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Board warning issued  Think Free Forum

NOTE:  This is what is going on all over the Internet regarding my writing. Make no mistake about it.  Free expression of Truth is not allowed on Free Think Forums. 

Liberation will not come  to the People of the united states of Amercia, through committe work or through a corrupt system..  It comes only to those who understand their Sovereignty and act like a sovereign instead of a hat in hand groveling slave before the congress, senate and  courts or our land .  The slave overseers who moderate rorums on the Internet do not want their slaves to get "uppity."  


Board warning issued  Think Free Forum

From:     admin  wrote:

Sent at:     Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:11 pm
To:     Ray

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

The following is a warning which has been issued to you by an administrator or moderator of this site.

This is a warning regarding the following post made by you: viewtopic.php?f=88&p=13592#p13592 .

Admin:    >  Are you now quoting from people from other websites? Do you have their permission?

rk:  Why don't you check with them?  Did any of them complain to you? If not, such gratuitous  fishing expeditions and witchhunts to remove my writings from the purview of those subscribers on your forum who would benefit by them along with your exhibited spirit of personal bias regarding the content of my messages is getting in the way of objective board moderation, is it not?

rk:  Apparently I am being perceived as a Threat to "Free Thinkers." who are unaware that they are caught in the vise of Satanic Mind Control.

rk:  Is the title of "Free Thinkers" some sort of code word  for banning free thought and limiting parameters of thought conducive to the board controller's political and spiritual  point of view?

rk:  I am looking for some clarification of who I am dealing with.  That is all.

                 Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Moderator Objected to the following post.
Christ:  A Mirror of Truth!!

Mike the roboslayer, like, killing robots and shit wrote:

Farkasm: wrote:

pxichick69  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

 Sep 4, 2007 9:39 PM

rk:    I've taken the opportunity to address some of the typical responses to my original article of "What Ray Is is a Destroyer of Illusion. Ray Is not a Hero, Just a Simple Man of Truth, A Christ, a Vanquisher of Satanic Mind Control.

rk:  The article can be found on my Myspace message board. see: http://forum.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=messageboard.viewThread&groupID=0&page=

rk:  As one can see the thread is growing in numbers, but shriveling in  intelligence.  I am posting my observations of these reactions to my articles elsewhere on the Internet  because this is what is wrong with the world of civilized human beings.  It needs to be exposed for all to see, even the individuals who are blind to their own reflection as they stare into the Mirror of Truth.

rk:  "Growing in numbers, but shriveling  in intelligence"  Do not take this comment as an idle judgment, rather,  you can take this one to the bank.  The civilized human race is operating at a deficit when it comes to withdrawing their feeble assets from their Intelligence account, that is,  when it comes to expressing their true level of understanding, perception and awareness.  The Mirror of Truth acts as, a gauge to their intelligence operating in their typical  relationships  with others, all the while not having a clue of what they look and sound like to the rest of the world.

rk:  Face it folks, the average civilized man/woman is an IGNORAMUS.   In otherwords, they are satanically conditioned, mind controlled human being, prideful in their limited consciousness.  They indict themselves with their every word and action, and remain oblivious to it all.  THATS IGNORANCE!!  

rk:  So why me?  Why do I attract them like a lightning rod?  The answer is really quite simple.  I am a simple man of Truth.  Truth is the only holistic state of Consciousness that is untouched by the fragmented, opposing  illusions and attacks launch by the ignorant.

rk:  Truth acts as a standard upon which all other lesser images of intelligence can be seen for what they are -- accurately and precisely.  Truth has no concern for social, political, and religious taboos, for the latter are no more than examples of satanic mind control parameters set forth by remote authoritative,  elitist satanic controllers , who promise peace and clarity through the positive imagery of words, but deliver a hell here on earth through their daily actions.

rk:  One will note that few, if any will actually have the courage to  address the content of my messages, but instead "join the pack" in delivering silly one-liner assaults which allow them to feel safe in their vague, ambiguous, but maliciously intended retorts.

rk:  If any of you wonder why you have descended into slavery instead of living the rich life intended for all Sovereign Children of God, all you have to do is open you eyes and take a good look at what you do, not what you think.   Here are but a few examples:

f:   >>>  But how do you combat satanic conditioning with more satanic conditioning?

rk:  A better question would be why do you not perceived the reflection you see as you stand before the Mirror of Truth to be an accurate assessment of your intelligence without addition or detraction from it by the mirror.  It is such accuracy that drives ignoramuses up the walls, as they begin to see their battle is solely with themselves, not the mirror.

pxi: >>   now your just being silly Ray copy your OP and remove your name save it to Doc and look at it in the morning, really look at it and then maybe you'll see the way your coming across to people.


Board warning issued  Think Free Forum

Board Administrator Think Free Forum  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

Admin:  ThinkFree is not about free thought. Free, in our context, means free of statutory obligations and restrictions. It does not mean the traditional free thought (if it was, noone with a religious point of view would be welcome at all). I was hoping, as a forum about researching law, it might have been obvious.

rk:  A forum designed to research law may not be so obvious to anyone who reads its description;  i.e., Philosophy, Metaphysics and Spirituality

rk:  Methinks you are confused!  Were it a forum for researching Law, and Statutes, you picked the wrong label for it and thus its title is misleading..


