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Freedom:  Is it based in  meditation, or sovereignty, or both?

EARL F <earl9876@msn.com> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote:
ef:  >  Hi Ray,

ef:  >   I've seen you several times on world wide politics. Up until now, I've seen you post about sovereignty; and that you have taken issue with others who discuss sovereignty. Can you give me a general idea of where the differences lie? Are you saying that one should, or should not use common law principles when dealing with UCC courts, or that one should try to "be a bigger UCC" than the UCC courts? Please explain.

rk:  Earl, Sovereignty is your God-Given gift of being born a potential Holistic man or woman, a Human Being, A Child of God, a co-creator with God, a Master of your own life.

rk:  This world is a spiritual testing ground, whereas the element of Satan (the opposer) is granted limited power over all human beings who are trained almost from birth to live in their minds at the superficial realm of Intellectualism. 

rk:  Satan, is the "petty god" of dualistic thought which rules the world of mankind via the Laws of Mammon (Intellectual images) impressed upon fallen men/women via Mind Control. All earthly institutions are based in Satanic Intellectualism, which is antithetical to the Law of Nature and Laws of God. 

rk:  Thus begins the journey through life to find ourselves, to rediscover ourselves, to return to our fundamental wholeness of Divine Intelligence from our satanic conditioned, fantasy laden, dualistic worldly imposed dualistic, opposing nature. Satanic Mind control begins almost from birth and continues on to the grave for most people, who never understand that natural law is the law of god, while corporate and institutional policies which operate as "Color of Law" is the law of Satan.

rk:  Life is simple when one follows God's Law, DO NO HARM. Do that, and one does not need millions of laws, statutes, etc.  Life is enormously complicated when one follows the millions of statutes, rules, regulations, policies and such of the Satanic Corporate world.

rk:  As you can see, the simplicity in which I approach the complexity of illusions upset the Satanic status quo with my contributions.  What you see in my demonstration of the Mirror of Truth reflecting the initial attacks upon my writing is what is called "Bouncing back Curses." as written by others on the Internet.  Living in Truth as do all simple men and women of Truth, Christs, is all that one need do to vanguish and dissolve the satanic illusory attacks.  It does not require argument, persuasion, or any other satanic ploy.  It merely requires standing steadfastly in Truth and Reflecting (bouncing back) the attack/curse to its source.

rk:  I have demonstrated this spiritual trait for 15 years on the internet almost on a daily basis.  Even then it is attacked as being the source of the bullying by attackers who use the ploy of psychological projection. 

rk:  I have stood down, the Government of the State of Oregon and Josephine county in their courts by standing in my Truth and challenging them to Prove Jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign People. They would not, THEY COULD NOT. 

rk:   When threatened with 35 years in prison by government prosecutors followed by the JURISTIC (Strawman) person.defendant  bearing my name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS was convicted in two trials, at sentencing, I REFUSED to accept the judges' offer of contract (sentencing)  That along with two combined hunger strikes of 55 days left me near death in the county jail.  They could not break my resolve so THEY THREW ME OUT OF THEIR JAIL. with no charges hanging over my head and they will not arrest me now for doing the very same things which brought on the original arrests.

rk: I exposed the Achilles Heel of the corrupt judicial system. NO fictional GOVERNMENT HAS JURISDICTION over its Creator, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman of the Sovereign People WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

rk:  I have been writing about Sovereignty for 15 years on the Internet.  The public slept through it all, but now they are beginning to wake up and it scares the hell of the satanic powers which rule this world.  For if you and other were to see that what I did, you also can do along with your neighbors, this satanic NEW WORLD ORDER CRAP would fall away for what it is, JUST PLAIN CRAP.

rk:  As to your question of Sovereignty and Meditation.  They go hand in hand.  They are both based in Truth and  Integrity.  Civilized man has been screwed over by Satanic Governments and Religions since the first warrior and witchdoctor arose from the ranks of the common man and took over control of the masses through force, fear, and mysticism. 

