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The Life of a Christ = A Mirror of Truth

    By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   Can a simple man or woman of Truth live in a world of deception, violence, intrigue, and fear without offending or causing pain to blind believers who know nothing other than that? 

   As can be seen by anyone with clear Spiritual Sight, direct perception of Truth, all Civilized men and women are living, and enthralled by the hypnotic spell of Satanic Mind Control--ALL.  Since birth, they  have been trained to live in images, manipulate dualistic concepts which divide and oppose and offer the adept power at the expense of the inept.  They are Satanically ruled via remote Mind Control, and they are quite unaware of it.

   Those of Christ consciousness are immune from such satanic dualistic effects as they have through their own volition, resurrected their Divine Spirit of Awareness from the realm of the fallen conditioned intellect.  These simple men and women resonate with, and are at-one with Truth, the nondualistic essence which may be called Divine Awareness,Infinite Intelligence, God. They clearly are strangers in a strange land ruled by Satanic mind controllers.

  The lessons of life, with all of its trials and tribulations are purposely existent to bring man out from his fallen state of Satanic ruled Intellectualism.  It is the state of oneness, peace, tranquility and balance that unbalanced men and women yearn for but never acquire.

  Look at the recent RNC Convention.  If that is not a glaring example of Satanic Bedlam, NOTHING IS.  Yet a frenzied Nation bent on Self-Destruction, is affixed to such insanity, in their collective urge toward self-annihilation.

  I, this simple christ, find that I cannot engage in a normal relationship with another without hurting their feelings, or reflecting back to them, their ignorance merely by standing as a Spiritual Mirror of Truth.

  People worship the IDEA of Truth, but don't realize that all ideas are but second hand dualistic images of Truth, mere counterfeit reflections of Truth and are not nondualistic, holistic, (holy) Truth at all. 

   But that is the nature of growing up and living in a Satanically ruled world via its two main institutions of mind control: POLITICS and RELIGION. 

   From early life on to their deaths, they are conditioned to sell their souls, their bodies, their work, their wealth, their possessions, their Children, their Homes. 

   That is all they know.  That is the nature of Spiritual Ignorance.  That is the nature of their thinned skinned self-imposed image they see reflecting back at them when they stand before a christ a Mirror of Truth. 

  I have written extensively on the simple solution to solve the problems of these artificially created, fictional, entities to which they have sold their souls for security in an insecure world.

  I am a free man, a simple man of Truth, a Christ.  I do not fit the Satanic conception of a mythical Savior forced upon the collective intellect of the Masses.  Why, Because I am not Recognizeable to them and their Satanically affixed Ideas of a Christ.

  I am Truth, Life, and the Way, just as Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter and itinerant Truth bearer was, and I am alone in a world of mystical, superstitious, mythical trained mind controlled blind believers. 


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BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT The Presidential Election


By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, is the Non-Violent Way to stop the runaway locomotive of government. Withdraw your support, positive or negative, that which fuels government and the Machine of Government GRINDS TO A HALT.  It no longer has the capacity to STEAMROLL over your Unalienable Right gifted you by God.  It, government PRODUCES NOTHING.  It lives off the production of its legally owned "wards of the State", its slaves.  RENDER TO CAESAR IS A MYTH.  Screw CAESAR.  He has no power over men and women of the Sovereign People.

Forgive me, but you folks are all, without exception, living under the spell of Mind Control. You have voluntarily imprisoned yourselves, consented to your own slavery and have given the key away to your prison cell of Intellect to politicians, and Priests, Bankers, Corporate elitists and the like.  How dumb is that?

 Aren't these governmental and corporate entities  merely the remote mind controllers which have formed your limited mind sets, the very minds sets which are constantly being arranged and re-arranged to provide comfort and sedation while you toil your lives away for such illusory Masters?  Are they not your mind control handlers?  Don't they promise you freedom, even whilst they clutch the key to your prison cell, tightly in their hands?  To release you from your bondage, to give you freedom, wouldn't all they have to do is merely unlock the locked cell of intellect which binds you?  One with spiritual eyes can see that such an act would not be in their interest.

Can you folks even imagine that you can live in a free state, or does the idea of such a thing, raise FEAR and TREPIDATION, in your consciousness. 

