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The Second Coming of Christ Is Here and Now.

   By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


   Why do blind believers stop living, stop learning, and wait  for the Second Coming of Christ?

    Why do they pledge their lives to an Illusion, a Myth, created some Two Thousand Years ago?

    Why do they reject the living manifestation of Truth which is present in every Simple Man or Woman of Truth while they frantically seek salvation through satanic illusions?

   Did not Jesus of Nazareth, a simple Man of Truth, a carpenter, an itinerant preacher, one who posed a threat to the Political and Religious Status Quo of His time,  state that He was Truth, Life and the Way?

    It is easy for civilized man  to believe in satanic deceptions, born of seductive positive imagery, but  almost impossible for them to swallow the Bitter Pill of Truth. 

    Billions and billions of people have been living under the thrall of satanic mind control over the last two thousand years.  They are Spiritually Blind, so they cannot SEE the living truth which is right under their noses.  So they compensate for such ignorance through  blind belief conditioned into them by their priests and ministers. It is all done via the fragmented computer like mechanism which is found only in the Satanically ruled dualistic, opposing Intellect. 

     They navigate their Hellish world by flying blind and must resort to the instrument panel that is the thinking Intellect.  They cannot See, so they must compensate for it by THINKING.   That is their Seduction into Hell.  The illusion of Truth that is Satan becomes the god they serve.

    Jesus of Nazareth could not have been the loving, door mat,  milquetoast character described by the satanic inspired and written bible.  For if He were, would the people of his time have allowed the authorities to put him to death?  Would the society of Man, crucify Him?

    Doesn't anyone question the fact that Jesus NEVER COMMITTED His own words to writing?  One can see the He possessed a level of Intelligence that far surpassed the normal consciousness of His time.  So we can rule out the fact that Jesus WAS NO ILLITERATE.   So why did He not commit his truth to writing? 

    Does anybody SEE that  all those who wrote of Him did not possess the consciousness of such a man were the authors of the Bible writings under the authority of the ruling class of that time.  Those who were threatened by His words and had to remove him from the picture. 

   They, the Saducees, Pharasees, the Romans, the political and Religious leaders of His time had to kill Him so that He was not around to contradict the subsequent myth hastily formed after they killed Him which has enslaved mankind for centuries, even onto this very day?  What is wrong with  Billions of Blind Believers/Converts who are unable to pierce such satanic illusions and which formed a Major world religion since his death.

   All  Thought is Satanic in Nature, for it is dualistic and opposing in nature.  It promises Peace but delivers nothing but more Hell in the lives of such blind believers. 

   Truth is Eternal, experienced only in the everpresent moment of NOW.

   So what has this to do with the Second Coming of Christ which millions have been awaiting for centuries, and doing so to their own detriment?

   Many do not know what to make of a modern day man who simply states that all simple Men and Woman of Truth are Christs.  Yes, I am saying that Jesus of Nazareth and I, this modern man share the same nondualistic spirit of Truth and do so openly in a satanic ruled land of deceit. 

     The difference between Jesus and this living Christ is that Jesus committed NOTHING to writing.  I commit EVERYTHING  to writing, and I stand by every word as Truth.   Admittedly is is a shocking statement for anyone to make to those who cannot see and so must believe.  It rocks them to their very core. 

   I have used the Internet to carry out my life's mission.  I have offered the solution to dissolving the Satanic Mind Control which has enslaved you to your present life of Hell on earth.   Who is listening?  ANYBODY OUT THERE???

    The vast majority of you are like lemmings being led to the cliff of Destruction by pied piper priests, ministers, politicians, bankers, and Corporate leaders -- Satanic minions All. 

    The writings of this Christ, this simple man of Truth, may be read on my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com  with its many links and pages.  It is not a gift given with pat answers to assuage lazy Truth Seekers, Blind Believers, those who are addicted to Political and Religious Leadership.  To those who have sold their souls for Security.   It is for those open minded, spiritual seekers who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."  Those who seek real change in their lives and their world.  For a sampling of what I have to say, Take it from this Christ:  The NEW WORLD ORDER is not new at all it is the SAME SATANIC RULED OLD WORLD ORDER with a different face.  See my You-Tube offerings at http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.htm#List

     Then let your own Intelligence lead you out of your confusion, for the Second Coming of Christ is the Eternal moment of Truth in which  your satanic ruled dualistic intellect becomes silent allowing  your Divine Intelligence (Christ State of Consciousness) to be  resurrected from the satanic mountain of baggage of your Satanic ruled Intellect which has prevented you from seeing the simple Truth for yourselves.   

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A Deeper Examination of How The Second Coming of Christ works.

Kenneth E. Jr Everson


ke:   >   I still stick to my earler postins saying you have the right to your opinions. That is your right. You say you are a CHRIST. But if anyone has any opinion other than yours you ridicule them. And try to show them how superior your are in intellect, enlightenment and sprituality.

rk:  You see, this is where we part company,  I don't deal in opinions, I deal in Truth, the essence of which is Holistic.  Opinions are dualistic and intellect based.  Truth arises from direct perception of "What Is".  Therefore that is where the rubber meets the road, and you folks are not on it.  I fully understand that you can't comprehend anything but opinions, because that is traced to the limitations of the Satanically ruled Intellect. 

ke:  >  Can you still be a CHRIST and have so much pride and arrogance as to believe your way is the only way.

rk:  Ken, first of all, you must see you are not qualified to speak of a Christ unless you understand what a Christ is.  You base your opinions on a mythical illusion and therefore are not competent to engage another in truth.  You can only judge and argue.  And the reflection of an argument you are having with yourself via a Mirror of Truth, is one that drives intellectuals up the wall.  By the way, I am not of the Intellect.  I use the intellect, the intellect does not use me.  That is the difference between an intelligent man and a stupid man.  The difference between a Master and a Slave.  The difference between a free man and a one who is prisoner of his own confused thoughts.

ke:   I have seen CULTS rise and fail with the same preachings as you have.

rk:  And rightfully so, for cults are organizations also based in
Satanically ruled, Intellectual mind control.  So where is your evidence that I have a following or a cult backing me?  I stand alone.  Yet that simple fact seems to escape you. 

ke:  >  Yours is not the only way.

rk:  Not so!  Truth is the ONLY WAY!  Satanic dualistic opposing opinions have many paths and that accounts for your confusion and argumentativeness.  I merely state facts and you can take them or leave them.  Your refusal to see the truth has no impact upon me at all, but it certainly does on you.

ke:  >  It is the only way for you. You will have a following. All do.

rk:  That is just another fantasy of yours.  I do not seek a following, I merely speak Truth and let the "devil take the hindmost.".

ke:   > So did Hitler. And as far as reponding to your articles. I will do you the favor of no longer responding.

rk:  It will save you a lot of pain, of that I am sure.  However it also indicates you a dead to Truth.

