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A Sovereign Man Takes off the Gloves:  Tyrants Leave Office Or Face Ruination.

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

      I am one man, living in the Constitutional Republic known as the united states of America.

      I am a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, a Son of God, a Servant of Truth. a simple man of Truth, a Christ. (That is all Jesus of Nazareth was -- A simple Man of Truth, a Living, breathing, manifestation of Truth which threatened the Satanic Powers of His time, notwithstanding the subsequent all emcompassing mind control onslaught directed toward the average nondiscriminating mass civilized mind)

      I am a 70 year old, retired Police Sergeant, living on pension. Such description satisfies my material existence, yet spiritually, I am a Christ.   I live  ashamed of my modern-day Law Enforcement brothers who appear to have sold their souls, their integrity for the almighty "Satanic" paycheck.

      I am ashamed too,  of my slumbering brothers and sisters who go about their daily lives, living in fear of their government officials.  those whom they have elected to office to carry out the policies of the Sovereign People, the True Government.  I am ashamed of spineless sheeple, who live in ignorance of their own Christ nature and  who chose the comfort of slavery to the enlivening momentum of freedom, of Divine Awareness, the natural holistic outcome of Peace and Love..

      I am one man, but I have, for these twelve years on the Internet  attempted to demonstrate what such a  solitary man, unsupported though he may be, can do when standing up , exposing and disintegrating the bubble of illusion that surrounds such Satanic Corporate and Governmental Leaders in exerting their unholy power over the MASS MIND.

      I understand how these simple statements may be heard by each of you.  Impossible you say!  Outlandish you say!  Extraordinary to say the least!  What I am, and what each of you are is a simple Son of God, possessed of Divine Awareness, the essence of Supreme Intelligence.  I know who I am.  You live in Spiritual Amnesia of your True Estate.  That is whY I call you CHRISTS WITH AMNESIA.

      It is time to bring down the curtain upon a Satanic Government which has held sway over the mind of civilized man since the dawn of Civilization. 

      It is time to withdraw all of  your individual support, to BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT all elements of a government which no longer serves, but tyrannizes. 

      It is time to bring an end to the banking industry, the Internal Revenue Service, the debt-based Federal Reserve and its worthless paper money conjured out of nothing, It is time to bring down the Credit System which makes slaves out of abled body sovereign men and women. 

      It is time to evict the Satanic United Nations from our shores, to withdraw from membership. 

      It is time to bring down the International Monetary Fund,  It is time to tell the Creditors who hold the national debt to "take a hike" from a debt you didn't create. 

      It is time to disavow your 14th Amendment Status which have stripped away your Sovereignty and transformed you into property of the State, Wards of the State, Slaves to the State, propery, chattel, human resources to be used and abuse by the Master Satanic elitists.

    That's your life, yet you live in denial, like ostriches with your heads in the sand. 

    I've had enough of this nonsense.  The question is, HAVE YOU???

    Do you want to know how to LIBERATE yourselves.  See what I have done.  What I have done in my life, you too, can do in your life.
See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index.html

                        Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


THE AWAKENING: A Sovereign Man Takes off the Gloves: Tyrants Leave Office Or Face Ruination.

Expose wrote:

Stuart wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk: Listen. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It is the sound of Americans awakening to action. How can government long endure when they no longer have the power to SCHNOOKER the American Public?

rk: BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT and the machine of government grinds to a halt. Put the shoe on the other foot, let the Satanists who hold public office feel the brunt of Hell. Ray

e: > Indeed.

e: > Jesus, Raymond and the founding fathers of the USA NEVER  advocated the shifting sands (meaning "universal", 'majority voted', "unanimous" lies) of SHEEPLE'S so-called 'democracy'.

e: > Why? Because the EVIL in man is magnified in virtually EVERY soul-less organisation or system, democracy' amongst them.

e: > They all advocate(d) Personal (National republic - as the case may be) SOVEREIGNTY - plus, of course, integrity and accountability.

e: > End of story.

Copula eame se non posit acceptara jocularem.
There are three kinds of people in the world:
* Those who do what they're told without question,
* Those who control them, and-
* Those who refuse to play that game - ENVIED AND HATED BY THE OTHER TWO.

s: > Atta boy Raymond!

s: > I'm sick and tired of em all too.

s: > I just simply quit feeding the vultures some 9 years ago. I don't file income tax anymore and don't pay them.

s: > I don't pay court fines either. I just don't except their offers. I waive all their benefits.

s: > I don't even carry a Driver's License. That in itself is their biggest threat to hold over us. Without that, they have no jurisdiction over you, and can't enforce their fines.

s: > I fired all those in government too; right from the local level to the provincial and federal level. I do not vote. I will hold them accountable if and when they bring me harm. So I could care less what political party gets elected, they are all the same. They better all just leave me alone.

s: > I informed the court at the last several trials I had, that I can only serve one master. That is God Almighty. I cannot serve or follow man's bullshit de facto codes, rules and regulations. Codes, rules & regs are not law. The only law I know is the 10 Commandments. I don't care whether they like it. That's how it is. I walk out of the courtroom.

s: > In fact last April 5/07 I didn't show up at an income tax trial. They just went ahead ex parte and convicted the "name" anyways as they always do. Then sent me a letter to file the returns, pay $2000.00 fines by May 31 or go to jail for 60 days. I wrote back and refused their offers and reminded them of my previously sent terms & conditions and that is the last I heard from them.

s: > We need thousands to just STOP paying the bastards. They cant try and convict everybody! They don't have enough courts and cops. Besides, where would they get the money from to run their courts if many more wouldn't pay them?



