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Americans, Are We Sovereigns or Slaves? 

Elaine Brown, Political Prisoner wrote

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:



Many times I have written you that we never submitted to their authority/jurisdiction, that we do not recognize their authority, etc.  It is a different day from when your case started, and it is a different 'jurisdiction', being federal and not state, county, or local.  In very little time, the feds gain a great amount of ground in extending their power; not authority, as they do not have such, just power - might is right is their motto.



  I understand what you say when you say you and Ed "never submitted to their authority/jurisdiction.  But when a servant government does not follow the law that it is charged to enforce and administer such non-submission is regarded as moot by the courts. Such outlaw courts have their criminal presence in American Society today.

  You are correct when you say "it is a different day." from my case when the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE COURTS threw me out of the jail when I REFUSED to accept their offer of sentencing.  By the way, there does not seem to be any evidence that either you or Ed REFUSED TO ACCEPT THEIR CONTRACT OFFER OF SENTENCING. Such an overt act cannot be easily hidded and/or distracted from the court record.

  As to your comments that you were under Federal Jurisdiction, not State, County or local, all government law (fictional legislative policies not true law) apply ONLY TO government's own creation, a non-living, constructed inferior status of fictional juristic person. 

   The creation can NEVER be greater than its creator.  Hence, the pecking order of Power and Authority in Law is thus:  1)  God the creator created Man/Woman, the Sovereigh People. 2)   Man/Woman the creator, the Sovereign People, created non-living, fictional government to carry out the wishes and directives of the Sovereigh People.  3)  Non-living, Fictional Government created the fictional creation Juristic person, an inferior corporate construct whose name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and is inferior to the fictional Government which created it and therefore are SUBJECTS to the government's corporate legislation and policies (Color of Law/Non-Law).  All 14th Amendment Citizens are such Corporate Subjects, Considered Non-Living (Living Dead) entities owned and regarded as slaves to the Corporation.

  You and Ed are two Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man and Woman of the Sovereign People being incarcerated as presumed sureties for the debts of the 14th Amendment fictional Person, a non-living, legal entity created by fictional government.  That corporate construct we call the Juristic Person IS THE ONLY entity that fictional government courts HAVE JURISDICTION OVER. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MEN AND WOMEN.  With most ignorant people, such jurisdiction is solidified by their own unwitting CONSENT by forging a contract with the courts.  My open refusal, left no wiggle room for satanic smoke and mirror lawyerly manipulations. 

  Make no mistake, our courts are Satanic in nature.  Jesus of Nazareth opposed them in His day.  I have done so in my day.  As usual, the average conditioned consciousness which allowed for slavery of the People to the lawyers and judges of His day, remain the same as the lawyers and judges of our day.  We are considered to be more civilized, but we are in fact, JUST AS STUPID. 

  You and Ed are Casualties of law that NEVER WAS in this country.  Until the People WAKE UP and realized they've been had by their own public servants who now see themselves as MASTERS, you and thousands of others shall remain such casualties. 

  I have been engaged in a decade long campaign of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT against our unlawful, DeFacto Government.  Ignorant men would rather kill or be killed in an armed revolution, than peaceably take back control of their government and lives through peaceful WITHDRAWAL OF THEIR SUPPORT.  That just shows the effectiveness of Satanic Mind Control inflicted upon the Mass Mind by the Media.

  Elaine, I have submitted this as a Sound File to You-Tube and Twitter for worldwide distribution.  My files are beginning to be withheld in some venues of the Internet.  Lets hope this gets out and touches enough people who are borderline in their understanding of their true status. 

  I will tell you this.  If the Sovereign People who now dream that they are government slaves do WAKE UP, we shall take back control over our country and government with firing a single shot, that yours and Ed's prison door shall be flung open wide for you and thousands of other victims of a tyrannical government shall be set free. 



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Americans, Are We Sovereigns or Slaves? -- THE SATANIC SIDE

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

NOTE:  Following is a frantic response to offset my U-Tube, Twitter soundfile Americans, Are We Sovereign or Slaves.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsBQ-pP-zJY

  We the PEOPLE are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.  No mention is made of "We the PERSONS."  What we have here is the DUMBED DOWN VERSION of reality as promoted by  corporate mainstream media.  Note it does not objectively report the facts, but clearly color the facts in favor of the Satanic fictional System to which they belong.

  I assure you the satanic government is running scared of this Lien issue as even they know that in the Law of Commerce, all entities are considered equal.  However PERSONS are not considered equal since they are considered Wards of the State and therefore subjects of the corporate Government which created them.

