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The Distinction Between God's Law and Satanic Law


  The distinction between God's Law and Satanic Law is subtle yet it  has far reaching ramifications in the behavior effect it has upon the natural world we inhabit and in the Satanically created  artificial societies man has thought up while enthralled by Satanic illusion.

   Simply Stated it is the difference between the "Blessed" and the "Damned."

   Those whom are blessed function as spiritual entities who are cognizant of their their oneness in Consciousness with all that is. It has been expressed in Biblical terms as "I AM THAT I AM."  No divisions are present which incur the unholy satanic[ perception of "I am this" and "You are that."  The step away from Holistic (holy) to Satanic (fragmented) consciousness.

The "Blessed"  are holistic nondualistic beings at-one with Truth.  That is the nature of Christ Consciouness, the nature of True Children of God.  It is the nature of Love, true Love, not the satanic illlusion of love peddled by religions and other forms
of entertainment..

   All God's children follow God's Law intuitively,  instinctively:  DO NO HARM.  Three words: Simple, are they not?,  One is not taught that, One intuitively is aware of that, they resonate with that at the very core of their being. 

   From that point of Pristine Spiritual Consciousness, Common Law emerged when man Fell from Grace of such holistic consciousness  into the abyss of his own fragmented, dualistic Intellect, the flawed consciousness  which requires outer directing  rules and regulations which has separated man from God. 

    "Do Not Harm Another."  "Do Not Harm Another's Property"  Do not Infringe upon Another's Rights." Beyond that One may do what he will as long as those three provisions are met.  That is the nature of Freedom, at least the kind of freedom that can be recognized and experienced by any flawed Intellectual consciousness..  That is the whole of Common Law.,

    That is the nature of Truth, the infinite state that is the basis of  wholistic  consciousness as grasped by a limited,  fragmented, conditioned Consciousness of the average civilized man..

   Althougn Common Law has the footprint of Satanic Influence in it, it is the best solution offered in a world gone haywire.

   From that step away from Divine Awareness of Truth and the Self-Responsibility that comes with it, governments arose, religions sprouted up further changing, dividing, separating man from man, religions from religions, goverments from
governments until the world of civilized man took on unrecognizeable forms from one's  priori consciousness of Holistic Understanding.

   The present Satanic twisted priori, has bypassed the "DO NO HARM" and promotes the seductive and devastating precept of "DO WHAT THOU WILT"  From that skewed perception arises POWER. WEALTH and, INFLUENCE for those satanic elitists who live and act according to such precepts while utilizing force, fear, intimidation at the point of a gun if necessary.

   That, for all of you out there who wonder how our human world has been so out of kilter for so long, now you know.  It is the transition from WHOLISTIC DIVINE AWARENESS, TO DO NO HARM, TO DO WHAT THOU WILT.

   It is the descending of one's soul from Heaven, into the consentually acceptance of Satanic contracts which are the building bricks and mortar of Hell.  Its all done through conditioning, satanic conditioning, and few of you are even aware of it.  And those of you who are aware of it, fear to do anything about it.  That has become the basis of all satanic influence upon civilized human beings,  "You're, damned if you do and damned if you don't."

   Look at what I have just said.  Examine it according to your present mindset.  Then follow your heart, your God-Gifted Divine Awareness.  You will find a strength in you that you may not known that you had. 

  That is how you change your life.  That is how you change your world.

  That is my gift to you as a simple man of truth, A Christ.  Tis the gift, you always had but was hidden from you in plain sight under a mountain of Satanic Conditioning.  It is the God-Given gift of FREEDOM.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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Re: The Distinction Between God's Law and Satanic Law

Tracey12 wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
Tracey 12 Google Profile:

Location:Texas- The Greatest State



t12: > Quote: "The bombing begins in five minutes" Ronald Reagan. A comment made one day by our fantastic President, Ronald Reagan about the former Communist Soviet Union, the red country he defeated in the days of the cold war with one hand tied behind his back. Who am I? See the above Alice Cooper video to Obama and you will know:

t12: > About me: I am an Evangelical Ultra Right Wing Conservative. What makes me that? The Communists in America say that if you attend church, believe in God, and support the US Constitution, you are a threat. I actually believe in the original interpretation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights:

t12: > I support very limited government. If possible, Ronald Reagan would be president forever, if I had my way, unless I was. Abortion is murder unless the mother is going to die from a rare rejection condition. Most children can now be saved from many problems prior to their birth due to incredible advancements in medical science.

