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The Art of The Government "Kissoff."

"Gil Gilbertson" <GGILBERTSON@co.josephine.or.us> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote:

gg:  >  Subject: Mr. Karczewski,

gg:  >  Mr. Karczewski,

gg:  >  I plan to do the best job I can...why else would I have volunteered to step into this can of worms.

rk:  Why indeed?  Isn't that the real question that must be examined?

gg:  >  I see why you are upset. If someone would have attached my name to what you attached...I too would be angry.

rk:  Upset?  Angry?  Hell, what does it take for any public official in this country of ours, from the White House on down to the County Level to act upon a Crime of major proportions, one which threatens the very national Security of a once free American People?

rk:  I find your response extraordinary in view of the evidence you have at hand that this is not just a matter of a single, solitary man "upset" over the lawless direction which is destroying our country because people in positions of government power refuse to do the job they were put into office by coming up with Trite phrases like  "It's not my job!" or "I'm just following orders."  Those kinds of statements ring hollow in the hearts and minds of any populace who expects their public officials to do the job they were put into office to do. 

rk:  In the upcoming Josephine County Law Enforcement Levy, you are asking for more money from the people to do a job.  For the money you receive, what sort of job would that be?  At what point would the public receive some "tangible" service and not merely excusing rhetoric to be rendered in return for their money?  When does the job actually get done, and not merely their receipt of a politician's empty promise of a job to be done?  Words don't do it.  Actions do.

rk:  Mr. Gilbertson, you have been elected to the top law enforcement position in the County of Josephine.  If it is not your job to investigate crime in Josephine County, whose job is it?

gg:  >  Having said that, there is a group working in Central Point that have specialized in computer forensics. They may have the resources and ability to track a point of origin to the documents you sent me.

rk:  So why have you not shown yourself to be the man you presented to the voters during your campaign and taken the initiative and utilized their services in the performance of your duty to the People of Josephine County? 

rk:  You see, Mr. Gilbertson, I am a former member of Law Enforcement.   I am a retired Police Sergeant.  Through the years, I have seen the art of the "Kiss Off" performed many a time.  But where is the responsibility to the people who have put you into office to DO A JOB?

gg:  >  Central Point Police Department has this lab and I believe the FBI may also have the ability to help you. My recommendation would be to contact both those organizations and see if they can help.

rk:  You, sir, as chief Law Enforcement Official of Josephine County, Oregon, Trump the authority of both Central Point PD and the FBI here in Josephine County.  What makes you think, they will pick up on what you HAVE KISSED OFF??   So why are you not assuring the people of Josephine County that the "buck" stops with you and nowhere else?

gg:  >  This Sheriff Office clearly does not have the equipment nor the expertise to conduct such an investigation.

rk:  Then what purpose and whom do you actually serve?   Is it the CORPORATE County and State or is it the  Sovereign People?

gg:  >  Good luck and if you wouldn't mind, keep me posted on your investigation.

rk:  Keep you posted "ON YOUR INVESTIGATION"?   In a world of Reasonable Men, of Sanity, of Order and Responsibility between government servants and their Master, the Sovereign people, the True Government, should that not have come from a Public Servant and read "ON MY INVESTIGATION?"

rk:  By the way, I have been to the FBI on several occasions See their "KISS OFF" since 1997,  which has accounted for http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html  

rk:  No, Mr Gilbertson, what you have simply done in this communication was to add your name to the "infamous" Government STONE WALL OF SILENCE, erected and maintained by every politician I have personally contacted regarding this matter of Government Intelligence Community/Media Mind Control operation launched domestically against the People of these united states of America by the CORPORATE UNITED STATES.

gg:  >  If you need this office to make the introduction to either of the agencies please come in and visit with me.

rk:  Save it for someone who does not know how our government operates behind their well oiled machinery of public relations images.


From someone who takes the job seriously,

rk:  Words are one thing.  Actions are quite another, are they not?

                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


You Can't Fight City Hall, For You are Bound By The Complication of Satanic Thought

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

     I am going to talk to you in utter simplicity.  I am going to speak to you of the plain unadulterated Truth which, if actually heard, and understood, shall set you free from every intellectual political, religious, and social complication which has plagued you and held you captive throughout your life.  To many of you, the utter simplicity of what I say shall be heard to be extremely complicated.  Why?  Because you are trapped by the operation of your own complicated Intellect, an instrument which is incapable of perceiving simplicity.

     Satanic Conditioning is, and always has been, the source of your problems in life.  In other words, Intellectualism is the only problem man faces within himself and in others.  That, if understood and set aside, would reveal the Truth which has eluded Civilized man since his Original "Fall from Grace" and his subsequent Satanic formation of an intellectually ruled Civilization. 

