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Re: Help, It's fallen and I can't get it up!

Mannequin Dressed as a Sheriff's Deputy wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk: >> I am Free after two convictions of the JURISTIC PERSON (strawman) in two trials, while they have become more enslaved with each passing

mdsd: > Kazoo lies through his teeth. You have 7 convictions on the felony charges alone.

rk: Hell, they can convict the government created fictional JURISTIC PERSON 1000 times, it still would not be me, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.

rk: The real question people ought to be asking themselves, is how can they remain so ignorant as to CONSENT to their own prosecution and incarceration after I have exposed the Scam that fills American Jails today?

rk: >> What better proof exists of the efficacy of my experiences with Oregon Courts than my freedom when they threatened me with 35 to 40 years in prison?

mdsd: > You are free only because you served the time.

rk: Nonsense, I remained in jail until the scam ran its course and they had no choice but to release me. I was in jail awaiting trial. Never saw a single day in prison.

mdsd: > You almost succeeded in committing suicide in the process... it's just a damn shame JoCo didn't have a burial fund for dead inmates.

rk: If you are referring to the combined 55 day hunger strike, It was to prove they NEVER HAD THE UPPER HAND WITH ME. I Called their Bluff and they FOLDED, and I was willing to put my life on the line to prove that a FICTIONAL COURT has no JURISDICTION, no POWER over a LIVING BREATHING SOVEREIGN.

mdsd: > [ac4-w unblocked]

rk: Damned right its unblocked. Did you cowardly shadow dwelling, government/media, sponsored/supported Disinformation Agents really expect to shut me down when the forces of the Satanic ruled government could not?

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Don't Worship a Christ, Be a Christ!
By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  -- A Living Christ


  To begin with, each of you reading this, and everyone who has ever lived on this Earth, since the Beginning of the first Civilization and whomever shall continue to live by their own voluntary, yet oft coerced consent in any man-made, created organized cultured society till the end of time or, unless you finally come to your senses, HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER MIND CONTROL -- BAR NONE! NO EXCEPTIONS!  ZILCH!

  All such personages, and I am referring to YOU are SLAVES, men and women who have been cultured, formed and molded into  compliant, obedient Living-Dead computerized Robots to fit in and serve such society. 

  Are you Free?  In your dreams!  How has the American Dream turned out for you these days? Are you living Life, the best possible way that you can? 

  Are you, born, as a Child of God, one possessed of the capacity for co-creation with Infinite Intelligence, God Itself in fashioning out your own quality of life, without experiencing interference from without?

  Are you in control of your own life, or have you forfeited a free, loving, and respectful existence for yourself and others in return for empty promises of a job, a home, security, fame, fortune, notoriety, all in return for selling Your Souls? 

  Through Satanic trickery via the worship of of words, subsequent to your "Fall From Grace", (Divine Awareness, direct perception of Truth) into the dark abyss of a dualistic, conflicted, and opposing Intellect, have you not lost your spiritual balance and become mired in the muck-ridden dimension of hypnotic slavery, accomplished by slick talking despicable manipulators who pull your chains, rob you of your labor, produce nothing of their own but extract and manage the fruits of your labor, leaving you a subsistence wage which never approaches the cost of living they have imposed upon you?  They manage every aspect of your lives, leaving you to grow into the prison cell they have assigned to you.    

   Through pride, and fear, of being discovered for what you are by others, have you not given up your God-Given Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  For what?  To support the next war?  The killing of people clear across the world from where you live because some schnook you have elected tells you so?  Because you have lost your common sense, do you not send your own children, to FIGHT THESE WARS.  to Kill and be Killed?  Does that make sense?

   To be victims of bankers who promise to safeguard you money, only con you to the point where they foreclose on your home through lawyerly chicanery, throwing you on the streets.  To be victims of your employers who export your jobs to foreign lands because of cheaper labor? 

  How did you get that way?  How have you been trained to think in terms of positive images, yet act in executing the most horrendous negative agendas which only reveal the heart of a robotic programmed entity via organizations of Religion, Government and Banks?  Three of which such organizations are but non-producing organizations previously mentioned which seek and achieve their power from you, the ONLY VALUE PRODUCER, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, sentient Natural, man and woman of the Sovereign People?

  You, each of you have been trained to live in illusion.  You are broken human beings, fragmented entities, who have been caused to live in an hypnotic bubble which you mistake as LIFE. It is all done, via remote controlling entities which utilize words via media, stages, and pulpits to program your world view, based on the illusions which best serve the Satanic spirit of your worldly existence, the world of Deception, the world of LIES.

  What is a Lie?  Is it not a counterfeit Truth?  A partial Fragmented belief of that which is a reflection of a resonant energy which is Whole, Holistic, Holy?  A belief, any belief, a fragmented, opposing energy is a LAZY MAN'S TRUTH. Upon which foundation do you stand?

