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Re: Life changing Video

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

I recently sent out to family, to my Mailing list and to Facebook friends an alert as to how to fundamentally change their quality of life through the simple act of "Gifting."

I received three replies, one was a disinformation agent looking to further smear, obstruct, confuse and fuel their 15 year attack upon my reputation, my integrity.

What is wrong with such people?.  Has fear overcome their curiosity? Has their conditioned paralysis prevented them from taking action in the betterment of their lives?  Have they become so codependent upon a "Nanny" Government that they cannot move until their masters tell them what to do, where to do it, how to do it, and why? Has civilized man devolved into the state of an obedient puppy dog acting only in response to his master's voice.

One can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink.  Apparently it applies to most civilized people too.  They'd rather writhe in their self constructed agony and blame others for their plight, than to step out of their prison cell of constructed, competitive  limitation and find their True Status, responsible, cooperative  Sovereigns who are the co-creators of their lives.

Be that as it may, why not put yourselves to the test.  Are you Sovereign Free Men and Women, or are you groveling slaves hunkered down at the feet of you masters, waiting for a few scraps from the table? 

Watch the video at http://www.mygoldplan.com/raykar/   No obligation to go any further. If it makes sense to you, fill out the information on the page and I will contact you.  No Selling, No persuasion, just facts.  . 


Change The Quality of Your Life Today


How Americans are kept in Poverty and Slavery!  (Was: Re: Life changing Video)

"Roymond Richard Kazynski, A Living Mohammad" <roym...@richard.kazynski> wrote:

JuMP Instructor wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
rrk:   >> Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (Dec 17, 4:48 am).

rk:   >> I received three replies, one was a disinformation agent looking to  further smear, obstruct, confuse andfuel their 15 year attack upon my reputation, my integrity.

Jump Instructor Wrote:
JuMP:  >>>  Checking back into the forum today, I read and almost never post, after  a few days off, I see my initials bandied about by Mr. Karczewski. Yes, I was curious and sent my request for more information to him. The next day, I took off for some much needed RnR and a jump or two.

JuMP:  >>> I got home, check my mail, nothing from him or anyone. Then, when I look  into the forums I find I'm being accused of something. I go back to my email and sure enough, I had received a reply the next day, it was in my spam folder (I clear my spam about once a month so I rarely look into the folder.)

JuMP:  >>> I could click on Mr. Karczewski's link but this uncalled for abuse while away gives me pause.

JuMP:  >>> I'll not ask for his apology.

JuMP:  >>> (BTW, I left sufficient information in my posting name so that Mr. Karczewski will know it was me, otherwise, I would not have posted using this account.)

rk:  JuMP Instructor, why the extreme creation of a cover story? Why not just use the name you used on the email inquiry, a name that I recognized from past disinformation attacks?  You people are really a dispicable piece of work. You are cowardly, and spineless while you tremble in the shadows in fear of your true identities being discovered.  while you launch multiple libelous attacks under multiple identities.

rrk:   >> Why would you even give a passing thought to investigating an "opportunity" hawked by a homeless convicted felon who accelerated the demise of his own wife?

rk:  Does anyone pick up on the personal viciousness and hatred of one man directed toward another, one he does not know personlly.  Does not the average reader perceive that these disinformation yahoos do not even possess any first hand information to disseminate but operate on words observed on a computer screen which can then be twisted and distorted for disinformation purposes?

rk:  The real question one should be asking themselves,  is why Law Enforcement Agencies Such as the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, OREGON ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE, AND FBI, seemingly endorse and support such Libelous conduct on the internet, in their STAUNCH REFUSAL to investigate such serious felony crimes as "Conspiriacy to Libel" and treasonous acts of Government/media Intelligence Agents use of Mind Control against the unwary, computer using  American People?
See: The Art of The Government "Kissoff." http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch207.html#Art
Petition to Compel FBI to Investigate Government/Media sponsored/supported Mind Control/Disinformation Activities on the Internet http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html

rrk: >>  The dubiousness of his requiring secret communication after decades of deriding anyone who wants to speak in confidence is another glaring red flag.  This is a guy who has been caught in countless  lies, has attempted to victimize numerous others, and has for decades lived on government handouts.

rk:  The handouts you speak of are retirement checks issued to the fictional corporate juristic/juridic person, a legal entity over which this Living Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man, Creditor/Secured Party  holds supreme claim.. .

