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Question of Law in Society?
Pete & elsa wrote:


rk: >> We are said to be a Nation of Laws. Do you believe you must follow the law?

Pete:  Raymond, I do not know how much you know about law.  See the word law is a Medphor.  That means their are several meaning attached to this word that mean something, so it depends on the noun and verb relationship and a conatative or denotative term in law. So when you say we are a nation of laws you are correct but you failed to mention that our laws of the land has been changed sense the 1930's. See in history people are ignorant or have not been exposed to the civil codes introduced during the Civil War.  These codes were known then as the leaber codes, they then appeared as civil codes after the war, but another thing you have fail to mention is the proper jurisdiction and venue we live under these codes of today and you would then know that we live under martial law rule and martial law of necessity sense the civil war extended martial law rule from the 1930's.  So today the law of the land is martial law rule of necessity, U.C.C. code, and the civil and penal codes that follow the legislative creations of their war time codes.  Read Section 4 of the Civil code of procedure for California, it mentions that this code is not part of the common law of the People.  So I hope this really gives you thought when you mention again to someone the law of the land. Do not be surprised when someone like me ask you to identify the real law of the land and sea because most people have insurance and that is considered admiralty law according to an 1812 case law Delovo v. Boit.  So it would help in the futrue if you would be more specific as to what you mean the law of the land?  Maybe you will return this Email and explain it to me as to what you meant by the law of the land. Pete.

rk:  Pete, you and others miss the meat of my message. It is spiritual, not political. 

rk:   ALL THOUGHT IS SATANIC due to its opposing and dualistic essence.  It is the very essence of conflict and confusion which afflicts the civilized world of intellectually driven men and women.  In other words, DAMN NEAR EVERYONE who lives in a society ruled via Satanic Thought.  That is man's Fall from Grace, his fall from Direct Perception of Truth, the Oneness with his world and fellow man.

rk:  In all civilized societies, Law is the essence of the corrupt intellect, the corrupt man. Such is the nature of the Law of Mammon, Man's Law. It is based in division, power, exploitation, and competition, the source of all wars which have plagued mankind when ambitious men sought to rule over ignorant men for power, status and wealth.   Millenia has served as ABSOLUTE PROOF of such a simple statement of Truth.

rk:  The Law of Nature supercedes the Law of Mammon with its multitude of satanic concepts and imagery.  It is described in CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70. which states that Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The CRUDEN v NEALE law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  That is the nature of Sovereignty.

rk:  The law of Nature comes as close as one can get to the Law of GOD.  DO NO HARM. In such a nondualistic realm of consciousness one has NO NEED TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF MAMMON. 

rk:  That was the essence of my question --  "Do you believe you must follow the law?"  The average man is incapable of answering such a question as he is a victim of his own split mind and cannot see the deeper meaning of it and thus will have to answer it just as you have in this interchange. 

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Question of Law in Society?

pete and elsa lopez wrote:

Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote

p:  >  We seem to be two ship passing in the night.  You made reference to "society of laws", I was simply filling in the laws or parts of these laws as they apply to us today, so one could reference to what your meaning might mean or might not mean.

rk:  My website at http://www.arkenterprises.com is full of what I mean. For the undiscerning and argumentative such meaning cannot be reduced to few words due to the flaw of language. 

p:  > If you want spiritual, which you just mentioned in your response. That part of law you have to reference the bible if you are talking about the U.S. of A.

rk:  Pete, what makes you think the Bible is a spiritual Book?  Is it not a Satanic manual for mind control and manipulation of masses?

p:  > For that was where the Christian common law came from with its morality.

rk:  Pete, what makes you think Christian Common Law is God's Law?

p:  > If you are talking about another type of common law, you have to let the reader know what it is you are referencing. Today the laws I have shown you are mans laws and morality is missing from these codes and their meanings are several because they are liberally construed, where Christian American common law was strictly construed and the people had an idea of what the words meet. Codes only references acts done and the fines or punishment are in favor of the state note the victims so harmed. Again your statement about the law of society needs clarification  before one can begin to analyze or think about what it means.

