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United States National/NonResident Alien or UNITED STATES Citizen: Sovereign or Slave --Which Are You?

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


  Yes, I am speaking to you.  Which are you?

  Are you a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman, a united States National, an non-resident alien (as applied to the present DeFacto Corporate UNITED STATES Government) arising under the original jurisdiction of the de jure Constitution of the united States of 1789 as amended by the qualified electors of the several States of the American union and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 for the Territories of the de jure united States. Are you the creator of government?

  Or are you a Citizen of the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES by virtue of your 14TH Amendment slave status tied to the JURISTIC NAME spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS via your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and all other contracts knowingly or unknowingly struck with the present Corporate De Facto Government, the government who owns you, owns your children, owns you home, your property, owns your labor? Are you that artificial person, a dead, fictional legalistic corporate entity created via your acquiessence and subjugation via consent or ignorance to the fictional JURISTIC NAME and number assigned to you when your mother signed over rights to you to the government via application for the Birth Certificate?

   So which are you?  A Living Breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, Natural Man or Woman of the Sovereign People, the creator of government?   Or are you a Subject of the Corporation by virtue of your JURISTIC PERSONAGE unrebutted by you?

  There are two governments existing today, side by side. The aforementioned DeJure Government and the DeFacto Government, the corporate government which hijacked our original DeJure System of Government.  To which do you swear your allegiance?  Your choice makes all the difference in the world. In one you are Master, In the other, Slave.

  All contracts require Complete Disclosure of all terms to be stated and consented to for such contracts to be valid.  If not, such contracts are by law declared to be null and void and have no force of law behind them, AB INITIO (From the Beginning).

  Did your mother know the consequences of her signing that birth certificate application?  Were you aware of all terms specified by the Government  when you signed the application for a Social Security Card?  If not, you have the right to rescind such contracts.  Is that not your "GET OUT OF SLAVERY CARD" yet to be played by you?  You are not responsible for the NATIONAL DEBT. The Corporation is, by virtue of the overspending by its corporate officers. By your consenting to remain schnookered and ignorant of you legal status have you not pledged your life and labor to pay off a debt you are not intrinsically responsible for? 

  How many of you were aware of the information prior to it being given to you in this communication.  Knowing that you are a slave, owned and exploited through your own consent by a DeFacto Government that declares its own private policies, regulations and promotes them as law but are not Law, do you wish to continue living under such conditions which will destroy this country and make you a slave of the worldwide New World Order?

  Are you in search of a Savior. Then look into the mirror and save yourself.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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United States National/NonResident Alien or UNITED STATES Citizen: Sovereign or Slave --Which Are You?


Oregon Shout wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

os: >Where do we sign up for the OregonShout~'Get out of slavery' card ?

rk; In my opinion, rescinding one's 14th Amendment Status, removal of oneself from the corporate jurisdiction, returning to the status as a National, to one's God Gift of SOVEREIGNTY and BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT THE HELL OUT OF THE SYSTEM until it is brought down BY THE PEOPLE, not by the NEW WORLD ORDERS, is the ONLY WAY TO focus America's attentions.Everything else is hat in hand grovelling before the Corporations, as SLAVES ARE WON'T TO DO.

I have already sent you the steps that I have taken and all necessary information is found and free to use on my website Links at http://www.arkenterprises.com One can see, it effectiveness in how the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, regards such a Sovereign man or woman. However, No one give it to you. It must be done by oneself with understanding. Ray
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United States National/NonResident Alien or UNITED STATES Citizen: Sovereign or Slave --Which Are You?

Oregon Shout

Raymond Karczewski Wrote:


os:  >   es I thank you for the information,,

os:  >Raymond writes:"However, No one give it to you.  It must be done by oneself with understanding.   Ray"

os:  > Time is of the essence in all things

os:  > Yet for ONE to get it" takes years of collective study and being a victim is usually the driving force.

os:  >Therefore I submit to gather all the Right to travel / right of passage,and Freeman groups in Oregon ban together as one voice...The folks we are refuting are a well armed focused army.

os:  >Sadly, We are a scattered sheep for the most part.

rk:  James, your suggestion is well taken.  All groups coalesce into a focus group.  I, for one will continue to do what I do.

rk:  I have been under attack by Government Disinformation Agents, One of whom just recently joined Oregon Shout.  One merely has to visit alt.consciousness.4th-way or google my name to observe the vicious agenda which has been underway for the last fifteen years to shut down my writing. 

rk:  I have faced the beast, stood down the State of Oregon and Josephine County Courts but have, in the process, lost my wife whose death was hastened by the Stress put upon her by the Government.  To me this is nothing but life and death.  Individually and collectively.  However I do understand that NUMBERS are required to deal with the government at the slave level, but individuals can free themselves in a relatively short period of time and be beyond the grasp of the DeFacto government. 

rk:  All information for changing one's legal status from Citizen to national  is on my website links, but it is an enormous task for any one man to do it because time is short..  Organize and assign specific areas fo each member to study and report back findings, and put together an holistic momentum to assist the average man in how to do it for him/herself.   This must be a LEADERLESS movement or it shall fail.  Ray

rk:  For all you folks throughout the nation may I suggest you Join OREGON SHOUT at: http://oregonshout.ning.com/. They are building up a head of steam.  Let the takeback of our country begin here and spread throughout the Nation.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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Re: your recordings:  Raymond Karczewski You-Tube Videos:

Ana Talos Break  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

See:  http://www.youtube.com/user/RaymondKarczewski

atb:  > Hi

rk:  Ana, I must apologize.  I do not engage in private messenging when that which is discussed applies to the whole of the Civilized world. Let us conduct these messages openly and share it with all who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."

atb:  > Yes, I do have a language barrier, how did you know that? I would like to understand your speeches one day.

rk:  All you have to do is listen quietly.  What is stopping you from grasping the meaning is your own conditioned thoughts trying to interpret according to your preconditioning as to what is being said.  This is the limitation that is common to all whose world view is subject to remote control outside conditioning, in other words the whole of Civilized mankind, but for those who have come to at-onement with truth via Direct Perception of truth and thus experience Christ consciousness. 

atb:  > What happend, or what did you do to have that Truth flowing through you? When did it start?

rk:  My revelations and differences from the rest of my family, friends, school, business world etc  began at the age of Five. It has been with me throughout life and has left me much of an "outsider" looking in, in other words, "In this world, but not of it."

