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Re: Truth is Eternal, Illusion is Not!

ron price <ibenscamed2@yahoo.com>  wrote:

"el jefe" <crobx@austin.rr.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
rp:  >>   better than 90% of the cristians are brain washed ,,the other 10% have been taken by the evil spiritual parasitic demon  they call the devil ,,and are preaching pure unwatered bull shit.

rk:  Ron, everyone living in society is subject to satanic conditioning -- EVERYBODY, for following rote rules (Laws of Mammon)  conjured up by ambitious men who seek power over others is the very NATURE of hell on earth.  Problem is, that it is all-pervasive, that the average man has accepted it as being normal.  The nature of such hell-bound consciousness as depicted in most responses to my simple writing is the very nature of power sought by satanic ignoramuses such as El Jefe who remain ignorant of their own debased consciousness.

ej:  >  raymond, this is nuts, and you are nuts, and you, or it, have nothing to do with texas or whethr or not we become independent.......i grasp it all...you are delusional and rediculously superstitious.....your calling yourself a xrist, and then inventing your own definition of said word is also nuts,.......xee ya, nutcase....el jefe

rk:  Texas is a geographical location on earth.  Nothing else. It has no more or less importance than any other geographical location on earth -- EXCEPT FOR SATANICALLY MIND CONTROLLED PRIDEFUL IDIOTS, who are so bereft of their true spiritual estate that they must hide their ignorance by flaunting their faux courage and bravery accessed illusory stories of a few human beings who met their demise defending the Alamo, in a Satanic conflict with other mind controlled forces of men speaking a different language and holding different beliefs. .  When one understands that war is nothing more than collective conflict projected outwardly by conflicted, fearful, emotionally unstable individuals, most of whom have been labeled expendable "Pawns of Foreign Policy, "Cannon Fodder" by leaders such as Henry Kissinger.

rk:  Now How dumb can you get to succumb to such mindcontrol and remain so prideful about your enslaved position in life? 
ej:  >   raymond, you just say a lot of words , and at the end of the senctence you hope it makes some sense.....if it doesn't, then you pretend it does, and others just do not undrstand

rk:  What a rationalization to cover one's inability to perceive that which lies beyond one's sphere of stupidity.  Why do you percieve you can promote stupidity and yet call it a virtue.  Your writing and the spirit behind it pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

ej:  >   you.....hogwash....you are just a nut on the net....be happy with that.....it gives you some sort of celeb, which you so profoundly desire......i have read your stuff for years, i understand you,

rk:  If you understood me, you would not have remained as an illiterate bully seeking to pick a fight with a man of peace.

rk:  As any one can plainly see, I barely lift a finger to deal with the likes of you and your bully cohorts, while you anonymous cowards come at me in waves, only to retreat to lick your wounds.  Hell, isn't it?

ej:  >   and you are just plain ol nuts.....

rk:  Is it at all possible for you to rise above your four letter word characterisation as "Nuts" or am I and the rest of the world standing  privvy to the limited level of your pejorative vocabulary.  Or is that your ultimate example of how a Texas Man behaves?

ej:  >  but, what does your insanity have to do with texas.....we keep asking that, and you sidestep it.....come on raymond, just go ahead and step in it........el jefe

rk:  I don't side step it.  There are some in Texas, who are not as stupid and meanspirited as you, and are quite open to Truth that can release them from their Satanic Conditioning.  An illiterate pipsqueak such as yourself does not have control over their lives. Hell, you don't have control over your own life. Your predatory spirit speaks to that.   As such I speak to them and to all others, regardless of geographical location who have "the eyes to see and ears to hear."

rk:  I understand you are heavy into the sponsoring, supporting and promoting "Cock Fights" spectacle in Texas/   IT FIGURES!!!

El Jefe, the "posturing mini-man of texas", thats just about all you are entitled to of my time and attention. No go play with your chickens.

