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 Give Us Liberty or We'll Give You Death!!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

     The problem that I see confronting Civilized man attempting to live a peaceful life on this Earth is not found in the actions of other men who seek to rule them, but in their words, symbols, concepts, images, beliefs, etc.  I do not include myself amongst them, for I am "in their world, but not of it."  You see, I understand who and what I am.  It is apparent that the vast majority of mankind, does not understand who they are --  You don't!

     I am a Sovereign Son of God, the Creator.  You, each of you, most of you are sons and daughters of PERDITION by choice, by contract, by invitation. 

   Whoops, Did I judge you, or did I just state a simple and unalterable fact?   In your present state of consciousness, are you even capable of discerning judgment from fact, or are you roiling with anger about now reacting to words on a screen?

     Note the quality, the essence of those words, symbols, etc.  Do you, can you feel it?  Do they belong to the Realm of Truth, Action, manifest creation?   Or are they illusions, subject to the shadowy realm of dithered intellects with its  ghostly spectres, blind superstition, graven images and blind conditioned beliefs?  

   You see therein lies the rub.  Did we communicate, or did we miss the point?  The words are the same, but they convey different content to different levels conditioned intellects.  THAT IS THE FLAW OF LANGUAGE.   It separates those who live holistically in Truth, from those who can only partially grasp the meaning of the life they are now living.  Where do you fit it?  Are you a Christ, or are you Chattel, other man's property?  Are you a Master of your life, or are you a Slave to your own satanic ruled programmable intellect?

   The world of Peace is a world of non-contradiction, of nonduality, non-opposition, of Truth.  It is the birthright of every living man, woman and child.  It is the essence of Christ Consciousness gifted to the creation by the Creator.  It manifests as Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

   Such gifted creation, living life holistically is a SOVEREIGN MAN AND WOMAN.  They are the Co-Creators of their Lives.  They are the makers of the world they live in collectively and individually.  What they have created, they can just as easily UNCREATE.  It is the most simplest of things.  It is called CHANGE.

   So what has civilized man and woman created with this God-given gift of creation that they possess which  no other animal on this kingdom of Earth has?

   What happened to man along the way?  Why is he not living the peace he professes so much to want -- Why is he not living the freedom that is the byproduct of non-contradiction?  Why is he chained to Slavery by his own thoughts?

   Why does everything he puts his hand to,  result in violence, division, conflict, exploitation, wars, death, and destruction?  Why has a burning desire for heaven turned out to be an unmitigated burning  HELL?

     Because, they, you, the whole damned civilized world LIVES UNDER THE THRALL of SATANIC MIND CONTROL. 

    They, you  are victims of words, other men's words.  They, you are not MASTERS OF THEIR OWN MINDs, they, you are SLAVES TO THEIR INTELLECT.

    They are not timeless and  HOLISTIC in their beingness, they are timebound, DUALISTIC, torn, fragmented, unwhole (unholy) replicates of the living, as their energy is derived from the friction and conflict  of the Past, the Dead, a satanically conditioned memory data base that is their illusory bound ego

    Most of you will not understand a word that I have said, but you WILL FEEL IT.  That is the nature of your fragmented intellect telling you YOU DON'T SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE. 

   With the billions of people in the world, it is not my concern nor responsibility to reach each and every one of you with my truth.  My Truth is like the rain.  It falls on everyone equally, yet the effects are always experienced according to the receptiveness of the consciousness. 

    The New World Order is a Satanic Illusion.  It is the Old World Order with a new MASK.  It traffics in fear, war, death, destruction, exploitation, theft, robbery, dehumanization and do you know what its favorite weapon is?   WORDS WORDS, WORDS. 

    Now who in the hell in their right mind would be AFRAID OF WORDS?

   Get the Picture?

   I have used words to communicate Truth.  It is up to each of you to determine that for yourselves.  For your very lives and the lives of your family depends on it.

   WORDS are vessels.  They carry the cargo of Godly Truth or satanic  Illusion in them.  The determination of worth/value is always left to the perceiver, the personal co-creator of one's created life.   The successful are not bound by indoctrination.  They are free to bypass the slings and arrow of life, designed to dissuade one from one's path of Liberty, freedom, Truth and penetrate to the target of Truth. 

   The Satanic Indoctrinated, the Blind Believer, those amongst the reactive LIVING DEAD, are paralyzed by fear, doubt, anguish, and self-condemnation. 