We all have lost someone before. And that is from the actions of others AND OUR OWN ACTIONS. I do wish you well.

rk:  Ken, you speak with forked tongue as the Indians used to say.  Your energy reveals a split in you.  It rings with neither Truth nor sincerity.  Tis a typical ploy of a Satanic (dualistic/opposing) intellect.  You see, I am not offering opinions, I am stating facts that anyone with Spiritual sight can SEE.

ke:  >   May you someday find the peace you are seaking. But to reach the masses you are trying. Your approach is not ever going to get you there. I say all this my true name so to say I am one who has ever prosecuted or persecuted you would be a LIE. 

rk:     I acknowledge what you say and because it has NO TRUTH to it, it does not disturb me in the least.  Can you not see that the disturbance which is caused in you and vicky comes from the self judgement you see when you see yourselves in the Mirror of Truth?

ke:   The plain and simple facts, observable by those with spiritual sight note that  you picked up on a general statement made by me and you  made it your own.  Did you ever hear of the adage, "If the shoe fits, wear it?"  You see this goes back to another adage, "Judge not lest ye be judged".  Again, not to beat a dead horse, but you are standing before a Christ, a Simple man of Truth, a Mirror of Truth and you are judging the reflection of yourself that you see in the mirror.  You see, to a simple man of truth, there is no need to argue, He just acts as a Mirror of Truth, and reflects that which stands before it who is able to see himself/herself as others see them.  Hell, isn't it?

rk:  You see, until you and others like you straighten out these fundamental flaws of consciousness which reside at the deeper leves, the problems you pursue as such a superficial levels, such as concealed weapons permits are like sandbox play for spiritual children.

ke:  >  No problem Vic. I feel Ray did start out with great things in mind. Now his mind is the great thing he thinks he has. So sad. And any who go after him now. Well it aint this Prideful, Dumb, Fearful Persons Problem. THE HUNTSMEN WILL STILL PREPARE AND TRAIN.

rk:    What in the world ever made you think that I am seeking to reach the masses? They are already the living dead. Conditioned zombies who flow like an ant colony with the exception that they bicker and squabble with one another each step of the way. Your response proves that, does it not? I look to assist those "who have the eyes to see and ears to hear." The blind and the dead, are of no concern of mine for they belong to the lord of their intellect, Satan itself.  They have already sold their souls and are finding its payback time.

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Re:  A Deeper Examination of How The  Second Coming of Christ works.

Russell  <blackcatbone5@yahoo.com>  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

r:    >  Wow dude, tone it down a bit I am afraid that there fella is correct you are attacking.

rk:    Russell, you are on the path to spiritual freedom, but you still have some intellectual baggage to work out.  It isn't important for you or anyone to pick a side.  That is the nature of Satanic division.  What is important is to pay attention to the vibration difference between Truth and and ideas one holds about Truth.
One is Divine, the other is of Satanic Origin. 

rk:  I do not ask anyone to take my side.  I speak to all so that they might grow in their sensitivity to the distinct, unreplicatable essence that is the vibration of Truth. 

rk:  For most who read my writings, it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to function at that ethereal level of consciousness, for they have been desensitized via a lifetime of Satanic political and religious conditioning. 

rk:  I ask that you and others reading this, pay attention to the responses which arise in your consciousness to what is being said.  That is your spiritual teacher, your Savior.  No one else.  I do not ask for your belief in me, for that would be counterconditioning, the same satanic trap that enslaves all believers who find their lives to be Hell on Earth.

r:      Simply stated what would Jesus do? I can say with certainty he would not lambast peeps he was and is gentle.

rk:   And I would ask you, how do you know what Jesus would do?  Is not your perception of Jesus based on your own personal Belief, belief that has been conditioned into you by outer seen and unseen  forces?  Is not your belief based on Training, repeated images and word repeatedly programmed into you by parents, family, friends, political and religious institutions?

rk:  I do not ask for your belief, for that would only "countercondition" you and that would be the SATANIC WAY.

rk:   I merely speak Truth, and you can take it or leave it.  I will not do for you what you must do for yourself.

r: > You must build not destroy.

rk;   I do no harm.  It is Truth that I speak which destroys Satanic Illusions held by the average man as my words takes the matter of discussion out of the superficial "Letter of the word" realm of Intellect, a realm which holds and enslaves the average man, and takes them, (against their satanic will) into the realm of the unknown, the Infinite realm of Truth and compels them to See and Feel the essence or "Spirit of the Word".  That is why my words are so disturbing to those who are hostages of their own satanic programmable  intellects. 

r:  >  You talk about being a simple man of truth. THEN BE A SIMPLE MAN. my friend I truelly am a simple man NOT a christ a MAN.

rk:  Then Russell,  you are only "simple" in thought only, in belief only.  You are not in fact, an actual  simple man in Truth. 

r:   >  People want to hear my words but I dare not speak them. For it is not my place "I refused it long ago" it is for god.

rk:   Why do you not speak to them?  If what you had to say was Truth, you would not be experiencing fear in speaking them.  You rationalize your fear by kissing it off to a satanic concept you call "god"  The simple fact of Direct Perception is that God is Truth, and Truth is God.  Look closely, I mean real close to your comment. "I refused it long ago" it is for god.  Is the word God the same as god.   It is no accident that you used the word "god" instead of God, for it is a concept which can apply to many "gods" according to cultural indoctrination.  But there is only ONE GOD, and that is TRUTH.

rk:  Did not another Christ, Jesus of Nazareth say that He was Truth, Life and the Way?  The spiritually sighted will SEE the Truth of what he said -- that is experience the nondualist essence of those words, while the Satanic way would take those words at the superficial level of their conditioned thought based intellect and BELIEVE THEM.

rk:  That's when the "Wheat is separated from the Chaff" , the
Spiritual men are separated from the Satanic boys.

r:  >   Without a duelistic reality nothing would work (I feel this would truelly be bliss) however our Father gave us a gift the freedom to choose!!