t12: > The US military LOVES AMERICA, do not turn against the wonderful men and women who defend our country! Rush is Right. Homosexuality is wrong. Traditional Family Values are Right. God, Guns and Guts made America what it is, the leader of the world in liberty and prosperity. If that bothers you, you should move to Canada, or Cuba.

t12: > Illegal Aliens are a HUGE problem for our way of life and future. They must be deported. There is a real plot to remove our borders and unify this entire continent under one flag, one currency and one government. Socialist Europeans already know the globalists' agenda: Global Unification at the expense of liberty and God given rights that give every man and woman the right to control their country and their government and to live in freedom without government involvement and interference in their lives.

t12: > No American should fear the nations government, yet that is not today's reality. Are you slowly becoming willing to accept more socialism and government control over your life? If you are, then you're buying the propaganda and the agenda of Big Brother.
rk: tracey 12, I wonder if you realize just how you come off. Your statements are typical of those of the Ignorant masses of Satanic Conditioned minions who label themselves "Christians."

rk: You possess cult (culturally imposed) beliefs memorized by rote and rattled out unconsciously just as millions of others who belong to your Christian cult. Yours is no different from those who call themselves Muslims and possess other religious beliefs will fight you to the death in defending their own conflicting cult indoctrinated beliefs. What do you think is going on now in the Middle East?

rk: You're just a reactionary puppet on a string and not worth dealing with.

rk: By the way, I seek to lead no-one. My purpose is to open spiritual eyes to their own divinity and let them be their own Saviors, thereby breaking the chains which bind them to their own Satanic Conditioning.

t12: > Raymond, I read all of that backward speak that you wrote and as usual, its as nutty as your mother's fruit cake.

t12: > You've come to lead us, dear Raymond, but where can you take us when you're as lost as a drunken sailor?

t12: > You wrote:

rk: >> That is my gift to you as a simple man of truth, A Christ. Tis the gift, you always had but was hidden from you in plain sight under a mountain of Satanic Conditioning. It is the God-Given gift of

t12: > You call yourself 'A Christ". WWJD? Jesus warned us of men who claimed they were of God, but who were lost.
The New Age Movement tells us, as did Satan in the Garden, that "If dogs have puppies and cats have kittens, then God has little gods." That is the greatest lie ever told to man.

t12: > We are not "Christs", and we are not little gods as the nuts in the New Age Movement claim.

t12: > What man needs, Raymond, is not to listen to people like you who are feeding them Anti-Christ bologna. We need the real teachings of Jesus who said that "you must be born again".

t12: > Raymond, stop misleading people. You are not "a Christ". You are a lost man who needs what Jesus has to offer: salvation from your sins

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Let me first say to the Oregon Citizens Groups  who are Spinning their Wheels in Attempting to Hold their Government Responsible.for
the MultiBillion Dollar  Driver Licensing Scam  that they are perpetrating upon the public.,  I wish your luck.

Here is a Simple, immutable Fact.  The State of Oregon and County of Josephine Court System and its Sheriff's Dept, DO NO FOLLOW THE LAW. 

You folks in the "Appropriate Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Laws" group may  have the Law on your side, but that does not matter to them, the government you are trying to hold accountable one iota.  They will just STONEWALL you to death. They will not answer your questions as they have not answered mine over the last 8 years, even though their own law compells them to do so.

 The Coverup is Complete.  There is no one or nowhere one can  go to seek remedy and relief within our present legal system here in Oregon and Elsewhere..  How do I know that?  I have contacted damn near every agency purporting to exist for redress with Proof of claims accompanied by my signed affidavits which have resulted in actual UCC Defaults followed by filing UCC liens against the STATE OF OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY GOVERNMENT.  AND THEY HAVE IGNORED IT.
See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/tortjoco.html

 What happened to me will happen to you?  They arrested me as a "Paper Terrorist"  They threatened me, the Living Breathing Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man with 35 to 40 years in Prison under the legal Presumption that I was responsible for the Debts of the Juristic Person, the dead fictional Strawman, created by governmental means of Birth Certification and 14th Amendment Status. They railroaded me through two trials, convicted the juristic person, the ONLY person they had jurisdiction over in both trials. 

