their freedom in return for promises of security that never materializes in their fanciful illusory satanically ruled life.

What has happened to the once birthed living human beings who have been TRANSFORMED into robotic programmable ZOMBIES, once, living, thriving human beings into lifeless, apathetic, fearful culturally robotic slaves.

Go down the list and see the ZERO RESPONSE to the messages on this forum written by the few living contributors who still retain the heart and soul, the eternal spirit they were born with, that of Living Men who have the courage to SPEAK TRUTH in a world of conditioned deception?

I ask, why are so many wracked with fear about the coming genocide that shall dictate the fate of millions of ZOMBIES. Hell, most of you are already dead. Your lack of AWARENESS and ACTIONS prove that simple observation out.

Hell, Isn't It?

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Is Christ Being Censored On You - Tube?

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

I have reported on earlier occasions that my You-Tube videos were being censored after a viewer alerted me that he had spotted manipulation of the numbers of views found in various recordings. Since I have been focusing upon the exposure of the word "Christ" being used as a trigger for Satanic Mind Control in the minds of billions (yes, that's billions) of Christian blind believers in the past 2000 years, I have noticed the manipulation of numbers myself.

Presently, the latest recording "Move over Jesus! The sons of satan are still around and still being exposed!" recorded yesterday Feb 16th bears a stark difference with the Side Bar Count on "I WANT, I WANT, I WANT" recording page. Most of you will say SO WHAT? You will just shrug it off and not give it another thought, after all, to you, it is just nonsense to begin with. . But ask yourselves this. Were you to realize that every man, woman and child, with the exception of very, very few, who have ever lived in any human society on this planet since the dawn of civilization, and that includes you and others now living today in this war-torn, divided and violent world ARE RULED via a Satanic mind control hypnotic trance imposed upon you by organized, institutionalized, unbroken, and unrelenting campaigns of Government, and Religious Mass Mind Control.

Your mind controllers even tell you openly of their agenda. They've called it "Man's Fall from Grace." The descent from your God-given gift of "Divine Awareness", direct perception of nondualistic (wholistic/holy) Truth, into the abyss of a blind, reactive realm of a dualistic (divided/opposing) Intellect which is programmable from outside Satanic sources.

Since you have lost your Spiritual Sight and cannot See Truth, being spiritually blind, you are compelled to fly blind, throughout life depending upon your limiting instrument panel of Intellect, based in magickal thinking, Illusions, myths, concepts, dead beliefs, and dead memory based images to solve your problems. That has become your world, and you have been conditioned to sacrifice your lives, if necessary to preserve such Satanic debilitating Condition. After all it is considered normal to think this way and you are conditioned to be as normal as any other self-respecting 'SHEEPLE" FOLLOWING THE HERD CONSCIOUSNESS.

Are you outraged at such a simple Truth? When your realize the Truth of such limited consciousness, how can you again look again at yourselves as intelligent persons.

I use the word "PERSON" advisedly, since identifies your present mindset. You are no longer a man, or a woman, but are relegated to accepting/consenting, contracting to being a non-living, corporate entity, and therefore property of the Government and Religions which OWN your bodies and souls. SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY TO ME! How does it sound to you?

A CHRIST is a simple man or woman of Truth. They retain their God Given Gift of Divine Awareness, and have Trascended the Satanic realm of Intellect but for it's use in technical problem solving and engaging in communication with other men and women. A CHRIST'S words are similar to the words used by you but they have a vastly different energy signature, resonance which the Intellect cannot destroy, cannot touch. The difference in vibration is palpable, felt by the limited prideful intellect and causes them to lash out in violence, or retreat into absolute fear and silence. All normal communication comes to a halt, because when they open their mouths to defend their ignorance or attack the Light of Truth, they are exposed to themselves and others in their "misery loves company" herd of commiserating SHEEPLE.

You will note that All Satanic conditioning, requires praise, flattery and pandering to seduce one to follow Satanic beliefs. While a simple man or woman of Truth does not stoop to such pandering techniques. He/She, merely resonates with Truth, They Live Truth, Speak Truth, Act Truth, and are TRUTH. They are TRUTH, LIFE AND THE WAY. Well there you have it. Perhaps you will see why it is NECESSARY to control, and censor my articles and You tube Videos.

If this strikes a Chord in you, treat yourselves and your loved ones to my Spiritual Primer, "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind". Christmas is Coming. You may order the book at http://definespirituality.commissionfortress.com/

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ
Change The Quality of Your Life Today

How many of You Readers can see Yourselves in this Thread?

Nigel Beckwith >If we seek to find dispute...we will find dispute. I feel we must seek to find agreement in Truth.

Kevin McHale What if your truth is different from anothers.