rk:  Ah yes, God, the nondualistic Truth, gave to all the gift of Spiritual discernment to free oneself from the imprisonment of their Satanic dualistic, opposing,  conditioned Intellect. 

rk:  I have written extensively on the nature of and purpose of Intellect on my Website http://www.arkenterprises.com  and in Google archives.  So I shall not repeat it here for the purpose of saving space.  Intellect is necessary to resolve the Technical problems of Life and to communicate with other Intellects, so its purpose is quite limited.  When satanic intellect applies itself to the NonTechnical Issues of Life, it creates a HELL of confusion, conflict and divisive strife due to it dualistic/opposing nature.

rk:  Damn near everyone who hears the Truth of my words (a technical communication) is offended because although they cannot yet see the  nondualistic Truth of my words, they certainly can feel the pain of their own superficial, satanic judgement as they stand before the Mirror of Truth.

r:   >  Yes we have been brainwashed from birth as our moms and dads (note:dad is earthly and Father heavenly) before us.  But also instilled in us is Truth we ALL know right from wrong but from the brainwashed mind most choose incorrectly (as I did) and as 99.99 % have. 

rk:  Conscience is the satanic source of Duality.  It is the programmable  illusion of Choice.  Choice is only required to resolve the state of Confusion, conflict  and divisiveness  which only can be found  in Satanically ruled Consciousness..  It does not resolve the confusion, conflict and divisiveness with Truth.  It only resolves it partially and temporarily via THE IDEA OF TRUTH.  Thus it remains in the realm of Satanic Intellectualism, until one WAKES UP from their Satanic hypnotic spell-bound fantasies and exercizes their God Given intelligence of Divine Awareness.

rk:  Truth itself is Nondualistic.  It is What Is.  It is whole (holy), complete, undivided.  It must be directly perceived, SEEN.  That is the nature of Divine Awareness, Christ Consciousness.  Therefore there is NO CHOICE TO BE MADE.

r:   >   I told you to burn a fatty and reflect if you think me a fool then that IS your choice.

rk:   I have't got a clue as to what you mean by "burn a fatty"  As to your being a "foof" that's your word, not mine.  Ask yourself, are you not still  communicating in a dualistic fashion, and have some doubts?  These are the subtleties that the average satanically ruled, dualistic consciousness IS NOT AWARE OF.

r:   >  I normally do not respond to this petty machine but DUDE I think you are on a path you better take a bit closer look at. Be gentle in your tone and simply love ALL.

rk:    Love is also based in Truth.  To most, love is just another satanic concept which serves as a misdirection from the Truth of one's existence.  When I speak Truth, it is unconditionally spoken to all.  Its like the rain, It falls on everyone equally.  Yet you can see the satanic reaction of fear, anger and violent dualistic responses in the vast majority or responses to my words.  You might ask yourselves, "What's wrong with that picture?"

r:  >  Nurture those that would listen!

rk:  Why?  Truth doesn't not need pandering to.  Only the Idea of Truth does.

r:  >  Don't make them feel as tho you are this great man you aint. (You were concieved of sperm and egg) not Jesus he was emmaculate conception. Born of a virgin (or would you say thats a lie).

rk:   Russell, I suspect you don't know who and what your are, if you identify yourself and other limiting them only to their physical bodies. 

rk:   The real question is Why do you perceive me to be the illusion of being a "great man"?  If you want to see how and what I perceive myself to be, see my You Tube videos:  The Nobody and the Somebody: The Christ and the Christian Part I  

and The Nobody and the Somebody: The Christ and the Christian Part II

It is the greatest message you shall ever hear in this lifetime, yet IT WILL BE DISMISSED, BY MOST OF ALL OF YOU.

r:  >   My message to you (and this aint My message) is EASY DOES IT!  Dont let yourself become a tool. You say dont harm is all .. no that aint enough! And when you see this your words will be stronger. Father speaks of a time for all things. Love, hate, peace, war. Duelistic you see otherwise you remove our gift hence there could be no judgment. For every action there is a reaction guide dont divide!!!!  As for people worried about gun rights I truelly have NO TIME for that petty discussion. I hope I have(through Father)reached you. Step back to the light of LOVE!! this is NOT a debatable conversation!

rk:  Russell, this communication has run its course.  I will leave you with this.  MY FATHER IS GOD. TRUTH.   YOUR FATHER, The father, god,  that you seem to worship as reflected in your energy behind your words is SATAN.  Satan can NEVER reach or touch TRUTH.  

rk:   I am TRUTH.  Your god hasn't reached me.

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By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


Are  you folks satisfied with your lives?  Are you dissatisfied with your government?  Are you free men and women? Are you tired of being ripped off by banks, corporations and the like  Do you still live in in a nation once called the home of the Brave and Land of the Free?
If not, you have some Choices to make, some Actions to take. 

A Satanic Solution would be to Abolish the Federal Reserve, and the IMF. and VOTE all incumbents out of office As both are progenies of the Globalish NEW WORLD ORDER elitists.  The downside would lead to a BLOODY REVOLUTION as any actions taken from such a limited, conceptually led Revolution formed by the Leaders and the Led, would result in the same Hell civilized man has been living since Man's Fall from Grace and  the Dawn of the first Civilization.

The Christ Solution would be that of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, remove  your life force, your money, your energy from  granting your support financially and philosophically to  the existing OLD WORLD ORDER now shaping itself a new mask and calling itself the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Why?  Because you are the source of all wealth, all power, all freedom and you have been trained to GIVE IT AWAY.  Government produces nothing.  What does it do?  IT MANAGES your wealth, your power, your freedom.  It is a Satanic fiction, but for the life given it by the People.   

The God-given Unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property is the spiritual estate of all men, regardless of where they live in the world. 

All men have been created by God to be FREE and RESPONSIBLE.

That Freedom and Responsibility was lost when God's Creation, man was seduced away from his Christ Consciousness, the Divine awareness gifted by God  to all Simple Men and Women of Truth and replaced by an enslaved state of Belief.. 

The folly that was Man's Fall from Grace has enslaved civilized men ever since the emergence of the Satanically ruled, Programmable Intellect, a computer like intrument  that is dualistic and opposing in nature.  Man sold the Wholeness of his Soul for the petty fantasies based in the seductive promise by Satan that man has the capacity of being a god in his own right through the use of the partial consciousness of a dualistic and opposing  Intellect ruled by Satan.  Its been Hell on Earth ever since. 

