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Oregon Shout wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zif0_R2QWWM  You-Tube Video

os:  >  If Oregonians knew they do NOT need a Drivers Lic. to travel the roadways they would Surrender their unlawful document http://oregonshout.ning.com/group/travel

rk:  I am living proof of what Oregon Shout has just said. I rescinded my Oregon driver license in 1999, and my license plates on my Cadillac, Jeep, and Motor scooter. Published that fact in the Legal Notices in the newspaper and am TRAVEL Free from Police harrassment today.

rk:  However, they took their best shot for the last nine years and failed.   I have been brunt of their political attacks just because I stood alone. Had been jailed, stood two trials, saw my Juristic person convicted in both trials after being threatened with 35 to 40 years in prison, WAS ultimately THROWN OUT OF JAIL with no charges hanging over the head of this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man. 

rk:   The JOSPHINE COUNTY Sheriff is now holding office UNLAWFULLY due to Breach of Oath of Office, and MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, but there is a COVERUP going on in the JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTHOUSE.  Not only is Sheriff, GIL GILBERTSON at risk, Judges, Cops, and Bureaucrats at the State and County level are on the hook for millions of Dollars for Commercial Defaults. Yes, it is true, our local government is nothing more that just another Corporate Legal Person and has no more right than does any sovereign man or woman of the people.  Their power is illusory when applied to unwary 14th Amendment Citizens and others who have been hoodwinked into consenting to their own slave Status.

rk:  They will NOT ARREST me today, even though I continue to do the very same things for which they ORIGINALLY arrested me. Do you want to see them pay for their crimes and do a clean sweep of Corrupted Judges, and cops in Oregon, ( Hell, make that every county, city and town in our disintegrating Constitutional Republic?  Surrender your Commercial driver license and join those who understand what it means to live in the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Raymond Karczewski.

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Render To God, the Things that are God's, and Render to Hell the Things that Are Hell's"

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc3DtE0q6Zc    You Tube Video
Few, if any, understand my simple message.  Let me ask you, What's not to understand about the statement  "DO NO HARM", and reserve your God Given Unalienable Right to life, via the right to Self-Defense.

Please follow me, as it can't get any simpler than this.  

Do not harm another. 

Do not harm another's Property.

NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE for the Rest of your life.

Then sit back and watch what happens to you in your relationships to the world you now live in.  That is the simplicity that has always been my Message   --   the essence of Christhood.

That has always been available to each and every one of you and all who have ever been born into the world, but how many of you have actually been able to access it, to live it, to share it".   

When you live in that wholistic (holy) resonant state of Truth, what is your relationship to the civilized world most men live in?  You become an outsider, don't you?  You find yourself living in a world of imposed satanic illusions, but ARE NOT OF IT!  Who is there to actually understand you and not merely BELIEVE you?  

You see, Belief, is a LAZY MAN'S TRUTH.  It is SATANICALLY induced, a hypnotic spell which imprisons blind believers most of whom from cradle to grave.   They live a Life Sentence imprisoned by their Satanically Ruled Intellect, and when death comes, never understand what their purpose of life has been.

What happens in a relationships of one who is Living Truth in a World of Satanic Illusion?  It causes an instant shock to the Status Quo, does it not?  Unaware and graven imaged illusion worshipping blind believers who've been satanically entranced via a lifelong remote institutional campaign of conditioning ARE EXPOSED to their own fragmented, "unholy" opposing and confusted state of consciousness which they believe that is all there is.  Hell, isn't it?

Truth is Whole, holistic, (holy).  It is "WHAT IS". Timeless and Unbounded.  The Illusion of Truth is the only realm accessible to Civilized men and women.  It is the Intellectual realm based in duality and opposition, time-bound and memory based. 

One has to be Trained to live that way. It is not a NATURAL WAY, whick comes easilty to any boy, girl, child, man or woman.

Please pay attention to the following statement, for it is one of the most important Truths that you shall hear in this lifetime.

