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Americans and Gun Control:  SCHNOOKERED AGAIN!!

 Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  -- A Living Christ


I see we are being treated to another government campaign of mind control concerning Political designs toward gun confiscation.  Has anyone noticed the Mainstream media is focusing narrowly upon the assailant as the lone gunman and pulling on the emotional  heartstrings of the public at the same time?


Has anyone also noticed that the medias investigative focus is decidedly focused away from the assailants psychological contacts and affiliations with Government and University, two repeatedly proven sources of psychological manipulation and conditioning? 


Anyone ever heard of MK ULTRA?


Anyone ever heard of Military process which transform our 18 year old kids straight out of school and into killers and call it basic training?


Anyone notice the electronic games which focus upon dehumanizing our kids as it trains reflexes toward killing, maiming, and destruction?


Why is the American public so gullible, so easily manipulated through such emotional triggers which follow these planned tragedies?


The first impressions are the most powerful.  Look at every assassination that has come down the pike in recent history and reported to you by your mainstream media.  Do you not see the established pattern of mass conditioning designed toward disarming and enslaving a gullible public into a controllable populace by armed enforcers of the Corporation?


The simple fact is you are all being schnookered into a BASSACKWARD mind set by your own government and media, and by the looks of it, few of you are even aware of it. 


An armed public would have stopped these "fish in the barrel" episodes which result in mass loss of life.  That's a fact.  Not an assumption.  Yet you are being programmed to GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.


Do not give up your guns.  Use them in self-defense and in the defense of others, the weak, the elderly, your loved ones.   Cops can't protect you.  Cops can't protect them.  Cops are the report takers AFTER THE FACT.   This comes to you from a retired Police Sergeant. Lockdown procedures by schools only insure a higher death count, while the cops wait outside, under orders not to enter. 


Each of you have a God Given Unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That includes your right to Self Defense.  No government or nation can take that right away from you. 


Stop relying upon institutions with a proven track record of inability to protect you.  KEEP YOUR GUNS AND PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES.


How far would the gunman have gotten if the people in the audience were ARMED???


To all you good cops out there.  Time for you to take a stand and EXPOSE stand down orders which prevent you from living up to your Oath of Office to serve and protect.



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The BASSACKWARDS world of Civilized man.

   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  --  A Living Christ

Many are outraged, confused, and perplexed by my use of the term Christ to identify myself. Such outrage is to be expected, as all others, without exception, who are subject to their limitations of Intellect are mind controlled Satanic Slaves.  Their world mindset is based in eternal opposition, conflict and division.  They are quite unaware that there is another way to live.  That remains the reason for their seemingly cursed existence. 

Simply stated, all civilized men, regardless of culture are satanic slaves.  Within that satanic insanity is found the world of Civlized man. 

A Christ is one who has transcended the dualistic, opposing realm of intellect, and lives in the nondualistic realm of non-duality, the realm of Direct Perception of Holistic Truth.  Therefore such men/women are beyond the influence and power of outer directed, remote mind control which permeates all civilized communities.

A Christ is not here to teach but to set example for others to simply see for themselves.  The key to Spiritual Freedom is Truth.  Plain and simple Truth.  A Christ lives Truth, Sees Truth, Speaks Truth, Is Truth in word and action.

Consider this and you will understand how simple and yet how impossible it is for one to live in this world without being subject to the slings and arrows of a tainted, opposing, divisive life.  

The present world view is based in deception, as no thought  is holistic in nature and therefore do not, cannot result in anything but further division and opposition.  That is the nature of the World.  That is the nature of Hell.

From this moment forward, NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE.  Do that and you shall understand what is meant by living in Christ Consciousness.   If you cannot do that, you shall remain in your self-perpetuating Hell, a hell of your own making, and cause you to be proud of it, live in defense of it.


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Christ  on Gun Control.

  By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ
Allow every able body man and woman to open carry and hold them strictly responsible for the use thereof.
Such common carry would change the face of Crime in America instantly. A gun is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.
Those who fear guns have already signed their death warrants in a violence ridden society.
Will there be a great disruption should all be armed-- YOU BET.
Will there be a great disruption if the people are disarmed, -- YOU BET.
So whats the big choice???

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Christ  on Gun Control.


  By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

 Doug writes:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

D:  >   Could you imagine an Oregon with 0 rapes! 0 successful home invasions,0 crimes against our seniors ?