     The Satanic (Opposer-ruled) Intellect is the essence of Complication.  Why?  Because every thought you hold is "dualistic" (split into opposition) and therefore the author of all confusion experienced by the spiritually blind.  The spiritually blind and ignorant are those who have sold their "non-dualistic consciousness, their souls" to Satan, the petty "god" of Intellect -- a computer-like instrument which gravitates toward creating complication while the consciousness trapped therein dreams of simplicity.

     For every intellectually projected dualistic, thought-based problem resolved by another intellectually projected thought, the dualistic thought which resolves the prior problem of dualistic thought  produces other dualistic thoughts in its wake, creating a complicated web with each and every subsequent dualistic thought  based in its own inherent opposition. 

     Does anybody see the truth of such statement?  Does anybody see the problems attendant to solving "non-technical" thoughts with more thought, technical or non-technical in nature? 

     Have you not heard the adage, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"?  Since dualistic thought is not non-dualistic Truth, but merely a dualistic reflection of that which is non-dualistic Truth -- the unnameable; thought, the reflection, can be said to be no more than a counterfeit Truth -- in other words, a Satanic deception.  It is such Satanically deceptive Influence which rules Thought that is the Author and Administrators of all Government and Religious organizations which have ruled over the lives of men since the Beginning of Time.  It is the Spiritually blind who lead the blind.

    It is only nondualistic (holistic) Truth which can set one free from the prison cell of one's dualistic thought; i.e., the reflection of Truth, the deception which holds captive all civilized men through institutionally directed, remote mind control.

   Insight, the direct perception of Truth, occurs when the Intellect is quiet, when the clatter of Intellectual noise is SILENCED.  In that moment of silence, the Intellect has come to an end, has died and the Resurrection of the Divine Spirit of Truth emerges in a heretofore intellectually conflicted (noisy) consciousness.  One's problem of the moment has been understood, resolved.  Such is the nature of the statement, "Truth shall set you free."  It comes only after the Intellect is quieted, silenced, dies.   Jesus said it best when He said "One must Die To be Reborn of the Spirit."

    All problems require the energy of the individual to exist in that individual consciousness.  That is the Satanic seduction which entraps and enslaves blind believers from cradle to the grave.  It is imposed from infancy via the conditioned Sins (dualistic contradictions) of the Fathers (parents) visited upon their Sons  (children).  The Sons in turn pass it on to their sons from generation to generation, to the present time.  That is how Hell has been sustained since the Dawn of the First Civilization to the present day.

    The glue that holds religious and political fellowship possible is the Intellectual conditioning of "like attracts like," thereby opposing others who are perceived to be UNLIKE in consciousness.  Anyone see the emergence of Division, yet?  Anyone see the emergence of War, yet?  Anyone perceive Hell on Earth, yet?

    Tis a problem of first magnitude for the human race, is it not?  Does not such magnitude and its attendant fear overwhelm each of you, who, as you watch your own "knee jerking" in response to the challenge of the problem, would say, I am only one person, What can I do?  After all, you can't fight City Hall (government). 

    Listen up, for the solution is at hand.  The solution will not come from experts who dominate you and exploit you in your fear and confusion.  The solution will not come from the politicians, from the bureacrats, the bankers, the corporate elitists, who have a vested interest in continuing problems (else their jobs, their power, their profits would dry up).  The solution can only come from you, the individual who is the master of their mind, their intellect and not its victim.

   All conflict is based in DUALITY.  BAR NONE!!  Problems require confusion, the confusion born of limited consciousness, conditioned responses, human automatons, the "living dead." 

    Are you of the "Living Dead?"   You will resist such a notion, but the resistance to such a statement is proof that you ARE OF THE LIVING DEAD.  Your confusion proves it.

     In your confusion you are Satanically controlled through your dualistic reactions.  They are either of SUPPORT or RESISTANCE.  It doesn't matter which.  Without your individual support or resistance, the problem would receive NO ENERGY, and thus would "die of its own accord." 

     The world of Civilized man is ruled by such widely opposing energetic reactions of support and its opposite of resistance.  It has always been so, and shall continue to be so for those who have sold their Souls for promises made by their Satanic Intellect.  What are those promises?  Are they not the worldly perks of power, prestige, status, wealth, influence and domination over your fellow man?

     If you are reading this, you are reading it on my political page of my Website at http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html  which contains detailed reports of the activities I underwent in dealing with the Tyranny of the Courts of Josephine County Oregon and its Satanic System of Corporate policies which pass themselves off as LAW to the spiritually ignorant and UNAWARE.

   The act of creation requires energy.

   In essence, I BOYCOTTED the Courts.  I BOYCOTTED their gun and handcuff carrying enforcers.  I BOYCOTTED their jails.  I didn't RESIST them.  I didn't SUPPORT them.

   They huffed, they puffed, they intimidated, they held me hostage.   They were at their wits end in trying to force me to confer jurisdiction to them through consent or contract until I was near death as a result of two Hunger Strikes totaling 55 days.  That is when the Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson threw me to the curb (near death) of the Emergency Room of Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, Oregon and abandoned me there.  He told me I was on my own to seek medical attention.  The County and Sheriff's Department would not be responsible for them.

