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Re: Response on OS from Raymond

From: Richard Koenig <richardl.koenig@gmail.com>

To: Ben Philow <bphilow@yahoo.com>
Cc: Raymond Karczewski...snip...
        Karen Bitz <kbitz@molalla.net>Re: Response on OS from Raymond

Richard Koenig <richardl.koenig@gmail.com>

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net)

koenig:  >  You're definitely right about what the jury may do.  But the emphasis has been placed, of late, on "under instruction from the court".  I had intended to keep things moving along with less arguing with the judge. 
koenig:  >  Now there is a evolutionary leap in strategy.  If the case isn't dismissed by May 14, I may let the jury pool be ushered in, but I will solicit their participation as witnesses to my challenge to show me the law that Steve Madkour already has acknowledged can't be produced.
koenig:  >  And Ray,
koenig:  >  I have a feeling like we are already third world.  I don't know any better way to get a bunch of people who are primed to do something serious than grab the whole jury pool...  Just show me the law that says law enforcement can treat the traveling public like motor vehicle operators and I'm pleading guilty.  Then we can all go home.
koenig:  >Thanks for the 911, whoever put it in the picture.  That's one of my dream cars.  I'll take the image as a good omen.
ray K:  In commercial Law based in common law, there is what is called "Acceptance for value upon Proof of Claim." This is what you have done with your affidavit accompanied statement "Just show me the law that says law enforcement can treat the traveling public like motor vehicle operators and I'm pleading guilty.  Then we can all go home".

Such a legal instrument Accompanied by your Affidavit and demanding their answer to the questions of JURISDICTION, accompanied by their Oath or affidavit, resolves the issues and removes such controversy from the purview of the courts.  Without a controversy, there is nothing to adjudicate.

Foundational Maxims of Commerce

1.  A workman is worthy of his hire.

2.  All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law).

3.  In commerce truth is sovereign.

4.  Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

5.  An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.

6.  An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.

7.  A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

8.  He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.

9.  Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (if one has neither been damaged nor incurred a risk, and is unwilling to swear an affidavit -- i.e., "true, correct, and complete," the commercial equivalent of, " the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" -- on his unlimited commercial liability for the veracity of his statements and the legitimacy of his action, he has no credibility, and therefore no basis for asserting claims/charges or claiming authority).

10.  A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by counteraffidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment.

rk:  The courts are a place to purportedly resolve controversies.  If there is no controversy, No Law has been Broken and there is nothing to adjudicate.  In other words, the courts have NO JURISDICTION.  Also in Maxim 2. "All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law)"
That applies equally to the judge, as it does to all authorized agents of government equally as it applies to you. 

rk:  By your free and and voluntary statement "Just show me the law that says law enforcement can treat the traveling public like motor vehicle operators and I'm pleading guilty.  Then we can all go home". accompanied by your Affidavit, Their refusal to answer your questions accompanied by your affidavit, places them in dishonor and commercial default based BASED ON their PRIVATE UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL LIABILITY for their actions.

rk:  It is these simple Maxims which SET ME FREE from jail more that a decade ago when they came after me, even though the JURISTIC PERSON, the STRAWMAN was convicted in two trials.  They also placed all agents who defaulted in financial jeopardy to millions of Dollars. All that need be done is for you to file your affidavit prior to the court appearance.  Any refusal on their part to answer automatically accompanied by their oath or affidavit admits that your position is true and correct and stands as law. 

rk:  The problem is the courts DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW, yet they did cover their asses (CYA) by throwing me out of jail and picking on other easier targets since.

rk:  Richard you now have the opportunity to bring down the corrupt court and corporate traffic officers who prey on innocent American Travellers, on our publicly owned highways, those who are not required to obey corporate rules and regulation without their consent or contract. 

rk:  Richard, you are carrying the torch of Justice for Oregonians and the American People.  Realize what you have, and GO FORWARD.

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Re:  Give me the words today ! Amen...