However, the courts avoided like the plague and  WOULD NOT ANSWER the questions of JURISDICTION over me, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man in some twenty plus hearings and two trials and were thereby unable to link me to the Juristic Person..  Once conviction of the Juristic person was accomplished, they  promptly threw me out of jail, but directed the former Secretary of State BILL BRADBURY to unlawfully REMOVED ALL LIENS, even those not which were not connected in any way with the two phony trials,, clearly a criminal offense.  That's how far the corruption goes in Oregon and beyond.

I continue today,  to do the VERY SAME things, for which I was originally arrested and they WILL NOT ARREST ME nor will they TAKE ME BEFORE A COURT.  The JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S Deputies, with the approval of their administration,  have gone so far as to KIDNAP me in Cave Junction under the pretext they were arresting me, drove me to the County Jail in Grants Pass, drove in one Door of the Jail, removed me from the patrol car. Removed the handcuffs, then escorted me with two officers, one, the duty sergeant,  out another door saying I was free to go, stranding me some 35 miles away from my home and where they stopped me. No booking, No nothing. See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/piracy.html

Since the two phony unlawful Trials I have sought redress through a number of legal avenues with the Josephine County Sheriff's office, the District Attorney"s Office,  the Judges, the Oregon Atttorney General's Office/DOJ, under Two different Attorney Generals , the DMV (Several Directors), the Oregon  Judicial Review Board, the Governor's Office, the FBI, the Supreme Court,and the White house. NO ONE will respond to the question of whether a fictional servant government a,thought creation of the living Sovereign People is SUPERIOR to their Creator, their Masters, The Sovereign People themselves,,  and thereby has JURISDICTION over the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man/Woman of the Sovereign People who stand in God's Law, and Common Law and has not committed any crime.. A crime where someone was victimized.  Victimless Crimes are no more than Corporate Legislative Policies and are not Lawful crimes, they are not Constitutional, and therefore null and void, carrying with them NO FORCE OF LAW.  Millions of People are being unlawfully arrested by such corporate policy scams.

That is the question which must be answered. They, the public bureaucrats and elective officials  will not answer such questions of jurisdiction, for if they did, their whole criminal empire would come tumbling down like a House of Cards.  You guys are spinning you wheels playing word games with spin-doctoring Lawyers who don't give a damn about justice.  Its all about the bottom line, CORPORATE PROFIT.

Read my offering in the blog section of OREGON SHOUT, regarding  my current status with SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON's flaunting of the Law with his BREACH OF OATH OF OFFICE, and the coverup underway by JOSEPHINE COUNTY Chief Financial Officer and Risk Manager ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT, who has  also  breached her OATH OF OFFICE.  They have both defaulted and are currently holding office while in COMMERCIAL DISHONOR.
see: http://www.arkenterprises.com/uccinvgg.html

That is such a simple, uncomplicated, CUT AND DRIED legal procedure which would cause their insurance Bond, their Insurance Coverage to be forfeited, and both removed from PUBLIC OFFICE and prevent them from any future employment anywhere in government in OREGON or elsewhere in the NATION.  That has TEETH. NO NEED to  reinvent the wheel and go off on a multitude of tangents asking questions, they will not answer..  Hit them in their pocketbook, hit them in their employment.  That will be the only language which will communicate to them, their criminal days are over.  But it takes numbers, one man can't do it alone..

The solution to the problems with our rogue government will not be solved through bloody revolution, although if they do declare Martial Law, declare War on the American people as enemies of the Corporate State, they will leave no choice to the Sovereign People in the matter.  

The peaceful way is to hold them accountable, and if they do not comply, nor answer simple question which go to the very heart of their authority granted them by their creators, the Sovereign People,, WITHDRAW all support Psychological and financial.  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT them and the machinery of Tyranny will grind to a halt, for lack of fuel, the taxes which are coercively extracted from the sweat and blood of the increasingly homeless, jobless American People.   It is the nonviolent way to restore sanity to our clearly insane government ways.


                       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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I faced the "Kafkayesque Courts of Oregon and beat them

To:  Fred, Smart

To:  Gary Franchi

From Raymond Karczewski

I watched your video put out by the Corbett Report on Franz Kafka.

That sort of nonsense is going on in our American Courts today.

I faced the "Kafkayesque Courts of Oregon and beat them.

