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Re:  FBI CLAIMS: Sovereign Citizens a Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement

Ivan Alan Traveler wrote;

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

iat:  >>    it tells your truth. is it the absolute truth? NO! All sovereign citizens are criminals via their political status as U.S. citizens. All U.S. citizens are criminals via their revolt against the de jure government.  http://www.pacinlaw.org/pdf/Sovereigns_without_Subjects.phpPAC • 

iat:  >   You have fallen prey to your ego. You are legally a U.S. citizen until expatriating. Peace and Love

rk:      And there you have proven the damned near universal invective propensity for satanically conditioned men to engage in neverending argument.  That is the nature of Spiritual ignorance.

rk:   This is An easily settled argument for those who are possessed of having the Spiritual "eyes to see and ears to hear."  But impossible for the Spiritually blind to grasp. 

rk:    Which came first?  God's Law or man's law?  Which takes precedence even as seen by man's law?  God's Law or man's law?

rk:   The mystery of if all is contained in the simplicity of Truth possessed by any Simple Man of Truth, any Christ,  not the complexity of satanic argument engaged in by civilized munchkins. 

rk:    Perhaps now you will  understand why this man was thrown out of jail while damned near all others who, like you, have been schnookered to play the  satanic card of "lets outlawyer the laywers " have been thrown into prison."  

rk:   But then again, perhaps not.  Your sour grapes ego comment reveals a continuing inner strife going on within yourself that you have not yet fully understood and so, are not yet ready to give up your Satanic role playing.

rk:     You look around and you see everyone in the same boat that you find yourself.  Confused and conflicted yet enamored with the satanic lawyers stock in trade, the "Letter of the Word." 

rk:  You haven't yet, the capacity to delve deeper into your consciousness and link with the "spirit of the word" , the holistic realm wherein direct perception of Truth is found.  Look around you on this facebook page and other groups and forums and you see plenty of people who you can communicate with but alas, they, like you are limited in understanding, and are therefore subject to the same tyrannies, assaults, victimizations, anger and frustration offset from time to time with spurts of prideful ignorance.  In other words, your social mileau is confined to "Misery loves company." and you fight to keep the Status Quo alive while it destroys yours/their lives.

rk:  Your emotional reactionary  response indicates  that you haven't the spiritual reach to understnd that which lies beyond the intellect, that which is really going on.  Hell, isn't it?

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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A Christs message to Mankind About to be Seduced by a SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER

                          By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgJAuPkltgI   You Tube Video

     Please forgive me if I should upset you with these comments.  It is not my intention to do so, but history has shown that the words of a Christ, a Simple Man of Truth is poison to the satanic influence which enslaves men and  holds  human societies hostage, where such inhabitants are regarded as Chattel, owned and controlled by those who rule others by Satanic Thought, and therefore cannot be allowed to be heard without contamination by satanic influences which smear, deceive, distort, detract, and obscure.

    It is inevitable that you will react to what you hear from me, but please do observe the source of these reactions which arise within you in your  present state of consciousness and you will be introduced to your own personal Savior.  You may call it the "Second Coming of Christ", if you wish.  It is the only Savior you shall ever need in this lifetime.  It is your own uncontaminated state of Pristine, holistic consciousness which allows you the gift of Divine Awareness which facilitates your own spiritual gift of direct perception of Truth.  Listen and read with a quiet mind and you shall experience your own lifelong habitual patterns brought on by outer directed satanic conditioning.

   Yes, you all have it within you to save yourselves without resorting to others whom you have been conditioned to depend upon for resolutions to problems and habits that you have created and only you can break.  You have been the creator of your problems by such satanic beliefs, which accounts for the illusions you believe to be Truth and which have caused you to make a mess out of your lives.  Keep in mind, your sweetsy-sweetsy mask of positive images won't save you this time, for both you and I know who hides behind the masks that you don, just to get through the Hellish contaminated moment you call your lives.  Begin to see HOLISTICALLY, to live HOLISTICALLY, and DO NO HARM.