   I was willing to risk death as a Free man rather than life as a jailed slave.  I let go and let God.  Divine Intelligence took over and guided my way.  That is the nature of the Spiritual BOYCOTT I speak of.  Surrender to the Silence of Divine Guidance, and you will do the Right thing at the Right Time.

    That is the nondualistic resolve of Truth as it manifests in any simple man/woman of Truth. 

   There is no need to fight City hall.  There is no need to support City hall.  Resist not evil, and EVIL COLLAPSES LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS.

      Here it is, 5 years from when this Spiritual Test began, and the Satanic Authorities still WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS OF JURISDICTION over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, Son of God.  For should they do so, the Scam they have perpetrated upon the Sovereign People would be exposed, and they would be the ones heading for prison.

     Anybody see the Simplicity of such Truth?

                         Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


The Art of The Government "Kissoff."

 "Gil Gilbertson" <GGILBERTSON@co.josephine.or.us>  wrote:

"Raymond Karczewski" <arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote:

gg:  >  Interesting response. I can understand why no one seems to want to help you....you are certainly a frustrated individual.

rk:  Help me?  I reported a crime,  Being the Chief Law Enforcement Official in the County of Josephine, it is YOUR DUTY to investigate crime, is it not?

rk:  Yet, in essence, you have said you WILL NOT investigate the *crime* I have reported to you, but are "willing" to help me find others WHO MIGHT.  Put yourself in the shoes of the electorate who put you into office and ask yourself: Is that the statement of a responsible Law Enforcement Official, charged with the Investigations of Crimes committed in his county?

rk:  It is not your prerogative to kiss off your responsibilities and your sworn Oath to serve and support the Constitution, while in the same breath, holding hat in hand, begging for more money, saying you cannot perform your duty?  Isn't that what Dave Daniel did?  Yet you are doing the same thing, are you not?  So what actually has changed in Josephine County Oregon?  That is why I have characterized you on my site as:  New Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson:  SAME SONG, SAME DANCE!

gg:  >  Before I received your communication yesterday I had no idea of who you were let alone what your complaint(s) are. I offered to help you,

rk:  You can help me and the people of Josephine County by Investigating crimes reported to your office, by merely DOING YOUR JOB.  After all, isn't that the platform upon which you ran for the office of Josephine County Sheriff?  How long have you been in office now?  How soon do some public servants forget their promises made to the people in return for the public's Trust and grant of office.

gg:  >   but it appears you would rather ramble on with insults or comments without relevance.

rk:  There is nothing MORE RELEVANT than expecting our public servants to do the job they have pledged, taken an Oath to do.  Why do you regard such accountability as insult?

gg:  >  If you want help...I'll offer once more...come in and visit with me.

rk:   What purpose would that serve?  Sorry, Sheriff, I don't do things behind closed doors.  I make all communications public so that all are held equally accountable.   Takes the power away from those who would misuse their power behind the closed doors of secrecy.  Works for me!!

rk:  You have already publicly and proudly defaulted on your Oath of Office and refused to investigate crimes reported to your office.    What could you possibly help me to do?  You are responsible for investigating crime.  I just reported a crime which has tremendous implications and repercussions upon the relationship of Goverment and its master, the Sovereign People.  I just reported a crime which has tremendous impact upon the freedom of this county and this nation. 
And you blithely KISSED IT OFF!! 

rk:  What do the people of Josephine County need with a Sheriff's Office that will not perform its duty, does not do its job?  What are the taxpayers of Josephine County paying for?  Why should they pay more for the same thing -- NOTHING! -- NO SERVICE from their Sheriff's Department. 

rk:  In the old days they called such acts of extortion the "protection racket."   The people of Josephine County have already gone through all that nonsense with your predecessor Dave Daniel.  You have publicly criticized him for that.  Now you are doing the very same thing he did, while hoping your hypocrisy will not be noted by the average taxpayer through your "nicey, nicey" sanitized PR (public relations) language.

rk:  Help me?  Why don't you help yourself and do the job you promised to do for the people of Josephine County?  All you've done so far is stubbed your toe.  You needn't break a leg to be seen as a crippled, excusing, hobbling hypocrite for the remainder of your term in office.

gg:  >  If your communication was simply to make a statement - there is no need for you to respond to this email.

Gil Gilbertson

rk:  I have posted this on my site and on the Cave Junction Community Forum so that all your Constituents can see the quality and integrity (a man who keeps his word) of the Individual they put into office.

                      Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


When Crimes are Kissed Off by Government, What are the Sovereign People To Do???

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

     Most of you are wondering if I am for real.  After all, what sort of man would announce upon the world-wide Internet platform declaring himself to be a "Christ?"  