Is you highest state of consciousness to be that of a Trained Slave? Have you not individually and collectively willingly sold your souls for the promise of Security, for protection.  Has such Security and protection been delivered to you? 

Crime is up.  Killing is up and they want to disarm you, They're scaring the hell out of you with all of these recent false flag, shootings.

They intend to take your guns away even though they cannot protect you in your time of need.  You, are the Sovereign People who dream you are slaves.  You are the real lawmakers, not those public servants who are hired to carry out the wishes of YOU, the People.

Resist not Evil, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT.  Do not pickup a ballot whose results will be counted in a foreign country.  Keep your guns.  DO NO HARM, and reserve your Right to Self-Defense, including KILLING THOSE WHO COME TO TAKE YOUR GUNS OR KILL TO YOU ON THE SPOT.

Isn't BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT more effective, non-violent, and safer than a bloody revolution?

BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, is the the Spiritual remedy to a Material Problem. It is the Ultimate weapon, one that government cannot repel. It is THE WAY. If only this way could be spread far and wide and MILLIONS OF AMERICANS BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the Election, The NWO and sellout government is TOAST. All that is left is the Sovereign People to bring a return to our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC


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  By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

 Ivan, please do not include me in any kind of protest movement AND REMOVE MY NAME FROM ANY SUCH INFERENCES. . I do not support such stupid waste of energy. Mine is the Spiritual Way. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. You folks have NEVER GOTTEN IT RIGHT AND CONTINUE THE FREY WITH SUCH STUPIDITY.

To all who see my message to be harsh, I say, Look again.  I refer to such protest activity as STUPIDITY, because it is based on belief, not fact.  Belief is one thing, Fact another.  A belief is a phanthom thought, an ideal, a will of the wisp.  It is conceptual in nature, partial in content, yet perceives itself as the whole.  It is a lie facing its opposite lie.  The two partial require its opposite to make a whole, and does so via the medium of violence and opposition.

The glaring fact that is missed by everyone is the only thing whole which arises from protest is violence itself.  Each opposite feeds the other till the issue takes its toll of the participants.  In fact, the numbers will always prevail in the long run, even though the minority is better armed, better trained, better equipped.  You see the contest is merely an illusion played out at the destruction of lives.  That is the nature of population Control.  The minority uses these satanic deceptions to acquire and hold its power.  But ultimately, the minority cannot stand up to Truth.

 Holistic Truth stands always beyond the grasp and range of dualistic illusion.  It resides in a different dimension, one which is beyond the dualistic opposites born of Intellectualism, the very heart of satanic rule on earth.

 The power of the enlightened is its understanding that they are beyond the control of petty satanic leaders who feed off the stupidity of its conditioned subjects.

 Have I, this Living Christ, this simple man of Truth, not demonstrated that with my experiences with the courts of Oregon and Josephine County. All the Kings horses, and all the Kings men could not keep Raymond Ronald Karczewski© in jail.   That was factual, nothing illusionary about it other than the exposure of the impotence of the courts of man ruled by corporate thought.  Who of you have seen it?  Who of you understand it? 

 I write almost daily of the solution to civilized man's problems and yet it is ignored in favor of engaging in collective stupidity via protests.  To the spiritual blind and dumb conditioned daily, that simplicity is lost.  They are unable to see such combined efficacy as just STOPPING the support of the Satanic machine we call government THROUGH BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. 

 You folks are addicted to men who manipulate you through words, Illusions, concepts which take you to the highs and take you to the lows. You are HUMAN YOYOS.   In the meantime, while they take over your vacuous intellects, they go on MONEY BOMBS to extract millions to  support a party, a radio network, a talk show empire building of rabble rousing technicians, and you give your last dollar to them rather than use it wisely when you are broke, you are homeless.  The world of civilized man is filled with stupity, but alas, it is all lost to the stupid living among us. 

 Who do you think is targeted for annihilation? Is is not the "Useless Eaters" the stupid among us?

 Life begets life.  It does not support the Dead.  If you remain ruled by the Satanic imposed mind controlling conditioning that forms your world view in the aftermoment of civilized thought, YOU ARE THE LIVING DEAD on the path of stupidity to becoming DEAD.

 The living shall not be amongst you for they are beyond the grasp of Satanic mind Control.  You can recognize them, because they JUST PISS YOU OFF WITH THEIR VERY EXISTENCE untouchable by powers that DRIVE YOU NUTZ.  