Board warning issued  Think Free Forum
 Post subject: Re: Christ: A Mirror of Truth!!

Site Admin

Joined: Wed Dec 31, 1969 4:00 pm
admin:  What you have picked is not a label for the forum as a whole. As someone who has been on the net for 12 years you should know that. This board is purely for law research. Philosophy, Metaphysics and Spirituality is a SUB category of Other Stuff and is only meant for the occasional philosophical post, not a successor godlikeproductions jnr.

Feb 23, 2008

ThinkFree Forums

You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: Find somewhere more suitable for your material. This is not the place. Thank you.

A ban has been issued on your username.


A Christ has shown the Way to Spiritual Liberation. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

The Human Race is entering into a mass Crisis of Consciousness. It comes under the guise of the New World Order which is a new face for the old Satanic rule of the Old World Order.

Truth is Eternal. Illusions must change as they possess no lasting viability, no life. They are based in the Aftermoment of thought. They are DEAD.. There, in the murky depths of Satanic intellect time-bound birth and death, beginning and end exist. They are but dead reflections of a Living moment.

Illusions must be replaced by other illusions, seemingly new and different but close examination shows them to be the same old contradictory seed of dualistic opposition working itself out. Such is the darkness that the vast majority of civilized men live in.

The system of civilized societies, mired in hell-based mass opposition has always been ruled by Satanic (the Opposer) thought.

Its political and religious institutions have been created and maintained by the Satanic machinations of the fragmented and satanically compartmentalized Intellect.

It is the creator of division, the creator of Contradiction.

Its actions have always been mired in dualistic deception, exploitation and wars. Through such outer imposed, all-pervasive Satanic mind control, a gullible and blindly believing mankind has maneuvered itself to the point of being the author of his own self-destruction.

Humans, living daily in their self-consented confusion, have become victims of their own not fully understood thought process. They are not Masters of their minds, they are victims of their mind.

The hellish world of man reflects that phenomenon in every eternal moment of "Now" as it unfolds. Yet it is not seen as it is, but projected and judged by the intellect to be the work of imaginary enemies.

Imaginary, because all illusions are deceptions, unreal reflections of some long inculcated Satanic interpretation of mass consciousness, Civilized men are ruled by Satanic Illusion.

Such illusions are the basis for the Law of Mammon which dominate the fragmented consciousness of the average man. These illusions project themselves and inject their satanic poison into all human relationships personal and business alike via various degrees of confusion, frustration, aggression and anger.

The truth of mankind's spiritual malady is exposed through their relationships. It cannot be hidden even though the vast majority live in denial of their actions, preferring to live in the ideas of their own conditioned hypocrisy.

It is no mistake that the world of Civilized man is and has been the most brutal of battlefields both inwardly and outwardly, even though all of whom who play the blame game can readily evade their own responsibility for the insanity by holding to carefulling inculcated "positive Images" which allow them to save face when they observe their own actions in the Mirror of Truth.

This is the message I have brought to the Internet over the last 13 years. It is a message ill-received. Your so-called leaders have done their damndest to prevent you from seeing the simple Truth of what I have said in this message. If you think this is an exaggeration, I suggest you read the number of Newsgroups and Forums which have banned my writing on the Internet. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#CENSORED

If you wish to observe the process of Satanic control attempting to prevent a Christ, a simple man of Truth, from sharing simple, observable Truth with each of you, I suggest you read the real-time progression of just two Forums ("Think Free" and "I love Grants Pass") whose satanic agenda was threatened by my simple message of peace. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html#Forum

The key to peace on earth will not come from without but from withing each of you. When you come to understand your True Spiritual nature, you will not allow yourselves to be hoodwinked by Satanic Word Twisters remote mind controllers, heretofore responsible for forming your own limited world view. , Nor will you fear your Public Servants, now seen as "Illusory Tyrants".

I have demonstrated how to facedown government and courts by standing in Truth. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

I am one man, but I am a Sovereign Son of God, and therefore a Free man.

Most of you do not know who you are. You "go a long to get along." All that has brought you is SLAVERY.

I have shown you the way. Take it or leave it.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com


Dear MakeTheStand.com Members,

I apologize for the recent rash (and they are like a rash) of jerkwads that keep registering and posting here. I will continue to ban them, as quickly as possible.

I know this topic has been discussed often, but I think we should dig deeper into it. The main questions we ask are 1) who are these people and 2) why do they do this?

Who the people are really doesn't matter. It's sad that people would devote time to attempting to ruin the experiences of others. We've made it clear by repeatedly banning these guys that we don't want them here. We shouldn't have to say anything else. People who don't respect our wishes -- the wishes of those who spend time and money creating the website, participating in discussion, and the like -- are acting immorally.

So the real question is why. The answer to that may not be as simple as you or I think. Since we don't know the answer, and really won't ever know, we are forced to look at the most probable answers.