Nigel Beckwith Then one or other of them is not in truth.

Nigel Beckwith Sounds like Belle amber and Alan Clarkes arguments. They were way off course. And that is not my truth..but the truth. But we have to work it out.

Randal Copeland "I have lived on the lip of insanity, knocking on a door. The door opens, I have been knocking from the inside."

Raymond Karczewski This thread is typical Intellectual convolution. When are you guys gonna drop the pretentions of language and speak simply and directly. You guys exemplify the real problems to clarification. This is not an attack but a simple fact, which Intellectuals cannot see. Raymond Karczewski

Nigel Beckwith and your "critique" is your standard response..with no detail to express..just "your wrong and I am right and come along and watch my DVDs for extraordinary spiritual insights". Ok Thanks Ray.

Raymond Karczewski My comments are clear to those who have the spiritual "eyes to see and ears to hear" it requires no explanation. It is Intellectual ignorance which passes itself off as cleverness that perpetuates the endless "ring around the rosie arguments and derisive comments such as you Nigel so habitually display that makes for hell on earth. I suggest you take a good look at yourself before you continue your nonsense. Raymond Karczewski

Nigel Beckwith Bollocks Ray. Your perpetual..mindless ramblings will not help us here.

Roberta Smith coffee, gentlemen?

Randal Copeland Ray, your name appears at the top of your comment. No need to sign it again.

Raymond Karczewski Roberta do not make the mistake of equating a Christ with an Intellectual Ignoramus They're incompatable, for one is real, the other an illusion. Raymond Karczewski

Nigel Beckwith Yes Ray is always right...even though he makes no incisive comment...just comes in and makes a claim....madness if ever I have seen it.

Nigel Beckwith Define your concern Ray and stop acting like an out and out egotist....but then...you would be christ so ..cant be wrong..

Randal Copeland I'm with ray on this one. Everyone is smart but him. And I'm signing all my comments from here on out.

Nigel Beckwith hmm..and we cannot use reason..hmmm...hence what are we to do? Saint and sinner will appear the same innit.

Raymond Karczewski Nigel, you are flying blind with Intellectual instruments to compensate for the fact that you are spiritually blind and CANNOT SEE TRUTH. Raymond Karczewski

Randal Copeland Who wrote that comment? ^

Nigel Beckwith what cant we see Ray? Will you please tell us...and how you arrived at that conclusion? Will you?? No I doubt that you will.

Nigel Beckwith ( I am responding to Ray mate).

Randal Copeland I could really use some of that Coffee Roberta...

Randal Copeland I am just being funny Nigel.

Randal Copeland Self proclaimed of course.

Nigel Beckwith Destructive New Age gurus never able to enlighten us...just say "if you have eyes to see you will see" oh well ...easy innit.

Roberta Smith lol Coming right up. I was writing on another thread. Why not make it lattes or tea too?

Nigel Beckwith AYe ..mix one up for me too...I'll be right there,

Raymond Karczewski You guys are tripping all over yourselves trying to extricate yourselves from the hole you are digging for yourselves. Sorry, I don't dig holes, nor do I support those who can do naught else. Raymond Karczewski

Roberta Smith Ray. Are you quoting yourself? I don't usually lean on quotations. That might take care of it.

Roberta Smith Making light of an imperatively important subject here.

Roberta Smith I have a plan. It's simple. It would free all minds to explore elegant thought and basically enjoy life. I believe the world would support all human beings at a level of the happiness I enjoy. Isn't it crazy that we don't do that?

Kevin McHale Someone please define Truth.

Roberta Smith Why?

Roberta Smith Do we hear a drum beating?

Kevin McHale Because that is what the post was about.

Kevin McHale yes if your not deaf.

Roberta Smith A baby's head was severed by a boy soldier today.

Roberta Smith I "hear" its cry. Are you deaf?

Raymond Karczewski Nigel, concerning your comment "Destructive New Age gurus never able to enlighten us...just say "if you have eyes to see you will see" oh well ...easy innit." are you not arguing with your own projected beliefs, unto another and therefore merely defending your own unfounded beliefs and speculations? I am a simple man of truth, a Christ, not a guru who is a manipulator of Intellect. Nothing complicated about that except to complexity enslaved intellects bound by limitation , dependency and opposition. Hell, isn't it? Raymond Karczewski

Kevin McHale did you see it happen?

Roberta Smith In my semi-circle of those to be trained, from those needing the most mind training on the right. New-agers are at the far right, next comes other fundamental religionists including atheists.

Roberta Smith The world as it is will end in laughter

Kevin McHale Whose world?

Roberta Smith what?

Kevin McHale Exactly.

Roberta Smith Happy?

Raymond Karczewski You guys make it easy for me to expose the insanity of the Intellect. Raymond Karczewski

Kevin McHale A place i love.