Each of You born into this world are Son's and Daughters of Infinite Intelligence and thus are equipped with Divine Awareness which is the non-dualistic Intelligence one calls God.  Some have called it the "Subconscious Mind, which is Beyond boundaries, Timeless and Holistic in nature. When manifested in Action, such undivided essence is called TRUTH.  When one lives in such nondualistic state of Truth, one is At-One with God. 

Did not another Christ say some 2000 years ago that He was Life, Truth, and The Way?  Many heard it. Few Understood it.

Most of you, Hell, damn near all of you have been compromised through Satanic Conditioning to set aside such holistic state of Consciousness in favor of the satanically seductive Worldly perks offered to you through Intellectual Conditioning. 

While on Earth, can one, including a Christ, a Simple Man or Woman of Truth, live solely at the plane of Christ Consciousness without ever venturing off into the Intellectual realm, a realm which is fragmented, dualistic and opposing in nature, ruled by the petty god of Intellect, SATAN?  

The fact is, this Earth is a Spiritual Training Ground for All who have Spiritually fallen to the Hell-Bound realm of Intellect.  The Intellect  is ABSOLUTELY necessary for one to engage in Communication with others, through utilizing signs, images, concepts and specifically for TECHNICAL PROBLEM SOLVING.

The world of TRUTH is the LIVING WORLD.

The world of Intellection is the world of the LIVING DEAD.

Why?  Because all AFTERMOMENT based images, thought and concepts are graven images, mere reflections of the Living, Timeless Fleeting moment of TRUTH.

Even though what I have stated is of the UTMOST SIMPLICITY,   Few amongst you will get it as you will have judged that I have just talked down to you and will resent me for it.   Look carefully to see where the Judgment is coming from and who is judging who.

The world is Currently on a path of Self Destruction, led on by the NWO seeking to consolidate its Satanic Power over the Whole World.  In Truth, such ILLUSIONS have no such power.  SATAN operates by "INVITATION ONLY"  Each of you must INVITE Satan into your Hearts and Minds and you do it by your consent to an unholy satanic CONTRACT. 

BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT,  remove your consent and support and the Satanic Machinery Grinds to a Halt.  If Satanic Minions come at you  with guns drawn, YOU HAVE A RIGHT to exercise Self-Defense and the Defense of another.   Use it.    In other words, DO NO HARM, but ARM YOURSELVES AND DETERMINE TO LIVE.

For those of you who have been touched by the enormity of such simple truth that has eluded you for a life-time,  you may find more on my website Ark Enterpirses  http://www.arkenterprises.com/ and ny List of You-Tube Offerings found on that paige.

For those of you who have been touched by the enormity of such simple truth that has eluded you for a life-time,  you may find more on my website Ark Enterpirses  http://www.arkenterprises.com/
and my You Tube Offerings found on that page.

What you do with it is entirely up to you? 

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Re: The Christ and The Sheriff:  Affidavit of Immunity.

George  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

g:  <   Hey Ray:  I am responding to this e mil because I wish to avoid a confrontation over the phone or in person.  My perception and Gilbertson's (I am sure) is a warning of violent action you will take against law enforcement if your rights are violated. This may very well be percieved as domestic terrorism.  You are forcing them into a corner neither of you can escape without violence.  I go along with many of your beliefs but you are going from boycott, boycott to armed violence.  Violence will not accomplish anything but more violence.  Christ knew this.  Ghandi knew this. Since violence is the last resort, I'm guessing that you are through with non violent means to accomplish your goals.  I am very sorrly but I will not back you or help you destroy yourself.  George

rk:      George,  Our relationship appears to have come to the point where your theoretical ideals have been pushed to their limitations,  and you have chosen which  god  you will serve.

rk:  .  I am not violent.  I have no intentions of being violent.  I merely put out the Mirror of Truth so that all may look into it and see what they see and act accordingly.  That's what free will is all about.