 D:  >   I would not be here in my present condition without a firearm, and I am very proud of that.

rk;  For all who have read my original article "Christ  on Gun Control."  I defy an argument to its simplicity and logical conclusion.

rk:  I use the word "Christ to define a Simple man or woman of Truth. an extreme rarity in our world.  It is an obvious fact open to all but  seen by few that the average man is no more than a conditioned robot, programmable by remote resources, which define and order a robotic society through satanic imposed man's law.

 rk:  All Christs live in God's Law, that is. DO NO HARM.  They live beyond the confusion and the strife of a world ruled by Satanic Man's Law.

rk:  To preserve one's life and/or the lives of others not capable of defending themselves, CANNOT be considered to CAUSE HARM to another.  It is one's duty, one's responsibility to preserve life whenever possible, whenever necessary.

 rk:  Look at how mind controlled minions, suffering under the Satanic delusion of Mind Control react to my use of the world Christ.  Is is based in Love, or is it based in anger and opposition?  In their BASSACKWARD consciousness, they see it as a destructive force to their life-long "GRAVEN IMAGES" of a mystical saviour who exists to SAVE THEM FROM THEIR FOLLY.

rk:  That is, and alwayis has been, the step to religious and political ENSLAVEMENT.  Through such DOUBT of themselves, they inadvertantly SELL THEIR SOULS for security, and resign themselves to living an intensely restrictive  life of HELL here on earth.

 rk:  A Christ, is nothing more than an UNCONDITIONED Man or Woman.  One who has risen above the dualistic state of conflict, violence and confusion.  A Christ is one who resonates with the holistic essence of Truth, and is not subject to the confusion, conflict and violence of a Satanic Opposing, dualistic intellect. 

rk:  Hence a Christ knows peace, lives peace, IS PEACE,  lives life as is expected of an HOLISTIC, TRUTH BASED ENTITY.   His word is Truth.  His Truth is Spiritual Law.  It is holistic, undivided, and complete. He is not affected by the intellectual harm that inundates NATIONS of satanically (opposing) programmable robots, robbed of their humanity.

 rk:  Hence, in their limited lives,  there becomes a need for Satanic implemented Man's Law and its protective agencies which act more like tyrants than protectors. 

 rk:  People become afraid because of insane psychological drills such as the current "Batman"  (anyone notice the association with comic book reality, YEP IT MIND CONTROL)  and live their lives in fear because of such satanic tainted world mind sets.  They all live under the thrall of mind control and as such lose their humanity.

 rk:  When I say this to one, I say this to the world who act in conditioned resonance.  YOU ARE ALL MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES. The reason you do not see it, is because it is all prevailing, and considered to be normal behavior, normal consciousness.  The world of man is NUTZ and you are all proud of it.

 rk;  BUT IS IT?



 rk:   That is the simple remedy to the present insanity gripping the consciousness of the western world. 

rk;  A GUN is not your enemy.  It is a tool for peace to be used against those who would  massacre you for profit.

rk:  You have been given the Truth by a Living Christ.  I can do NO MORE for you.  You are the SAVIOUR you have been waiting for.

rk:  To all Oregonians:  Let the peace of the world arise here and now, and spread throughout our country and the world.  ARM YOURSELVES, BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIVES.  BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE.

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                    Oregon's Grand Exodus

    To James Hamilton:  OREGON SHOUT!
    Re:  Corporate Exodus.

    From:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© --  A Living Christ

    James, In regards to your call for change in Oregon Politics  concerning the Right to Travel, Law enforcement for profit, and all of the other present scams which are being perpetrated against the Oregon Populace (such as the recent case of an Eagle Point Man being jailed for COLLECTING RAINWATER on his property)  it is time to bring it all to an ABRUPT END, once and for all. 

     I suggest to you and all others, that the people have been, and are fighting a losing battle because of their "PRESUMPTIVE STATUS" as being members of the Corporation by the black robed judges who truly are slick talking, misdirecting, "Sons of Satan" acting as bankers for the Corporation through fines, court costs and the like. 

    It is all done  through their unchallenged determination that all who come before the corporate court are members of the corporation and therefore bound by its private corporate rules.   Americans have been trapped by the courts through various schemes such as Birth Certification, Social Security, Voters Registration list, driver license,  and any and all contracts made written and otherwise with the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES, STATE OF OREGON, and their subsidiaries. (Counties, Municipalities, etc.) 