Roberta Smith Kevin, you are touching your crotch

Kevin McHale Without intellect you would not be having this conversation Raymond.

Roberta Smith caught ya!

Kevin McHale lmao

Roberta Smith Without wisdom I woundn't even be here

Kevin McHale without my mother i wouldnt be here

Roberta Smith Or maybe with wisdom I would be elsewhere, Kevin is a pervert.....obviously

Roberta Smith

Roberta Smith Can we leave mother's out of this?; I'm talking about doing therapy on the whole world; what do mother's have to do with that?

Roberta Smith Last time I looked, "Honor thy mother" was working really well when mother is a champion narcicisst

Roberta Smith And pity and forgive her was working real good too.

Kevin McHale Mother Earth

Raymond Karczewski Kevin, now you are just being silly. It is obvious that you have no knowledge of my writings concerning the limited use of Intellect for technical problem solving and communication with Intellects. That limitation of knowledge is what makes for igno...See More

Roberta Smith Raymond. Are you "over the top" British? Howdy pardner.

Kevin McHale Anyone that thinks their way, is the way, is delusional.

Roberta Smith You are like a brain with a mouth. Dumb down a little for us.

Roberta Smith Or I will call you Sir Ray Ray

Roberta Smith And vow to get you to "spit tea" if it takes me till the end of time.

Kevin McHale When we judge others knowledge..we are desperately seeking our own Raymond.

Roberta Smith I am remembering John John. Nothing personal. I enjoy being the butt of humor...sometimes.

Roberta Smith Speak for yourself, sira!

Roberta Smith I have no problem cutting into egoism. If there is humanity behind it; I figure that a human being has the same fortitude as a Redwood Tree, naturally. I'll apologize up-front for any misfiring. The situation is dire.

Kevin McHale You are beautiful Roberta xx

Roberta Smith So dire that I think that couching truths in humor all the time, or coming from a clown of fool..that we do not have that extra room. This must be heard now. I see the enthrallment of humanity and it leads to enslavement.

Kevin McHale Humanity has always been enslaved by their ego's..its part of the game.

Roberta Smith You Brits have the copywrite on these stories; mine is worse. The ego though system, as I call it, is winning. We are right on the brink of a dark dystopia from which mankind would have to evolve out of the state of a virtual worm to escape.

Roberta Smith Kevin, this is the JOINED ego.

Roberta Smith That has always powered mobs and behind closed doors power.

Roberta Smith But IT is global and we are not.

Roberta Smith It WILL end up in one human being, the best player.

Kevin McHale wouldnt be much of a game without the ego.

Roberta Smith All the rest, pawns or paupers

Kevin McHale Maybe Roberta Maybe

Roberta Smith Won't be any game without democracy. Democracy is natural. Look at a school of fish.

Kevin McHale what about when the shark come along

Roberta Smith I awoke with an apnea for the world. Stopped breathing. We are on the brink. They sleep deeper than ever before. They pass the propaganda like kids selling the neighborhood pedophile to their friends.

Raymond Karczewski Nigel, can you not see the insane company that you keep with other fellow Intellectuals who "kneejerkedly reveal the real satanic essence of Intellect, a foundering dualistic-opposing instrument of ignorance? Not a pretty picture, is it?? Raymond Karczewski

Roberta Smith The new age claptrap tells them: don't judge. Never judge (the overlord). Those people are numb when I talk about personal experience with one who was building a cult. Nothing said. But more following of him.

Kevin McHale Satan is part of the game Raymond

Roberta Smith I'll use the word satan or sauron. Those metaphors work for this progressing surrender of critical thought to mindless submission.

Kevin McHale my truth is what i have experienced..the rest i will leave to the intellectuals

Roberta Smith Watch the movie Idiocracy. We are there. But it wasn't exactly too many rednecks breeding too much.

Roberta Smith Sharing experience to a receptive ear, the other can avoid the same mistakes.

Roberta Smith But not if the other is a teen. The world is lead by teen-age mentality.

Roberta Smith Snarky and independent.

Raymond Karczewski So Truth is not your concern, playing games is. Your curse in life comes from education and indoctrination. You truly are TOO DAMNED DUMB! Hell, isn't it? Raymond Karczewski

Roberta Smith My inside egghead is very dear; about eight years old and very very smart and loved by me. I have a very good imagination,

Kevin McHale Like i said Raymond i know for sure only what i have experienced..the rest is part of the game and i will leave that to you to wreck your own head.

Roberta Smith Without love, who is the mathematician "Beautiful Mind"? ...without love he was lost.

Roberta Smith Games theory

oberta Smith Win/win

Roberta Smith No love, no win/win.