rk:  Here is a fundamental law which binds man's law:  Tis the Law that can open the Jail Cells of Innocent Thousands if only the People would wake up and use it. "Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people.  The law states: "There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature.  He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent."  CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.

rk:  I live by the law of God.  I am Free.  You and others currently live by Satanic Law. YOU ARE NOT FREE.  How much more simple can it be?   

ef:  >   Now I see you branching out into the area of true meditation. Do those two concepts overlap in some way?

rk:  Meditation is the means to dissolve the illusion in one's life.  It is True Prayer, not the satanic self-hypnosis which passes as prayer by satanic religious institutions.   It is indispensable in returning to an holistic life of Truth.

ef:  >   I appreciate any explanation you can provide. Thanks.

Best regards,

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Introduction To DO NO HARM,  "The Curses Are Being Returned"

Arthur Cristian  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:


rk:  Arthur,  I see it is your turn in the "hopper"  to reflect the ire of the conditioned ignorant.  It is the pride that goes with ignorance that throws up such a fuss to obliterate the simplicity of living in a state of DO NO HARM.

rk:  Arthur you are more descriptive and closer to the average man  in communication than I am.  I stopped explaining the unexplainable years ago.  I merely put it out there and they can take it or leave it.

rk:  Hence I attract attacks but few comments.  It goes with the turf.

rk:  The solution to ALL THE PROBLEMS of one living in a Satanically ruled society cannot be simpler than this.

rk:  1.  Never tell another lie from this moment forward.  (seen as an impossibility to satanic fantasy dwellers.)

rk:  2.  "DO NO HARM" either to another or another's property. That is the whole of God's Law, the Law of Nature, and Common Law. ("Do NO Harm" is actually what LOVE is.)

rk:  3.  When "DO NO HARM" is lived, one has NO NEED for Satanic Law with its millions of Statutes, regulation, policies, etc.

rk:  4.  Reserve your Unalienable Right to Life, which includes the exercise of SELF-DEFENSE and the DEFENSE OF OTHERS who are not capable of defending themselves. (Love thy neighbor as Thyself.)

rk:  5.  Since I have already proven that Satanic Law has NO JURISDICTION over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman of the Sovereign People via my standing down of the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE COURT SYSTEM who does not grant jurisdiction to the courts or consent to doing business with them, it becomes clear that Satan's courts (our present Unconstitutional Non-Article III, Administrative, Maritime courts) have no power over any living man or woman who "DOES NO HARM."

rk:  6.  The satanic deck is stacked against the average blind believer in that uniformed enforcers of the system are licensed to kill if necessary, while the average man will spend the rest of his life in prison were he to act as uniformed enforcers do.  It is this intimidation along with their conditioned belief that they are immune from prosecution of murdering subject members of the corporation who are perceived to be owned by the corporation, which gives such enforcers the edge over mind controlled obedient slaves.

rk:  7.  Let every abled bodied man or woman living in America Today arm themselves under the aegeus of the US Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land,  After all are not all men (women) created equal under the law, God's Law?

rk:  8.  When harm is directed by armed corporate enforcers to anyone who does no harm but will exercise his/her Right to his/her own Self-Defense or the Defense of another deemed incapable of defending themselves, one finds such behavior has a sobering effect upon armed bullies and tyrants when they no longer have the upper hand. When all men are armed, all men are equal.  Such a state of inarguable equality has its effect upon all concerned.  Bullies and thugs in uniform will shed their false bravado and will soon be searching for new employment when they realize Satanic Law cannot protect them from their own criminal intentions when the mind controlled spell has been broken.. 

rk:  9.  By the way, Harm is Harm.  It may take the form of instant destruction such as a cop shooting an unarmed innocent in a split second, or it may take years of legal destruction through dragged out court trials and Judgments.  When one recognizes the essence of harm, in its inception, that is sufficient to take self-defensive action.  How many judges, lawyers, politician, bureaucrats would continue to go to work when the eyes of the Sovereign People are open, and they no longer  have the edge over the common man through fear, intimidation, force and manipulation?

rk:  10.  All that need take place for this to happen is for the EYES OF THE PEOPLE be opened and realize they are the MASTERS over their servant government.  What kind of Cockamamie organization would leave  the MASTERS unarmed and their servants ARMED TO THE TEETH?

rk:  Can you say BASSACKWARDS????

rk:  Can anyone see what kind of world would ultimately emerge should this simple DO NO HARM turnabout of affairs take place?