   Let me give you a real example of the above.  You may decide for yourselves whether your own reaction to words dictate which you are, a SOVEREIGN or a SLAVE. 

    Read and grasp the meaning of the following:

One Sovereign Man's War Against Government Terrorism Part I

One Sovereign Man's War Against Government Terrorism Part II


Those Who Make the Rules, Win the Game, OR DO THEY??? A Christ's REJECTION LETTER  http://www.arkenterprises.com/riskmgr1.html

     Then decide for yourself, what you would do to the following  statement?
    "No person or county shall accept for filing a claim of encumbrance against the property of a federal official or employee or a state or local offficial or employee unless accompanied by an order from a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing The filing of the encumbrances."

     Should you be stopped cold, by such words written by the very men who are the subjects of the controversy to grant themselves immunity from  their own criminal actions,  THEN YOU CAN KISS YOUR CIVILIZED ASS GOODBYE.

     I  Do Not advocate violence.  I do not advocate harm to another.  I do not engage in contradiction and argument in problem solving.  Being of Christ Consciousness, I stand as a Mirror of Truth and expose that which stands before it.  It is DEVASTATING  to SATANIC ILLUSION.  Anything that is not Truth, merely dissolves by exposure of greater numbers of consciousness. 

   I DO NOT RESIST EVIL.  I BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT. That is the Christ's Way , the Non Violent Way, the Spiritual Way. 

   What I have demonstrated over the Last Nine Years on the Internet,  in bringing the courts of OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY TO ITS KNEES can be done by each of your individually and collectively in DISSOLVING every satanic ISSUE that now PLAGUES your present consciousness and has ENSLAVED YOU. 


   It is the EXPOSURE that they, the FICTIONAL COURTS  HAVE NO POWER OVER, NO  JURISDICTION over any  LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN AND WOMAN who does not consent to their own prosecution, . And therefore they have STONEWALLED ME and the rest of the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE of this state and country.

   A NATIONWIDE mandate that such 23  questions See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/jocobrad.html#23  must be launched by the People and  answered by JUDGES and prosecutors of Oregon and Josephine County  who have the power of life and death over any one brought forceably before the courts.  Why do you suppose the courts have avoided that question for 9 years?

   The whole HOUSE OF CARDS would come tumbling down.  The
Scam would be exposed on the Multibillion dollar extortion of the American People who have a RIGHT TO TRAVEL and ARE NOT required to have a license if they are not engaged in Business or Commerce which on the road.

   Let all political activists stop spinning their wheels and apply themselves to compelling our GOVERNMENT SERVANTS ANSWER THE QUESTION OF JURISDICTION TO THEIR MASTERS, THE SOVEREIGN AMERICAN PEOPLE.


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The Fall of Systemic Thinkers, The Rise of Divinely Inspired Anarchists

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

  The system cannot be fixed by "system thinkers" for other "system thinkers."   Yet that is what is being  presented by "system thinkers", who take the leadership role, to "system thinkers" who readily accept the role of Followers, Blind Believers, Sheeple if you will.  It is done through a steady and unbroken campaign of Mind Control, via the media which is part of, controlled by, and supportive of the "system."

   The system can be likened to a room of furniture.  Everything contained therein comprises that which is called the system.  One can only deal with the content of the room to change its appearances,  that illusion which  is usually what pointed to as change, be it, political, religious, economic, etc.   

   Rearrange the furniture by placing the chair there, the table here, focus lighting, change wall color, and one can be deceived into believing fundamental change has come about within one's environment.  That is what system thinkers do. How can I say that with certainty?  Because not a scintilla of substance has been added to, or detracted from the system which has only taken on an new, cosmetic appearance with no fundamental change whatsoever. 

   This systemic conditioning has been the bane of civilized man since mankind  sold his soul for systemic promises of safety, comfort, and security, all of which have clearly been shown to be illusory promises oft made but seldom, if ever,  delivered.

    It has been said that the "Road to Hell has been paved with good intentions."  Millenia has proven such a statement to be true, yet here we are still rearranging furniture and already the seeds of discontent are being sown before the rearrangement has been completed.

   Hell, isn't it?