rrk:  >>  He hasn't gotten rich quick in 70 years, he isn't going to help anyone else get there, either.

rk:  What is wealth but one's freedom from debt?.  How many people do you know who, at 73 years of age, and having traversed the journey of life,  are completely debtless, has all needs provided for and has  left the competitive, "dog eat dog" work world back in 1982 and never looked back?

rk:  What surprises me to no end, however,  is the degree that the average American man/woman will fight to the death, if necessary,  to defend their present state of slavery.--

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


How Americans are kept in Poverty and Slavery!  (Was: Re: Life Changing Video)

Cujo DeSockpuppet <cujo@petitmorte.net> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk:  >>  JuMP Instructor, why the extreme creation of a cover story? Why  not just use the name you used on the email inquiry, a name that I recognized from past disinformation attacks?  You people are really a dispicable piece of work. You are cowardly, and spineless while you tremble in the shadows in fear of your true identities being discovered.  while you launch multiple libelous attacks under multiple identities.

c: >  Hiding? You sent him mail to try to mooch money!

rk:  I did no such thing as sending him mail.  He wrote an email to me based on the earlier article posted on this forum regarding the video "Change The Quality of Your Life Today http://www.mygoldplan.com/raykar/ "   I filed his phony  personna, along with fellow disinformation Agent Tim Hill, and promptly blocked them from further communication with me. 

c:  >  You've been a bum for 28 years. Great resume.

rk:  You seem to confuse FreeMen Independant of the tentacles of the Satanic System which rules countless "sheeple" as Bums. Apparently, you've missed the lesson of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  So much for your level of  discriminative intelligence.

                       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Change The Quality of Your Life Today http://www.mygoldplan.com/raykar/


Government Mind Control and the American Public.

The Life of Love, the Life of Truth is an effortless life.  God provides for His "cooperative" Children this kind of life. 

The Life of Illusion, on the other hand is fraught with effort, conflict, violence and confusion.  That is the Satanic Way.  Satan, the petty "god" of this world provides this kind of life for his 'competitive' followers. 

Freewill dictates how one chooses to live his/her life.

Why should anybody care how I live my life if it dosen't impact upon their life?

For 15 years I have shared Truth on the Internet  with all who have the "eyes to see and ears to hear."  Yet look at the attacks that such simple Truth, such simple freedom has drawn to itself via the vicious campaigns of anonymous,  Satanic disinformation Agents.

IT is you, the reader who has been affected by these attacks, not me.  I merely expose them for what they are.. But they operate on the "Big Lie" made famous in Hitler's time.  Tell a lie enough times, and it soon becomes believed as truth by the unaware, the undiscriminating.   

These Government/Media  Disinformtion agents have one job to do and that is to make you doubt yourselves. To fill you with confusion, to commandeer your consciousness to the lowest levels of libel, gossip and vicious attacks.  They are desiged to keep you in fear, to intimidate you, to prevent  you from acting in the changing of your lives, in other words, keep you bound to your chains of psychological enslavement..

There will always be "DUMMIES" amongst us who revel at the destruction of others.  But does it have to be YOU???

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
Change The Quality of Your Life Today


Re:   Ray Karczewski, A Study in Delusion and Gullibility -- A Disinformation Schmooze Piece.

"Dr. Postman's Ghost" <d...@arkansas.gov> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net_ wrote:

Date: 11 Dec 2010 19:46:43 GMT

dpg:  >>  Raymond Karczewski is truthful. He is the most honest man he knows. I do not mean this to be backhanded. He does not mean to deceive or mislead. But, he is still wrong and most of what he says will mislead and turn out to be lies. How? Is this a contradiction? No.

rk:  Ah! a new fictional Internet Handle for the Same Disinformation Agents.   So what else is new?  By the way, I noticed your phoney "GOV" email address.

rk:  Whoever and whichever agent you are, it is widely apparent that, you don't know what Truth Is, nor do you know what a Lie is?  I've read your entire post.  What I've  observed were the usual opinions lacking evidence to support such opinions.  But isn't that what disinformation agents do?

dpg:  >>  Ray suffers a delusion. He perceives himself to be enlightened and to have a grasp on THE truth.

rk:  Where is the evidence that I don't?  Why don't you produce it?

dpg:  >>  His is an intellectual dislocation, eschewing intellectualism, he relies upon his own intellect to create his self supporting delusion.