Is the U.S. Post Office in Collusion with the State of Oregon and County of Josephine In Preventing Accountability of Errant Public Officials?

  By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

     Has the U.S. Post office joined itself to the collusion and on-going five year conspiracy  of Oregon State and Josephine County Officials in its refusal to send Registered and Certified Mail to State and County Recipients?  Seems so!

     One might ask, how deep does the rabbit hole go when government good ole boys begin to cover each others asses when the heat comes down on them?. 

     How in the hell does one hold any public official accountable for crimes and misdemeanors when the government and supportive corporations are able to close ranks and circle the wagons against the Sovereign American People?. 

     By law, service is completed When Registered Mail is received and signed for.  What happens when public officials refuse to accept such mail.  Does the law stop?  Apparently in Josephine County and the State of Oregon it does.

     Take a look at the latest gimmick used by Josephine County Officials to avoid service and/or communication from those they exploit via corporate processes..  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/envbrant.jpg   

     Today, Oct 30th, 2007.  Certified Mail 7003 3110 0005 9644 5455 was returned to me unopened.  It was sent to GARY W. BRANDT, Josephine County Trial Administrator on October 11th, the same day, one was sent to Police Chief Joseph Henner of the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.  Henner took it like a man, and returned the green card acknowledging receipt.  Brandt, on the other hand was not located by the mail carrier who could not locate the COUNTY COURTHOUSE.  Not to worry Mr. Brandt, we're going to resend and resend, and resend, until you realize this matter of Fraud against the people is not going to go away.  Tis a matter of JURISDICTION you know.  Have you ever seen dominoes fall!  First the City, then the County, then the State, who knows, maybe even the Federal?  Keep watching. 

    The question of JURISDICTION was already answered when the Grants Pass police removed the handcuffs unnecessarily place on me during a traffic stop, and watched me get back behind the wheel of my privately owned automobile no longer licensed by the State,  and travel on my way to the hospital with my wife (See:

The Patriot and the Pirate, Part III

The Two Million Dollar Traffic Stop


Mr. BRANDT, here is what the future looks for you and your associates, should you continue in your fraudulent ways: AMERICA'S RETURN TO SOVEREIGNTY:   ONE MAN, ONE STEP AT A TIME.
http://www.arkenterprises.com/onestep.html )   especially when the bogus computer information alleged that a driver license purportedly assigned to me was Suspended/revoked and, then later  Court records show on the day of Traffic Court, such charges had morphed into an expired license when no such license existed at all. 

     To the people reading this with a considerable amount of dismay, who  can't believe their officials could behave so shabbily,  read about other members of your state and county government who have avoided responsibility for the actions by such tactices in dealing with my Judicial watershed case a fictional Court holding jurisdiction over a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.. 

     Face it State of Oregon, County of Josephine, City of Grants Pass Officials, your best course of action is to come to the negotiating table on this one.  I'll go easy on you and the Taxpayers of Josphine County and the State of Oregon over the valid, standing Commercial Judgments of $29,180,000.00 you've already racked up over your criminal behavior.  With me, it has always been the "Principle."

     Oregonians, Josephine County Tax payers, you support these individuals.  Are you getting you money's worth??  Here is past habitual behavior of your Public Offficials:
RISK MANAGEMENT DIVISION has previously refused to accept U.S.P.O. Registered Mail Article No. RR463870980US regarding prior AFFIDAVIT AND NOTICE OF DEFAULT/INVOICE  (U.S.P.O. Registered Mail Article No. RR 463870653US) and so I must turn to you.

     MR. MICHAEL B. BAIRD, CLAIMS MANAGER for the OREGON  DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES RISK MANAGEMENT "  MR. BAIRD informed me that they deem the matter closed and would not be accepting any more correspondence regarding it."


     And, oh yes, Mr BRANDT, one thing you might consider from what I learned in my younger boxing days, when you step into the Ring, you can run, but you can't hide.

                                  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


A Modern Day Christ Turns the Tables on the Pharisees:  THEY WILL NOT ARREST HIM!!

 By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

     For those of you who still honor the Satanic conditioned mythology of a simple man of Truth, Jesus of Nazareth, a Christ, forgive yourselves, for "you know not what you do."

    All God's Children are aware "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women who honor, obey and are guided by Divine Awareness, Supreme Intelligence, God and they  in thought word and deed know who they are.  They are the Salt of the Earth, not the sickening sweet sugar of phantasies.

    Their intelligence does not allow for them to descend, to serve the Laws of Mammon, man's law, for they are aware of their own God-Given gift of Sovereignty, and do not succumb to Satanic induced, doubt, fear, and violence, the temptations all too familiar of the Satanic Ruled Intellect.