atb:  Have you heard of Urantia book?

rk:  Yes, I have. I bought it and began reading it, until Truth revealed  It to be the utmost of Satanic Mind Screwing (much like the Bible) in its deliberately posited complexity.  Truth, on the other hand is SIMPLE.  It is all around us, but most are blind to it.  I, am so simple in my expression of truth that the average complexity oriented satanically conditioned mind sees me as extremely complex.  Listen To:

rk:  My simplicity acts as a Mirror of Truth and reflects the insanity that others cannot see but often feel.

atb:  You remind me of the same style that book was written.

rk:  Lets just say that the Urantia book is beyond the stream of average consciousness and so am I.  However you see no complex organization of power behind my words.  Yet they hold up and ultimately disintegrates all satanic power which is simply illusion.  My ordeal with OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY GOVERNMENT bares that out.

rk:  The proof of what i say is in the freedom I have that others can only talk about it but do not have themselves.

rk:  My purpose is to assist in spiritual awakening.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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A Letter To  Elaine Brown regading the Spiritual Solution to Transcending Hell on Earth 


Hi, Ray,

Elaine Brown  asks:
Please enlighten: do you  mean that you feel the Bible is mind-screwing?  Hopefully I am mis-undertanding you.


My answer to Elaine was thus:
  No Elaine, you are NOT MISUNDERSTANDING me.  A book is a book is a book. It is not an object to worship in its words but it can resolve matters of a Technical nature. There is Some Truth to be found in the Bible, but a whole lot of deception mixed in with it.   It is merely a dead communication of a Time long Past while the truth unfolds in every eternal LIVING MOMENT OF NOW, but blind believers who've been spiritually blind and are obstructed from reaching their God-given Divine Awareness of direct perception of truth by their Satanically conditioned blind beliefs. 

  All words are satanic in nature for they are made up of the "letter of the Word and the Spirit of the Word."  That is they are dualistic in nature and are based in inherent opposition, and thus require Choice in order for one to act. Choice denotes confusion.  Truth does not require Choice.  Do you not see the opposition inherent in every word that one believes in but does not fully understand, which requires direct perception, apprehension of Truth in the unfolding of each eternal moment of NOW? 

   Do you realize from a legal standpoint what the word "Understand" means in how it is used by the courts to trick one into drawing them into their Jurisdiction through offer and consent to contract?  It means you STAND UNDER the authority of the author of such word, such as when a judge asks you "Do you understand the charges against you" and how do you plead?  When you say you understand, you have just granted that judge and that court, JURISDICTION over you as you have unwittingly  agreed to STAND UNDER HIS AUTHORITY.

   Those are the Satanic Tricks that lawyers and the like play that have been passed down centuries upon centuries which found their beginning is such books as the Bible, long before the life of Jesus of Nazareth who exposed the lawyers and judges, The pharisees of His day as Sons of Satan. 

   The only thing that one can place and ought to place HIS/HER UNDERSTANDING of is TRUTH.  To do this, one must penetrate the letter of the word to access the spirit behind it, whether it is Holistic in nature, or Fragmented which pretends itself to be holistic. Otherwise one becomes enslaved through words which are believed but not understood.  It is belief in illusion that form the chains of Bondage that makes one a servant and supporter of HELL ON EARTH.

  That Elaine is the nature of life. A testing ground which God has granted Satan and his minions limited authority to tempt man to determine his/her level of spirituality,  to test the Spiritual Mettle of Civilized man.  Government and Religions do a Hell of a Job doing that, do they not?

  You and Ed are being Tested.  In your forced solitude that prison life affords, you each have the opportunity to come to full  understanding of that ineffable essence called Truth.

   The reason, the Oregon Courts could convict the fictional person RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI but throw the  Living Breathing,  Flesh and Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©,  out of their jail, with no charges hanging over his head -- was that I knew I was no man's Slave.  I UNDERSTOOD the truth of Who I am, and they could not trick me into STANDING UNDER the JURISDICTION of the Court, much like Satan's Temptation of Jesus on the Mount.

   If the average man only understood their power lies within the Truth of Who they are, the whole satanic machine of present day government would crumble in an ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW!


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

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STATE OF OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY. Settle now for a Little or Later for a Lot

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


I have been asked after 8 years of persecution, why I don't move on the foreclosure of the UCC Liens I have filed against the unlawful De Facto STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE governments with the multitude Defaults they have incurred over the last 8 years as a result of their jailing then convicting the fictional Juristic Person bearing my Name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, while throwing me, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man whose Name is spelled normally, in Capital and Lower Case letter out of their jail because they could not prove JURISDICTION.

The bottom line is I have all the time in the world to move on each and every co-conspirator, because there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION ON FRAUD, the basis upon which I was kidnapped repeatedly, held hostage as the courts demanded ransom while holding me in their jail for the Color of Law Policies the courts focused upon the fictions Juristic Person/Strawman/Defendant of their own creation.

I have repeatedly extended an offer to them to settle with me finacially and let the State and County clean their own dirty operation up and correct their unlawful corporate policies along with a modest settlement. Because of the Great amount of money they understand they are liable for, they have opted to continue to play HARDBALL, even though their government in law is not a Lawful government. My offer toward settlement continues to be extended and will continue until the DeJure Government of Oregon State and County returns to put in place, once again, a lawful DeJure Government, a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. A nationwide movement is growing toward recapturing and returning our lost Constitutional Republic.

When such government is established along with its County Grand Jury, I shall take my case to such a Lawful Government. However having given every opportunity for the present corporate entity which masquerades as government to settle ammicably which they refuse, I will charge each and every co-conspirator individually, personally, and privately, according to their own personal,unlimited Commercial Liability for their participation in Conspiring to effect their crimes of unlawful arrests, felony kidnapping, robbery, grand theft and conspiring to Coverup from the Governor's Office down to the cop on the Street. Although Slaves,acting in limited capacity cannot sue their masters, their government, any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man of the Sovereign People, the creator of government, while standing in full legal capacity can sue the pants off their public servants.

I will take them for every they have or ever will have. They will graduat from IGNORANT SLAVES to AWARE SLAVES. IN the meantime,  I shall continue to expose the "cocky bastards."

STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, A Little now, or a Lot LATER. ITS YOUR MOVE!! Killing me as a solution is not in your best interest.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
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Re-Presenting Is The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness Unravelling Lies And Liars And The Remedy To The Lies

(A Must Read for Spiritual Seekers)

By: Arthur and Fiona Cristian

Arthur & Fiona,
  In this spell breaking spiritual offering, You've done a magnificent job of reducing the INFINITE into the understandable terms of the finite of the Satanically controlled conditioned consciousness which rules the world of the "Living Dead", and you've done so merely by exposing the conditioned thought which imprisons damn near all men and women on this planet.  You NAILED IT!

  I have taken the opportunity to post this on my website, and hope that others shall do the same.  This is the ticket out of Hell that civilized man has constructed through his own conditioned ignorance.

               Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Re-Presenting Is The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness
Unravelling Lies And Liars And The Remedy To The Lies
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian Love For Life

Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8129
Comments: http://loveforlife.com.au/comment/reply/8129#comment-form

19th April 2011

This article is about what we feel is the kernel of the heartfelt-inspired insights we have been unravelling from outside-the-square over the past six years. We have spent thousands of hours sifting through the information we have come across, keeping that which we find to be truth and discarding that which is lies, until we have been able to simplify everything down to a remedy that does not require hours of reading law dictionaries and memorising Laws, Acts and Statutes. It does not require knowledge of how to prepare and file legal documents.

What we share in this article can be used to unravel all the lies we have been fed and to step out of "The System" to freedom. Once anyone can comprehend this information and is inspired, they can apply it in whatever area they are working with, whether religion, law or whatever, so long as they are unwavering in their determination to see their objective through. They will be able to prove that all men are equal and that no one has authority over another, and to make right what has been made wrong, particularly if they have a large, strong force of committed men and women beside them, to stand up to brute force tactics.

Applying this information successfully, we will be able to free innocent men and women from jail and release others from the grip of harm-doers seeking to rape, pillage and plunder their fruits of labour while exhausting their LIFE-force-energy. This approach will only work for those who are prepared to take full responsibility for LIFE and are not looking for something of "The System", i.e. financial gain, which will only keep them in "The System". This method will not work for those who have motives of greed and selfishness, power and control, self-centered glory and righteousness. It only works with love.

This information can be used to discern whether new information is truth or lies. The real purpose of this work is to enable men and women to pull out of "The System" altogether and not be sucked into another one. To keep this article as brief as possible we have provided links below to seven recent Facebook discussions/debates and links to articles which collectively expand on the themes we touch on in great detail. We also want to thank three friends, Tom, Glen & Raymond, who shared some key insights with us over the past six years. They provided missing pieces to a very large puzzle we finally completed late last year.

Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


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Re-Presenting Is The Pull Of Duality
Into False Consciousness

Learning To Re-present

We are so accustomed to re-presenting, learning how to do it from an early age, that we do it automatically, without awareness or comprehension of what we are doing. From the stories we are read to the belief systems we are indoctrinated into, we learn to place what is not real over what is real and to give up our uniqueness for a fairytale character within "The System". Thus when little Mary is looking at pictures of Alice in Wonderland while mum reads the story over & over again, Mary is learning to re-present someone she is not. She starts playing the game. When little Peter plays Superman, he is re-presenting someone he is not. This may seem harmless enough - the children are using their imaginations and having fun BUT, while they are in fantasy, they are not experiencing the real world and, once we learn this behaviour, we continue our fantasy life into adulthood although the fantasy characters we portray change as our scenarios change as we grow. It is this behaviour that keeps us apart and in conflict with each other because we are in conflict with who we really are and the real world we are part of. When we learn to re-present a Christian, a Muslim, a Frenchman, an Icelandic woman, a New Ager, a politician, a democrat, a lawyer, etc, we are being someone we are not and re-presenting a fictitious character in "The System".

The Baggage

So strongly do we identify with the characters that we are re-presenting, that we will hurt our brothers and sisters of LIFE before we we will give them up. So the Jews fight the Arabs, the Americans fight the Iraqis, citizens fight the Bar and government, politicians of one party fight with the politicians of another party and fans of opposing football teams fight with each other. See how we are kept apart by this baggage? And baggage it is, baggage that we can let go of if we choose and baggage that we have to let go of if we are ever to get together and co-create a world of peace, joy, freedom, truth, abundance and do no harm for ALL. This baggage makes us greedy, selfish, suspicious, uncooperative, ignorant, arrogant, righteous and harmful. It blinkers us from ever seeing clearly what needs to be done to create the world of love we all dream of. Even amongst those of the freedom-truth movement who are supposed to be fighting for a just, free world, there is bickering, back-stabbing and enmity with feuds amongst different factions. 

We Won't Let Go Of The Baggage

Let's have a look at what happens when we ask Mary and Peter to stop playing and get ready for bed; first they ignore us - they don't want to slip out of fantasy back to reality. Then, when we persist, they resist; "I don't want to stop playing!" "I don't want to go to bed!". They may get really upset, throwing a tantrum and hurling abuse, "I hate you, Mummy!", and even physically lashing out, so much do they want to continue in their fantasy world, being the fantasy figure of their choice in the fantasy story of their choice. The same thing happens when, as adults, we are asked to question our belief systems; "Give up my religion? No way!" "Let go of years of research into the legal system? No way!" "Give up booze and meat pies? No way!" "Give up slavery? No way!" "I want my Common Law!" "I want my Law Degree!" "I want my trial by jury!" "I want my constitution!" " I want my democracy!", etc, etc.

We cling on to what we have been taught to re-present even if there is clear evidence that the way we are living is causing destruction to LIFE that is who we are. We would literally rather die and cause the death of all LIFE forms of LIFE than give up our belief systems. Our addictions to baggage are so strong that we will resist truth and get angry, attacking those who show us truth and even maiming and killing our brothers and sisters of LIFE to defend our addictions. It is the baggage doing the attacking because their baggage is all they have to offer and the baggage is who they have become. Are we any different from Mary and Peter clinging to their fantasy characters? The baggage we have become includes our "self", whose needs and desires we are enslaved to and our system "person/strawman" whose responsibilities in "The System" we have to fulfil.