rk:  No so!  But then again if you seriously have read what I write, you would know from where the Truth arises in me.  Certainly it is not the Intellect.

dpg:  >>  As far as Ray is capable, he tells the truth as known to him. He cannot lie while trapped in his delusion. Everyone else is false and can never approach his level.

rk:  15 years of your unrelenting attacks have proven that your positions are false, and have not reached my level of Consciousness. So I guess you have unwittingly expressed a Truth, have you not?

dpg:  >>  If anyone attempts or comes close, he MUST find fault and discover how that person could wrong. Any who agree with him must be suspect, because his delusion is supported by the most powerful weapon he has, a sense of persecution.

rk:  Such statement is a matter of psychological projection on your part.  It is you, and your Cohorts who feel the sting of exposure and wince every time you look into the "Mirror of Truth."

dpg:  >>  Ray is also gullible. In the past he has discovered several schemes that support his set of delusions. The sovereignity, redemption, and "admiralty" schemes are just a few. The weavers of these schemes are at best, as delusional as Ray, and thus provide his support, especially when they have a background of being persecuted. At worst, they are scammers, making money off of the gullible and setting up their victims for greater falls. When victims fall, they are used as heroes by the perpetrators in order to set up more sales. Sometimes victims find others they can set up as examples, a salve for their inner voices that try to bring sanity back.

rk:  As expected, such narrow, parochial  perceptions are typical of Disinformation Agents.  The Big Picture reveals a Runaway Criminal Government which rules its 14th Amendment Subjects/slaves with an iron fist of Tyranny.  I have stood up to their courts in two UNLAWFUL trials.  The Juristic Person was convicted in both trials, but as you can readily see such convictions do not transfer onto "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and- Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women, unless the courts can SCHNOOKER the Living Men Women into agreeing they are acting as a Surety and/or underwriter for  the fines and jail time meted out to the Strawman DEFENDANT.    ONly a "Living Dead" DUMMY who live in their minds would do that, wouldn't they.  Now count the number of DUMMIES now languishing in American Jails today through such Trickery and deceit. 

rk:  However, utilizing, MY TRUTH, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM, AM I?.  Shouldn't that tell you something about "RAY'S TRUTH?"

dpg:  >>  The sovereignity and redemption scam set Ray up. When he started to send out his leins and notices, he was arrested and charged with paper terrorism.

rk:  Yep, the Oregon, and JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS threatened me with 35 years as a "Paper Terrorist."   Despite the two convictions of the STRAWMAN DEFENDANT, I haven't spent another day in jail after they threw me out of their jail, not mentioning they made no further move to send me to prison.

dpg:  >>  He was stopped and challenged over his vehicle registration status and his lack of driver's license. The scam sucked him in. But, the scam was also sold with a very easy way to explain the trouble, the courts were not legal according to the scams.

rk:  It is a fact that the present day Unconstitutional Maritime Courts, practicing Admiralty Law are "legal", but they are NOT LAWFUL.
There is a wide schism between "legal" and LAWFUL..

dpg:  >>  The scam says you have to challenge the court, if the court responds properly, then they must let you go, but, don't worry, the court will never recognize their true status or they will fall like a house of cards, so you will most likely be locked up. Thus feeding the persecution complex.

rk:  Au Contraire!   The courts still have refused to answer the question of Jurisdiction, even after they threw me out of their jail, eight years earlier.  You are correct however.  Should the Courts answer the question of Jurisdiction, their carefully Public Relation built  "House of Cards" would indeed crumble. But then again, as long as the American People, shake, shiver and quiver with fear and are unable to find their backbone in standing up and dealing with the few who wield control over the government and courts,, the Satanic Courts enforcing the Policies of their Master, Corporate Government shall continue in their campaign of rape and pillaging of the sacred, Unalienable Rights of the American People.

rk:  What I have done, Three Hundred Million people can do. Where would a tyrannical government be then?  Eh?

dpg:  >>  Ray has fallen for various monetary scams as well. He's eschewed his "strawman" but used his wife as an ersatz strawman to do his banking.He's eschewed the "fiat currency" but still uses it. He has promoted various alternatives but never goes the distance and participates. He may not be participating the latest ponzi scheme, but he promotes it.

rk:  You have no Idea to what distance I have gone, in living my truth.  You can only speculate and then attack your own speculations.  The inarguable Proof that I offer to back up my words  is that I AM A FREE MAN, living, unencumbered by the fictional Legislative policies of a Fictional Government which lacks jurisdiction over any "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentien, Natrual Man.  Otherwise, one would conclude that I should be in Prison right now.  Yet here I am, at home, at my computer, exposing you for the Disinformation Agent that you are.