Check out  my You-Tube Video "TAKE BACK OREGON, TAKE BACK  OUR COUNTY:  THE SOVEREIGN WAY"   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNX_kkMm-Fo

Now's the time for a national outrage to be directed toward the courts and demand they answer the question once and for all  of whether a fictional court has JURISDICTION over their Creators,  NONCONSENTING living breathing, flesh-and-blood Sentient Natural Men and Women of the Sovereign People.

I assure you the balance of power would return back into the hands of the Sovereign People were it rightfully belongs. and thousands of innocent people who've been schnookered into consenting to their own prosecution and incarceration through lawyerly trickery and  Judicial deceit would walk out of their prison cells FREE MEN AND WOMEN, and the black robed scoundrels would take their place.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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A Nation and Family divided by STUPIDITY Cannot Stand -- A Facebook Revelation

Patty Walsh- Czajkowski  wrote:

Jack Walsh  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

pwc:   >>>>    Say something about this...Wear the yellow ribbon on your Facebook profile today!  I'm wearing this Support Our Troops Ribbon on my profile to show support and appreciation for our troops! I hope you will join me!

pwc: >>>> lets give them a hand .... they are defending out land ...

rk:   >>>   Patty, please don't be naive. How are they defending us when they are in other countries who have not invaded our land and are merely protecting their own homeland from our invading troops. Troops who are there to protect natural assets coveted by corporate interests. Try not to react emotionally to propaganda. Ray

jw:  >>  Ray,,, be glad I don't live anywhere close to you
jw:  >>  Jack Walsh I don't care where the soldiers are,, they are defending you and your right to say such stupid and uncaring things like that. When you go to sleep each night in your soft warm bed, I hope you give at least a little bit of thought to all the men and women that are sleeping in all areas of the world to keep your sorry arse and everyone you know and love safe from those that would come over here and try to kill everyone,,,,, what a putz
jw:  >>   and to Patty,, sorry to jump on one of your friends (?) like that, but I hope you can understand
rk:   >   Jack Walsh, I noticed you put out everything but the kitchen sink about you in your profile but you omitted your source of employment. Is your employment owing to either the government or media?

rk:  >   For a 30 year old Catholic, you're either a... myopic stupid young man, or you're one of the many government disinformation plants employed by these two institutions who stalk my writing everywhere it appears on the Internet and ply their infamous trade just to hold on to their jobs.

rk: >   I spent 14 months in Korea in my youth. Where did you spend yours?

rk: >   However, I too am glad you don't live near me. I don't suffer fools well. Especially those who are forced to come out from their usual sniping shadows of Anonymity.

rk: >    So the question remains since you also revealed a rather emotional kneejerk outburst in three segments, when one could have done it, what do you do for a living, and is it for any sattelite industry which serves the Government or Media? RaySee More
jw:      Jack Walsh My apologies to you Ray,,, I didn't realize you were mentally disturbed.
rk:      Raymond Karczewski See what I mean. I REST MY CASE! Patty, I can only assume Jack is also a relative of yours. No need to defend him. His position is indefensible.  He's just an emotional kid. Ray
jw:      Jack Walsh Learn math Ray, it comes in useful.
pwc:    Patty Walsh- Czajkowski Well Ray I am truly sorry to hear your opinion on our armed forces. I will always stand behind my country regardless of why we are there .. I hope that we can still talk as family not involve our opinions regarding politics and such ....
rk:     Patty, what you must see is that Change is required in our Country if our Constitutional Republic is not to be destroyed. Our Soldiers have been described by Henry Kissinger as expendible animals, Pawns to be sacrificed on the battlefield in the interest of Foreign Policy. (paraphrased) This is not an opinion of mine. We are losing our freedom because of "go along to get along" attitudes of don't rock the boat and honor those who come home in Body Bags. Its time for some boat rocking. I can only assume Jack is your brother. I confused his Anniversary date for his Date of Birth. Seeing he is actually in his fifties, he lacks youth as an excuse for his myopic and misplaced prideful ignorance. Family is Family, and DUMB IS DUMB!