  Truth is holistic, complete, a resonant energy which cannot be duplicated no matter how many words/images of love, truth, and God are bandied about.  Talk is Cheap, because the talk of Truth in not truth itself.  At most, it can only be seen as a reflection of Truth, a representative of Truth.  In other words, the IDEA OF TRUTH can NEVER BE TRUTH. 

  Billions of people, much like yourselves have been enslaved throughout millenium, through such BOGUS beliefs, which have rendered you intellectual activists for some Satanic Organization which causes you to OPPOSE others like yourself because you're just as SPIRITUALLY IGNORANT at they are. 

  Throughout history there have been simple men and women of Truth. They were/are not normal as seen by the average man.  They were/are outsiders and seen as threats to such insiders of society, those who obey, produce, and keep their mouths shut.  Why?  Because they do not think like the average man.  They do not see things as does the average man.  And They do not ACT like the average man.  They are Christs, They admittedly are "in this World but not of it?" They See Truth, Speak Truth, Act in Truth, are Truth, holistic and undivided in actions that can only resonate holistically as Love, not the idea of love, the illusion of love, BUT LOVE itself. One such Christ put it this way. "I am the Truth, Life, and the Way...".  Truth and Illusion are mutually exclusive when viewed by a partial grasping, dualistic intellect.  Truth is GODLIKE, Illusion SATANIC.  Each of you get what I have just said, regardless of your education or lack thereof. 

   Such simple men and women of Truth, Such Christs are threats to the existing satanic ruled world.  As such they must be disposed of if Satanic ruled Society is to continue, even when changing its name ever-so-often and now being sold to undiscerning Intellects as the NEW WORLD ORDER. A term that is nothing more than the Old World Order in need of a new Image and consolidation of power.  Their desire to enslave the whole world.

  What's my Point?  Simply This!  You, each of you can change your life, but you suffer from Satanic Hypnosis.  You've lost your memory of who you Truly are.  You are Christ, you are Truth, you are Godly, You are Love and YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE A LIE!

  Here is a solution to every problem you have encountered in your troublesome lives. 

  Step away from the LIE!  From this moment forward until the end of your lives, NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE at any level of consciousness.  Do that and you are FREE.  I have demonstrated this on the Internet over the last 17 years.  In such time, the impotence of Satanic power of Church and State has been exposed and nullified, and you have seen the face of a Christ.

  What I have done.  So can you.  Just NEVER tell another lie and stand by it.  You will see the shift in your lives occur IMMEDIATELY.

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Mind Control and Its effects upon Fallen Men

George Jean  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

NOTE:  This message came to me through a private message on Facebook.  I have decided to share this publicly as do I with all communications, for secrecy is the realm of the satanist which divides and opposes, leaving conflict and confusion in its wake. Isn't it clear by now in this 17 year Internet experience that I oppose NO ONE, I merely expose the divisive aspects of civilized life via the Mirror of Truth?  I do not expect man to get me in my lifetime, for I am a Living Man. You can see the effect this living man has had upon His contemporaries. Civilized man worships graven images of those long gone, for there the living can twist and distort anything they set their minds to.   Jesus NEVER wrote a thing in his life.  I WRITE EVERYTHING.  Those who distort will play hell distorting my words whereas they had a "field day" with Jesus.  

gj:  >  Brother,

gj: >  This discussion will be of a particular matter. You see, I have learned of the all encompassing propaganda grid which is responsible for ALL outlets of information. It is quite astonishing how many propagandists there actually are. I have uncovered the extent of propaganda and deceit to its FULLEST.

rk:  George, You've hit upon that which few people will admit to.  What is it?  They are UNDER MIND CONTROL, a program of mind conditioning which begins early in life, and never ceases to have it effect in controlling the world view of helpless blind believers, who themselves live in a state of self-deception. 

gj: >  All histories are but propaganda, and the current scheme of things is just a movie set.

rk:  Quite so.  The problem is undiscerning Intellects cannot tell the difference.  They live in religious La La Land, or Political HEll, both of which are Satanically induced.

gj: >  There is no "law", "government" (which means to deceive, but Im certain you know that), religions; there is only propaganda and propagandists.

rk:  If you are speaking of Man's Law, I agree with you.  There is however God's Law, and that is DO NO HARM!  Do not Harm another, Do not Harm another's Property: Do not infringe upon another's Rights, Do not Lie or engage in Illusion, Love Truth and you will be One with, and Love God. For God is Truth, Infinite Intelligence which transcends all superficial illusions of the Intellect.

gj: >  None of them actually believe their own nonsense. But I suppose all of it is done for "money"? I have found as well as a number of "philosophers" and "scientists" who are propagandists;  providing all sides to the audience. As well as the individuals who expose them, and as well as the individuals exposing those doing the exposing.

