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A Black Man and a White Man show the world what Freedom is.

 Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

In my youth I spent a brief time as a professional boxer. 

After returning from Korea as the 8th Army novice Lightheavyweight champ, I looked to boxing as a ticket out of my environment like most poor uneducated kids do. 

In that time, I was the only white boxer in the all black Joe Louis Gym on the South side of Chicago.  Yes, I was soundly tested by my black companions, and when I stood up, they accepted me as a brother.  I was white, young strong and healthy, the whole world was opened up to me.  I could get a job whereas my black brothers       could not.

That was my education into racism in the days of the Freedom Riders.  It was put to the test when I travelled cross country from Chicago for my professional debut to Portland Oregon with Bobby Boyd, a ranked black fighter, his wife and my good friend and trainer Ron Cannon, also a black man, a former featherweight wise beyond his years from living on the Streets and his battles in the ring. 

For a time, I lived in the black section of Portland where I lived with a black family.  A family who accepted a white stranger in their midst. It was a good time.  A time spend with people who were colorblind.  I especially enjoyed Sunday dinner where the food was delicious and the company was interesting

Eventually I moved to San Francisco and hooked up with Curly Perry, and Bobo Olsons manager and Trainer.  After a year I found I lacked the "killer instinct" to put em away when they were hurt.  That malady is merciless to a heavyweight fighter and I decided there and then there were better ways to make a living.  My black brothers however, could not make such change in their lives.  They had to fight.

The point of this article is to point out that all men are created equal except for those affected by man made dictum.  When we look beyond the color of ones skin, we see the true man. 

I am telling this story as background for my recent support of  Chayil Yahweh a black man in Michigan who SHUT DOWN THE MICHIGAN COURTS because of his activism in defending the American Right to Travel upon public highways without seeking permission or license from government. 

When people begin to realize their True power in dealing with fictional government and courts, white, black, brown, red and yellow skin does not matter.

Government CANNOT stand that kind of solidarity.

Nowhere is the test of equality or inequality shown better than when one steps into the Ring. There action talks, and Bullshit walks.

Through the understanding of such violence, I have come to peace in my life.  A peace that no one or no thing can now disturb. It is that message that I have brought to the Internet over these last 18 year. 


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Systematic Enslavement of Civilized Man

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

When are the Civilized sheeple of the world going to learn they've been had by their satanically ruled public officials. 

Through Satanic Mind Control, these posing elitists have discovered the scam of scams, insuring their power and influence over the collective minds of publicly indoctrinated sheeple.

In Truth, there is only WHAT IS.  It exists in the Eternal moment of Now.  It has no beginning nor end.  It is timeless.

In the time-bound satanic ruled intellect, exists the "aftermoment based, reactionary illusion" of an altered, programmable, memory based idea of WHAT IS replete with all of it's impotent additives and activities.

It is when the aftermoment based, Intellectual interpretation takes place that altering the timeless, Eternal WHAT IS takes place and Hell comes into being the reality of Civilized Man.

God's Law is simple.  DO NO HARM.  What can be done with that? It speaks for itself.  How can one exploit that?

Man's law, however is complicated and confusing as it is satanically  (dualistic/opposed)imposed upon unsophisticated minds which have been trained and are expected to think about action before such action can be taken.  Does anyone see the satanic schism arising, as it is being created through memory based judgement?

God's Law requires Intelligence, a resonance at-onement with Truth.  Man's law however requires shrewdness. It doesn't take much for anyone to notice the difference in the vast schism between the two, yet shrewdness, cunningness and deception have long taken over the civilized Intellect damning all who practice it to hell.

Crime is an excellent example of the degraded intelligence of the civilized man.

Take Murder for example.  In a moment, a life is snuffed out. Gone, Untraceable.  The fact is that a terminal of consciousness has been snuffed out of existence and cannot be taken back, returned, restored to its previous state.  Keep in mind, in murder, it is the terminal of consciousness that ceases to be, not consciousness itself. 

In such cases what happens when satanic man's law takes place?  Institutions of control and power are erected and provide jobs for police, investigators, prosecutors, judges, experts of all kind, etc.

AS such all Institutionally created jobs are Commercial in Nature.  They allow opportunities for men to come in after the fact and theorize what took place. arrest people, indict, try and execute (kill) people.   For What?  To satisfy an illusory, programmable mass intellect's craving for justice, balance, and a host of illusory solutions which have no actual bearing with, relationship with the eternal moment-based action of murderous no return. 