  Each of you are not regarded as Living Men and Women, but are looked upon as dead, fictional corporate entities, wards of the state, slaves to the system. 

  The STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE have been running scared of this fundamental exposure of their impotence when it comes to intimidating a Simple Man Of Truth, a Christ, A Sovereign man of the People who understands his true estate and cannot be bullied or intimidated off his steadfast position. 

  Ever wonder why they will not and cannot answer the question of whether a fictional court has JURISDICTION over a LIVING, BREATHING, FLESH-AND-BLOOD, SENTIENT, NATURAL MAN.

  Because the JIG WOULD BE UP.  Their fraud would be exposed and their whole Satanic house of cards would come tumbling down.

               Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

ps:  Observe the clear bias depicting the events by the media

Sovereign Citizens group terrorizes small-town officials with fake liens

When police officer Anthony Kalimeras went to kick squatters Ed-George Parenteau [photo:
<http://media.syracuse.com/news/photo/edparenteaujpg-461f8fe1c9c154e8.jpg> ]

and Jeffrey Charles Burfeindt out of a foreclosed home in Ulster County March 4, 2009, he thought they were run-of-the-mill nuts.

They had a fake deed and homemade identification. They gave only their first and middle names — Edward George and Jeffrey Charles. And they gave birthdates of 11/28/5958 and 2/16/5964. He arrested them for trespassing and false personation.

Kalimeras remembers that they kept saying: You wouldn’t understand.

He didn’t.

Until months later, when the two men filed liens against Kalimeras; his employer, the town of Lloyd; and more than a dozen other municipalities and individuals for $135 billion.

The two men filed fake papers in real places — the New York Department of State, Washington state and Ulster County. The people involved in their arrests were inundated with reams of nonsensical documents like maritime liens and judgment demands for millions of dollars.

Parenteau, from the Chenango County town of Sherburne, and Burfeindt are part of a loosely knit national movement called Sovereign Citizens. Followers think the laws of the U.S. don’t apply to them. They don’t have drivers licenses or pay taxes.

The two men were working with another Sovereign Citizen named Richard Ulloa. All three became the subject of an FBI terrorism task force investigation and federal criminal charges.

Parenteau and Burfeindt have pleaded guilty in federal court; Parenteau was sentenced to 21 months in prison May 13. Burfeindt and Ulloa, who was convicted in a jury trial, have not been sentenced.

Court papers, liens and interviews show a scheme to destroy the lives of ordinary small-town people enforcing the law. Some of the people targeted in the paperwork attack are so frightened for their lives that they now carry guns. Victims could be anyone who came into contact with the men: patrol officers, a prosecutor, town justices and even clerks.

Though the multibillion-dollar liens are bogus, they were accepted by the New York Department of State and other state governments. A lien is a record of an unpaid debt filed against a person or business. The duo didn’t have to prove the debts were real; filing paperwork was enough.

Then the liens appeared on the credit reports of the people and towns
terrorized. And it takes months of hard work, and money, to get the liens removed.

Parenteau said during his sentencing that he learned how to file the liens through a seminar given by James Timothy Turner, a guru in the Sovereign Citizens movement who charges money to teach people how to thwart the government through malicious paperwork.

In a YouTube video of one of his presentations, Turner wears a jacket but no tie. At first, he sounds like a friendly Southern guy fed up with government and the economy. Then he explains how the current government is really a corporation, and by being citizens, we have all participated in the sham. We have let the government steal from us. We have been begging for permission when the land, the money and the laws are ours, he says.

“I’m going to show you how to get it back,” Turner says. He mentions how he’s been called a terrorist by Janet Napolitano, director of homeland security.

“We are terrorists because we believe in this country, not the corporation,” he says.

A violent streak

They are considered terrorists because their paperwork wars can escalate to violence.

Mark Pitcavage, an investigator with the Anti-Defamation League, a national civil rights agency, has studied the Sovereign Citizen movement for years. Law enforcement actions that threaten their beliefs can lead to gunfire, Pitcavage said. Things like traffic stops and child protective visits can end up battlegrounds because Sovereign Citizens don’t believe those laws apply to them.

Pitcavage said the movement has been growing over the past two years. The anti-government ideals appeal to the far right and people who are struggling financially. Some of the Turner’s seminars focus on telling people how to get out of foreclosure.

There have been Sovereign Citizens in Upstate New York for decades, Pitcavage said, and it’s safe to assume that they are in every county.