rk:  All "philosophers" and "scientists" are Satanic followers, experts, leaders and illusion shapers engaged in the study of thought, the reflections of the unnameable Truth which can only be accessed via direct perception, insight, in a realm which cannot be touched by the Intellect.  That realm is Truth.  The Scientist and the philosophers are the satanic conditioners who deals with, and dabbles with the "Idea of Truth."

gj: >  And I think you know where I am going with this. Is my assumption correct in thinking that you work for a governmental organization or institution which relays to you what to propagate? Are you a freemason or an actor of sorts?

rk:  You couldn't be more WRONG!  I AM who I say I AM.  I AM TRUTH and it raises hell with all those who are not. Isn't that rather conspicuous to all by this time?

gj: >  Are you allowed to inform me upon who you work for, or what organization is funding you?


gj: >  As well as, who decides on what your promote? Are you given a script as in a movie set? Is it lucrative? Hopefully you can answer these questions.

rk:  I am prompted by no one but THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH which flows through me.  I have accessed the Christ State of Consciousness (Truth)  and communicate that all have that same gift within them but they suffer from Amnesia due to their unrelenting Satanic Conditioning which has made them doubt themselves into a spiritually invalided state of Satanic Slavery.

rk:  Hope this helps.

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There shall be death, destruction, the weeping and gnashing of Teeth at  the injustice suffered by all!

To:  BrycesBattle Bryce-Seton Vandergrift

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk:  Please take this in the spirit in which it is given. 

rk:  Life on Earth, is, in fact Hell on earth, for it is the eternal spirit undergoing experience in the limited confines of an Intellectually influence vessel of a material Body living in a conflict-ridden, ruled material world

rk:   Your son, whom you admit was raised in a sheltered environment and is functioning at less than full capacity, has been thrown into an environment that shows no mercy. It is an environment full of corruption, deceit, and brutality.

rk:   I am sure he is frightened and confused.  But have faith, for God will not allow him to endure anything beyond his capacity.  Of that you can be assured. 

rk:   As to yourself and other loved ones, you also are going through a lesson of your own, quite apart from what your son is enduring.  You and He are being tested spiritually. 

rk:   Stay fast with Truth, and the authorities are exposed  for the corrupted people that they are.  Others in the system, who are not corrupted, yet work within the system remain ignorant, and everyone is coming together to work our their own destiny. That is the purpose for our being here, living life on Earth.

rk:    I'll not go into detail for the story of my experiences with the law as it can be read on my website and elsewhere on the Internet.  

rk:   When I was UNLAWFULLY INCARCERATED.  I knew it was an outrage and a  crime from the very outset.  But, in reality, nobody else cared what happened to me beyond rendering superficial words. 

rk:  I cared, and my wife cared.  Beyond that, there was NO ONE who truly cared. Whose caring amounted to action, and not just idle talk.   I realized from the very outset that my incarceration was a spiritual test, just as your sons is to you and him.  

rk:  However, I knew what I had to do, because there was no one else to help me.  I went on a combined Jail hunger strike of 55 days which left me near death. (this was the finding of the Jail Nurse)

rk:  I was offered conditioned releases on several occasion and I refused them.  My position to the authorities was they would have to drop all charges and set me free.  They refused to do that.  I refused to accept their offer, for I knew the whole thing was a scam, for I had harmed No One. My position was I would walk out a Free man or they would carry me out a Dead Man. 

rk:  I underwent two Trials to face "victimless charges", which cannot be a crime but which ended in convictions, but the convictions were assigned to the FICTIONAL JURISTIC PERSON created by the government, the Strawman, whose name was spelled on ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (that is the only person they have Juristiction over, their own fictionally created person), not me, this Living Breathing,Flesh-and Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.

rk:  I underwent two Trials to face "victimless charges", which cannot be a crime but which ended in convictions, but the convictions were assigned to the FICTIONAL JURISTIC PERSON created by the government, the Strawman, whose name was spelled on ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (that is the only person they have Jurisdiction over, their own fictionally created person), not me, this Living Breathing,Flesh-and Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.

rk:  Failing to prove its JURISDICTION over this Living Man, they were forced to throw me out of their jail before I died in their hands. 

rk:  That, was the length and limit of my personal spiritual test.  I have sought to share that experience with all on the Internet, BUT STILL, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN. Their Satanically induced Hypnotic Trance endures to this very day.

rk:  It is THAT IGNORANCE that continues to rule the Human Intellect that allows for the tyranny that you, your son, and damn near the rest of the civilized world is experiencing.

rk:  When folks wake up to find out who they truly are, and act upon their discovery, our courts will change, our government will change, Characters like Obama and Romney will fall away as just functioning puppets of a larger, more sinister Threat to freedom and life playing to an audience of SPIRITUAL IGNORAMUSES. 

rk:  Until then, there shall be death, destruction, the weeping and gnashing of Teeth at the injustice suffered by all. 