Roberta Smith I really enjoyed our conversation.

Kevin McHale So did i Roberta..thank you xx

Roberta Smith Thank you Kevin, snuggly hugs if and when you are ready.

Kevin McHale Nite Beautiful xx

Roberta Smith I love you too

Raymond Karczewski To all onlookers trying to make sense of this thread, you have just been treated to a seemingly unlimited campaign of defensiveness of Satanic Intellectualism well BEYOND the superficial images/masks normally worn by civilized hypocrites. This is the real spirit of satanism that has overtaken the civilized world. Raymond Karczewski

Roberta Smith The lights were already turned off, Ray. The party is over.

Raymond karczewski: To those who have made it this far in this thread, Congratulations are in order. You have just been treated to a sampling of the insanity which passes off as "normal intellectual conversation." This is the level of intelligence which rules this world. Now You can understand why there is such widespread resistance to my writings. Perhaps now you can see why our "civilized" world has GONE TO HELL!

Nigel Beckwith Oh Christ.

Raymond Karczewski Nigel, the Jig is up. You've just revealed your true level of Intelligence to the world which clever quips cannot camouflage. Quit while you still have some semblance of self-respect. Raymond Karczewski

Nigel Beckwith Ha ha.

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ
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Re:  How many of You Readers can see Yourselves in this Thread?

Raymond Karczewski   More Dialogue:

Nigel Beckwith Ha ha.

Rex Demeritt What is a "dispute " according to Nigel ??? ..Nigel Beckwith said >If we seek to find dispute...we will find dispute. I feel we must seek to find agreement in Truth... Truth comes through dispute , exchange of thought , reasoning together , debate ...The dialectic - thesis , antithesis, synthesis ..

Raymond Karczewski No Rex, TRUTH DOES NOT COME THAT WAY. Are you not speaking of the "Idea" of Truth which is Intellectually based. Truth is nondualistic fact -- the creative realm of manifested WHAT IS. The dualistic Intellect is limited and partial, cannot grasp the whole, therefore it cannot deal with nondualistic Truth. Raymond Karczewski

Rex Demeritt God did tell us , come let us reason together , for his ways are not our ways , and his thoughts are not our thoughts , his thoughts are higher than are thoughts.. Is there not , a dialectical struggle taking place between what we think and what God reveals to us through special revelation ???

Raymond Karczewski Are you not wrestling with your own beliefs based in outer conditioning.. I doubt very much where you will find that God wrote or spoke those words. When people attempt to find God, Truth, Love in the Intellect, they are playing in a spiritual sandbox, much like children. To grow spiritually, one must leave the sandbox and experience life through direct action. Raymond Karczewski

Rex Demeritt Yes , I am working on developing a coherent, unified , world and life world view Raymond ..I agree with what you are saying Raymond .. But , is all "truth experiential "??? Jesus did say , if any man will do my will he shall know of the doctrine , whether it be of God or man ( John 7:17) .. Action / doing is important, and leads to truth , but is there a truth that is outside of our experience , and, can not truth be discovered , for instance , through the laws of logic.. determing a case for example , that would have been outside of my experience ???

Rex Demeritt I forgot .. I should have been more clear Raymond about the passage .. It is found in Isaiah 55, thought by most to have been written by Isaiah , inspired by God .. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts ( Isa 55 :,7,8,9).

Rex Demeritt Objective truth, or that which is true no matter what anyone else says, always trumps subjective truth, or that which is true because I feel that itís true. Of course, it is entirely possible that the truth that I so firmly believe and feel is also that same truth which is also objective. But I could also be entirely wrong if my standard for truth goes no further than myself.

Raymond Karczewski Hell, If I said such a thing, you guys would STRING ME UP. Why do men love and worship CONDITIONED CONCEPTS written by dead third parties and CRUCIFY living men of Truth? Raymond Karczewski

Rex Demeritt Please clarify Raymond ...

Raymond Karczewski I have just spoken a Truth. Nondualistic Truth CANNOT BE EXPLAINED THROUGH DUALISTIC THOUGHT. Do you see the problem that a Christ faces when dealing with Satanic Intellects incapable of functioning in the realm of direct perception, Insight, Realization. etc. Raymond Karczewski

Rex Demeritt Truth must be sought after , and there is a dialectical tension for an unbeleiver .The believers goes through this tension as well , depending on how stong the christian , determines the outcome of his battle . All men minds are acceptable to the satanic , I think this is why God , through his inspired word , said through his prophet Isaiah ; my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts ( Isa 55 :,7,8,) Interesting that in Isiah 1:18 , it says : come let us reason together .. Also the apostle Paul said , cast down imaginations , and every high thought that goes against the knowledge of God, and bring every thought to the obedience of Christ ( 2nd Corinth 10:5).. I do not to any natural law theory that goes outside of special revelation.. maybe what we should be talking about is epistomolgy.. The methods of aquiring knowledge ,and the justification of knowledge , authoritative knowledge etc..