I understand I am upsetting the civilized applecart with these observations, but lets face it, you folks are just too damned ignorant to expect to have or justify the life you dream of.   Now then, the question remains, who amongst you can rebut this absolute Truth with other than self-enhancing, egoistic satanic illusory arguments?

The fact is that in man's law, Satanic power is just a matter of supplying jobs for the creation of an institutional power base, be it the police, army, courts or any other coercive agency who serve the elitists and whose stock in trade is Illusion and coercion.. 

Thus, in that moment of depleted, satanic-tainted intelligence are created the schisms of the previously nonexistent Elites, and the Peasants, the haves and the have-nots.  The managers and the wealth suppliers, the government and the people.

Man's Law has not prevented Crime.  Man's law has not prevented murders, for murders are real, while man's law continues to be an illusion, and an impotent one at that.

I am a Christ, a Simple man of Truth. I know for you, that such a statement is hard to swallow, and it creates fear and resentment in you, because you inevitabley fall short of possessing such consciousness.   I follow God's Law, DO NO HARM. What need do I have for man's law?  The answer to that is self-evident, is it not?

Am I crazy? I have a life that damned near all of you only dream about.  Balance is my foundation of consciousness.  Truth is my essence. Peace and stability reflect animosity and violence in my interaction with civil minded, programmable, obedience trained sheeple.  In other words YOU!!

I say this, not to hurt your feeling but to awaken you.  To break the satanic spell that binds you to your tyrannical leaders.  For without that hypnotic spell that binds you to your own consentual slavery, you too, would be free men and women, Sovereigns.

If you really want the change the system, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT THE HELL OUT OF IT, and watch what happens.  The system based in man's law is only geared for your Resistance.  Act in Intelligence, Resist not Evil, JUST BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, PULL THE PLUG AND FLUSH IT DOWN THE DRAIN.

This has been a message from a True Christ, not the Mythical One drummed into you by pulpit pounding costumed impostors
.  .

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Fiction of Civilized Society.

To Arthur and Fiona Cristian,

I must address this issue of all or nothing that you seem to preach in your theory of Kindom.

Yes, we come into this world as children of our parents who have  themselves been made into slaves to the satanic system of thought, a system of thought which engenders, fortifies, and reinforces a consciousness based in dualistic, opposing thought, along with the imposition of  conditioning facts which removes the child from natural perception and encourages fanciful illusions, promoting such fictions as fact, as Truth. That, in essence is the generational continuation of "Man's Fall from Grace", his fall from "Direct Perception of Truth."

After the preschool fundamentals are out of the way, we, as little children armed with impressionable, eager, sponge-like minds are funneled and directed toward public schooling which takes over and removes us, to a degree, from parental influence onto authoritative schools which operate through the legal principle of Loco Parentis. (in place of the Parents). 

The child is thus split forever between dependence on Authority of the Schools and Authority of the Parents.  What remains unchanged is minds dependence upon outside authority.  Thus the system strengthens its hold on the mind and for the rest of ones life, maintains that hold over "civilized Consciousness, until one is released from it through death.

Thus stands as the transformation of consciousness moulding most of us into the image of productive citizens desired by the System.  Humanity is stripped away and replaced by obedient, productive, robotic behavior. The system, through lawyerly shenanigans, no longer serve us but OWN us.

Discrimination is not yet found to be viable in consciousness as we find ourselves progressing through our public indoctrination from elementary to high school, through college, and onto post grad studies.  For decades, the intellect has been pummeled into submission through psychological techniques of reward and punishment.   Much of what is learned is not spelled out in publicly, proposed curriculums, yet it becomes the most important lessons which we unconsciously learn.

As an example, no one signs up for a course called DUTY, OBLIGATION, OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY, and CONFORMITY to herd mentality.  Yet those are the most significant things that are taught which form the minds of civilized human beings, and transform them from potential Christs into unquestioning, herd-thinking, satanic minions.

Few escape such indoctrination.  Damn near all are left trying to understand the truth of what has been done to them through granting their trust in authority. They find that Life itself, is a spiritual training ground, a school of schools which must be attended to understand and disintegrate the harm that has been done to us through such specialized conditioning.

These are the spiritual aspirants who break away from the norm, who are clear that satanic conditioning is not the same as spiritual insight, i.e., direct perception of Truth. While they grow in spirit, in Truth, the conditioned illusions foisted upon them in their apparent helplessness, fall away as so much clutter, so much unnecessary debris. What is left in its wake is CLARITY.

