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A Spiritual Message whose Time has Come

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJd9U6WPiCk   You-Tube Video

Good Evening,  I am going to say some things here that will shock most of you to your very satanic core of conditioning.  This is a spiritual revelation that civilized mankind has been deprived of since the beginning of time.

It all begins with man's Fall from Grace, the descent from wholistic Direct Perception of Truth, into the depth of  the Hell-bound, dualistic, opposing Intellect, the Instrument of enslavement of civilized men and women since the first civilization.

Civilized man lives and filters his perceptions via his satanic preconditioned intellect, which is rife with  ideas, concepts and  graven images which have been inculcated into his programmed computer like intellect via remote controlled suggestive politically and religiously-correct mind control. 

Mind control is not something new and recent.  It has been with mankind since man chose to live his life in a belief-based society. Filtered by dead images which are nothing  more than partial reflections of  that which may be called wholistic truth, and therefore are caused to aggress and victimize each other, civilized man has created divisive barriers between himself and other men who have been conditioned to react to different images reflecting  the one Truth unfolding in every eternal moment of Now, in a myriad of ways.

All belief systems, political and religious are composed of fragmented beliefs, which separate and divide brother from brother, family from family, race from race, religion from religion, nation from nation.   It is the source of all conflict, confustion and violence inherent in a world ruled by the Laws of Mammon, (Satanic Law).

We have lost our ability to just live and follow God's Law, which is  DO NO HARM.   You see, All Truth is One, holistic, holy, God-manifested on this plane of existence.   Duality is Satanic for it is divisive, fragmented, partial in comprehension,  and requires the making up of ones mind, (which is coming to Oneness) before clarity in action is possible. 

Look at your lives.  You will see that what I say is true.  So why do we continue to live that way?  Why do we live in fear?  Why do we live in constant confusion, pain and suffering instead of living in peace, harmony, oneness, that which is the true Spiritual estate of all Sons and Daughters of God -- Divine Intelligence?

Why has civilized man chosen to live his life  in extreme complication born of a complexity ridden satanic intellect rather than the simplicity of flowing with direct perception of Divine Truth? 

You see, Truth STANDS ALONE,  IT IS WHAT IS.  Uncomplicated, holistic and simple.  Yet man has been corrupted by Satanic Intellectual thought to accept the machination of Intellect as his template for living.  All Men are Christs, that is, they potentially are Simple Men of Truth, but they suffer from Amnesia of their true Spiritual Estate due to their own ignorant consent to contract their lives away via satanic thought.

Did not Jesus of Nazareth, another Christ proclaim that He was the Truth, Life and the Way?  Was He not saying, in fact, that He was merely a SIMPLE MAN OF TRUTH, atone with WHAT IS, the "I AM THAT I AM".  Can any of you observe how that simple declaration has been satanically used to separate Him from the rest of Mankind, making him into a Spiritual Icon, unattainable by the rest of mankind?  What Rubbish! 

In the beginning, it arose from the primitive satanic conditioning born of the Warrior and the Witchdoctor.  The warrior, personified by Government which rules by force and fear, and the Witchdoctor which morphed into modern day religious institutions which rule through Myths, superstition, fantasy and the like.   Thus has mankind been transformed into Slaves from their True Sovereign capacity of Sons and Daughters of God.

Make no mistake,  Divine Intelligence has decreed that Satan has his place in the scheme of consciousness on this plane of existence.   Satan is the ultimate seducer, the liar, the deceiver.  His minions are the Politicians, and the Priests.  The satanic seduction of ciiilized man is the very spiritual test that all born into this plane of existence must traverse, face, and rise above, thereby  resurrecting his consciousness from the fallen state of Intellect, and thus return to his rightful spiritual home of DIRECT PERCEPTION, ATONEMENT WITH TRUTH. 

You see, Intellect is absolutely necessary to resolve technical problems, that is to resolve dead mechanical problems born and invented by the Intellect.  Intellect is also necessary for man to communicate with others via language, concepts, ideas, and other dead images of the Intellect. 