rk:  ONly to the Spiritually blind and dead incapable of direct apprehension of Truth.  From this moment forward and to the rest of your life, NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE.  See if your world does not change and if you continue to remain mired in intrigue and manipulation?

p:  >  To just make a statement and not fill in the meat to ponder, is very misleading to whoever might listen to such emptiness.   P.S -It reminds me of a debate between two people where the spoken words are never defined; yet the crowed listens as though they understood, and yet the speaker have no clue as to what the other just said.

rk:  Those who cannot see, MUST THINK. Such is the Satanic nature of the cursed Spiritually blind and dead.  Hell, isn't it?

p:  >  To address another of your misstatements about satanic thinking requires again the meaning of satanic.

rk:  Dualistic, opposing. As you may or may not notice, my words have the unique distinction of disturbing others greatly, yet my words are common words.  It is the spirit of Truth which lies beyond the letter of the word that make my words different from others who use them. My words destroy illusion, the handywork of satanic thought.

p:  >  You have an angel called satin who could be accused of satanic thinking or you have a human being who may be thinking like that fallen angel and his thoughts could be satanic also.  Again what do you mean when you write in your metaphors.  I hope I have not belabored this point.

rk:  You have, and yes indeed, we are ships in the night because your attention is focused upon your acquired legal instruments rather than innate awareness.

p:  >  I am a legal researcher and look for clarification when other in law use words in briefs, so it is part of my nature to pick at words that have many different meaning.  So please do not feel I am arguing with you, I am only expressing my opinion of what you are saying and am asking for further clarification for my understanding.

rk:  Let us leave the peripheral and superficial level of intellectual nitpicking and proceed in the simplicity of communicating Truth.   Understanding comes from direct perception of Truth, not intellectual accumulation.

p:  >  Other may be satisfied with what they think it means.  Now to answer your question as to following the laws set down by this society.  Considering they are under martial law rule from congress and are enforced as such, one can only oppose these laws to a point,

rk:  What you describe is Satanic busywork which goes nowhere and does nothing.  How can you face down tyranny by playing by the tyrant's rules?

p:  >  then the enforcer starts harming you with his club or fists.

rk:  As is very effective in keeping slaves in line.

p:  >  So, no I do not obey laws to a point then I am force to accept them or face a most unhappy event.

rk:  So much for your resolve, eh?  If you are not prepared to finish something, why start it?  I took my issue to the point of Death via my two hunger strikes in jail, vowing that I would either walk out a free man or they would be carrying out a corpse.  That was the price of freedom that tested my resolve.  Twas the essence of "Give me liberty or give me death." 

p:  >  How do I know this, I test laws all the time.  My trouble is I do not know how evil the enforcer will be past a certain point.  Please do not tell me we live in a civil society.  We live in a military industrial complex under martial law rule and martial law.  So again to really answer your question, I might even say, there appears to be no law at a certain point when the victim see or understands the fraud.

rk:  No pete, it is clear, at least to me that you live life as a posturing slave, padidling around at the periphery level of satanic ruled, dualistic/opposing consciousness all the while knowing there is a level wherein you are prepared to cave in.  I am not singling you out, for there are many, many people who see the world as you do.  You live in fear of the time when you may have to act beyond words.  In your fantasy ridden intellect there are no consequences to face in the here and now.  That level of consciousness is rife on the Internet coming from the Patriot Community.

rk:  Pete, my creed is simple. "Do not lie, steal, cheat, exploit, or harm another or another's property, Love your neighbor as yourself, but TAKE NO CRAP.  THEN SCREW THE RULES OF MAMMON.

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Constitutional Rights

Nicholas d'Angelo wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

Everything you have said in this communication is True.  Most who read this on this forum will agree with that statement, yet the present tyranny we experience in Oregon and these united States from our government servants shall continue in their lives.