These are Christs in Training, simple men and women of Truth,  those who understand clearly that they are in this world of thought, but ARE NOT OF IT.

Because their simple consciousness is beyond the grasp of the programmable herd thinking public, they create conflict in the herd mentality.  The herd is programmed toward security and laboring away their lives for the accumulated wealth of the exploiting controllers of the system.  The herd take great pride in being "dutiful citizens" who are conditioned to even sacrifice their lives in defense of a system of thought that robs them of their souls. 

So Arthur and Fiona, what does this all have to do with your absolutism in promoting the opting completely out of a world ruled by Satanic Thought. 

All systems, even yours of Kindoms are based in dualistic, opposing herd thought.  That relegate all member into the illusion of exclusivity, based on reinforcement of like minds acting together in collective agreement.

Do you see what just happened?  One leaves one system and joins another system.  ALL SYSTEMS ARE SATANIC, THAT IS THEY ARE DUALISTIC AND OPPOSING.   BAR NONE.

Satanic minions cocooned within the system can only be transformed into Christs when they risk stepping out as individuals, and stand alone if necessary to deal with the existing satanic system without supporting it.  If others see the Truth of such life, they too may find the courage to risk the consequences of standing alone, of non support by other herd thinking people who are not yet ready to learn the lessons that life has to teach them.

What I am pointing out here cannot be achieved by large number of like minded individuals glued tightly together by agreement in thought.  Systems are necessarity controlled by controlling system leadership. Hence legion of like minded believers can be instantly controlled by controlling those they place their trust in. 

You promote opting out of the system through collective thought. Power comes to those who engage in such collecive activity.  It is that simple Truth which I expressed that incensed you for such state of power was threatened, even though such threat was imaginary.

A simple man or woman of Truth, a Christ, knows that no thought based organization has power over the Individual who stand in truth, who is holistic, at one with the infinite, one possessed of Divine Intelligence, direct perception of WHAT IS.

My life has been a blessing though it appears to be a lightning rod for controversy.  You see, I have stood down the illusions of satanic conditioning and I stand alone in that.  That is the nature of a Free man or Woman, a Sovereign. 


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Solution To Taking Back Our Government

As most members of "Oregon Shout" know, I am a retired Police Sergeant from a California Police Dept and former owner of a Private Investigation/Private Security Patrol company which goes back to the 60's and 70's. .

The change in Law Enforcement's policies were beginning to take place back then and slowly morphed into the heavy-handed enforcement policies we are now seeing today.

Cops are like everyone else. They "go along to get along" and follow department policy rather than their conscience for fear of losing their jobs and pensions.

There are a lot of good cops out there that get no press. The media instead focuses on activities and stories which serve the agenda of power and that is to publicize only shocking stories which implant and reinforce fear and violence in the minds of the public. Such policies feed the egos of the bad cops who don't deserve to wear the badge while the good cops hunker down to hold onto their jobs.

I have known few what might be called really courageous officers who will stand up to the policy makers of his department. Thus the trend has been toward deterioration of public relations and service to the public.

The safety of the cop on the street is about to change, for the public has been pushed to the edge. More and more cops are being shot. This is no accident. Such resistance has been factored into the formula for the destruction of our Constitution and morphing into the population control agenda slated by the New Word Order.

I condemn the pre-emptive shooting of Cops, because as yet, the policy makers have not yet declared war on the American Public through Martial Law. But I see that coming very soon on the American Scene. When that occurs War is Declared on the American People and when it comes to "civilized behavior" all bet are off.

Do we wait until the government has all of its "ducks in a row" and create a False Flag event to precipitate war on Americans? No, Absolutely Not. The American response should not be Resistance in the form of violent reaction, but being the True Sovereigns they are, the creator of government, the boss to their public servants, instead apply the NONVIOLENT but most effective approach of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Remove and Withdraw all support, psychological, economic, and cooperation.

The government cannot operate without the consent or the money of the public. Should government overstep themselves and threaten the lives of "We the People", it is then time to use the gun. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. There are more of Us than there are of Them, and We are the sovereign People, the Creator of Government, not its subjects. We all have the Unalienable Right to Life which goes directly to the use of 'Self-Defense" of one facing deadly force or acting in the defense of another. When the good Cops see that their present policies are permission for People to defend themselves in a War, they will take a second look at their jobs when they leave their families to go to work.