The average man spends a lifetime, from cradle to grave, caught by the seductive net of Satanic thought.  Completely unaware of who he truly is, he finds himself at the mercy of his position in the Satanic power structure which rules over Earth. 

Look at our world today.  The New World Order is nothing more than the Old 'World Order with a new face, Satanic nonsense believed by those who have sold their souls for the promise of fame, fortune, wealth, power, and security.  

The need for all of these states of consciousness  can only be found in the Satanic state of Conditioned dualistic intellect, nowhere else.  In Truth, Unconflicted perception of "WHAT IS" there is NO CONFLICT, therefore there is no fear, and no further need for any of the divisive states of consciousness mentioned.

In that Resurrected State of the risen consciousness from the depths of the fallen intellect, there  is where Love is.  Holistic and all encompassing. 

I recognize I am using Satanic Language to communicate with each of you, but for those of you who have the "eyes to see and the ears to hear,"  you must admit the energy behind my words resonate with a distinctive energy  not usually experienced when you listen to politicians or bible thumping, pulpit spouting, dead myths spreading priests, clergy and  emotion manipulative evangelists.  It is satanic inattention which allows for these satanic minions to weave their hypnotic spells over their flock of undiscerning Sheeple -- TOU!.

This is a message that you HAD TO HEAR.  For now you cannot claim IGNORANCE.  Now you must AWAKEN to who you Truly Are.  You must Act. You can no longer choose to hide behind excuses.  You are the Co-Creator of your  Lives,  You and God, Divine Intelligence, and you are Atone with such direct spirit of Truth.

Shake off your Satanic Spell and learn your True Power in this world over Satanic images.  Then BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT them. Withdraw all support and watch the Devil Die, (at least in your own consciousness). 

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Journey Beyond Thought

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpx8M-PDtw8   You Tube Video

The message of a simple book, a spiritual primer that acts as an antidote to the poison of Satanic Conditioning.  A Book that can change your life, set you free and put you back on the path onto the way of your Spiritual Home.

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A Letter to STUPID AMERICAN SHEEPLE.  (Was:  Render To God, the Things that are God's, and Render to Hell the Things that are Hell's)

Englebert Friedman Heyes III   wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

efh: >   On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 00:17:28 +0000, Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk:   >> Please follow me, as it can't get any simpler than this.

rk:   >> Do not harm another.

efh: >   Yet you engaged in a felonious criminal enterprise to steal the property of others which is why you are a convicted felon seven times over.

rk:  How So?  Illuminate us all, won't you?  You have no clue as to what you speak of.  I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©. this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man have NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIMES, either MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY. 

rk:  Were I to have been convicted of any crimes, would I not now be in prison at the present time?   After all, they threatened me with 35 to 40 years in prison.  You see, I exposed the FRAUD perpetrated upon the American public by our courts today.  Millions have been put in jail through this fraud, and not one in a million are capable of standing before the courts and exposing them for the fraud that they are.  I happen to be that one in the million.

rk:  The fraudulent government courts and its practices which have enslaved their previous masters, the Sovereign People require paid disinformation agents such as yourself in order to perpetuate the fraud.  You utilize many aliases in order on these newsgroups/forums  to pull off your "dirty tricks" disinformation agenda.   You are a satanic deceiver who hides behind a host of aliases because you would not last long if you were to be held to your True Name, and not flit about with your various libelous themes  via  your many aliases. 

rk: >>  NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE for the Rest of your life.

efh:   >    Yet you repeatedly deny being a convicted felon for the aforementioned  attempted thefts despite the public record of your many convictions being  available to anyone who walks upstairs in the Josephine County Court House.

rk:  You do notice, don't you,  that you deliberately do not use the word LIE or LIAR while referring to me,  but instead state that I DENY being the name RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI©,  the fictional (non-living)  entity whose name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, created by government  through birth certification.  There is no question that I am not the same entity known as the DEFENDANT who was convicted "seven times over.".