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I am a Christ

magus_18@geocities.com wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:


A simple man of Truth speaks of Christ Consciousness. An holistic state of Divine awarness common to all Men and Women who have Transcended the Satanic realm of Intellectual Conditioning. As often said, All civilized men are Christs with Amnesia.

m18:  >  At 07:58 AM 7/6/2011, you wrote: Nor do you even know what "christ" means.

rk: On the contrary. I state simply and unequivocally, what a Christ is,-- A Simple Man of Truth.

rk:  My writings mirror the mind control triggers used by satanic organized religions which rule over the undiscerning intellects of millions of unaware "blind believers."

rk:  Hell, isn't it?

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 The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law.

xenus82649 Wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F47YO1tqOf4  You-Tube Video

xenus82649's Comments regarding the above video.

x:  this judge is such a strongarm thug. lunatics don't get corrupt judges to pay 2 million dollars in fines. the judge hung up the phone before he got himself thrown in PRISON! because he is an unconstitutional lawyer and subsequent judge. but you knew all this, you are complacent in this 'man's' criminal activity. you three posters should be ashamed of yourselves but that wont happen until you are marched into a hole with the rest of your family and shot in the back by some Serbian NWO mercenary.

rk:  The simple fact is that all present day court judges are operating in Unconstitutional Non-Article III courts.  I have done my part in exposing such criminal behavior on the bench, but the vast majority of Americans live in fear and cannot find their backbones as would be expected of Sovereign men and women to oust these criminals off the bench.  You are not far off in your comment regarding being "marched into a hole."  The State of Oregon and County of Josephine Court system and government "killed my wife of 49 years"  via stress and incompetence. 

rk:  By the way, the original page containing the article of my wife's death at the hands of the Oregon Government at http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch228.html#killed was hacked and the article removed, (see for your self)  the page was relocated containing the full article at http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch311.html#KILLED 

rk:  Government responds only to numbers.  They can STONEWALL ONE MAN but them must answer when numbers clamor for justice. 

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Arise People of Oregon. The time is Now to TAKE BACK YOUR STATE AND COUNTY GOVERNMENT. (Was: Re: I am a Christ!!)

Karen Tostado wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk:  Thank you Karen.  Its been a long haul for me, going on 16 years now on the internet.  As the Deja News, predecessor of Google archives show and Google archives itself, There hasn't been a day gone by that government disinformation operatives have not been working to attack, destroy and misdirect public attention away from the simple Truths of today which were predicted back in 1997 and continue to the present day.

rk:  What is awakening the people to the truth today, which was always there, but not seen is the present overt viciousness, and unexplainable insanity that is being perpetrated upon the people by their own government servants.  

rk:  Its hard for the people of Oregon and America to ignore their enslaved country and state when the level of insanity has reached such massive proportions.  I have survived the onslaught which only goes to the prove the credibility of my message going back to day 1 on the internet. 

rk:  I have proven the power of truth in facing down the illusory power of a fictional government and its courts.  Josephine County and the State of Oregon courts went after me as a paper terrorist under the "Patriot Act" and threatened me with 35 to 40 in prison.

rk:  I exposed the gimmick used by crooked judges who scheme, trick and deceive innocent men/women into consenting to their own prosecution. 

rk:   The method?  I refused to accept their offer of sentencing after the fictional juristic person, created by government (whose name was spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) defendant was convicted in TWO BOGUS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRIALS. 

rk:   That, and two combined Josephine county jail hunger strikes amounting to 55 days leaving me near death, caused them to throw me out of their jail.  They now refuse to arrest me today for the very same things I was originally arrested for. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/tortjoco.html 

rk:   This prompted the former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to criminally remove all UCC liens filed by me against the State of Oregon, and County of Josephine.  See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/orlien3.jpg