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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deb spanhake <timogene@live.com>


ds:    >   I just got done reading all the emails you sent me.  I am at a lost of words. Shocked more like it. Now, more than ever itis evident of what this government is doing to all of us.The few exceptions are those higher up who know the truth and are protected or have to play this game against us.  I wish i would have known about your knowledge a longtime ago.  How does one fight city hall without having alife from hell?

rk:  The point is that life in civilized societies is, in fact Hell.  The point is to extricate oneself from it and never look back. There are those who are aware of it. those who are unaware of it, those who are in denial of it, and those who are just  too damned stupid to recognize it.  Even when some of them are amongst one's extended family. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch295.html#STUPIDITY

ds:    >    How did this country get to such a point?

rk:  Ignorance through Satanic Conditioning of government and religion..

ds: >   and we the people allowed it.  We didn't see it coming.

rk:  Some do, most do not.   It is the curse of Satanic Led Sheeple.

ds: >   How does one just become completely free from this tyranny?

rk:  Realize who each of us Truly are.  Sovereign People, the Creator of Government and NOT ITS SLAVES.

ds:   >   For what took so long for them to get us where we are at, it will take as long to undo and get out from underneath their rule.

rk:  No, Deb,  It doesn't have to take us long to undo was was done to us over a  lifetime of Conditioning.  Just realize you have been living an illusion spun web of deception by your Satanic political and Religious leadership, and just CUT THEM OFF through BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.  It is nonviolent, and the SPIRITUAL WAY to defeat one's current enslavement through belief and fear.  Just pull away your support, and the whole Satanic Bubble pops and disappears because it has no substance but for the support you give it with your consent and your tax money.

ds:  >    I mention again i am age 54 and know the way they do things to us is wrong i just know there is a fight and my energy level is very low from all the years.


ds:  >  They do appear larger than life to us and most of this public has the fear,

rk:  Deb, I have proven through my backing down the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE court system, that one Sovereign Man can BACK THEM DOWN with all their appearances of phony power.  I have been writing about it for years.  The problem is with the People who cringe in fear of the illusion of Government power which has paralyzed them from taking action in their own lives.  .

ds:  >  intimidation factor by their power.  What is the answer toliving good and right as a sovereign people - only strength in numbers and most of America is naive, scared and unknowing to how and what they have to live with. I do appreciate all you replied e mails and we will talk soon

rk:  I have shown America how to do it.  If they refuse to see the solution I have extensively laid out for them they must suffer the consequences.  They shall reap what they has sown, Death and Destruction because of their own STUPIDITY.

rk:  As for me, I'm getting rather fed up with the grovelling American Public who can't find their backbone to STAND UP AND BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, THEIR SERVANT GOVERNMENT.  First principle of Business, If you got someone who is not doing their job, YOU FIRE THEM.

rk:  Anyone who is unable to see such a SIMPLE SOLUTION, deserves what they get.


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
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Growing Awakening of the Oregon Sovereign People to Government Tyranny

Commercial Default and Dishonor Concerning Josephine County Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON and Risk Manager's ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT'S Breach of Oath of Office.


This is an open letter to all Oregon Decision makers concerning the Oregon People's "growing awakening" to their public servant's criminal conduct, cover-ups of criminal complaints, repeated Commercial defaults and subsequent Commercial Dishonor, along with their demonstrable open disdain for the United State's and OREGON STATE Constitution in the enforcement of laws according to their Oath of Office. 

Either we, as the Sovereign People, the maker of Law, are a Nation of Laws, or we are not.  The Sovereign People are the True Government, while each of you have been elected, appointed and hired to carry out the will of the People, to be the Servants of the Sovereign People of Oregon, and these united states of America.  That is your limited function and the sole purpose for your existence.

The problems emerging in our Society today are directly attributable to the skewed philosophy currently held by you, our public servants who somehow see WE THE SOVEREIGN AMERICAN PEOPLE, the Creator of Government, your employer,  to be "presumed" sureties for the debts of the JURISTIC PERSON, a fictional creation of Government Lawyers as seen by the courts and thereby relegated to be "Wards of the State" "Infants, in the eyes of the Law"  operating at less than Full Capacity in law, and through legal trickery and deceit become transformed into consentual subjects/slaves to the Corporation and its policies which masquerade as "Color of Law."  

Such a House Divided cannot stand, and I am sure you folks are fully aware of that.

I am not the enemy of true Law Enforcement.  I have never been the enemy of True Law Enforcement, for as a young man, I took the same Oath of Office each of you have taken, as a Police Officer before I awakened to how that Oath has been morphed into meaningless words uttered by men and women of questionable integrity.  I have since, rescinded my 14th Amendment Status, am no longer subject to the Corporation which calls itself government and hold myself in my true status as a man of the Sovereign People.  You have copies of such rescindment records in your files as a result of your false prosecutions and incarceration of this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.  Your Corporate policies, masquerading as law, have been used to harm me and my family.  I have sought remedy for eight years to the blind eyes and ears of my public servants.   I cannot and will not let that go for such criminal implementation of such policies were instrumental in the Death of my Wife of 49 years.