--Some shmuck who happened across the site and thinks it's fun to cause trouble
--Some pro-tax, pro-government, pro-obfuscation people from squatloose
--Disgruntled member
--Some type of, for lack of a better-fitting word, agent, who is actually paid to distract, disinform, disrupt, etc.

I don't think it is the first because this site really isn't THAT popular. We aren't a huge, popular, thousands-upon-thousands of members discussion forum. I think if someone happened across and wanted to have some fun, they'd give up by now.

The second is quite possible. Those people are highly annoying and for whatever reason love to disrupt the tax honesty movement.

The third isn't likely either. I don't think anyone is pissed off about having been banned or such. I've only banned people who I thought were here for the wrong reasons. I don't think I've unfairly banned anyone. Once again we're not that big to have disgruntled members.

Lastly, and perhaps the most likely is the "agent" of sorts. Probably some low-life, and I mean LOW LIFE. I don't like judging people, but anyone who gets paid peanuts to post shit on the Internet...probably living in some ghetto somewhere, lucky to have even a minifridge if that. It's just a sad form of life in my opinion. Such a person should really examine themselves -- see if there is anything at all inside -- and re-examine what he/she is doing. The peanuts they get for such work aren't going to save their souls. It's probably barely enough to live on, let alone pursue having an ACTUAL life.

The primary difference between us and these disinformation/distraction agents is anonymity. Yes, some members here choose to stay anonymous, but those members also get active in things. It isn't hard to find out who a lot of the members here are really. These random distraction agents, on the other hand, never tell anything about themselves, or if they do it is most likely a lie. They are not like real people. They are not coming to the site for the reasons we do.

A lot of these bozos came here when Ray started posting here. They really stick to him like glue. Someone wise should use that as a testament that Ray must be doing something right. I believe Ray's message is very powerful and threatening to the establishment, so that is why these toads hop from site to site after him. I'm sure they get him banned places -- the admins of the sites getting tired of banning the disruptors so they ban Ray too and the problem is solved. However, that will not happen here. I've even made a forum for Ray because I like him so much and enjoy reading his posts. A dedicated forum is available to other people as well, especially people who run into trouble and need our help.

I do believe this answer is the most probable answer to our question of who/why. They get paid to do it. Talk about an easy job. It's really incredibly sad that our society has decayed so much that the elite power establishment has to stoop to such low methods of control/dissuasion. For God's sake -- having to pay people to post on the Internet to try to obfuscate the truth. It's so absurd you can just laugh at it. I only wish it weren't affecting the lives of the people who do the posting. They must be terribly disappointed with life in general. No pleasure or sense of self-being, self-worth, or anything of a spiritual, REAL, nature could come from such actions. They know what they're doing, and no matter how much they may be in denial of it, it DOES affect them. I'm not religious, so I can't pray to a "god/dog" but I'll pray to what is for them. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. It's really quite sad.

So don't be mad for them, feel sorry for them. But don't waste your time talking to them either. The come to distract and disrupt, to take attention away from what we're doing here. So let's keep on doing what we're doing. Let's COMPLETELY ignore them. When they post, don't respond, reply, or even acknowledge that they posted. Act as if their post never made it onto the forums. Completely ignore them, that is what I would ask of you. Don't let them distract your mind from what's really going on. They are HERE because of what's going on. We're taking flak because we're right over the target, as a friend of mine says Smile

So let's stay over the target, and not allow them to take our attention away from the facts and more importantly the truth. If you respond to them, engage in dialogue, argue, etc, then they are only achieving their goal. I commend the members here for continuing regular discussion despite these bafoons. That's very important, and that's what you should do. Now I ask that you go one step further and completely and utterly ignore their existence. I'll keep banning them, and if you ignore them they'll go away onto sites that are not as clever as we are. They can hang out in the newsgroups and everywhere they usually do. We've exposed them here. Ray has exposed them here, and I've exposed them here. You guys have all exposed them.

We needn't do anything else. Instead of opening a discussion about them, I'm going to lock this thread. As I said before, it's as if they do not exist at all. So let's stay true to that. I beg all members here to comply.

Thank you, and don't worry the site isn't going anywhere Smile I'll keep hosting it and administrating it, even if I don't have time to participate a whole lot anymore. Hopefully that will change. I'm still trying to decide where to go with it all. In the meantime, you guys keep on deciding with the forums. Thanks again and have a wonderful night and weekend Smile

Sincerely yours,




By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Below are the steps I have personally taken to establish my Status as a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man of the Sovereign People.  They have proven themselves to be the Stone which Fell the Goliath of the State of Oregon and County of Josephine, who cannot in all their purported Power answer point, by point, the questions of Jurisdiction while under Oath or by Affidavit.. Use them or not, as you see fit.  . Let your Intelligence be your guide, not me nor any other man.  Stop depending upon experts to solve problems that only you can solve.