From early childhood, from Alice and Superman, we move onto pre-school and then school and perhaps university where we are given more and more stories to re-present, more fantasy to become addicted to and more and more information that is not of LIFE to place over LIFE in the name of politics, science, evolution, religion, spirituality, consciousness, the cosmos, etc, until we have forgotten how to connect with the reality of LIFE any more. Everything of the real world has been labelled in many different ways by the information of "The System" and our heads are so busy re-presenting this man-made out-of-thin-air information that we are unable to feel, hear, see, touch, taste or smell the natural, pure and sincere information of LIFE that each LIFE form is offering us unconditionally for free. Most of our waking life, most of the thoughts in our head are not thoughts of LIFE but are thoughts of "The System" and we form crowds, flocks and groups with others who like re-presenting the same "system" thoughts as we do and resist mixing with those who re-present other "system" thoughts. Thus we are divided and ruled, burdened by the growth of baggage that becomes us. "The System" is the baggage that has become all of us.

With every re-presentation that we enact, there is both the scenery and the character we are acting in that imagining that occurs only between our ears - nowhere else is this occurring, be it a story about relativity, darkness, time, money, the universe, other worlds or quantum physics. We are superimposing this fiction over LIFE just as Mary turns the family dining table into the setting for the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  When we focus on 1, 2 or 3 or a, b, or c or that Mars is a planet, for example, we can't bring forward 1, 2 or 3 or a, b or c or Mars or compass, square, universe, law or magnetic north to back our claims that they exist. We are just re-presenting fiction that is the thoughts of other men & women that we echo as re-presenters. Our brains are like film projectors and the re-presentation information is what we are re-creating through the projection of these thoughts that we superimpose over LIFE just as little Mary re-presents wonderland over the real world.

Getting to grips with the way we re-present everything of "The System" of baggage is the key to our escape from the enslavement of "The System". Recognising that "The System" is a copy of LIFE, a shadow, that has been placed over LIFE and needs our LIFE-energy to appear to exist is how we discern what is truth and what is not. Is what we are feeling or experiencing of LIFE? Can we feel it, see it, smell it, touch it, hear it and taste it? Does it have purity and sincerity? Does it still have the presence of LIFE present? Is it LIFE sustainable, meaning, is it free, not needing our LIFE-energy, the fruits of our labour, to live? Or does it need us to interact with it, to start it, stop it, manufacture it, mine it, process it, explain it, manage it, enforce it, build it, repair it and believe it. Everything that is not of LIFE and is not LIFE sustainable is fraud and it is this fraud, this re-presenting, that creates the duality that is the basis of all belief systems of "The System".

How We Accept The Lies Of Duality

Re-presenting the thought of God is lying. The God of the thought of God does not exist and therefore is not God. Living creator exists because its presence of LIFE is present amongst us, here and now. Mary re-presenting Alice in Wonderland does not make Alice or Wonderland real either. Only Mary is present with the presence of LIFE and she has to re-present Alice and Wonderland because they are not present to LIFE and are both without the presence of LIFE. This is duality. This is baggage. Mary has become a slave to Alice and Wonderland and has to re-present these thoughts to give them her LIFE so they can temporarily have the illusion of being real. But they will never have the presence of LIFE to be present amongst the living, amongst what is real. They are not LIFE-sustainable.

All forms of duality are satanic; Mary is real but Alice isn't. This is duality. Satanism is the practise of creating fairytales, the baggage, and then hijacking men, women and children to fall into those fairytales so that they give their power away to them so they can be ruled by the rulers in the fairytale. Satanism is getting men, women and children to shoulder burdens of baggage so that they limp through LIFE weighed down, enslaved and under the standing of the inventors and rulers of the baggage.

Satanism is the practise of duality, i.e. heaven and hell or we are tiny aspects of a universe at the effect of greater forces than us or we are all on a journey heading from somewhere to somewhere. These ideas are lies. They do not have the presence of LIFE present. Because the believers in heaven and hell have been brainwashed to accept and believe in the hierarchies of archangels down to cherubs in heaven and the authority of the devil in hell, they accept the hierarchies of "The System". They agree to be ruled over by the re-present-atives of hell. They accept judges, priests, Police Officers and other "authority figures" as having authority and standing over them here and now. Those who are "good", law abiding, compliant and peaceful citizens of their faith go to heaven while those who are "bad" and break the rules of their faith go to hell. In "The System", those who are  "good", law abiding, compliant and peaceful citizens of "The System" are "allowed" to earn their money, buy their houses and live unmolested by the enforcers of "The System" while those who are "bad" feel the full force of the enforcers of "The System". They have been so familiarised with their chosen fairytale that they view their lives through their beliefs, just as little Mary turns her home, garden and family into scenery and props for her performance of the Alice in Wonderland fairytale.

As Above So Below Is The Duality Of Baggage

All Satanic thoughts are without the pure and sincere substance of LIFE. All substance is SENSE because it has LIFE, is LIFE-sustainable, and its presence of LIFE is always present amongst us. Alice and Wonderland are NON-SENSE while Mary isn't. Yes, she is presently lost in a fairytale but Mary has pure and sincere senses of LIFE; sight, sound, touch, taste, feel and smell - it is just that she is forgetting to use them all here and now. Mary is caught up in a world of thought without sense embodied. This satanic practise is often referred to as the "worship of the intellect" which is at the core of all Freemasonic teachings. Mary believes that Alice and Wonderland exist, even though she cannot experience them here and now with all her senses of LIFE. As Alice and Wonderland are without sense, Mary has to act on their behalf, use her sense, to re-present them. Mary's performance of Alice and Wonderland is based in non-sense. Mary will never be able to bring forward Alice or Wonderland to back her claim that Alice or Wonderland exists. All satanic thoughts are without the presence of LIFE to be present amongst us, the living.

Bible believers claim the bible is the living word of God but they are unable to bring forward their God to back their claims here and now. Just as little Mary's Alice always remains invisible so does the God of the bible believers. We say: "Hello God, can you please come forward to back John and Rachael's claims. We want to touch, taste, see, smell and feel you while we hear your tongue confirm John and Rachael's claims." Because John and Rachael are unable to bring forward their God to back their beliefs, their claims default back to them as fraudsters. They are both impersonating a God so they can, acting as impostors of a God, place their claims and their lives on to a higher standing than other men, women & children. This means they are both re-presenting a God of NON-SENSE. This non-sense is causing conflict and chaos between other men and women, of equal standing, caught in the crossfire of John and Rachael spreading their righteousness all-around. John and Rachael have been dumbed down by the baggage of a God that has become them. Due to non-sense, they are incapable of seeing the harm they are causing and spreading all around and they are unable to take full-responsibility for stopping the harm.

