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The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law.   You-Tube Video


Another Commercial Default by An Oregon Judge who sits on the bench and imposes public policy masquerading as Law upon the American People

Actual Hearing before Oregon State Police Impound Hearing Judge Conrad Yunker.  Yunker Thumbs his nose at the law, refuses to answer questions of Jurisdiction, terminates the hearing thus leaving him in Commercial Default.  Yunker has never sent any evidence of the hearing or  his results by mail as promised in the hearing.  Oregon Judges fear to put themselves on the record and answer the question of JURISDICTION over Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men or Women, for their Bogus House of Cards would come tumbling down.

Wake Up Slumbering Americans!  Don't you See You've been Had by our Court Judges?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
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The Impotence of Oregon Judges who Confuse Public Policy for Law.

John Jones j...@jones.localhost. wrote:

Raymond Karczewski arkent3@earthlink.net wrote:

jj: > Mr. Karczewski, posting a video of yourself telling others you are Jesus Christ is probably not in your best interests. After reading some of the material on your website, I am betting the officials in your county are just aching to throw you in a mental home.

rk: John, I suspect your suspicions are correct. Right about now in their failed history of dealing with me, they probably are ACHING to toss me into a mental hospital and/or prison.. They already tried that once, and it blew up in their face. Their own mental health examiners reported I was intelligent, lucid, and could find nothing wrong with my mental state.

rk: By the way, Alan Coon, the judge who ordered the examination IS NO LONGER A JUDGE, having been forced to leave the bench at the prime of his career. The lesson: Satanic minions who wear black robes, and sit in judgement of others, ought not screw with God's Children. You can read about the State of Oregon and County of Josephine court's failed attempts to put me away anyway they could on http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

rk: As to my telling others that I am Jesus Christ, suppose you produce one such comment originating from me throughout my 15 years of writing on the Internet. There is no question that my DISPELLING of the religious trance that conditions millions of blind believers that there exists only one Christ and his name is JESUS, does indeed step on a lot of satanic toes. The simple fact is that ALL SIMPLE MEN/WOMEN of Truth are Christs who no longer live under the Satanic spell of satanic societal Conditioning.,

rk: At any rate, I perceive you to be just another "Changed Name" Government/Media Disinformation Agent, here to stir the pot. You yahoos are franticly looking for anything to smear the Messenger since you cannot attack, or find fault with the content of any of my recent You-Tube messages.

rk: As to your integrity and identity, your first time post on this date, on Google Profile says it all

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/
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Politics and Its Destruction Of the Human Spirit


The effects of Politics upon the Herd Mentality of the Average Civilized Man and woman and its destruction of the human spirit. The Satanic psychological means by which the Sovereign People are transformed into Slaves.  An spiritual  AWAKENING to all who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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The Conundrum of the Master and the Slave

Paul stated; You will probably have as much fun with that as I will being stuck at work for the next 11 hours. At least I am working though. I was getting tired of being really poor

Paul Jesus once said "there will always be the "poor(minded)" amongst us. Who understood that comment?. Is it not the acceptance of a satanic system of Commerce that is the creator of the Satanic system which rules over civilized man and has created the Rich and the poor?

Paul, you are "getting tired of being really poor" because you have succumbed to the temptation of worldly promises. You have relinguished your true Spiritual Estate in favor of being a drone who dreams he will sit in the "Catbirds" seat one day. You do not see the "Big Picture" so you react to the periphery of life. You've lost your ability to ACT.

Millions of others along with you are blind to the Truth which is all around them/you, standing in plain sight, so you feed the illusion of poverty with your own sweat and blood, your own labor. That Paul, is the curse of the "Living Dead."

God provides for his own. I am 73, worked 20 years of my life. The remainder of my life has been spent as a free Sovereign man. I have no debt. All my needs are met, I have no desires for anything at the present time. When I do, They manifest in my life, effortlessly by dint of actions taken automatically in times of no need..

This is how Christs, Men/Women, who have not suffer Amnesia of their true Spiritual Estate live. They are besieged on all sides by Satanic minions bent on attack of lifestyle, yet these simple men and women of Truth remain intact and viable, while the attackers become exposed and frustrated. Check out my website at http://www.arkenterprises.com/ and you will see what I mean.

The only question you and others have to ask yourselves is do you have the understanding and "peace of mind" to stand under such hellish attacks to remain free and Sovereign, men and women. I assure you no Sovereign is "poor." Being poor minded is the byproduct of Slavery.

There will soon come upon this earth, a Revolution, a Revolt of the Slaves.  It is the natural outcome of the Satanic NWO Masters plan  seeking to rid the world of "useless eaters" by culling the herds of the Poorminded through population control.

Hope this helps,


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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The Satanic Gift to the World: THE CURSE OF "BASSACKWARDS!"