Shane Thomas writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes:

st:  Give me the words today ! Amen...

rk:  Shane, when you pray to God, ask a question of God, are you not praying to a projected thought you have of the Infinite, the Unknown?

rk:  Are you not actually entertaining thought with another thought.

rk:  That is the Satanic Trap of one aspect of Intellect connecting with another aspect of your conditioned intellect. That is the essence of Mind Control at its best.

rk:  One cannot access the INFINITE with the FINITE INTELLECT.

rk:  The Infinite Unkown is always beyond the limitation of the finite known possessed by the Satanic ruled INtellect.

rk:  To access God, the Infinite, Truth itself, the mind must be quieted, silenced, must end its chatter, must die to its timebound existence. God, the Infinite essemce that is Supreme Intelligence presents itself in the silence beyond words and chatter of ideas. There, if in True Silence, and not merely trapped in the essence, the thought of silence, the Truth will reveal itself and you will do the right thing, say the right thing at the right time. That is TRUE PRAYER.

rk:  The average person reading my comments hasn't a clue of their own Satanic conditioning. That is why they are not receptive to such devastating Truth. Just about everyone you know is SATANICALLY NUTZ!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Nature of Hell on Earth

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Conditioned Sheeple love storytellers. It allows for them to sit passively and become judge and determiner of a fictional story with its moral and thus feel ...
as though they are experiencing themselves as God, the very Satanic Antithesis of what they feel they otherwise are. It is all done through projection of positive imagery outwardly, while remaining steeped in negative imagery inwardly. That is the eternal war going on inwardly while they remain trapped in the hypocrisy of Civilized Human beings.

That is the key to mind control. The elitists, the political and religious leaders have long known that Satanic secret and have used it to control the mass mind of civilized mankind, since man's fall from grace -- the dawn of civilization.

It is the simple man or woman of Truth, the Christ, the outsider, the onlooker of such tainted way of life who has broken away from such spellbound realities that is able to speak and act in Truth.

He/She does not engage in seductive storytelling, with its alluring illusory goals, but rather speaks the unvarnished Truth which dissolves all such satanic devices. Needless to say, it disturbs the consciousness of security bound passive entities who desparately cling together for support and comfort.

Such is the nature of Hell on Earth. Is it not???

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A letter to Arthur and Fiona Cristian Concerning the Dissemination of Truth

Arthur and Fiona,

  First of all, I have to applaud your work for it never ceases to amaze me of the energy expended by you and Fiona to communicate with millions, yet the spell which binds them to their satanic conditioning continues while they debate your words with the illusions which already control them. The result:  A lot of talk but no action.

  Truth, has a different energy to it.  It is not seductive, but shocking in its effect upon the spell bound intellect.  It has the capacity to bring the momentum of illusion to a halt.  It allows for one to take a timeless look at What is, without one's conditioning interpreting it. It stands alone, unsupported by lesser energies.  It is new, timeless, unreplicatable, it has a vitality that is imcompatable with the traditional satanic spell bound intellects of millions. 

  The simple fact is, that If they don't get it, they don't understand your words, they just don't get it, they WILL not understand you. Their field of consciousness is not yet ready to yield the fruit of Truth in their lives.   They shall continue to sow the "gmo" seeds of satanic indoctrination which is death to them and their posterity as they reap the consequences of the illusions which grow as a result of their ignorance.  That is a fact, that is Truth. 

   As it is now, I perceive yours and Fiona's energies serve little more than entertainment, a respite, a temporary relief from their current conditioned insanity.  How many of your audience have actually taken action to change their lives.

  We are coming to a time in our world where Change must occur.  But what will that change be?  Will it liberate, or will it complete its total enslavement of mankind which has been occuring since Man's Fall from Grace, the birth of the first Civilization based in Intellectual thought and has continued to the present date.

  Such change will be determined by individual action.  Lives will be  liberated or destroyed.  The seeds of such outcomes already exist in the individual and its growth awaits the actions taken by individuals.

