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Gods Law  -- Satan's Law:  In the Difference Lies Heaven and Hell

 By:   Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

God's Law  Is simple and does not require thought:  Based in Holistic Truth, it is simply stated thus:  DO NO HARM.  DO NOT HARM another.   DO NOT HARM yourself.  DO NOT HARM another's property.  DO NOT  Infringe upon Another's Unalienable Rights.  "THEN DO WHAT THOU WILT!"
It is the Basis for Natural Law, Common Law tried in Constitution Article III Courts.

In other words God's Law = NO VICTIM, NO CRIME!

Satan's Law/Man's Law  makes no reference to HARM.  It is formulated in man's  PARTIAL, DUALISTIC, OPPOSING Intellect, a Satanic instrument which creates a divided realm composed of the POWERFUL and the POWERLESS.   It is administered through satanic based,  remote hypnotic suggestion, mind control if you will.

THOSE IN POWER MAKE THE RULES for the POWERLESS to follow, but exempt themselves from such rules in the process. Therefore the POWERFUL apply the rules to the POWERLESS while their exemption allows them to "DO WHAT THOU WILT!"


It leads to VICTIMLESS CRIMES tried in UnConstitutional Administrative Courts, Maritime Courts, etc

Does ANYBODY out there GET IT? 

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