Unalienable Rights are just that. Unalienable. They cannot be overcome by government policies, those inner rules which bring about Corporate Conduct. Remove your consent to belonging to the present corporate government and you are NO LONGER subject to corporate law. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER YOU regarding victimless crimes and illusory "Color of the Law" statutes.

I have put this to the test more than 11 years ago. The Oregon Courts convicted the STRAWMAN JURISTIC PERSON in two trials, but threw this living man out of their jails with no charges hanging over my head when I challenged the court to prove its fictional jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-blood, sentient Natural man of the Sovereign People and they would not, could not, have not till this very day. At that point, I merely openly stated that I refused to accept their terms of Sentencing as an unlawful offer to an invalid contract. I had harmed no one in my actions and thus, no crime was committed. All those, who by their own consent belong to the Corporate Government agree to all the rules, policies, and laws, of the corporation, and it is this breach of contract which sends thousand of unwary (Slaves by their own Consent) Americans to jail. They unknowingly consent to their own prosecution and imprisonment, all to the destruction of American Society.

I have been writing about this solution on the Internet for 11 years now, and Oregonians REFUSE to change their status.

Each of you can be free in the NEXT MOMENT. You have only your own ignorance and apathy that accounts for your present slavery, which is soon to be amplified into an American Holocaust.

The question arises, will you regain your natural intelligence and shift your consciousness to that of a Sovereign, or will you sign your own Death Warrant as a slave of the corporation, now regarded as slaves, property of the state, whose life is held in the hands of corporate policy makers.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Raymond Karczewski -- A Modern Day Christ

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

http://youtu.be/pHyeGC8p1hs  You Tube Video

I, Raymond Karczewski, simply state that I am a Christ, a Simple man of Truth, one who lives in our modern day society, yet is not of it.

I do not pander to others through Storytelling or through parables.

My message is simple, direct and powerful. It is designed to awaken the human populace to their True Nature since it was lost to them when they sought to become civilized, to conform to man made ideas which regulated their behavior and which has held sway in the human consciousness since the first society to emerge on Earth.

My message exposes the massive influence of prolific satanic magickal thinking imposed upon the minds of the masses throughout the world today via semantic attachments to words and concepts, a satanic malady   which has captured the minds of Civilized man since the Dawn of Civilization.

As most of you who have who are offended by my open and deliberate use of the word "Christ" attached to my name, I fully understand your upset.  But, now is the time for you to understand the true source of your upset. If you do not shut down this video from the fear of being exposed as a mere believer in fantasy thinking, you shall feel the pain of spiritual ignorance, the acknowledgment that you have been led down a wrong path, a path which has carved out your own personal Hell on Earth.

The word Christ is just a word, a concept, an illusion which has taken on the aura of being sacred by those of you listening to this, those of you who have been conditioned to believe such magickal satanic thinking myths as facts. 

You must keep in mind that the word is merely a reflection of a truth which always remains present in the eternal moment of Now, a moment which it timeless, without beginning or end.  However, through intellectual filtering, a devolution of consciousness from that of Divine Awareness, direct perception of Truth, man himself has voluntarily opted to "Fall from Grace" to transform the moment of Truth into the aftermoment, memory, rote learned based illusion of the Idea of Truth.  Ideas are not Truth for they are limited while Truth is Whole.  Ideas can never be Truth for they lack the wholeness of Truth, the holistic, the holyness of Truth.

Civilized men and women are trained from birth to death to live in such Intellectual aftermoments which they call reality.  They know not Truth for they are incapable of resonating directly with the unique and unreplicatable resonance of holistic Truth.  Instead, what they share with other like-minded codependant believers, what you unknowingly experience as an aftermoment, time-bound, linear string of Satanic Intellectual consciousness based in limitation, duality and opposition. 

Most of you have lost your ability to directly perceive Truth in the eternal moment of now, to exercize your God given gift of Divine Awareness which cuts through the accumulated mountain of false illusions acquired through conditioning and exposes directly, the unabated, unadorned Truth at hand.

Such is the barrier of communication which exists between a Christ, a simple man or woman of Truth and you, the willing, the consentual, the dependent believer of myths, superstitions and other sundry illusions which affect your  world view. You have sacrified Truth, for wanton belief because it is easier for you to conform to herd thinking than to stand alone in Truth.

By my use of the word Christ, I have exposed the age old satanic trigger used by the few elitists to control the many through societally based, mass mind control.