West Memphis, Ark., police Chief Bob Paudert had never heard of Sovereign Citizens before May 20, 2010.

That’s when Jerry Kane was pulled over on the highway. When the officers checked his registration, they found his car was registered to the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Kane became belligerent. Then his 16-year-old son jumped out of the car and began firing an AK-47 rifle, said Bob Paudert, the police chief there.

The teen pumped 14 bullets into Brandon Paudert, 39, the chief’s son. And 16 bullets into his fellow officer, Bill Evans. Paudert arrived on the scene to find his son dead on the road.

Kane and his son were later killed in a shootout with police in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Ridiculous claims

The Sovereign Citizens in Ulster County used a different kind of warfare.

When odd papers started coming into Ulster County, demanding millions in debts, Ulster County Attorney Beatrice Havranek didn’t think much. “At first blush, I thought this is ridiculous,” Havranek said.

The first papers were from Ulloa, whose problems started with two traffic tickets. After he was ticketed, he filed phony judgment demands with accusations against the court, officers and municipalities, asking for money damages for being detained. It’s a common practice of the Sovereign Citizens. Parenteau and Burfeindt did the same thing.

At first, no one paid attention. But when those papers went unanswered, the defendants filed bogus liens in legitimate places. They named the towns, the county and individuals. The first was filed in Washington state, just to make it harder to fight. More were filed in New York. One lien, filed by Parenteau, demanded billions in silver.

The lawyer for the governments’ insurance company, John Bailey of Albany, filed  a federal racketeering lawsuit against Parenteau, Burfeindt and Ulloa in March 2010, accusing them of extortion through the bogus liens. The FBI and U.S. attorney’s office then pursued a criminal case.

Intimidation by paperwork

Bailey said some of the town employees involved in the suit were so shaken by what happened, and what they learned about the Sovereign Citizen movement, that they wondered whether they should quit their jobs and move out of the area.

Kalimeras, the Lloyd police officer who arrested Parenteau and was named in the multibillion-dollar lien, said the town is now paying to have his credit monitored, along with the others caught in the Sovereigns’ paper spree. Every time he makes a major purchase — like when he bought some furniture recently —  his credit card company calls to make sure it’s really him.

Havranek, the Ulster County attorney, said she now gets filings from other Sovereign Citizens from time to time. Ulster County is now on their radar.

The county doesn’t plan to cower.

“We’re not just going to ignore them. We’re prepared,” she said.

Paudert wants to make sure the rest of the country is prepared for the Sovereign Citizens. The police chief is avenging his son’s death by becoming an expert on the movement. He travels the country warning other law enforcement officers to know what to look for. And to warn them that, with these people, the run-of-the-mill traffic stop can turn deadly without any warning.

“They’re gone,” Paudert said of his son and the other officer who were gunned down. “But it’s not too late to save others.”


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Bail money - RE: updating critical issue Richard Koenig

From:  Rod Schmidt <rod_schmidt@hotmail.com>

To: Beth Wallace <firefly@ados.net>, <elizabethsarmor@gmail.com>

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rs:  >  I'm sure we can raise $5,000. I'm in. Who else?

rk:  For well over a year now since we have been communicating, I have stressed the fact that "Playing Lawyer" IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. Your just put yourself in their jurisdiction.  But no, you "monday morning quarterbacks" were so engrossed in your cleverness with playing pattycake with bureaucrats and back slapping each other on how much of a threat you posed to the system.    So what are you doing now?  You're collecting ransom to contribute to the kidnappers (Bail money) and looking to motivate fearful people into funding an ATTORNEY.  AND YOU DON'T EVEN SEE IT!!!

rk:  Anyone see who's got the upper hand here?.  You folks have finally had an awakening.  You want to play the game, be careful by whose rules you are playing.

rk:  I'm not going to offer any suggestions, as you folks don't want to hear them.  My ejection from one of the Talkshoe Programs because it interfered with your war stories and expressed commiseration pretty much declared your resolve, (as did Richard).    

rk:  I have already shown you the way to deal with the courts of Oregon.  What was the outcome?   You've rejected it.  Well, get ready for more, because if you don't wake up soon, what has happened to Richard Koenig will soon be happening to you.  The lot of you are just playing into their hands, and poor me, poor me doesn't cut it. 

rk:  Its a little different when you're standing before the COURT WHICH HAS NO JURISDICTION OVER YOU, and you are too obtuse to issue such challenge as you are too busy trying to OUTLAWYER THE LAWYERS and play their game.   Once you grant the courts jurisdiction   you can kiss your butts goodbye. They own you.  You are a ward of the state who thought he was too clever to get nailed by the system.   Richard is finding that out.