Raymond Karczewski Rex, there is no need to SEEK AFTER TRUTH. Everyone already has it within their consciousness. IT IS already everpresent as Truth is wholistic (holy), Eternal, timeless. It is just buried under a mountain of satanically imposed beliefs. It is the deceptive block of the aftermoment, memory based conditionable Intellect that is partial in nature and therefore cannot grasp the whole. Are not Isiah and Paul, the Ministers and Priests of their time, much like the preachers of today. Are they not mindcontrollers suggesting their power is derived from myth and magick? You'll note that these people speak indirectly through their beliefs, and not their direct experiences as a Christ would. Why do such such second-hand illusions have such power over the Intellect? One must Die to the Intellect, must end, must silence the chattering of images which make up the Satanic Intellect. When such a silence comes about, all illusions are negated and what is left is TRUTH, GOD, LIFE, LOVE. What's so hard about understanding that? Raymond Karczewski

Rex Demeritt In regards to Isaiah and Paul , it depends on what you think about the scripture and the objective truth of God and about God revealed therein Raymond .Also , they were not like the preachers of today who do not do truth , because they do not know truth .Their sins of pride , the love of self ,the lust for money , which the apostles did not take , has blinded them from the light of divine revelation, and right action .. In regards to seeking after truth .. I believe that you also have to dig through dedception to find it ...It just does lay within men . Yes , it is there , written in their conscience , scripture testifies to this , but we still have this called called "sin nature" and many variables ( each persons are different , time and culture ,childhood , parents , education political circumstances ,economics health , death etc come into play that drown out that truth

Rex Demeritt By the way Raymond , I am enjoying reading your writtings and watching your videos .. Very educational .. Thanks for sharing your work .

Raymond Karczewski Rex, what I speak and write of is simple to the nth degree, yet it is interpreted by complex conditioned intellects as being impossible. It is the purpose of life to remove those intellectual blocks and directly perceive the flow of truth unfolding in the moment. It is done through Divine gift of nondualistic AWARENESS, NOT the conflicted divisive realm of Satanic ruled Intellect. Rex, get my book for Christmas. With right mind and being well intentioned, you will come to realize the simplicity of it all. Raymond Karczewski

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

The Final Law: Death and Hell. The Sentence for the Disobedient FORGERY


Raymond Karczewski wrote:   
12:01 PM (6 minutes ago)

To any and all who have read the below post, you have been treated to the forgery of my writings.


Look at the few responses which are typical of my articles. Then look at the number of responses to this one. The Government/Media disinformation agents are at the end of their rope and are now ramping up their failed 18 year campaign by writing forged articles in my name.
Think this is "fun and games?" Who would spend 18 years doing this sort of thing, expending enormous amount of time and money but government and religion to shut up a Christ?

Pay close attention to words attributed to me. Some are actual statements made by me parsed from other articles of mine. Others are simply made up by the forgers mimicking my style but attributed to me.

Pretty much tells you the threat that my articles pose to Government and religion, doesn't it?

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 09:50:34 +0100

Luciferia "Luciferia Enemy of God"Judge of the Living and the ead. (luci...@luciferia.wanadoo.co.uk) wrote:

Raymond Karczewski - A Living Christ (ark...@earthlink.net) wrote:

In Babylon.www.luciferia.tv

leg: > No gods. No masters.

rk: But the God of Infinite Intelligence and those who are Masters of their own mind.

leg: > Anarchy is order. God is evil. War is peace. Property  is Theft. Language is a lie; words are weapons; propaganda is the
first stage of war.

rk: All of which are SATANIC, giving rise to "damned if you do and damned if you don't." Reeks of BASSACKWARDS, does it not?

leg: > The Judge of Judgement Day speaks from the sky to all nations and peoples as lightening strikes from the East to the
West. Hear and awake oh children of Eden.

rk: Eden has long passed since Man's "Fall from Grace" of divinely guided awareness into the civilized world of blind


leg: > 1: The Law of the 1000 agricultural revolution. All these laws shall carry a sentence of death for disobedience.
The laws against the practice of Religion and Government.

rk: The key to Satanic Power rests in mind control via government (force and fear) and religion (superstition and

leg: > This applies to 'you,' to whom I am personally addressing; you are responsible to all who to whom you are known
to impose the law. In this life and in eternity, I shall not heed any defence uttered by the disobedient.

rk: Liberation comes from self-understanding and then "let the devil take the hindmost."

leg: > You shall not commit idolatry.