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Re: Truth is Eternal, Illusion is Not!

m_18 <magus_18@geocities.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk:  m_18,  I have purposely left the remainder of this communication untouched, for it offers a perfect example of why you and others DO NOT UNDERSTAND ME. 

rk:   It is because of the Satanic conditioned psychological OVERLOAD that prevents you and others from simply opening your eyes and SEEING truth FOR THE FIRST TIME. It is no more complicated than that. I do not seek to "recondition" you for that would merely be another Satanic act substituting one illusion for another.  That is the way of the satanic ruled world.  It is not the way of a Christ.

rk:   My website Ark Enterprises contains everything that anyone needs to transcend the satanically imposed hypnotic spell that has enslaved humankind since Man's Fall from Grace.  If you have payed ANY ATTENTION to my writing, (and by yours and others responses, I see that you have not), you would see that I do not seek or endevour to persuade anyone to any particular point of view.  I merely point to the unmistakable TRUTH that is everpresent and is so shocking to most when they hear it that they freak out.  They lash out in attack when their satanic comfort zone HAS BEEN ANNIHILATED.  Hence arises the mental and emotional instability that predictably arises and is carefully masked by most who are caused to  live a life of LETS PRETEND, a life of deceit, a life of hypocrisy.

rk:  I am not going to go into basics as I have repeated such techniques hundreds of times to people who ask one liner generalized  questions that require reams of analysis and such only to be ultimately rejected because in their powerless state, they seek to demonstrate whatever power they imagine themselves to have via the power of choice.  However it is the power of choice possessed by IGNORAMUSES who demand to remain static in their satanic ignorance and engage others in power struggles with go-nowhere activities such as  argument and debate.  Go to a political convention some time.  There you will see a legion of mind controlled ignoramuses engaged collectively while pridefully exhibiting their illusory sense of power. 

rk:  Truth is not arguable. not debatable.  You Either see it or you don't.  It cannot be arrived at through the satanic intellectual approach.  Yet that is what the rest of your evidence below is based on, is it not?   DEAD CONCEPTS, GRAVEN IMAGES, which clutter up your considerably dulled intellect. 

rk:  One must DIE to be reborn of the Spirit of Infinite Intelligence, holistic (holy) Consciousness.  That means the partial, fragmented satanic dualistic/opposing ruled intellect must be silenced for nondualistic Truth to reveal itself. 

rk:  Look at your paltry offering to a simple man of Truth who has direct perception of Truth.  Do you see what a JOKE it is?
 Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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m_18 >  Dear Raymond Karczewski the crisco kid & the devil worshipper. Try this on for size:
m_18 >  Few people study the occult to any real depth. Misinformation and confusion are what most people have. “Satanismâ€� has been applied to many things; mainly anything that represents the cultural concept of “evilâ€� which is different in each culture.
m_18 >  On one hand, Pagan practices have been labeled as “Satanicâ€� even though the xian churches stole and altered them for their own uses. Then, on the other hand, we have the Grimoires and “Black Books.â€� In truth, these are *NOT* of Satanism.
m_18 >  The Jewish “Godâ€� Yaweh/Jehova, his angels and his nazarene are used in works of black magick and forcing Demons to appear. The “Key of Solomonâ€� is a prime example of a Jewish written grimoire (which nearly all are).
m_18 >  The sorcerer/operator (usually a rabbi or other Jew) in preparation goes through a preparatory period of fasting, celibacy, prayers to Yaweh/Jehova. When the operation is performed, (this can include living blood sacrifice of animals or human beings as dictated in the Old Testament of the bible: “And thou shalt offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the LORD thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh. “-Deuteronomy 12:27) the operator casts a nine-foot circle and places a triangle off to the side of the enclosed circle for a Demon to be forced to appear.
m_18 >  At the end of the page are several links to online grimoires for further research and study.
m_18 >  Here is an excerpt from “Libellus Magicus a nineteenth-century manuscript of conjurations. The John G. White Collection transcribed and edited by Stephen J. Zietz
Verus Jesuitarum Libellus,
The True Magical Work of the Jesuits.
Containing Most powerful charges and conjurations for all Evil Spirits
of whatever State-Condition or office they are
And a Most powerful and approved Conjuration of the Spirit Uriel
To which is added Cyprians Invocation of Angels
And his Conjuration of the Spirits Guarding hidden treasure -
together with a form for their dismissal. Paris 1508.
Passan Anno Adventionis Christi .1571
This is the Black Book used by the Catholic Order of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus).
m_18 >  m_18 >  I (Name) Servant of God do conjure, cite, and exorcise thee, O Spirit! by the five most holy wounds of Jesus Christ by his flesh and blood, by his torments and passion, by his life and death and by the precious drops of blood which he has shed for the salvation and sanctification of the human race - by his anguish and distress, and by the most Holy and terrible words - Soter + Choma + Geno + Jehovah + Elohim + Rilach [i.e.Velaoch] + Devoch [i.e. Divoch] + Alvoch + Alrulam + Stopiel + Zophiel + Jophiel + fabriel + Elophoi [i.e. Elopha] + Alisomas [i.e. Alesomas] + Difred Mabach [i.e. Malach] + and + by + the words by which Solomon + Manasses +Agrippa+ and cyprian + called together the Spirits - and even as Jesus Christ sent from him his spirit - and delivered it up onto the hands of his heavenly Father - so do I command thee that thou appearesst without delay, and comest before me, in a most beautiful affable and human form - and bring to me (out of the Spiritual Abyss (N + + +) without doing injury to me, without tumult - without thunder - without tempest, without fear - and without trembling and place before this circle - and this I command thee by the Deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
m_18 >  To discharge the Spirits
m_18 >  Now I command and charge thee Evil Spirit! that thou shalt bring to me immediately that which I commanded thee - and shalt depart from the circle- abstaining from all noise - terror - tumult - and ill savour [sic] - which if thou dost not I will punish thee both in body and in soul - abstaining from all evil to any creature or thing and depart immediately to the place which the justice of God hath set apart for you Depart from my sight thou cursed spirit –