They pulled this crap on William Kinney III in the Portland Courts and railroaded him into Prison where he is now. No one stood up for him either. Now they're doing it to Richard Koenig, and he is learning the lesson that William Kinney Learned as did Ed and Elaine Brown.  Their dependence upon an ignorant and fearful populace leaves them high and dry when the chips are down.  Tough lesson to learn.  You folks are all talk and NO GO.  Are you learnign the lesson of it yet?

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Note: Attachments are for your reading to understand the nature of Oregon's politics from the beginning and its continual hate for the people by victimizing for profit and selective breeding:
A defense fund is needed and anyone willing to bring forth an attorney ( which may be necessary ) who would actually defend him or prepare papers is needed now:
To all DMV and Family Court/CPS and other Systematically Abused  people concerned:  This is a critical matter of life or death for this man in Oregon:
I wanted to update you all  on Richard Koenig of Oregon who is in the Marion County Jail, Salem,Oregon Marion County Senate Representative Peter Counney his office is: -1-503-986-1600 several of us called them for an investigation
Jail at (503) 588-8595 call for mailing instructions:  http://apps.co.marion.or.us/JailRosters/mccf_roster.html   Physical Address: 100 High St. NE Salem, OR 97301.
Mailing Address: PO Box 14500 Salem, OR 97309
SID  Number: # 7183906 charges: TEL HARASS 166090 

TELEPHONE HARASSMENT ( for seeking public records)
postcards only not sure if they still allow envelops for legal documents but people should be flooding him with postcards and remind him to stay awake, and hold on...........

He is still in Marion county jail. No hearing set...........
When you think of Richard sitting here also think of the other American inmates who are actually political prisoners no one talks about...........think of this man and the others representing you to expose the corruption and lies and that it is your DUTY to help defend his safety and Constitutional rights, because if you do not do this, your freedoms go with it and so do your childrens !!
The greatest problem everyone has found is that ( for whatever reason ) he did not wish to engage someone prior to this to take power of attorney.....and to prepare his own legal defense before being arrested.  Now he is assigned one from the judge who has refused to allow anyone information nor general updates. It would seem logical to seek all of Richards people for a defense should he need them for witnessing.

Friday ( yesterday)June 24th,2011 brought Richard to court at 8:30pm shakled and handcuffed and a good amount of people where there to see it all. I did not go but stayed on the phone.

Richard was unable to walk by himself, he was unable to recognize any of the guys or even had the desire to glance at them now and then while in the front of the court.......he leaned on his arm most of the time and slur his words, as they presented this to me in which XXXX     XXXX was there and will be emailing you......

" It was just amazing, it was not the Richard we know, it was like they lobotomized him".......all they could hear him repeat was, "I don't know this man, I did not ask for him" so he did make it clear that he did not want this man for an attorney. The attorney said and did nothing to demand an investigation and sending him to the hospital for a medical evaluation. The judge was callous and acted "put off", that Richard was not functional.  Instead of asking why he was coming from the jail ( knowing he had already been there for some time ) they sent him back to the jail

One note was that the judge asked prior inmates if they felt they were functional enough to stand trial and speak but they did not ask this of Richard.

XXXXX asked the Attorney a Brook Halstead of Salem, Or why he was not defending him and asking why he was looking like this and obviously not well physically or to check for him being drugged and he said, " I can't talk to you, you don't have power of attorney" and walked off.  This made it very clear the intention and what has already been done is taking him as a ward of the state and experimenting on him with torture, experimental drugging and isolation until we can find his sisters to come in and help since he did no power of attorney before his arrest, something we all need to be doing.

Since when do you defend a client and refuse to speak to or answer his supports, and friends even imperative questions like this ? of course, when you are a bar member and work for the courts  !

I was also told Sharon Taylor. Salem, OREGON his prior court appt attorney who was there when they wanted him to appear on telephonic harassment came in and out of the court room while they were there. Sharon is someone Richard felt was setting him up for going into a mental hospital. Two of us called her office when he was arrested since no one knew where he was, he was first in the Oregon City jail then transferred. No one heard a word from him and still has not heard from him which he knows peoples number to call collect. Rumor had it he was in isolation, he had a bail of $50,000 ( so $5,000 to release) and the jail would not let him out.  His isolation included a cell with a cement floor where he was put into it naked.....and who knows how much more. 

