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The Spiritual Crucible


Beth Wallace wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:


bw: > There is no possible way anyone will take it back without doing something to make this happen. We call conference calls, and meetings and it is a no show.......people can not even notify anyone as to why they can not make it, or they have continual excuses. A plan is made by one or many. It is processed by an action and we see fruits of its labor. For years all I hear is talk like sheep in the field with no direction, no reason and no vision. If we are more then that as thinking people then we had best begin to formulate it before we are used for some serious mutton busting and lamb roast.

Hi Beth,

rk: For the last 15 years now, I have been at this battle for freedom from government fraud and oppression. It has been an experience in spiritual aloneness (ALL-ONE-NESS)

rk: What you have just commented upon is the reason I usually do not join groups, a departure from holistic consciousness into multiple intellects expressing fragmented consciousness which make such gatherings an exercize in the creation of a bickering BEDLAM of argumentative, competitive, shallow souls seeking to restore the power they have freely given up to those who have stripped them of their humanity.. They're full of people who are all talk and no show when it comes to taking action, an act of holistic creation.

rk: As such I do not count on anyone else but myself. I speak, stand and act in Truth, and let the Devil take the Hindmost. I have already demonstrated through my actions (and their results) that one man/woman standing in Truth can face the tyrants and stand them down. That what one can do, they also can do.

rk: The systems which control the lives of "civilized" man find their power in the hypnotic spells which are woven and cast upon superficial, conditioned "thinkers" (blind believers) by satanic seduction, invitation, threat, and extraction of energy and ultimate condemnation (fine/imprisonment) either through contract or submission.

rk: Yet that has had little or no effect. They, whom you call sheeple are merely victims of their own lifelong Political and Religious satanic spell-binding conditioning which binds them body and soul through BELIEF. They look for the solutions to their problems from OUTSIDE of themselves. These are the herd-thinking sheeple, in search of a Shepherd, in search of a Savior.

rk: The average man is not aware of the True Power which exists within themselves, and how deeply the Satanic Powers of the Government and Religious Institutions runs within the human psyche. There is nothing simple about it. The courts and judges see themselves as "priests", secular priests, if you will, who preside over a satanic religion (courts of justice) as those who assume the cloak of authority with the capacity to curse (control) another over others brought forcibly before the bar (altar) to be cursed (controlled)

rk: The spiritual weapon that defuses and dissolves such Satanic Power is Truth. It dissolves the illusion of worldly power wielded by satanic minions (possessors of unholy, fragmented intellects) who serve the illusion which rules over Hell on Earth.
rk: A simple man/woman of understanding is imbued with holistic (holy) non-dualistic consciousness and is not easily thrown off balance through fear and uncertainty, all of which exists only in the fragmented, satanically ruled intellect.

rk: No Beth, the process of which you speak is tied to the purpose of anyone born into this world. Via the crucible of personal experience and how one deals with it, One either returns to his/her wholeness (holiness) through spiritual testing by satanic forces, or one is destroyed.

rk: Hope this helps.

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The Exposure of an Internet Government/Media Mind Controller. (Was: Re: The Spiritual Crucible)

From: "" <127.0....@>

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:33:42 GMT

Please Note: GOOGLE Profile
Sorry, we could not find any information on 127.0....@

rk: What sort of Government/Media Disinformation Agent plying his trade on the Internet would use his True Name? This particular shadow slinker doesn't even bother spinning his lies with an alias even resembling a name. That's how far they will go to cover their tracks.

rk: Lets take a look at how these "dirty tricks" government propaganda agents operate, shall we?

121: >> On Tue, 15 Feb 2011 23:11:32 +0000, Raymond Karczewski wrote:

rk: >> For the last 15 years now, I have been at this battle for
freedom from government fraud and oppression.

121: >> One need only Google your name to see what you've spent the last 15 years doing.