rk:  .  George, you are a man of Ideas, a man of theory, not a man of action, although you consider that you are.  The actions you involve yourself in are the custodial actions of a system janitor, cleaning up the messes the system creates for others as it allows you to experience the good feeling of service to others who are victimized by the system.   Do you not see that you serve a satanic system, and are, in fact no way changing it but merely allowing it to perpetuate itself and flourish?

rk:  That is the same spirit of the multitudes of religions and charities which exist to deflect attention away from the source of evil in this world, (sorta like when life tosses lemons your way, you make LEMONADE.)  all the while ignoring the source of the pain, suffering and agony experienced at the peripheral level of Intellectual consciousness. 

rk:  . .  I don't intend to change the system.  It is here for a purpose.  It is a Spiritual Training Ground.   There will always be the poor among us, the sick, the frail, the fearful, the victimized, the Hell bound.    The question is and always has been, how many will be able teo extricate themselves from this hell on Earth and live the life of Christ Consciousness, (At-One with Truth)

rk:  .  I merely serve Truth, and let the satanic intellectually based system decide whether they want to deal with a Christ (Yes, I am quite serious about the Christ Issue which the average person in incapable of understanding)  a simple man of Truth, or remain picking on easier targets in the form of legions of Mind Controlled slaves..  (Those who are controlled through the satanically imposed  thoughts which rule them.

rk:  .   My situation is no different than that of Jesus' confrontation in the Garden where He submitted himself nonviolently to his captors.   As long as they, the government of OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY  can continue with their STONEWALLING OF SILENCE they will continue to have power over people such as yourself whose bottom line is fear. 

rk:  .  It is apparent that my position is not clearly seen by you and others due to your present conditioned state of mind and  your present inability to rise above such limiting beliefs.   I will not initiate any harm to anyone, (nor, if you have noticed,  have I done so in the last nine years,)  but I am putting them on notice that I am not their slave, and they cannot regard me as such. 

rk:  In addition,  I am willing to put myself on the line to test that Truth.  Whatever they do, they will have to preface it with an answer to the QUESTION OF JURISDICTION.   They cannot take my guns away from me without arresting me as a felon with a gun, and that, they cannot due without their whole HOUSE OF CARDS  come tumbling down.  They will not arrest me,  because their corporate legislative rules do not apply to a NON-member of the Corporation and a Natural Man. 

rk:  I will not initiate harm.  That makes it an insurmountable problem for them.  As you can see my track record in standing down the petty power of Satanic Government with the Simple Truth of JURISDICTION for the last nine years has revealed to all the IMPOTENCE of the Satanic Deceptions which have robbed them of their sovereignty and made them into govelling slaves. 

rk:     I follow Gods law, DO NO HARM, and live it.  You profess to follow Gods law, BUT YOU ADHERE TO THE LAW OF MAMMON through fear.  That's the only fact that I am sure you are clear of at this time. 

rk:  . As far as our relationship goes, You are MY FRIEND.  That will not change.     Ray 

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The Spiritual KEY to Freedom in America  and the World.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©  -- A Living Christ


This Message is dedicated to All Men who wish to live in Freedom, with particular focus upon the millions of OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTORS putting themselves in HARMS WAY, throughout our nation

What is the edge that Police and other, uniformed enforcement officers have over you,. the average citizen?

It is quite simple and has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or evil.  They, the police, the enforcers possess guns, and have a license to kill. 

A license is that illusory instrument based in thought which gives permisssion to one to do a thing that would be otherwise illegal and considered criminal.

So who grants such permission?  Who has the Authority to grant such permission. 

Authority comes from the satanic illusion of dualistic power.

Government is merely a fictional  creation, conjured up by the mass intellect of the living, Sovereign  People, therefore the Sovereign People are the source of government's power due to their authorship of such instrumentality.

Hence government is the SERVANT, not the MASTER in any society composed of SOVEREIGN men and women and it exists only to carry out the mandate of the People.   That is Truth.  That is Fact.