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A Letter To All ZOMBIES who call themselves

             By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

   I have been writing on the Internet about the problem of civilized society for 17 years now.  In retrospect, not a dent in the Satanic Mind Control operation that has enveloped the American Consciousness has been made.

   Any awakening of the American Public to their slave status appears to be in vain.  Oh, They freely talk about the slave state that they are in, but have made no collective attempt to remove themselves from it. They have adjusted to the psychological chains which bind them. All they seek now is to be comfortable, to be safe, secure and subsist in their rapidly diminishing, formerly spoiled lifestyle.  ,

   One looks at why this is the case, One sees the trappings of  educated intellects at play and sees the false illusions which pass off as conditioned, individual egos which form the personnas that function robotically in a society rooted in conflict, opposition, and illusion. Such is the nature of living in Ignorance.

   One looks to make contact, deep contact, with others, at the level of spirit which lies beyond the masks of pretenders and finds there is NOBODY HOME. They have been compromised.  They have sold their souls to be taken care of, provided for and become violent when they finally see what they have become, if, for no more than a flash of the moment.

    Truthful Conversations, communications, relationships seemingly are impossible for the consciousness which exists is that of zombies held fast in an hypnotic stupor which prevents any serious talk, any talk which exists beyond small talk of sports results, tv programs, celebrity worship and anything and everything which serve as an escape from the realization of their present slave state. 

   The thin veneer of civility is incapable of holding up for long, and feelings do get hurt when they venture out before any mirror of Truth, any simple man or woman of Truth who touches them at a point beyond their normal psychological comfort shields. 

   They accept their state of consciousness as being normal, and they cling to each other and form groups in a codependency of commiseration.  They become outraged and run to each other's defense when they are forced to realize they are just slaves living on a Plantation, giving away their very lives, their sweat and blood, the fruits of their labor to their mind controlling masters, thankful to have a job when so many have lost theirs. They bandy about the word freedom, but they have never known True freedom in their lives.

   When they see a truly free man, their urge is to destroy him as such a man stands as a stark contrast which magnifies one'e actual enslavement.  They defend their enslavement without understanding it can all change in the blink of an eye for they miss the fact that they are living in an hypnotic dream.  They don't realize that when the dream ends, their SLAVERY ENDS. 

  In the past, they sold their souls from security, for fashion, for the trappings and promises of wealth, fortune, power, fame and now they worship even the pittances of poverty that has broken promises have left them.  They take great pride in their struggles and defend it with their being because it has become all they know. 

  Such is and always has been "Man's Fall From Grace."

  A Free man, a Sovereign, a Christ is amongst them to show them the way out of their bondage.  All they have to do is open their eyes and WAKE UP.  AND A CHRIST SHALL HAVE RAISED THE LIVING DEAD!

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Christ's Messages are Being Censored On FaceBook and Internet Newsgroups

Mannequin Dressed as a Sheriff's Deputy wrote:
Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk:  A Christ is being Censored -- Whats wrong with this picture?

rk:  This article: "A Letter To All ZOMBIES who call themselves Americans." is being blocked from reaching this and other Usenet newsgroups. (alt.consciousness.4th-way and alt.gossip.celebrities . It has caused me to resend from a different newsreader to Google Itself. On opening the group to read the article it is hidden with message that It has been flagged for abuse, even before the original message is opened. I bring this to the attention of the Moderator of this group (alt.gossip.celebrities ) and ask Why is it being flagged for abuse, and by whom? This has been going on for some time now. Raymond Karczewski

rk:  Facebook has reached new heights in the Censorship of my articles.  Not only do they use every trick in the book to hide my input, today they removed my Birthday wishes to my Aunt. 

mdsd:  "Dances with Sockpuppets" <ark...@frontier.com> whined like a bitch in news:50453850.10186218@news.frontier.com... wrote:

mdsd:  (forged statement attributed to Raymond Karczewski)
> I have been spamming on the Internet for 17 years now.  I have
> tried every trick of the trade, have stood on my head and gargled
> peanut butter (not an easy feat due to my enormous girth).  Please
> call the men in white with the butterfly nets to come medicate me
> while the chance still exists for me to have a lucid moment and a
> beard free of tangles and critters and such and oh yeah, it's very
> cold and lonely living in a battered wreck of a 40-some year old
> bus.

mdsd:  Does this mean you'll be back to confess some sort of evil "doins" with the local mannequin population?

rk:  Although my articles do not reach newsgroups and Facebook, forged statements attributed to me, written by unidentified disinformation agents such as above, appear.  

rk:  The noose that is strangling our Freedom of Speech is Tightening.   Ray

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Christ Consciousness and Satanic Consciousness: Which Do You Have?