  Life belongs to the action takers, never to the debilitated believers who are immersed in contradictory theories, debate and the like, for such is the satanic seduction which derails truth and fortifies illusions. It has been so and shall always be so as long as man is Intellect directed in his actions.  Mankind has lost the ability of Direct Perception, Divine Awareness, which can return this planet to a Heaven on Earth.

  One only has to look at the world today with its tyrannical movement  toward a New World Order.  As each looks at it through their own eyes, they shall see their own destiny unfolding before them. They have the power to change this world, their world, if only they realize it.

  I for one, have spent the last eighteen years of my life sharing Truth with others on the Internet who have shown they are not yet ready for it.  It has not been wasted effort however, for it has touched a few, but those few shall touch other exponentially.  It is effortless and life giving to all those who are ready for life and not death. 

   I see Arthur, that You and Fiona are following that same path.  Do not allow God's Grace that resonates within your words to be extinguished by going beyond the level of communication and adopting the satanic veil of persuasion. 

  Beware of Satanic seduction.  It is subtle indeed.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Nature of God, the Nature of Man

Oregon Shout  writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes.

os:  > Every science concludes that there is a Creator - various perceptions from the Atom to infinity. However since that is an absolute for the most part..then there is only You in the equation with the Creator and the rest is commentary and BS to lead everyone astray of the facts...You are one with the One...seems simple, happy people produce more of everything. Tyranny dampens the spirit...

rk:  The Creator is not merely a scientific conclusion. However it is explained as such because of the limitations of the partial grasping, limited, opposing, dualistic human Intellect, the environment which engulfs the consciousness of Fallen Civilized man.

rk:  In essence, the Creator and Truth are One. Truth and the Christ State are One.  They are not what appears through language, to be  separate entities. All indoctrination (belief systems) are based in Satanic Conditioning. All Religious, All Political. None are exempt, not even the Jewish mindset.

rk:  When one speaks from such limited conditioned mindsets, they are under the influence of Satanic conditioning, whether they are aware of it or not.  It is not a matter of "My mindset is better than your mindset"  In fact, they are just fantasies, just  graven images inculcated into the mind via centuries of story telling and make up the limited base nature of human consciousness.

rk:  My message is spiritual, some get a glimpse of it. most do not.  Few indeed, understand it. 

rk:  What is that message?  Is it not to BE FREE of such indoctrination and you will return to the holistic essence that is Truth, that is the Christ State of Consciousness, that is God.

rk:  It is a message that is resisted "tooth and nail". Hell, isn't it?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Nature of God, the Nature of Man

Oregon Shout  writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes.

os:   >  Sure to get a lot of responses,...
Oh well --is this worth it..will they ever listen or read?

rk:  James, my Christ message is DEVASTATING to the satanic Intellect.
It cannot allow such simple Truth to penetrate its defenses and allow the Truth to return and seed itself in the consciousness of men.

rk:  The whole of Satanic controlled society would crumble in the wake of such indisputable Truth.  You will note the 18-year internet satanic initiated Government/Media Disinformation Campaign designed to destroy my credibility. Yet my writings continue to stand on their own, untouched and undetered,  independent of normal conditioned thought.

rk:  Unlike Jesus of Nazareth, I have disturbed the entire world of civilized man and yet still stand. It is a simple observation, yet the masses of mind controlled sheeple STILL DON'T GET IT and resist it with everything they have left in support of their Shattered egos.

rk:  A Christ is any man or woman who has transcended (trace ended) the satanic spell of societal hypnosis, be it political or religious.

rk:  Apparently, THAT IS TOO SIMPLE for millions to grasp. 

rk:  Hell Isn't It?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Divine Revolution:  Boycott, Boycott, Boycott.

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   This is a message to all mankind.  You may make of it what you will.  I fully understand that your lifelong conditioning, and prejudices shall color what you read, but pay attention to your responses, for they shall bring you to understand yourself, that you have missed heretofore.