Through Mind Control, Sovereign men and women have been made to doubt themselves, to forget who they truly are, and have been invited to  adopt a Satanic Trance which relegates them to servitude to their own servants through contract and consent.  It happens over lifetimes of Satanic Conditioning so that it becomes generational in nature and seen by the average man/woman as being the "normal" way of life. 

Only slaves rail with hostility buried deeply inside, for they know something is desperately wrong in their lives, but their confused state of contradiction rife consciousness does not allow them to penetrate the years of saantic conditioning which buries the Truth they deeply feel about themselves but are powerless to manifest openly and clearly. 

This is the mechanism now driving the millions of people all throughout our country in the present OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTS.
One can see the intelligence level ranges from the highest level of Intellectualism to the lowest, (Intellect:  is the lowest and most peripheral level of Consciousness in man) yet they come together to confront their public servants who utilize armed police to quell such disturbances. 

Again, one asks what is the edge the police have over the protestors.  And again the answer is they have guns and a license to kill, while the protestors do not.  Not an even playing field when all men are presumed equal in the eyes of Infinite Intelligence, man call God.

All this nonsense would disappear in a blink of the eye, where the protestors to understand who they truly are and the true power they have in their hands, (which is not the gun, by the way.)  But until, they at least arm themselves and create an equality to the threats made against them by other men who are armed and act blindly to orders given by faceless satanic minions who never bloody their own hands, the protestors would just as well gather and spend their time  together and learn how to "Whistle Dixie."   They are like "fish in a Barrel" awaiting their fate by armed enforcers whom they pay and support out of their own labor to shoot, hadcuff, mace, taze and jail them, only to repeat the process over and over again, ad infinitum.  NOW HOW DUMB IS THAT?

Protest is not the way.  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, is the way.  The Nonviolent way, the Spiritual Way, the DO NO HARM way  GODS WAY!

Isn't it time to WISE UP.  Stop spinning your wheels.  Stop putting yourselves in Harms Way?  Use your energy and your passion to just STOP SUPPORTING THE MACHINERY THAT IS LICENSED TO KILL YOU.  How many Cops would continue in their Satanic Livelihood, if they were not Paid.  How man of them would risk their lives if they were not paid to do so? 

How many wars would be waged, if they were not profitable to the Business interests which profit from war?


Don't you folks get it yet?  You are the source of your persecution, your loss of job, your loss of homes, your loss of freedom, your loss of lives.  YOu have been pridefully schnookered into slavery through Satanic Belief.  Break the Spell and watch how easily HELL disintegrates all around you. 

Listen to the You tube sound files listed below and observe how living this way of Freedom can be yours also. 

I am but one man, but I, have backed down the Satanic Courts of Oregon and JOSEPHINBE COUNTY.   What aone man can do, millions of others can do also.  Then you may rightfully ask, "What the Hell has been wrong with me all of these years."

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History of Josephine County Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON's Criminal Behavior, Malfeasance of Office, Commercial Defaults, and Breach of Oath of Office.

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Oregon Sheriff Gil Gilbertson Gives Federal Agents The Boot: Feds Have No Jurisdiction!  http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/10/19/oregon-sheriff-gil-gilbertson-gives-federal-agents-the-boot-feds-have-no-jurisdiction/
is the latest PR (Public Relation) piece put out by the media to muddy the waters of the true character of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON and aid in the coverup of his unlawful possession of Office as Sheriff due to Breaching his Oath of Office. 

This Communication  is NOT FOR EVERYONE but only those who are serious about re-establishing our dying Constitutional Republic and  have the desire to TAKE BACK CONTROL over a growing tyrannical, Criminal government engaged in MASSIVE COVERUPS when  Sheriffs Judges and Prosecutors are exposed in Criminal Behavior.