m_18 >  This I command thee in the name and virtue, potency and power, of the most Holy Trinity + Father + and Son + and Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of Lord + fly to the adverse parts + The Lion of the tribe of Judah + of the root of David conquers + Allelujah + Allelujah + Allelujah + Hasten now bring to me what I require, and depart from this circle, by the virtue of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of his words his words [sic] which caused the Earth to tremble- In his name - and by his power I command thee, that thou dost immediately, and without delay withdraw thy accursed presence from my sight - by virtue of the words Messias + Soter + Emmanuel + Zebaot + Adonai + Hagios ho + Thess [i.e. Theos] + Ischyros + athanatos + Eleison + hymas +Tetragrammaton+ our Lord Jesus Christ by that most Holy name I constrain + thee, I force + thee I compel + thee and urge, and confine + thee, to the place to which the justice of God hath sent thee, therefore recede immediately and continually - neither return hither again unless I do call thee - this I command by the uncreated Father + by the uncreated Son + by the uncreated Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of the Lord! + By the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ + by the virtue of the Holy Water + by the virtue and power of the most High + shalt disperse thee thou evil spirit + The word is made flesh and dwells amongst us +

m_18 >  To clarify things for people who in truth have no idea what real Satanism is- "Aleister Crowley" was not a Satanist. Satanists do not establish abusive relationships with Demons who are the Original Pagan Gods, nor do they pray to "Yaweh/Jehova" or his Nazarene.
Here are links to online grimoires for further research:
m_18 >  The Key of Solomon
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon 

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Re: Truth is Eternal, Illusion is Not!

"el jefe" <crobx@austin.rr.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:To:
ej:  >  raymond, raymond, raymond......where you live is a geographical place on earth, much like other places....texas, however, is a special place....like no other.....our texas culture is studied by people from all over the world....music, art, philosophy......we are our own country....where you live has no music or culture of its own....we do...lots of it.....we have hybrid our culture into our own......you do not understand it at all, and i wonder why you waste your time on a list where you are broadly held as a repugnant yankee schixophrenic with the whacky ideas that schixos entertain.....you are workin for the pretend entity that is called many things but is defined widely as organixed negativity.......you are on the side of ignorance and superstition......there is no mamon, no devil, no satan, no hynosis, other than the trance you create in your ignorance... ...only you.....xee ya...hope this helps with your confusion....el jefe

rk:  There is Truth and there is Illusion, but what does it have to do with you, an anonymous, compensating, cowardly texas loudmouth who lets his chickens do his fighting for him. You pridefully speak of your Texas "Culture".  Is that not the remote control Satanic Conditioning which separates people from other people, the very  hellbound condition that I speak of? 

rk:  You speak of music, art, philosophy, but where is such refinement  reflected in your writing?  Where is the broad texas support which holds me as a repugnant yankee schizophrenic?

rk:   Are you not speaking only for yourself when you make such statments.  Aside from your chickens, who in the world would follow you? In your own vernacular, "That dog won't hunt."