121: >> Here are some things the Google dumpster contains regarding Ray:

121: >> Convicted felon seven times over

rk: tYPICAL DISINFO SMEAR: A fictional STRAWMAN, a name spelled in all CAPITAL LETTERS written on a piece of paper (Birth Certificate) was convicted seven times over. THAT WAS THE ONLY "PERSON" THE GOVERNMENT HAD JURISDICTION OVER. But since the courts COULD NOT LINK this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man to that Government created FICTIONAL NAME they were unable to TRANSFER THAT JURISDICTION OVER TO THIS LIVING MAN Through Legal Presumption, and so had no choice but to set me free.

rk: I don't know where they have incarcerated that "Piece of Paper." But they sure as hell didn't have me. This is just one of the GOVERNMENT SCAMS allowing the Satanic Courts to imprison millions over the years by such lawyerly trickery.

rk: The STATE OF OREGON, and JOSEPHINE COUNTY MUST NOW PAY THE PIPER for its CRIMES committed against the Sovereign People. Observe how they are squirming over my REMOVAL OF JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON AND RISK MANAGER ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT for their breach of OATH OF OFFICE. You see, government has free reign to do whatever they want to government owned slave, but they are learning THEY CAN'T SCREW with a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood,Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign People.

121: >> Ex-con/jailbird

rk: Cons (convicted) Jailbirds refer to Prison incarceration. I have not spent a single day in Prison. I was a KIDNAP VICTION being held hostage for the assumed debts (JURISTIC PERSON) of another.

121: >> Nearly committed suicide by self-starvation

rk: Mine was a righteous 55 day, combined HUNGER STRIKE protesting the KIDNAPPING and HOSTAGE TAKING of a man of the Sovereign People, one which Government had NO JURISDICTION OVER.

121: >> Recipient of many Internet kook awards

rk: Such awards are the creations of the very DISINFORMATION AGENTS assigned by Government/Media for these past 15 years, to stalk my writings wherever they may appear on the Internet, create phony websites, forge posts in my name, create vicious, libelous phony news articles, pose as phony family members producing "unauthorized biographies" Attack my Book on Amazon.com with phony book reports, make misdirecting comments and references to my You-Tube Videos, Photoshop photos of my late wife with references to her as a cadaver. Assail the reputations of my wife and my daughter. etc.

121: >> Roundly mocked for allegedly shooting a mannequin

rk: That particular libel campaign is the product of Government/Media disinformation Agent Ed Wilkinson, a member of the Roy Masters Cult who has ties with the U.S. Intelligence I told him the story of a job applicant telling me a story how HE had shot a mannequin during a job interview with my company. From there Wilkinson turned that into a major Internet libel campaign

121: >> Homeless (address=parking lot, 'house'=old bus)

rk: I live comfortably in a 40 ft diesel pusher motor coach in an RV Park. Anybody see how disinformation is being dispensed on the Internet?

121: >> Turned a traffic ticket into a multi-felony conviction

rk: And I haven't spent a SINGLE CENT in Court Cost, fines etc since I was kidnapped under the guise of arrest. So much for the impotency of the Courts when it come to dealing with Sovereign People.

121: >> Lives on government check, tells others to boycott government

rk: I, this Living Man do not live on government checks. My income is derived from my Supreme Claim as Creditor, Secured Party and holder in due course over the Debtor Juristic Person, via the Common Law Copyrighted TradeMark Tradename who was previously indebted to the Government through Birth Certification.

121: >> Boasts of being kicked out of casinos for alleged card counting

rk: Yeh, Hell isn't it. They ban all skillful players, don't they?

121: >> Has quit many things (army, boxing, police dept, law school)

rk: Sorry, they're called LIFE TRANSITIONS. Human Growth.

121: >> Mental health questioned by courts, critics

rk: And it blew up in their face. The Judge who ruled such examination (which never came off because I refused to Cooperate with any part of my hostage taking) Was forced to Leave Office at the peak of his career. Why, BECAUSE HE WAS IN DISHONOR. The same predicament SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON, AND RISK MANAGER ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT now find themselve in. Look for more vacancies in JOSEPHINE COUNTY POLITICS.

121: >> Calls himself Christ

rk: Yep! All simple men and women of Truthk, possessed of Divine Awareness ARE CHRISTS, notwithstanding the millions of mind controlled religious BLIND BELIEVERS trained to worship GRAVEN IMAGES..

121: >> Consorts with other felons (Rick Stanley, Ed Brown, Elaine Brown)

rk: All of whom are True Patriots, unlike the MILLIONS of armchair sheeple who call themselves patriot, but are spiritual cripples who can only TALK THE TALK, BUT CANNOT WALK THE WALK.

121: >> Sped the death of his wife (enabled addiction, worsened COPD)

rk: Care to elaborate on that particular piece of LIBEL?