   The solution?  KNOW THYSELF!   Are you a "system thinker"  who has taken the position of either leader or follower?  Do you not need each other, compliment each other in any and all actions which arise from a relationship of seemingly endless chaos,  confusion, bickering, opposing personalities, and other miniscule human traits only to find that after considerable time and exhausting effort, you have only achieved the rearrangement of the furniture, IF THAT ???

    People do not get what I have to say, because I am not a "Systemic Thinker."  My words are not bound by static recognition-based relationships.  I am the living Co-creator of my world, while "system thinkers" are slaves to the concepts of the system.  Do I use the system because its limitedness falls with the parameters of the Infinite, the living True State of Human Intelligence, of course I do. But if it does not Serve me, the Creator, I NEGATE IT.  I BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT.  That is why Heaven on Earth, is just a simple shift of Consciousness.

   Systemic thinking has no power over such a simple man or woman of Truth.  One who lives at-one with the infinite Intelligence of Holistic Consciousness, the non-dualistic, direct perception of Truth,  the True spiritual estate of all men and women. 

   I have demonstrated this trait to all, in exposing the powerlessness of the System thought of the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, over the last 10 years on and off the Internet.   I have left nothing, UNEXPOSED.  It is all there for anyone to see on my Website and its linked pages at http://www.arkenterprises.com/    What should have caused an explosion of human consciousness can hardly be heard through the din of SILENCE displayed by inert, apathetic, plodding, lifeless robots, resigned to their fate.  That is the hypnotic power of "systemic thinkers."

    I WILL SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME.   We the People are Sovereign, the true Government.  Those public servants we have hired to carry out the mandate of the people ARE NOT OUR MASTERS.  Such psychological malady is common to emotionally unstable, blinded believers in systemic fantasies which prevent them from living an holitic, complete, fulfilling life which know no bounds. 

    Even a blind man can SEE what "systemic thought" has brought mankind throughout millenia.   HELL ON EARTH. 

     If you wish to continue it, by all means, vote for OBAMA, ROMNEY, or PAUL for they are ALL SYSTEM PLAYERS, and are bound by the limitations of the system,  All they can do is rearrange the furniture with your consent and support, while they remove your wealth, your health, you sovereignty, your freedom, your life.


    Just who is saying this to you.  Just another man who know who he is.  A simple man of Truth.  A Nobody, in terms of the satanic System which binds the blind and the dead, , A Christ, a Divine ANARCHIST (One who resonates beyond intellectual System Thinking.)

   See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#Revolution
One Sovereign Man's War Against Government Terrorism Part I
One Sovereign Man's War Against Government Terrorism Part II

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The Amazing Stupidity of the American Public!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  -- A Living Christ

It amazes me that such a massive fraud can be perpetrated against 325 plus million people and yet few are able to see it.

Unbeknownst to these millions is the fact that we have no government but a private corporation, a private business that has usurped the power of government and rules over people through trickery, deceit and force, fear, and tyranny. 

All of the busiwork nonsense centering about President OBAMAs birth status, place of birth, multiple identities, etc, questionable background links, etc,  have no meaning, as He is not holding the office of the President of these united States of America, the DeJure Government but is the CEO  (Chief Executive Officer) of the private Corporation which calls itself UNITED STATES, a DeFacto Government.  As such, he and other major forces behind our present government are not subject to the terms of the Constitutional DeJure, Republic over which they argue endlessly.  The simple fact is, they are a private Corporations. 

Most of you belong to this private corporation, believing it to be the Public united States of America, a Constitutional Republic, but sadly you are bound by your own consent and contract via your 14th Amendment Status to the private corporation.  Through birth certification, social Security and a host of other licensing contracts etc, you have sold your souls into slavery.  The private corporation owns you by your own consent, your own contract,  It owns the fruits of your labor, your possessions, your homes, your property,  wealth, body and soul allowing you to think all the while that you are source of government, while life clearly shows you that you are not.

That is the present scam that I have been trying to expose to the People of OREGON, and beyond for the last 10 years, and I have been playing to a tough crowd, a STUPID CROWD, A SUFFERING CROWD. 

I have shown you the way out, yet NO ONE wants to hear it, let alone act upon it and free themselves from their self-imposed slavery.  Such is the nature of Hypnotic Mind Control and its effect upon conditioned Intellects.

My only question is --WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH 325 PLUS MILLION PEOPLE living in this country today?

