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The Christ's Message is Upon You!  Use It or Lose It!!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

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My Internet participation is rapidly approaching 16 years now.  Much of my writing is no longer with us, due to computer Crashes,  Deja News, and Google archives and a variety of virus attacks.  Yet still much is retained for posterity on my WebSite http://www.arkenterprises.com/ and Google Archives as long as such site is allowed to remain public.   I have said my peace.  There is no need to belabor the obvious.  

My message is not easily recognizable by the intellectually conditioned mind, for such superficial action/reaction mentality is the domain of the Satanic ruled superficial intellect, the realm of consciousness which rules over the maleable and manipulatable minds of undiscerning sheeple.

As such, there is no connective vibration to be experienced, no strong, lasting relationship.   Modern man is a computerized robot.  He must be educated to the Living-dead, state of consciousness based in conditioned memory.  That is done by his educational system, which destroys intelligence not enhance it.  He mistakes dualistic words, graven images, and concepts for the nondualistic essence (Truth) the words are designed to reflect, describe, etc.  He becomes proficient in technical matters, but is dummer than a "box-a-rocks" when it comes to sensitivity to Truth, Life and issues of spirituality, God, itself.

He, the robot blind believers lives, breathes, acts, and reacts, engaging in such fantasies, BELIEVING them to be real, true and correct.  That is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN his slip from sanity to insanity, his spiritual "Fall From Grace", his descent into dualistic Hell, affecting his ability to DIRECTLY PERCEIVE AND RESONATE with the Eternal Truth which exists in every eternal moment of NOW.

The True Christ can be distinguished from the pretenders by his OWN WORDS.  Pretenders rely upon Tradition.  Words, held as a foundation for belief systems, written by scholars and other "almost, but no cigar experts".  That is the beginning of BASSACKWARDS, the very essence of Hell itself.  Nothing is real, but is  based on fantasies derived from some long held, traditionalized concept and beliefs.  It is the religion of ROBOTS.  The living dead, who will give their lives up as martyrs for their tenuously held beliefs.  All world religions are BASED IN THIS SATANIC TRAIT.  ALL.  That is the hold that Satanic mind Control has over every civilized man or woman whether they know it or not.

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, NEVER wrote a single word of his own down.  I write everything, and stand by it.  They are not based in the bible and any other religious book. They are based in Truth, the ever present Truth which unfolds in every eternal moment of NOW.   The dead are not attuned to such words of Truth.  They will ignore it.  When they cannot ignore it they will attack it.  The reason is quite simple.  Truth requires action to be wholistic, (holy).  A Christ is a simple man or woman of Truth.  Their words are their actions.  It has a devastating effect upon the realm of hellish "PRETENSE." 
It is that simple moment of creation wherein one's words are one's action when the spiritual rebirth process manifests as the "Second Coming of Christ.

When I see a need to speak, I shall do so.  But I shall no longer pander to satanic ignorance, to feed the satanic egoes which persist in continuing the Hellish Fascade that is our unfolding world today.

All the Truth you will ever need can be found on my website and Google Archives, but you will have to find it your selves.  No more "free lunch"  No more "Silver Platters." 

Your pandering, delerious wanting, avaricious feeding upon a source of Truth which is immediately compared with one's own presently conditioned satanic conditioning will just have to serve you, until you are ready for the truth.  Till then, your high energy preachers, your entertainers, your misdirectors, your  priests, politicians, pied piper and new agey back-slappers will just have to do.  YOUR CHOICE!

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Freedom and Welfare -- Mutually Exclusive.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


  My Friend, until you come to understand the forces which compel you to serve a Satanic System, your good intentions and well wishes toward others will go thwarted.  If you are in search of power, you WILL GET IT. 

   Those who are locked-in recipients of Welfare and Charity of the particular society they live in because, They spiritually have chosen to endure such hardship in order to learn the lessons, or experience the illusion of Comfort of kept slaves  they have yet to learn or give up.  One can only see such Truth via a Transcendent Consciousness, not solely bound to the Intellect.

  To live and respond to the action/reaction arena of the worldly matrix is to support and enjoin yourself to the Dominant energy (dualistic/opposing, Satanic Energy) which lies also at the cause of such painful and long suffering problems which require relief.   Hence you serve the very system you believe you oppose.  