The same thing occurs in "The System" where the clergy, judges, politicians and law enforcement officers, etc, all believe that they have authority over those who do not have those titles. They are re-presenting NON-SENSE, especially when there is a maxim of law that states, "All men are equal before the law"! And those who go to the courts or accept Police, lawyers and barristers telling them what to do also believe in this imagined authority. It works both ways. We support the Wonderland structures that enslave us and even fight to keep them or strengthen them. But where is democracy? Where is Court? Where is Common Law? Who can bring them forward for us all to experience with our senses and hear from them, first party to first party, the proof that they have authority over us? All they can bring forward is a man, woman or child to back their claim. Again, this is re-presenting non-sense for the purpose of power and control. This is all duality. This is a continuation of the baggage. All fairytales/non-sense is baggage.

The challenge is to become detached from duality so that we can see it for what it really is. The duality of non-sense only exists as part of belief systems and our belief in duality keeps us locked in our belief systems - without belief systems, there is no duality, there is no baggage, there is no re-presenting non-sense.

As someone wrote to us recently through Facebook after reading our articles and Facebook discussions/debates, "I am aware how duality comes in all its many forms only to keep us going back and forth almost like a dog chasing its own tail. Around and around we go and every time we go around the bend, we don't recognise that we've been down that road before. The same old thing, just a different dressing to make it new and improved, only to be had once more. But good news is I, like others, have caught on."

The Belief Systems Of Duality (baggage)

These belief systems of duality are the spells woven by the "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" men and women of "The System". In order to keep us enslaved to "The System", they have to convince us that "The System" is changing and that we are responsible for making some of those changes. Those behind "The System" provide us with the chaos of "The System" and then offer us the remedy to the chaos. They have all bases covered and we fall for their spells, attaching our fiction "selves" to the remedies they offer, not realising that no remedy with or of "The System" will give us freedom. Hence the effect of the dog chasing its tail; the remedy we pour our energy into only continues our enslavement. We are the ones with the power of co-creation so the world we see around us is what we are responsible for creating. When those behind "The System" trick us into thinking the thoughts they want us to think, we oblige by creating the world in the image of those thoughts. Those behind "The System" even provide physical/material "evidence" to support those thoughts. They are black-magic masters of deception, remote projection, remote viewing and remote control and we, unwittingly, fall for their thoughts. Not conscious of our gift for co-creation, our true power, our brains, is being used against us.

It is hard to comprehend that the baggage of "The System" is in nearly every area of our lives. The moment we stop doing what is natural to LIFE and start re-presenting what we have been taught by "The System", we are weighing our lives down with more baggage. When we process/cook food and liquids, this is baggage. When we kill and eat flesh and blood creatures, this is baggage, When we worship false idols, this is baggage. When we cause pain and trauma in others, this is baggage that they then start re-presenting and carry as baggage. It is no wonder that there are so many unhappy, lonely, frightened, distrustful people around, carrying both the baggage they have been taught by "The System" and the baggage of others that has been pushed onto them. Even the read and write alphabet languages that we read and speak, all the mathematics, geometry and all university courses and careers add to the baggage. It is all stuff that we have to re-present, meaning that we don't have much LIFE any more. We are totally bogged down being slaves, almost totally disconnected from LIFE.

The Baggage Continues

So immersed are we by the baggage that some of us even work against our brothers and sisters of LIFE to maintain the baggage. Throughout the freedom, truth, consciousness, health, education, science, New Age, spiritual & all alternative movements are intelligence agents whose job is to make sure that we are not putting down our burdens of baggage. Some we think are friends and on our side. Some we've known for years and have worked together with. "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" - they get to know our thoughts, who we are talking too, the groups that we are part of or the new groups/grass-root-movements we are creating with others and the true intentions behind them. They get to know what our plans and dreams are, what we eat and drink, when we sleep, where we socialise, what we like and dislike, how we feel and how we think. They get to know almost everything about us because we let them into our private lives and accept them when they set themselves up as trusted leaders/shepherds/influential guides of their flocks.

The tactics they use to get us to trust them are brilliant but very predictable once you become conscious of them. They may be thrown in jail and roughed up, picked on by Police, done over in court, etc. Things are not what they seem. "If they can get you to think what they want you to think and get you to put your LIFE-energy into these thoughts & feelings, you will create that world (their world). Slaves willingly create a world in their masters image without realising." The deception is far deeper than most realise.

Not only are these agents both the "good guys" and the "bad guys", they often also create scenes between them, getting their followers to "take sides" and thus be still more divided. See this link for an example: http://web.mac.com/len15/Newsletter_&_Blog/Knighting_Controversy.html

These intelligence agents then report all information back to their central intelligence networks which filter the information back to the Levite priests who control all sides of everything in "The System", their "system of systems", their enclosure of many enclosures, their mazes within many mazes, their matrix, their fairytales. As we said "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us". Whose thoughts are we thinking and most importantly, who benefits long-term through our compliance to these thoughts? By knowing our thoughts, they control the outcomes to suit their agenda.

Change Agents Of Baggage

Not only are the intelligence agents the leaders of their fields, they are also men and women who work across the internet in forums and social networks to discredit and bring down those who are pure and sincere in the inspiration to co-create freedom for ALL. These agents send abusive attacks and character assassinations. They try to emotionally manipulate their targets and those they are in contact with to break down bonds that are forming between them. Many of these agents are themselves controlled remotely by the Levite Priests and their lackeys through Black Magic. In "The System", this manipulation occurs in every area of life; there is nowhere the presence of this satanic agenda is not present. It is all pervasive. And those managing the network of the Satanic agenda are the higher Freemasonic orders, the henchmen of the Levite Priests that are above the "benevolent", lower levels of Freemasonry. This is all more baggage.

Having a man-made "system" with currentcy, laws, governments, etc, requires slavery. It is impossible to have a man-made "system" without having slavery. Currentcy, insurance, commerce, laws, governments, rulers, law enforcement, etc, do not exist and are of duality. There is the presence of MAN whose flesh lives and blood flows present amongst us and then there is currentcy, insurance, commerce, laws, governments, rulers, law enforcement, etc, which do not exist, requiring MAN to re-present them. There are billions of slaves presently amongst us. 