rk:    Being the Living man, I copyrighted my COMMON LAW signature, spelled in Caps and Lower case as called for by proper english usage, and the Trade Mark, Trade Name JURISTIC PERSON whose name is spelled in ALL CAPS,   I have successfully proven through court papers that I am NOT the fictional man whose name SPELLED IN ALL CAPS will be found on all court papers and is known to be the CONVICTED defendant.

rk:  If you are confused over all this, SO ARE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF other  dumbed down, satanically indoctrinated AMERICAN SHEEPLE who have been schnookered by such lawyerly chicanery.  My question of the American Public is why would you grovel, worship and respect black robed criminals who would enslave you through such satanic tactics. 

rk:  You people are PRETTY DAMNED DUMB!   I have been sharing this key to freedom with you for the last nine years on the Internet, and you FIGHT AND RESIST IT through  TOOTH AND NAIL.  

rk:  You folks have lost your jobs, your homes, your children, your money, your liberty, your marraiges, and some have  lost their lives.  YET HERE YOU ARE BEING maneuvered into absolute enslavement through the NEW WORLD ORDER.    I am at a loss to find words FOR YOUR STUPIDITY.

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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A Letter to Elaine Brown at Christmas Time

P.O. BOX 27137

                                                         Dec 16, 2011

Dear Elaine

Thank you for your card, thoughts and prayers. It would appear that we are in the midst of a misunderstanding. and outer events which have interfered with our ability to communicate with each other.

Primarily, I thought I was a source of disturbance to you, and a source of interference with your present faith. It is not my intention to disturb either you or Ed but to communicate to you in the way that I do -- In Truth..

Truth is one of those words that are bandied about, but few understand the deep nature of Truth. I have spent 16 years on the Internet writing about the deeper aspects of Spirituality, but few, if any have understood it. Almost all resist it, many resent it.

. I acknowledge that what I say is difficult for most to understand for they are limited to the images and concepts of their own Intellectual thinking, and so, are incapable of delving deeper into their own Consciousness, the consciousness which exists beyond thought.

. I am who I say I am, a simple man of Truth, a Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth, was also such a man, a simple man of Truth who posed a threat to the Satanic Power of those who ruled the intellectual world of man. The society of man has ALWAYS been tied to such satanic conditioning, and are quite prideful and ignorant of it. Such revelations shake the very foundation of their accepted and prevailing world view, even though that world view takes them to the depths of Hell, and they think it is normal.

It is my perception that Ed is trapped by his own political conditioning which leaves him no choice but to react. Reaction is always satanic in nature for it requires opposition of an uncertain consciousness to lash out in limitedness and thus ends in more conflict.

Whereas Ed is political in nature, you are spiritual. Your relationship with Ed as man and wife is based on the commingling of the Political and the Spiritual where the two present the possibility of coming together as one.

I hope that answers the spiritual aspect of our relationship. As to the outer circumstances interfering with our communication, I have been under virus attack which resulted in the loss of all my records, address books, etc.

Ed recently removed me from his approved mail list. I did not question it as we were not communicating with one another for some time now. Your card indicates you and I are still together in continued communication.

The way things are unfolding on the outside, you and Ed are probably safer where you presently are. Please don’t give up hope, or faith in yourselves. You are not forgotten.




A Letter To Stupid American Sheeple

This Video has the power to change your life. 


This Video contains the Revelation of utmost Simplicity which can transform man's consciousness from a warring, bickering, confused entity, to the clarity and peaceful Divine Awareness of a Christ.  WARNING! 

This will upset DAMN NEAR EVERYONE who listens to the message with a cluttered, noise, satanically conditioned mind.  Pay attentions to your own responses to it and you will learn who your "god" is.