1.  Become Debt Free, Remove yourself as a 14th Amendment citizen/slave/debtor to all legal public and private transactions between you and Private and public Corporation Creditors. (Get rid of credit Cards, bank accounts, Deal in Cash, money orders,  not credit).   Establish yourself as a Creditor, Secured Party,  Act, and BE RESPONSIBLE for your actions.  (That is the essence of a Sovereign)

2. Common Law allows you to Copyright your Name (Common Law Copyright, not corporate legislative copyright policy) thereby returning you control over your corporate created  all CAPITAL LETTER  juristic Trademark/tradename in all relationships.  Following links contain actual legal filings I have made with the  State of Oregon and Josephine County Courthouse.  You are free to copy my legal filings  and  adjust them to your own personal data:  Caution do some research before you file.  Know what you are doing.   Read: 
 The Straw that Broke the Back of American Judicial Tyranny---COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT.  and  Copyright Notice  Post Notice three (3) consecutive weeks in  General Circulation Newspaper. Shop around for price.

3.  Establish a Private Agreement between
between Creditor. Living Breathing, Flesh and Blood Sentient natural Man and debtor, TradeMark/tradename fictional Juristic Person.   Sever the nexus existing  between corporate juristic Person (Strawman) and yourself as a "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman, clearly delineating Truth from Fiction. See:  Private Agreement Estalishing Creditor and Debtor

  Enter into a hold harmless agreement with your legalistic fiction, Juristic Person absolving you, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman  of acting as a non-consenting  surety for any and all debts incurred or imposed upon such fictional Juristic Person by government/corporate entities See:  Hold Harmless

5.   File UCC-1 Financing Statement between Creditor and Debtor with UCC Office, Secretary of State of such documented relationship.  (Follow their directions to the letter.)

6. Retain certified copies of said Financing Statements to offer as proof, regardless of Criminal acts, Threats, and or legalistic intimidation arising from any Secretary of State's UNLAWFUL REMOVAL of said documents. 
    a.  These certified copies may be later offered into evidence toward prosecuting Public Officials for the Crime of Conspiracy to Cover up Crimes  committed by other STONE WALLING State and County Corporate officials  who overstep their authority and remove them without showing cause because they hold themselves to be above the law in refusing to answer legal questions accompanied by affidavit..  (Such as OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE, BILL BRADBURY, GOVERNOR KULONGOSKI, ATTORNEY GENERAL MYERS, JOSEPHINE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEPHEN D. CAMPBELL, AND ASUNDRY JOSEPHINE COUNTY  JUDGES, PROSECUTORS, STATE MUNICIPLE, AND COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS)
See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/tortjoco.html

7 .  Issue a Charge Back To US Treasury Dept.

8.  Issue .BILL OF EXCHANGE In Accord with HJR-192)

9.  Rescind all Government Contracts previously entered into wherein full disclosure at time of Contract was not given by the State,  nor understood by you.  All such contracts are, by Law,  invalid, null and void.  (Ex:  Driver licenses, Auto License Registration )

I have, through my successful actions against the corrupt courts of Oregon and Josephine County, pointed to the way of individual freedom and Sovereignty in extricating oneself from within  a corrupt land of Tyranny.  Stop playing the Satanic Game of organized Opposition.  Stand Alone with Truth and you will understand the Way of a Christ.

Once understood, REMOVE ALL SUPPORT to the Satanic Power in the World.  How? Restist Not Evil. --  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT!!. 

What is the proof I offer of its efficacy?  They threatened this 80 year old Christ with 40 years of Prison (a life sentence)   Here I sit, a FREE MAN when I refused their contract of Sentencing,  demanded they answer the questions of Jurisdiction over this living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man and they THREW ME OUT OF THEIR JAIL. 


God, indeed, works in mysterious ways!!

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

tan Szopa <sszopa@yahoo.com> [Add to Address Book]

Stan Szopa   (aszopa@yahoocom) replies:

“…8.  Once understood, REMOVE ALL SUPPORT to the Satanic Power in the Wordl.  How? Restist Not Evil. --  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT IT!!...”


ss:   I only support and I am fully applying the eight point.

ss:   The rest has to be solved the Alexander the Great’s way by cutting heads of the highest priests of usurious money or better to impale them at the front of the White House.

More in: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nirevolution/message/3905

rk:  >  Someone might ask: Who is going to do it?

ss:  You will… but only after Bush or McCain will call the Martial law for the whole USA (not just for New Orleans) and start political cleansing

 Best regards,





By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Asterion, Trixi1  Thank you for you comments.  My site and my input to various forums is for the serious minded who find themselves a stranger in a strange world surrounded by a Mass of Slaveminded sheeple.

It is for the Spiritual Seeker who understands that at the core of his/her being, they are Sovereign Sons and Daughters of Divine Intelligence, and as such do not buy into the fear and confusion which permeates the consciousness of those who allow others to do their "thinking" for them.

Mine is a breakout site.  It allows for the spiritual revolution which  returns man-made slaves to their true spiritual state of Divinely guided Sovereigns.

Simply stated, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

All, however are Welcome!!   Some will GET IT.  Most will not!  It all depends upon the depth of their Satanic Conditioning and their desire to be free.