It NEVER HAD TO HAPPEN, for I was never the enemy of my government, until my government declared me to be their enemy, a paper terrorist for trying to hold my public officials accountable for their crimes and coverups.  Even they knew their charade would not stick when they were forced to release me when I refused to accept their contract offer of sentencing.  On what Grounds was I able to reject their offer?   On the fact of their refusal to establish proof of JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man  after demands made in some 20 plus hearings and two Trials. 

By your own laws and policies, Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON and Chief Financial Officer/ Risk Manager, ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT, are now in Commercial Dishonor, yet not a peep of their Forfeiture of Bond/Insurance coverage and removal from Office can be heard by the public.  That is the reason for this letter. 

The People of  JOSEPHINE COUNTY and STATE OF OREGON are awakening once again to their True Status of Sovereign People, the creator of Government, your employers.  Their patience is being sorely tested, while you continue in your past  tactics of STONEWALLING the very question which go to the very freedom of the American People.

As for our present relationship, there exists a MOUNTAIN of evidence that I have been harmed by your Corporate policies which masquerade as law.  I am ready and willing to settle this matter with you since my actions from the very beginning have been that of self-defense against a faceless system of growing tyranny.  That is not as it should be, and I have done my part to expose the truth of how you folks operate in the name of the Law.

It would be foolishness on your part to ignore such an open invitation to reconcile this public injustice you have inflicted upon this one man of the Sovereign People.  For Governments which rule by force shall reap the whirlwind of force.  Governments which rule with wisdom, shall reap the benefits of such wisdom.  Public Servants cannot seek refuge from behind a STONEWALL of silence when the STONEWALL come tumbling down upon them.

Your move

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
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Subject: Re: Growing Awakening of the Oregon Sovereign People to Government Tyranny.

From: "Oregon SOS" <oregon.sos@state.or.us>

To: "Raymond Karczewski" <arkent3@earthlink.net>

osos: > Dear Raymond,

osos: > I wanted to respond only to give you this one piece of information. As an assistant in the Office of the Secretary of State, I do not know anything about your law suits or how regrettably they may have affected your wife's health. I cannot comment on court proceedings or on larger philosophical discussions.

rk: Congratulations are in order. This is the first serious response I have received in eight years from any Official holding public office in the State of Oregon and County of Josephine. It appears it may well be due to the GROWING AWAKENING OF THE OREGON SOVEREIGN PEOPLE.

rk: To begin with, I notice this communication is unsigned and sent anonymously not identifying the sender. Is that normal protocol in dispensing legal advice from the office of the Oregon Secretary of State? As such this reply to your communication is being sent to OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE, KATE BROWN, under her assumed approval and authorization of such communication..

osos: > But I want to ensure you know you have the ability to recall an elected official and I wanted clarify the democratic process of filing and circulating a petition to recall a public official in Oregon. You can recall any elected official working in municipal, city, county, or state government.

rk: My response to this is an observation that it is a rather typical bureaucratic misdirection usually characterized as Governmental "Pass the Buck." in further avoidance of a State Agency/Agent in taking direct responsibility for an issue strongly lodged in existing law. i.e., Commercial Law. My understanding is that Ten Maxims Commercial Law which supercede Corporate Policy state as Follows:

1. A workman is worthy of his hire.

2. All are equal under the law (both moral and natural law).

3. In commerce truth is sovereign.

4. Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.

5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.

6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in commerce.

7. A matter must be expressed to be resolved.

8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.

9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (if one has neither been damaged nor incurred a risk, and is unwilling to swear an affidavit -- i.e., "true, correct, and complete," the commercial equivalent of, " the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" -- on his unlimited commercial liability for the veracity of his statements and the legitimacy of his action, he has no credibility, and therefore no basis for asserting claims/charges or claiming authority).