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Re:  Ann Coulter: I would prefer Ron Paul as president to Newt Gingrich

 Steve Rollins wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS00boNScuY   You Tube Video

Ann Coulter: I would prefer Ron Paul as president to Newt Gingrich

rk:   >>  Why is civilized man so shortsighted. A vote for anyone, including Ron Paul is a vote for the CEO of the Corporate Government which is a DeFacto Institution, and NOT OF OUR CONSTITUTION. It is the system that is the problem. Anyone who serves the system is SUBJECT to the system, including Ron Paul. You folks are being had, and you haven't the clarity of sight to see it. That's why you are the Blind, being led by the blind.

sr: >    So, Raymond WHAT'S your answer??? You pose the supposition, now provide the answer. Now, I pose to you a question, Who owns the Corporate State? WHO has the power to incorporate the government, any government? One must first be the owner of the BUSINESS to be incorporated, if not then that would be FRAUD. SO provide some answers. FIRST, I know that the US in Incorporated in Delaware, I even have the filing no#. BUT, can the corporate state override the Constitutional?

rk:   A satisfactory answer cannot be given to unaware, kneejerk, responding sheeple who  lack the capacity to live their lives like men.  They live in fear, and are herded and penned up in corporate ruled pens called cities, they are controlled in every aspect of their lives.   They know nothing of freedom, constantly crave security to allay their fears, they are addicted to distractions and nonsensical illusions to feed their media controlled egos,  and so they can only rationalize their personal artificially imposed  positions to compensate for their lack of courage and freedom.  For most, it begins at birth and ends at death NEVER knowing the lives they have lived, for their illusory world has prevented them from seeing the Truth which is evident all around them, yet they do not have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear. 

rk:  Stupid Sheeple don't want to be free, for they have been  bred for centuries to be shorn of their wool (assets), they work and give of their sweat and blood, until they drop from exhaustion.  Their life is hell, yet they haven't a clue that the suffering they experience arise from themselves and themselves alone.  All because they don't understand what HOLISTIC living is. 

rk:   When offered a new way, they spit on it and attack the messenger, the outsider, the free man for although they know the word freedom, they do not recognize its essence when expressed in relationship. 

rk:    Once the messenger is dead, and then, can only be regarded as a concept do they become a Savior, a Redeemer, a graven image, a god.  The man Jesus of Nazareth is such an example.  Look at what they, the corporation have done with images based in satanic superstitious mythology and not Truth.  Dumb isn't it?   

rk:   When their depletion is complete, sheeple are considered by the Corporate State to be 'USELESS EATERS" and enter into another level of problem solving for their State ruling masters.  They must be cleared away and discarded as human refuse when they are barren of assets and no longer are capable of performing as they once had in their youth.

rk:  Sheeple live their lives on their knees as enslaved chattel, and perform their tasks as the grovelling slaves that they perceive themselves to be.  They like you Steven, want pat answers from another so they can argue endlessly over concepts, instead of getting off their knees and standing up like men backing off the Corporation that is a complete SATANIC ILLUSION.  They do so because they KNOW NOTHING of Truth, but regale in the Satanic illusion of Truth. 

rk:  I, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man HAVE BACKED OFF THE STATE OF OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY CORPORATE COURTS. All without support of ANYONE ELSE.  That is the power of Truth.  Yet Sheeple continue to argue, bicker and doubt themselves that what one man can do, any man can do.  Do you see the insanity of life lived by Civilized man?

rk:  The answer you seek may be found on my website links at http://www.arkenterprises.com/#List   As for arguing with you or any other satanically conditioned committee thinking, asset shorn, compensatory, spineless, prideful  human being , you are not worthy of my time or attention.  

rk:  Each of you hold in your own hands, the power and fate of your own life.  USE IT OR LOSE IT!