Kokomoj0  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

k:   >  Hi Ray...

k:   >   Thats pretty noble what you are trying to do.

rk:  Nobility is the essence of Sovereignty, is it not?  All men are Sovereign, but the average man possessed of sheeple mentality usually suffer from amnesia of their true Spiritual Estate along with the haunting fear and impotence that accompanies a lifetime of Satanic Conditioning.  I have merely shown anyone and everyone living in this Constitutional Republice what a true Sovereign Son of God looks, sounds and acts like.  Then the petty face-saving reactions and attacks  usually  ensue when petty-minded blowhards observe the nondualistic energy of such direct and unequivocal action.

k:   >   I am curious how you got those state and federal bond numbers since they usually deny that they even exist?

rk:  When you deal with satanists,one  just factors in such  deception and debasement in the political equation.

k:   >   I am not sure if you are aware of it but you are getting into some seriously complicate law with what you are doing.

rk:  I follow God's Law.  God's law is simple.  The Law of Mammon is complicated, usually administered by Black robed Pharisees and their minion prosecutors.   I am not subject to the corporate policies of the Satanic ruled State.  That is the point I have been making for many years now.  The simple fact is they work for me.  I am a simple man  of the Sovereign People whom such public servants take an oath to serve.

k:   >   That and supreme court has made several ruling on the limitations of "personal" sovereignty.

rk:  The Supreme Court is a joke.  They are no longer a Constitutional serving body.  They are political and through compromise and vanity have no spiritual power.  Thus they stand as an illusion which plays to the groveling, knee-bending, satanic imaginings of the average voting machine, schnookered sheeple.

k:   >   One thing is to be careful that you dont put yourself in an alien status, especially considering the the legislation this last administration has run through.  

rk:  My status is very clear to the Officials of the State of Oregon and County of Josephine.  They know who they are dealing with, and they want no part of it.  They just love to prey on the easy marks.  Why do you think, they refuse to answer the questions of Jurisdiction, under oast or by affidavit?  Read all about it on my site:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

k:   >  That and I would not be real fast to go after them for money as that too gets really complicated in the final analysis.  IMO best is to just declare your sovereignty and be done with it.

rk:  Money is how politicians keep score.  You've got to get their attention, do you not?  After reading  my website. any damned fool cans  see that I GOT THEIR ATTENTION.

k:   >  So before you go to far and jimp off a cliff or something check with these boys and gurls as they love this stuff and ask them questions, they will give you their opinions and more helpful data.

rk:  They play the satanic game.  I do not. 

k:   >  It may take 2 months and a few emails to the mods to get on there but I think you will find it worth is.

rk:  Why would I enmesh myself in the confusion of the Law of Mammon and its Color of Law, when it is so easily set aside.  Step into any fictional court which has been granted limited power by the Sovereign People  and demand such fictional court prove JURISDICTION over the Living, Breathing, Flesh and  Blood, Sentient, Natural Man or Woman who assert their sovereignty and dismiss the lawyerly trick of the courts presumption that all men brought before the bar stand as acting as sureties for the debts of the Fictional, Juristic (Strawman) Person whose name is spelled in all Capital Letters,   They can't do it.  They won't do it.   That is what I have proved to my fellow man in America who have lost sight of the power they truly have as a Sovereign, Son of God.  I can show them.  But I cannot give them a backbone.

k:   >  Finally I would get a damn good lawyer like beachcraft or the other guy who no longer pays taxes to go over this with you to insure you have all your i's crossed and t's dotted.

rk:  Both play the game.  Both owe their primary allegiance to the Courts, to their clients second.  Which leads to the $64,000 question.  How can educated sheeple be so dumb as to not see clearly they're up against a stacked deck from the get-go when they walk into a "color of Law" Court..

k:   >  In any case good luck with that and I hope you stay in touch and let us know how it all turns out.   I here that there are a few people in your neck o th ewoods going this route.

rk:  I act by Divine Guidance.  I have all the patience in the world.  There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS when it comes to Government FRAUD.

                            Raymond Ronald Karczewski


Vicious Smear Campaign Launched upon the memory of my Late wife by Government/Media Disinformation Agents.

Actual Picture of my late wife Anita posted on my photo page:

Vicious smear Photo tampered with by disinformation agents:

In a country of law, and justice, this sort of vicious smear campaign would not be allowed to exist.  But we live in America, the Government of Criminals and land of the slaves. 

Since 1997, I have followed every conceivable avenue for redress through all legal channels and the government has turned a deaf ear and blind eye.  See: http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html

There is no other conclusion that can be drawn than the Government of the UNITED STATES is the enemy of the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE and wilfully allow such guttersniping vicious attacks..

The "Soap Box" has not worked.

The "Ballot Box" has not worked.