                        By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©--A Living Christ

I perceive the woes of the world can be traced to the primary energy which dominates the consciousness of men and women.

The facts will show that I disturb a great number of people who hear my messages on and off the internet, but the question remains why? 

You see, it is not a matter of words, that is, the attention which is given to the "letter of the word", but fundamentally the threat exists at level of the Spirit of the Word, the deeper energy that lies beyond words, concepts  and images, which is the energy of holistic Truth, the energy that is directly communicable at all times, but overshadowed and blocked for the most part by Intellectual conditioning, satanic conditioning.

We all want love, but what is Love? 

Certainly it cannot be found at the level of words, for words by themselves are conjured up illusions which limit the energy conveyed. 

Hence the delivery and the grasp of the same energy which is uniform at all levels, transcendent of all beings and things, are transmitted and heard at the limitations of one's ablitities due to their limiting conceptual and social conditioning which separates one from their Truth Holistic Nature.  As such the same energy transmitted may not be heard at the same frequency due to one's socially, political, and religious conditioning filters.

I invite all to visit my website http:www.arkenterprises.com and its many links and observe this phenomenoun in action for themselves.  But how do you know what you are seeing when you are seeing it?

Let me start out by saying "I ARGUE WITH NO ONE." THAT IS FACT! I speak Truth, only Truth!  How Arrogant, one might say?  You see the  problem lies at the level of communication we are using, that is,we are linking with each other the Intellectual Level. The level of words, concepts, images, etc.  All of which are Dualistic in Nature. That means they are divided and opposing in nature.  

Direct Perception of Truth, which is Divine Awareness, Christ Consciousness, is the ultimate energy that cannot be altered, changed, or corrupted in any way as IT IS WHAT IS. God, itself.

Civilized man, those who live by outer directed, remote controlled, systematic thought, are cursed with SATANIC CONSCIOUSNESS arriving from their own consented to FALL FROM GRACE, Their devolution into the abyss of DUALISTIC THOUGHT with it inherent split energy of opposition and division, violence and power is all they know, all they are privvy to.  That is the way of the Civilized World.  It is composed of all who have sold their souls for security and comfort and in the process they give those very things up, for they are always in search of it, and never ever find themselves enjoying the essence of such promises.  That, my brothers, and sisters is HELL ON Earth. The term for such limited consciousness is IGNORANCE, SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE, and it RAISES HELL with the thinned skinned spiritual DENIER. 

I dare say, each of you will follow anyone who promises you such attainment, but yet NEVER DELIVERS, be it the preacher, the politician, the New Age Guru, the sweet talking, smooth, glib pied piper leading you over the cliff to your own destruction like lemmings.  Well, I, this Living Christ DO NOT DO THAT.  I merely point out what is and allow the "devil to take the hindmost, AND IT DOES."

My message is quite simple.  USE THE INTELLECT TO RESOLVE THE TECHNICAL PROBLEMS OF LIFE, which are dualistic in nature, and for all other circumstances in the nontechnical aspects of life which one is faced with, SILENCE THE INTELLECT, and just observe, allowing you your God Given Gift of Direct Perception of Truth, your Divine Awareness, your Christ Consciousness to guide you.  That's it.   Yet observe the satanic shitstorm of opposition which arises to such simplicity.  It boggles the mind, does it not?

YOU SHALL NEVER ACHIEVE PEACE THROUGH THE INTELLECT. It is that instrument WHICH RULES THE WORLD OF CIVILIZED MAN AND is a Satanic Instrument which divides and opposes one and all. even one's own consciousness, does it not?

How can Human beings willingly and voluntariy choose such conflict of a divided self, while pursing an holistic peace for millenia, and yet still be stuck where they have started?  Is that not the definition of Insanity, "DOING THE SAME DAMNED THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT?"