    One can see how the term Sovereign has been demonized through mind control techniques of the Media.  Everything has been turned on its ear, and the average man and woman, is oblivious as to their True Status as a LAW MAKER, one of the Sovereign People, SOVEREIGN now coming to be known as ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

    I have broached this subject several times in the past to no response.  Yet I cannot accept that most people want to live the way they are living, and refuse to change the system that only THEY CAN CHANGE.

   My experiences with the STATE OF OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY Courts,  governments along with their Corporate Law Enforcers,  the Sheriffs office, City Police, etc. are well documented and may be found in GOOGLE and my website links  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

     It has demonstrated like none other, the power of the ONE who UNDERSTANDS his position as one of the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE, and holds the lesser corporate courts responsible for their attempted usurpation of such God Given, Unalienable Rights.

   Time for talk is over.  If the people do not move to change their status, THEY HAVE NO FUTURE, but for the concentrations (Retraining) Camps that have sprung up throughout our nation. 

  Let the Peaceful Change to a Violent Revolution  begin here and now  in Oregon.  Any and all are welcome to use my paperwork which successfully removed me from the JURISDICTION OF THE CORPORATIONS known as the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE and have protected me from their continued threats and intimidation.   I am an example of a FREE MAN surrounded by masses of Slaves who remain such by virtue of  their OWN CONSENT.

   SLAVES must demand their freedom.  The CANNOT ask for it and expect that it will be done.  That is what the AMERICAN PEOPLE have been doing all along.  One can see the failure of such a tactic. 

    The time for the EMANCIPATION of the American Slave IS NOW!

   I would be happy to cooperate with any movement of MASS EXODUS through RENUNCIATION of such corporate status and return to Sovereignty, but I WILL NOT DO IT FOR THEM.  It is time, for these slavish sheeple to SNAP OUT OF THEIR HYPNOTIC DREAM which has enslaved them for their lifetimes, and stand RESPONSIBLY and take back control over their errant public servants. 

   If not there will be war in America, A Civil War.  The authorities are already working toward it with the Gun control measure recently signed by a traitorous president, in conjuction with Treaties formed with the UN, leaving the American People unarmed, and at the mercy of its private, armed, corporate enforcers.

    James, you have the greatest possibility of forming a group effort to mass produce the paperwork necessary for such human extraction from a Satanically ruled System.    I will share my paperwork (you already know it is the law, by the court's actions when dealing with me after I refused to accept their Court OFFER OF SENTENCING in two trial convictions of the fictional juristic person, NOT THIS LIVING MAN.

   Just what the HELL DOES IT TAKE, to break the SPELL THAT BINDS MILLIONS?   Many will choose SLAVERY, because that is all they have known, and they don't have the courage, the backbone to stand up for themselves.    Many however, will see the light and step out of their present political bondage.   That is the promise of Freedom to be realized here in America. 

   STOP WAITING FOR A SAVIOR.  Each of you are YOUR OWN SAVIOR.  You and your predecessors have been conned for centuries to live your lives as SLAVES TO THE MINDCONTROLLERS.  It is time to begin THE EXODUS TO FREEDOM. 

   Let it begin here in Oregon and spread throughout the Nation. 

   A Christ has SHOWN THE WAY.

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        The whole world of Civilized man is Satanically Conditioned.

Michelle Kenny wrote:
Raymond Karczewski wrote:
rk:  >> One can ask how such depths of human darkness and depravity can be reached by power seekers. Is it not the fall from direct perception of Truth, of What is , into the illusions spun into existence by the extreme reliance upon satanically conditioned intellects? No other but I have exposed the real reasons for Hell on Earth, that being dependence upon the dualistic, opposing Intellect. Yet it remains ignored. Hell, isn't it? Raymond Karczewski
mk >   have no clue what you mean by any of what you have just said
mk >   Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning "two") denotes a state of two parts. The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a meaning that is preserved in metaphysical and philosophical duality discourse b...ut has been diluted in general or common usages. Dualism can refer to moral dualism, (e.g. the conflict between good and evil), mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang).
mk >   what a load of cock, there is such a thing as good and evil and by not recognising either achieves nothing
rk:    Michelle , you merely exhibit the ignorance of that which I speak of. You are not alone. You share that ignorance with everyone who has been conditioned to see the world filtered through their intellect.
rK:   The root of the word Satan. is Opposer.  For opposition to exist, more that one, i.e. TWO must exist. Such is the nature of Dualism, of confusion.   You are quite correct in the view that you don't understand a word of what I am saying. The world of ignorant sheeple share that position with you. Have you not heard that Misery (Ignorance) loves company? Look at the shape the civilized world is in. How do you think it got that way?
rk:    To understand what I am saying, one must pay attention to their own responses which arise to my words. That is the only teacher they need. Beyond that they are being conditioned by the Satanic motivated Teachers.
rk:    The way to Love, the way to Truth is BALANCE.