A return to God's Law is in order.  "Do NO HARM." and there is no need to follow and entrap yourselves into contractual slavery through blind obedience and consent  to the Laws of Mammon, the Laws made by Satanically ruled men. 

Unless support is removed, from the fear based indoctrination which fuels the satanic driven machinery that is Government which owe its existence to Man's Law, the Law of Mammon, there shall be no change in human society on Earth..  Your present life of Hell shall grow in your flawed consciousness, while each of you will become dimished in your humanity. 

A world of Hell based in projected fantasies of he Intellect has been  called the Old World Order.  And that is what the New World Order will be.  A world of continued Hell continued to be ruled by Satanic forces.

What you fear, are your own Ideas.  You are the creator of those ideas by your own acceptance of them.  What you have created, each of you can uncreate.  The problem is that you have been seduced into Doubting yourself and that has been the nature of your spiritual devolution into Hell.

NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE, for the rest of your remaining life, and you will have destroyed the power of Satan for he cannot exist without duplicity, lies, fantasies, and the power to weave fictitious Spells.  Lie not more and your lives will change, it cannot be otherwise, for Satanic Mind Control has been the source of your earthly travail, and Satan has NO POWER in the realm of Truth.

This is being sent out to all those who have the spiritual "eyes to see and ears to hear." 

Force and conflict is the natue of Satanic thought.

Peace and tranquility is the nature of Christ Consciousness

DO NO HARM, and BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, is the way of the Peaceful Revolution.  The power you hold is in your own hands, not in committee thought or mass organization.  If you "think" otherwise, you are living in a Satanically ruled BASSACKWARD world.

The Christ solution or the Satanic solution:  YOUR CALL!

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Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You



Continue reading at NowPublic.com: U.S. GOV'T RUNS 'GANG STALKING' VIGILANTISM, SAYS EX-FBI OFFICIAL | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt-runs-gang-stalking-vigilantism-says-ex-fbi-official#ixzz1jn37EHPC

rk:   What have I been saying for the last 16 years?

rk:   Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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Re:   Living Life In a BASSACKWARD WORLD  Part II

Ken   wrote:

Raymond  wrote:

Ken:  >  Damn Ray. I dont know anything about you. Did google your name. You sure have pissed someone off. But what is real fishy is the amount of things you have done according to these postings. I dont think any person with half a brain could say they beleive this crap. Dont know about your beliefs either. Dont care one way or the other either. You as all of us have the right to inner peace and your beliefs. I think you should just take the ATTITUDE. Screw em and say Kiss My Ass. But thats just me.

rk:   Not intending to beat a dead horse, but the essence of the above statements made by ken exemplifies the level of ignorance exercized by the average civilized man who has been Satanically trapped to live within the limitations of his own  Satanically ruled Intellect, all through his own consent.  This has been the Truth of the present state of consciousness held by civilized man since the Dawn of Civilization.  How many of you are aware of that? 

rk:  Basically, such fragmented intellect  is based in conditioned, limited belief and projected overt judgment.  Not much fact and NO TRUTH, but plenty of positive imaged argument which couches the conflict in which they so eagerly engage in, all for the prize of the illusion of having power over another.  They're still in Hell, but the winners usually enjoy their prize of power by functioning in an airconditioned office, but they're still subject to the fires of opposition found nowhere else but in the fiery Hell bound, divisive intellect, along with their equally Hell bound opponents.   

rk:   That is the NORMAL state of consciousness for damn near ALL of you who  read this, and it OFFENDS YOU when it is exposed to you!   It offends your image of yourself, which too, is an Illusion. 

rk:   That is the Satanic spell that I often speak of.  Does anyone see how normally such limitedness of fact and no truth flows so easily and naturally with the herd mindset of other like-minded, undiscerning sheeple?  Those who lash out in anger and opposition in order to misdirect attention away from the Truth, and  compensate for their painful self-judgment of victimization and impotence. 

rk:  NO ONE can make you feel that you are a victim.  You do it to yourself, because you accept that status through the Illusion of Belief.   You've been made to doubt yourself.  By doing so, you've just transformed yourself from the Master of your own life, to be a  Slave of other Hell-bound Intellects.

rk:  Ken goes on to say "I dont think any person with half a brain could say they believe this crap.?  

rk:   The problem really comes down to being that if the average man did ACTUALLY operate at the level of "half a brain", our world would be far superior and peaceful  to what it is, the present Satanically ruled  BASSACKWARD world we live in today. 

rk:  It has been said that we use apprximately 5% of our brains.  That's the satanic Intellect I speak of.  That is taken as an insult by those possessed of limited intellects.  Obviously a simple man of Truth operates beyond the level of the Satanic Intellect as Truth is Holistic, (Holy) Complete, and stands on its Own.  It is WHAT IS.

rk:  In a BASSACKWARD, satanically ruled world, such limitedness of Intellect is accepted as being NORMAL.  Its like children playing in a 5% "sandbox" while sensing another beyond the 5% to be standing outside the sandbox and reflecting their limitedness to them.  Of course it will "PISS THEM OFF."

rk:  Ken's comments "I dont think any person with half a brain could say they beleive this crap." is easily dissolved.  All my true and validated experiences are documented on my website link, http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html 

rk:  Only a Christ, a simple man of Truth, is beyond the Jurisdiction of Satanic Illusion.  The Satanic courts know it.  I know it.  That is why I have backed down the Satanic Courts of OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY at every turn, until they threw me out of their jail, because even Satanic Minions have their own rules, and know they cannot overcome Truth.

rk:  A man of Truth, a Christ can be likened to one standing in the "eye of a hurricane" so calm, so peaceful, while the Satanic forces are swirling all around him, but cannot touch him as it has NO POWER, NO JURISDICTION, NO RESONANCE in the realm of Truth.  Their power lies in the "ARENA" of opposition over anyone who agrees to "play the game of Hell at the Intellectual level."

rk:    One may ask Why do I persist in speaking to People who don't want to hear what I have to say?  I'll tell you.  You are all living in Ignorace of your True selves.  You are confused but don't know why.  The answer is quite simple.  Your ignorance, your limitations, your lack of Understanding  is the source of your confusion.  If introduced to Truth, some of you might gain insight into your Satanic conditioning.  In that moment of Truth, Illusion is dissolved and your God-given gift of Divine Awareness is Resurrected.  That is what Jesus of Nazareth meant when He said "One must DIE to be reborn of the Spirit.  The Spirit He spoke of was the Spirit of Truth, God, the Spirit of Love.   In that Moment of Truth, you will have risen above your present level of  ignorance and have thus furthered your journey to spiritual liberation. 

rk:  None of your problems are based in anything other than your own satanically conditioned Illusions.  The antidote to that is, and always has been, Truth, and that is what I am giving you.  I am doing it before the mass, collective illusion grows into Martial Law in America, and the death and destruction of Conditioned Ignoramuses, now considered by Satanic Elitists as "Useless Eaters" becomes a faite accompli.

rk:  All this is progressing, while prideful ignoramuses tell themselves they will take action by picking up the gun and kill or be killed.   This is the Satanic illusion which occupies their consciousness,   when they can just as well take back their country and their lives  now, by the nonviolent, spiritual way of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.