RK:  There has been a statewide coverup of their handling of my two trials. (02CR0617 and 03CR0170)  Judges, Prosecutors, Sheriff/Deputies, Secretary of State need to be behind bars. Its time for the public to see the power lies in their hands and not in the hands of dishonored criminal public servants.

rk;  They have repeatedly refused to answer my challenge of them, the  fictional court created by the Sovereign People  to PROVE JURISDICTION OVER THIS LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN OF THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE. (See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/gpsphear.html

rk:  That's the question that must be asked by a nation living under the tyranny of their own fictional government.  The fact remains that a dead fiction has no power over the living.  That is the nature of Satanic Illusion.  When the people awaken to that fact, there shall be PEACE ON EARTH.

rk:  Thus is the nature of the Satanic hypnotic trance that the average "politically/religiously correct" influenced man/woman lives under.  What they fail to see is that they the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man/woman are the Sovereign creators of government and thus are beyond the reach of their servants.  For a Creation (fictional government/Religion) can never be greater than its creator, (the Sovereign People.)

rk:  When that finally sinks in, this "New World Order"  will dissolve into a puddle of satanic ooze, just like the "wicked witch of the West" in the Wizard of Oz.  For that is the natural outcome of Illusion when mirrored by any Christ, any simple man/woman of Truth.

rk:  Its time the American people snap out of their Satanically imposed hypnotic Trance.

rk:  You and yours are doing a great job at dealing with the masses at the Intellectual level.  My approach has been the spiritual path, and has not been readily understood by the common man.

rk:  Hang in there Karen.  I perceive we have them on the run.    Ray
At 09:16 PM 7/9/2011, you wrote:

I apologize for not paying more attention to your emails, been busy
here with United We Strike and www.taxfree15.com, but after watching
you utube and reading about some of what you've been through, my hat
is off to you, and YOU ARE A CHRIST! Part of the awakening Christ
Consciousness so desperately needed in these challenging times.

I'll pay more attention to your emails, and want to acknowledge and
Thank YOU for all YOU do!

I'd also like to have you guest on one of our monthly marathons.
Archives are on www.unitedwestrike.com We also have a new chat room
and affiliate station, and are wanting to build it to a 24 hour chat
where global patriots can exchange ideas and interact. All are welcome
who come in peace, we don't need to be fighting each other, we do need
to focus on the globalists who've ensnared us all. Please feel free to
add your thoughts whenever you see fit.
Here is the link, which also streams United We Strike Radio.

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!

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Notice and Statement of Status Posted

Rod Souza wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

July 11, 2011

rs:  >  I, Rod, the family of Souza, a living soul of flesh, blood, and sound mind, born to a natural Mother and Father of the family Berluchaux on May 23rd 1949, currently living upon the abundant, plentiful, and fertile soil of God’s earth, hereby declare my full and complete renunciation, revocation, denouncement, and withdraw of consent – to the creation of, operation of, and participation in – the deceptive corporate STATE OF OREGON, STATE, and UNITED STATES misrepresented as the thirty-third sovereign Union state, Oregon, and the united States of America.

rs:  >  This complete flesh and blood "Withdraw of Consent" includes, but is not limited to, any unconscionable agreement, actionable fraud, deceptive legal obligation, hidden devise, contract, or novation – past, present, or future – relating to any subject, citizen, resident, artificial person, individual, actor, employee, customer, vessel, wreck, corporate fiction, commercial entity, chattel property, beneficiary, debtor, legal term, legal fiction, charge, claim, proxy, trust, estate, status, standing, station, or any possible combination of carefully constructed words of art, CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA, or other creative color of law misrepresentation of my true flesh and blood existence, intentionally designed to replace my private Life, Liberty, and Property, with public policy, privileges and immunities, civil liberties, political statutes, and commercial liabilities, enforced through a villenous transfer of will by expilatio, and presumption of consent to a UNITED STATES citizenship, the STATE OF OREGON, STATE, UNITED STATES, United Nations, and Crown – foreign to God’s Laws.