     Indeed, what sort of man is able to stand firm and unyielding against wave upon wave of  unmerciful Character Assassination libelous attacks by government/media disinformation agents for 11 years?

     How does this reflect upon the society in which such a man lives?   What does it take to wake up a sleeping populace to the destruction of their way of life by insideous satanic mind controllers operating through remote mind control/disinformation programs on the Internet and Media, and  who form public opinion and mass views of the world through propaganda and sanitized Public Relations programs?

     How does a once proud, free nation cope with their ubiquitous downward spiral of enslavement? 

      Can the voice of one man really make a difference? 

     Do the American People really want to be free and independent, or have they become so enamored with their chains of slavery, sold them  on the promise of Security, that they move only with great lethargy and impotence?   At what price will such Security come?

     One must ask:  Who am I talking to?   Am I talking to real, living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient, natural men and women or to dead "robots" -- conditioned automatons who are trained to fulfil the commands of Government made through their fictional JURISTIC PERSON the eternal DEBTOR -- the ONLY person who is under the jurisdiction of and ruled through the remote Satanic fiction of government?  Each of you are Free, Sovereign, Sons and Daughters of God, yet you are hypnotically entranced through mind control to sleep the Satanic sleep, dreaming that you are free while your actions reveal you are no more than groveling slaves to the very public servants you have put into office.

     Has not this Christ, this "simple man of Truth," aptly described the relationship of Satanically mind-controlled, emotionally unstable, knee-jerk reacting, automatons who are blinded to their own prideful hypocrisy and insanity while they hide behind their worn out mask of "Christianity?"

     I have been rendering examples of such tyrannical mind control over the People of America for 11 years on the Internet. 

     For what purpose?  Who amongst you have heard any of it? 

     If you have heard it, who amongst you have done anything about it?  See what I mean?  

     Without the intention to "beat a dead horse" or a  "dead populace", here is just another example which points out the inexorable truth of the Enslavement of the American People through subtle, incremental attacks upon their liberty and right to Free Speech.  You have been sold into slavery of the New World Order.  Think not?  Wait until the realization hits you like a ton of bricks of what a Debtor means in a world where Creditors and Commerce is King. 

    For the last five days, my web site has been under a constant, unrelenting, link-bombing attack which has brought down recently installed "hit counters" on four occasions. 

    Tens of thousands of hits have caused the counter to malfunction, return to zero, then disappear altogether.  The Earthlink Support folks were unable to resolve the problem, although it was their counter which was installed.  Ultimately I removed traces of their software and went elsewhere on the Internet to look for a workable counter.

     Today, March 7th, 2007, a new counter was installed and went from "0" (zero) to 12,877, between 10 AM to the present time as I write this article. 4:30 PM.  Busy little gremlins, are they not? 

     My web site logs show the culprit was traced to:    " - - [04/Mar/2007:07:58:25 -0800] "GET /counter/counter.php4 HTTP/1.0" 200 145 "http://www.caballista.org/auk/kookle.php?search=karczewski" "Teh Convict 1.0"   Sounds like Disinformation Agent, linked to the "Carlyle Group," Chadwick Stone, how does it sound to you???

    The culprit IP "" listed is a corporation operating out of CIA Country, i.e., Herndon VA.
OrgName:    RCN Corporation
OrgID:      RCN
Address:    196 Van Buren St.
City:       Herndon
StateProv:  VA
PostalCode: 20170
Country:    US  with a NetRange of: -

   So you say "Who Cares?"  They're not attacking you. They're attacking me.   The simple fact is that they ARE attacking you, through me.  They ARE stripping away your liberty, your freedom, your God-given Rights. 

     Sadly enough, the vast majority of you have been Satanically struck DEAF, DUMB, AND BLIND.  You have been made to be insensitive and oblivious to such "attacks" through a well entrenched,  unrelenting, incremental, long-term campaign of Mind Control.   Hell, most of you even think that such accepted MIND CONTROL is NORMAL.  Your words and actions on the Internet reveal that you take great pride in demonstrating that you live in that skewed, conflicted, and ignorant manner!!

   This morning, while examining my FTP files, I ran across the file called the "T'inator".  I opened it and here is what I found:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/arkent.html

   The link to "T'inator's" home page came up as  "http://www.sparse.org/%7Emrt"    

     "sparse.org" was revealed to be the home page of one Seth  Green, an engineer at "Intel"  http://www.intel.com/ .  Is Seth Green a Government "SPOOK" or is he  a "PATSY", A "FALL GUY!??"

    I am not saying that Seth Green is the one who hacked into my computer, but someone SURE AS HELL DID, and may well be setting Green up to take the rap.

   Yes, I hear your "silly" comments as you grumble under your breath with fear and frustrations, and with comments like "why don't you take this to the Government Law Enforcement Authorities and have them investigate this?"   BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS THE ENEMY, DUMMY --, DON'T YOU GET IT???
   If you want more proof than you can handle, may I suggest you google my name, Raymond Karczewski along with the words "STONE WALL OF SILENCE." 