A copy of LIFE is the shadow world that is the man-made darkness. The Freemasonic world rules over the shadow world. Re-presenting forms the shadows that disconnect us from who we really are and what we are really part of, from each other, all other LIFE forms of LIFE and our true purpose. Just as the Obelisk in Washington DC is erected over water so that it has a reflection, "The System" is just a poor reflection of LIFE. Why do you think the obelisk was placed there? They always show us the truth but they do not teach us how to recognise it. We are being ruled by the shadows of our own projections. Mary's Alice is a shadow.

How They Keep Us Apart

The freedom truth information is already showing up as not working. We are hearing of more and more cases of men and women using this information still being evicted from their homes and of many other cases where those of "The System" are ignoring their own laws just to ensure that we remain enslaved and that no precedents are set that could free us all. This situation is true to one of the tactics of the change agents of "The System" whereby they raise our hopes by seeming to have remedies, only to dash down those hopes when the remedies don't work. The mantra is always, "We can't beat "The System"".

All the supposed roads to freedom are whitewashed/white-anted. Men and women waking up become aware of their enslavement, look for the way out and are overjoyed when the "good guy" of "The System" comes along, seeming to have all the answers. Like a shepherd to his flock, he leads them along to what they think is freedom but is actually only another enclosure of "The System". The methods that should work don't work and, slowly, the men and women realise that they have not found freedom after all. They try again but each new enclosure is still in "The System" and they are still enslaved.

Those behind "The System" do have a remedy planned for the problems we are all experiencing and it will be one that most will jump at because it will sound wonderful, erasing all debt and other enticements of that nature. However, it will not be freedom but just a new version of the current system, a New World Order (NWO) system wrapped in shiny paper with sparkling ribbons but still backed by the same force only, this time, the force will be stronger and more pervasive and our "rights" will be fewer and we will be even more under control than we are now. We will jump at it because nothing seems to be working; all the remedies are failing, life in "The System" is getting harder and harder, we are working longer and longer hours and seeing our families less and less.  Earth is becoming more and more polluted and we are becoming sicker and sicker. Why wouldn't we jump at a remedy that seems to offer relief from all this suffering? We will be on our knees and delighted when the Chosen One of "The System" comes along to wipe out all our worries.

The NWO is not the present chaos led by the "bad guys" with their police state, forced vaccinations, global warming, wars, terrorism, injustice, loss of rights and freedoms, etc, the NWO is the remedy to this chaos led out front by the "good guys". Both the "bad guys" and the "good guys" all come from one of the thirteen Ancient Egyptian Freemasonic "orders" (13 lost tribes of IS RA EL) spread out across Earth.

As we have written many, many times, the only remedy to our situation is to form do no harm communities where we take care of each other and nature. Those behind "The System" also know that this is the only way we will cause a mass exodus from "The System" and away from their clutches, so do you think they are going to let us set up communities without trying to have some sort of influence? Of course not. We have noticed that some of the leaders in the freedom truth movement are starting to talk about community as a remedy. If they are pure and sincere in their intent, this is great. However, some of them are there to set these communities up for failure down-the-line, to show us that we cannot get together and overcome our baggage. The baggage everyone brings to community destroys it and the change agents know this which is why they don't teach everyone how to let go of all the baggage. If necessary, they will also infiltrate communities to bring about their downfall by stirring up problems and creating divisions. This is easily dealt with if we are forming our communities with pure and sincere information driven by the intent for purity and sincerity in everything we think, feel and do but they will no doubt have some success with communities that are not prepared for this tactic of destruction. We do not want to be sucked into re-presenting the "as above, so below" duality that will have us be enslaved in the next version of "The System", the NWO.

Why Re-Presenting?

So why all the effort to teach us to re-present?

Those behind "The System" need our energy and our belief to keep "The System" intact and active. Without us, there is nothing. Without Mary there is no Alice or Wonderland to re-present. They need us to be slaves to "The System", re-presenting/performing the constructs of "The System" and giving our power away to the black-magic masters of "The System". We are already of LIFE which is a natural "system", a way of co-creating with LIFE through SENSE that is natural to us. In order for us to forget our connections to LIFE and to abandon and destroy LIFE so that it no longer has the presence of LIFE present, we have to be taught from early childhood to put our energy into something other than LIFE, into the fake, contrived, man-made system of civilisation which we are taught to place over LIFE. As none of the constructs of "The system" have LIFE, if we do not put our LIFE energy into them, they are nothing. For those behind "The System" to keep the status quo of everything for them and crumbs for the rest of us, we need to be persuaded to maintain that situation for them.

We have been conned into living in a world of man-made constructs and there is not ONE construct (CON-struct) of "The System" that can be backed up by those who worship it because ALL constructs of "The System" exist nowhere but as fantasy, illusion and delusion between the ears. They are fraudulent ideas without LIFE that we must support and maintain, enslaving our lives in the process. If we are to escape "The System", we must be vigilant in routing out all the fraud. It is vital that we all scrutinise thoroughly ALL the information we come across rather than just accepting that which fits our belief system, and that we all learn to go where truth takes us if we are pure and sincere in our intent to co-create a world of peace, freedom, abundance, joy and Do No Harm for all.

LIFE is love and love is LIFE and we are the ones with LIFE/love. "The System" has no love/LIFE and so is nothing without the LIFE/love we put into it. In a community, it is the LIFE/love that we put into that community that sustains it.

Thought Without LIFE Are Not Real

The thought of God is not God just as the thought of Jesus, consciousness, love, peace, freedom, joy, abundance and do no harm for all are not Jesus, consciousness, love, peace, freedom, joy, abundance and do no harm for all. All dreams have a creator. Imagine the dream of LIFE is a bubble (a metaphor); Living-creator thought out the dream of LIFE in great detail, held all the thoughts that make up the whole of LIFE in focus and then put its LIFE into those thoughts to give LIFE to the dream of LIFE. The presence of Living creator is always present to everything Living-Creator created. If Living-Creator removed its LIFE from the dream of LIFE, the bubble, the dream of LIFE would fade away and die. TRUTH always has the presence of LIFE present (here & now). Truth is LIFE-sustainable and does not require MAN to be a slave for its existence. TRUTH always has SENSE (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell) while lies are always based on NON-SENSE. 