  To live in that matrix, you condemn yourself to a slow, excruciating diminishment until you become exhausted and spent, and then are  considered to be a "Useless Eater."  You can see such agenda unfolding in your present society.  As long as the system rules, and NOT THE PEOPLE who create the System, Pain, suffering, deprivation, homelessness, insolvency, imprisonment, death, and destruction shall be the outcome, only destroy and rebuild the system to repeat the process.  That has been the momentum of Civilized Man since his FALL FROM GRACE.  Yet millenia has passed, and man still continues in his ignorant behavior.

   The problems of life are not found in the Intellect.  The Intellect is the creator and solver of problems.  Beyond the Intellect, there ARE NO PROBLEMS.

   Such realization requires one to transcend the Intellect, (The lesson of Jesus Christ)  To Die to the Intellect, and be Reborn of the Spirit of Divine Awareness, capable of Direct perception of Truth.

   That is the core of my message for the last 16 years on the Internet, and you can see how such simple truth has been resisted by people who are truly ignorant of who they are, and their purpose in life.  If you think I am exaggerated, take a peek at the number of Internet Forums I have been banned from posting on at:

Shaun Kranish
I'm looking to do some charity work in the stateline area here. Anyone know what is needed the most around here? Food donations for the pantries??? Giving blood for the blood banks???

Any other ideas? I need to pick one :)

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Stanford Prison System Experiment and Its Effect Upon a Corrupt Satanic Judicial System. --- A MUST WATCH for All Americans.

 By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Thursday, June 21, 2010.  This evening, for the first time, I watched the film,  'The Stanford Prison Experiment' produced by the BBC.  See: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/neuroscience/the-stanford-prison-experiment---full.html

In essence, my criminal kidnapping and imprisonment in 2002  by JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES, JAIL GUARDS AND BLACK ROBED TYRANTS SITTING IN OUR COURTS utilized such tactics against me for the entire 128 days of my incarceration,  but to a lesser degree of severity.  See:   The Patriot & thePirate!! Part I

The Patriot & thePirate!! Part II

The serious researcher interested in exploding the Myth of Authority that our hired public servants have over their Masters can verify the events of my unlawful incarceration by reading the number links on my political page, at http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

The remaining 10 years of my life which continues to this very day in  exposing their continued persecution resulted in the death of Anita, my wife of 49 years can be researched in the unnumbered links on that and other linked pages.   I mention this to impress upon them, the hypnotic spell which rules undiscerning sheeple that Power is an Illusion and such illusion of power MUST BE GIVEN UP by the VICTIM to the TYRANT, for free men to be ENSLAVED by their own CONSENT. 

My 55 day Hunger strike consisted of two increments one of 33 days, followed by one of 22 days, both of which resulted in my release from jail.  The ultimate release came when the JAIL NURSE, refused to cooperate with the administration concerning  the unlawful incarceration and warned Sheriff Dave Daniel, that my condition of body chemistry from the hunger strike left me near death at any moment, and I best be released before the jail suffered another Death of an Inmate.  The JOSEPHINE COUNTY JAIL had a history of inmate death at the jail.

The judges of JOSEPHINE COUNTY had attempted several times to get rid of me through conditional releases, but I refused to accept such offers.   I had stated early on, that I would either be UNCONDITIONALLY RELEASED as a free man or they would carry me out a DEAD MAN. 

They could not break me, they could not intimidate me.  I resisted no one.  They could not bait me.  They just did not know how to deal with a man who did not respond to threats.

Despite two bogus convictions of the JURISTIC PERSON bearing my name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, at time of sentencing, I refused to accept their offer of contract (sentencing) as they had not proven JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Sovereign man in more than 20 plus hearings and two trials.

To this day, they still refuse to answer the questions of JURISTICTION accompanied by the Oath or Affidavit, which if answered WOULD BURST THE BUBBLE OF AUTHORITY they use to put innocent men and women in jail and prisons, and return the reigns of power to the hands of the Sovereign People, the True Lawmakers. 

Why, you might ask, does government treat the people as SLAVES?   JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.  You see, the "Stanford Prison System Experiment"  reveals the Satanic Forces which accounts for the weakness which allows  for the breaking of the Human Spirit.  The reducing of Sovereign men and Women, to abject SLAVES, through mind control techniques. 