This message comes to you from a "Living Christ."  Take it of Leave It!

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Subject: Cousin Kazoo proves he doesn't know what he is talking about (as usual)

"Sedrick Schmedley Karczewski wrote: ,

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net)  wrote

ssk:  >  Dum-dum wrote:

rk:  To begin with, "Sedrick Schmedley Karczewski is one of them thar Goverment/Media mind controlling Disinformation Agents who've been stalking my writing on the Internet  for more than a decade.  If you think this is the statement of only 1 man, See:

rk:   Then read my latest post, "Re:   Living Life In a BASSACKWARD WORLD"   http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch324.html#WORLD

rk:  Most of you reading this type of Libelous attacks by cowardly anonymous disinformation agents, and lap it up because it plays to your prurient and debased interests, are the very people I speak of as DUMB, IGNORANT, AND STUPID.

rk:  These Government agents track my writing wherever it appears on the internet forums and newsgroups, but they base their operation at alt.consciousness.4th-way 

rk:  Go there.  Take a good look at the concentration of Character Assassination and destruction of credibility government has put on this man for the last 16 years. 

rk:   There, you will note that each article posted by me, accompanies at least 1 counteracting article by them as they use  different names different internet handles in the process.    Even when they have nothing to say.  That by design to their need to misdirect attention away from the truth of my posts.  They have pretty much run out of gas from the earlier vicious, criminal,  libelous smears, forgeries, phony biographies, creation of phony family memers such as "Sedrick Schmedley Karczewskiand"  AND false newspaper articles.  So what are they left with?  They "petered out" and are left with total  Nonsense as exemplified by this present post.

rk:  >>   Are  you folks satisfied with your lives?

ssk:  >   Are you satisfied with being a homeless, seven times convicted felon who lives at a parking lot and seeks shelter in a battered 40 year old bus?

rk:   Note they make these statement repeatedly and often.  That is Hitler's method of Mindcontrol.  Tell a lie enough times and often and it begins to be "believed" as truth.

rk:   The average, satanically condition man CANNOT distinguish the difference between TRUTH, and the satanic "IDEA OF TRUTH.|

ssk:   There is no such creature as Satan, you superstitious old buffoon.

rk:  Satan is the petty god of the Intellect.  Its nature is dualistic and opposing.  It is the "god" of STUPID PEOPLE -- AND THEY ARE LEGION.

rk:  >> All men have been created by God to be FREE and RESPONSIBLE.

ssk:  >  Freedom and responsibility are polar opposites, Ray.  If you are responsible for something, anything, then you are NOT free of it.  This is just another example of you talking out of your ass.

rk:  Such a statement is evidence of language manipulation focused not on the MACROCOSM of Truth, but upon the MICROCOSMIC  exercise of flawed logic.  

rk:  >> Do NO HARM.

ssk:  >  Do not file bogus liens.

rk:  Nothing bogus about them.  It scares the Hell out of JOSEPHINE COUNTY AND OREGON GOVERNMENT.  If you think not, the corruption goes all the way to the OREGON Governors office under two administration, The OREGON DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE under two ATTORNEY GENERALS,  The JOSEPHINE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEYS Office under two adminstrations, and the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE under two adminstrations.  That is topped off by the direct criminal actions of former OREGON Secretary of State, BILL BRADBURY who removed all liens, some of which had no part of, or relevant to the Two Bogus Trials, from which I, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natual Man walked away a freeman, even though they convicted their own created fictional JURISTIC PERSON, whose name is spelled on all CAPITAL LETTERS. 

rk:   How many innocent people convicted and now sitting in JAILS and PRISON in our land  are there because they were unable to pierce through the satanic scam pulled on them by the Satanic courts of our country.  Yet idiots both in and out of jail continue to prostrate themselves at the feet of such "Sons of Satan" hypocritical monsters and worship such HELL BOUND individuals?

rk:  Your jobs as a government/media disinformation agent and mind controller is to keep them STUPID and exploitable. 

rk:  You and yours just happened to pick on the wrong guy, a Christ, a simple man, a Mirror of Truth,because every time you open your mouths, you stick your foot in it.  Hell, isn't it?


ssk:   >  Yet, Cousin Kazoo lies every day because Cousin Kazoo claims he isn't homeless, yet he lives at a parking lot and sleeps in a battered 40 year old bus. ?

rk:  You've made the claim, now prove it with actual evidence. 

ssk:   >   Cousin Kazoo claims he isn't a seven times convicted felon, yet one need only go to the second floor of the JoCo courthouse to obtain copies of the felony convictions... and lets not forget the legend of Postie's lien, which numerous Arkansas Secretaries of State have disavowed. . 

rk:  I don't know what part of the country you live in but I'll bet you have not taken that trek up to the second floor of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTHOUSE to check out the evidence for yourself?

rk:  Should you do so, check the spelling of the Convicted Defendant whose name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  That is not me!
It is their own fictional Character created by them who hope that the average man will be so STUPID as to agree with the courts that that fictional entity is himself, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man. 

rk:  All those who would sell their souls and sign up for hell, get the Hell that they deserve. 

rk:   And it sure as Hell, isn't me, this Living Christ.

rk;    When it comes to "Posties Lien," Hell, who is to say that JOSEPHINE COUNTY AND OREGON STATE is the only corrupt government operating in this country.  I've got the ACTUAL DOCUMENT of the lien and I have POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET.    Why don't you show me evidence to the contrary, aside from your general, baseless statements  that more than one Arkansas Secretary of State has disavoed it? 