Currently the STATE OF OREGON, and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE are on the Commercial Hook for Millions of TaxPayers dollars for their MULTIPLE Commercial Defaults which stand as LAW and JUDGMENT.   See Ten Maxims of Commerce in below link:   JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON OATH OF OFFICE, The Buck Stops with You! http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch288.html#GILBERTSON

My persecution and the pressure exerted upon my wife at the hands of the OREGON COURTS and LAW ENFORCEMENT contributed greatly to the death of my wife and can be found on  the links below,  however, it is not until a  full legal inquiry is made by any  responsible government official at the County, State and/or Federal Level who  finds the courage and integrity  to end the COVERUP,  that we, as a nation shall take the first step back to being the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.

For those of you folks who are outside of Government, you shall be introduced to the power that each of you hold in your hands to CHANGE Any  GOVERNMENT mired in CRIMINALITY without putting yourselves in HARM'S WAY through protest, riots, etc..

The STATE OF OREGON, and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE went after me with all their power threatening me with 35 to 40 years in prison. Convicted the JURISTIC PERSON (STRAWMAN) in two trials,  Yet when carrying out sentencing (Offer of Contract) which I refused to accept their offer as they could not Prove Jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural man.  That unanswered challenge resulted in them throwing me out of Jail, free and clear of all charges. 

Here is the glimpse of the True Character of Sheriff GILBERTSON, tha man  behind the Image: 

I apologize for the length, but, as I say, it is not for everyone.  Only those who are serious about changing their own destiny and the destiny of our Nation.     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY: Shall We Hold Our Public Officials Accountable, Or Shall We Resign Ourselves to be Slaves?  http://oregonshout.ning.com/profiles/blogs/people-of-josephine-county

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Criminal Complaint Charging, Oregon State Police, Josephine County Sheriff, Josephine County Court Trial Administrator and Grants Pass Police Department policy makers with crimes of Conspiracy to commit,  Piracy, Robbery, Theft by Extortion, and criminal coverups   http://www.arkenterprises.com/gpcrmcom.html#Criminal

PLEA  BARGAIN OFFER Exposes the Sham of Modern Day Courts

Attention Any Member of the Josephine County Grand Jury, I AM TRYING TO REACH YOU! http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch234.html#Grand

The Sovereign Man's Solution to DEFEATING THE TYRANNY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  REVISED AND EXPANDED  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch241.html#DEFEATING

Ten Year Study Of Government persecution, Corruption, and Tyranny

Josephine County Sheriff's  Deputy Michael S. Burke Fired for Repeated Excessive Force:  District Attorney Stephen D. Campbell Refuses to Prosecute.  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch242.html#Fired

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JOSEPHINE COUNTY Sheriff Gil Gilbertson:  Man of Integrity or Scoundrel?

Grants Pass Courier
Letter to the Editor: 

 Recently,  Sheriff Gil Gilbertson was featured in an article titled "Sheriff Gil Gilbertson Gives Federal Agents The Boot: Feds Have No Jurisdiction!"  Sheriff Gilbertson was fashioned a hero for standing  up to the US Forest Service  the Feds, concerning enforcement activities in Josephine County. 

A particular quote caught my eye -- "Thankfully there are those few who take their oaths of office and to the Constitution, with sincerity, and instead they choose to fight for the people; fight for what is true and just."

You see, Sheriff Gilbertson neither follows the Constitution, nor abides by his "Oath of Office."  

For those who want the real story on Sheriff Gilbertson, I invite you to read "History of Josephine County Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON's Criminal Behavior, Malfeasance of Office, Commercial Defaults, and Breach of Oath of Office." on the Internet at: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch319.html#History  and check out the Videos at  http://www.arkenterprises.com/#List  with particular attention to "Oath of Office: How to Take Back Control of Our Country

Sheriff Gilbertson is holding his office as sheriff unlwfully since his  election as he has breached his "Oath of Office " and is presently liable for multiple Commercial Defaults to the tune of Millions of Dollars.   However, this news is being witheld from the public as he is being aided and abetted by County Risk Manager Rosemary De Lashmutt and other courthouse politicians in their ongoing Coverup since his election.  I thought you folks might want to meet the real man behind the image.   Considering the quote, I find it rather Ironic.   248words

                              Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
                              Cave Junction   541) 592-4244