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Re: Truth is Eternal, Illusion is Not!

m_18 <magus_18@geocities.com> wrote;

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

m_18  >  I'm from Texas & YOU are a MORON.

m_18  > CRISCO:
m_18  > You don't know who or what a satan is. You worship a homosexual devil who demands human sacrifice & that everyone on the planet should worship "it".

rk;  Where is the evidence for such a statement?

m_18  > You calim you are some sort of messiah via your referencing yourself as "oil". Instead of reseaching, you just pretend that you are right & that makes it ok.

rk:  Show me the evidence where I claim to be a "Messiah?"

m_18  > There is nothing worse than someone who, when presented with evidence, ignores it & carries on as if they couldn't possibly be wrong.

rk: What evidence have you provided?  All that I see are statements arising out of a Satanic conditioned belief system.
m_18  > Notice that NO ONE is coming to your defence? Notice that no one is attacking me. 

rk:  Who came to the defense of Jesus of Nazareth?

m_18  > Is your IQ that of a MORON?

rk:  Your opening statement was "I'm from Texas & YOU are a MORON" yet you now ask "Is your IQ that of a MORON?  Does that now suggest that you a libeling another with NO EVIDENCE?

m_18  > You are a mind-controlled DUPE

rk:  Watch out, your standing too long before the "Mirror of Truth"!!

rk:  Have you not noticed that this communication of yours is limited to attack on the messenger without a single comment concerning the message?

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A Christ Speaks:  Is America a Nation of Deadheads?

"el jefe" <crobx@austin.rr.com>,

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
----- Original Message -----

ej:  >  According to the xrist from the northwest, regional pride, vernacular, food, music, culture, and everything else that may represent a certain region, in this case texas, is satanically inspired to create division

rk: So far, you've got it right.  Are not all spoken of by you above a matter of Collective conditioning.  That is the Satanic Mind Control I speak of.

ej:  >  .......raymond,you are a northerner, and you will never get it

rk:  I am a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man living on this planet.  Your categorization of me as a "Northerner" arises from your particular conditioned mindset as a texan, is it not? 

rk:  YOur limited perceptions as a conditioned blind believer, (irrespective of what conditioned belief is held) cannot grasp the wider picture that is Truth, that level of consciouness which lies beyond the limitations of your particular intellect. 

rk: YOu also are just a living man, but you are UNAWARE of it since you have opted by choice, by seduction of your Satanic ruled Intellect to instead function as a non-living, (aftermoment, imaged-based) outer-conditioned automaton, a robot living and responding to images of your mind. 

ej:  >....by the way, xrist and messiah go together

rk:  Only by your conditioned belief.  To one who does not share your belief, your definition is meaningless.  However, it leads to argument which is based in satanic power struggles. 

rk:  Christs don't argue.  You'll notice that I do not, will not argue with anyone.  I merely mirror the limited partial concepts held by others who live a narrow human existence based in their limited Satanic Beliefs without ever testing the veracity of the Satanic Remote Controlled programming. By the way, this does not just apply to you, it applies to just about everyone who lives in a Civilized Society who are programmable and conditioned. You'll know them because they become outraged when their limited intelligence is mirrored back to them when they attack a Christ, a Simple Man of Truth, A Mirror of Truth.

ej:  >  ....one defines the other....from latin kristos......the annointed one.....but i understand that you are used to creating your own vernacular and defintions for words,

rk:  Isn't that what Creators do, Sons and Daughters of God -- CREATE!  When I understand what you mean by any word you use, and you understand What I mean by any word I use, how can there be argument if each sees clearly the cause of the confusion. It is only in the state of IGNORANCE that participants of debate and argument implemented through seduction, vagueness, confusion, force, intimidation, or attack will continue to insist that another uses their definition, their dictate.  This exists in the individual and the mass mind, ruled by Satanic Minions who take the place of Blind Leaders over their  Blind followers.  Governments are nothing more that Mass Mind projections which vie for power with other government, other mass mind projections.  It all makes for Hell on Earth, doesn't It?  Now perhaps, IGNORAMUSES will not come unglued when they realize the simple truth of how they have been seduced out of their True Spiritual Estate and their subsequent Fall from Grace into the Hell of their own Intellect. 

ej:  >   so they can suit you, and so you can claim to know what you are saying when you get to the end of one of those ridiculous rants

rk:  Of course I know what I am saying.  Don't YOu?