    The Law of Mammon rule over the world of Masters and Slaves, conditioned mindcontrolled minions who are quick to send the unaware to their deaths, and convince them to give up their lives, martyr themselves for the Satanic Ideas which rule them. 

     There is nothing sacred about murder, be it of the individual or religious or political Institutionally supported.  The mindset of those who readily would sacrifice their own lives for their ideas, can only be characterized as BASSACKWARD IGNORAMUSES.

     If you would argue the points I have just made, if you would  consider them outrageous, impossible, may I suggest you read the recent link offerings on my Website  http://www.arkenterprises.com and http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

    Should you have the cajones to open your eyes and see the world you have personally fashioned with your cooperation, I asssure you your world view will change when you see the world you actually live in yet remain completely unaware of those who profess to serve you, while they tyrannize you.

     This is no joke.  It is as serious as you get in dealing with a world of Satanic Illusion.

    You have been taught "You cannot fight City Hall."  You can't beat the Government.  You cannot stand up to the Satanists.

    Jesus of Nazareth was a simple Carpenter, a Simple Man of Truth, one who understood his Sovereignty as a Son of God, (a Christ). Nothing mystical about it, that is, until He was killed and his killers went to work spinning a Mystique about a fictional entity of their own making.  Jesus was a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, Son of God, a Sovereign.  He knew it.  He preached it.  He lived it. 

    Truth has always been the antidote to the Satanic mythologies which have poisoned the suggestible Intellect of blind, believing slaves, who worship at the altar of Satan, Intellectual Thought.

    The Pharisees (judges and priests) killed Jesus, a Simple Man of Truth, just  because they could. He threatened their power.  They could not allow that to happen.   Their hold over the minds of blind believers allowed them to murder the one man who could save a nation by introducing them to their own Sovereignty.   The spin doctors of His time, worked the crown into a mob mindset, and actually incited them to kill an innocent man, to lynch Him, through their "give us Barrabas." mantra.   The ignorant was putty in their hands.  They knew corruption.  The mind-controlled crowd/mob could not identify with holistic clarity.  Such was and is, the Way of the World.

     I recognize I have given you alot on your plate to digest.  But if you are to return to sanity, to clarity, you must be ready to swallow the TOUGH PILL OF TRUTH and RISE IN UNISON TO DEMAND your fictional governmental Servants answer the question of JURISDICTION accompanied by OATH OR AFFIDAVIT.  Do it in your own hometown, Coast to Coast, in every town, county, state and Federal enclave..

     I am but one, such TOUGH PILL OF TRUTH.  Read my published letters and documents accompanied by affidavit at http://www.arkenterprises.com and http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.htm .   In the world of man's law, an unrebutted document accompanied by affidavit STANDS A TRUTH, AND TRUTH AS JUDGMENT.   This one simple man of Truth, this Christ, has caused an entire government to STAND DOWN, to hunker down in cowardice  behind their repeated Commercial Defaults, the mortar which makes up their 10-year STONE WALL OF SILENCE.

    I have smeared the noses of  the modern day law enforcement, District Attorneys, Judges of Josephine County Oregon  in their own Satanic feces, and THEY SMELL TO HIGH HEAVEN.

    I have not stopped at the Local criminal Pharisees, I have also served papers accompanied by affidavit to the Governor of Oregon, TED KULONGOSKI, Attorney General, HARDY MYERS, and Secretary of State BILL BRADBURY.  All to the person, remain mute to the question of JURISDICTION.

     Everyone who has done what I have done has been, or is now sitting in PRISON. 

    Ask yourselves, why will they NOT COME AFTER ME, when I am still doing the very same thing they prosecuted me for, but now, will not come after me, even though they pointedly said they would arrest me should I continue to engage my public service and demand they ANSWER THE QUESTION OF JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man.   On that issue alone stands the present empire of Tyranny.   I'm tugging at the foundation, and the whole "House of Card"  is threatening to fall.  Their only hope to hold onto their Satanic power is to declare MARTIAL LAW, declare WAR, on you and me. 

     JOIN ME in destroying the Satanic House of Cards.  Join this Christ.  It is as easy as I say it is.  The question is do you have the cajones to stop the talk and start the walk?

     Sorry, I have no patience for dealing with schmoozing ignoramuses who have sold their souls for the comfort of slavery.   You can go to hell with those you kneel before -- you deserve each other.

     There you have it America, Oregon, and Josephine County.  Are these the words of a criminal or a nut?.  If so, WHY AM I NOT IN PRISON OR ASYLUM?  (Judge Coon of Grants Pass already attempted and failed at that ploy of forcing me to take a mental examination, only to have his own Mental Health Officials, declare I was sane, cogent and balanced? 

     Could it be that I am the only SANE man, in an INSANE WORLD?

                    Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


 Re: A Modern Day Christ Turns the Tables on the Pharisees:  THEY WILL NOT ARREST HIM!!