I have, through my writings on and off the Internet, in the last 10 years shown the way to FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY for Americans to follow.   Yet one only has to read the headlines, observe the loss of jobs, families thrown out on the street, homeless, broke.  Our Sons and daughters losing their lives in unlawful wars fought on Foreign Lands, Their life long earnings STRIPPED away from them by a bogus banking and political system, run by bogus politicians and bankers, and the vast populace acts just as  the Prisoners and guards did in the Prison Experiment.  Why cannot the people see IT WAS ALL AN ILLUSION THEN, IT IS ALL AN ILLUSION NOW.

I find it most difficult to treat the vast mass of  IGNORAMUSES with respect when they are prepared to lose everything,  INCLUDING THEIR LIVES, yet cannot USE THE POWER THEY HOLD IN THEIR OWN HANDS, over their own HIRED SERVANTS.

Can you not see what you have become in your lives?  Have you no dignity?  Have you no Self-Respect?   What you are now is what you all have been most of your lives.  Stupid, compliant, fearful, slaves, who jump at the snap of the Slave overseers whip?  You just have not been tested, UNTIL NOW.

STAND UP LIKE THE SOVEREIGN MEN AND WOMEN THAT YOU ARE.  You can talk about WAKING up all you want, but until that WAKING UP changes your ADDICTION to idle thought into outraged action, you have ALL CONDEMNED YOURSELVES TO HELL.

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I Am The Truth, Life, and the Way,  AND SO Are You!

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Suspend your Conditioning.  Just Listen.

Let the Truth you experience in Silence awaken you to the Truth you have always known, but doubt because of your opting of comfort of herd thinking. 

Do that and you will determine who is telling you the Truth, and who is stroking your Satanically conditioned ego. 

Do that, and the Truth Shall Set you free.  I am the real thing, the Truth, Life and the Way, AND SO ARE YOU. 

Wake up to it.  Ray

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I Am The Truth, Life, and the Way,  AND SO Are You!

Oregon Shout writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes:

os:  >  It seems that after looking around....studying a few things out...Raymond is on to a few things.

os:  >  The people need a reformation from 'Herd thinking' under tyrannical regimes or as Friedrich Nietzsche...stated" Herd-Instinct. http://history.hanover.edu/courses/excerpts/111niet.html (see-116)
os:  >  OregonShout is an interactive website intended to remain accessible to as many people as possible. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual posters who remain solely responsible for the content of their messages

rk:  A Christ is a simple man, a man of Truth.  Such characteristics are beyond the less than honorable regions of the Illusion worshipping intellect which control their lives.

rk:  Absolutely, NO ONE is exempt from the pressures of Satanic Conditioning which rule the societies of a divisive world -- NONE!

rk:   However the reason for existance for life on earth, is to FACE and UNDERSTAND such violent and conflicted existence. The very essence of Division and Violence is the fabric of all organizations regardless of what position they take.  All, but few civilized men, members of organizational thought, are oblivious to these satanic rules which control them and hence follow the blueprint set out for them by the Organizations worship. 

rk:  Hence, one can see the havoc, the reaction that Christs, such Truth-Based men and women have upon their spiritually blind-believing, institutionally conditioned  brothers and sisters.  The struggles are individual, but, for most,  the system remains intact as controller and master. 

rk;  One must look beyond the shallow level of consciousness which require action/reaction, to see the conflicting essence of such conflicting,  conditioned dogma.  ALL RELIGIONS and GOVERNMENTS with their argumentative differences and coercive policies are partners in Satanic Mind Control and rule over the "herd thinking" masses..   NONE ARE EXEMPT.  NONE!

rk:  Perhaps now you can see how a world can remain BASSACWARDS while immersed in positive imagery.  --  PERHAPS NOT?

rk:  We each, have within us, the ability to stand alone if necessary in facing the neverending onslaught of Satanic Conditioning.  As anyone can plainly see, the hypnotic trance which binds men do not loosen their grip easily on zombie-like, computer driven human entities. 

rk:  However, when a Christ emerges, a simple man or woman of Truth, is IMPOSSIBLE TO DISMISS, given the psychological tools at the hand of satanic mind controllers and their controllees.  It is such longevity, which reveals the Shield of Truth which is impervious to the "slings and arrows" of Life.  And reveals to all that there is more to life that that which is perceived at the Satanically-driven intellectual level.

rk:  It has been said that "Many are called but few are chosen."  I say that Many are called but few attain the wisdom their lives provide them. 