   For most of you, this shall sound strange, for it goes against the grain of your present world view, adopted by you from years and years of programmable beliefs inculcated into you by outside, remote sources, call it government, religion, media, etc.

   These beliefs have been imposed upon you by outside sources.  Nameless, faceless entities which have hijacked your consciousness through the medium of duty, obligation, conformity, and obedience.

   It is so prominent in your consciousness that it largely goes unnoticed, unquestioned.  It is called Faith.  If you pay attention to it, you begin to recognize it to be a "Hive Mentality" a collective thought pattern which stands as a standard for you to live by.  You look around and you find everyone you see to be living by that same standard, even though conflicts arise in all relationships which are bound by that standard.

  That is Society.  That is Civilization, that is Hell on Earth.

  There are those amongst you, True Anarchists who are drawn to a different way of life, a life of Freedom, a life of Love, a Life of Sovereignty, but you see they are outsiders to your reality.  They don't fit it with your own conditioned concepts of Freedom, Love, and Sovereignty. 

  What is your response to them?  Is it not one of threat?  Threat to your present way of life?  Do you not resist them.  Do you not seek support in numbers from like-minded believers to overcome such truly free men and women?

  I recognize that I am sending this message in the midst of the horrendous headlines which get worse with each passing day. 

  The shadowy elitists which have programmed your mind toward Freedom, Love and Sovereignty, have now turned the tables on you in a completely opposite manner and are now Stripping away your Freedom, preaching division, engendering opposition and hate, and they demand your fealty as a Corporate Slave through your own consent or contract. 

   Through such Satanic means, they have reduced you to become slaves of the Corporation which masquerades as Government, a system run by the Bankers, the MoneyChangers of yesteryear.  Through lawyerly trickery and satanic alteration of language, they confuse you into relinguishing to them your Sovereignty.  In that moment of Self-doubt, they own you.  They own your body, mind and soul.  They own your Children, Your labor, your wealth, your life. And you meekly submit to them while you take another step into the abyss of despair.

   If you are honest with yourself, you will admit to the Truth of that which has just been said.  So What's the solution you ask?  You are being programmed daily by patriot talk shoe hosts to RESIST, RESIST, RESIST. To Oppose, to Overthrow the Tyrant ( which in actuality is merely a public servant hired by you to carry out such duties which would insure your peace and Tranquility. 

  But the Satanic ruled Intellect by its very nature is a scheming, conniving, conflicted, opposing instrument of Consciousness which creates illusions that are mistaken as Truth itself.

  Unfortunately, that is where most of you live.  You live in a tainted reality mistaken as Truth.  A reality where up is down, back is front and everything is misperceived as a result of such a faulty Instrument operating via programmable judgment.

  How long are you willing to go to support the Satanic Influences which rule your daily life, promising you a better life, but in actuality, destroying that which you have and leaving you as lesser human beings in the process.    

   Truth be told, you are embarrassed to admit that you have been exploited through such tactics, and your need to save face, NO LONGER WORKS. 

  You are setting yourselves up toward participating is a bloody Revolution, a Kill or Be Killed reality all in the name of achieving liberation, Freedom from the hands of Tyranny. 

  Somehow, it escapes you that the Tyrants are your servants.  They exist at your behest, they can only function with your full support, psychologically and financially.  Government is a Fiction, a wisp of Thought which came into existence via the collective mind of Sovereign men and women. Government is A Fiction, it is a Dead Entity. It has NO REAL POWER over the Living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient natural Man or Women who created it. 

   So Satanic Thought constructs the JURISTIC PERSON, the NAME IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, THE STRAWMAN, and convinced the living man and woman to acknowledge and agree, through their own consent or contract to be a member of the Satanic Corporation which Government was to become.

  What does Government Produce?  The answer: NOTHING.  You, each of you are the producers of wealth through your labor, which government converts in order to create its own power base.  Are you willing to continue to pay for your own destruction?