     That oughta keep you reading for the next six months.  Start off with "Compel FBI to Investigate Government/Media sponsored/supported Mind Control/Disinformation Activities on the Internet" at http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html  after I filed a criminal complaint with the Medford Office of the FBI on Nov 2, 1997, a complaint which was KISSED OFF by the FBI after my public confrontation with my phony congressman Ron Wyden at a "Town Hall Meeting" in Cave Junction.  What a PHONY he turned out to be.  One face for the public meeting and ABSOLUTE SILENCE and interference and foot dragging privately. 

     Trace it through my every contact made with Federal, State, and County elected officials and Law Enforcement, going through all the available channels open to one who is a victim of a Crime, and ending with the KISSOFF by JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF GIL GILBERTSON  with his classic Law Enforcement, PR (Public Relations) Kissoff.
1.  Sheriff Gil Gilberson, DO YOUR JOB!!
2.  The Art of The Government "Kissoff."
3.  The Art of The Government "Kissoff."

     Go ahead, get serious.  WAKE UP and do something, Hell, do anything but what you are doing, and that is NOTHING.  The Futures of you and your Children depend on it.

    You heard it straight from a simple man of Truth, a Christ.  If you are looking for a "Mary Poppins" and a "spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," You're barking up the wrong tree.

                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Re: When Crimes are Kissed Off by Government, What are the Sovereign People To Do??

Kazoo wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

kazoo:  > Ray, you've stated many times that you don't vote or pay taxes, and that you've been convicted by our courts of seven counts of paper terrorism, a serious felony.

rk:   Neighbors, you have just met a man, one of whom, for the last 11 years, has stalked my writing everywhere I go on the Internet, in order to attack, distort, libel, and misdirect attention from the importance of my messages.

rk:  I highly recommend you read my Political page which will explain the disinformation dispensed above.

rk:   I pay taxes, I just don't pay Income Taxes as I am not "required" to do so. 

rk:  I don't vote, as I have understood the farce of modern day corrupted elections in the Corporate UNITED STATES; a private corporation which has replaced the "united states of America," the true, DeJure Constitutional Republic of 1789. 

rk:  I am not a "ward of the State", an "infant" as seen in the eyes of the law, and therefore required to have a lawyer "represent" me in my legal affairs. 

rk: I am not a 14th Amendment Citizen.  I have rescinded that presumption of law which automatically makes free men into human resources, slaves of the State, owned by the State, body and soul, along with their children, their property, their assets.

rk: I am no longer presumed by the courts, a "legal fiction," to be a surety for the debts of the Juristic Person (the legal fiction whose name resembles yours but  is spelled in all CAPITAL LETTERS), and I therefore act in full legal capacity. 

rk:  I ask you to look at your driver license, any and all contracts you may be party to, and observe that your name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

rk:  Most people are UNAWARE of that lawyerly deception which places them within the jurisdiction of an Unconstitutional, non-Article III court; i.e., an Administrative Court which operates under Maritime Law only by their consent, contract, or waiver of Rights.  That name spelled in ALL CAPS is your juristic person.  It is not you, the "Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, sentient, Natural man or woman that you are.  The unlawful, unconstitutional, Administrative, Maritime Courts which operate at the Josephine County Courthouse have  jurisdiction limited ONLY to the JURISTIC PERSON; and you are conned, under imposed presumption of corporate policy, into  consenting/contracting with the courts, thereby giving them jurisdiction.

rk:  It is this Jurisdiction issue which the courts and all agents of the CORPORATE STATE OF OREGON and CORPORATE COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE have refused to answer as required by law.  It is the source of a Commercial Judgment in the amount of $27,180,000.00 now outstanding, due, and payable to me,  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/tortjoco.html

rk:  To date, the State and County has already cleaned some of their corrupt and messy house with the retirement of (then) Presiding Judge Gerald Neufeld, Judge Alan Coon, District Attorney Clay E. Johnson, and Sheriff Dave Daniel (at the peak of their careers) for their criminal handling of my unlawful prosecution and incarcerations.  The State of Oregon and County of Josephine, however, are balking at settling the outstanding Commercial Judgment which will come out of their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Fund and not out of the Taxpayers' pocket.  The State of Oregon and County of Josephine is learning a lesson they will not soon forget when they tyrannically attempt to roll over the Rights of the Sovereign People.

rk:  How can they function in such a criminal and tyrannical way?  Only because an unaware and apathetic taxpaying public allows them to do so. 

rk:  When the True Government, The Sovereign People, take back control over their servant government by holding their public servants ACCOUNTABLE for their negligence, tortious, and criminal actions under their "color of Office" presumption of authority, a reversal of the present judicial tyranny is at hand.