The Mirror of Truth, the very essence of Holistic Truth which stands as a measure of Oneness, can naught but reflect all, as is, who stand before it with corrupted consciousness, believing their own UNPROVEN SATANIC CONDITIONING.  When one who is STUPID stands before the mirror, its reflection must reach the recipient in language that it understands -- "STUPID". The word STUPID, is just one such word.  There are countless other words that suit the subject according to one's own reflective images seen in the Mirror of Truth, all of which are equally SHOCKING AND DISTURBING.  They are designed so as to awaken one from their Satanically imposed HYPNOTIC SLUMBER.

Hence an assault is launched upon the Mirror of Truth, the Messenger, the Christ and an argument is initiated by the corrupted intellect to protect itself from SUCH exposure.  Hence, the corrupt Call the Mirror which can only reflect that which stands before it, the INITIATOR OF ARGUMENT. It is the secondary response that is ALWAYS SATANIC IN NATURE, for it lies only in SECONDARY response, NEVER ORIGINAL ACTION. 

I say this to you, because after 17 years of writing on the INTERNET, YOU GUYS STILL DON'T GET IT.  But Hell, neither does my FAMILY, before and after my generation. 

I, this LIVING CHRIST, have GIVEN YOU THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM.  Will you accept them?

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                                    BELIEF IS COUNTERFEIT TRUTH!

~Jiddu Krishnamurti WROTE: Belief is a denial of truth, belief hinders truth; to believe in God is not to find God.

Neither the believer nor the non-believer will find God; because reality is the unknown, and your belief or non-belief in the unknown is merely a self-projection and therefore not real.

David Haglund WROTE: This is a jnana statement. It has no Buddhi bhakti or kama manas. It is only a step to cleansing perception. Belief is a great creative and attractive force...

Raymond Karczewski WROTE: David, to analyze concept through comparison with other concepts is a practice in futility. That is the nonsense in all organized methodology one finds in priests, ministers, gurus, when one sets out to find Truth with the Intellect.

Truth cannot be found via the Intellect. ONly the Idea of Truth is Found. The Intellect must cease for holistic Truth to Be In other words,

One must Die (to the dualistic Intellect) to be reborn of the Spirit of holistic Truth. The Intellect is the ultimate instrument for Satanic Misdirection. It has enslaved believers from the beginning of time.

Pay attention to the Truth of my messages and don't get PISSED when your feelings are hurt.

I am not speaking only to you David, but to everyone who cannot admit to their own spiritual ignorance. When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH???? Raymond 

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David Haglund wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

David Haglund Be at peace brother for I am no mans slave. I defend your right to express your whole truth with your illuminated intellect.

rk:  David, Your comment "I defend your right to express your whole truth with your illuminated intellect"  belies a spiritual misdirection.

rk:  The Intellect cannot be illuminated for it is a Satanic poseur, an impostor, a fiction  which functions in  illusions, images and pretensions. 

rk:  The Intellect is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in the use of resolving DEAD, MECHANICAL, TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, but is ABSOLUTELY DESTRUCTIVE when applied to the LIVING NON-TECHNICAL issues of life. 

rk:  A Christ is a Simple man or woman of Truth.  A balanced individual who knows when to use the Intellect and when to silence it so that Divine Awareness IS ALLOWED TO  guide the soul 

rk:  You will note that the SATANIC powers which rule the world do so exclusively via the Technical use of the Intellect.  That is the imbalance responsible for HELL ON EARTH. 

rk:  May I repeat my Signature Line which stands UNREBUTTED. "No man in History, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to
the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL
THOUGHT!!" -- Ray Karczewski ought to be a SHOCKING REVELATION TO ALL.

rk:  How DIRECT must I be, HOW GROSS must I be, in STATING THE  OBVIOUS, and yet masses of SHEEPLE are unmoved by such UNREBUTTED TRUTH?

rk:  If you think the media isaware of my message and is STONEWALLING my message to the public you are correct.  I send most of my writings to 60 MINUTES, other mainstream and alternate news outlets and have done so over the last 17 years.  Does not the existence of a LIVING CHRIST constitute news? 

rk:  I Have Exposed the Key to Satanic Control of the mass mind, and THEY ARE SITTING ON IT.  Why have THEY NOT OVERTLY ATTEMPTED TO DESTROY MY MESSAGE? 




rk:  Are these not legitimate questions?

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