  So who are you RESISTING, RESISTING, RESISTING, with your thoughts of a Bloody Revolution, an armed march upon Washington?  Are they not merely thoughts that have been conditioned into you by outsid sources?  Did you think them up, or did you merely accept them from another source?

  Forgive me, but it is a NO-BRAINER that you have accepted them from another source and have adopted them as your own. 

  Are you a Man, or a Sheeple?  A man stands in Truth, alone if necessary. A Sheeple Follows the illusions of herd thinking.

  It can easily be seen that bloody revolutions and the like are a product of the Sheeple mentality.

  But what is the mentality of a man (not to be confused with an artificial "person") an entity resonating with Divine Intelligence, with Truth? 

  Nothing can stand up to Truth.  I have spoken it to you in this communication.  So what would a Man or Woman of Truth do to solve the problems which plague the world today.  Would he go out and kill or be killed by his brother?

  You already know the answer to that because you have been faced with the obvious, have you not?  Therefore armed revolution is out.

  The way of Truth, the way of Love, the Way of Life is "TO DO NO HARM."  So what is the alternative which is NON-VIOLENT, HAS NO DOWNSIDE" DOES NOT PLACE ONE IN HARM'S WAY AND IS ABSOLUTELY SUCCESSFUL in disintegrating government, bank, religions, and other Satanic Institutions?

  Are you ready for it? Wait for It!   BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.  Withdraw all your support to a Satanic Organization and the Illusions which bind you as slaves will just disintegrate and be whisked away by the gentle breeze of Truth. 

  I'll not tell you what to do, or How to do it because what I have just presented is a NO-BRAINER.  If you can't take it from there, you will have chosen to remain a KEPT SLAVE. 

With Love and Truth, I remain

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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Formula for penetrating illusion and Merge with Truth.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

To Arthur and Fiona Cristian, and Spiritual Seekers Everywhere.

For years, you, Fiona, and I have been moving in the same direction on the world wide Internet in awakening a sleeping Populace.

It does not take much for anyone to see the difference in our overt, unique and distinct approaches toward such awakening.

I readily concede that your intellectual approach has been more successful than mine, mainly because you resonate with the energy of the Intellect and speak their language. People are more comfortable when dealing with the Known rather than the Unknown. As such, they habitually lay back and get ready to be entertained. Such is the nature of Satanic conditioning/counterconditioning.

You utilize the time-bound story-telling technique, while my approach is merely to expose people to who and what they are via their own words and actions, via the Spiritual technique of Mirroring.

Your approach to dealing with others who are possessed of partial awareness is to enable them, to encourage them, to motivate them, while you use the lawyerlike technique of demanding "material proof" of anything which does not fit in with your theory before you will accept it as Truth. To the spiritually ignorant, such "scientific" (limited approach to spiritual matters), grasp of thought-based evidence can be understood and supported.

My approach is to Mirror People and allow them to see themselves as they actually are, as others see them, and it removes them from the illusory belief of "what they think they are". All this occurs in the spiritual, eternal Moment of Now. I do not judge, I do not add or detract, I merely allow their conflicted energies to flow beyond their personal filter of societal conditioning and put a name to it. In other words, I expose to them, their own unawareness of their actions.

In our recent thread, you demanded that I present evidence of being threatened by your words. You, and others also challenge the fact that I do not offer any plan of my own that is better than existing plans to change the behavior of Civilized man. As you can see, I gave none. For doing so, would be an act of "reprogramming or counterconditioning. both of which are based in Satanic Mind control. The average man is completely unaware of how he is being manipulated through such mind control tactics.

What I do as a Christ, a Simple man of Truth, is to just expose them to themselves and leave them to decide for themselves whether to change or not. You see, that is how Truth operates. It is the essence of one and all, but buried under mountains of Satanic Conditioning.