Such limiting mind control techniques account for the failure of the human being to live freely and lovingly in his own lifetime. Instead his direct perception of Truth, of WHAT IS, is outwardly influenced via the limited concepts of the unnameable Supreme Intelligence to an organizational conditioned thought of "god", clearly a dead concept, a "graven image" of a debased, everlasting Divine Intelligence.  Such reduction of perception relegates the civilized man to the status of slave in the civilized world of his own making, and not that of a  Master of his own Destiny.

A Christ is a man/woman of Truth, one who has faced such unrelenting satanic conditioning, understood it for what it is and thus, has  risen above such superficial, dualistic, opposing thought, the thoughts which binds all common, conditionable people into becoming servants and slaves owned by those elitists who control the mass intellect through well established institutions of propaganda.

 When Truth is reflected in language as the "Idea of Truth", human reality is forever changed from the perception of the indisputable WHAT IS, into the arguable and manipulatable satanic (dualistic and opposing) nature of the "Idea of Truth".  The latter is the foundation of Civilized Societies throughout the world. The latter is the cause of Hell on Earth.

Thus men have been persuaded to worship Satan, the "petty god" of   intellect and relinquish their God Given gift of direct perception of Truth, Divine Awareness. All this for the promise of Security, a shallow promise often offered but seldom delivered.  Thus such limited programmable Intellects create their own world via its own limited projected conditioned thoughts mistaken for the whole of True reality.

This message I gift you poses a threat to the existing satanic pattern of human behavior established in a civilized society.  This is typical of mass reception of Truth in a world of blind beleivers, unknowingly bound to Illusion.

The key to the shift from Hell on Earth to Heaven on Earth rests in the message of Christs everywhere, simple men and women of Truth who navigate this world on earth but are not of it.

Each of You who have sat through this message have been exposed to parts of your consciousness which heretofore remained beyond your comprehension.  Pay close attention to your own  responses to it, for that is your True Spiritual Teacher at work.  Such a Teacher has never left you.  It is God, Truth itself which has touched you.  It is your own decisions which have created the lives that you now live. Do you learn by them, or have you been overwhelmed by them?

Not all of you will get the message.  It is for those who are ready to make change, real change in their lives.  Others will scorn the simple message of this video.  Some may not yet be ready for such liberating Truth, but it must be presented to you for each of you to make that choice. 

This Christ's message may be read fully on my website
arkenterprises.com and its voluminous links.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Help, I am Facing the courts and Don't Know What to Do?

Monique Moon wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

mm:  >   hi raymond can u help me u sound knowledgeable I am needing some help and advice as i received a ticket for no insurance.

mm:  > 2xs in 2 different counties im n oregon or do u no anyone near me who can assist me thanks for your time love and peace to you..

mm:  > the impression im getting we are not being given remedy cuz theyre are too many different levels of this state governance..

mm:  >  plz help i dont know what to do i did send the elected sherrif my complaint about the officers actions as he assaulted me and tried to arrest me and they stole my car....

mm:  > how do i navigate thru this system its so big and i just dont know what to do im wanting to go after the bond thru risk management...

mm:  > any thoughts what can i do next that wont get me killed or hated on... how do i navigate this is not fair to the little guy who has nothing... not fair...

rk:  Monique, Like many others who face problems similar to yours, the news is not good. YOu don't have time to launch a defense. You are not prepared to face the court on your terms, but are being intimidated by the system that you have agreed to, by your own consent to be a member of.  That's the first thing you and others must do:  RESCIND YOUR CONSENT TO BELONG TO THE CORPORATION WHICH CALLS ITSELF GOVERNMENT.

rk:  Asking the sheriff to investigate his own is like a "victimized chicken" asking a wolf whose pups just raided the chicken coop to dicipline his pups who were just following their trained wolf nature.

rk;  I have been writing about these matters of Sovereignty and Freedom on the internet for the last eighteen years.  Most comments from others come to me like yours did, when they were rounded up, arrested, and facing court and jail time.  In other words, your "Ox has been gored," and you have no space, no time to face that which you don't understand.

rk:  LIfe has never been fair to those who have been trained to be cared for and dependant upon others. The system thrives on such "helpless-conditioned" people. You are caught by your life-long accumulated habitual responses.   Thus you and othersy have no other response but to search out for someone to solve your problem for you.

rk:  That too, is factored in by the system, as it forces all to seek out advocates, lawyers, and other questionable experts whose first loyalty is to the system to represent them.  Lawyers first allegiance it to the courts, second to his client.   Such system is purposely designed to exploit people.