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Many people are put off by my messages. These are the same people who are now arriving at the conclusion that they are not free but are slaves of the Corporation. They don't like what they hear from me but are thrown into a crisis of Consciousness which calls for them to act and NOT REACT -- and they don't like it one bit..

They think it IMPOSSIBLE to not LIE in their daily life.

They think it IMPOSSIBLE not to CHEAT in order to get a competitive edge on others.

They think it IMPOSSIBLE for them not to STEAL from another to compensate for their skewed perception of the Redistribution of Wealth.

They find it IMPOSSIBLE to avoid doing harm to their fellow man, consciously or unconsciously. Thats how deep it goes.

They worship words, images and personalities

They immerse themselves in the warm and fuzzy Illusions of Love, the antithesis of True Love. Accepting without question these "politically and religiously correct illusions" which have been conditioned into them by their Satanic mindcontrollers, their politicians, priest, ministers and the latest latest NWO serving, pied piper who just had a sit down talk with god.


No need to fight the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER system of an enslaving cashless society. Withdraw your support of it, and it'll grind to a halt for lack of your support.. Most of you have, for a lifetime been trained to agress, to fight, to resist and you expect the outcome to be PEACE. That which is set into motion will continue until acted upon be an exterior force. That is the Law of Inertia. Put that together with the Satanic Program that we mus FIGHT FOR PEACE and you will see just how BASSACKWARD, present human society truly is.

When has true peace been achieved on this earth by fighting for it?

STOP THE NONSENSE. Don't fight for peace. Do not Resist Evil. In other words, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT it. DO NOT RESIST EVIL, just stop supporting it. You all have been primed toward mass reaction, toward mass resistance for most of your lives without seeing the obvious: i.e. That which is resisted is strengthened, while that which resists is diminished.

Such obvious Truth is lost on the average blind believer who makes up the Legion of the Living Dead.

Let the dead bury the dead. That is Satan's plan, and BILLIONS of unaware human beings are being seduced into it.

If that's not BASSACKWARDS, What Is???
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A letter to all Poverty Minded Individuals!

...By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

It has been a month and a half, since I first sent notices of the monetary Program I have become involved with those on my mailing list..

In that month and a half. 5 people replied. Two were genuine, three were phonies. That was it.

Needless to say, I am surprised and amazed at seeing the True mindset of those I have communicated with for over a decade and a half, perceiving that we were actually communicating. .

Not much in the way of Truth has sunk in, has it? I find I am still dealing with spiritual wannabes, who expect that life owes them a living and live in fear of what the next day holds for them..

So ingrained in them is the satanic mindset that everyone is working a con on them. To a certain extent such fear is justified if they are worldly minded. The problem is you folks got it all BASSACKWARDS. The exploiters are those public servants you/they have put into office and the bankers in whom you/they have entrusted the fruits of your labor -- your money.

Yet their ignorance, the curtain of limited perception does not allow for them to admit just how precarious their day to day life truly is so you/they live is fear, confusion, and anxiety..

Because of the realization that I was tossing pearls to the profane satanic-minded intellect, I withdrew my offer of assisting them in getting started. I realized any such help would actually enable them to continue in their codependent dithered state of consciousness.

Those who will survive the coming conflagration in our country will be the self-starters exercising self-initiative. Those who understand what it means to be "Co-creators" of their lives. It will be those meek who shall inherit the earth, while the Government labeled "useless eaters" shall devour each other in their own self destruction, The blood running streets will be littered with carcasses of those who consider themselves Martyrs to the cause. Such foolish human beings have yet to determine what cause was it that they were so willing to give up their lives.

In worldly terms there are only two kinds of people which exists in Commerce, Creditors and Debtors. Creditors are whole. Considered Sovereign while Debtors are those beholding to the good will of Creditors and their Machiavellian manipulation of money and thus are seen as "Debtors" There is no middle position. One is either free of debt or they have fallen prey to the credit trap and thus place themselves in the position of debtor -- in other words, a slave..

It won't take but a moment of True introspection for you to answer the question of your true status -- Creditor or Slave..

Millions of words have been written by me over the last 15 years on the subject of Freedom, Sovereignty and Christhood. The truth of my comments are not found in the "letter of the Word" but in the "Spirit of the word," as they are reserved for the spiritually sighted.

Life is the creation of manifest energy brought about by ACTION, not thought. One must ACT in order to manifest Truth in one's life. Anything less than that is BS! BS is mother's milk to sheeple.

Don't you folks see what's happening to you, to you family, to your kids? You look around and you don't know who to Trust. Well BOO HOO!  How did you get that way?