You see, the problem rests not in the venue of thought and theory but in any action taken on the individual and collective plane.  The American People have been conditioned to see life as a thought-bound reality.  These are the satanic illusions of their minds which limit and bind them just as surely as if they were bound by chains.  They have lost touch with the Natural world, the essence of Divine Intelligence, the essence of life that lies clearly beyond the thoughts they hold to be true or not true.  The world that is recognizeable by the definitions of their mind but exist nevertheless despite the words and ideas that separate them from other people who hold to different definitions, different words.

What is required is an awakening to the Natural State of Consciousness which many have lost and most have given up willingly in return for seeking pleasures of entertainment and the like.  Its like awakening in the morning, understanding that you have just experienced a dream state that cannot be recaptured and have left one dream state only to enter another, fully understanding the circumstances of the various dream states provide one with different powers not inclusive to one another.

In other words, most people live life vicariously via the thoughts they hold and find that the natural world does not always conform to their dream state expectations.  That is the pain and suffering that can be called Hell on Earth.   One remains in hell only by their consent.  They have been seduced into giving their consent via promises of security that are constantly dangled before them but seldom delivered by the satanic entity which seduces them.  In other words, we as a Sovereign People, creator of government give up our Unalienable Rights to others via contract and are bound by that contract forever, until we awaken to the fact that it is ALL AN ILLUSION BASED IN WORDS and has no binding effect upon anyone who choses not to contract with another for the promise of security.  In other words, they have sold their souls for a bowl of worldly porridge. 

see: CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70. which states that Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The CRUDEN v NEALE law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  That is the nature of Sovereignty.

All men of action are found to be loners surrounded by people who are joiners.  All men of power and their slaves are joiners, found to be managers and manipulators of others and blind followers of such rules via the collective thought process. There is a vast difference in the two.  One is an holistic man who lives by Natural Law, while the other is a fragmented man, acting in pretense based in the collective thoughts which support his/her position.

If one were to look at themselves, they would see which category they belong to, as thought, the very essence of confusion is necessary to see the obstacles to life that they harbor within themselves.

One must break the bonds of conditioning to see, act, and move in Truth. More than a decade agove, I created a set of audio tapes titled "Journey Beyond Thought: A Return to the Christ State", then followed it up with a book titled "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the bonds of the Conditioned Mind."  I did so because the bondage of the Christian mind set was too rigidly reactionary to their different but habitual view of the Christ State of Consciousness which binds them to their limited, fragmented, habitual lifestyle. 

On the secular level, the change in titles did not help much because the book deals with Truth, and not the pablum that is sold as truth via the pulpit and the voting booth. Both venues serve the Law of Mammon, the law of men who rule other men via the manipulation and control of thoughts.  These are broken human beings who need each other to fuel the fantasies, the dead, graven images  that rule their exclusive, thought controlled environments which separate and divide them from others holding to different thought systems.  It leads to hell on Earth, doesn't it?

Few will see the simple truth in this communication for if they were to do so, they would have to bring about change in their lives, and that is the one thing they don't want to do -- that is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.  They'd rather coast along and blame their leadership.  Are you watching what is occuring in our country and our world today with the fruits of your hard labor.  Government doesn't produce a damned thing.  They only manage the hell out of your life by securing through trickery and deceit that which is rightfully yours, as the producer of such energy. 

The question remains, just how damned dumb does one have to be to see this going on and allow it to continue through their consent and support. 

In the Natural world, each of you are the cocreators of your life.  You shape and fashion your world through the quality of your thoughts and actions. 

Look at yourselves.  HOW WELL ARE YOU DOING?