What you, and others deal with is the Idea of Truth, rather than resonating with the actual energy of Truth situated beyond the grasp of the partially thinking Intellect. It is a shocking energy to be sure. All ideas are false at the letter of the word expression, but Truth can only be access by going to the spirit behind the word. The letter of the word is subject to, and can be proven, the spirit of the word is Truth.  It stands on Its Own and cannot be, nor can it be subject to proof. After all, how can the Whole be subjugated to the Partial, yet isn't that what happens when our fictional, thought-based satanic ruled Servant government foists it self upon its creator, the Sovereign People.

It is such exposure which best descibes their unaware behavior that is seen as so offensive to them.

What happens when one exposes another to themselves and the latter's energy is reflected as being so negative as to be shocking to those possessed of natural sensibilities. The illusion is destroyed and CHANGE BECOMES THE NATURAL OUTCOME EFFORTLESSLY. Spiritual seekers will face the pain of their error and move away from it, Satanic ruled people will try to keep such Truth hidden, and fortify themselves with comfort of the Collective mind.

Where you and I have seemingly parted company, occurred recently when I perceived the energies of a "power play" in motion. That is activity which always traps one within the realm of Intellect That is why I addressed the explosive Thread and exposed both you and I equally to the inspection of the people, allowing them to see for themselves the Truth.

What offends people the most about this living man is that they sense I am different from them,-- AND UNQUESTIONABLY, I AM!

That is the first test of anyone who is bent on actual spiritual change. Can they relate to the uncertain, uncomfortable unknown or do they lapse into their comfort zone and fall back to draw collective support to their present level of consciousness.

Arthur, Fiona, I hope this clarifies my position. I applaud your work, for it is the best on the net, and your efforts are as good as they get when it comes to bringing change in an "almost, but NO CIGAR" intellectual environment. However, I do not seek power. I do not seek organization, I do not seek a following and I will not become enveigled into it through pressure.

Even you must acknowledge the existence of the Unknown.

Civilized Society is based in the reflection of Truth, but the reflection can never be anything more than an Illusion, and civilized man lives in that illusion.

The Spiritual Formula for Transcending Hell yet still maintaining contact with it (being in this world but not of it) = NEGATE THE ILLUSION AND ALL THAT IS LEFT IS TRUTH.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Process of Spiritual Awakening.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Arthur and Fiona Cristian,

  As I have repeatedly said in my posts to you, I have no problem with what you are doing.  In fact, I applaud your actions, for it is far superior to living in our present satanic ruled system.

  I perceive that you, and damn near everyone else do not understand me in my exposure of the Satanic control over the civilized Intellect.
My position is simplicity itself.  One either transcends the hellish realm of the Intellect, or Lives in hell, immersed in their particular outer controlled mindsets. 

  Everyone, and I do mean everyone but few are enslaved to the prison cell of Intellect through the medium of Satanic Mind Control. None are exempt. They are unaware of it because it is perceived to be normal behavior when living in a hell bent human society. 

  These minions of Hell take great pride in flaunting through positive imagery, their illusory religious and political advancement and continue the conflict in their lives when relating to the less fortunate, those they see as living, striving and struggling in the depths of Hell.  The haves, the "seemingly fortunate view the lives of the Have Nots, the less fortunate from their own "air-conditioned offices" in hell.  They too are blind to the fact that they are all bound to the same hell of their own making.

 Why do my words upset so many?  Simply stated they exhibit a different frequency, a differnt resonance, one that is not normal, one that cannot be attacked successfully by the usual limited, and  ineffective hellish attacks.

  Illusion has jurisdiction only over its own partial, dissonant frequency, that which is divided and opposing, that which is born of Satanic Conditioning.  It has no power over Truth, for Truth is holistic even though it contains and allows for the partial.  The partial can never contain the whole. As such, the creation cannot be greater than its creator.

  It is the experiences of Life that allows for man's return to God, The Divine Creator, Infinite Intelligence, holistic Truth.  You see it everyday in your relationships from the lowest to the highest (the essence of all time-bound duality based Intellects) yet such Truth eludes them for Satanic fantasy rules their intellect and Truth stands there hidden in plain sight, oblivious to the spell bound intellect.