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Problem with Man's Law as Observed by a Living Christ                   
By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

     The problem with man's law and those who follow and are bound to it is WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.   Words, by Whom, directed toward whom?     Is it not all fantasy when one looks and sees that one man seems to be worth more, has more power, more wealth than another man, because of his affinity for words.

     All words, are illusions.  They hold the mystical power of all Satanic Abuse directed toward other men, less educated, less discriminate, less energetic, bound to a herd-like, hypnotic state of consciousness.  Is that not the state of the average Civilized man and woman? 

     Words are indeed necessary in order to communicate with and resolve technical issues entertained by the mind, but words are also the instruments of man's "Fall from Grace," and its basis for Hell on Earth.

    When Dualistic illusion substitutes itself for Nondualistic Truth, words, the vehicles of such dualistic symbols, concepts, and ideas which are the vehicles of creation, are tainted by virtue of their dualistic, opposing nature.  No matter what one thinks, one creates its opposite, and thus the realm of Choice and Confusion are born.

     The Spirit of the Word is Divine.  The Letter of the Word is Satanic.

     In that state of dithered satanic confusion, one invites conflict into one's consciousness, and remains there until they resolve such conflict through decision, a coming to at-one-ment,  a nondualistic state  of holistic perception or spiritual insight, a direct perception of What Is, that Realm of Truth which HAS NO OPPOSITE.

     This simple message of Truth has been with mankind since prior to the the Beginning of Time, for time itself is a man-made concept.

     Nondualistic Truth has no opposition.  The idea of Truth is rife with opposition.  Each of us are born into this world, IMBUED with the essence of Truth.   But we soon lose our way through the prevailing Satanic Conditioning which is necessary for man to understand his own true nature.

     There is ONLY GOOD, ONLY GOD -- WHAT IS!

     Satan is an illusion which rules the world of Civilized Man and Woman, all done via the instrument of Intellect and is responsible from deviation of God's Law, i.e., DO NO HARM, to the present insanity of Man' Law with its architected confusion and conflict.

     All have within them, the Essence of Truth, of God, for they are created in God's Essence, nondualistic Truth..  It is by their own consent, to the invitations, the temptations of a Satanically ruled instrument of intellect, that they consent to and thereby create their own Hellish dualistic existence.

     Life on Earth is a Spiritual testing Ground, a Reform School, if you will.  One must walk the guantlet of opposition, until they arrive at their moment of Truth, and AWAKEN to whom they truly are, Sons, and Daughters of God, C0-creators of their own life, fully responsible for the life they momentarily create for themselves.

     One can see what is happening today, with the NEW WORLD ORDER.  Satanic forces are pulling out all the stops to enslave not one nation but the world.  .  Lives are being destroyed daily, until it becomes accepted as inevitable to the average man or woman.  And the Sheeple accept it as their fate accompli.

     The Greatest Satanic Forces lodged against God's Children today are GOVERNMENTS,  RELIGIONS AND CORPORATE THOUGHT.

     Simple men and women of Truth, Christs have always been amongst us, but they are few and far between.  They operate of the Spiritual level, the Essence of the Word.  They mostly deal with the ignorant of the world, the slaves, the doubters, the cannon fodder, the zombie like creatures that take great pride in how much wealth they can produce for their handlers before they exhaust themselves into "Useless Eaters" and are only ripe for extinction.

     I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski#, am such a Living Christ, such a simple man of Truth.  My family doesn't get it, my friends don't get it, my business associates didn't get it, and frankly most of you reading this WILL NOT GET IT.   Why, because you LACK THE ABILITY TO STEP OUT OF THE BOX THINKING that has ruled your life from birth.

     One will NEVER find Truth in Words.  They will find Truth in the Essence , the Spirit behind the Word, not the Letter of the word itself.  Are you capable of such Discernment, such Discrimination?  If not, you will one continue to be ruled by STORIES, by WORDS.  And may God have mercy on your Souls.

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A Living  Christ Cannot teach an Old World, New Tricks.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote: 

ArthurLoveForLife has made a comment on Problem with Man's Law as Observed by a Living Christ:

ac:  >  Always inspiring listening to you Raymond. Love and hugs Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life

rk:  Arthur, Fiona,  Good to hear from you. Arthur, hope you're on the mend.  The world needs your wisdom.  I've pulled back somewhat
as I see a mass hypnotic rush toward violence as a solution. 

rk:  My years of non-violent "Boycott, Boycott, Boycott" has fallen on deaf ears.  It is this lack of one-on-one self-responsibility that lies at the core of our world's problems. 

rk:  Apparently, a Living Christ cannot teach an old world, new Tricks.