rk: You see, the fact is that the average man is INCAPABLE of examining anything at the deeper levels of Consciousness.  They have been purposely DUMBED DOWN, and DRUGGED UP to make them manipulatable by the letter of the word, the mainstay of Satanic lawyers able to twist and manipulate meaning that the average man is incapable of discerning the Truth.  The average man is at the mercy of such duplicitous men who make their living  as Scavengers of the souls of men they regard as "easy "marks" those inert, barely functional apathetic beings who are putty in their manipulative hand via mind control techniques of  reward and punishment mixing it with pandering praise, and Threat.  All Trials are condensed mind control experiments. and usually attended by  twelve ignoramuses sitting on  lawyer picked juries.   Truth is not a pleasant event to face, is it?

rk:  Look at how this Nation's REAL GOVERNMENT, the PEOPLE have been raped, plundered, pillaged, imprisoned and put to death by such Satanic Illusions played out in our Court System.  Yet they support it because they FEAR NOT TO. 

rk:  This SATANIC RULED SOCIETY is what I, this living Christ is here to EXPOSE.

rk:   All that you BRAIN DEAD dummies have to do is WAKE UP. 

rk:   Remember this is being said according to the adage,  "If the Shoe Fits, Wear it"  If this upsets you, you will have JUDGED yourself as the DUMMIES, I speak of.

Hell, isn't it?

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Government Internet Stalkers/Disinformation Agents Exposed!

By:   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Government Agent using alias: "Sedrick Schmedley Karczewski wrote: ,

rk:  Lets take a closer look at how these government criminals operate on the Internet, shall we?  The average American is completely duped by the operations of their government because they have invested their trust in these people and cannot admit to their own lack of AWARENESS in the placement of such trust, even when their lives are being threatened, losing their homes, realizing they are owned body and soul by the government, bankers and Corporations, their homes taken away from the, their money debased, and for many, realizing they are looked at as government assets fueling an everincreasing Prison system to provide slave labor destroying our once proud nation called the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. 

U.S. GOV'T RUNS 'GANG STALKING' VIGILANTISM, SAYS EX-FBI OFFICIAL | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/u-s-govt-runs-gang-stalking-vigilantism-says-ex-fbi-official#ixzz1jn37EHPC

rk:  The focus of this post is upon the disinformation tactics used by  these government agents.

rk:  Keep in mind none of these attacks would be possible if it weren't for the approved use of aliases on the Internet, where one man could hide behind many aliases to avoid accountability for vicious attacks upon anyone they set their sights on.  Conspiracy to Libel is a Serious Felony,  We could clean up the Internet with this one change.  You see, ALL CHANGE comes from people.  They are the True Government, NOT the public servants they hire to carry out the Mandate of the People.

rk:  The following comments and interchange applies to early events on the Internet concerning one disinformation agent who called himself, "mr postman." He was part and parcel of the disinformation Team that had stalked my writing on the Internet in the early days.  Follow the dialogue closely.

ssk:  >  Liar.  You posted a forgery that had no filing number.  You won't post the filing number because within hours (possibly minutes) of your posting it, the names from the Real Lien of that number will be posted with a link to the ARSoS site showing the facsimile.

rk:    You've got my name, you admit that a "facsimile" exist.  So get of copy of it, and expose it as a forgery and have them arrest me.  Yet what do you do?  You ignore the document and focus on a case number which I purposely covered up to expose your pathetic and underhanded intentions to destroy another's reputation.   

rk:   You've outdone yourself with your satanic demonstration of twisted logic, have you not?  You claim the facsimile of the actual Lien posted on the internet  minus Case Number with the Arkansas State Seal is a forgery.   Your focus is upon the missing case number not the ARKANSAS SOS stationary complete with State Seal.   You are asking others to take your word for it.  Why not get a copy of the Document  from the ARKANSAS SOS.  or an explanation in writing stating there is no such document in their files.  All government files are crossfiled by case number, name, address, phone numbers. etc.    THAT WOULD BE REAL EVIDENCE! 

ssk:  >  Yet, what do you do.  Rather than examine the actual copy printed on ARKANSAS SECRETARY OF STATE STATIONARY,  (which would constitute  real evidence) but you focus on the missing case number.    Why?  Just to prove to the undiscerning public that you jerks are not concerned with Truth, but merely playing with their minds by forcusing on words you see on a computer screen. 

rk:   Your investigation goes no further than that.   You must rely upon words of those you attack seen on a computer screen and distort them or manipulate them to fortify your libelous agenda.  You even  use my own words as yours because most people are so gullible, trusting, and inert that they function at the level of trust and  blind belief, thus they wonder why their lives are such a mess.    

rk:   Most people operate at the level of a child's argument limited to simplistic opposites.  See if you can spot it.

rk:   Example:    "Best to slink off, lick your wounds"  are my original words as are "Hell, isn't it?",etc.  

rk:  >>   ARE YOU FOLKS SATISFIED with your lives?

ssk:  > ARE YOU SATISFIED with being a homeless, seven times convicted felon who lives at a parking lot and seeks shelter in a battered 40 year old bus?

rk:   What is the definition of Home?  There are many, are there not?

ssk:  >Prove there are "government agents", Kazoo.  You can't, because there  are none, just people making fun of your pompous ass.

rk:  With an organized program of libel, making up forgeries in my name, putting out false newspaper articles, hosting websites for the purpose of ridicule. Photoshopping photos of my wife and I to create hidious distortion of appearance?  Creating false identities as  family members to create false biographies,  Concoctive vicious false stories of depravity, criminality and such.  I wonder if that sounds like fun to most people on the Internet.  If it does, this nation can long endure.

ssk:  >Go see people having fun at your expense, you mean, liar.

ssk:  >There has never been any truth in your poasts, Kazoo.

rk:  That's an opinion, where are the facts to back it up"

ssk:  >No, the people making fun of you got bored, so they invented new schticks to amuse themselves with.

rk:  For 16 years?  Hell, you're Still and at it, aren't you?  No, you guys are scared, for when the stuff hits the fan, I wouldn't give a plug nickel to be in your shoes when your real identities are discovered, and make no mistake, THEY WILL BE DISCOVERED.

ssk:  >You were convicted of seven felonies, bRay, and that's a Fact.

rk:  No, that's merely a deception conjured up by a government/Media Disinformation Agent.  Display any JOSEPHINE COUNTY court document/records which purport to  try and convict any living man with the name of Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

rk:  Display any court document which addresses anyone named "bRay."