ej:  >   ........if i were you, i would not be quite so proud of my grammar, spelling and punctuation.....i can grade and correct a few of your papers if you like, but i can tell ya, that there are numerous errors on each page........you understand what i am saying, even if reality is a distant memory for you.....with love, el jefe

rk:  As anyone can well see, I am not concerned with image and packaging, but with content.  My writings are too prolific and important to be concerned with "Playing the Game."  So you are totally free to make up what you will of my typos etc. when reacting vicerally to my comments of your illiteracy.  el jefe, you can run, but you can't hide yourself from any and all people who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."

ej:  >   sorry, my mistake, kristos is greek slang for messiah.....not latin....however, they denote the same thing....if you are calling yourself christ, then you must the be messiah, according to the defintion widely used by, apparently, everyone except ol raymondo..the annointed one

rk:  Tripped all over yourself in trying to be satanically correct in your words and actions.  Hell, isn't it?

ej:  >  .......since there is only one messiah, then there can be only one christ....and it ain't raymondo

rk:  Isn't that just a BELIEF that you personally hold.  HOw did you come to that belief?  Somebody else defined the word and you believed it.  Am I not on equal status with any other somebody.  Since you have not created the expression and have full understanding of the words you are using, are you not just preferring to agree with one, against another, neither of which are you?  Is that not a recipe for impotency when you are confused as to whose definition you follow.  Have I just not described the Satanic essence that is WORLDLY POLITICS?   Just how dumb does anyone have to be to give their lives to support such confusion?

ej:  >  .....another example of ol raymondo's re defining of whatevr words he wants to suit his own needs.....his mo is simple....go to political and religous sites, make outragous statements until someone reacts to it, pick a fight, call names, stir up shit,

rk:  Are you not referring to the action of the Mirror of Truth which can only reflect that which stands before it.  If it's a guttersniping Satanic attacker, such as yourself being exposed because you react violently to the realization of your own UNAWARENESS, are not the words "guttersniping Satanic attacker, appropo?  All that is being expressed is Truth, is it not?

ej:  >   then send anyone who might be interested to his youtube site, where he holds forth for either money donations or followers, both of which are pretty far between.....not that differnt from most phony preachers.....

rk:  Just how much is truth which can change lives worth.  Ignoramuses who will spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on sports and entertainment events but will not spend a dime for spiritual revelation that can restore their rightful spiritual, sovereign state?

rk:  Noncontributors to my site and/or books and tapes can be traced to the fact that I am not an entertainer, not a panderer to ignorance of the average man.  Have you not noticed that entertainers/sports figures and pied piper religious schmoozers are the highest paid individuals for they misdirect attention and soothe the pain of ignorance while giving release to the hellish intellect that enslaves the average civilized automaton. Truth does not Sell.  Illusion does.

ej:  >  his attempts to impress with verbage are pathetic, as you can see he just repeats the same phrases over and over......hell aint it.....you are standing too long in front of the mirror or truth....

rk:  When what is being said is True, it MUST BE REPEATED to thick skulls, if one is to change their satanic habits. 

ej:  >  you can see why he has won the internet wahcko of the year award several times by a group that monitors internet whackos...however, he is somewhat of a has been in that dept, as he has been eclipsed by other whackos since 2002.....its time to raise your game raymondo.....with love, el jefe

rk:  el jefe, have you not just revealed yourself to be one of them thar Government/Media, disinformation Agents who use a multitude of aliases to stalk my internet writing over the last 15 years in a futile attempt to destroy my reputation, my credibility?

rk:  For all you onlookers unfamiliar with the 15 year campaign to stop my writing on the internet, check out the responses to my articles by these disinformation agents, where they base their operation on alt.consciousness.4th-way, alt.fan.art-bell, and in general GOOGLE ARCHIVES.  You can also get a concentrated exposure 15 year libel campaign by checking out the mindcontrolling exposure links on my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com 

rk:  You will be shocked at just how easily these satanic yahoos are able to influence your social, political, and religious mindsets.

rk:  One more thing.  If you want to put an end to this New World Order nonsense, and return to your true Status as a man or woman of the Sovereign People, the creators of this Constitutional Republic, all you have to do, to stop the SATANIC MACHINERY OF GOVERNEMNT AND RELIGION. is to BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT.  Withdraw your support and BE FREE.