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The MAD DOG and MAD MEN solution to the problems of the 'Civilized World.

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

     While civilized men slumber their lives away, Tyranny feeds upon their natural outcome of apathy.  All organized solutions are Satanic in nature for it feeds upon the ignorance of a fantasied-split consciousness of a satanically ruled Intellect. 

     Peace is the nature of Truth, the nondualistic energy of What Is, that which is  unopposed or unconflicted.  It is unattainable, untouchable by the superficial level, split, opposing intellect, the mechanism which is responsible for, and rules Hell on Earth.

     Many are outraged when they are introduced to unyielding Truth. They are struck to the very core of being with their own violent reaction to something as simple as  my  earlier signature line;
"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

     Ask yourselves. Who is reacting?  What is reacting?  Why are you reacting? 

     Like all truth, it is, for satanic believers, a simple, inarguable statement hidden in plain sight but nevertheless penetrates the complex illusions of the satanic believer and touches them deeply, at their core of spirituality.  It does so whether they like it or not.   I ask you to look at that statement, unswervingly and watch your own satanic defenses which arise to it.  You will find that mechanism, is what is responsible for all of the opposition required to fuel, compel, and raise HELL ON EARTH.

     Each of you reading this, are Christs, holistic beings, created in the image of Infinite Intelligence, God, but you suffer from Spiritual Amnesia.  That is why you were born into this world, a Spiritual Penal Colony ruled by satanic thought, a never-ending, conflicted environment which ultimately allows you to come to your true consciousness in your own time, in your own way, lost when civilized man's Divine Awaeness, Direct perception of Truth was sacrificed through his/yours "Fall from Grace" tumbling blindly into the Satanic hell of Dualistic Thought. 

     I have brought you this simple, direct, inarguable message for 16 years on the Internet.  All can see the institutionally programmed resistance to such simple truth. 

     Life cannot destroy life. Only Illusions can be destroyed.   Life is What Is, Eternal.  It is God's grant of consentual Intellect that allows for Satan to pollute one's consciousness via a split,  opposing consciousness and follows for the destructive powers of satanic ruled institutions to wreak havoc upon the consciousness of self-doubting, confused intellect.

     One cannot destroy Evil, by resisting it, for such resistance is the very nature of an opposing satanic intellect.  Any opposition merely strengthens that which is opposed.

     Resist, Not Evil.  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the "Hell" of out it.

     That is the nonviolent way, the peaceful way.  Satan holds no power within the realm of Peace.  His power extends only to the limitations of his own walled off, divisive, ideas born of a divided,  opposing intellect.

     When such peaceful means are implemented, you will be riled up by your own conditioned matrix of Satanic mind Control.  You will join  the criminally minded satanic minions, you resist, when you and they finally come face to face with your own impotence in matters beyond the intellect.

     That is your moment of Truth.  You, each of you are Life itself.  Anything that is less than life and holds power over you is a satanic illusion.  You are life itself.  You have a right to exist.  Soldiers and police who are confused by their satanic conditioning, have the right to leave their employment, rather than kill, maim, plunder and pillage. 

     With a mass BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, all power and influence vanishes for lack of support.  Public Servants, and Corporate Elitists  who owe their power to the people  see themselves as the empty fantasies they are in the minds of those they control.   They too, have the option to change or get out.  Their decision will be their outcome.  "The Wages of Sin is Death."

     Each of you have a right to live, a right to be free, a right to Self-Defense.  When peaceful BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT
is tested and Satanic minions come for your guns,  an unorganized nationwide understanding of your God-given Right to Self-Defense, is the bullet which affords the same protection as if it wereused against a MAD DOG. 

     No one ponders the outcome of an attack by a MAD DOG.  Why should they do so when attacked by MAD MEN?

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Re: A Living  Christ Cannot teach an Old World, New Tricks.