Sharon told me on the phone that she had no doubt that people wanted to see Richard dead. I am considering writing an affidavit of truth to my conversation with her..........additionally, none of them would call his own Portland, Or therapist to see him or witness but she does know about his condition and jail problems because her own people have informed her of it.

Richard is in serious damage and I believe they plan on making him a ward of the state and placing him in mental health on medications permanently. The last person I saw them do this to was a 21 yr old man from Beaverton, Or ( possibly a prior forced drug running ) according to his mother, who was merely high walking down the street, they took him to jail, then to Providence hospital, heavily medicated him which one drug was not even "approved" yet nor is there monitoring of the meds and reactions......( when drool comes out of your mouth, and you can not stand up..........it is obviously too much) he spent 6 months in Blue Mountain, Pendleton mental hospital, and 2 of them were in a coma according to his pediatrician who came into the picture for the mom to validate this and now they tossed him like this into some group home. The family can not have his address.
Richards health is also bad, he had leg values blown out, so not much circulation and at 60 this trauma will not sustain him. We have people preparing an amices brief at this time for the "peoples defense".......and demand to release him from being an actual political prisoner. His real trouble began moving here from CA......after his son was separated from him and placed in trafficking with pedophiles which his ex was involved with a police officer there.  His first goal was legislator for create equal access for parents and more support for a family unit but Kate Brown stopped this at the table after a bill he created was approved and she refused to set a bill number for her and continued until she had it crushed.

THESE WOMEN ( with exception to Shaun who mysterious died by claim of suicide ) and Matt Garrett of DMV will see Richard vanishes and or pronouced dead: remembering how Marcel Benshadlers attorney was found "strangled at her computer after her defense of him in Federal court .......you have to wonder how deep this all goes:  Then, the DMV and Kates famous stalking order bill she helped create using it against Richard for seeking open public records. I have copies of these papers. I belief I also sent you the general open profiles of Kate Brown ( whose hands are also in land and forests, the Indian casinos and more) and Shaun Wardinsky, who worked in defending Kate until she suddenly died, of claimed suicide, which we believe is a murder within her own gay -lesbian community and progressive movement agendas....................if you do not have it, you should.
In my own opinion, he needs some serious representation, get him out before they kill him and then get him out of state and well again. I warned all of them with Richards research, he needed public exposure of this long ago and began to file papers a a committee not individuals.  The public needs to know and possibly a donation pool for his defense to begin because it is more then just Richard the man in crisis, it is an entire system of corruption keeping truth from the people. There are more then enough people to witness in public willing to tell what happened to him and what is going on


A New Day, A New Way is Dawning!

 By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

My paperback book "Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind" was renamed after my Book on Tape "Journey Beyond Thought, a Return to the Christ State." 

For the last 19 years since its publication in 1993, It has been blocked at every turn at the commercial level of book distribution. At Amazon.com, It has been attacked with a deluge of phoney made up book reviews that bear no resemblance to the content of the book, all by Government sponsored/supported Internet provocateurs and disinformation agents. It was pulled off all public Distributor's shelves by my wife and I and subsequently sold strictly from my website, http://www.arkenterprises.com

I undertook the public path and found that those who control the collective mind of society  don't want you folks to read this simple book, a spiritual Primer for all spiritual seekers.

At one point, Amazon.com was charging for used copies of the book the following: AMAZON.COM FORMER USED BOOK PRICE:
1.  Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind
by Raymond Karczewski (Author) (Paperback) 
Usually ships from seller within 1-2 business days
USED from CDN$ 35.95    

OUR Website PRICE: Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind by Raymond Karczewski (Author) (Paperback) SHIP OUT IMMEDIATELY   PRICE  $12.00 plus $3.00 S&H  (Outside US Email arkent3@earthlink.net for shipping charges.)

Now a New Day is dawning, and Americans need to re-evaluate the enormity of its failed governmental public business policies regarding public contracting  and give consideration to  conducting business privately via Our Constitutional right to contract with each other in the private realm. 

We are guaranteed a Constitutional Right to contract either publicly or privately.  Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution states: "No state shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts."

I have already established my status a Man of the Sovereign People operating in the Private realm and beyond the reach and scope of the Public Corporation "Color of Law" policy makers we call government. I follow God's Law -- DO NO HARM. I now invite each of you to relate with me privately via private agreement beyond the scope of a third party, i.e., government.
I am still selling my paperback original books, Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind for the cost of $12 plus $3 S&H anywhere in the US.