rk: What double-talk!! Is not idolatry the worship of images projected by intellect? Where would the worldly religions be
without idolatry?

leg: > You shall not worship any person, living or dead (i.e., the gods), nor shall you bow down in worship before any image;'
i.e. a photograph or any form of'likeness' of a person or a 'beast' or a god or a demon or any inanimate object or anything
or person that 'represents' God or a god or an ancestor.

rk: So much for politicians, saints, and celebrity, eh? How do you propose to undo the conditioning that has been done to blind believers who bow to the Satanic intellect?

leg: > You shall not bow your head to any monarch (i.e., a nationalist head of state or 'president' or governor) nor shall
you suffer a monarch or the monarch's children or the monarch's collaborators and mercenaries to live.

rk: Is your solution to kill all but the ignoramuses who would blindly follow such destructive suggestions?

leg: > You shall not refer to a person as 'worshipful' or 'master,' or 'father' or 'priest' or 'reverend' or 'revered' or
'teacher' (rabbi). We are brothers and sisters.

rk: The letter of your words speaks to equality, your spirit, however, remains unequivocably tethered to Satanic Opposition.
Reeks of hypocrisy, doesn't it?

leg: > Thou shall not pray in public, as the hypocrites do.

rk: So much for organized religions, eh?

leg: > Thou shall not even so much as construct any type of grave image (ancestral image).

rk: Your comments inflict fear upon the intellect of codependent believers by stripping away all that is known to them. Is not
the greatest fear of the intellect that which is beyond itself --THE UNKNOWN?

leg: > Thou shall not construct a pestle (an Egyptian 'needle or phallic statue). Thou shall not construct a Temple, Church,
Mosque, Synagogue or any place or religious worship.

rk: To all who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear: Listen not to what is said by verbally talented hypocrites, but rather
focus your God-given awareness on their actions. Therein lies the key to spiritual and political liberation.

leg: > Thou shall not propagate any form of religion or governmentalism. You shall not suffer a propagator of religion to
live, 'especially' a Christian cultist or a Masonic cultist or a Hindu cultist, for the idolaters and not to be suffered to live.

rk: Has the discerning reader picked up on the preemptive satanic "head em off at the pass" tactic yet?

leg: > These Laws apply to all people without exception, but 'especially' to the Jews, who have the Law and the prophets to
remind them of many of these mandates and who well know the penalty for the worship of the many gods (ancestors) of the
gentiles or for any form of idolatry.

rk: What makes Jews any different from any other holy book recitation-oriented robots? Mind control is mind control, is it

leg: > I have come not abolish the Law, but to impose the Law, fulfil the Law, and to modify, amend and simplify the Law. My
words and edicts shall serve as Law throughout Heaven and Earth on penalty of death and hell.

rk: Man's law has always been based in Satanic Intellectualism. Where has it brought peace upon this earth? The sign of insanity is evident when evil-producing actions are repeated while expecting a different result. Hell, isn't it?


leg: > 2: The Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff. In the Final Holocaust the following categories shall be executed. It is
forbidden to suffer any of these persons to live.

rk: So saieth the *petty god* of the Satanic Intellect!!

leg: > 1: The governmentalists.
leg: > 2: The Usuryists / Monetarists / Capitalists & State
Capitalists / State Monetarists.
leg: > 3: The nationalists.
leg: > 4: The religionists/ritualists/cultists.
leg: > 5: The anti-Communists (anti-sharers).
leg: > 6: The private propertyists.
leg: > 7: All who are not 'against' the aforementioned.

rk: Isolate and divide. A tried-and-true Satanic power ploy used by the few to annihilate the many. LET THIS BE A CANNONFODDER ALERT!!!

leg: > Money and all forms of credit, barter and private property shall be outlawed. After the Final Apocalyptic War and
the Final Revolution, you shall carry no money, nor shall you have servants/slaves, on penalty of Death and Hell.

rk: Then the computerized cashless society will be ushered in and the subtle spectre of slavery will be no more -- it will be A

leg: > We each have almost 7 billion brothers and sisters. About one third of them are under the age of 16. 50% are female, mostly propertyless and enslaved in poverty.

rk: Have not women always been enslaved by dominant male leaders thumping on their "holy books"?

leg: > One third of us live in the direst poverty. 200 million children have no food and no money to buy food. This is due to
the evil of the governmentalists, religionists, private propertyists and their collaborators and mercenaries who sell
their soul for the Monetarist's coin and credit.

rk: Simple solution: BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!! Stop supporting them with your life's energy in the form of money!!
BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT brings about the INSTANT Spiritual Transformation which no SATANIC intellect can oppose -- TRUE EQUALITY!! Yet the bar to such spiritual liberation lies in the worldly greed of those materialists who will ask, "What comes if I lose my position and status based on wealth and power?" The answer remains that wealth and power are only Satanic illusions. Nothing True is ever lost.