kazoo:  >  Maybe the government is investing more resources into assisting folks who do vote and do pay taxes, and who are not convicted criminals.

rk:  The government's actions in the matter of dealing with this free man, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, speaks for itself.  That is why I draw your attention to my website http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

rk:  They mistakenly thought they had a 14th Amendment Slave in their hands to do with what they will.  They threatened me with 35 years in prison (which would have been a life sentence for one who is 69 years old), labeling me as being a Paper Terrorist for the act of holding my public officials accountable via instruments of contract law.  You may read the actual communications at http://www.arkenterprises.com/index12.html

rk:  In their unlawful, unconstitutional court, which has no actual force of law behind it, they convicted me and attempted to sentence me.  I refused to accept their unlawful offer of sentencing which would have granted the Administrative Courts the jurisdiction they never had and still refuse to prove in writing as the Law requires. see:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch83.html#Motion

rk:  The Result?  Instead of being in prison for 35 years.  I am sitting here at my computer, in my home -- A FREE MAN.

rk:  I Stood on my Unalienable Rights.  I looked the "beast" squarely in the eye, AND THE BEAST BLINKED!!
kazoo:  >  "Effective March 1st, 2007, if the result indicates continued apathy, I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski, This Christ, will Remove Himself and His Website from the Internet."

rk:  By the way, the above announcement is a disinformation deception.  I did not write it.  I suggest the disinformation agent "kazoo" come up with the actual statement made above in its full context.  You will find he cannot do so, because IT DOESN'T EXIST.

rk:  To my neighbors in Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley, pay very close attention to all communications on this forum from now on, for it has been infiltrated by disinformation agents.



A Note to an Illinois Valley Neighbor

Pat Ball (jodde@cavenet.com) wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:


   I added our dialogue below to the subject thread  "When Crimes are Kissed Off By Government, What are the Sovereign People To Do???  on the Cave Junction Bulletin Board  SEE:
http://cavejunction.com/bboard/index.php?board=5.0   (Thread has since been removed by forum Moderator.)

   The disinformation crowd is going nutz over my new formatting of my web site where they are unable to respond to my site.  I have been experiencing an increase in Hacking of my site and are now seeing comments made in my name that I never made. 

   The people are going to believe what they want to believe.  That is a given.  I merely added our dialogue to show  evidence of my Intent to leave USENET and private forums but not to remove my website.   This kind of hacking and extreme deception has been going on for years.  In the years passed, my posts have blocked from reaching the newsgroups and when they appear, after a time lag, are edited beyond recognition.  Sometimes, whole original paragraphs have been removed, and  re-edited ones by the hackers who inserted  them instead.  I'm not a computer expert.  I haven't a clue how they do it, but they do it.  

   Requests for investigations of it by the government were treated the same as all my requests from the beginning.  THEY WERE STONE WALLED. 

   I've pretty much washed my hands of the American People.  They are going to get the government they deserve.


PS:  By the way Pat, I just  logged into the Cave Junction Bulletin Board and was met with this message.  
" Sorry arkent, you are banned from using this forum!"  I just added  my Neighborhood Cave Junction Bulletin Board to the growing list of forums who have banned my writing. See:  Forums which have Banned the Writings of Raymond Karczewski
Ask yourself, what threat do my words pose to the Status Quo that so many "SEEMINGLY" legitimate
forums find a need to BAN THEM???


When Crimes are Kissed Off by Government, What are the Sovereign People To Do???  A Correction !!

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk:  NOTE:   In reference to my previous comments mentioned in this  Thread, I must correct my statement.  After reviewing my records, I found that I had, in fact, made the statement about removing myself and my web site from the Internet.

rk:   The Internet/Usenet is full of forgeries and statements attributed to me which are  manufactured by disinformation agents.  After writing the original and the fact that my website has undergone an increase in hacking by these same anonymous cowards, my denial of  the statement was based on the sentiment contained therein of leaving the Internet altogether. It has long been my intention to confine my writings in their clearest form (absent of disinformation noise) for those who are serious in their spiritual quest.

rk:  Tis a mind control and defamation tack for disinformation bullies to pounce on a word, a phrase, etc. when time itself or confusion clouds the issue via their interminable twists and spins of what may or may not have been said amid thousands of other words.  The mere changing of one's mind, will lead to wave after wave of anonymous fools defaming another with chants of LIAR, LIAR LIAR.  They are twisters of words who then hold others to a word frozen in time, made in an instant, even while subsequent moments have caused Heaven and Hell to undergo change.

rk:  As to my temporary return to the groups -- in my absence, I found the disinformation agents were celebrating that they had driven me from Usenet. For one thing, I do consider Usenet to have devolved into a Sty wherein swine revel in their ignorance. I came back just to make the point that they have NO POWER to drive either me or anybody else away from posting on these newsgroups/forums.  How temporary my presence on these newsgroups/forums remains depends on the disinformation agents who have the expectation that they can meddle with the mass mind of Usenet without being exposed at what they do.

kazoo:  >>  "Effective March 1st, 2007, if the result indicates continued apathy, I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski, This Christ, will Remove Himself and His Website from the Internet." 

rk: >  By the way, the above announcement is a disinformation deception.  I did not write it.  I suggest the disinformation agent "kazoo" come up with the actual statement made above in its full context.  You will find he cannot do so, because IT DOESN'T EXIST.

rk: >  To my neighbors in Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley, pay very close attention to all communications on this forum from now on, for it has been infiltrated by disinformation agents.