Listen to the rest of my "U-Tube Videos For Patriots"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
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From: m_18 <magus_18@geocities.com>

m_18 >  When are you going to realize that no one is buying your bullshit?
m_18 >  Have you looked up the word "christ" yet? (So you are still claiming that you're "oil"?) How pathetic.

rk:  Read or Listen to:  The Odyssey of the Pegs

m_18 >   Rabbi Kook #2:
m_18 >   There is nothing that would interest me in one of your web sites or videos as one only has to read your non-sense to know that you are full of it. In fact, I would be doing you a favor by not going as I would just simply tear them to shreds & further embarass you.
m_18 >   Get over it. You are nothing but some old fool who has way too much time on his hands.
m_18 >   Go somewhere where you may be wanted. No one hear buys your cow dung.
m_18 >  PS - Investigate Rabbi Kook. You might learn something.


A Christ Speaks:  But who Is there to Listen?

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0rd8WS06pU  You-Tube Video

     Throughout the years, I have clearly exposed the reasons why the human species has labored throughout its thought-projected civilized life only to find it to be a Hell on Earth.

     For a time, I ran as my Signature Line the statement "No other man but I in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

     That statement as well as the body of my writing, the message I have shared with you throughout the years has gone uncontested even until this day.

     Have I been attacked?  You Bet!  Have I been Libeled, Yes, Indeed. Have I been arrested, incarcerated for 128 days,threatened with 35 years of prison as a Paper Terrorist because I had the audacity to Hold my Public Servants Accountable for their crimes.  Once again, Yes.

     Despite two fraudulent convictions,  was I, this Christ thrown out of the  jail instead of thrown into prison because I REFUSED to accept the Satanic court's offer of contract of sentencing in that they had REFUSED to prove JURISDICTION, over this living man, a living Christ. Yes! 

     One would think, what more proof is necessary to a blind and captive people that they are free man and not the slaves they have been made to believe they are?  YEt through it all, one must ask if my message of peace, of freedom, of sovereignty has been destroyed and discredited,  any reasonable man must admit that IT HAS NOT.

     Can man live life without using thought?  NO!  For one must use thought to resolve Technical (Dead, Mechanical) Problems and to communicate with other entities, other men. 

     However, peace does not come to civilized (rule following) men for peace has always been the estate of Divine Anarchists who live and abide by God's Law, DO NO HARM.  It is the enslaved civilized man, the corporate person subject to the Laws of Mammon (man's Corporate rules and policies) who are controlled by remote, unseen satanic forces via the mind control/conditioning of his outer directed Intellect.

     Such satanically imprisoned Intellectual conditioning is held to be normal consciousness. It goes unquestioned by people who suffer daily, unaware of its source.   At best, the common man is a programmable robot, an automaton whose actions and activities can be cued from outer sources. In other words, HE IS UNAWARE of his plight, yet he is proud of it.   He has become a slave to his mind.  He is not the Master of his mind.

     My writings EXPOSE ALL THAT, and it is resisted MIGHTILY by a legions of robotic ignoramuses who don't know what hit them as they see their lives disintegrating before their very eyes and don't know why.

     I have given to them, the solution to all their problems and what do they do,  they spit on it.  Their political, and religious Satanic conditioning has a death grip upon their conflicted Intellect. and they will defend it even until death. 

     Theirs is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Their reward is death, a release, a liberation from the neverending conflict that they know to be their lives.  BUT THEY HAVEN'T LEARNED A DAMNED THING about their experience they call life.

     I understand most do not understand my message for its utter simplicity challenges their BASSACKWARD satanically ruled, complexity ridden Intellect. 

     What I am describing is HELL.  Every one of you who live in the images of your outer directed minds are responsible for its creation.

     Since Hell cannot exist without its deceptions being constantly fed,  One only has to withdraw their support, their energy which fuels the Satanic illusions and institution they mistakenly believe to be operating in their best interests.   From this moment forward, and for the rest of your life, SERVE TRUTH:  NEVER TELL ANOTHER LIE NOR SUPPORT IT.

     BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the satanic institutions which rule you through deception and illusion.  Yes, I am speaking of Government and Religion.

     Thats all you have to do.  There will always be stupid people amongst  us who shall support the satanic way of life.  They are the Blind, being led by the Blind.  Government and Religion does not produce a thing.  On the contrary, they exist as a parasite upon the People, the true creators of wealth. 

     Render to God, the things that are Gods, and withdraw your coerced support from institutions you do not belong to, and Let CAESAR DISSOLVE FOR THE ILLUSION THAT IT IS.

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