SpamTrap@spamcop.com (Edgar Wolphe) wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

ew:  >  Did he make a stand by refusing to pay taxes to the Satanic, Illegal Government that won't "Show Me the Law"

rk:  Yep!  Haven't paid income tax since 1982.  Neither has Anita.

ew:   > Is he challenging the monetary structure of the U.S.?  We hear not a peep out of Ray on this subject.

rk:  Obviously, you are not reading my writings.  You're too busy with your smear campaign, eh? 

ew:  >  Well, DAMN!  Exactly what major injustice perpetrated on U.S. citizens did Ray decide to attack?  What American Government function is so illegal, so riddled with corruption of the constitution, so anti-patiotic, and so SATANIC that it required the full attention of a
self-proclaimed patriotic christ to expose the the world?

ew:  >  Ray has the answer-  OUR TRAFFIC LAWS! 

rk; You bet!!  The most fundamental problems of civilized society make themselves known in the simplest of forms.  I live in a society composed of prideful, blind, ignorant, self-destructive schnooks, nowhere better represented than by government/media mind control disinformation agents such as yourself,  What have you contributed to the internet beyond your attacks upon me?   I am surrounded by schnooks, everywhere I look, I see schnooks.  Some people call them sheeple.  I call them Schnooks. Why?

rk:  Because they give up their right to travel and like little frightened children are conditioned to ask permission of their caretakers to be licensed to do what is their God-given Right to do.
Is not the definition of a license as government permission to engage in activity which would otherwise be a crime. I am sorry that millions of dumbed down, fearful "munchkins"  don't know what a real man looks like, let alone, acts like.  Real men don't ask for permission to do what is their Right to do.  Children do!!.

rk:  Driver licensing across the Country for non-commercial using public is a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR SCAM.  It is UNLAWFUL, ILLEGAL, AND A FRAUD.

rk:  It isn't necessary for anyone who is not engaged in commercial activity while using the public highways to travel to seek permission of their government to do so.   What's more, once you sign your name on the application for license, you enter into a contract, agreeing to accept all of the terms of the undislosed contract.   Do you know what those terms are?   ALL OF THE TRAFFIC REGULATIONS OF THE VEHICLE CODE, designed to regulate commercial traffic.  Remove yourselves from the bondage of 14th Amendment Enslavement, travel safely, harm no one or their property, do not infringe upon anothers rights, and YOU ARE BEYOND THE SCOPE OF ENFORCEMENT OF CORPORATE STATUTORY POLICIES.  Quite simply, The cops, and traffic enforcers DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION over you.

rk:  What does that mean?   Simply this.  None of the STATUTORY INFRACTIONS, apply to anyone who is not subject to the contract.  NONE OF THEM.  Silly men and women trained to be stupid pay for their own persecution, prosecution and jailing.  They agree to their government tyranny, then complain about it when it comes to their turn in the SATANIC HOPPER.  Do what I have demonstrated to do and the jail doors would be flung open to release, innocent, exploited, slumbering schnooks.  Act like Sovereign men and women and shrink the government to its proper size --  sufficient to SERVE the people, not RULE them.

rk:  Why do you think the State of Oregon would bring in a prosecutor from the  Attorney General's office  try me as a PAPER TERRORIST in 2002 for holding their feet to the fire, but would not come after me in 2005, 2006, and will not come after me in 2007 for doing the VERY SAME THINGS they PROSECUTED ME FOR!!   Why to you think, I travel in my privately owned automobile with no driver license, and no plates on the car, while they claim me to be under suspension and revocation of license  AND YET THEY LET ME GO after running a computer check at a traffic stop?

rk:  Why do you suppose the Government officials, judges, prosecutor, police chiefs, etc. from Salem Oregon to Josephine County are "walking on eggs" around this issue of "Government Fraud?" and the $27,180,000.00 Commercial Judgment now due and payable for their repeated defaults in not addressing the demand by affidavid to answer the questions of JURISDICTION (see: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch91.html#AMERICA )

rk:  Yes again, is due partially to my actions as a Sovereign who understands his Sovereignty, and largely to the awakening of masses of slumbering schnooks beginning to SEE THE LIGHT of how they have been enslaved by their own PUBLIC SERVANTS..

rk:  Yep, It has appeared that I am the only SANE man in an INSANE world, but then again, Things, they are a-changing!!!.

                        Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


A Letter to Political Prisoner Ed Brown

Ed Brown 03923-049
P.O. BOX 10

Hello Ed.

   Well here we are!  Didn't turn out as I expected, and I'm sure as hell it didn't turn out like you and Elaine expected.   I hope you have recovered from your earlier treatment by the Feds, Tazers and such, and have found a semblance of sanity in what is happening with you at the present time.

   Face it, Ed, you and I seemed to have been the only two sane, clear-sighted individuals in this "nation gone bonkers" who would put themselves on the line as individuals in order to bring Justice and True Government back into our lives.  The rest are caught up in "group thought," acting according to their social conditioning.

   The movement "of Show Us the Law", "Show Us Your Jurisdiction" by millions of awakening people standing alone as individuals and asserting their God-given Sovereignty across our nation  has lost its spirit; yes, I would even go so far as to say, it has even lost its will to live.  They are the "talkabouts", unwhole (unholy) satanistic controlled minions living a life of fantasy, believing it -- the fantasy, the illusion -- to be Truth, the real.  They're the looky-lookies who observe life from a distance, hoping, wishing, praying they will be kept safe from the viciousness they see unfolding all around them. 

      The show has gone downhill since your being kidnapped by the Corporate serving feds.  You were the people's Savior, their champion and their savior, their champion has been taken prisoner.