10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by counteraffidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment.

rk: The law under which the State of OREGON, Sheriff GILBERTSON, and Risk Manager DE LASHMUTT which are merely Corporate entities like that of any other Corporation and thus considered legal entities, fictional "PERSONS" which possess no immunity from answering claims accompanied by sworn affidavits made by Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural men or women of the Sovereign People who have not consented to their waiving of Unalienable Rights cannot assume a position of superiority or power over any other man or woman who has assiduously followed the spirit and letter of the law.

rk: I bring to your attention Commercial Law Maxims: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. and 10.

rk: Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON and Risk Manager ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT's Oath of Office were accepted, challenged and both have defaulted, GILBERTSON repeatedly, according the Commercial Law which binds all Corporate Persons.

rk: Corporations may assert immunity only when challenged by one who is subject to the Corporate rules and regulations which bind all subjects to the corporation. However they have no such immunity when held personally responsible according to their own personal unlimited commercial liability for claims of crimes and official misconduct brought against them by natural men and women who are not subjects to the corporation via their consent or contract.

rk: This is evidenced by both Josephine County Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON and Chief Financial Officer and Risk Manager ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT's , commercial default. They are held personally responsible for their acts and the acts of the Corporation (person) they serve. A principal is responsible for the acts of its Agents and Agents are responsible for the acts of the Principal.

rk: So you see, that is why Josephine County Oregon Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON and Risk Manager ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT cannot be shielded by immunity from personal responsibility in their REFUSAL to abide by their OATH OF OFFICE as evidenced by their repeated commercial defaults.

rk: With all due respect however to whomever you are, you may reserve your bureaucratic hoop jumping for those subjects of the Corporation who have consented to abiding by its State and County corporate policies.

rk: I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign People, who is not a subject of the State of Oregon and Josephine County Corporations, nor subject to their Corporate Legislative Policies, am holding the STATE OF OREGON, COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE, SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON, AND ROSEMARY DE LASHMUTT personally responsible to the Spirit and Letter of the Commercial Law which binds them

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

osos: > If you find that your county sheriff hasn't been fulfilling his duties, you are fully within your legal limits to start a recall petition to see whether there is a consensus across Josephine County and whether there is someone else who Josephine County would like to see in that office.

osos: > A successful recall petition requires signatures from 15% of total votes cast in officer's district for all candidates for governor in the last election. In Josephine County, that would be 4,994 signatures. You would have 90 days to collect that many signatures after filing with the Secretary of State.

osos: > If the petition is successful, the Elections Division of the Secretary of State will request the public official to resign or write a letter of justification. If the public official does not resign, a full recall election will be held in Josephine County to determine whether or not the public official will stay in office.

osos: > If you'd like to go through this recall process, I would highly recommend reading our manual on recall elections, put together by Oregon elections officials. You can find the manual online at this address http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/publications/pdf/recall.pdf

osos: > Office of Secretary of State Kate Brown


To the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF OREGON, HERE IS The Key to Returning Power to the People?


Stop spinning your wheels and jumping through government hoops. If you are Sovereigns, DAMMIT, ACT LIKE SOVEREIGNS. Those who make the Rules control those who follow the Rules. The makers of rules are the Master, while the Followers of the Rules are SLAVES. The Truth is the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE are the TRUE GOVERNMENT, the CREATOR of the Institutions formed to serve the Will of the Sovereign People.

Hold your public Servants ACCOUNTABLE to the Law they have sworn to implement and uphold when they accept your employment of them. Read my response to Oregon SECRETARY OF STATE KATE BROWN. IN "Subject: Re: Growing Awakening of the Oregon Sovereign People to Government Tyranny" You will see one man, standing in his true Estate of Sovereignty, speaking to his Public Servant who has taken an oath to Serve the Sovereign People and others like him, the Sovereign, Natural Man.

This Oath of Office is something they, the Public Servant CANNOT AVOID, They cannot argue, they cannot twist and misdirect another into confusion and despair of such a glaring Statement of Truth

It BYPASSES all of the hoop jumping and blindfolded meanderings in confusion imposed upon anyone whom, through conditioning and intimidation, they demand to walk and navigate the countless Satanic Bureaucratic MAZES in which blind believers find themselves following via the misdirecting rules set forth by their public servants. Life is Simple. LIfe is Direct: THEY WORK FOR US. WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM, that is unless you have chosen to sell your souls for a mess of worldly pottage, i.e. satanic promises of security.

Whatever happened to the spirit of the American People who would utter words like 'GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH?"?

The choice of living as Sovereigns or Slaves has always been yours. I am not trying to persuade you toward anything. I am merely stating facts, stating Truth. You can TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Your choice will dictate who you truly are and you will not be able to argue yourselves out of it.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©