What is left for all freedom/justice minded men and women is to know who the real enemy is, and to keep close  the only other  box left to insure freedom and justice in a land gone insane.

rk:  Clearly, the government and its propaganda arm of media disinformation Agents  will not stop in their attempts to discredit and shut down the writing of Raymond Ronald Karczewski, a Sovereign man of the People  showing the way to freedom for all moral and Justice-minded Americans.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©. 
Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell, alt.consciousness.4th-way, or.politics, alt.society.sovereign, alt.usenet.kooks
From: Big.Fat.Raymond.Sings.2...@googlemail.com
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 00:37:48 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Aug 13 2008 12:37 am
Subject: Embarrassing quotes by Brother Kazoo aka Raymond Karczewski
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Embarrassing quotes by Brother Kazoo taken from his very own website.
Will Brother Kazoo leave these jewels enshrined upon his kooky disinfo
site or will he delete some or all of them?  Brother Kazoo has
recently demonstrated his willingness to destroy damning evidence.


Brother Kazoo admits to attempted jury tampering.


"rk:  The package sent Registered Mail to the GJ Foreman was received
and signed for by a member of the Josephine County District Attorney's
office   I don't know if the Foreman ever received the package from
the District Attorney"


Brother Kazoo crows about his violent past.


"rk:  Have you ever shot a man?  I have.  The experience  is vastly
different from talking about, or thinking about shooting a man.  In an
fleeting instant, precious life can be snuffed out, never to return."


Brother Kazoo shares his true feelings after getting rid of Anita


"Anita's passing was a blessing"


rk:  Check out the above link from my website  Observe how the statements were taken out of context and positioned to deceive..


Brother Kazoo speaks of his sexual urges for small children


"EACH DAY, I shall embark upon a DIVINE JOURNEY to visit one of these
congregations and enjoin myself with one of the VIRGINAL CHILDREN whom
shall be filled with my DIVINE SEED.  Should the child be FEMALE and
THIS HOLY GOD, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©."

rk:  Above is a Forgery flooding the Internet by Disinformation Agents.


Brother Kazoo issues another death threat


"You say I killed Anita, but you won't be around to say that I killed
you after that pristine moment of truth."

rk:  Do indeed check out the above link.  Nowhere will you find the statement above attributed to me by the Disinformation Agent.


The photograph of Cadaver-X located at http://tinyurl.com/corpsewife-jpg
is released into the public domain with no reservations what so ever.

Vicious Smear Campaign Launched upon the memory of my Late wife by Government/Media Disinformation Agents.

MaidMarion wrote:

Shaun: Moderator of "MakeTheStand" Forum: wrote" http://makethestand.com/forum-14.html

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

mm:  >  They are vile Ray...........just vile.

mm:  > I imagine that some of these people are in law enforcement.................that is what is so scary.

mm:  > I am not sure these people are getting anywhere though. You would have to be incredibly dumbed down to believe anything they post.

mm:  > Sometimes, (as long as their posts are not too vile) I think that these dis-informtion agents actually serve our purpose better than their own. There is such a thing as blow-back.

mm:  > I for one love to read your responses to these pathetic souls. Keep it up.

Shaun: It's sad we live in such a world Sad I'm sorry for what they're doing to you, Ray.

rk:  Thank you both for your sentiments.  Its not something I hear very often.  The fact is, that with the exception of a legion of multi-fictional masked Disinformation agents who anonymously attack in waves,  cover for each other,  stalk my writing everywhere I go on the Internet for the last 13 years, erected websites, filed false book reports on mainstream book distributors and utilized every conceivable libelous theme imaginable, in their attempt to sell the "BIg Lie,"  smear my reputation and that of my family members, while Law Enforcement Authorities at all levels of our government, (local, state and federal)  have  REFUSED to act in doing their jobs and protect its People from such vile attacks, most people just remain silent for fear of drawing such vile attention upon themselves.  

rk:  These guttersnipes have failed in their 13 year campaign to bring me down.  So now, all that is left for them is to attack the memory of Anita.  Sad, is it not?

rk:  I commend you both on your courage.  Thanks.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


The Solution to Nationwide Open Carry of guns.

Shaun Kranish wrote:
MakeTheStand Forum: http://makethestand.com/forum-14.html

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk:  Shaun,

rk:     Thank you for referral to ICarry.org.   It is my view that as long as any individual remains under the umbrella of 14th Amendment Citizenship,  they can carry, but they will be shooting with blanks when they stand up against the Corporate enforcers and adjudicators for do as they will, they remain subject to the jurisdiction of the limited corporate Federal and State governments and thus are not operating at full legal capacity when they are brought forcibly before the Bar..

rk:     The solution is pointed out in my article, " The Sovereign Man's Solution to DEFEATING THETYRANNY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch241.html#DEFEATING

rk:  rk:     Return oneself to their rightful estate of Sovereignty and limited, fictional Corporate Policy (Congressional Legislation) remains moot to such a man/woman living under God's Law and Common Law.  Such legislative policies have no JURISDICTION over a "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man., armed or non armed.

rk:     You are free to repost this comment on your Icarry site, Shaun.  A nationwide campaign to rescind 14 th Amendment Contract is the key to freedom and Sovereignty in America.  Every other action pales in comparison to it.