121: >> Accused of being sasquatch

rk: By Whom?

121: >> Spritual? A spiritual quack and a Roy Masters wannabe. Hell, isn't it?

rk: Thanks for linking yourself to Roy Masters. God indeed DOES OPERATE IN MYSTERIOUS WAY, DON'T YOU AGREE?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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Internet Disinformation GANG STALKERS.

To:  Dale McGill

Raymond Karczewski wrote:    

   I don't know what to say.  Even though you have identified the same perpetrators of a Libelous Disinformation stalking group which has stalked my writing on the Internet for the last fifteen years and  are tied to the Masons the sample you provided me with is an example of fiction having no direct reference to you, the actual, living, breathing woman as the subject.   As such there's no crime that you can nail them with. I know it is disturbing to you and others who are equally victimized by these same GANG STALKERS, , but without actual identification of you being the subject of the disinformation stories, there really is not much you can do. 

From our brief conversation on the phone you are a victim of "organized gang stalking" and you, like me and countless others will get no relief from Law Enforcement, investigative  Agencies which actually  benefits these government investigative agencies by allowing and expanding more chaos to grow  in our disintegrating  society. 

Although these County, State and Federal Agencies personnel have taken a SWORN DUTY to investigate ciminal complaints in fact, they ignore, they "Kiss Off"  these complaints which serve crime and destroy our society by granting these vicious people immunity from Prosecution by their STONEWALLING  OF COMPLAINTS.   Google my personal experiences with local, state and Federal Law Enforcement agencies which have kissed off my complaints while they sought to jail me as a "Paper Terrorist."  and, by the way, FAILED TO DO SO. 

May I suggest the solution to your problem shall come in sharing honest  probing conversations on the internet with someone/anyone you trust has your best interests  at heart. 

The remedy will come from an AWAKENING POPULACE, THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, MADE UP BY INFORMED AMERICANS.  We can no longer count our our Public Servant Governement. 

That itself is a tall order, because damn near EVERYBODY IS SCREWED UP IN THEIR SATANICALLY CONDITIONED INTELLECTS AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF IT..   Should you actually link yourself to these stories you would lose any opportunity to bring criminal charges of "Conspiracy to Libel," since you would be maneuvered in to being  the source of the public leak and any emotional reactions which follows would be exagerrated and expanded greatly working you up, painting you  as an Internet "KOOK"  and of having "dirty hands" A Clear legal defense.  These people are professional Government/Media, mind controllers.  They've been at me for the last fifteen years.  BUT THEY HAVE FAILED.

By the way, I've made this communication public on my facebook and newsgroup pages because what is happening to you is happening to a lot of people in America who are victims to these STALKING GANGS.   Where this goes is entirely up to you and others who are FED UP with the runaround they received from a Government sworn to uphold the Constitution and Protect your Rights.   Welcome to the Second American Revolution -- The Peaceful One.

see:  https://groups.google.com/group/alt.illuminati/browse_thread/thread/561e553d81328429?hl=fr

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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By Raymond Ronald Karczewski© 


     It would seem the People of America have been DUMBED DOWN, sufficiently to be easily controllable by their public servant but mind controlling government.  Note the responses to this forum.  Mostly, One-liner statements of opinions not backed up by anything, but a vague idea of who they are which has been conditioned into them by their public educational school system. 

.  With that flimsy shield of opinionated  fluff, each of you would be LAUGHED out of court, and sent back to your prison cells to serve out your slave time, until you paid off the ransom, the bail, the fines set upon you by black robed bankers which overlook the activities of uniformed, corporate, security  kidnappers, police, sheriffs, etc.

Most of you are not even aware that you are presently considered by the courts  to be "Wards of the State." that is,  Infants in the eyes of the law, and therefore are "judged" to be  incapable of operating at Full Legal Capacity, and thus, must require a "Nanny"  Lawyer to represent you.  This first step into tyranny does not arise in fact of who you Truly are, A living man/woman of the Sovereign People, the True Government, but rests upon the LEGAL PRESUMPTION that you are the surety, the guarantor for the debts of the Government Created fiction JURISTIC PERSON created by government through BIRTH CERTIFICATION.

You are owned by the govenment by your present "Unrebutted" 14th Amendment Status, your identification with the JURISTIC PERSON,  and or your "Consent" to be a subject of the Corporation which calls itself government and therefore subject to ITS corporate rules, regulations, and policies, which our present Unconstitutional Non-Article III  Government courts declare as law, but is merely "Color of Law.".