My website http://www.arkenterprises.com  and its links have all that you need to solve any future problems, but for this one, you are a bit too late.

My writings are designed for all those who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear", but unfortunately, most prefer to remain asleep to the truth of their existence via their lifelong conditioning (education)

We Americans can turn this country back to its original Constitution, but actions must be taken before they are victimized by their own public servants/tyrants.

Monique, you are your own Savior.  Do not allow others to make you DOUBT YOURSELF.

Monique, I am not responding to this privately, and have decided to post this publicly because this problem applies to MILLIONS OF OTHERS. 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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BALANCE, BALANCE:  Whose unbalanced, A Christ or the World?

Scott Andrews wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

sa:  >  Well thats just it, I am looking at the manner of your writing, and sense an imbalance. Not looking for truths out of anyone here, there is no need for me to find that which doesn't need to be found.

rk:  Scott, the perception of imbalance is your own projected assessment.  You see, I don't go mining for truth in the satanic conditioned consciousness of the profane.  I merely point to the obstructions to truth that dominates their consciousness.  What upsets people the most is that they cannot defend the illusions from which they hide behind.

sa:  >  There is a sense of loneliness and spite in the manner of your expressions Raymond, where as with Arthur and Fiona, I sense a great hope and joy for life and for the families of this world. (Of course these are the perceptions of words, and not the Man. However the way we express ourselves is very telling)

rk:  Scott, you confuse "aloneness" for "loneliness".  All Christs, simple men and women of Truth are ALONE (All One) with Truth.  It cannot be shared with the profane who are herd-thinking, outer directed conditioned automatons.  That is the soul of organizationally tainted sheeple expressing itself amid like minded sufferers..  They are the ones who remain in pain yet are too damned dumb to relieve themselves of such illusory burden.  It is not a play on words when I say that ALL MEN ARE LIVING UNDER THE THRALL OF SATANIC CONDITIONING, ALL.  A Christ is one who has understood such conditioning and Transcended it. 

rk:  These satanic conditioned people live in denial.  When I address them, they cannot escape the piercing ray of Truth which sears away the obstructing illusions of belief, and exposes them for what they Truly are.  If my comments were not true, why would anyone be disturbed by them? 

sa:  >  I wish that I had a space I could invite you all, where I could feed you and nourish your energies with the beauty of creation, far away from the distractions of these hijacked thoughts so many succumb to...

rk: I probably would not attend.  All such philosophizing is Satanic in Nature. Quite frankly, my message is based in the simple truth, and such simplicity is NOT UNDERSTOOD.   Most of these promoted occasions you wish for amount to nothing more than competitive gamesmanship, one-upmanship, power struggles, ego enhancement and the like.  I have yet to see where such occasions have not been bound by satanic rules of civility, while the cunning and the persuasive whose Positive imaged fantasies do not amount to anaestitising the painful consciousness of those who rationalize their lives away with "Coulda Woulda, Shoulda."

sa:  >  We all want the same thing essentially, we just struggle with our lazy ways of word expression. The internet is such a dull form of expression, and wish we could all discuss these feelings within tribes so that we could communicate with all of our senses involved in our perceptions.

rk:  I want no such thing.  I HAVE IT. I have no worldly desires ruling my consciousness. To most of you, such a statement is incomprehensible.  I understand who I am, and have faced 18 years of internet attack which shows that I cannot be shaken by clever wordmeisters practising their dark satanic craft of Disinformation. 

rk:   Yes indeed.  I continue to stand alone, while waves of attackers and ignoramuses do not last very long when they seek to destroy the Truth that is the essence of my writing. You see, the profane, the satanically controlled sheeple play at the periphery and pretend they resonate at the root of spiritual understanding.  There can be no peace amongst tribes of such spiritual ignoramuses. Are they not captive of their own allegiance to group satanic rule? 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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To Be or To Become, That is the Question!

    By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

  The key to the release from one's pain and suffering during one's life on earth is to realize the difference between his present consciousness of "being" and "becoming."

  To live in the state of being is to live naturally. To be at-one with Truth.

  To live in the state of becoming is to live in illusion, in deception, TO BE CIVILIZED. 

  To live in the state of Being is to live with WHAT IS. 

  To live in the state of becoming To be ruled by the conditioned satanic illusions of thought, to worship  ideas, concepts.  To doubt one's natural existence. 

  Therein lies the struggle of human existence on Earth.

  The purpose of life is to arrive at the understanding of what it means to live in a state of "Being" while all the while the state of "Becoming" is asserting itself. 