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255 Capitol St. NE, Ste 151
Salem Oregon 97310-1327
503 986 2200


Person:  This word is applied to men, women and children, who are called natural persons. In law, man and person are not exactly-synonymous terms.  It is also used to denote a corporation which is an artificial person.

OFFICIAL, civil and canon laws. In the ancient civil law, the person who was the minister of, or attendant upon a magistrate, was called the official.

EMPLOYEE. One who is authorized to act for another; a mandatory.

MANDATOR, contracts. The person employing another to perform a mandate.

I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© am a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man. 
See:  CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.    The law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.

I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  am not an artificial person. 

I,  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© am not a member of the Corporate OREGON government and therefore subject to its rules and regulations which have no JURISDICTION over me, this LIVING BREATHING MAN.

I Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  am not subject to such OREGON corporate rules and regulations which rule over its subjects by their own consent and/or contract.    

The Law of Commerce States:

All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law).

Hence, the STATE OF OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY and I, This Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, natural Man are EQUAL! 

Equals CANNOT create rules which SUBJUGATE an EQUAL.

In commerce truth is sovereign.

Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.

An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.

A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.

All of my AFFIDAVITS through the last 9 years have gone unrebutted.

Such Commercial Dishonor calls for Removal of officials who have DISHONORED THEIR OFFICE.  Only one UNREBUTTED AFFIDAVIT is needed to establish TRUTH OF MY POSITION.  Yet the same public officials stand in DISHONOR of countless COMMERCIAL DEFAULTS.  While they use their satanic lawyer tricks to deceive and defame another with their word games. 

On May 3rd, 2012, I received an unsigned REJECTION FORM LETTER for my two UCC-1, filings with the OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE UCC DIVISION concerning JOSEPHINE COUNTY JUDGE THOMAS M. HULL and SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON.       Unsigned and  unmarked on either cover page or actual filing page, (The Envelope was date stamped)  They just GOBBLED up my Two filing fees amounting to $30.00 and adeptly "kissed it off"
 without touching either page.  Such is the nature of the mindless, heavy-handed, robotic, Monster/Beast we know as government.

However, the center of the page bore this comment.  ORS Chapter 205,455 states on part, that "No person or county shall accept for filing a claim of encumbrance against the property of a federal official or employee or a state or local offficial or employee unless accompanied by an order from a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing The filing of the encumbrances. 

Since when does a party to a issue at law, HAVE THE RIGHT to make a rule (NOT LAW) that their own  Employees are immune from being held responsible for their crimes, and misconduct?

Based on the above, Ms. BROWN, as OREGON Secretary of State, I DEMAND that you show cause for the REFUSAL OF SUCH UCC-1 FINANCING STATEMENTS AND RESTORE ALL  THE FOLLOWING UCC LIENS.

    I DEMAND the following  Liens which had been Unlawfully and Criminally removed from OREGON Secretary States Office/UCC Division be RESTORED. The seven (7) liens:

 604787 KATHLEEN FRANCIS HANSON, dated by your office 11/19/2002
 604977 DAVID HUBERT DANIEL, dated by your office 11/20/2002
 604971 MICHAEL SHANE BURKE, dated by your office 11/20/2002
 604790 LISA MARIE TURNER, dated by your office 11/19/2002
 604788 NEIL CHARLES MOREY, dated by your office 11/19/2002
 604786 CLAY EDWARD JOHNSON, dated by your office 11/19/2002
 605140 ALLAN HERBERT COON, dated by your office 11/21/2002

 Along with the financing statement/liens:
 627068 STATE OF OREGON, dated by your office 07/10/03
 624711 JOSEPHINE COUNTY, A BODY POLITIC,  dated by your office 06/18/03
 589259 RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI©, dated by your office 6/4/02
which were not the subject of the two trials and stand independently of those two legal actions, but nevertheless unlawfully and criminally removed from the Files of the OREGON SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE, UCC DIVISION be RESTORED ab abnito. 

Ms. BROWN, I expect an answer to this letter.  This will be published on the Internet, to expose the CHEAP tricks played by folks like you who hold public office IN OREGON. 

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Set Aside the Posturing, and Lets Take Back our Country.

   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© --  A Living Christ

In my view, this venture is doomed from the start.  Those who set the momentum have the edge.  In this case, it is GOVERNMENT. 