      Fred, Tim, and John Stadtmiller, in my estimation have used you, have exploited you, have  betrayed you from the get go. Not altogether through designed intent but through complicit unawareness. They are not aware of the deadly game they play with the lives of others. 

      Now that you and Elaine are out of sight, they have used the program as a platform to ballyhoo Ron Paul for president. They wouldn't recognize the real solution to the problem of Attack on Freedom if it snuck up behind them and BIT THEM IN THE ASS.

     Freedom lies in the hearts, minds, and souls of the Individual who is clear sighted, and not compromised by Satanic Thinking, Satanic Conditioning.

     How many people like that do you know, you've met in your lifetime, Ed?  RBN and its dynamic Trio are now acting like hysterical children at the sound of Ron Paul's name.  The straw hats, the banners, the hoopla, all the silly shit that accompanies political campaigns, while thousands of our boys and girls are dying oversees in the various wars these straw hatted minion worshipped leaders have forced them into.

     Now they, the Corporate Government, have turned their attention on their real enemy,  THE SOVEREIGN AMERICAN FREE MAN AND WOMAN, THEIR MASTERS, THE PEOPLE.  All the rest has been laying preparations for the final assault on human life in America and elsewhere, by these Satanic money and law controllers. 

     NOBODY GETS IT.  NOBODY GOT IT, except for me, thee, and Elaine.  We three asserted our Sovereignty, while a world of slaves look on to watch the spectacle and its outcome, thanking God it wasn't them the Goverment was coming after. 

   Despite it all, Ed, you and Elaine remained True to your Principles, your love of God, you stood tall and offered miserable slaves an opportunity to observe what a True Man and Woman of God looks and behaves like.  By the way Ed, I am sticking this up on Make the Stand Forum.  Maybe it'll do some good.

     Anita gives you both, her best.

   I am proud to call you and Elaine my friends, my Brother and Sister.

                          Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
                          c/o PMB 115, PO Box 1459
                          Cave Junction [97523]



Chad Stone <chad_stone@> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

raymondkarczewski entered into testimony:

                       BY:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski(c)
rk:  >>      Tyranny has overtaken our country.  People Fear their Government.  Millions remain unaware of the Power they have in dealing with fraudulent scams government has perpetrated over them for decades.  I offer this as a public service to my Brothers and Sisters who feel they "can't fight City Hall."   

cs: >  <snip>

cs: >  I offer as a public service, the warning that those who do as Raymond Karczewski does, shall become as Raymond Karczewski is, a convicted felon who has had a number of basic rights revoked as a result of those felony convictions.

rk:  Only when perceived by individuals bound to the Satanic ruled world of BASSACKWARDS.

rk:  What you do offer is evidence that you and the other Government/Media Disinformation agents working these newsgroups for the last decade  have come to the end of your failed smear campaign against this simple man of Truth, this Christ.  You are spent, fearful, exhausted and yet you still remain just as stupid in your satanic recruitment activities now as when you began.

rk:  I have had no rights revoked as it pertains to my life.

rk:    I still have all my guns.

rk:    I travel without a driver license. 

rk:    My private automobiles are not Registered with State License plates. 

rk:    I am free to come and go as I please. 

rk:    I am free to expose the crooked cops, judges, prosecutors, Secretary of State of the STATE OF OREGON and County of JOSEPHINE with actual documentable evidence on my website:  See

rk:    I still am serving papers on Public Officials for which I was bogusly tried in two cases.  The real criminals are those who mask themselves as public officials who will not answer the question "SHOW US THE LAW"  "SHOW US YOUR JURISDICTION."   What and whose law are they enforcing?  Certainly not the U.S. Constitution, the Surpreme Law of the Land.

rk:  I am not confused in what I do. 

rk:    I have no evil intent. 

rk:    I commit no common law crimes. 

rk:    I ignore legislative Corporate Policies which apply to a Corporate Slave Population, but not to me, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural man, a Son of God who has not waived any of his Unalienable Rights.   \

rk:   That is the real story behind the phony convictions of a Corporate Court which has NO JURISDICTION over this Living Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, Son of God.  I follow God's Law, not the Law of Mammon.  They, the Oregon and Josephine County Courts ran up against one who follows a HIGHER LAW, one over which their Administrative Maritime Court has NO JURISDICTION.   HOw many people do you know who are THROWN OUT OF JAIL after being convicted?

rk:  You can see the authorities of STATE OF OREGON AND JOSEPHINE COUNTY, the authorities of Mammon are incompetent, fearful, and walking on eggs over this UCC approach utilized by this Christ, this simple man of Truth, and THEY WILL NOT MOVE on me now for the same things they tried me for in 2001 BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION OF "SHOW US YOUR JURISDICTION,." a question they have assiduously avoided answering since 2001.

rk:  The sadness of this whole exercise in the demonstration of ACTUAL FREEDOM, is that the SLAVES that make up the vast majority of AMERICA'S Slave population DON'T GET IT. 

rk:  What I have done, each and every one of them can do also, yet they prefer to talk the talk rather than walk the walk.

rk:  They have forgotten the adage.  "As you sow, so shall ye reap!!"