Mohamad, Write me if you can  my Brother

   I don't know if this email message will reach you.  If it does, I hope it finds you safe and well.

   My understanding is that you are still living in Lebanon.  If you have been receiving my emails, you know that I have shifted my attention away from Usenet and the Internet Forums and am focusing my attention and the attention of contributors to a serious platform for Spiritual and Political Dialogue.

   If communications are not down in Lebanon because of the unrest, I am sure my fellow Americans would like to hear the Lebanese Peoples' view of the situation unfolding in Lebanon today.

   It has been my intent to awaken my sleeping brothers and sisters, here in America, to the unfolding events which shall befall them shortly, just as they have plagued your country and other Arab States.

   We are all brothers.  It is the Satanists who lead the "sheeple" of my country that are those who  conjure up reasons to attack others on the premise of differences in color of skin. political and religious belief, when in fact, such fundamental prejudices are just a cover for their Corporate invasions of other Arab Sovereign Countries for their Natural Resources.  When will we learn from the Wars of the past, and the people rise up worldwide and shout NO MORE WAR, NO MORE WAR?

   This has been my purpose on the Internet:  to expose and BOYCOTT Tyranny and remove from office Satanic-ruled public officials who would exploit and enslave those who have put them into office. 

  I would like my web site  http://www.arkenterprises.com   to reflect the spiritual essence of man, wherever they live on this Earth, despite their race, color, or place of birth.

   I am not interested in the silly peripheral dogma of political hacks or religious hucksters who lack the depth of perception to speak the unvarnished Truth.  The Internet is full of sites which do just that.  Unfortunately, they have the ear of the ignorant and the Spiritually Blind.  The Self-fulfilling Prophecy remains intact, does it not?  The "Blind are still leading the Blind."

   Let me know how you and your family are doing in this time of unrest in your country.  Let America know  what's in store for them if they don't WAKE UP. 

                                          Your Brother,



Internet Disinformation

Patricia Ball <jo---@cavenet.com:  Writes :

Hi Ray:
Indeed, we are in a troubled world.  When one considers the OBE education our young folks are getting, no wonder we have such idiots in the masses.  To, in fact, refer to the education of our youngsters, did you understand from the media that passing grades were a flunk out in Oregon? This is not just Oregon.  Other states are clamming up on their score cards, too. No child left behind big deal of Bushmaster of deceit, is a sure thing for every child being left behind unless in a private school.  Then looking at the long range since about 1960 education of American children has faired very poorly, as the masters of deceit don't want American children to think.  Little by little every year, there is less and less intelligent thought in the home on mastering coping, widening the spirituality of mind, and more left to the government mind control via government mind control schools.  As you know, when in that latter environment beginning at any age, the children haven't got a clue as to anything else in their brains.  What "they" are taught is what they do.  Everyone else it out of step.  WE have a clash of generations.
The internet is a mirror of stupid is as stupid does.  There are the smarts who haven't got a clue as to being decent, thoughtful, and considerate of another human being.  The internet is a toy of manipulators whose intent is to destroy anything not in tune with their thoughts and actions.  We now have the government people who work for we the people doing outrageous, illegal, and criminal, treasonous actions, going on for some time.  It's follow the leader.  We have some pretty disgusing leaders.
As spiritual beings we all have an innate ability to know right from wrong as we progress into adulthood.  Some of these people get a vicarious thrill out of misery-making to others.  Bullying is a big problem in America right now. It seems to be politically correct to bully on the internet.  It is the bullied person who backs down.  This is what our children have been educated to do. Back down.  The police state is intact.  To be anonymous is to be 'perversive'.
These forums don't want direct talk unless it has some kind of perversion to keep the unintelligent blabbing stupidity.  The responders can't.  Their brains have not mastered deep thought.  They can't ask questions because they don't know how.  If you could find someone who is whizmaster of the computer, you could probably prevent rewrites.  What I don't understand is that when one goes on a blog or answers a forum the responder must have an email address which can be traced to the IP.
By the way, I did not know that CJ had a web site.  I went there, but it didn't seem intelligent to me.  It's best that you have your own web site and just let folks read and make up their own minds.  Some of our best journalists and authors do that.  Only way one gets to them is when that person lets you have their address.
I just went over to your site.  Have not had time to do much other than working on my house to keep it from collapsing, and keeping up with the constitutional problems this sick government is racing to destroy.
Excuse me for rattling on. I consider that a lot of interference and junk  talk is part of governmental interference.  After all, you have a name in the history of Oregon now.  But you are not alone.  I am sure these internet jackasses have a lot of other folks they rag on.  As for me, when I get nasty emails I never answer them.  I just keep going.  If a long-time email correspondant suddenly shuts me off, I just delete from my email list.  More the worse for them because the government will have an easier time to take their assets. From the way things have been going with you, I consider government provocateurs at hand.
My best regards, and blessings