Government is a FICTITIOUS entity, an illusion.  It is dead, not real, it does not sweat, it does not bleed.  It is not a living, breathing, entity, the sure sign of life itself.  It exists in the fevered imaginations of mind controlled human beings, computerized, programmable zombie-like robots who lack the spiritual discernment to discern the living from the dead.  To act on our own, as Sons and Daughters of God, Co-creators of our own lives.

This is not intended as an insult, but as a fact.  Few amongst us have survived the public school conditioning which has left us as the needy, co-dependent psychological and spiritual invalids that we have become in life.  We wonder what happened to our lives.  Why didn't it work out?  Why haven't the promises made to us in the American Dream,  materialized in our lives?

Why have we found ourselves at the opposite shore, broken, destitute, homeless, human beings, shorn of the fruits of our labor, bereft of the self-respect we once had as Proud Americans?

The answer is quite simple. You are playing Satan's Game.  You have been made ot doubt yourselves and bend over backwards trying to appear to be clever instead of intelligent.  You play by the rules of your SERVANTS.  How dumb is that?

Stop all the false starts that you engage in, and ask the only question that, if answered would end this insanity once and for all  that we call life in America. 

Before I give you the question, ask yourselves who created Government?  It was you, people like you, was it not?  You thought of dead concepts,  concepts, ideas, images (graven though they may be) that took life and became the authority you NOW FIND YOURSELVES SUBJUGATED BY, did you not?  You, created the FICTION OF GOVERNMENT. You, the living, man, the living woman.  Government doesn't live.  It doesn't Breathe, It has not life but for the imagined life you give it.  Withdraw your thought from government, and WHERE IS IT?  

It was You, the Living Man and the Living Woman, the Flesh-and Blood, creation of God.  YOU CREATED GOVERNMENT.  You, the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE are LIFE ITSELF. 

You may wonder why I am free while you are not.  What makes the difference?  The answer is quite simple, but disturbing to you, for it points to the foundation of your enslavement, and you folks don't like it one bit.  

I am a simple man of Truth, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign, people, a man possessed of Chriat Consciousness, Direct perception of Truth, not Satanic Conditioning.  I KNOW WHO I AM, and cannot be SHAKEN FROM IT. 
You folks, DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and your life proves that with every breath you take.  You believe, you Trust, you worship, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW.  You operate at the level of Illusion, satanic conditioning.  I operate at the level of TRUTH. 

None of you understand me, but ALL OF YOU note the difference in us.  It is that DIFFERENCE that stood down the OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS, while each of your are still arrested, still being threatened, still arguing with the fiction that you have created. 

Here is the ONLY QUESTION you need to ask which would set this nation free.  DOES A DEAD, FICTIONAL GOVERNMENT HAVE JURISDICTION OVER ANY LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN OR WOMAN, who has not consented nor contracted their lives away for satanic (illusory) promises made by such FICTIONAL ORGANIZATION?

This is the question, this Christ has asked for the last 10 years, and is still awaiting an answer while the civilized world he lives in is going to HELL IN A HANDBASKET. 

STOP ALL YOUR BUSYWORK, and FOCUS, FOCUS FOCUS, on this QUESTION OF JURISDICTION.  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#Revolution


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The Time for Talk Is Over. It is Time to Change.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

I have spent the past fifteen years on the internet sharing my message of Christ Consciousness with all who had the eyes to see and ears to hear.

We, the Civilized people of earth live under satanic mind control. As a consequence we remain UNAWARE of our contribution to the Hell we have made of our lives. The evidence of such satanic mind control over our conditioned perceptions of our world via... conditioning of Religious and political institutions is overwhelming, yet we manage to rationalize it away and continue to place our lives in spiritual jeopardy, not changing our actions but blaming the consequences of the acts upon others.

We are now being led into a Banker led, satanic ruled New world Order and we hardly flinch at the prospects of what awaits us. I shall be writing less as the masses prefer their hypnotic bubble to the simple Truth. A wealth of Spiritual information can be found on the pages of my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com/ and in Google Archives.

There also you shall see the resistance to such Truth, over the past 15 years. I stand by every word and retract NONE. I am not easy to understand because my energy is of a different level, not grasped by the average hypnotically conditioned mind. I am the stepping stone into another level of consciousness that can only be grasped by a silent consciousness primed toward listening and observing. I am open to questions, but I will not brook nonsense. Ray

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