dpg:  >>  Like wise he eschews the legal system, but insists upon working within it. He eschews lawyers, but uses them. He eschews government, but bends himself into a pretzel to explain why he still uses government services and takes government sponsor funds.

rk:  "When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do."  The only thing is, that what I do -- Works.  While the "Romans"  (the dumbed down American Public)  are forced to figure out how not to lose their jobs, their money, their homes, their freedom, their lives.

dpg:  >>  His delusion allows him to answer all this by saying he is using a "mirror of truth" when people come too close to exposing to him his fallacy.

rk:  I have used such "Mirror Of Truth" in this article.  I challenge you to prove it is a delusion, but prove it with evidence, not opinion.

dpg:  >>  Ray will soon shake off this mortal coil. He has less in front of him than he does behind him. This is the natural way. One day, he will simply stop posting. He will not be seen. He will be discovered in his motor home/bus, peacefully in the eternal rest of the afflicted. He will be done with his striving and struggling. It will be merciful that his soul will be at peace, and if there is an afterlife promised that will bring paradise, then Ray will be there. On that day, those of you that hate him and deride him will have to find a new target, because this one will no longer be able to respond.

rk:  What paralyzing hellish bullshit you spew in the name of Religious conditioning. You're playing to the dominant conditioning of the hell-bound Christian mindset. Tis a Satanic deception, straight out of Hell.

rk:  However, It is not I who has struggled and striven.  Is it not yourself along with your disinformation cohorts who have struggled, striven and failed to discredit this simple man of Truth after 15 years of unrelenting, unbroken campaigns of attack?

dpg:  >>  Ray tells the truth. He is a simple man. The truth is as much as his delusion allows him. You are kicking and picking at a man who is down. You are doing the equivilent of picking on the kid with braces on his legs. You are tormenting the already tormented.


                             Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Dr. Postman's Ghost
Celebrating the Lienless

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
Change The Quality of Your Life Today


A Prayer for One, A Prayer for All

Carmen Johnson Karczewski  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

cjk:  >  Most people have a 1000 wishes for Christmas. A cancer patient has only one; to get better. I know 97% of you won’t repost this to your status; but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone you know who has died, or is fighting or has survived cancer, please pray for a cure, copy and repost

rk:      Carmen,  Life and Death is a matter of Human Focus of Consciousness.  From the Day we are born, we are destined to die.  The How, when and why is the end of a script most live by,  not fully understanding such scripted lives are created by others and imposed upon them through politically and religiously correct remote mind control.  We accept such illusions and model our lives after it.

rk:    Cancer is not cured by modern medicine.  It is managed.  Symptoms are treated by Pharmaceuticals, i.e.,  "Better living through Chemistry." Its a big money ticket item for those who profit by predictable illness which arise from living in a state of "Habitual Unawareness". 

rk:     We ignore and rationalize  our living in the world poisoned by the pollution of water, air, food etc, and expect we can subject our bodies to such health destroying pollution and it will not not take its toll.  All these things are factored in our "outer" imposed regimented and managed lives  by those who are responsible for such widespread Corporate mayhem and population control.

rk:      Corporate execs and governmental officials readily excuse their culpability when carrying out the death dealing policies of the corporate structure which bequeaths upon them the "Good Life."  They are not exempt for they too fall prey to the very conditions they impose upon others.  That is usually the time, most people wake up to the illusion that has become their life.

rk:      Yes Carmen, "prayers" are good, but "actions" are better.  When we realize who we are and the True power that lies in our own hands as Children of God, all we need do is Withdraw our Support from those who drive and direct the machinery of Corporations and government which are destroying us.

rk:    Resist not Evil, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT.



"There will always be the poor among us"   But does it have to be YOU???

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

In looking at the comments on this FaceBook Page and various Internet Newsgroups, doesn't one find it interesting that the vast majority of comments are based on " Terse One Liner" sentiments? Have we lost our ability to really communicate with one another? Have Americans lost their ability to rise above such seemingly triteness of communication?

When looking back at our educational system here in America, one can see that we have not been trained in "how to think" but the focus has been trained upon "what to think." We have been programmed, conditioned to be productive "members of Society." a euphemism for any robotic, obedient, unquestioning, human resource, a tool to be used by commerce as long as they are productive, then to be tossed aside, discarded in favor of a more productive tool.