Pat Ball wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

To: "Raymond Karczewski"

Dear Ray:
Your boycoycott has not fallen on all deaf ears.  If we go back to WWII, just how many of us do you think are left?  It has taken a lot of years, mostly since RR 6 years with the followup of daddy bush and his empty headed son who conspired throughout their terms to point us right to brainless children so educated by the Bush trio which included the teacher wife, and motherinlaw.  Recall that tis they who thought up the no child left behind, which went very well with the Nixon take over (as I recall) of the feds of the states' right to educate our children.  We once had control (parents that is).  To me, that was the first step in going down the river for our children.  Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to talk with young women in high school who seem so set up with their boyfriends and never considered their future except as it identified with their idea of someone is going to give them a job after graduation.  I asked these young people "Did you learn about the second world war?"  Answer:  what war.  I asked about the United States Past History...what did you learn?  Answer:  No we never learned about "the US" and past history.  I asked about Lincoln.  Answer:  Who was he...oh yes...he was shot.  I offered my history books in my own library, but all these young ladies understood was boyfriends, and graduating from school.  This was only a drop in the bucket.  It was impossible to hold an adult conversation of any meaning to these females of today's happenings and the future they would be involved in for themselves.  So, four years ago when Obama was elected, and his groups got all the young people to vote for him by signing up if they were 18, and some claiming 18, getting prisoners to sign up...and it keeps going (you probably read about the cheating of the Obama groups) this is what so many adults failed to see coming.  Now, yesterday, It was on TV that some folks in other sections of the US now consider 17 year olds  should be able to vote for measures and people within their own communities.  With so many of us elders passing from the Greatest Generation, who will stand with America and the greatest Constitution ever written on this earth, for freedom and prosperity. 
It pains me to watch this world crumbling, when so many of our young men died to save this world during WW II.  America did that, yet we still had FDR, Stalin, Churchill cutting up the pie to keep communism going.  We have had the Supreme Court on more than one occasion cut down laws to control Communism in the US.  Title 50 was clear,  But the communists were able to take their woes to SCOTUS and keep their communists ideology and Communist Party of the US considered as  "free speech"  even though within that speech was the determined takeover or overthrow  of our constitution.  Now, that is where we are today.
Obama is not a citizen of the United States.  Look what may now keep going.  Soros a man of ability to take down the small nations of this earth financially (France it has been said has a warrant out for his arrest).  He has broken the banks of 8 nations, and look at the US.....he has used Obama to do that.  Soros is Obama's mentor.  Our own government, the lower house and the upper house, have done nothing to curb this guy...Pelosi and Reid ran the US for years, and raided our banks along with Obama.  How did Obama get to be a millionaire many times over since he was elected President?  You figure it out.  It's easy.
This nation has no leadership.  The boat is sinking. A few states have take up the sword and God Bless them.  We even have doctors who are willing to  allow patients to die reading this new Obamacare. I am one of them.  I was physically assaulted while in hospital admitted as critical when it happened.  How many more elderly like me have been going though so much.  This sort of thing is supposed to be taken care of by the state immediately.  Yet, not one thing was done.  Even the Sheriff backed off, now because he had to lay off deputies.  Even the Grants pass police were insulting to me about the report.  This was IN hospital.  I couldn't get one attorney on my case from here to Eugene.  Have you read the Bar Associations Treaty of 1947 with the UN?
The first paragraph refers to the Bar represents the STATE NOT the People. This state is still in 1910 when women had absolutely no chance of owning anything.  When a case comes up woman vs man, the man wins 94% of the time.  The other six% are usually women who are well versed in law or a lawyer themselves, or have friends in high places. The law be damned.
America is under the control of the UN.  We even have several members of SCOTUS who consider the UN above we the people and believe the US should conform with world laws.  Really, it's best to pray that our Lord will have mercy on this land of ours for there are more of us who believe in Him and anointed this land with his love and mercy before us, and will again if we believe.
You are not forgotten.  Give up on these nuts.  Write another book and give the world a lift.
Thinking of you always. Blessings


  Thanks for a substantive response.  Perhaps others on the net may be embarrassed by the typical soundbyte responses that proliferate on the net when they glance at what an intelligent communication actually looks like. 

There can be NO DENIAL of the Dumbing down effects of Satanic Conditioning via our public school showcasing  the REAL REPORT CARD.. 

It is next to impossible NOT to expose the level of intelligence which fuels the conditioned mass minds and pisses off compliant sheeple. 

Sorry Pat, I cannot share your parochial focus upon the causes of conditioned ignorance.  Such ignorance runs much deeper that most people can discern, let alone comprehend. 

We must set aside opinions.  We must set aside arguments.  We must stop the noise of the Intellect, and JUST SEE the simple Truth about ourselves.  With that simple realization of Truth, an holistic consciousness must take action.  Confusion and confoundment no longer have power to make people doubt themselves.   With that simple realization comes the return to Sovereignty.