  As long as the Intellect takes precedence in directing the minds of civilized man the average man/woman remains spiritually ignorant. They make up the legion of the Satanic ruled blind and dead.  Dead, because they live in the inert aftermoment of Satanically imposed indoctrinating thought.

  Truth is shocking to the satanically dulled. That is the energy of awakening at work.   That is why Christs, simple men and women of Truth (not to be confused with the satanically created, mythical, illusory graven images of a Christ)those who operate at a different frequency are necessarily attacked but can NEVER be destroyed.

  Truth is immune from intellectual attacks and demonstrates that fact through the process of Spiritual Mirroring. When that which is less than whole attacks the whole, the partial, impotent attacks are reflected back to the sender. That has a devastating effect upon the attacker, and they withdraw, at least temporarily from their present attack, only to come back in a future different form.

  What remains constant is the untouched Truth, for Truth is Eternal, and no time-bound limited illusion has power over the unlimited.  

  Arthur, may you and Fiona understand our relationship a little better through this communication.  I continue to read your offerings, and hope that you read mine likewise, for indeed, we compliment each other though our energies are vastly misunderstood.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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The Wise Man and the Scholar II

Arthur, you are attempting to put into words the Truth of Christ consciousness whose input does not arise from the limited rote-trained conditioned intellect, but emanates directly  from what is known by the average man as the Subconscious level of consciousness, That realm of consciousness which lies beyond the intellect and is infinite in nature and beyond the images and concepts of the trained intellect. 

It is vibratory in nature and appears to be as NOTHING, for that is because that state of consciousness is Infinite in nature, Timeless, without beginning or end. 

It is not accessible by the time bound conditioned intellect. Spoken (created)in the moment, the words and images of such consciousness are formed as one enters the realm of the intellect in order to  communicate via learned language, recognizeable dead symbols and concepts that make up the fantasy of Civilized man. 

My words emanate from that rarified realm that has remained unknown to the intellect and has a unique energy to it that cannot be replicated. It threatens the graven images of the limited satanic ruled intellect and evokes hostile reaction when the Intellect sees how limited and incapacitated it really is.  Satanic Controlled Civilized men worship such Intellect.  It is the basis for all Institutional thought (systems) and has a lock on the consciousness of the educated intellect of the Spiritually blind.  It can be likened to auto pilot instruments which take over when one cannot directly see the Truth.

Your words however resonate with the known energy of such a learned Intellect rife with logical plans to alter systems of existing thought even while remaining in the system of thought while functioning.

It is Satanic in nature because it offers opposition and change but does so via counterconditioning. You merely replace on conditioning for another. 

It is my observation and exposure of the power play and the spotlighting of the counterconditioning clearly found in your messages that have been the source of consternation which has raised your hackles.  If my statement to you were not true, you would not be touched by such remarks.  Instead you launched a campaign of facesaving that begins to expose you through your every word when mirrored by Truth.

As I said earlier, your plan for food forests and kindoms are superior to the present system, but it is just another system situated within the realm of the Intellect.

I render the solution to civilized man's problems, in just about every article I write, yet it cannot be seen, even by you.  I'll not debate with you or anyone else for that is a Satanic trap which keeps one eternally engaged in controversy and suffering.   

You see, the problems of the Intellect cannot be solved if one remains in the intellect.  Only its own projected problems can be resolved and then the intellect comes to silence, to understanding, to Oneness.

I deliver the Truth directly but who amongst you can see it.  Certainly this thread indicates that you do not, yet you have taken a position of leading others through your verbal talents.  One cannot be responsible for another's enlightenment.  He/she can only point to obstructions to clarity. 

A Christ will not recondition another. His words will either awaken those who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear." or they will not. There is NO RESPONSIBILITY that can be assigned to the nondualistic Truth as existing in Infinite Consciousness, for responsibility exists on in the dualistic, opposing intellect base in rote memory based thought. 