    Each of you live under the thrall of satanic conditioning,  under the influence of Mind Control, that is OUTER DIRECTED, REMOTE MANIPULATION via satanic institutions of government, media and religion.  BAR NONE. 

   Each of you, with few exceptions  have been robotized, conditioned to conform to various systems of thought which pit you against each other.  Its called behavior modification, but the actual the name for it is SATANIC CONDITIONING. 

   You have lost your ability to SEE Truth directly and resonate with it and thus, are unable to  act holistically.    Were you to do so, you would be living in Christ Consciousness resonating in the nondualistic vibration of Truth, where you can DO NO HARM.  Instead, you have been made to doubt yourself, you live in fantasy, you split yourselves off from others via the split that occurs within one's satanic ruled Intellect, a computer-like, biochemical instrument which creates a divided, opposing inner environment of consciousness which manifests as eternal confusion, doubt, friction and anger.  None of you are exempt from such traits -- NONE! 

Do not shake off the import of what I am saying to you because these are just words and we all know from childhood that "sticks and stones may break your bones, but "words" will never hurt you?"   THE HELL THEY DON'T!  Look at the world you have all cooperated to create through such mass consciousness.  HELL, ISN'T IT?

   A Christ is a man or woman that resonates with the Direct Perception of Truth.  They are the "Truth, Life, and the Way".  They live Truth, Speak Truth, Are Truth.  And they are also seen by each of your to be strangers in strange world of conditioned insanity, a world in which  they ARE IN, but NOT OF. 

    Their words raise you out of your satanic trance which desensitizes you from the effects of damage you create in yourselves and others through relationship.  In other words, They raise the Hell within you that you project outward into creating your manifested life. 

    That is your personal contribution each of you have made with your God given gift of Free Will and creation.  Each of you are the Co-creators of your lives through  the thoughts you project outwardly  into action.  Why do you relinquish that power to others so that they may enslave you, regard you as their property, their chattel, their slaves.   Ask yourselves, Is that the action of intelligent people.  I will leave you to answer that question for yourself, for I am a simple man of Truth,  Christ, and not your Nanny.   I can only give you the Truth.  You have Free will and may do with it what you will.

   Belief in Truth is not Truth, for belief is based in dualistic thought while Truth is based in non-dualistic (holistic) direct perception of WHAT IS.  Belief is  a Satanic Illusion, a lazy man's truth.  Truth is WHAT IS.  Holistic, complete.  Only the fragmented, intellectual projected image of Truth, the dualistic (divided/opposing)  thought of Truth can be grasped by Belief.  Belief CAN NEVER BE the essence of Holistic Understanding.  It is simple for the spiritually sighted, but impossible to grasp by the believing, spiritually blind and dead.

    Each of You have been socialized, educated, cultured, and conditioned  to believe in stories repeatedly told over millenia which cannot be put to the test of Truth but nevertheless, hold you fast in your maleable imaginations  captive to your fantasies  and fairy tales, and therefore relegated your core of consciousness to the satanic substitute of BLIND BELIEF.

    How are you feeling about now?  You'll not hear this from the political platform, nor from the religious pulpit, for both institutions serve the same master, and its name is Satan.

   My spiritual Brother, Jesus of Nazareth was said to have the ability to raise the Dead.  Shocking, miraculous, is it not to brain dead, blind believers?  Well the simple Truth is this,  Jesus was also a Christ, a Simple Man of Truth.  He was never the substance of the Mythical savior that billions have been led to believe, since His Death.   He spoke and acted in the moment of Truth to those cultured slaveminded people of His time who lived their lives much like you live yours --  In the Aftermoment of thought within a systematized program of Satanic Conditioning which Transformed them into the LIVING DEAD.  Anyone who lives their lives in the aftermoment of memory based thought are LIVING IN THE PAST.  The Past is a Dead thing.  Hence those who live the living moment of life manifesting NOW, in each eternal Moment while filtering it through the aftermoment based, time-bound, divided, opposing satanic conditioned intellect are THE LIVING DEAD.