  The sheeple are "becomers", the Christ are "Beings". 

  Realize that in your consciousness, and you will experience "Heaven on Earth, instead of Hell on Earth.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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   A Living Christ Decrees                                                                                                                                                      

   A quick solution to the increased Tyranny of the American People since Obama was inaugurated as President of These united states of America is to impeach him and restore all laws and executive decisions fraudulently passed by him concerning  the assault upon freedom of the American People                                                         

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Christ Shows The Way to Freedom in America

   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   In a recent statement, I Declared:                                                                                                                                    

   "A quick solution to the increased Tyranny of the American People since Obama was inaugurated as President of these united states of America is to impeach him and restore all laws and executive decisions fraudulently passed by him concerning  the assault upon the freedom of the American People"

  How did such message fall upon the ears, hearts, and minds of the American People? 

  In a BASSACKWARD, Satanically conditioned thought-ruled world, how did such message sit with the people/sheeple?  Was it just idle talk of one man?  Or does the message touch each who hear it, deeply to their very core of being?

  Just who the hell am I to seriously make such a statement? What can one man do? What can you do?  What credibility do I, just one man in a country of millions have to make such a bold statement?  What authority do my words hold when millions cower at the psychologically induced sights and scenes of satanically induced pomp and ceremony of the Illusions of Power?  How has such illusions of pomp and ceremony impacted your lives?

  Hell, Obama is just a mere president of a satanically created corporation, while I am a Christ, A Son of God, a True Sovereign, one who recognizes NO LAW but the Law Of God -- "DO NO HARM!"  One who is at-one with the energy of Truth which beats in the hearts of every man and woman who has ever lived and shall live in the future, but who has been made to doubt him/herself through a daily regimen of media based mind control.

  Doesn't sound so crazy now, does it?  Especially when each of you sense deeply, individually, that What I am, SO ARE YOU -- Sovereigns, Free men and women,  but who have sold your souls, lost your spiritual bearings because of your own conditioned thoughts. Thoughts that have made you doubt yourselves, thoughts which have caused you to willingly and sometimes unwillingly consent to your own chains of slavery.

 In Eternity, Nothing is Lost. Life does not end at death. It may be displaced and doubted for a time, but eventually everyone comes to the point of Self-realization of who they Truly are -- Christs, and Sovereigns, the creators of their own lives.

  I have spoken to the illusory herd of American Sheeple.  I have caused a disruption in their normal state of Consciousness.  I have stripped away their glorious dreams of killing or being killed in a bloody revolution in some La La Land satanic fantasy of positive imaged liberation thereby, even for just a moment, removing them from their very real life of bondage and slavery.

  For those of you who dream you are slaves to the fictitious organization of government, I AM TELLING YOU TO WAKE UP. I am telling you that your dream is nothing more than a conditioned Satanic Spell, one which has made you doubt yourselves.  I am telling you, that by your choices, you are the creator of your own personal Hell.

  Its as simple as that.  What you have created through your conditioned self-doubt, you can uncreate.  Why, because it is just an illusion.  You have lent it credibility through your own assent, your own consent, agreeing to the terms of slavery which seem now to overwhelm you so, to strip away every ounce of your Self-respect. To be owned by the corporation, to pledge yourselves, your labor, your property, your children, your very lives to defend the agenda of government, bankers, and corporate elitists. 

  If that is the way you want to live, then GOD HAS DAMNED YOU.

  However, If you see that for more than a decade now, One Christ, One Sovereign has stood up to government and its courts, AND STOOD THEM DOWN even though two fictitious trials convicted its own satanically created defendant.  Josephine County Oregon Courts show convictions in both trials, yet have thrown out of jail, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, a Christ, the author of this communication with NO CHARGES HANGING OVER HIS HEAD.

  For the last 12 years, this enormous event which exposes the impotency of the Satanic Legal System has been widely disseminated throughout the Computer using world, yet throughout all this, the satanically spell that continues to bind the American People to Slavery HAS NOT BEEN BROKEN. 


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Alex Jones, Intelligent or Ignoramus?