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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The Gift of Truth at this Christmas Time


Joanne Gill Konkol  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

jgk:  >   Merry Christmas to all my family and friends. Remember to keep CHRIST in this Christmas! Love you all!

rk:    Joanne, this is said with the utmost love and respect.  I hope you and others of the family receive it as such.

rk:    You and I are members of the same family, yet just we two live in vastly different dimensions of consciousness.  One can ask, how is that possible?  It is the question of the ages, for such divergence of consciousness is learned by spiritual openness, not religious conditioning.

rk:    I have been  ostracized, and in essence, exiled and  excommunicated  in this lifetime by the family for that difference in Consciousness.  I faced the same religious conditioning as the rest of the family members, yet I saw the scam, the illusion at a very early age.  It has never left me.  It is that which accounts for the difference in consciousness not acceptable by the collective conditioned Catholic consciousness of the family.

rk:   The man Jesus of Nazareth stated that "a Prophet is not known (recognized) by his family and friends." (due to familiarity)   The word Prophet in the meaning used is the same as "a Christ is not recognized by his family and friends" for Christ Consciousness is holistic consciousness, capable of Direct perception of Truth.

rk:    The Civilized world is a world based in intellectual thought, concepts, graven images, beliefs, etc.   ALL THOUGHT IS BASED IN SATANIC  (dualistic, opposing) illusory conceptualization.  It is partial in nature and incapable of grasping the Whole even while it pretends to do so through blind belief.  That is the Satanic divisive nature which allows for a world divided by Satanic belief.

rk:    Divine Awareness, Direct Perception of Truth is the whole "holistic" (holy) State of Christ Consciousness.  It is based in nondualism.  Simply stated, nondualism is Truth, Dualism is Satanic illusion.  Simple, yet only Christs are able to see and live life nondualistically via direct perception of Truth.

rk:    Did not Jesus of Nazareth also state that he was "Truth, life and the Way"  Can you look at those words and see that each reflect the nonduality of Truth, and cannot be grasped by speculation, theory and belief?  Can you not see that the basis of the Statement "I AM THAT I AM" is Truth itself?

rk:    "Fallen men" believe.  Christs, simple men and women of Truth SEE.  You and I are of the same family, yet such divergence of Consciousness is the reason I am no longer accepted as a family member despite all the platitudes and illusions which capture the family tongue at this time of the year.

rk;  The plain and simple fact is that ALL MEN who filter life through their satanically conditioned filters of Intellect live in the dualistic opposing realm of Hell, BAR NONE.  They live ignorantly of their True Spiritual Estate and are enslaved by Satanic remote mind controllers via the means of media, government, and religion.

rk:  Their life is a life of BASSACKWARDS.  A life of confusion, of contradiction.  Contradiction itself is what is known as ORIGINAL SIN, yet no Christian is allowed to see that for themselves.  They are fed, myths, superstitions and satanic deceptions over which they prostrate themselves in worship.  Tis a true formula for engendering mass insanity, is it not?

rk:    Look at what is happening at the present time in our country and in our world.   People stopped at airports and soon to be on the streets and roadblocks with pre-emptory bodily assaults in the name of 'FREEDOM".  Many have lost their ability to support themselves, lost their jobs, their homes, their money has been debased, their property stripped away, their kids taken away from them by a faceless bureacracy,  because black robed satanic driven men say so.  Their liberty has been challenged, their freedom lost Yet a population of blind, believing satanically ruled slaves ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE. People have lost their spiritual rudder, they are set adrift in a sea of hell, powerless to deal with the life forces which are directed upon them by satanic manipulators, be it from the ballat box, or the pulpit.

rk:  I have personally shown the world how to stand up to these satanic minions, not unlike Jesus did to the "Sons of Satan" in His time.  Anita, my wife of 49 years met her death because of the pressures exerted upon her by the Oregon and Josephine County Government and courts.  Her life was shortened, killed by the Corporate Oregon Government and its courts.   These are real sacrifices, not merely mumbo jumbo uttered by scared blind believers.  Yet the Blind, continue to be led by the blind TO THEIR DETRIMENT.

rk:   Joanne, may I suggest you and other family members queue into my  You Tube video list at http://www.arkenterprises.com/#List with particular attention to:
86.  Journey Beyond Thought

87.  A Letter to Stupid American "Sheeple".

88.   Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich:  Continued Enslavement of Civilized Man  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS00boNScuY

rk:  Then perhaps you and the rest of the family can determine whether I am just 'blowin smoke."   There is nothing worse than dying at the end of this lifetime more ignorant that when you came into this life.