leg: > There are the Communists (lit. Communare; to share) and there are the Statist, Religionist, Capitalist and State
Capitalist monetarist chaff who are unworthy of life and are fit only to be cast into the fires of the Final Holocaust.

rk: Hell, isn't it? Hasn't it alway been so???

leg: > The macro-solution to the problem of macro-evil is as simple as that.

rk: The solution to man's problem has always been simple; yet in ignorant worship of the intellect, man is misdirected from
simplicity to complexity. BASSACKWARDS, isn't it???

leg: > If the population of the world had to be reduced to two persons, a male and a female, and they were truly Communists who were free of the evils of the religionists, governmentalists, monetarists and the private propertyists, it would be morally
justifiable to submit the remainder of the world to Holocaust.

rk: So saieth an intellectual SATANIST.

leg: > This will not be necessary however. Many of the women and children shall survive, for they are the evil God of
Religion, Governmentalism and Capitalism's greatest victims.

rk: An ignoramus always must account for his Sin of intellectualism. It is the essence of Hell on Earth, is it not?

leg: > Those among the males who are the evil God's collaborators shall not survive. No mercy or quarter must
be shown to them, for their God offers no mercy or quarter to the billions of children imprisoned in suffering and economic

rk: God, i.e., Infinite Intelligence does kill. Finite Intelligence of the Satanic Intellect has always been the
the prime mover in cause of suffering, economic slavery and endless wars which result in death and destruction.

leg: > There are simple laws that shall replace all the words and edicts of Moses, Jashiva, etc., and that shall serve as law
in all nations.

rk: Live by limited thought and you live in Hell. Live by unlimited awareness and spiritual and material liberation is

leg: > If Jashiva was the Judge of Judgement Day, his words and edicts should serve as Law.

rk: And if he is not, then what??? See what I mean about the impotence of thought?

leg: > Jashiva is long gone from this world. His words and edicts are today utilised by the Capitalists and cultists to sell
salvation for coin and to propagate private propertyism and anti-Communism.

rk: Like I said, politics and religion -- the warrior and the witchdoctor -- are two sides of the Satanic Coin of Power.

leg: > His Laws (Commandments) are not heeded. Many are the Christians who wear shoes, carry money, have servants and slaves, commit idolatry (as 'all Christians do), pray in public, and who believe that it is possible for the rich to enter Heaven.

rk: Why do you pit brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, group against group, nation against nation? As a
Spiritual Brother Jesus of Nazareth once said, the "poor shall always be with us." Why, because they are ignorant and feel
unworthy of equality.

leg: > These brood of cultist vipers are unworthy of life and are the chaff for the Final Holocaust.

rk: At their own hand!! Such is the nature of ignorance.

leg: > It is my words and edicts of Judgement that shall serve as Law.

rk: HORSEPUCKY!! God's Law of Divine Awareness shall be the Truth which liberates ignoramuses from the clutches of ruling

leg: > I am simple and specific. My demands are so simple that 'especially' children can understand them.

rk: Especially those who have been trained to obey the voice of the master and have not yet cultivated spiritual discernment
through the trials of life.

leg: > First War of Armageddon.

leg: > The Cities of the rich shall be burned by fire.

rk: And then rebuilt by the same rich who destroyed them. I think they call it "Urban Renewal." Slick, is it not?

leg: > Poisoned waters and plague shall be the curse of the cities whose populations worship the false god of money and where
all manner of idolatry is legal.

rk: Who poisoned the waters? The simple man or industries ruled by the rich?

leg: > Their children shall curse the day that their parents gave them birth.

rk: Life is problem solving. Solve the problem of life and you are free. Revel in mass confusion and you are enslaved.

leg: > For they did not know the time of the Final Apocalyptic Revolutionary War of Economic Salvation. And they reaped and
sowed and built themselves houses and were married and given in marriage. And they did not heed the writing on the wall nor did they heed the cries of the oppressed, crying out in their hundreds of millions for food. And they revered the rich and the
powerful and the politicians and their celebrities, and they did not heed the call for Revolution. Woe to the population of the
First World.

rk: The only revolution that has not been effected upon human society since the dawn of civilization has been the peaceful
revolution of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Throughout Millenia, countless violent revolutions have wiped out large portions of humanity, yet the blind and ignorant, like a moth drawn to a flame, invites his own demise by allowing him/herself to be led by his equally blind leadership. SATANIC, ISN'T IT?

leg: > My words and edicts shall serve as Law on penalty of Death and Hell.

rk: Because your words are based in "Death and Hell."

leg: > In this life and in eternity. Death and Hell shall be the penalty for all who are not for the Final Law.