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Live by God's Law, or Die by Man's Law

Rod Schmidt <rod_schmidt@hotmail.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote

rk:  It has been said "Those who make the rules win the game."

rk:  Before we begin this critique of your experiences in court today:
see: CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70. which states that Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The CRUDEN v NEALE law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  That is the nature of Sovereignty.

rs:  >  The hearing was recorded.  Anyone can purchase the sound recording.  (case 1105-05891)  I also expect to pay for a transcript to be made.

rs:  >  It was a hearing on the City's Motion to Dismiss. (A City employee wrote a ticket, causing Sergeants' Driver #677 to tow the car; if the Vehicle Code is a business regulation then the ticket was illegal and the City is liable for the tow.)

rk:  It was an exercise in futility, was it not?  You were blocked at every turn and helpless to do anything as you stood before the court.

rs:  >  The first thing Judge Jones said was, "If anybody's going to rule in your favor, it will be somebody above my pay grade -- the Oregon Court of Appeals or the Oregon Supreme Court.  ...

rk:   If that were the case, GET HIM THE HELL OFF THE BENCH, HES JUST OCCUPYING SPACE.  Do you have to get your nose rubbed into dirt to get the message?

rs:  >  I started reading from my prepared comments, and when I mentioned the Magna Carta he said, "I'm not going to let you go back to the Magna Carta."  That threw me off my routine.  It didn't occur to me to object.

rk:  And a "routine" was just what it was.  A song and dance who found the one he was dancing with, didn't want to be his partner.

rs:  >  Later he said, "I'm not persuaded by your arguments."  So his whole theme was, he thought I was wrong

rk:   See how simple that was.  You just learned a valuable lesson, the court you stepped in doesn't give a damn about the law that you so thoroughly worship, only to find it to be a bunch of high sounding words that have no meat to them when dealing with corrupt courts.

rk:   Rod, you and I have communicated for a long, long time.  I told you and others you were just spinning your wheels.  The only silver bullet that will slay the vampire is JURISDICTION, JURISDICTION, JURISDICTION.  And you and the others have taken every opportunity to spurn that in favor of highsounding legal principles that can be parried almost effortlessly by crooked judges.

rs:  >  (i.e. he thought the "police power" included the power to license nonbusiness automobile use, and that the Vehicle Code does license nonbusiness automobile use), but he wanted to be sure I got a good shot at appeal.

rk:  Wasn't that kind of him in your view.  He just urinated on you and you thought it was rain.

rk:   Such Police Power applies only to Subjects of the Corporation such as yourself and Richard Koenig.  You were sunk before you even began.

rs:  >  He dismissed the Habeas Corpus because Richard isn't in Multnomah County (but said Richard can pursue it in Marion County).  In an unusual move, he left the record open for two weeks so I can put in any more legislative history, exhibits, and attempts to "preserve the issue for appeal" which means to "give the trial court an opportunity to understand and correct the error."  He said he thinks the issue is preserved, but it's not up to him or me to decide what counts as preserving error, it's up to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

rk:   Rod, the judge just strung you along for more controversy, more press, more money, more power.  He played you like a violin.  Challenge him to prove jurisdiction over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, and you will be treated to absolute SILENCE.  That's the tune he will not play.  That is the concerto American Sovereigns are WAITING TO HEAR, THE SOUND OF SILENCE COMING FROM THE BENCH TO A QUESTION THEY CANNOT ANSWER, THEY WILL NOT ANSWER.

rk:   There are others of the Patriot community who have played the game of Redemption, padiddled their way at the superficial realm of court argument who spent  thousands of dollars and are now sitting in federal prison, because their pride did not allow them to see and act with the simplicity of facing the courts down with the simple challenge of Proving Jurisdiction.  In my case, THEY DIDN'T GET A PENNY OUT OF ME AND THREW ME OUT OF THEIR JAIL, WILL NOT ARREST ME TODAY, AND STILL WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION OF JURISDICTION WHICH HAS CAUSED THEM MULTIPLE COMMERCIAL DEFAULT TO THE TUNE OF MULTIMILLIONS DOLLARS.  I recognize I cannot get a fair shake in our court system, so I have taken my case to the court of PUBLIC OPINION. (FOR WHATEVER THATS WORTH) All I can hear is the bleating of wounded sheeple who have been fleeced and are now ready for the slaughterhouse.