rs:  >  All past, present, or future legal or political participation within the STATE OF OREGON, STATE, UNITED STATES, United Nations, and Crown, including any related subsidiary, franchise, political subdivision, or participatory corporate entity, shall be considered acts under duress, protest, and without prejudice until such a time as we free men and women non-immigrant strangers upon God’s soil return to Nature’s only true and just law – God’s Law – and lawful government instituted through the fully informed consent of the governed.

rs:  >  Additionally, this flesh and blood "Withdraw of Consent" includes but not limited to:

rs:  >  Any voter’s registration and subsequent institution of a corporate privileged legislative Democracy – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any diminishment of status relating to CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any forum ecclesiasticum, contractus, or secular – including Admiralty/Maritime, Equity, Chancery, or Law Merchant – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any encumbrance, contract, citizenship, suretyship, joint venture, impressment, employment, license, registration, certification, enrollment, entitlement, regulation, benefit – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any unlawful federal or corporate State, political subdivision, agency, franchise, subsidiary, entity, office, extension, department – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any governmental or corporate President/CEO Executive Order or "Commander in Chief" directive – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any valueless, debt based, or non-equitable, fiat currency or money system – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any act, action, or treaty, administered by any body temporal or ecclesiastical – foreign to God’s Laws;

rs:  >  Any deceptive commercial obligation or voluntary servant status of a corporate created trust, estate, person, or beneficiary, within the UNITED STATES or Crown – foreign to God’s Laws;
Let it be known that on this very Day, I, Rod, the family of Souza a private Sui juris non-immigrant stranger and creation of God; bona fide true physical man living upon God’s earth without the UNITED STATES; and unconditional sole property owner of all that is my existence as a gift from God; – seal by the blood of my own hand – the actions of political Expatriation, Purgatory Oath, and Withdraw of Consent, thus reserving my God given unalienable Rights and returning to the founding principles of the unanimous Declaration of Independence – and until the only true remedy is fully admitted – claim any possible protections available by the organic Oregon Constitution, organic Constitution for the united States of America, and Bill of Rights.

rs:  >  And that from this Day forward, any trespass upon God’s creation, including but not limited to, treaties, considerations, claims, charities, charges, and all jurisdictional issues, arising from, relating to, or in regards to, any STATE created fiction, trust, estate, or the presumption of consent to the status of UNITED STATES citizen or Crown debtor, shall be rendered – ab initio – invalid, unlawful, NULL and void. To be clear, I am not a UNITED STATES citizen, and have never by my own hand, will, or blood, consciously, with full disclosure, consented to any such foreign political, beneficiary, or subject debtor status, as that of the 14th Amendment UNITED STATES citizen. In fact, no man or woman of God, or sound mind, would ever knowingly agree to, assent to, authorize, or consent to, such a fraudulent unconscionable public debtor contract or injurious beneficiary status as that of the UNITED STATES citizen.


rk:  Atta boy Rod.  Show them the way.  When it finally sinks in, we will have a different society.   Ray

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Focus on Richard Koenig's Case

This past week I was Interviewed for a piece on Sovereignty by Southern Oregon's CBS Affiliate KTLV TV. For those of you in Southern Oregon, the interview will air this Thursday at 6 and 11.  I mentioned Richard Koenig's case to the interviewer, Weekend Anchor Katie Conner.  I suspect she will be looking into it to add to her piece of Sovereignty.  Now's the time for some serious input to her.  Please leave your theories at the door.  Do not inundate her with nonsense.  Ray

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A Sovereign Holds to His/Her Freedom Till the Cows come Home, or You are Kicked out of Jail and treated as a Free Man!