You think by being weak, submissive and subjecting yourselves as a doormat to your public servants that they will go easy on you. Well check out the Headlines, they are telling you just how well you are doing. That's your spiritual report card. Most of you are failing. You are risking your lives in continuing in your present inertia. Many of you have already lost your homes, your jobs, your self-respect. What else are you willing to lose before you finally WAKE UP?

Those of you who have following my writing, fully understand that my position is not one of violence, but one of Peace.


But few amongst you can do that, because you cannot initiate action and you cannot stand alone if necessary. Look no further if you want to see why you have become a fearful slave instead of fearless Sovereign who understands the satanic mechanics of life and therefore is not swept up by it.

Many of you have money, but it is losing its value by the day. Yet you hang on to it for dear life, but what you really are hanging onto is dear death. The satanic mind controllers have you so twisted up that everything is seen as BASSACKWARDS to you. Those who offer you help, you reject. Those who vampiricly eat away at your substance, you gleefully support.

I have written thousands of words on peaceful BOYCOTT, yet they have been rejected in favor of macho assertions of the coming bloody revolution participated in by "bloody fools."

Imagine if you will what would happen to the banking system if you withdrew you debt receipts your regard as dollars and exchanged them for gold and silver and stashed them in a place known only to you. Then used the silver and gold as means of barter. What would happen to the Government of Caesar? What would happen to the Bankers and the many frauds arising from their economic manipulations?

Different world, would it not be? Do yourself a service and check out the system offered to you at the bottom of this message. After, all its your money, your life, your future.

To many of you, Its a lot of money currently manifest as a failing dollar. The longer you hand on to it, the less they are worth, until the entire monetary system collapses on its own. Then tell me what those dollars are worth.

If you don't see the wisdom of the program, well then, you have already sealed your fate, have you not.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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Ed Brown: and Elaine Brown; Sovereign Man and Woman who have Fallent Victim of our ever-enroaching Prison Society.

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote;

rk: The following are two communications I received from Ed Brown, currently ...a Federal Political Prisoner being incarcerated in Marion Penitentiary. Ed's Crime? He demanded the Prosecution SHOW HIM THE LAW under which he and his wife Elaine were being prosecuted. The Prosecution REFUSED to do so. In addition, Ed Brown demanded that the fictional courts PROVE JURISDICTION over him and his wife ELAINE, both Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood Sentient, Natural man and woman who is also a Federal Political Prisoner now incarcerated at Carswell Penitentiary in Fort Worth Tx. The System's Court refused to FOLLOW THE LAW and SHOW THE LAW, AND PROVE JURISDICTION, yet Ed Elaine have been sent to Prison. WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, AMERICA?

rk: Unlike the dominant lethargy which pervades the Slavelike mindset of most Americans who have caved in to fear and accepted their chains of Slavery,, Ed and Elaine are still fighting for the Freedom of all Americans, even while they are incarcerated inside the walls of prison.

rk: Ed and Elaine are in prison, because they stood up to the early Tyranny of the Courts. They were test cases the Federal System used to gauge public reaction to the systematic stripping away of the Unalienable Rights of the Sovereign People of these united states of America.

rk: The government operates through numbers. That is why Polls are so important to them in making up their operating commercial policies. They KNOW they are the SERVANTS of the Sovereign People of America even whilst they use mind control campaigns to convince the same American People who created such servant government that they are slaves, human resources owned, used and to be ultimately discarded as "useless eaters" when they are of no further use to the government. Ed Brown: and Elaine Brown KNEW they were not SLAVES to their SERVANT GOVERNMENT and stood up to put their fortune, their freedom, and their lives on the line..

rk: The lesson of Ed and Elaine Brown is the Story of the Fall of America. ; Sovereign Men and Women who have Fallen Victim to an ever-encroaching Prison Society. by the Corporate System's limited power granted them by the People.

rk: Their UNLAWFUL conviction occurred because the AMERICAN PEOPLE showed their lack of their true spirit of SOVEREIGNTY. The evidence shows the American People talk a great deal about Rights, but lack the totality of conviction to back their words up with political action. In other words, the American Public, by their grovelling, bowing, scraping and inaction when it comes to facing their Public Servants have declared their Status to be that of a Slave Populous.

rk: Now Ed Brown has been denied his right to communication with the outside world. Why? Because he exercised his right to use the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC law, the existing law used to convict him He has been denied the Right to Communicate with others outside the Prison Walls of the Federal Marion Illinois Penitentiary..

rk: What has happened to Ed and Elaine Brown, is happening more and more outside of prison wall to otherwise unwary American People. It is symptomatic of the creeping insideous, incremental campaign to transform a former Constitutional Republic of Free men and women, into at Master-Slave plantation model of Commercial Enslavement.

rk: The American People have been made to doubt themselves by their own Public Servants they have elected into office. You are now witnessing the Fall of the united states of America, the country formed by out Founding Fathers.