                                             My Best to you Shaun,


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com

Shaun:  I thought some of you might be interested in this:

From ICarry.org:

Shaun:  ICarry.org has launched one of its newest initiatives to support gun owners and the lawful exercise of gun rights.  The Gun Owners Fellowship is a private group of nationwide responsible, law-abiding gun owners -- with open application beginning this week -- who commit to one another in the event of unlawful arrest and illegal prosecution. 

Shaun:  It's no secret among gun owners that they are particularly susceptible to wrongful arrest and prosecution, simply for exercising their rights to own and carry firearms in accordance with the law.  Arrest and prosecution – and most importantly the financial consequences associated with ensuring a proper legal defense – are used as a political weapon by anti-rights individuals in positions of power.

Shaun:  ICarry.org founder Shaun Kranish knows this well, after being charged with a felony for having a valid Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card, and carrying an unloaded pistol in a container precisely as Illinois law prescribes.  He even carried a letter from his attorney containing the actual law!!  That didn’t stop anti-rights politicians in the courts from taking the original misdemeanor charges and upping them to felony charges.  These charges were eventually dismissed, after over a year and tens of thousands of dollars later.

Shaun:  ICarry.org also receives regular contact from people in Illinois and even outside of Illinois who have encountered similar mistreatment by law enforcement and the courts.  Lives of law-abiding gun owners are being tragically uprooted each and every day.  We’re not talking about criminals – we’re talking about upstanding, law-abiding citizens here!!!

Shaun:  The Gun Owners Fellowship seeks to even the playing field by removing this financial threat and the life-changing consequences that can come with it.  By sticking together, gun owners take away this burden, have a little peace of mind, and freely and more securely exercise some of their most important rights.

Shaun:  For more information and to apply when registration opens, please visit: http://www.ICarry.org and click on Gun Owners Fellowship on the left.  We hope you might consider joining us


Vicious Smear Campaign Launched upon the memory of my Late wife by Government/Media Disinformation Agents.

MaidMarion  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:17 pm
mm:  >   The were two times in the recent months when I heard you call into RBN.......one time was when Michael Herzog was interviewing Sofia Smallstorm after a difficult caller called in..............You called right after him and there was profound respect for what you had to say from both Sofia and Michael.

mm:  >   Then another time I believe it was with John Steadmiller himself. He did not cut you off and gave you a good amount of time to express yourself completely. He too had a very differential tone when he thanked you for your call. I was please to note both instances.

mm:  >   I just post about these instances so that you know that you may have more support than you think. You are not alone.

rk:  I understand Maureen.  The language of the spirit, although simple resonates with an energy that shocks the intellect.  Truth can only be seen and felt.  It cannot be communicated via explanation, for only images, reflections, counterfeit Truth can be explained.  As such the average intellect is not wired for Truth.

mm:  >   Our people are very confused, brainwashed and frightened. It started with watching a president being killed in broad daylight, then continued with MLK and Bobby, Waco, Oklahoma bombing, 911, anthrax attack and the "suicides' all helped to put extreme fear in people. Exactly what I believe these evil power hungry criminals wanted. They succeeded.

rk:  That Maureen is the point of my communications.  We are facing a crisis in consciousness in our world today, with the acceleration of the force and control exhibited by the New World Order agenda.  I was talking about this back in the early 90's when the term "New World Order" was not yet in vogue, and I would get arguments that no such organization existed.  Look how far we have come and yet, remained the same.. 

mm:  >   It will take time to wipe away the brainwashing that has gone on and for the American people to have courage again.

rk:  Courage and clarity of sight are inherent facets of the Spirit.  It is the essence of Divine Awareness, the very essence of God,  where seeing Truth and acting in Truth are one in the same.  Such nondualistic resonance is anathema to dualistic intellectualism.  That is the message I bring to all.  It is their satanic (dualistic/opposition) conditioning which keeps them mired in their own, reciprocal  confusion and violence.  I have attempted to display the power of the Spirit as it "Mirrors" satanic dualistic opposition to a nondualistic Truth.  Not all can see its efficacy, but they sure can "feel" it.

rk:  The key to freedom, to Sovereignty, to Nondualism, to Peace on Earth,  lies in Awareness, not thought.  Yet millions are addicted to thought and that has become the satanic hold upon the civilized mind. 

rk:  I have through anecdotal discourse laid bare the simplicity of the spirit.  Some get it.  Most do not.  I have reconciled that my words may not be understood in my lifetime, but yet the seed has been planted, and in time, will bear fruit. .  Men cannot say they have not been exposed to the depths of their spiritual core by my writing.  I have shown the effectiveness of Spirit dealing with the Illusions of the  Satanic ruled Judicial System. And I have demonstrate how impotent the Courts of Mammon are when dealing with a simple man of Truth, a Christ.  My website http://www.arkenterprises.com contains hundreds of pages of Truth.  Jesus, on the other hand wrote not a word of Truth.  There will be no myth when it comes to the words of this Christ, for everything I have communicated is first hand and documented.   It is all there for the serious spiritual seeker. 

mm:  >   I believe it will happen...............revolution is in our DNA!