Mark Alan Traveler wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

You-Tube Video

mat:  >  If, "the paperwork", was filed... why are they not acting on it? or more importantly, Why are you still fighting with them? My understanding of the process is once you ex-patriot from U.S. citizenship the system treats you very different as you have, in fact, served them with notice, at every level of government. Starting with Federal, State and down to the county... I know you are a U.S. citizen... simply because the process you used is not standard. And therefore not recognized by the system. Ray, you have to use the law to get out from under the statutory system. The private law you used to leave "THEIR" system is not the lawful way! When you do the homework on the 14th amendment citizenship... this will be clear. Until then, you will appear to those you trying to help as needing help yourself. I am my brothers keeper so I will continue to watch you and be a guide to those watching me. It's all by design, intelligent design? maybe, but I believe it to be more about the Spirit having a heavy hand in the process of discovering the path...

rk:  Mark, with all due respect, one declaring sovereignty IS NOT required to follow the law of Mammon to make such declaration "Lawful."  Such reliance upon DeFacto government forms constitute an admission of jurisdictional grant.  Does a
Sovereign bow before another.  Apparently only in the case of Obama before the Queen of England.  See what I mean?

rk:  By the way, I have not "expatriated" myself from anything.  I have merely clarified my position as a man of the Sovereign People thereby declaring my sovereignty as a US NATIONAL, NON RESIDENT ALIEN where all men are equal as Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and therefore not subject to the CORPORATION and its color of law policies which masquerade as law..

rk:  Mark, you are caught up with the "outlawyer the lawyer" crowd.  I have been tested.  Your group has not.  It is merely monday morning quarterbacking involving themselves in mental masturbation.  

rk:  As to your question, " why are they not acting on it? or more importantly, Why are you still fighting with them? "  The answer is quite simple.  THE Defacto Administrative courts DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW."  They are operating in contract, administrative court proceedings, scheming, lieing, deceiving, misdirecting ignoramuses into granting consent of jurisdiction and/or contracting with the courts  via playing the "outlawyering the lawyer" game.

rk:  Here is the rule of Thumb for understanding and comporting yourselves in court.  Simplicity is Divine, Complexity is Satanic.

rk:  All one need do is challenge the fictional court/prosecution to PROVE in writing that it has jurisdiction over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man -- YOU, and stand your ground till the cows come home or you are thrown out of jail.

rk: In the meantime, arm yourselves, DO NO HARM, and exercise your Unalienable Right to Self-Defense and the defense of others when you are threatened with deadly force.

rk:  Cops are like most other people.  They don't want to die for a job.  Ray

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Land of the Free and Home of the Brave Revisited.

justaman6972 wrote:

Raymond karczewski wrote:


The following is a response to a comment made by a former Deputy to my Video. The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law  See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F47YO1tqOf4

j6972:  >  As a former Deputy who left due to corruption I know what you say is truth Ray.There are those who will rail against you and say your theories are nonsense,however they will have erred. A closer look at our Constitution and our BOR will show the document to be a common law trust ,a contract compelling performance by the one who offers his oath of fidelity and oath of office, but when we register to vote we lose our sovereign elector status,we become a ward,child imbecile and under the law unable to attend to our own legal affairs,this coupled with many adhesion contracts which assist in creating the nexus for the ens legis capitas diminutia maxima fictional person. We have certainly forgotten who and what we really are.It makes me sad,but in a way happy too, for never in history has a species become globally politically aware before now. Still there is hope.
Respectfully in truth and liberty,

rk:  Phillip, I've been at this for going on 16 years now.  Few have been as candid in their replies to me as you have.  Law enforcement has changed.  They have routed out the good officers such as you and I, and have replaced them with automatons lacking in compassion, judgment and adaptability with a penchant for carrying out rigid Department Policy.

rk:  I acknowledge not all officers answer that description, but enough do to command and manipulate public perception. This does not bode well for cops in the future as they shall no longer be perceived as Peace Officers but as soldiers.  Thus the violence shall be ratcheted up in our society.

rk:  I recently was interviewed on television regarding the subject of Sovereignty.  I wore my 357 sidearm openly.  Why?  To demonstrate that Sovereigns have a duty and a Right to Self-Defense in the protection of  themselves and others who cannot protect themselves in times of high crime and encroaching tyranny.  I am sure many fearful, conditioned people out there will misinterpret such an extraordinary act of liberty as they themselves are unaware of living in a manner where they understand they are responsible for solving their own problems and no cop can be in all places at all times.