LIFE is the LIFE of Living-Creator and is the living body of Living-Creator. All thoughts without the LIFE of Living-Creator present, are Satanic, and are fraud and lies. This is why we say the thought of God is not God, instead it is a dead God. It's when we give LIFE to thoughts that are LIFE-sustainable that they are real and LIFE-sustainable. LIFE is the Gift of LIFE. In paradise, every breath is a gift of LIFE, every drink of water is a gift of LIFE, every bite of raw-living food is a gift of LIFE, every step we make is a Gift of LIFE and is an act of co-creation with LIFE. Every thought given LIFE is sacred. We were all meant to be taking full-responsibility for everything we think, feel & do; unfortunately most don't because they have fallen into fairytales that have them lost and re-presenting lies. Mary, as Alice, does not want to take responsibility for the things she has to do as Mary in the real world. Mary has left it to others to take care of her responsibilities in the real world. This is what we are all doing in "The System"; we have forsaken our responsibility for LIFE and allowed others to make the decisions for us, which means that we now have rulers who take care of things provided we DO WHAT THEY SAY, i.e. be their slaves. "The System" is Wonderland for adults. It is impossible to have any man-made system without rulers and slaves. Re-presenting a system, cashless or not, requires slaves and rulers.

Re-presenting is the basis of "The System" and learning not to re-present is the basis of freedom from "The System". Re-presenting is at the heart of all religions, all occults and esoterics, all university courses and careers, all science, mathematics and read and write alphabet languages. It is the basis of all false prophets.

Waiting For Salvation

All dreams come with full responsibility and it is our role to take full responsibility for LIFE. However, we have leant to pass on that responsibility to false gods, prophets and laws and, in doing so, we have forsaken the dream of LIFE to the point where it is dying and we, as LIFE, are dying. Rather than face up to the mess we have created, we place all our hopes on someone, something, somehow, somewhere to solve everything for us. And there are plenty of false prophets willing to tell us that, if we just sit tight and hold on, everything will come out all right. See this example:

Isa 25  (Stones - Hebrew text & NKV)
Yahweh will eliminate death forever,   And YAHWEH will wipe away tears from all faces;
      He will remove the shame of His people and the shame of His nation Israel for ever;
      For YAHWEH has spoken.
Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel. They say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.’ And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,  Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt.  Those who are wise shall shine  Like the brightness of the firmament,  And those who turn many to righteousness  Like the stars forever and ever. )  And it will be said on that day: “Behold, this is our God; We have waited for Him, and He will save us. This IS YAHWEH; We have waited for Him; We will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.”

This is Re-Presenting The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness

If 6 billion children were brought up in forests not exposed to "The System" or to anyone exposed to "The System", would they all know about Alice and Wonderland? Would they know about Yahweh? Would they all be re-presenting NON-SENSE or would they all be present to the presence of LIFE of Living-Creator and all equal team-players of LIFE, all taking full-responsibility for LIFE?

How many people are waiting for God, Jesus, Yahweh, the Prophet, the Galactic Federation, the White Brotherhood, the Asian Triad, Nesara, Maitreya, someone, anyone, to come along and make it all better with one whoosh of their magic wand? How many are waiting to be proven right; that their way was the right way and that they are among the chosen? This is all re-presenting NON-SENSE. Where is Yahweh? Why is Yahweh limited to time? Why is he invisible? If he is our father or whatever, why is he removed from us? Would parents erect barriers between them and their children? Can Yahweh appear before all of us so that we can all experience him with all our senses of LIFE? Can he move a mountain range 100 kilometres with us all watching? How will he stop us all thinking and feeling satanic thoughts and feelings? Are we puppets on a string? If we don't each have full-responsibility for LIFE then who and what are we? Where are his ancestors buried? Where do his children play? What is his address so we can visit to have a chat while having a bite to eat and a drink between us? Would we all suffer, if not fade away and die, if he did not exist? For more on this, see the Facebook discussions/debates referred to below.

Don't those waiting for their chosen prophet realise that freedom for one means freedom for all? That abundance for one is only possible when there is abundance for all? That do no harm for one is only possible when there is do no harm for all?

Even many of those who do not believe in a saviour still think of the "Universe" as something separate, greater and more powerful than them and that the "forces" of the Universe will sort things out and "right the balance" between light and dark, good and evil. This is still duality - light balanced by dark, good balanced by evil. Can they bring forward the universe to back their claim? Can they bring forward darkness? Is not what they call "universe" just part of the body of LIFE that we are? Is darkness not just the absence of light (LIFE/reality/sense)? LIFE is information, darkness is information and words like spirit and soul and light are information but does darkness have the presence of LIFE present amongst us? Or is darkness just another pretend shadow we made up just as Alice is a shadow of Mary's projection? SENSE is consciousness, is LIFE - NON-SENSE is unconsciousness, is death to LIFE - sense is information - non-sense is information and we become in the image of the information we put our LIFE-energy into and project.

All men are equal - this means that no one has authority over another and that all of us are equally responsible for LIFE. This also means that there is no almighty father figure with more power than any of us. Until we learn how not to be slaves or rulers or deceivers we will always have the problems we are experiencing now.

The Matrix

The Matrix
Written by Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski

Morpheus: I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Neo: You could say that.
Morpheus: I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he's expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: 'Cause I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind -- driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?
Neo: The Matrix?
Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?
(Neo nods his head.)
Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when you go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. (long pause, sighs)
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. (In his left hand, Morpheus shows a blue pill.)
Morpheus: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. (a red pill is shown in his other hand) You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (Long pause; Neo begins to reach for the red pill) Remember -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.
(Neo takes the red pill and swallows it with a glass of water)

Why was this film made? Why were we "allowed" to see so much of the "truth"? Because, while they show us the rabbit-hole, they don't show us the full extent of the rabbit-hole and how deep it really goes. They don't show us about re-presenting and how the only way out of the rabbit-hole is through our love, our gifts for LIFE and our willingness to come together with our brothers and sisters of LIFE for the benefit of LIFE. "The Matrix" is the feel-good, quick fix, the confirmation that all is not right with the world, without a way out or any responsibility required.

Have We Got What It Takes?

When we wake up to the fact that everything of "The System" is Wonderland and, however much fear and pressure is forced upon you by the actors in Wonderland, it is still Wonderland, you realise that nothing of benefit to LIFE can be found in Wonderland. Just as Mary has to pack up her game and join her family in the real world, so we have to have the courage to let go of Wonderland. We need to pack up all the costumes, throw away all the titles and everything else we are re-presenting and return to the real world. Wonderland is not a remedy to Wonderland; behind all the trickery and treachery there is only force and force cannot co-create a world of peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all.