It is that clarity of action which shall bring change our world before we muddle through our confusion and destroy ourselves.

Many view me as an egotist.  That is merely their rationalization for their burning IGNORANCE.  I am not an expert.  I am not an Intellectual.  I am something much more than that.  I AM A NOBODY IN A LAND OF SOMEBODIES, i.e., Infinite consciousness in the land of Finite Intellects who are able to grasp only GRAVEN IMAGES as Truth.

The simple fact is and always has been is that all worldly men ARE SPIRITUAL IGNORAMUSES.  The headlines shout it out daily, yet that fact is still able to be ignored. 

As you may have spotted by now, my recent writing has been reduced considerably.  After dealing with 16 years of prideful, ignorant sheeple, I have decided to leave my legacy on my website for posterity to mine.  That is of course, whether there is a future for this country.

 Love Ray,

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How Many are AWARE?

 By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

rk:  >>    How many are aware that without Intellect, Satan CANNOT, DOES NOT EXIST?

rk:  >>    How many are aware that Satan is the god of Intellect?
How many are aware that Satan is the god of the Civilized World?

rk:  >>    How many are EVEN AWARE?

Satanic Intellection or Divine Awareness: What's it going to be?

Comment by Shout

s:  >    If awareness is the issue...then WE are doomed...as the sheeple are clearly, unaware.

rk:      Indeed!, Much mysticism arises within the intellect in traditional mind controlling institutions such as government and religion. The Intellect must be stilled for Direct Perception of Truth , Divine Awareness to be. That was the message of Jesus of Nazareth. That is my message belabored over the last 16 years on the Internet. In other words, one must die to the intellect to be Reborn of the Spirit of Divine Intelligence.

rk:      One can see the degree of resistance directed toward that simple message on my website and Google Archives. Hell, isn't it? Ray

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A Letter to my Daughter

Following is a letter to my daughter and to my family.  After a lifetime of alienation, I am posting it publicly to reveal the satanic forces of the intellect at play in even the most intimate of relationships.  The problems of the world can be traced to such relationships which require most people to adhere to third party conditions (satanic conditioning) which alienate all from their true source of Intelligence and being.  We must eliminate darkness and secrecy in our lives, be open and transparent, to speak only Truth for us to survive as a people and spiritual beings.  If this sounds foreign to you, may I suggest you pay attention to your own reasons why? It is time to open our spiritual eyes, to see the sham of religion and politics that  have controlled our lives.    Ray

Hi Kathy,

                                                  July `17, 2012

     I received your terse, rather impersonal business letter today after repeated efforts to contact and make calls to you and some 30 plus, years of no contact. 

    There is no question that we, you and I have lived different lives.  Of that there is no dispute.  I, for one never understood the reasons for our estrangement.  You seem to  perceive that I objected to you.  I did not.  I was never one to lavish praise or undue attention upon anyone, family or not,  going through the learning processes of life.  You were being conditioned by the world  and I wanted you to find your own way without interferance from me, any counter-conditioning by me.  I wanted you and the others to be the authority of your life.   Apparently you saw it differently.  Most people are not raised that way.

    You are of my flesh and blood, you possess the same intelligence and the DNA of the family.  You have honed your own intelligence to a high degree in the intellectual realm and found your position in the world because of it.  My intelligence is not of the intellect but beyond, that of direct perception of truth, awareness.  I have tried to lead you, Lisa, and David, by example, not by achievement.  It was that basic difference which placed this interminable obstacle of alienation between us. 

    I am in this world, but not of it.  I know that might sound strange to you but it is true.  Damn near no one in this world understands me.  I am not easily seduced by the world.  Hence, I have been a loner and an outsider to my environment all my life and in it, found the perfect wife, (who was also a loner, but feared the world, and thereby constantly capitulating to it.)  Mom could not break that lifelong habit. 

    I could not have asked for a better wife.  She loved the three of you.  The three of you and I were her life.  She loved being a mother, though it came hard for her as a young inexperienced wife and mother.  She told me of your reaction to her story, of almost losing it when she was not prepared for the early trials of motherhood, the story she told you of her emotional reactions to your constant crying because of colic.   It was not a lesson that she learned well.  She gained poise and understanding,  She became a loving, and doting mother on you guys.  Having been an adult at the time of your hearing the story, I found your exreme reaction  calling your mother crazy out of line and emotionally unstable.  (That was according to mom.  I never got your side of the story. 