    When He raised them from their hypnotic trance which killed their living consciousness, DID HE NOT RAISE THE DEAD?

   Lets see how many DEADHEADS raise up their Consciousness to the living vibration of  DIVINE AWARENESS, At-One-ment with Truth from this talk.  I have given to you the Secret of Life.  Let us see if this goes viral throughout the world and is buried like many of my messages are by those few who control the many in this world of hell.

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 Why Don't Man Made System's of Law work?

                   By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnlziVJIm6s    You Tube Video

   It is inarguable that civilized man lives in a world based in rules conjured up by Intellect.  The Intellect is a split instrument similar to this computer you are reading.  It is programmable and at the mercy of those who do the programming.  Turn on your TV set and what do you see?  A TV program, do you not?

    You are being hypnotized to accept the message the programming decides for you.  You sit back, watch it and shut down any discrimnation of content as along as you find it entertaining.

   You listen to the politician, to the priest, to the TV commentators,  to tell you what is good for you and What is bad for you.  You don't want to bother with such level of thought because it is much easier for someone whom you have been trained to think as a expert, one who knows,  to tell you what to do when it is time for you to do something, to solve a problem.   Life is too short and there is much out there that scares the Hell out of you.

   Wait a minute!  How would you know there are a lot of things out there in the world that scare the hell out of you?   You get it from the Newspapers, the TV, the Radio Talk shows, the Politician, the Priest, the Bankers, the psychologists, the technical experts who will solve your problems for a fee.  Call it taxes, call it titheing, call it retainer fees, call it any thing you want.  It just the same thing, is it not.  Transference of Wealth, redistribution which creates the Satanic schism of the Have and the Have Nots.  Guess which category most of you fall into?

   Let me make this simple for you.  Something that you cannot argue with.  What I am about to show you is what CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS is, in language That bypasses your penchant for Illusion, Myth, fairy tails, magical thinking, all of the Satanic tricks of the trade that are played on you every day of your life, to your detriment.

   I'm going to tell you Truth, something that is sadly missing in your lives.  I don't care what you do with it.  Because each of you have Free Will and while you are still conditioned, will likely stay with your conditioning and get your backs up, because what I say is soo simple, it only makes you look stupid to yourselves.  Keep in mind that I am not an expert, for all experts are UNBALANCED people because they put the preponderance of their own lifes energy to fuel their field of expertise.  Sure they have nice homes, clothes, cars, boats, planes, with the accumulation of money they have syphoned off from you, but THEY ARE JUST AS SCREWED UP AS YOU ARE, if not moreso.

    I'll make it easy for you.  Try to go 5 minutes without a thought arising in your consciousness.   Two minutes, a minute, 30 seconds.  Most of you can't do it.  Why?  Because your satanic conditioning acquired from the Newspapers, the TV, the Radio Talk shows, the Politician, the Priest, the Bankers, the psychologists is in a constant state of chatter and interferes with what is unfolding in the now with learned judgment.  Welcome to your world.  You cannot see anything new without bringing in the old to suit it to your personal tastes.  You've just created and reinforced your satanically ruled consciousness and recreated your world, not in God's Image, but in Satan's Image.

    Everyone knows what HARM IS, even you?  And it is not found in the word of harm (which relies upon the dualistic image of Good and Evil to exist)  Good, and Evil is the beginning of satanic based Conscience.  It only functions in the arena of satanic intellect.  And that is all most of you are aware of.

    Good is God.  It is life (live).  Evil is the opposition of live (life) It is fantasy, illusion,  based in Satanic ruled dualistic/opposing consciousness.

   Stay with me, I am trying to keep this as simple as I can. Don't let your complexity oriented programmable intellect runaway with you in trying to change what I am saying to you.  For that's what it does, doesn't it?   You NEVER SEE "What is", without the contamination of your own judgment changing it to make it familiar to you, do you?