rk:   Display any court document which addresses anyone named "Kazoo"

ssk:   There is no such creature as Satan, you superstitious old

rk:  Suppose you present evidence that my explanation of Satan and Christ posted on the Internet over the last 16 years IS FALSE.  Your misdirecting opinions posing as relatives of mine  without backing it up with evidence doesn't mean squat to those "who have the eyes to see and ears to hear."

rk:  Satan is the petty god of the Intellect.  Its nature is dualistic
and opposing.  It is the "god" of STUPID PEOPLE -- AND THEY ARE

ssk:  >  Nothing phony about us, cuz... and not only are we here to stay... we are legion and our numbers can easily multiply.  Notice our WCU Team Christ 2012 Certified Christ numbers... yep.

rk:  This post reflects the impotence of these government disinformation agents, as, for the last 16 years on the Internet, they have operated under the umbrella of government immunity and media to bring this man into disrepute and stop his threat to the Status Quo by shutting down his writing.  This is all backed up with documented evidence which may be found on my Website Link.   

rk:   I suggest that anyone who is serious about understanding how they have lost their freedom over the years research the early vicious libelous attacks  directed toward me and my deceased wife.  Check out my mind control links

rk:  You can find more evidence on GOOGLE archives and its predecessor DEJA NEWS.  Remember this:   EVERY THING THAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT ME IS FALSE AND IN MOST CASES LIBELOUS. 

rk:  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you!

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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The 21st Century Spiritual War Between Christ and Satan

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


    How many people are watching the Spiritual War being waged upon a Christ by the Satanic minions of Government, Religion, Corporate elitists and  Banking Money Handlers.  How many are aware of it but do not understand what they are watching?

     A Christ is a simple Man of Truth.  Truth is God itself.  He lives Truth, speaks Truth, Is Truth.  That is all a Christ is. 

     A satanic minion is anyone who is conditioned to filter Life's, holistic experiences (Truth)  through the narrow filter of a Satanically Conditioned, divided and opposing Intellect.  Therefore, he is required to live in Illusion, dead images, concepts, beliefs, Deception, Lies, and the like.  

    That's as simple an explanation given that ought to clarify to all who live in civilized Society that they are but Satanically conditioned mind controlled assets, considered by Government and religions to be nothing but mere human assets, resources  to serve the Satanic Hell on Earth they have created through their misguided support.   They live in fear, and crave security to assuage such fear that envelopes their very soul.  This ought to clarify why the world is as it is, even to the most obtuse of satanic conditioned minions, those who have sold their eternal souls for the petty perks of wealth, power, fame and all the other meaningless, everchanging  ephemeral illusion which they have been conditioned to believe as life. 

    Since Christ is a man of Truth, lives to serve Truth, and resonates with Truth, He resonates with God.  He lives in the realm of nondualistic Divine Awareness, a realm of nondualistic Consciousness. It is an holistic spiritual realm which the lower state of satanic ruled Dualistic, opposing, partial and divisive intellectual consciousness, cannot touch.  Satan has no power in the Realm of Truth.  His power is limited to the self-created fictitious IDEAS OF TRUTH, a fragmented, unhole (unholy) divided and opposing  realm of dead images.. 

   I will not focus upon just about every one of you who are reading this, but upon the Satanic Leaders who hold positions of Leadership in this unmistakable Hell on Earth.

   For those who are not aware of my writing, and the battle going on because Satan is Getting his butt kicked, visit and watch my You Tube video list at  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#List  Then read, if you are so inclined the Links at http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#LINKS

    Admittedly my writing is NOT FOR EVERYONE, but for those tire of their enslaved existence and want to change their lives.  It is for those who have the spiritual "Eyes to See and Ears to Hear."  The rest of mankind has already sealed their fate and will resist the Truth about themselves, inevitably  violently. 

     I have served as a spiritual lightning rod to draw all of the violence, negativity, and debasement of Satanically conditioned consciousness to this body of Truth and dissolve it.  This has been the purpose I have served on the Internet for the last 16 years, to expose what lies beyond the superficial masks worn by satanic minions which provide them with a hiding place from Truth, hoping their illusions will remain intact and undiscovered. 

    In terms that any of you can understand I must bring it down to something you all understand.  MONEY. 

   Currently the STATE OF OREGON, and COUNTY of JOSEPHINE, and its Satanic Agents individually are in Commercial Default in excess of $50,000,000.00.  That's right, Fifty Million Dollars.  And all that money IS YOUR TAX MONEY, extorted from you by your government.

   I make no plans, I am guided by God, in every moment, every step of the way.  I am not tethered to a Time Bound Consciousness, as are the rest of you.   I have lived my life, living in Truth and  seeking to harm no one, yet the Forces of Satan have dogged my step everywhere and involve itself in every thing I do.  They had the mistaken opinion that they owned me, as they do you.  The difference is I know Who I am while You do not understand Who You Are. 

    I am not just Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a simple man of Truth, a Christ, I AM EVERYMAN who has the right to live FREE, unencumbered and left alone by satanic minions who owe their livelihood to the Salaries, We, the People pay them.  How dumb is it for a People to support their own enslavement, their own persecution from birth to death?

    Read the 10 Maxims of Commerce on my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com   Then you will understand what I have been doing specificly for the last  years on the internet, that is, TRYING TO WAKE YOU UP. 

    I am not that concerned with money, because ALL MY NEEDs are provided for me, effortlessly by God.   But the fact is SATANIC MINIONS ARE concerned with such Material matters..  Although I can destroy the lives of the ignorant minions who believe they are "just doin their jobs" with the Fifty Million dollars in default may I suggest your read TORT CLAIM: Disruption of Corruption In Josephine County Oregon at http://www.arkenterprises.com/tortjoco.html

    Since there are no Statute of Limitations on FRAUD, I am in no hurry to collect the $27,180,000.00 which as due and payable on April 24, 2004. I hve instead opted to educate each of you as to who you are, and the Power of One.  What One Man can Do, ALL men can do.

    The only thing Government understands IS profit, loss and power.  So this Christ has continued to expose their impotence in dealing with a simple man of the Sovereign People, the TRUE GOVERNMENT.

    I have set forth the solutions to every problem facing civilized mankind today, and yet it has not only been ignored by most , it has been roundly attacked by Government Disinformation Agents attempting to discredit and smear the reputation of a sane man living in an insane society. 