Clearly most have been trained by our societal learning and media institutions to the point of being dumbed down and insensitive to the hideous unfolding Agenda of those who control our minds.

We are fed positive images, and "warm and fuzzy" phrases to grease the interacting friction of human relationship. The relationship of division, competitiveness, exploitation and profit. Somehow or another, we still speak of Love, of Cooperativeness, of Unity, of Harmony, but we still maintain our world of action in the competitive realm, never seeing that dark side of us that holds sway over our human consciousness.

Yes, we resist such images which rule our conscious mind, We strive to be better. We exert tremendous energy to be that which we are not and never achieve. Then we wonder why we are worn out?

I walked the same path that each of you reading this has trodden, yet I always knew deeply within the core of my being, that competition was not the way to survive in this world, even though as a young man, I was steeped in competitive relationships.

One by one, I shucked them off. With each layer of conditioning that was dissolved, Freedom presented itself as the obvious reward. But such shucking off of conditioning also made one an "outsider", an entity who was "in this world but not of it." Such freedom disturbed the "insiders" whether they be family, friends, and/or business relationships,.

We use all the words, Words like "Thank you." and "Excuse me" when dealing with superficial relationships at the public level of interaction, but such mechanical triteness seems to evaporate at our more personal relationships, our meaningful relationships.

We are still at odds with each other, one person vs another person, one group vs another group, one ideology vs another, etc, etc, etc.  Division rules us. Harmony is an ethereal goal.

A few weeks ago, I forwarded a suggestion that could change lives. ACTUALLY CHANGE LIVES. How, by waking people up from their Hypnotic slumber that keeps them captive to the Competitive (hellish) way of life that presently enslaves them.

For years, I have spoken on the Internet of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. of the institutions which have enslaved us. Government, Religion, Banking, etc.

The resistance to such a simple step of spiritual and material liberation has been enormous. Shouts of SCAM have reverberated on the Internet regarding as simple transition from one of Competitiveness to one of Cooperation.

Early, in our history, we, the human species lived a life of Cooperation with our neighbors, with our families. We depended upon each other for our survival. (Note I use We instead of They for human consciousness is eternal) When one's neighbor suffered a fire, the townspeople would all pitch in with whatever resource they had, be it talent, lumber, and/or service. Together we/they made things happen. We've lost that spirit and have become dependent upon dead, fictional institutions that promise aid and assistance (for a price) but NEVER deliver as promised.

Civilized man dangles at the end of a string, manipulated by fictional entities who call themselves government agents, CAESAR, if you will.  I have long asked the question of others (for I always knew the answer), SO WHO THE HELL IS CAESAR that one must give to it the things that are Caesars?

ITS AN IDEA, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! The things that are CAESARS are fictional things, Illusions, they are not the Truth of your Sweat and Blood, They are not the Truth of that which you have created for yourself by dint of your labor, your creativity.

CAESAR, Government, Corporations, Bankers, have NO POWER of their own.
They serve in a Vampiric, capacity, parasitically existing off of the life force of each of you, through your own conditioned ignorance. They function from the power GIVEN THEM by you, through your labor, your personal wealth, your creativeness. You, each of you reading this are the fuel which runs the mechanical machine of all of these fictional Illusions of Power, which would GRIND TO A HALT, should you withdraw your support, financial and psychological.. Yet you remain oblivious to to all, while you complain about your personal circumstances which you AGREE to through such support..

I'm sorry, but I have no compassion for people who wish to remain that dumb! My words/actions are meant for those who have "the eyes to see and ears to hear." They reveal themselves by their actions, not their words. The ignorant, the apathetic, the moany-groaning, self-excusing one's who hide behind shadows of anonymity have already sealed their fate.

They are the ones who shout the loudest, "SCAM, SCAM" when silent action of "Give and you Shall Receive" removes one from the competitive life they now lead.

If one reads my Website, they will see that my words are, and have always been at-one with my actions. I have challenged and exposed the fictions of Government and Religion, and continue to do so almost on a daily basis. But to whom are such fictions exposed? To you? to your Family, To your social network? Do you see what I see. If so, why are you not acting upon what you see. See what I mean?

My spiritual Brother, Jesus of Nazareth once said "There will always be the poor among us" But does it have to be YOU???