Look at your legal bills, driver license. bank book, library card.  Your name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  That is not you, the living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient natural man or woman who can feel, touch and sense their body to see they are living entities.
What you are observing when you see the all CAPITAL LETTER NAME in a fictional, non living  entity, created by government.  Its called a JURISTIC PERSON.  That is the only person our present courts, as they presently stand, have actual JURISDICTION over.

You mothers sold each of you into slavery, when, through her conditioned UNAWARENESS  at the hospital, at the time of your Births,  signed a legal form, a contract,  REGISTERING you as the JURISTIC PERSON created by the government.  From that time until now, you have been deemed to be the property of the government, a human resource which they may use, abuse and discard, when you are of no further use to them and have in their eyes become A USELESS EATER.

You have fallen prey to the BIG LIE, and have been living it ever since.

The simple Truth is, the Courts HAVE NO JURISDICTION over any Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman who has not committed a crime under God's Law, or Common Law, the essence of which is DO NO HARM.  Do not HARM another.  Do not HARM another property. Do not INFRINGE upon another's rights, and YOU ARE FREE TO DO ANYTHING YOU LIKE.  That is Law.  TRUE LAW.  Without a victim who has suffered harm ay your hand and  willing to file a claim accompanied by affidavit, there IS NO CRIME COMMITTED  in True Law.

People Of America, YOU'VE BEEN SCAMMED.   All these VICTIMLESS CRIMES which have put a stranglehold on the AMERICAN SLAVE POPULATION are based in Contract Law, which is NOT LAW at all, but corporate policies, rules, regulations which masquerade as law, and require your consent to contract, to agree, to grant JURISTICTION to the government for them  to have JURISDICTION over you.  In essence, the simple fact is, that  by you own consent, you have agreed to your own arrest, prosecution and incarceration by the present Unconstitutional Courts via their  legal presumption of your present legal status. 

CHANGE YOUR LEGAL STATUS, Rescind All Adhesion Contracts imposed upon you by Government through force, fear, intimidation, or lack of full disclosure of all terms of the contract at time of entrance.  Did your Mother understand she was SELLING YOU INTO SLAVERY, when she registered your birth with the State.  See what I mean?

Each of you have the right to opt out of such contracts when you reach your majority and understand that such contract is NOT BINDING upon Living, Breathing, Men and Women of the Sovereign People,   YOU ARE NOT THE JURISTIC PERSON.  If the courts want to prosecute the only one they have jurisdiction over because they created it, Let them prosecute YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Look the Devil in the eye, AND GIVE HIM HIS DUE. 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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RE:  Non-Commercial Driver License   Demand Answers or Challenge their Oath of Office.

Re: Public Record Request - RE: Please acknowledge receipt -

From: Richard Koenig <richardl.koenig@gmail.com

To: Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net>

Cc: Rod Schmidt <rod_schmidt@hotmail.com>

RichardK: Here are docs that Liz can find for you (or maybe Robin Freeman would be more appropriately situated). As "the whale" was being completed in 1985, the DMV's legislative liaison visited with the Joint Committee on the Revision of the Vehicle Code in re their bill to " change the basis of driver licenses from, the occupation of the driver, to the type of vehicle the driver operates". That is a very nearly verbatim quote from the presenting DMV person as reflected in the Committee minutes on the introduction of SB 131 of that year.

rk: Richard, I have received your (this) communication and have looked it over. The thing about satanic entrapment is that once one is seduced it is like stepping into field of tar. After the first step, you are never clean again.

rk; The sticky tar in this case is the use of words imbued with satanic intention to bind another through the lawyerly obfuscation of meaning via the twisting of words. Look at the words you are dealing with as presented to you by government..

rk: Truth is very clear. The ideas of truth, however, which are not truth but merely the superficial images of Truth tinged with divisive interpretation become very complicated. That is the problem when communicating with lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats and the like, those who exercise power over others through the use of superficial IDEAS which rule over the intellects of satanically conditioned human beings.

rk: Government and the courts thrive on such obfuscation of meaning by the twisting of words through the creation of a different lexicon excluding commonly accepted definitions held by the public.. That is the power they hold over the ignorant. That is the source of societal confusion. In appearance, the ignorant and the enlightened seem to be alike, for they speak the same words, but they are, as I say, Universes apart. They both appear to be simple, yet the truth is that there is a vast difference noted in the spirit of such "apparent" simplicity. Such discernment is the gift of the spiritually sighted, not the satanically conditioned ignorant.