                          Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Usenet's most helpful netizen
Registered owner of alt.culture.alaska
chadwickstone at gmail dot



To Raymond Karczewski   (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote

Raisi  wrote:

Raymond, this was my traffic experience 30 days ago....

Foster City
Police Dept.
Yesterday, while "traveling" to work, I was pulled over by a Foster City Police Officer.
                                          The conversation....
Officer 1:  I pulled you over because your registration is expired.....license and registration please!
Sovereign:  I don't have a license.
Officer 1:  You don't have it with you, or you never had it?
Sovereign:  I am not driving, therefor, I'm not required to be in possession of a drivers license. I am traveling on the public roads for pleasure, and this activity requires no license.
Officer 1:  Do you have any ID that can tell me who you are?
Sovereign:  What am I being charged with; who are your witnesses, and is this a lawful or legal investigation?
Officer 1:  Are you trying to give me a hard time? (...as he calls for back-up)
Sovereign:  Not at all officer, I'm just articulating my concerns, which are well within my rights.
 2 officers arrive(sirens blaring), one being his supervisor; they exit and approach my automobile.....
Supervisor:  What seems to be the problem sir? My officer is only asking for your identification.
Sovereign:  I already gave the officer my first and last name... (interrupted)
Officer 1:  (frustrated) But what's your date of birth!
 By this time all three officers were standing by my driver-side window, and with their full attention, I looked at all of them and said,
Sovereign:  I have no idea when I was born; you see when I came out of my mother womb, I  had just gone through a traumatic ordeal, and didn't have the cognitivity to discern my surroundings, much-less a calender. (pointing to all of them) you don't know when you were born either; your mother told you, but that's second hand knowledge, which you believed to be true; you cannot say for sure, because you didn't witness it with your own eyes.
At this point, all three officer's just starred at me with a look- if I could describe it -that suggested, "who the hell is this guy, and where did he come from?".
Supervisor:  Look, if you don't  give us your birth-date, we'll have no choice but to arrest you and take you down to the COUNTY JAIL(non-chartered corp).
Sovereign:  I know that by giving you my date of birth, you then obtain, how ever slight it may be, some jurisdiction over me;......having said that, my date of birth is... Aug 10, 1971.
One of the officer's goes to his car to check my history in their private-police system; while waiting, I turned to the supervisor and said,
Sovereign:  I'd like to ask a question, if that's OK (he replies, OK). You work for the Foster City Police Dept., your police department is listed as a corporation d/b/a  on Dun & Bradstreet; and yet, when I searched for the Foster City Police Dept. online at California.gov, by way of the Secretary of State's corporate database, I was unable to find the Foster City Police Dept. So, with that said, is the Foster City Police Dept. properly registered with the Secretary of State; do you have a State Seal, and is the Foster City Police Dept. properly chartered, as all corporations must be?
When I asked this question, the supervisors' eyes rolled into the back of his head: in trying to answer, it was obvious he was having problems finding the proper words to deflect these probing questions........so finally, he said,
Supervisor:  Err...umm, yeah......we,...we're,......Foster City is chartered (hoping I hadn't done my homework).
By this time the other officer had returned, so again I had all three of them focused on me; listening to my every-word, as if they'd never heard truth before, as I said,
Sovereign:  No, I'm not talking about Foster, the city; you see, you three officers work for the Foster City Police Dept., and this is a private corporation d/b/a; consequently, you cannot enforce the Penal Codes and Vehicle Codes of a State that you've never properly registered with; further, Foster City's charter applies to Foster City, not the Foster City Police Dept., because you see these are two separate corporations, and Foster City has absolutely no authority to delegate its charter to private corporations that operate within its boundaries.
The supervisor was speechless, he started looking at his two officers, as if to say, hey, let's get the hell out of here. So then he said,

Supervisor:  Hey, why are you doing this, you don't have any warrants; my officer (as he gave his officer a stern glance) was probably not even going to even give you a ticket. He was probably going to let you go with a warning.
Thinking back to when it was just me and the first officer, and when he said,"are you trying to give me a hard time" I looked at him with a half smile and said,

Sovereign:  Oh, yeah, he's going to give me a ticket.
The supervisor and the third officer started to leave and hopped into their "vehicles" as if some plague had just broke out, while the first officer looked directly at me and said,

Officer 1: Ok, look, I'm gonna let you go with a warning, but understand this: your registration has been expired for over six months, you don't have a "drivers" license in possession, your "driving" without insurance--I can have your car towed right now.  Are there any questions?
Sovereign:  No
Officer 1:  "drive" safely!
.....so I pulled off and continued traveling to work.
Thinking back on what took place, I realized that I stood for what I believed in; with all the research that I do on a daily basis, I knew that what I was saying was right; and though my heart seemed to skip beats while in the moment, I stood in truth and the words just came out.
It's truly amazing how truth calms a man's soul; how it allows his courage and convictions to manifest in times of uncertainty; even more important, how it effects those that listen, and in doing so, bridging understanding and respect for one another. For if a man cannot stand and properly explain how and why he is free, then he is not a free-man.