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Re: Mind Control and Its effects upon Fallen Men

George Jean  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

gj:  >  Hello, Raymond

gj:  >  I have been studying law, legality, and the commercial redemption process for about two years now. I just wanted to get some simple verification of the Accepted as Value working. I am well aware that you have to enforce the "A4V". Have you had any success with the A4V or is it entirely erroneous? I also am aware of the documents one must submit prior to attempting the A4V, which I found some from the master sovereign system. If you have any information, documentation, or knowledge on these matters, I would greatly appreciate your reply.

gj:  >  Would you kindly respond to my inquiry on the Acceptance for Value method. Some simple verification will do.

rk:  George, I have purposely not answered your question as I have written voluminously of that very subject throughout the past decade on the Internet. You'll find all the answers to your questions on my website http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html.

rk:  In my last message to you I clarified who and what I am.  Your question belied a suspicion that I was a government plant and following some sort of a script which purpose was to mislead and deceive the people.

rk:   To me, that was a red flag.  To ask such question is to be lacking in insight and the inability to communicate in good faith.  As such, you are baiting one into a deliberate argumentative misdirection of my message.  I speak truth in all that I write. 

rk:  You are one of those whom I perceive there is nothing that I can say to you which you could grasp and not redirect it into an argument.  Hence, if you are indeed sincere, I suggest you find your answer on my website.  I shall not engage you as I will not engage in the practice of Satanic Argument.  You can take what I say, or can leave it.  My freedom is the only corroboration any reasonable man needs to test the credibility of my words and message.

rk:  I perceive the world of Politics and Religion to be Satanically ruled -- without exception, and it requires the Mirroring of Truth to dissolve the illusions of power exercized by both institutions.  

rk:  If such simplicity cannot be seen, such entity is indeed, blind and ignorant, spiritually of course.  I offer ONLY Truth, I prove such Truth with the very essence of my being which remains free and Sovereign even after the full forces of Satanic government sought to destroy me and my family.  They've already Killed my wife, through their assault upon me, and consider it as so much Collateral Damage and  will get away of it because of a massively hypnotized public. 

rk:  This is no game.
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Demystification of Christ Consciousness

                            By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

A New Day, A New Way is Dawning!

The schism which exists between Christ and Civilized Consciousness is vast indeed, yet Christ Consciousness is just a vibration away.  The startling difference is not to be found in the superficial dualistic word of the intellect, but in the holistic vibration of the Truth behind the word. The words may be the same, but the energy of Truth or Illusion behind the word is palpable, noticeable. Nowhere can that be shown better than in my communications with others on these Internet forums and groups.

My simple 86 page paperback book "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind" was renamed after my Book on Tape "Journey Beyond Thought, a Return to the Christ State."  The Christ State being that of the State of Holistic Truth.  Nowhere in the book will you find grandiose concepts promised to a grasping intellect, living in fear and uncertainty.

Easy to read and unique in its simplicity, it is the perfect primer for Spiritual Seekers who find that a lifelong exposure of religious conditioning has left them wanting, isolated, and unfufilled.

For the last 19 years since its publication in 1993, It has been blocked at every turn at the commercial level of book distribution.

At Amazon.com, It has been attacked with a deluge of phoney made up book reviews that bear no resemblance to the content of the book, all of which by linked Government sponsored/supported Internet provocateurs and disinformation agents.

It was pulled off all public Distributor's shelves by my wife and I and subsequently sold strictly from my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com. 

I originally undertook the public path and found that those who control the collective mind of society  don't want you folks to read this simple book.  Hence I decided to do business simply and privately.

After reading the book, one finds that the word Christ has long been established as a mind control trigger which summons up a lifetime of conditioning, thus insuring control by the few over the many.  

Life ahead is tenuous to say the least.  Isn't it time to break the Trance which has overtaken the Christian Consciousness in the Western World. 

Consider this book as a spiritual key which can unlock the prison cell of conditioned belief for yourselves and your loved ones.  It is a book that can set you free. 

Each and every one of you are potential Christs, "Simple men and Women of Truth" but you suffer from amnesia of your true selves.  The time for healing is now.

Celebrate Christmas in it true meaning, the liberation of Truth in the hearts and minds of God's Sons and Daughters, men and women guided by Truth, not Satanic Illusion.

Amazon.com has advertized used copies of the book for $35.95 when my website price remains $12.00 plue $3.00 S&H   Outside the U.S. $5.00  S&H. Send cash, check or MO. to Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, C/O General Delivery, Cave Junction Oregon [97523]

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