   I said above that God is Good for it is Life Unfolding in this eternal moment of now. It is holistic, complete, nondualistic.   If you think about it, that moment is gone and you are recollecing it via your programmable past.  That is your step into Hell.  That is the only world most of you know.

   Life has just passed you by, you've missed it.

   There is NOTHING dualistic about Life.  IT IS WHAT IS.

   There is NOTHING dualistic about Truth.  IT IS WHAT IS.

   There is NOTHING dualistic about God.  IT IS WHAT IS.

   It is all GOOD, it is all God.

   All else gained from the Intellect with its flawed language, images, fantasies, magical thinking etc is SATANIC.

  I will acknowedge that the Intellect is necessary for technical problem Solving and communication with other intellects, because all that is DEAD ACTIVITY based in the nonliving AFTERMOMENT, the world of satanic fantasy.

   Now you have the key to life that has evaded you for your lifetime.  Use your satanic ruled intellects for technical problem solving and communicating with one another, then end it and Use your God-given gift of Divine Awareness, to SEE the Truth Unfolding in every other nontechnical moment for the rest of life.

   Did not Jesus of Nazareth, another Christ say that one must Die to be Reborn of the Spirit.  The programmable satanic intellect will take that statement literally, and remain entrapped in their own Stupor of Ignorance.  The Spiritually Sighted understand that Life, love, Truth and God, must be seen for all such holistic experiences lie beyond the limitation of a dualistic intellect that cannot transcend its programming.

   So DO NO HARM, and SCREW man's rules!  Such is the way to Heaven on Earth.

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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A Christs message to Mankind About to be Seduced by a SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER


TheDevam wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

td:  >   The way of being as described by Raymond is how we are born; I used to know this peace but the world made me forget until now. Thank-you Raymond, I needed to hear that. Keep speaking my friend :)

rk:  Yes Devam, in this Satanically ruled, BASSACKWARD world, Hell is to be found in the topsy-turvy, unbalanced way of the complexity ridden intellect.  In their mass ignorance, an intelligent man is believed to be one capable of managing the insanity that Satanic ruled Intellects have wrought upon herd-thinking human beings.

rk:  People are conditioned early in life, and continues for a lifetime to become UNAWARE, competitive, acquisitive, and ruthless, just to survive. Children are conditioned in our schools to strive for such debased status.  There is no peace to be found in such a society.  Only Conflict, domination, war, and power.  These are the perks that men, stupid men sell their souls for. 

rk:  As to those who are lacking in energy, they must accept their victimhood status and seek solace with other "misery loves company" sheeple of the same herd consciousness.

rk:  Not a one of them would be willing to open their eyes and see that they have always had the Peace that resonates with Divine Awareness and the wonderment of a child prior to formal education by the satanic Institutions we term education.  You are fortunate.  YOU REMEMBERED.

rk:  One possessed of Christ Consciousness, must go through all the tests that others go through in life and somehow maintain that openness, that wonderment.  Thats the purpose of life, the lesson of life -  To return to our True Spiritual Estate as Children of God.

rk:   I'm a retired Police Sergeant.  I have been through many tests in my life and came out of it Intact and stronger because of the tests.   It is that proof which I bring to the world of broken men to show what is possible for one, is possible for all.  They just must not give it away to others who would use it to exploit them.

rk:  I have been at it for sixteen years on the internet.  It is only since I began making You-Tube Videos that somewhat of a breakthrough has been made.  The simple fact is that ALL ARE UNDER THE SPELL OF MIND CONTROL until they are awaked from their spell.  There is a lot of talk that the People are AWAKENING.   That is baloney, merely words to ease their pain of ignorance.  When ONE AWAKENS, ONE ACTS. 

rk:  The lack of action is proof there has been NO AWAKENING.  They are just awaiting their certain death, through Slow Kill Population control programs and Fast Kill MARTIAL LAW.

rk:   I must tell you, the average man is a "Tough Crowd."

rk:  "TheDevam" it is good to know you are out there. 