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com
Change The Quality of Your Life Today


Subject: Brother Ponzi Kazoo: A lesson in how to collect diddly, zip, nada from one's government master

"Roymond Richard Kazynski, A Living Mohammad" <roym...@richard.kazynski> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010

rrk: > Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (Dec 25, 7:19 am).

rrk: > Brother Ponzi Kazoo wrote:

rrk: > <snip a bunch of claptrap>

rrk: > So, Brother Ponzi Kazoo, you've been at it for decades, how much money have you collected (not counting the government handouts to which you're so hopelessly addicted?)

rrk: > For your efforts; you've accelerated the demise of your wife, become homeless, become a convicted felon, and are almost universally regarded as a nut case.

rrk: > Hell, isn't it?

rk: Yet, on a daily basis, you and your cohorts scramble to your keyboards to offset any serious and meaningful contribution that I have made, by at least one post and you do it with general libelous statements that carry with it no evidence to support any of your comments. All the while you slink, slither, and hide in the shadows behind your fictional handle. Does not bode well either for your intelligence or your integrity, does it?.

rk: Read There will always be the poor among us" But does it have to be YOU???" You could well be the POSTER BOY to represent such dumbed down ignoramuses.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com/

Change The Quality of Your Life Today


Re: Subject: Brother Ponzi Kazoo: A lesson in how to collect diddly, zip, nada from one's government master

 Cujo DeSockpuppet <cujo@petitmorte.net> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

 Sat, 18 Dec 2010 22:47:36 +0000 (UTC)

cj:  > arkent3@frontier.com (Raymond Karczewski) wrote in news:4d0d39eb.31317843 @news.frontier.com:

rk: >>  Yet, on a daily basis,  you and your cohorts  scramble to your  keyboards to offset any serious and meaningful contribution that I  have made,

cj: >  You've contributed your kookiness to entertain us but that would be straining the concept of merit.

rk: >> by at least one post  and you do it with general libelous statements that carry with it no evidence to support any of your comments.

cj: >  I'm sure Cokehead Willie and his mother appreciated all your support,  especially all that you did in person.

rk: >> All the while you slink, slither, and hide in the shadows behind your fictional handle.  Does not bode well either for your intelligence or your integrity, does it?. 

cj: >  Fooled me, I think we get a pretty nice paycheck from the same Gubmint we're supposed to BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT like you do. Actually we do  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT the same as you since you still cash your Gubmint checks, hypocrite.
rk: >> Read There will always be the poor among us" But does it have to be YOU???"  You could well be the POSTER BOY to represent such dumbed down ignoramuses. 

cj: >  That'd work except for that six figure salary I pull down on my regular job which requires me to act intelligently to prevent people like you from telling others how to act.

rk:  Nobody said "dirty tricks"  Government/Media Disinformation Agents who are protected and immune from prosecution by our "so called Law Enforcement Officials" weren't well compensated for their satanic work. You just proved my point (that you must respond to every post I write)  I Rest my Case. 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

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A Letter to Ed and Elaine Brown: "Have Faith, for God, our Father, indeed does operate in "mysterious ways."

                                                             ...Dec. 21, 2010
Dear Ed and Elaine

I don't know about you, but I'm thoroughly disappointed with the American People. They've let you down and they let themselves down by not standing with you while you stood to expose the Satanic corrupt court system which now threatens our very freedom.

I don't know what happened to the spirit of the American man and woman since the days of my youth. They seemed then to have had a spirit of action that they now lack in their present psychological makeup..

I suspect its a generational thing that is traced to mind control programming that consumes the average man's consciousness. They've been TV'ed out out their intelligence. They are trained to look at such claptrap as role models for living in modern day society. Few realize the great number of Police and Court shows are merely conditioning them to lay down to the forces of Corporate policies which masquerade as Law.

The young people of our time had a spirit of openness to the unknown factors of our world, while today, they are just inert, passive human beings, (although unbalanced in their actions) when the pressures which call for action pile up on them in their conditioned reluctance to act That, and the medication which permeates our society pretty much has destroyed the American Spirit as I see it.

There's a lot of talk about people waking up. However, my take on it is that it is just that, a lot of talk, and not much more. When the Goverment carrying out the policies of the Bankers which control them, finally cracks down on "their enemies of the State", the American People, via martial law, many are going to die because they have never been prepared in how to live. Most will cease to function with intelligence because they will be caught in a place which they have avoided at all costs, the place where they are called upon to take intelligent action when all the while they are only psychologically "wired" to react blindly, when their present mind controlled hypnotic trance state is disturbed.