HummingBird N FreeMan  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski  wrote:

Following is a dialogue on my Facebook Page.

hbfm: > Anyone with discernment and internet would know he was telling the truth, looking silly never helps, but how many IGNORANT people BOTHER to think, why is he shouting?

rk: He is shouting because he is a bully. He uses force to intimidate and will not allow anyone with a grasp of truth on his show. He uses callers to launch his opinions, no more no less Listen to the sound file and other You Tube recordings of his banning me from his show on false pretenses, followed by a faux apology and psychological buildup of himself. Alex Jones is a first Class Phony.

hbfm: > Thanks for your response, I am very hard of hearing so I had to get others to listen to the recording, a transcript may be helpful on the video of what is said... however, I understand where you are coming from, but I do believe that this example is a poor one to back up your argument. Alex actually sounds quite reasonable and controlled in your example... That isn't really an example of Alex 'bullying' somebody really... There are many more instances you could have chosen but I see how this one is personal.

hbfm: > I have been on radio shows too, interviews and phone ins, I have been cut off too on phone in's in far more aggressive ways than your example. People like George Galloway, James Whale, Alan Beswick going back a long way... (British presenters) Alex was kind here...

hbfm: > The faux apology you refer to was a demonstration of a reasonable man in my opinion. I don't always agree with 100% Alex Jones opinion, but I cannot think of an example right now (and don't really need any) of something he said that wasn't true, I am not an avid fan, but having done many years of research on the way the world is and finding Alex Jones to be pointing out what was obvious to me anyway, I know that the majority of what he says IS true, IS worth getting angry about and IS worth shouting about... I think you are seeing his apology personally to you... when actually it may or may not be about your situation... I may see if I can find the whole show and get the whole thing in perspective... Love Peace and Respect

hbfm: > I understand. And I do have to agree with you to a certain extent. I wish I had known of Alex in his first year, to have seen (Heard really) how he composed himself at that time, do you recall? Was he softer spoken back then? His energy May truly be that of "the antithesis of an enlightened man." but his intellect, memory and knowledge cannot be described as that. I do wonder if the rabble rouser aspect is from certain things or whether he always had that attitude...

hbfm: > "bullhorning his way when simple truth cannot make its way through the satanic conditioning of sheeple." (I did say earlier "looking silly never helps") Is the bullhorning effective in anyway? I am sure it is, and from the little I have learned about yourself, I would have thought getting through the "satanic conditioning of sheeple" would be something you would support. I respect people that come across as humble, although softly spoken can be annoying on a personal level because of my hearing problems and Jones Never leaves me uncertain as to his words or meanings unlike other commentators.

hbfm: > I was just about to write to you here when I got your notification, I wanted to ask you what date the radio show was if you don't mind...was it late December or the 1st of January? If it was a few days and you cannot remember exactly, do you remember his topics or guests of that show?

hbfm: > Thank you once again for the communication..

hbfm: > Love Peace and Respect

rk:   HummingBird, I was not speaking of the one incident of my being banned only, but was making an overall observation of alex jones that cannot be argued. His energy is the antithesis of an enlightened man. It is rather that of a rabble rouser, one who keys negative emotions by working a crowd into a mob, bullhorning his way when simple truth cannot make its way through the satanic conditioning of sheeple. He could well be likened to those inciters who worked the crowd at Jesus' lynching. He has his place in the world of ignoramuses. Raymond Karczewski

hbfm: > Also, what is he ignorant of? isn't it the ignorant he is trying to reach?

rk:   Intelligent men act. Ignoramuses React. Why fight when you can just withdraw your support by peaceful BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT?

hbfm: > Raymond Karczewski "Intelligent men act. Ignoramuses React. Why fight when you can just withdraw your support by peaceful BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT"

hbfm: > I do understand and I am here for the debate/conversation with an intelligent man...But doesn't evil triumph when good men do nothing?

hbfm: > All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Apparently Edmund Burke said this, I do not like nor condone anything that Burke says really, but this is apt right now, Thomas Paine on the other hand, Yes I condone almost everything he says...

hbfm: >  Jones acts and Reacts, and so do we all, if we allow our instincts of nature to enable us.

rk:   HummingBird N FreeMan You'll just have to debate someone else. Men of Truth do not debate for there is nothing to debate in truth. There is only "WHAT IS" which is self-evident. Debate is found only in the Satanic Idea of Truth, and there you will find many ignoramuses who hold themselves to be enlightened for you to debate.

rk:   If one studies my stand facing the Oregon and Josephine Courts down, they will find that all I did was BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, their unlawful behavior. They could not elicit any consent to their tyranny. They held my body imprisoned, but they could never touch or incite my spirit. It was such spiritual stance which stymied the Satanic courts. When the people come to understand the spiritual power within them, this satanic ruled world will come to an end. SUCH IS THE EFFECTIVENESS OF BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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