rk:   The problem is not in the courts.  It is in the contaminated soul of the People.  I stood my ground. I stood the courts down. I was thrown out of their jail instead of into their prison.  I am a free man today still living in an unfree society. I travel in my autos and motorscooter and they will not arrest me.   I have shown the way to deal with the courts.  You can see that IT ALL FALLS ON DEAF EARS, because the people have forfeited their freedom in favor of trying to be "Smarter than the average Satanic Lawyer."

rk:   It is difficult to choke down the disdain that vomits up when observing how the American People and Oregonians go about dealing with their "government employee servants."

rs:  On the minor issue (whether SB 124 of 1985 is unconstitutional because it's a Senate Bill that raises revenue), he said that fees don't always count as "revenue" for constitutional purposes.

rk:  In other words, hes saying that "Sometimes they do count and sometimes they don't".  How's that for a clearcut demonstration of the law your are up against.  That just begs for another hearing and more money into the coffers of those who are ripping you off daily with your consent and cooperation.

rk:  Take the time to listen to the You-Tube sound file: The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F47YO1tqOf4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL  and you will see the ONLY WAY Sovereign People must deal with their Public Employees who don Black Robes and FORGET WHO THEY WORK FOR.  THEY HAVE NO POWER OVER Any SOVEREIGN MAN who knows he is sovereign and cannot be shaken from it.  That has been my contribution to American JURISPRUDENCE.  To bad I live in the land of the BLIND AND THE DEAD.

rs:   >   He would not allow me to call any expert witnesses on the law.  The subpoenaed witnesses didn't show up, and one of them sent a last-minute letter that they would not show up because I didn't pre-pay witness fees. 

rk:  Ah!! Commerce!  Ain't it just Hell on earth?

rs:  >  Richard, whom I subpoenaed two different ways, was not sent because there was no "transportation order" from the court; again, I was notified of this at the last minute.

rk:  Theres a lesson there for your Rod.  The next time you step into the courts of Satan, KNOW THINE ENEMY!

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Re:  Live by God's Law, or Die by Man's Law

Rod Schmidt  rod_schmidt@hotmail.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski  arkent3@earthlink.net">arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote:

rs:  >   If I'm ever a defendant, I certainly will use JURISDICTION, JURISDICTION, JURISDICTION. Also I would insist on hiring an honest attorney --

rk:  Rod, you harbor an illusion that is an impossibility.  The stock in trade of lawyers is that of deception, misdirection, argumentation and manipulation of illusions delivered to the conditioned minds of entranced human beings (Jurors).   It is an exercise in staged mind control under rigidly  controlled conditions.  It NEVER deals with Truth, but is an act of entertainment presented to twelve people where the prize goes to the lawyer with the best delivered illusion acceptable to impressionable hypnotic subjects. You see, Rod, you and millions of others worship satanic law, man's law. and you think that is the way to live.  Look at the Headlines.  The courts are greatly responsible for the violence, deception, horrendous social conditions that plague our nation and the world. There are none so blind as those who willingly and voluntarily support such conditions rather than just DO NO HARM.

rs:  >   that's an attorney who's willing to sign my perfectly
reasonable contract, that says he will protect all my rights, including the ones I don't know about.

rk:  Let me know when you find one who will do so ACTUALLY and not just offer an empty promise which cannot be fulfilled.

rk:  Why is living by God's Law, i.e, DO NO HARM, so difficult for mankind  to live by while societally approved cheating, lying, conniving, competing and exploiting our fellow human beings remains the Vanguard of Justice today?

rs:  >  But today, I was the plaintiff. 

rk:  Which makes you the other half of a controversy which puts you at the mercy of a satanic court that makes its own rules and has disdain for Truth.