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A Crisis In Consciousness.

                                   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  --  A Living Christ

     As most of you are well aware of by now, my Spiritual message is not  well received by damned near all who read  or listen to it.

     The reasons are many and varied, but they can all be reduced to the fundamental  feelings of anger, fear, and inferiority experienced when you hear simple, holistic, unvarnished Truth Spoken to you but seen to be impossible to do when received by the filters of your Satanic Mind Control Conditioning.

     What you all are missing is that if one lives in this world, they are influenced by satanic mind control and consider such debased state of consciousness to be normal.  As such you therefore not only accept such a hellish way to live as being normal, but become rather vehement in rationalizing and defending such debased traits which have chained and bound you to your present satanic slave state.

    Why are we, you and I so different -- so vastly different?  We speak the same Language.  We live in the same World, the same country, the same community, the same family  yet there exists an impenetrable barrier which separates us, sabotaging any and all communication had between us.

  That void is the barrier which separates Truth from the Illusion of Truth held within your lifelong satanic conditioned consciousness by most of you.

    It makes the difference between  a Free man  and a satanic, conditioned slave.  You might want to ask yourselves, how could you, why would you give up your sovereignty in return for a life of slavery where you are owned, your labor is owned, your property is owned, your children are owned, your destiny is bleak indeed and all you can look forward to is Death to release you from this hopeless existence you find closing in on you.

    How did you ever lower yourself to the point where all you have to look forward to is to find a job, to work and give the fruits of your labor to others who pimp your body and soul out and thereby extract your very life force, your sweat, your blood.  When they hve succeeded in draining every ounce of blood from you, they relegate you as "Useless Eaters" and create Population Reduction Soft Kill Campaigns through pulluting water, air, food, Chemtrails,  Mass vaccinations and Hard Kill campaign of Martial Law.

   All the while, you sit there and grumble about some "mystical rights" which  have no meaning if your are not willing to ASSERT THEM.

   Why does such blatant simple, INARGUABLE truth make you so angry at the messenger who delivers such an unwanted message.  What makes you that dumb, all the while thinking you are so smart? 

    While you continue to play pattycake with each other, in your "Misery Loves Company" sandbox,  the dragnet is tightening,  You are being told that you'll have no future when the economy collapses.  That you will be rounded up and put into concentration camps when you lose your homes and find yourselves living on the Streets.

     These FEMA concentration camps are already beginning to be filled EVEN BEFORE Martial Law has been declared

They are TELLING YOU ALL  in advance, what they are going to do to you.  They are setting out the trial balloon to determine the depth of Satanic Trance which has crippled you as holistic Sovereign men and women.   The present, asinine circumstances can be likened to government on a  fishing trip.  They stand along side the river and hold out a frying pan and expect the fish to jump into it thereby expediting and simplifying their population control agenda.  From the looks of thing, it appear  the time is right for them to move without risking any  harm to themselves.   Do you think they would feel so confident, if the fish were pyranhas?

   In your unawareness, you do not see that your public servants have already  DECLARED WAR upon you, the Sovereign People, the True government, yet you've lost your spirit, your souls, your backbone while you grumble and complain, BUT DO NOTHING, about your plight.

   Forgive me, but such behaviour just proves to those who see to tyrannize you that YOU ARE INDEED USELESS EATERS.

   The time to act is NOW, for life is to be LIVED NOW.

    There shall be many who shall be seen engaged in the "weeping and gnashing of teeth" at the mass suffering to be incurred upon you in the future.  BUT I WON'T BE ONE OF THEM.  You will get what you deserve.

   WAKE THE HELL UP AND DO SOMETHING or accept the consequences.

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Subject: Why does Raymond Karczewski keep lying???