As the distinction arises in the vibratory resonance of holistic Truth rather than the partial, dualistic opposing idea of truth manipulated via memory all that can be expected in endless inquiry partial action and blind belief.  Truth itself, being holistic (holy) is not subject to the material proof that you have sought and demanded.

See the Wise man and the Scholar

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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A Christ's Message to Sheeple Everywhere!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

This is being addressed to the subscribers of Oregon Shout and all the other forums which offer a path to freedom here in America and the World.

Just what the hell is wrong with you? Maybe a better question would be, "What is right with you?"

James and Terry have done a tremedous job in offering a platform here on Oregon Shout for honest dialogue. They have many subscribers, but few article contributors to the site.

Are you a bunch of "vicarious" (def: "felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others: a vicarious thrill") Sheeple?

Are you real liberty loving, flesh-and-blood Americans concerned about the usurpation of your country which once touted "Life, LIberty, and Happiness?" as the unalienable right of everyone, or have you already thrown in the towel, fearful of opening your mouths, telling the world what you really think.

I marvel at how few respond to my articles and videos. Articles that unquestionably contain the key to freedom from slavery, to a return to Sovereignty where government will leave you alone, and refrain from preying upon you, where you will be the master, and government will rightfully return to their proper place as the People's Servant.

Yet somehow, that is not your collective vision. You do not move to action, to make it happen. You do not see that the only way you will be free is when your break your silence, stand up and speak your words of sovereignty, of freedom to the world. Without taking such action, you are merely a controlled audience, a vast herd of man-sheeple, incapable of living life without necessarily being led by another.

Isn't that what your are? Isn't that, by your actions, exactly what you are teaching your Children to be, to submit to, to give in to bullies despite what uniforms they wear, or fictional organizations they belong to?

Action is the way of Man. Reaction is the way of sheeple.

Accommodating Sheeple make up most of Civilized Mankind. They are Slaves to imaginary (fictitious) authorities of their own making.

The Sovereign lives free. Sheeple remain enslaved.

I realize that by writing this, I am going to upset most of you. But Why? Ask yourself that question honestly and be prepared for exposing your true nature to yourselves. What I refer to is Who you Truly are and not the present images you hold which has made you a grovelling, spineless, obsequious, politically correct, or religiously correct programmable robot, the nature of ALL SHEEPLE. The image you hold of yourself is the mask that you wear to deceive and manipulate your way through dangerous deceptive and satanic labyrinths of Life.

I don't expect most of you to understand me, for I AM TRUTH, while you are merely hypnotic slaves of deception. What I do expect out of you is the twinge of a painful conscience, your conscience to make itself known to you. To AWAKEN you, to show you what you have become in life. Many of you will not be touched by it, and so will continue until you destroy yourselves and everything that you hold to be true, but is not.

You cannot avoid the Truth, when it it presented to you. The more you try to resist it, the more you disintegrate as a human being, until you feel life is no longer  worth living, and you create the means for your very extinction.

Look at all the suicides of returning veterans. By slaughtering innocent people because they have been mind controlled to obey the orders of fictitious authority, they have become so spellbound by the death and  destruction, of others, they no longer regard themselves as those who are worthy of living. That is what is happening to most of you here in the Satanically woven psychological Cocoon which envelopes you. You are painfully disintegrating while you attempt to compensate for it with PRIDEFUL TALK, TALK, TALK.

You may rail at the fact that I AM A LIVING CHRIST. What gives me the right to say that? Why do I expose the Satanic myth that accompanies the word Christ, and put it in real everyday terms, which just pisses you off? Why indeed? Because you are ALL UNDER SATANIC MIND CONTROL, BAR NONE, and are unable to break the hypnotic spell which binds you. You haven't a clue what Life is all about, and when you hear it from another, you angrily oppose it as it hurts the sensibilities, of an ignorant, dumbed down, hypnotically ruled Sheeple, a status of consciousness that you fully consent to.

Are you feeling the pain of such Truth?


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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