Love Cousin Ray

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich: Continued Enslavement of Civilized Man:

slewofdamascus  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

sod:  >  As a supporter of "Ron Paul" I have felt that there is something amiss here, I have to admit. As I told somebody recently, I don't support "Ron Paul" blindly. I am aware that "RP" says nothing about corparate governance and slavery, etc. I have been drawn to Ron Paul because of his constitutional objections to money laundering and imperialism. Yet, I know, instinctively, that if he represented real change, he'd be silenced by the institutions of satanic deception who run this show. What to do?

rk:   Sod, I cannot tell you what to do. I can only tell you what I do and will continue to do.  Follow Gods' Law, "DO NO HARM" AND BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the HELL OUT OF THE SYSTEM.

rk:  I am  in the same world that you are, but I AM NOT OF IT. 

rk:    I live, speak and AM THE EMBODIMENT OF TRUTH.  That is all the Christ State of Consciousness is.  That was the power at play in my experiences with facing down the Satanic OREGON GOVERNMENT AND ITS COURTS.

rk:    Their Satanic Illusion of power was impotent when MIRRORED BY TRUTH, not unlike the countless disinformation agents who have attacked my message on the Internet for the last 16 years but yet will not come out from behind their masks of secrecy because they FEAR TRUTH.. 

rk:  Each and every man, woman and child has that same power within them, but they have been made to relinquish it through seduction, fear and doubt, based in constant Satanic Conditioning.  That is where the battle shall take place, in Human Consciousness.  At the Spiritual Level of each and every civilized man.  When one changes himself, he changes his world. 

rk:  DO NO HARM, but reserve your right to SELF-DEFENSE.  When harmlessness is mistaken for weakness and the Satanic Predators come to harm, maim, pillage and/or take your life, KILL THEM much like you would kill a mad dog or wild animal bent on attack.  There is NO GUILT attached to such action.  One is merely preserving his/her God-given Unalienable Right to life.

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SCREW THE NWO.  I'm going to give you  a Healthy dose of Truth!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


     As is quite apparent to most who read my spiritual and political writings on the internet groups and forums, that I do not reach out to others either for friendship or fellowship. 

     Why?  Because Truth indeed does, and must stand alone as it is holistic, indivisable, and not subject to interpretation.  Although the direct perception of Truth is available to all, it is chosen by few. 

     The civilized world of mankind is under the Satanic spell which confuses, confounds and reduces men into slaves  ruled through  unhealthy egos.  

      Based in dualistic (opposing) thought, the effects upon such Satanically Spell-bound civilized men and women via its warring essence leaves no question to the spiritually sighted that the average man  is without question a divided, confused, self-doubting and fearful human being, despite the masks that they wear in public. 

     The evidence of such hellish state of consciousness is unmistakable to all  yet the ignorant and the stupid will merely sidestep such irrefutable evidence by blaming it upon another and not see that in the world of Holistic Truth, he/she is the other.  That self-protective shell is what accounts for the events of the day.  Check out the headlinesk, See it for yourselves.  Each of you, in your ignorance and fear support such Hell on earth.  Belief and support of such "Graven Images" reduces the Whole Man, one possessed of Christ Consciousness  to grovelling minions dedicated to Satanic servitude, all through the psychological medium of their own misguided consent and contract. 

     The Satanic Spirit operates only through seduction, Invitation, and the threat of force and fear.  The two main Satanic institutions responsible for such psychological manipulation is Government and Religion, with its propaganda arem being that of Mainstream Media. 