    The Solution:  Once again, NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE IN YOUR LIVES AND BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.  That's it. Simple, yet impossible for most of you to understand.  It just TOO SIMPLE to grasp by your own confused, complex, satanically ruled Intellect.

    What cannot be denied, is the SWORD AND SHIELD OF TRUTH, that has been my protection during my 16 year public mission to expose these satanic minions whose limited power is extracted from you, the Christs who suffer from Amnesia and readily accept the chains of slavery  through government and religions  use of force and fear.

    I suggest you seriously consider reading my website at http://www.arkenterprises.com and all its linked pages. For what I have done in this lifetime, so can each of you. 

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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A Christ has Shown the Way

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© --   A Living Christ


I question the future of the American People. A Christ has shown them the way, yet they remain inert and lifeless in their Satanic Spell. 

They do not understand that their whole world in caught within the Hypnotic spell of Satanic Mind Control.  They have known nothing but conflict, opposition, competition, and its victories and defeats.

They have been  lured into believing Illusions even while the facts show that one man is immune from the illusions which bind them and their loved ones. 

They do not understand that this man is nothing special in Truth, yet he is seen to be extraordinarily special in their illusions or just a charlatan, for no man can live the way of Truth.  They don't know what to make of it.  Their whole world is topsy turvy.   They have been geared all their lives toward waging and supporting war, toward cheating, lying, conniving, robbing, harming, competing, fighting for the least little space in world that is rapidly closing in on them, stripping away everything they have, everything they have worked for.  Their desires, their dreams are evaporating before their very eyes. 

Yet this simple man of Truth does not just talk.  He demonstrates the way to change this hellish world with peace, with Truth, with Love.

Do they grasp it?  Do they want it?  Do they see the Truth, or does it SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THEM?

Yes, they are scared because it makes no sense to them.  It goes against every fiber of belief they have been indoctrinated in.  They are being asked by this man to Tell no lies, when lies are all they know.  They are being asked to BOYCOTT BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, when resistance, opposition, harm and defense is all they know and cling to with every conflicted ounce of energy within them even, unto death..

What to do?  What to do?  How could they have been so deceived all of their lives?  How could they have been so UNAWARE?  How can they stop living the only life they know.  A life of conflict, a life of Master and Slave, Victor and Victim?  They live a meagre existence everstriving to improve themselves As they scratch away their meagre progress like beasts of burden lured by the carrot on the stick, the i llusion of Heaven in the hereafter.  Rest at last! Peace at last!

Do they not know that Life is eternal, therefore therr is no beginning or end.  There is no "Hereafter" when you die,  there is only change in another form of life. The soul carries on?  Why do they not see, JUST HOW SCREWED UP their manipulatable consciousness of a Satanic ruled Intellect has become because of the Satanic Mindcontrol that has robbed them all of their lives from seeing they are living under remote, outer directed Satanic programming?

I await the awakening of those only to see them dig themselves deeper into the Satanic Conditioning when fear overtakes them as they see what a truely living man looks like.  A man who does not lie.  A simple man of Truth, a Christ?

I am for real.  I raise hell with the illusions believed by hell bound satanic ruled minions.  They can run, but they cannot hide from the Truth.

I give the solutions, while they prepare for more war.  Stop war and see just how much money is available to redirect for the good of all.  The poverty stricken, would begin to see daylight in their lives.  Jobs would return.  This country of America is not Broke.  It just appears to be broke because of the Satanic misdirection of monies extracted forcibly from the value producers, and given to other countries to support war while its own people are starving on the streets, playing out their homeless existence.

Pay attention to my You Tube videos at arkenterprises.com/index.html#List  with specific attention to what appears to be "absurd" references to the word "Christ."   It took me 16 year to break that in, knowing it would be a shock to the hypnotic bound consciousness of the average man and woman.  And so it was.

The fact is that what I have done, each of you can do also,  For you are all potential men and women of Truth, Potential Christs, but YOU SUFFER FROM AMNESIA and are thus divorced from your True Spiritual Estate.  All with your consent.

Cry no more. Fear no More.  Awaken to your true Selves.  That is all you have to do.

It does not take violence to break loose from the hypnotic spell that binds you.  It take love, peace, harmony.  That is the nature of Truth.   The illusion of Truth is a hideous and impossible event in a screwed up satanic ruled opposing, dualistic mind.  That is what one must break through if they want real change to occur  in their lives.

I have shown you the way.  The rest is up to you. 

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Re:  The Dream of Life, Part II

Arthur Cristian   wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

Arthur, Your points are well taken.  I am sure you have noticed that I do not initiate any actions that would cause harm to another.  As such I am following God's Law.  I am ONe with Truth.

However, Life Truth, and the Way, is a matter of Spiritual Balance, Holistic action.  It is that which I bring to the equation of Satanic Attacks made upon this living man from the legion of satanically ruled  Living Dead who are unaware of who they are and why their lives are such Hell. 

As a Mirror of Truth, it falls upon this living man to reflect that which stands before him with unbalanced satanic action designed to attack, destroy, seduce, and/or persuade one away from his God given balance.  To do otherwise would be tantamount to capitulation to the power of Satan.

The courts have recognized by their actions, that they DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, this simple man of Truth, this Christ.  That is why they will no longer issue a warrant for my arrest and forcibly bring this Living man before their Satanic Courts.  Nor do I voluntarily step into their courts to grant them jurisdiction. 

My purpose, as yours, is to educate, awaken, an hypnotically entranced populace.  Shake them out of their satanic imposed Spell which binds them into the prison cell of their own Intellectual limited consciousness.  We each, you, I and a few others, function beyond the less than integral Intellect in bringing to others a widely unexplored view of life, one that they presently, are incapable of discerning. 

You, Arthur are good at explaining the unexplainable.  I, however stand up and expose the Satanic action at the height of its application, thereby demonstrating the power of Truth that lies in the hands of every man who understands His Truth Spiritual Estate,  as it dissolves the illusion standing before it.  My presence has a more viceral effect upon those satanically possessed onlookers who are limited by their own Satanic ruled consciousness. 

Be assured that you and I are not acting at counterpoint with each other.  We serve the same master that is God, Truth, at different vibrational levels of Consciousness. 

This present experience that we both share on the Internet  is a spiritual episode, one that has gone on between satanic minions and Men of Truth since the Beginning of Time.  Relax, and let Truth Have its Way!!

I have shown you the way.  The rest is up to you. 

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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