NeoRayden  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
nr:  >   Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:00 am    

nr:  >  Ray I get what you are saying but what does a corp. contract that a town has with a private business have anything to do with anything wrong?

rk:  Forgive me, but with your first step You have gone off on a misleading tangent. My issue is with the Municipal City of Grants Pass Oregon Public Safety Department, a municipal department charged with Fire Protection and Crime Prevention/Control and the County Courts which process commercial claims/presentments disquised as Traffic Citations.   Is your misdirection accidental or deliberate?

nr:  >  D&B listings mean nothing in a legal sense.

nr:  >  A corp. can contract with any private business to delegate duties. A city ordinance would state that the "PRIVATE POLICE (SECURITY) AGENCY" has authority to issue tickets and enforce laws within it's city.

rk:  As I say, you've missed the boat.  I, as a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, along with everyone reading this, man or woman, who has not waived their rights nor consented to contract, and have rescinded their  14th Amendment Citizen status, and have not granted jurisdiction in any way shape or form with any City, County, State or Federal Corporation government who has jurisdiction only over its "subjects" by contract,   have a God-given right to Travel without seeking permission from any fictional municipal or county Corporation, one, whose policies and legislation I am not subject to.  I am not engaged in Commerce, therefore their police powers for regulation of Traffic do not APPLY TO ME.

rk:   My Unalienable Right to Liberty which includes the Right to Travel have been infringed upon on numerous occasion by these private enforcers of Corporate government..  Arrests have been made. I have been the victim of Piracy on the open road.  I have been kidnapped, I have been robbed. I have been held hostage, Falsely Imprisonment for the debts of another, although the courts were well aware of my exempt status via certified court records.   False Kangaroo Courts have conducted Fraudulent Trials. 

rk:   These SATANIC  BASTARDS are responsible for KILLING MY WIFE via their indifference to human life and their constant exposure of her to EXTREME STRESS over an extended 5 year period.  This is not a general statement, but a specific charge I am lodging which has gone ignored and kept hidden from the public.  WHO IS THERE TO HEAR IT???

rk:     It began with the famed Bisquit Fire, the largest fire on the west coast of United States, its origin arose out of a Forest Fire Supervisor's decision not to put the fire out in its small stages because the Supervisor wanted a larger force to attack the fire SO HE WAITED UNTIL IT GOT OUT OF HAND AND OUT OF \ CONTROL. 

rk:   My wife Anita is now in the terminal stage of COPD, the doctors, the emergency rooms can do no more for her.  They have sent her home to die.  It is the arrogance of fictional Law Enforcement, deputies and police,, prosecutors and Judges who feel they can destroy life at will, EVEN when dealing with Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women who are not under their jurisdiction.

nr:  >  Now as for Indiana for example, the "CITY OF LA PORTE" is chartered but "LAPORTE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT" is not. City agencies are certified by the state police and have jurisdiction through out the whole state. Yet within municipal code it is written that the "LaPorte City Police Dept." has the authority to enforce state and local laws and ordinances.

nr:  >  Corporate entities have the responsibility to uphold the law just as any individual does. Because of this they can issue tickets and enforce laws and get paid to do it just as any mall security guard does in a mall parking lot.

rk:  They may issue Citations or Commercial presentments all they wish, BUT THE QUESTION IS, WHEN CHALLENGED,  CAN THEY MAKE THEM STICK!! 

rk:  I AM NOT a corporate subject, a slave, I am a FREE MAN, A SOVEREIGN SON OF GOD. 

rk:  Their immunity from public action does not extend to their "private" immunity when they are challenged to prove their jurisdiction and fail to do so. 

rk:    As you can see, they, the authorities have stopped all enforcement activity against me, but they have not been held accountable, where it counts, IN THEIR PRIVATE POCKETBOOK,  in their private, unlimited commercial liability. They have violated laws that not even their present "corporate immunity" can protect them from. 

rk:     That is what I have done and now bring before the united states Populace as a solution to the present Tyranny wrought upon them by their Public Servants. 

rk:    My two cases, (02CR0617 and 03CR0170) are capable of toppling the present judicial system. 

rk:    As with Ed and Elaine Brown, in their phony IRS conviction whom the government will not SHOW THE LAW, nor will the same unconstitutional government and its Administrative Courts and its prosecutors  simply answer under oath or affidavit the twenty three question of JURISDICTION. http://www.arkenterprises.com/gptraff.html

nr:  >  While we may know that they are only using common law citizens arrest powers they hide that fact by making a fictitious status of a law enforcement officer in state statute and then claiming that only the state may bring criminal charges against someone. Since bringing charges is a whole deeper issue I will not go into that now. However anyone may make an arrest for a felony or misdemeanor. An infraction is NOT a crime therefore you cannot be arrested for an infraction. A detainment for any reason becomes an arrest when you are not allowed to leave.

nr:  >  Furthermore infractions can only lead to a fine since infraction tickets are issued by a corporate entity for a violation of a rule or stipulation in a contract with that entity.

rk:  Really???  Then why was I kidnapped, robbed of my property, my automobile impounded.  Why was I  held hostage for 128 days, 121 of them in solitary confinement, maximum security wing of the jail for 23hrs/7days per week for Traveling in my automobile with my HI-BEAM headlights on?   Why was I place in a torture cell, not unlike Ed Brown?

nr:  >  I would still like to know how you would come to the conclusion that one corporate entity cannot contract with another entity whether corp. or not to enforce state and local rules and contractual terms?

rk:  My point exactly,  I HAVE NO CONTRACT with the State, County, or Federal Corporate institutions masquerading as Constitutional Government.  THAT IS THE QUESTION THEY HAVE AVOIDED ANSWERING FOR FIVE YEARS.  That is what accounts for the present commercial judgments standing in the amount of $29,180,000.00 (Twenty Nine Million, One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollars.)

rk:  The question is how long will it take for the American Public to wake up to the fraudulent scams perpetrated upon them by their government.