rk:  Mine was a wakeup call for a great many people out there to once again BE RESPONSIBLE SOVEREIGNS and not emasculated victims trembling in fear at the sight of criminals and uniformed armed corporate enforcers who can no longer claim to be public servants.

rk:  Somehow or another, things got turned around.  The American people have lost sight of the fact that public servants WORK FOR US, we are not slaves to be managed by armed overseers.

rk:  The other reason is to settle once and for all, the question of whether a fictional government through its courts has jurisdiction over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man who does not consent to rules made by any organization, he does not belong to, i.e. "The corporate DeFacto Government."

rk:  That Corporate court convicted their own created Juristic Person/Defendant whose name is spelled in ALL CAPTITAL LETTERS of felonies, yet they threw the living man out of jail when they saw they could not break him.  Now most people know it is a felony for any convicted felon to possess firearms, but such policies (which are not law) have no effect upon Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women, those of us who have retained our intelligence and common sense. 

rk:  The Sheriff of Josephine County Oregon, GIL GILBERTSON is presently holding his public office UNLAWFULLY, for I have accepted and challenge him in his Oath of Office, and he has breached same, therefore standing in dishonor and default. He should have been long ago, since his re-election been removed but the corruption in Josephine County with its coverup of same, seems to know no bounds.

rk:  At any rate, the di have been cast.  Lets see all see if GILBERTSON and his coverup cronies will come after this living, breathing man as a "perceived felon with a gun."  God indeed operates in mysterious ways, does He not? It time to see just how far the Josephine County Courthouse crowd with their satanic "Smoke and Mirror" will go in clouding up the consciousness of mind controlled "Wards of the State", the average slumbering enslaved who make up the vast numbers of people in our society.

rk:  At any rate, the answer will come soon. 

rk: Phillip, It is good to know you are out there.



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Are Sovereigns Seen as Being ABOVE THE LAW?

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


I watched the Promo for the Interview airing tonight in Southern Oregon television  on the subject of Sovereignty of which I am a part of.  The Question posed by the Interviewer was "Are these people above the Law". 

A simple question which would be answered by almost every viewer who has been conditioned to think so through public school brainwashing --  NO!!  No one is above the law." 

However, Such limited thinking remote controlled robotic government owned chattel/people were to discover that what is purported to be Law, is not law, never has been law,  but is merely Corporate legislative policies, rules, regulations, etc which apply only to members of man-made Corporation (corporate government)who willingly, and in many cases unwillingly through trickery and deceit, consent to belonging to such man made Organization are clearly in no position to understand how they have become enslaved while believing they are free.

These poor unfortunates are subjects of the Law of Mammon.  The law of Man, ruled by Satanic Concepts, They worship dead thoughts.  They have sold their souls for the satanic perk of Security.  They pledge, their bodies, their energy, their offspring, their homes, their property, their very life and freedom to the government.  Sovereigns are Free. Slaves are Debtors to those who own them. 

Are you a Sovereign or a slave?  Easy question to answer.  Are you in Debt, or are you Debt-free.  In a satanic ruled world where Sovereigns/Creditors are Free and Debtors are ruled, it becomes quite clear who is who.  That is the nature of Hell on Earth, and few amongst you have the courage to face such a devastating Truth.

I, for one, follow God's Law.  I will not harm another.  I will not harm another's property.  I will not infringe upon another Unalieable Rights.  I DO NO HARM. (But I take no crap either) That is the whole of God's Law.  As such I, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man am not a subject of the Law of Mammon, the law of Man. 

I have proven this to all who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear"  through my experiences with the Courts of Oregon and Josephine County which convicted the JURISTIC PERSON/DEFENDANT whose name spelled in all CAPITAL LETTERS resembling my name, but THREW THIS LIVING BREATHING, FLESH AND BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN out of jail, yet the legions of the Blind and the Dead (robotic, mind-controlled masses), STILL DON'T GET IT.

So, If you ask me, Am I ABOVE MAN'S LAW, my answer is YES I AM.

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