     The simple Truth of that statement is all around us in plain view, but the satanic ruled man remain blind to it. 

     Spiritual man sees, while blind satanic minions  must compensate for their spiritual blindness by THINKING, a satanic Intellectual mechanism.   Such compensatory Pride prevents the average man from seeing the simple truth about himself and his world, for he is geared toward conditioned complexity and so adopts the veil of pretense, thereby separating himself from the direct perception of Truth while he worships fantasy, myth, superstition, and pure nonsense.  This state of spiritual ignorance is accomplished through the Satanic Lazy Man's Truth -- BELIEF!

     That is when BASSACKWARD fantasy based images take over the politically and rellgiously correct consciousness of the spiritual Blind and accounts for the collective Insanity that such silly, stupid human beings have adopted as their collective reality.  

     You will note the truth of these statements are not conducive to seducing and manipulating individuals through complimenting their ability to worship fantasy, the mainstay of every satanically ruled, civilized society.  It usually stuns most people into silence and fear or brings on attack by paid satanic disinformation agents who make their way in the world through intimidation, threat, and libelous campaigns.  All the while hiding behind fictitious aliases as they cannot afford to be identified due to the inevitable backlash of their exposed deceptions.

     I am not here to befriend stupid people, for they have chosen their own fate.  I am here to assist those who know there is something wrong with the way civilized men and women live and desire to bring about change in their lives and in the world they live. 

     I do not have "Conversations with God", a anthropomorphized, fictitious projected intellectual image designed to entrap one further into an evershrinking prison cell of divided intellect.  My connection is  with  Infinite Intelligence, Truth itself, that which is truly God.

     God is Truth.  Truth is God.  Get It?   Can't be any simpler that than.  How many of your have an intimate relationship with Truth?

     How many of you are ruled by fantasy?

     Now you know why I do not seek out Friends but merely present Truth to  those who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."

    I have brought you to the brink to drink of the waters of Truth.  Are you thirsty?  Will you Drink?  Its all up to you, each of you.  It has alway been so, and will be so in the future, for Truth is ETERNAL, as you all are.  The only thing which is not eternal about you, is the silly thoughts you harbor, because you have consented to your own ignorance. 

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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RE:   SCREW THE NWO.  I'm going to give you  a Healthy dose of Truth!.  Part II

Hagar wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RivlRvFineU  You Tube Video

Mr. K" <george...@toast.net> wrote in message

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 In article <Xns9FC9EBE586540stillnolawsuite...@>,
Cujo DeSockpuppet <c...@petitmorte.net> wrote:

 arke...@frontier.com (Raymond Karczewski) wrote in news:4efbadba.37660656

Cujo  >> You failed again, k00k.

 but. think again. we're onto something here.
 In article <uyQKq.21254$ed2.11...@newsfe05.iad>,
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 Actors & Artists for 911 Truth

 Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator is a feature film willing to do what   the world¹s governments and legal bodies are unwilling to do ­ open a  new investigation of 9/11 for the entire world to see.

Many of our fellow actors and artists have agreed to perform in the film: Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata, John Heard, Michelle Phillips, Joseph Culp, Paul Cross, Nick Mancuso and Judd  Nelson - with many still to be cast.


 Help coin a word;
Oiligarchy or Oilgarchy
which best describes a government of a few Oily Empire individualists.?
but nobody can describe the terrible things they do in their lust for
re; Wars for Oil.
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 Karma, What a concept!

h:  >   Looks as if yet another Liberal numb-nutz fell off the edge ...
h:  >  Nice going K ... will the "Meathead" play himself ???

rk:  It would appear that the Government is pulling out all to stops in their attempts to discredit me since I began to Broadcast my views on You Tube Video.

rk:  Lets shift into an arena of Truth which sums up how the average sheeple live in these united states of America.