We need to stop using their books and their laws and just show them the fraud. They can never prove that any of the constructs of "The System" exist; all they can bring forward is another man and they will never admit that all men are not equal. Exposing the fraud is the remedy to dealing with the law and is the way to solving all our issues. But ONLY if we are brave enough to give up our baggage and stop re-presenting the lies that keep us enslaved. If we go into the courts, we go in as living co-creators of LIFE. We do not go in to use their laws, their books or to partake in their rituals. We go in to expose the fraud and show that they have no authority or jurisdiction because they cannot bring forward any proof to back their claims that they do, just as we, who have created our own Alice and Superman to act in "The System", cannot bring forward Alice or Superwoman, only the living man or woman whose flesh lives and blood flows, the living-creator/living-co-creator.

When we have peeled away all the re-presenting baggage all that remains is LOVE FOR LIFE and, from being selfish, self-centred, greedy, fearful individuals (in-divide-u-all-s), clinging on to our beliefs and our possessions, we become like the rays of the sun, shining our love for life outwards for the benefit of LIFE, secure in the information that, as we pour all our LIFE into taking care of LIFE, so LIFE will take care of us. The thoughts of Living Creator given LIFE of Living Creator are the gift that we have. We can be present to those thoughts, to the pure and sincere information of LIFE, anywhere, throughout all our waking LIFE, if we chose to and if we are prepared to let go of the baggage that keeps us from being present to those thoughts. When we stop re-presenting the fear, trauma, distrust and indifference of "The System", we connect with the real dream of LIFE and experience (remember) the true working of the dream of LIFE and our natural inheritance as co-creators of LIFE.

When we take full responsibility for our baggage, we start to forgive instead of blaming, harming and dumping. We can forgive the men and women we are and forgive all the baggage and devastation we have caused to us, each other and nature. We realise that it is not about first or last, rich or poor, have or have not, but about taking care of the dream of LIFE so that it doesn't fade away and we don't fade away with it.

Even the masterminds of "The System" and their henchmen need to be forgiven because they too have been brainwashed, they were all once innocent babies. All the impure and insincere thoughts they send out are curses that cannot escape LIFE because LIFE is all there is. This is also true of all the impure and insincere thoughts we send out; they cannot escape LIFE and, in the end, they return to the maker but not before causing harm to LIFE. We can learn to stop thinking impure and insincere thoughts and stop sending out curses but we cannot stop others doing so. What we can do is not accept the curses of others, instead, sending them back to their maker. Forgiving those behind and of "The System" does not mean that we do not stand up to them or accept their curses, only that we forgive them even as we stand our ground. We need to break the Freemasonic/Satanic spell over those bound by the oath of death and thus break the perpetuation of this NON-SENSE. Most, if not all, are in fear of each others reprisals and missing out on sitting by the side of their Lord in their after-LIFE.

Communities Without Baggage

We are currently re-writing the Ten Steps Of Kindom (Freedom) in which we set out the steps to take in order to co-create Do No Harm Communities, Communities Without Baggage and, when we have found a venue and the support necessary, we will start running workshops based on the Ten Steps Of Freedom where we can all learn how to start letting go of our baggage and taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Nothing can escape our making. We are responsible for everything we are experiencing around us and for everything being experienced by our brothers and sisters of LIFE. It is our thoughts and the energy we give them that is the world we are all experiencing here and now. Our thoughts cannot escape LIFE and are what is used to create the world we all experience here and now. All the natural disasters are created by us as well. All we learn from "The System" is how to do harm and all this harm is curses that we send out in the image of our thoughts.

Do No Harm communities are for those who want to stop creating and supporting the curses that are destroying LIFE, as well as providing a sanctuary for those fleeing "The System".   

We already are LIFE, we already are unique and we already have everything we need for lives of freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all. All we have to do is help each other remember how to create those lives. Individualised and alone, we will achieve nothing. Together, strong in our commitment and through love, we can do anything we aspire to.

The End


Annihilation (Population Control) is the ultimate solution to clearing the planet earth of the already "LIVING DEAD."

rk:   Arthur Cristian:  A man who Sees!

rk:  Contained herein is an excerpt from Arthur's  Spiritually Eye-opening commentary on his topic of "Re-Presenting Is The Pull Of Duality Into False Consciousness Unravelling Lies And Liars And The Remedy To The Lies."


rk:  May I suggest all True Spiritual Seekers, (Not justthose who play such on the Internet) Google the name "Raymond Karczewski" and check out alt.fan.art-bell, and alt.consciousness.4th-way newsgroups, There, you will observe the application of the following paragraph exposing the techniques used by Government/Media, sponsored/supported disinformation agents who stalk my writing everywhere it appears on the Internet for the purpose of misdirection and discreditation.

ac:  >  "Not only are the intelligence agents the leaders of their fields, they are also men and women who work across the internet in forums and social networks to discredit and bring down those who are pure and sincere in the inspiration to co-create freedom for ALL. These agents send abusive attacks and character assassinations. They try to emotionally manipulate their targets and those they are in contact with to break down bonds that are forming between them. Many of these agents are themselves controlled remotely by the Levite Priests and their lackeys through Black Magic. In "The System", this manipulation occurs in every area of life; there is nowhere the presence of this satanic agenda is not present. It is all pervasive. And those managing the network of the Satanic agenda are the higher Freemasonic orders, the henchmen of the Levite Priests that are above the "benevolent", lower levels of Freemasonry. This is all more baggage."

rk:  These people exist because each of you allow them to exist by the reality of your habitual silence and fears.  They have insinuated themselves into the sick, "unhealthy ego" consciousness of all satanically ruled human beings and keep each of you trapped within your fears and self-doubt.  Mine has been a 15 year exercise in exposure of such evil, confusion and conflict in, and by these Satanic minions which allows for the essence of Satanic Baggage to be inflicted upon the average Civilized mind through organized stalking mind controllers.

rk:  Nothing will change. You will not change. Our world will not change until we see and understand how these things can destroy the quality of your lives.

rk:  Most of you folks are barking up the wrong tree in preparation for a Bloody Revolution.  If you don't understand who you truly are, the enemy is yourself.  Annihilation (Population Control) is the untimate solution to clear the planet earth of the already "LIVING DEAD."

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