rs:  >  If Kalich v. Knapp and City of Hawaiian Gardens v. CIty of Long Beach and People v. Sweetser say that the use of highways is an inalienable right, and the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived of it, I don't see why Koenig v. Driver Number 677 can't say the same thing.

rk:  The greater question should be, why do your crave such approval from such graven images of Our God-given Unalienable Rights which requirss you and the vast majority of conflicted people living in a hellish society to prefer the halls of power to the infiniteness of Truth.

rk:  Live Truth, and you have no need for courts.  When they come to get you for living beyond their satanic laws, they only spit you out because they have no taste for the bitter pill of truth. That is the protection afforded all sovereign Children of God. 

rs:  >  Ray, I'm glad you got out of jail, and I'm glad nobody wants to arrest you, but I'm troubled by reading your story, as it seems the only reason it worked was because there was already one unexplained death at the jail and they didn't want another.  And I wish you'd stop the meaningless insults. Dancing partner? Violins? Come on.

rk:  Why do you regard such direct evidence of having been handed your head back to you so that you may continue the charade and add to the coffers of the courts an insult?  Your self image/ego was piqued by such simple clarity of truth, and your found it a tough pill to swallow.  I meant no insult.  I merely used imagery that grabbed your attention and offended your self image.  Isn't that the first step to seeing a problem and thus ushering in a need for change?

rk:  When the people who become upset with my manner of expression realize they must get beyond their satanically conditioned self-defensiveness, that is the time, REAL CHANGE shall come to humanity.

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Re:  Live by Jewhovah's Law & Die  (was Live by God's Law or Die by Man's Law)

m_18 <magus_18@geocities.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

m_18  >  crisco jew boy:

rk:  What's with the change in title and "crisco jew boy" label.  I have no jewish blood in me.  Both my parents were Polish. You seem to work overtime making up deceptions out of the blue in order for you to carry on your vicious agenda. 
m_18  >  You worship jews & live under their perverted Talmudic system. The people you worship & the one whose law system you say we should live under. WRONG. That IS the problem.

rk:  Do you know how to read?  Do you have any comprehension of that which you read?  It appears not. I belong to NO RELIGION. NONE!  By the grace of God, Infinite Intelligence, I have transcended such Witchdoctor nonsense.  It seems however, that you have not.  For your contributions on these internet forums are projections of your own hell-bent consciousness.

m_18  >  Our system is no where to be found, which is European common law, not jewish law, because stupid people like you can't get

rk:  Have you not just demonstrated your own satanic conditioned religious and political beliefs? You are arguing with your own confusion by projecting it onto another of whom you have NO UNDERSTANDING. NONE WHATSOEVER! 

rk:   That is what scares you the most. You are but a child lost in the darkness of your conditioned confusion.  You have been introduced to a Mirror of Truth, a simple man of Truth, a Christ, one who is universes beyond your present level of satanic conditioned belief.  You exemplify the ignorance of the average blind believer, but you amplify it by the angry level of your debased and fearful consciousness that rules over your tortured existence.  All you can do is lash out in complete and utter stupidity mouthing concepts that you don't even understand.  I don't resent your silly contributions. I welcome them. For you demonstrate openly that which would be nearly  impossible to explain to others who accept such stupidity as being the normal way of life.
m_18  >  You are one f*cked up person living in total delusion. Pretending this & pretending that.

rk:  Watch out for that Mirror of Truth you are standing before.  It can only reflect that which stands before it.  Hell, isn't it?
m_18  >  Stop spreading your bullshit & being a traitor.
m_18  > Europeans did just fine until jewish christianity came along.

rk:  You make my case for the stupidity of civilized man like none other can.  One does not have to believe what I say.  They can see it in your satanic reactions to my messages.  You and they make up the satanic ruled society that is reflected in the headlines of today, the wars, the destruction of economies by satanic bankers, the tyranny of the courts and their private enforcers, the police.  As for me and the "few" who are like me, We live in this world, but are not of it.

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