rk:  The average reader is beginning to wake up.  He/she will no longer buy into  the sudden shift into the general white washed  attacks made  by government disinformation agents to misdirect attention away from the more than a decade of the most vicious Disinformation Libelous attacks that  have targetted my comments.  The evidence of such attacks can be found on my archived articles on my website http://www.arkenterprises.com and Google, not to mentions its predecessor DeJa News archives.  I stand on the evidence found in black and white.

rk:  My transferring my energies to You Tube Videos,  indeed does prove out the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. The average American man and woman gets to see the face of a Living Christ, not the mythological fantasy promoted by satanic priesthood over centuries, but a simple man of Truth who displays the inarguable contrast between a man of truth and a nation locked into the Satanic Spell of  Deception.   It reveals the face of one whose essence clearly is not normal for an insanity oriented, satanically conditioned society.   Is he, as has been promoted for the last 16 years on the internet, an escapee from a loony bin, a drug addict, an alcholic, a child molestor, a supporter of beastiality,  a wife beater, a fugitive evading the law in three states, replete with false biographies, phoney news articles, entire websites designed toward ridicule and libel created by computer literal disinformation agents who've used a legion of aliases attempting to pull off their failed agenda.  All of which has been a libelous promotion which the FBI, Oregon Attorney General, State, County, District Attorney and  two Josephine County Sheriffs have refused to investigate.

rk:  When the State of Oregon and County of Josephine attempted to shut me up, put me away for 35 to 40 years in prison for holding my public officials accountable for their corruption and crimes.  When they convicted the fictitious Juristic Person/Defendant in two trials yet kicked me out of jail when I stood up to them and refused to accept their sentencing.  They had no choice but to unceremoniously kick me out of the jail,  for even Satanic minions cannot stand up to any man of Truth, Any Christ.  Government has long tyrannized civilized men through force, fear and satanic deception.   A secret that the average Man of the Sovereign people has no intimate knowledge of and so, are used to fill up the empty spaces in our growing prison system, all  for the profit that is gained.

rk:  I stand by everything I have written and have not been shaken by a 16 year government sponsored/supported, intelligence community based effort to destroy my reputation, my credibility.

rk:  The simple fact is, my statements are based in truth that cannot be understood, or even grasped by satanic spell bound, indoctrinated sheeple.  I speak to those who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."

rk:  I have demonstrated to all what a Christ is, just a simple man of Truth, One who  cannot be shaken from the essence of Truth which is God Itself.  Christ Consciousness remains to be His very essence,  because satanic illusion is impotent when attempting to dislodge Truth from its unshakable foundation.  Satan, the Illusion, has NO JURISDICTION over God, Truth itself.

rk:   I have demonstrated to all others, who are currently living in fear and self doubt that I AM THEM, but functioning beyond the limitations of their present Satanic conditioned indoctrinations.

rk:  I AM TRUE MAN, not the satanic fantasies which rule over the average Intellect, the false image, the graven image that most blind believers worship as god.  Their god is Satanic.  It is the Petty god which rules the world of Civilized man.

rk:  I have demonstrated the impotence of the present satanic court system which has inflicted immense suffering and hardship upon Conditioned Satanic led Sheeple.  I have proven that Truth cannot be accessed or affected even by the seeming illusion of immense power of the satanic ruled world.

rk:  I am simple,  holistic in my essence which mirrors the satanic defective intellect which rules over the limited consciousness  of all civilized people who live a life of illusion and are too damned dumb and blind to see the horrific outcome of such satanic thought as it unfolds in the daily Headlines.

rk:  Lets face it.  I've got you guys on the run and there's not a damned thing you can do about it.  You have, as they say, SHOT YOUR WAD.

rk:  I'm just waiting for the People of this country to WAKE UP and show the rest of the world what true FREEDOM looks like.

rk:  Any fool can see what human stupidity can do to make this a Hell on Earth.  Yet they remain blind to the solution which is so simple yet cannot be seen by their spell-binding, satanic complexity oriented Intellectual,   Hell, isn't It?

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