                   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Raymond Karczewski is to God's Law what Luis Ewing is to Satan's Law.

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From Luis Ewing at (253) 226-3741 or rcwcodebuster@comcast.net or rcwcodebuster@yahoo.com or rcwcodebuster@gmail.com
le:  >   I don't know if Raymond is in the "Oregon State Hospital,"  but maybe he should be!

rk:  Are you done posturing like a peacock, bragging about your petty talent for arguing about the Satanic Laws of Mammon? 

rk:  This is my first response to anything that you, luis ewing  have written, mainly because of your boastful posturing before others when dealing with the insanity of man's law. 

rk:  For one thing, I have NEVER been hospitalized for mental problems, unlike those amongst you who are ego-addicted to pursuing power in a Satanic (Intellectually-ruled)  BASSACKWARD world.

rk:  My life is clarity, I AM TRUTH.  I do not regale myself in petty argument.  My court experiences came after I was kidnapped, robbed, held hostage for the debts of a fictional corporate entity,   I did not try to outlawyer the lawyers.  I merely stood on my Sovereignty as a Living Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural man, a Son of God, A Christ, and demanded they PROVE JURISDICTION.  They did not.  They could not, They have not.  THEY WILL NOT!

rk:  Why?  Because the court system today is just a SATANIC SHAM, with petty egotists such as you mr. ewing spouting off to the high heavens about your legal prowess..  
le:  >   ALL the PAPERWORK that he falsely claims is the STONE THAT FELL GOLIATH IS A FANTASY IN HIS OWN MIND!

rk:  Really now.  Then WHY AM I NOT IN JAIL AFTER BEING CONVICTED BY THE KANGAROO JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON COURTS FOR AT LEAST 7 FELONY COUNTS AT THEIR LAST COUNT.  You see, they have NO JURISDICTION OVER ONE WHO FOLLOWS God's Law.  Their specialty is working over the ignoramuses conditioned to believe they are slave.  As such, they act like slaves and are treated like slave. 
le:  >   ALL the PAPERWORK that he has cited is ALL OLD,  OUTDATED AND LONG OVERCOME PATRIOT MYTHOLOGY AND BULLSHIT that look a hell of a lot like that RIGHTWAY LAW SHIT that was put out over 15 YEARS AGO THAT DIDN'T WORK BACK THEN!!!!

rk:  It is apparent that you have not visited my web site and understood what I am all about.  I am about Truth,  I am about Spirituality.  I am about Sovereignty.  I AM THAT I AM.   That what the Satanic courts are up against.  They know it and they can't do a damn thing about it unless MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED.  I am the last vestige of Freedom left in this land.  Mind controlled slaves are incapable of seeing the simplicity of Sovereignty.  They are overwhelmed by loudmouth yahoos who step all over themselves with their petty argument.
le:  >   RAYMOND has LIED to ALL of you by FALSELY claiming that he has a JUDGEMENT,  when the FACT is that there is NO Legitimate or Valid COURT in the corporate STATE OF OREGON that has ever GRANTED HIM ANY KIND OF LEGITIMATE DEFAULT JUDGE for any of his BOGUS HARTFORD VAN DYKE LIKE COMMERICAL LIENS WHICH ARE ALL 100% BULLSHIT!!!!

rk:  I have NEVER READ anything from anyone name Hartford Van Dyke.  My sole defense in my case was and is TRUTH.  Truth has no place in Satanic Courtrooms, and I made it a point to prove that.  I did.  They convicted me then promptly threw my OUT OF JAIL.  They understood their bogus rulings were Unconstitutional and violated my Unalienable Right to Liberty and therefore carried with them NO FORCE OF LAW.


le:  >   I don't claim to be any of the things you are promoting.  I merely claim to be a Simple man of Truth, a Christ.
le:  >   The FACT is that RAYMOND has NO proven TRACK RECORD of WINNING any kind of CASES on any kind of regular basis.\

rk:  My track record speaks for itself.  Read  what a simple man of truth can do, standing alone with no organization or help from legal predators who offer help but seldom deliver. http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html.

rk:  Ewing put a sock in it, will you.  You're embarassing yourself.

rk:  Are you trying to outdo alex jones in Boastfulness and covering up a latent cowardice.  You both use the same tactics.
le:  >   That's assuming that the 4 of them are NOT in the OREGON STATE HOSPITAL PSYCH WARD?????
Luis Ewing

rk:  Ewing, YOU'RE A JERK!!  By the way, You do not have permission to ride on my Coattails.  You'll get no free ride from a real man

                            Raymond Ronald Karczewski©