RichardK: I am not able to certify that DMV retains the prepared remarks of its staff assigned to the statehouse. It is possible that they would shred stuff after so long, or maybe right away. The bill folder and the audio tapes (wherein I heard the assertion) ARE at the archives building.

rk: Richard, the trick to dealing with government and other satanic entities which seek to exercise power over one is NOT TO ARGUE, but to MIRROR. Argument, reaction, resistance are all Satanic Activities. That which one resists or reacts to is energized with power, while the resistor is diminished, depleted by the energy extracted from his overt Resistance. Have you not learned the lesson of "Resist not Evil."

RichardK: And for those of us who are into the municipal corporation, District of Columbia, by virtue of the 41 Congress's Act of Feb, 21, 1871, and defined at ORS 174.100(1) & (9); AND under the term "this state" at ORS 131.205; and under terms defined at ORS 323.010(8) (also check out the definition (11) of this section):

rk: Richard, to me such recitation is just SO MUCH GIBBERISH which serves to enslave conditioned people who are not even aware they are STUCK IN TAR. That is the power of Satanic seduction which only works by personal invitation. Satan has no power over anyone unless his presence is invited. Is that not the nature of all contracts with government which require an offer and an acceptance? Once you accept Satans offer, it is KATEY BAR THE DOOR.

RichardK: Not all "persons" who are subject to the jurisdiction of the "United States"; "District of Columbia"; "this state"; or "in this state", are "drivers", or "operators" transporting for compensation or profit", even if we are defrauded as to our true identity. Even USC 49 is narrowly drawn to include commercial haulers, not corporate entities running errands on the public highway. (Hi Ray)

rk: Richard, you and others miss the point. Why argue over "persons" unless YOU ARE ONE. A SOVEREIGN is not a "Person", See the point?

Richardk: Today, Feb. 18, an audio record was made of phone conversation wherein DMV's David Eyerly said that the term "may" in ORS 803.310 referring to the rule that provides authority to "optionally" sell license plates to "categories of vehicles, types of vehicles or otherwise... upon request of an owner" means his agency has "discretion" not to adopt the rule, so the decision has been made not to optionally sell license plates to all those vehicles.
Sounds "plausible", don't it?, maybe?, well, maybe not. The story of "optional titling and registration" as reflected in about 20 pages of mostly public records is going to a second printing, so as to include this year's legislative activity.

rk: Richard, If they have NO JURISDICTION over me, a man of the Sovereign People, the creator of Government and THEIR BOSS, none of what they do is relevant to my life, even though it has relevance to the Lives of those who have consented to being Subjects of Corporate rule. See how simple that is?

rk: If you don't think such simplicity works, THEY, THE STATE OF OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS ORIGINALLY THREATENED, THEN CONVICTED the Subject of the Corporation, the JURISTIC PERSON, RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI with 35 to 40 years imprisonment then rapidly dropped the charges to a lesser degree when I refused their plea bargain, yet they threw this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign People, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, out of jail, who is FREE AS A BIRD, without a single charge hanginf over his "Living Head" and will not rearrest me for doing the very things for which they originally kidnapped me and held me hostage for the assumed debts of their creation, the JURISTIC PERSON/DEFENDANT. Anybody see the Legal Obfuscation through words the government uses to enslave unaware men and women of the Sovereign People?

Richardk: I am trying to figure a market value on an ODOT doc that describes "operating" as what one does with a vehicle used for "business", which is right over a description of a vast number of vehicles "not used for business". Any ideas? The package is (for context and authentication) about ten pages.

Richard L. Koenig

rk: My idea would be to stop reacting to your own perception of their "assumed" power over you, and understand who you Truly are. The Sovereign, whom they have sworn an oath to serve. Hold them to their OATH OF OFFICE. Keep watching to see the power of the Sovereign People at work in the present REMOVAL OF JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON AND RISK MANAGER ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT from public office due to their BREACH OF OATH OF OFFICE.

rk: That's how men and women of the Sovereign People deal with government servants who have mistaken their proper role in office..

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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