However, I do have faith in the Truth that those who do stand up against the increasing tyranny will ultimately overcome such satanic tyranny and restore us to the peace and functionality that our founding fathers envisioned. Throughout your travail, I operated on the premise that the American People would not let you down. This issue of the Fictional Courts, the creation of the Sovereign, Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women would not be allowed to continue in their "Spell-Binding" control over the American Psyche. I now suspect, I was not seeing them, I was merely observing my own mind set projected upon them.

Know this, Ed and Elaine, my spirit is with you every day and understand the sacrifice you both have made toward Freedom and Liberty in America. You are now paying the price for your courage, that few others understand. There are a lot of "Big Mouth" Sovereignty entreprenuers now sitting in prison because they used it as a means to satisfy their own satanic ambitions in manipulating the public mind. They lacked the clarity of Spirit, the purity of Spirit that you both possess and they are where they rightfully belong. However, in the public's muddled mind, they are unable to distinguish such subtlety in differences.

I know that when I stood up to the Courts of Oregon and Josephine County, I too, as you, stood up as a Sovereign Child of God. I understood at the deepest core of my Being, that I was free, and no fictional corporate policies were going to change that. I went on the hunger strike and left my fate all up to God. I told the authorities early on that I would walk out of Jail a Free man or they would be carrying out a corpse. They pushed it, tested that Faith almost to the very end, when they saw my resolve and relented. It was a harsh test, but one that was necessary to communicate to them that they may presume to imprison the body, but they can never imprison the spirit.

That spirit is operating in the both of you. So I know you will understand when I say "Have Faith, for God, our Father, indeed does operate in "mysterious ways."



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Oath of Office: How to Take Back Control of Our Country Video

I Invite you all to visit my U=Tube Video Re: Oath of Office: How to Take Back Control of Our Country:The Story of one man standing up for his rights offers the key to Spiritual and Political Liberation from Tyranny in America at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07u3NHoQ24w
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A Letter to Ed and Elaine Brown:  "Have Faith, for God, our Father, indeed does operate in "mysterious ways." 

Elaine Brown writes:

Raymond Karczewski writes:


I don't know what to think about the American people.  One day it seems things are changing, the next it's the same ole, same ole.  Yahweh has His plan, I guess, and we can only do as we are guided to do.  You and we, and many others seem to row the boat alone, but the day will come when His will shall prevail.  We cannot know what it is, but to sit back and do nothing is not it, that  much I do know.

Satan rules the earth, but he must be constantly fought against.  Although my mail has dropped off considerably in the past year and a half, I continue to receive an occasional letter from strangers.  This tells me that there are many out there who are of like mind, but have not expressed it.  The glass is half full.

Do not be discouraged, my friend, truth always wins in the end.

May you Christmas be peaceful and blessed.


Dear Elaine

  I agree with you.  The world we live in is created by the collective thought of "civilized" human beings. (I am not referring to the Natural World, but of the Civilized World. the world that we see and know as Hell on Earth)

  Integral people are guided by Divine Awareness, the Hand of God, the Hand of Providence, the unseen Hand of Infinite Intelligence.  The average man, the "civilized man"  unaware of the Natural World around him  however is led by the nose by unseen, remote mind controlling, faceless entities who use suggestions to plant into the undiscerning, undiscriminating, collective psyche by other visible Satanic entities who embody the image of "desirable" human traits but actually operate at the most superficial realm of a suggestible hypnotic  intellect and are themselves empty of substance. Some called them "Talking Heads."  

  Elaine, that is the curse of Man's Fall from Grace. They believe their cursed way of life to be Normal, and they do their damndest to fit it, to go along to get along.  They have not the ability to Stand Alone as does any child of God, any man, woman or child with Integrity.

  These are the forces of Evil which have Incarcerated you and Ed, attempting to use you both as an example of their power to cast fear into the hearts and mind of people who are borderline spiritual aspirants and who doubt the Truth which resides in them. They have sold their souls for security, but ultimately they never find true happiness or security in their lives.  Why?  Because they sold out to become worshippers of images, not substance.

   Know that your time in custody is God's will.  You and Ed are being used to expose the corruption and lawlessness of the System which has incarcerated you.  .

  Hang in there, the both of you.  You are doing God's work.


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