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The Consciousness of a Christ

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

What is the consciousness which emanates from this Christ?

Is it different from the average consciousness possessed by most?

Unquestionably YES!

Is it an act, a pretense, a purposeful technique used to garner attention, to gain power, to influence, to persuade?

The answer to that is NO.

What would cause a society, a nation, a world to cling to its Satanic Fantasies in lieu of the unadorned Truth which flows from such a simple man?   

What is the source of resistance which closes one's intellect off from words of Truth which destroy satanic illusion, and would liberate those who see and hear truth, words which expose the common practices of satanic mind control imposed upon them through media, government, and corporate Institutions?

Familiarity, commonality, ingrained expectations, Is it not?

Why do such words of a Christ strike fear and anger  in the hearts and  minds of many who profess to want peace in their lives, yet whose actions actively resist such peace when offered to them with no strings attached?

When each peers into their hearts, examine their deepest desires, do they not want to live a life of nonconflict?  A life of Peace?  A life of Love? Why is it so difficult for them to manifest such a life with their present state of consciousness? 

Why has civilized man lost his Spirit, his independence, his Sovereignty?  Why has he sold his soul for the promises of protection and offers of security?

Why does civilized man toil his life away, give of his life's blood, his sweat and tears, his wealth to con-man, manipulators in governments and religions who promise but NEVER DELIVER on such promises?

What is wrong with such level of Consciousness? 

The fact is their normal state of consciousness is an hypnotic state of Satanic Belief ingrained in them over a lifetime which binds the intellect to its own inherent limitations.

Such limitations are the very obstacles to reaching their professed desires of Peace and Love in life, an energy which lies beyond the opposing, conflicted Intellect, for such WHOLENESS (holistic/holiness) is based in Nonduality and cannot be accessed by the lesser, fragmented,  dualistic,  Satanically conditioned, dualistic Intellect.

I have dropped a bomb on the present world with the simple Truth that all who filter their world view through their Satanically conditioned Intellect are SATANIC SLAVES.  Only they call it CIVILIZED.

All such men and women have lost their spiritual bearings, their backbone, their God Given, Gift of Co-Creation and have in fact, consented to their own servitude to Man's Law, to a man-made, Satanic Society.

I, this Living Christ, merely MIRROR IT.  Hell, isn't it?

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         The Satanic Illusions of History

                         By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

A Living Christ Says:    "Cannot it be seen that history is written by Scholars.  Men of Intellect who communicate aftermoment illusions, hence are satanically motivated via prevailing intellectual influences of the time?"

"As a Christ, a simple man of Truth, perceiver of What Is, absent of influential intent, The simple Truth is that History is, and always has been "tainted truth" i.e.,  graven images carried over from generation to generation which functions to support an unbroken stream of satanic political/religious illusions with the intent to perpetuate Mind Control of blind believers, the living dead, sheeple?"

"Such is, and always has been the world of Satanic power man calls Civilization."


The Wise Man and The Scholar
By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
The wise man speaks of truth, the scholar about it.
The wise man is in this world, the scholar of it.
The profane regard the wise man with disdain, but revere the scholar. (Until the death of the wise man places his memory within the purview of the scholar.)
The wise man's domain is the eternal infinite, the scholar's the time-bound history book.
The wise man speaks his own words, the scholar quotes the words of others.
The wise man's intelligence is self-evident. the scholar requires credentials.
The wise man is the spirit of the word, the scholar quibbles over the letter.
The wise man knows neither heaven nor hell; the scholar knows hell and speculates about heaven.
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