However I am now offering an On-Line version for $.20 cents, in the form of two pre-1964 silver dimes or $5.00 Cash or money order and I will send you the URL where you may download/read the book.  No checks  or credit cards will be accepted.   Just send via mail along with your email address, either amount to: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© c/o PMB 115, PO Box 1459 Cave Junction Oregon [97523] Upon receipt, I will send you the Online Version immediately. 

Isn't it time WE THE PEOPLE make some changes in our live that will stick??

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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com


Re:  A New Day, A New Way is Dawning!

To:  Ana Talos Break
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Ana,  The key to understanding comes through silence.  Some call it meditation.  Meditation is True prayer with God, the Infinite.  It is not the kind of prayer that most mind controlled blind believers engage in, which is merely satanic self-hypnosis. 

These are the unaware, the religiously and politically programmed living dead who know nothing of life but for the ideas that have been programmed into their consciousness by other men who rule them through mind control.

It is all a matter of Remembrance.  Each of us are potential Christs but damn near all suffer from Amnesia of their True Spiritual Estate.  Such amnesia arises from the overload of Satanic Conditioning which overwhelms them with illusions they mistake for Truth, for LIfe.

Fame, fortune, and wealth are illusions which come and go based on how well one plays the SATAN GAME when one choses to sell their soul and invite Satan into their Consciousness.  Truth is Eternal.  No Illusion can destroy it. 

If nothing else has been proven, it is this Truth that stands fast and dissolves illusions which attempt to destroy it.  That is the function of the Mirror of Truth that emerges when the Living Dead seek to attack or destroy a simple man of Truth. 

The illusion of the power of the world is meaningless when it pits itself against holistic Truth.  The Illusion of Wealth is meaningless when pitted against holistic Truth. A legion of Satanic blind believers cannot stand up to a single simple man of Truth.

Ana, Listen to my You-Tube videos, The NOBODY and the SOMEBODY; The CHRIST and the CHRISTIAN Part I of 2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bve8x_1cKUY&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

and The NOBODY and the SOMEBODY; The CHRIST and the CHRISTIAN Part 2 0f 2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI_Bf-E-ES8&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

As you can see by the number of hits they have received, it is not highly regarded by the average man/woman as it runs counter to their Satanic Conditioning, conditioning which has robbed them of their Spiritual Memory and made them slaves to the satanic world of politics and religion. 

It however IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO of all of my videos now shown on You-Tube.  Its message is antithetical to the Satanic CONDITIONING which has stripped away their memory of their true spiritual estate and made them into slaves of the Priesthood, politicians, bankers, and Corporate media Moguls, such as you have found in your LA experience. 

Listen to it quietly.  Let the essence sink in and be experienced. Let no man be your guide, but allow the wordless essence of God speaking to you in a language known by all men who come to the altar of quietness. 

Such is the power and nature of True Meditation.


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Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Re:  The Power of True Meditation


D S microdhses@... wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

ds:  > You accuse me of of not addressing your message directly, but my question was about as direct as you can get. I repete; Does your kind of 'prayer to god', work for all the gods, or just the one, or ones, you like?

rk:  Questions arise from a host of Intellects.  Children in Kindergarten ask questions.  Students at the University level ask questions. Anyone can see questions are not the issue, but the quality of consciousness, of Intelligence behind the question is.

rk:  At the level of Divine Awareness, (Direct Perception of Truth-- True Meditation) there is only Infinite Intelligence made manifest in consciousness.  It is unbounded, timeless, multidimensional, nondualistic.  That is the God I speak of.  At the lowest level of satanically ruled consciousness, which is the superficial realm of dualistic Intellectualism, wherein all civilized (living dead) men and women function, only dualistic, opposing, linear, time-bound, aftermoment based  thoughts are possible.  That is the level of ignorance I speak of. The many "gods" you speak of only exposes the level of consciousness which rules you.

rk:  Taking comfort in the fact that you are not alone, really does not relieve you of the pain, angst, and confusion you suffer, does it?  All civilized men and women are controlled by Satanic Conditioning, and the evidence of such ignorance is the HELL they have made of the world they occupy. Check the headlines.  You'll see what I mean.

rk:  No one can deny my writing disturbs those possessed of limited intelligence, those who compensate for their ignorance behind a shield of pride.  Why?

rk:  It is not the words that I use, for the words are quite common.  It is the holistic energy of Truth behind my words which penetrate and dissolves all Satanic dualistic Illusions which raise hell in the diminished consciousness of Satanic hypnotically entranced men and women who believe they are intelligent, yet the world they create collectively tells quite a different story.

rk:  Hell, isn't it?

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