rk: What can you do about all this? You can first find your own backbone. Try to stand up Tall. See if you can do it.

rk: Form a groundswell of Phone, mail, Email campaign enlightening the federal authorities at Marion Illinois as to who is the True Government of these united states of America.

rk; Let them know it is the Sovereign People, it is You and me, and all others who've seen enough, who've experience enough, who;ve had enough.

rk: Remind them of who they are: PUBLIC SERVANTS Remind them that all men are endowed with certain Unalienable Rights which cannot be abridged by fictional government , corporate policies.

rk: Ed's prevention from communicating with the outside world because He chose to hold his captors accountable by using their own laws is symptomatic of what is happening in every Unconstitutional Court in our Land.. If the American people continue to grovel at the feet of Satanic courts and prison administrators and your enslavement is not only predictable, it is inevitable.

rk: Phone, write, and email the authorities at Marion Illinois and demand they follow their own law. Demand they show cause why Ed Brown has been blocked from communication with the world because he chose to use it..

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

From: admin@inmatemessage.com
Subject: Inmate: BROWN, EDWARD
1/20/2011 10:05:15 AM

Admin: This is a system generated message informing you the above mentioned federal inmate temporarily does not have access to messaging. You will receive notification when they are again eligible for messaging.

From: EDWARD BROWN (03923049)
Subject: Mail shut off without hearing.
January 20th 2011

Dear Wife, and All,

I am being punished without a hearing because I use the only law that is available.The U.C.C. Uniform Commercial Code.

This is the only law available to us in the computer and the law that the U.S.Government and the world operates under. These people are Progressive Communists and are confirming this by their actions of violating and interfering with lawful due process. Clearly in their arrogance they can't believe that they will one day stand before a judicial mast for aiding and abetting the C.E.G. (Criminal Element in Government).

It may be a couple of months before you hear from me.

Elaine contact kate Bryan.

Love you all.

See you soon.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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Ed Brown: and Elaine Brown;  Sovereign Man and Woman who have Fallen Victim of our ever-encroaching Prison Society.

127.0....@  wrote:
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Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 21:14:57 +0000, Raymond Karczewski wrote:
rk: >>   The following are two communications I received from Ed Brown,  currently a Federal Political Prisoner being incarcerated in Marion Penitentiary.  Ed's Crime?

127.0:  >  Refusing to pay his taxes then threatening federal agents with pipe bombs and a gun fight.  He is where he belongs and society celebrates the felon's incarceration.

rk:  Society of Whom?  Other cowardly shadow slinking anonymous Government/Media Disinformation cowards whose purpose is spreading rumors and invectives yet  have no accurate information available to them other than words on a computer screen and prepared News reports by government biased Corporate owned news media.

rk:  Ed and Elaine, were just ahead of their fellow countryman in courage and Integrity  in their acting upon their own  perception of increasing Tyranny in American Courts bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic and ushering in the NEW WORLD ORDER. 

rk:  As far as the pipe bombs are concerned, memories of WACO still linger in the consciousness of a lot of American People who shall not go silent in the night.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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Would you support a ban on handguns? A Cave Junction/Grants Pass Poll.

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk: You've asked for my opinion of Gun Control: Here it is!
rk: Modern American men and women have forgotten who they truly are. They are the Sovereign People, the creator of Government. The creation (government/public servants) can never be greater than their creator/Masters (Sovereign People)

rk: However Through generations of mind control and Lawyerly chicanery, modern day man has been conditioned to believe, they are 14th Amendment subjects to the policies of the Corporation that now calls itself government and consider themselves slaves/human resources in pursuit of security.

rk: Man has the unalienable Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property. They are God -Given Rights which cannot be abridged or stripped away by a servant government The corporate government has sought to change all that through departure from Our Constitution with acts of tyranny which strike fear in the hearts of confused people.

rk: All have the Right to Life which encompasses the use of deadly force in Self-defense and the defense of others unable to defend themselves. Guns are such Self-Defense tools against criminals and Rogue Governments who misconstrue their true purpose for existence. To protect and serve their Master and Creator -- The Sovereign American People. I hope I have made my position clear on Gun Control.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
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The Odyssey of the Pegs


An examination into the manner of how one comes to suffer Amnesia of  their  true Spiritual Estate of Christhood, and ultimately accepts and settles for the chains of Satanic Enslavement

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

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DO YOU SUPPORT A GUN BAN:  Political Poll.  You-Tube Video


A Retired Police Sergeant answers the Question:  DO YOU SUPPORT A GUN BAN.  It goes to the very heart of Freedom of the American Sovereign People. It offers the key to the return of Our Constitutional Republic

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©. http://www.arkenterprises.com
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