    It would appear that that schism within the family and the educational, social, and worldly influences upon you and the other kids, accounted for the alienation which exists between us.   I did not directly engage in your upbringing other than to provide a home, security and an environment  where you kids were free to learn, according to your own limitations of emotional and intellectual capacities.   To that, I have no regrets, and would not change a thing.

    Hence, I became an outsider.  It was not what I wanted, but it is a position that I have been in all my life. 

    It is clear that we don't seem to understand each other.  The answer to that cannot be given and accepted easily.  Who and what I am, is a profoundly disturbing issue to all who are conditioned intellectually, to live within the confines of their limited intellects, in other words, damn near the rest of the world. 

   I don't know if you have discovered, or are even interested in my website..  But that is the father you have NEVER known, and DO NO know now.  You claim I do not know you, but I do.  Truth be told, No one gets me, but that is no concern to me, as that is the learning process that we all face in our physical and spiritual quest while going through life. 

  I too, was tempted, but I  saw through the illusions of the world occupied by police and lawyers,   I am doing now what I was always meant to do.  I am what I was alsways meant to be. 

  That fact is the world is not ready for what I have to offer, and may not be ready in my lifetime for  I am just a simple man of Truth.  It has explosive implications to a world based in intellectually promoted illusions and power. 

   With your keen intellect, you perhaps have the greatest opportunity to understand that, yet the same intellect will rail at every step of the way in order to protect itself from exposure.  It is that deep energy, the energy beyond the intellect that flows between us, you and I , that has left us estranged for a lifetime.  I for one, regret that. 

   I, too, as a young man, left my family for a new life, sans any support of the past family, religious and social support, and with Anita at my side was prepared to do anything required to meet the challenges of life and remain balanced and independant. Free and Independant were the most important things to me in life.   I succeeded. and Life became magical, miraculous when I completely retired from the work world some 30 years ago,  I learned a great deal in the process, and I have no regrets, NONE.   You have done the same thing.  What you have sought, you have attained.  I hope it serves you well.

   The heart operation yesterday was successful, and I am told I am as good a new.  Many of the health problems that I was uncertain of are traced to this heart problem.  That too, I found to be great experience.  At no time did I have a fear of Death.  It was just another life experience to be faced. 

  I'm telling you all this, because we NEVER TALKED, REALLY TALKED.  Mom came close to understanding her life as she neared death,  and when it came time, she went willingly and openly to it.  That was her moment of Truth, and it took that extreme experience to bring her to it. 

  You, Lisa, and David are at the peak of your lives.  You all came out differently because of your life's experience and conditioning.  You will learn what it all means as life progresses for you, IF YOU DO NOT BLOCK YOURSELVES from it, (such as pissing away 30 years because of a misunderstanding.)  That, Kathy,  was one MAJOR BLOCK.

     I hope that you will take this for what its worth.  I DO LOVE YOU.  However my love is not a normal love, experienced by normal people.  That is merely emotional infatuation, dependance, romantic magical thinking conditioned into us by exterior forces as we go through life..  It is not easily comprehensible to the average person, but, Kathy, you are not an average person. 

    My legacy to the world is found on my website and its many links.  It is somewhat arduous to plod through because of the vast schism  which  exists between the intellect and the consciousness which lies beyond. 

   I do not pretend to be a Christ.  I Am a Christ.  A simple man of Truth living in a strange land of confusion and illusion. That's a tough pill to swallow for conditioned intellects which rule the consciousness of the average man.    That cannot be fathomed by the intellect.  Hence the world goes on, as it has, since the beginning of time, and man is not any better for it, just more slick in his applications in his never-ending search of power and position.

   I know this is more than you expected to hear, and perhaps, a bit shocking to you, but THERE IT IS. 

   Hear this.  I DO LOVE YOU  You will either come to realize that or you won't.  That is completely up to you. Do not live your life on the razors edge of division, for you shall never find LOVE there. 

   I won't be calling you and I will send this letter personal, so as no to cause you any embarrassment.

   Should I pass away, I will leave you all of my writings to do with, what you will.  I perceived you may be the only one to understand them.   Look at them, pay attention to them, edit them, arrange them, and publish them if you see fit.  You hold the keys of happiness and peace in your hands.  The first step is to REALIZE IT.  



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