rk:  Yes, Maureen, I agree.  Freedom is the True Estate of all Sovereign men and women.

mm:  >   By the way you also are gifted with a wonderful baritone speaking voice. Have you ever thought of putting some of your writings on CDs? I think they would do very well.

rk:  Obviously you make infrequent stops at my site.  You;ll  find my  book and audio tapes there along with a sound page which contain a wide range of recordings. 

mm:  >   Also I want you to know that anyone who was not as dumb as a post would know that the picture they posted of Anita just does not compute. When would you ever see a woman with Anita's beautiful smile be smiling like that with all those bruises they put on the picture. The picture is so obviously tampered with that a 6 year old can see through it.

rk:  Anita and I had a wonderful 49 years together.

mm:  >   I know it must be painful to see an image of Anita desecrated this way. I am truly sorry they did this. However know that Anita does not feel any of the pain you may feel. She is still encouraging and smiling, directly at you.

rk:  I understand who I am dealing with.  These vicious individuals are the political "dirty tricks" squad that all Satanic governments require to control and command masses of people through misdirection and deception.  What disturbs me more is the ease in which the masses are befuddled, controlled and sent off on psychological rabbit trail  tangents through such libelous attacks and petty gossip, while those public officials who employ them are freed up to strip away our rights, send our kids to war, and destroy our money system, which serves to reflect the symbolic sum of a man's labor, a man's wealth, a man's worth. 

rk:  As my writing reflects, I do not engage easily in small talk.  That is the greatest objection to my style of writing.  Jesus of Nazareth spoke in parables to accomodate the level of Intelligence of the masses in His time.  It didn't work for Him, as one can see nothing has really changed that much in 2000 years other than technical advancement.  Man is still killing man, only doing so with advanced technology.  I don't do parables.  I speak straight and direct.  That has not worked either. 

rk:  Others seemed to be offended that I speak from my own experiences and understanding.  I don't do speculation. I do not argue, for Truth requires sight, not argumentation.    The disinformation agents attempt to misdirect others from my words by claiming Its all about me.   I speak Truth, I am Truth.  AND SO ARE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU READING THIS, if ONLY YOU OPEN YOUR EYES, MIND, AND HEART.

                    Raymond Ronald Karczewski

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com



kokomojo wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

k: > So what is your legal status? Alien?

rk: My Spiritual status is that of Christ, a "simple man of Truth." I follow God's Law. The law of Mammon has NO JURISDICTION over this Christ, this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.

rk: This is not an evasion, nor a argumentative statement. It is Truth. As such you will not be satisfied with my answer as you framed it in terms of the Law of Mammon.

rk: I have challenged the Court of Mammon to Prove Jurisdiction over me. They have not, will not.

rk: Until they do, to Hell with the laws of Mammon.


"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com


Demand for Investigation by Oregon Justice Department

Hardy Myers,
Attorney General,
State of Oregon,
Department of Justice
                                                                                 August 15, 2008

   I demand an investigation into the decade long Conspiracy to Libel campaign launched by Government/Media Disinformations Agents originally brought to the attention of the FBI on November 2, 1997.  See:
http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html  which continues to this very day.  See Below:

                                       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


To Google Abuse:

To: Photobucket abuse

Please remove the following  articles and "doctored" photos designed to smear the memory of my late wife, and myself.  They are part of an ongoing Libel campaign which has gone on for years.

Actual Picture of my late wife Anita posted on my photo page:

Vicious smear Photo tampered with by disinformation agents:

Actual Picture

Vicious Smear Doctored Picture

Raymond Karczewski: I didn't know Jesus was such an ugly fucker


Yep, he thinks he's Jesus Christ, he has referred to himself as
"Christ" - and not always "a" Christ, but occasionally making that
Freudian slip and referring to himself as "Christ."

Whoduh thunk he was such an ugly fucker?  Look at the bird's nest hair
and beard.  Look at the pockmarked and scared face, the huge
schnozzle, the blood shot eyes shrinkwrapped in grocery bags from over
indulgance and lack of sleep.

Yes, you have seen his doctored photographs on his website, the ones
he has had professionally touched up by a Photoshop artist, here is an
original undoctored photograph he never expected to surface, and boy
oh boy is he one of the ugliest, fattest bastards ever to break a
camera just by looking at it.
Lits o hate  wrote:
Raymond Karczewski spook-friendly wrote:

> Vicious smear Photo tampered with by disinformation agents

But Brother Kazoo, if you didn't want your smear photo to be tampered
with, you shouldn't have posted your smear photo in the first place!

> http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t350/thewalkingcorpsewife/anitanow...
> Since 1997, I have followed every conceivable avenue for redress
> through all legal channels and the government has turned a deaf ear
> and blind eye.

Don't think of it as a "deaf ear and blind eye," Brother Kazoo.  Think
of it as us (tinu) respecting your BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.

> There is no other conclusion that can be drawn than the Government of
> the UNITED STATES is the enemy of the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE and wilfully
> allow such guttersniping vicious attacks.

You say you follow God's Law.  Where does God's Law prohibit altering
a photograph?