rk: The final law is GOD'S LAW -- Divine Awareness wherein ALL ARE ONE. ALL ARE EQUAL. It is the law which transcends the SATANIC intellect of opposing dualism.

leg: > They who are not for imposition of the Final Law are against it in this life and in eternity.
   SATANIC hook yet?

leg: > The rich and the religionists and their collaborators and mercenaries shall be cast into the fires of Death and Hell.

rk: As will be the ignorant revolutionaries who will spill their blood to make sure their "perceived" enemies spill theirs also?

leg: > The poor and the propertyless shall inherit the earth, not the rich, the religionists and the governmentalists.

rk: No, the meek, the balanced, the spiritually sighted shall be those who inherit the earth. The rich and powerful, and their
reactionary poor and ignorant shall be "wormbait." Hell, isn't it?

leg: > Only after the Final Holocaust of all categories of religious and governmentalist criminal collaborators shall swords
be turned to ploughshares. Until then, there must be and always shall be war.

rk: When has there not been war on this planet populated by SATANICALLY-driven intellectual ignoramuses?

leg: > All nations shall and must fall. All governments shall and must fall. All religions shall and must fall.

rk: All, All, All, eh? What's left for an intellectual such as yourself?

leg: > Great and Terrible and Dreadful and Wrathful shall be the Day of Final Judgement. No mercy or quarter to they who deserve none.

rk: So saieth the purveyor of SATANISM. Luciferia, professed enemy of God, of Divine Intelligence, YOU ARE ALREADY TOAST!! So saieth:

Raymond Ronald Karczewskiä -- A Living Christ

Enemy of God.
Judge of the Living and the Dead.

In Babylon.


Women and children for world peace and the Unification of the Motherland. Apocalyptic War, Revolution and African Exodus.

The 1000 Year agricultural revolution. The return to 'Year Zero.'

The End of Religion. The End of Governmentalism.

God is evil. War is Divine. Property is Theft. Anarchy is Order. I demand War, Revolution and the Final Holocaust.

I demand anything good but strong.

They who refuse to invoke and evoke war against the Kabaala-ist demons are unworthy of life

Resist Not Tyrannical Government
Raymond Karczewski http://www.arkenterprises.com/

Re:  The Final Law: Death and Hell. The Sentence for the Disobedient

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 09:50:34 +0100

Luciferia "Luciferia Enemy of God"Judge of the Living and the
Dead. (luci...@luciferia.wanadoo.co.uk) wrote:

Raymond Karczewski - A Living Christ (ark...@earthlink.net)

In Babylon.www.luciferia.tv

Mirror of TRVTH wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

11:57 AM (9 hours ago)

moh: > Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (Dec 21).

ark...@frontier.com (Raymond Karczewski) wrote:

The Final Law: Death and Hell. The Sentence for the Disobedient

Raymond Karczewski wrote:
12:01 PM (6 minutes ago)
rk: >> To any and all who have read the below post, you have been treated to the forgery of my writings.


moh: > What a crock of shit. Raymus, it was your writing thru and thru.

moh: > You have now grown so senile that you can't even remember
posting a 400 line screed. Real christs don't fade into patheticism, they go out in style.

moh: > Hell, innit?

rk: You will note I did not author the article, either you or one of your buddies writing under the alias uci...@luciferia.wanadoo.co.uk did. I doubt the email address is valid also.

rk: An enormous time was spent in constructing such a post by the cut and paste method taking comments I have made in other posts and adding a few up of his own copying my style of unique expression by the fictional writer "luciferia" to make it appear that I was responding to the fictitious statements.

rk: I notice your Instructions to Google to remove the evidence of this forgery in 6 days by Dec 21. (Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (Dec 21). ) Don't want that evidence left up too long for serious researchers, do you?

rk:  Such A serious independant investigation might bring about that long-overdue Investigation into Government Intelligence community and Media disinformation activities on the American People, via the Internet that All Law Enforcemet Agencies beginning with the FBI back in 1997 and including the State of Oregon and County of Josephine Sheriff's office WHO HAVE ALL REFUSED TO TOUCH THIS CASE WITH A TEN FOOT POLE.

rk: Such an investigation then of the Intelligence Community program using mind control over Internet Users might have brought down the government then, instead of having to wait an additional 16 years to collapse all on its own over their ALLOWING the economic swindling of the American People.

rk: Here's a suggestion for you Mirror of Truth (a phrase originated by me and copied by you) Repeat your original post only this time reveal your true name along with an affidavit as to your statements Truthfulness and you and I can continue this once again with law enforcement and the courts.

rk: Or are you too cowardly to step out of the shadows and reveal your true identity and occupation with the government.

  "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind,
including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"
Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