(Move over Jesus  The sons of satan are still around and still being exposed)

Santos Halper wrote:

Raymond Karczewski  wrote


sh:  >  The unemployed, homeless convicted felon liar lied:

rk:  Nothing unemployed about this man.  Unless you regard everyone who is retired to be unemployed.  However your deceptive spin is well noted by just about everyone.  It's time to change your internet handle about now, is it not?

sh:  >  You have been unemployed for decades...

rk:  I have no need to work.  All my needs are met by Providence.  It does work in mysterious ways, you know!

sh:  >  You have been a repeat jailbird for years...

rk:   Was in jail for a time, before standing before the court Sui Juris, and before The State of Oregon and County of Josephine blundered into making the mistake of arresting a Sovereign Man who left them with egg on their faces.

sh:  >  You have been a convicte felon for years...

rk:   That's the whole point of my Watershed Case in American Jurisprudence.  I, this Living Man have NEVER been convicted of anything.  This living man had a clean record prior to the arrest, and still has a clean record.  You confused this living man with the government created fiction entity they created.  That IS THE ONLY PERSON they have JURISDICTION OVER.   I just exposed their Scam upon the American People when they attempt to link this living man with their own created STRAWMAN, JURISTIC PERSON, DEFENDANT, whose name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  They could not do it to this SOVEREIGN MAN who was coached throughout both trials, by Divine Guidance.  As you can see, the SATANIC courts DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE

rk:     Jesus of Nazareth stood Silent,  I DID NOT!  My purpose IS to expose the SATANIC SYSTEM FOR WHAT IT IS.  The only question remaining is HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR slaves to WAKE UP AND REALISE THEY TOO ARE CHRISTS BUT SUFFER FROM AMNESIA, due to satanic conditioning.

rk:  When the 1000's of people who have been schnookered by such Satanic court tactics read my website and realize what the courts are doing  to them,  an observe how one simple Man of Truth, a Christ has shown them the way to freedom, you shall have your revolution.

sh:  >  You have been homeless for years...

rk:   Never been homeless in my life.  My home is where I park my 40ft Diesel Pusher.  You may have noticed that Jesus of Nazareth, during his public life, did not have a permanent home.  Would you have called Him homeless?

sh:  >  Your address is a rural parking lot...

rk:   Presently I'm at a RV Park with all the amenities.

sh:  >  You sleep in a battered, 40 year old bus...

rk:   Battered?  Hardly!

sh:  >  Your wife died to escape you...

rk:    And you're a cowardly, sniveling shadow dwelling SON-OF-A-BITCH  to bring up my deceased wife.  Whassa matter, you can't handle me as a man?   You really can't sink any lower.  I can see why you must hide behind to legion of aliases just to function on the Internet.    Would you care to leave your true name and address for people to see what a snake looks like?  Not to worry though, in time, all masks will come off. 

sh:  >  You are recognized internationally as a kook...

rk:  Nah?  Only by a handful  of Government/Media, mindcontrollers/Disinformation agents who set up bogus internet kook contests.

sh:  >  You have collected nothing on your bogus claims...

rk:   Do you see me Trying?  I've done my damndest to hold government agents accountable for their crimes without HARMING THEM.  I have used the CHRIST way to expose them to the American People.  They will be dealt with by the American Public when the time comes.  That is if Americans TIRE of being SCREWED OVER by their government.

sh:  >  You will collect nothing on your bogus claims...

sh:  >  You certainly got what you deserved.


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Is Christ Being Censored On You - Tube?

    By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  --  A Living Christ

     I have reported on earlier occasions that my You-Tube videos were being censored after a viewer alerted me that he had spotted manipulation of the numbers of views found in various recordings.

   Since I have been focusing upon the exposure of the word "Christ" being used as a trigger for Satanic Mind Control in the minds of billions (yes, that's billions) of Christian blind believers in the past 2000 years, I have noticed the manipulation of numbers myself.

   Presently, the latest recording "Move over Jesus! The sons of satan are still around and still being exposed!" seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8nYM_tejRk&feature=relmfu  recorded yesterday Feb 16th bears a stark difference with the Side Bar Count on "I WANT, I WANT, I WANT" recording page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34x-yM7H3Nw&feature=channel

    Most of you will say SO WHAT?  You will just shrug it off and not give it another thought, after all, to you, it is just nonsense to begin with. 

.  But ask yourselves this.  Were you to realize that every man, woman and child, with the exception of very, very  few, who have ever lived in any human society on this planet since the dawn of civilization, and that includes you and others now living today in this war-torn, divided and violent world ARE RULED via a Satanic mind control hypnotic trance imposed upon you by organized, institutionalized, unbroken, and unrelenting campaigns of Government, and Religious Mass Mind Control.  

    Your mind controllers even tell you openly of their agenda.  They've called it "Man's Fall from Grace."  The descent from your God-given gift of "Divine Awareness", direct perception of nondualistic (wholistic/holy) Truth, into the abyss of a blind, reactive realm of a dualistic (divided/opposing) Intellect which is programmable from outside Satanic sources. 

     Since you have lost your Spiritual Sight and cannot See Truth, being spiritually blind,  you are compelled to fly blind, throughout life depending upon your limiting instrument panel of Intellect, based in magickal thinking, Illusions, myths, concepts, dead beliefs, and dead memory based images to solve your problems. 

     That has become your world, and you have been conditioned to sacrifice your lives, if necessary  to preserve such Satanic debilitating Condition.  After all it is considered normal to think this way  and you are conditioned to be as normal as any other self-respecting 'SHEEPLE" FOLLOWING THE HERD CONSCIOUSNESS.  

    Are you outraged at such a simple Truth?  When your realize the Truth of such limited consciousness, how can you again look at yourselves as intelligent persons.  I use the word "PERSON" advisedly, since it identifies your present mindset.  You are no longer a man, or a woman, but are relegated to accepting/consenting, contracting to being  a non-living, corporate entity, and therefore property of the Government and Religions which OWN your bodies and souls. 

     SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY TO ME!  How does it sound to you?

     You, satanically ruled SCHNOOKS are preparing for open war, a mere satanic expansion of the cold war which has been waged upon you over your entire life.  Until you can break the Satanic Spell which binds you, you will never know FREEDOM, you will never know PEACE  in this lifetime. 

   Let me make this as simple as possible as all of you have the limited intellectual capacity to grasp this simple fact which has eluded you for your entire lifetime. 

     A CHRIST is a simple man or woman of Truth.  They retain their God Given Gift of Divine Awareness, and have Transcended the Satanic realm of Intellect but for it's use in technical problem solving and engaging in communication with other other men and women. 

   A CHRIST'S  words are similar to the words used by you but they have a vastly different energy signature, resonance which the Intellect cannot destroy, cannot touch.     

   The difference in vibration is palpable, felt by the limited prideful intellect and causes them to lash out in violence, or retreat into absolute fear and silence.  All normal communication comes to a halt, because when they open their mouths to defend their ignorance or attack  the Light of Truth, they are exposed to themselves and others in their "misery loves company" herd of commiserating SHEEPLE.

    You will note that All Satanic conditioning, requires praise, flattery and pandering to seduce one to follow Satanic beliefs.  While a simple man or woman of Truth does not stoop to such pandering techniques.  He/She, merely resonates with Truth,   They Live Truth, Speak Truth, Act Truth, and are TRUTH.  They are TRUTH, LIFE AND THE WAY. 

    Well there you have it.  Perhaps you will see why it is NECESSARY to control, and censor my articles and You tube Videos. 

    The Christian religion is directly traced to SATANIC WORSHIP of ILLUSORY GRAVEN IMAGES.  The average Christian (or non christian for that matter) have got a clue of HOW THEY HAVE LOST THEIR SOULS through satanic conditioning.

    I am not concerned with whether you Believe me or not.  I do not ask for your belief.  I ask only that you to open your eyes, open your minds, open your hearts and rise above your satanically conditioned ignorance.    For that is what must be done to have PEACE ON EARTH.

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