The Sheriff of Josephine County Oregon Replies To One Man's Story of Freedom While Living in an Enslaved Society

From: "Gil Gilbertson" <GGILBERTSON@co.josephine.or.us>

To: "Raymond Karczewski" <arkent3@earthlink.net>

Subject: Re: One Man's Story of Freedom While Living  in an Enslaved Society:

gg:  >  You certainly are an interesting individual. I've offered twice to invite you to my office and see what I can do to assist you - but, you seem more intent to ramble incoherently.

rk:  Whatever happened to the days when a citizen called in a complaint on the phone of a crime being committed and the wheels of Law Enforcement were set into motion automatically, without affidavits and sworn statements or phone appointments first being made?  Your repeated pejorative characterization of another when you say  "but, you seem more intent to ramble incoherently" pretty much sums up your belittling attitude toward the public you profess to serve, does it not? 

rk:   Now you suggest that you serve as nothing more than a referral service, while you display even the lack of a rudimentary technical grasp of even to whom to refer this complaint of a crime.

rk:   Sheriff Gilbertson, you are the top Law Enforcement Official in the County of Josephine.  The buck stops with you, no other.  Save the PR crap for those who don't know any better.

gg:  >  You tried to convince me that someone "set you up" on the internet...however, after reading this "information" it sounds repetative of what was posted in your name.  I agree you need help, but I'm not so sure this office can provide that help.

rk:  Then what good are you and your office to the People of Josephine County, Oregon?  Why should the people support any such agency who cannot give the help they have promised the public and have sworn an oath to give?

rk:  No sir, such rhetoric as that will not go far when the people see through such transparent rhetoric.

gg:  >   Unless you have a legitimate complaint that you wish to discuss do not waste my time.

rk:  Unless I have a legitimate complaint I wish to discuss?  A legitimate complaint?  Have you not just thrown out another hoop for a citizen to jump through to get some service out of you and your department.  Sorry, Sheriff, I don't do Hoops!!  . 

rk:  Must a citizen now come to you with hat in hand, plead and cajole you to do your job, to set an appointment to discuss a complaint in order to prove their case to you beyond a reasonable doubt before your investigators are set into motion?

rk:  Isn't that what you are suggesting?  I can see why you will not talk to me any further.  You embarass yourself with your every word.  You have shown the taxpayers of Josephine County, Oregon, the spirit of the man behind the public face which won you your election. You won your job. With the attitude you have exposed in these few written communications with me, let us see how long you can hold onto it.

gg:  >  Unless you call for an appointment I will not waste my time reading further communications from you.

rk:  That is completely understandable.  This is going on my site on the Internet.  Since you have said you will not read any further communications from me, you will just have to read it on my web site, along with everyone else from Josephine County, Oregon.
Gil Gilbertson
One Man's Story of Freedom While Living  in an Enslaved Society:

To the Taxpaying Sovereign People of J0SEPHINE COUNTY, the STATE OF OREGON, and of these united states of America, pay attention to what is presently unfolding in Oregon.  It is the primary question being asked -- who are the Masters, the Sovereign People or the public officials put into office, who now see themselves as Masters over a county, state and nation of Slaves?

Observe closely your servant government in action.  A body of people who could not exist, would not exist, but for your support, financial and psychological..

Why is it that you finance your own destruction, your own enslavement, with your own hard-earned money?

How can justice be administered or even expected in our courts and in our land when those charged with administering justice WILL NOT ANSWER simple questions which determine their jurisdiction over freemen and freewomen, as they see and regard the public as slaves?.

I am but one man, but I am a Son of God (as are each of you, but you seem to have forgotten that for the moment).

Since I was thrown out of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON JAIL near death, I have continued to hold my public officials accountable for their crimes as I did prior to my Unlawful incarceration.

The very actions I was tried for in two bogus trials under the  "Patriot Act" as a "Paper Terrorist," i.e., "Simulation of Legal Process," I continued after my release. Yet the authorities
have not arrested me.  Why?  If it was a crime then, why is it not a crime now?  Yet they shun me, erect a STONE WALL OF SILENCE.  They utter not a word, for the least utterance would INDICT them where they stand.

  I UNDERSTAND who I am.  I UNDERSTAND the relationship of any man to his government, one which clearly delineates who is the Sovereign and  who is the Servant.  No amount of persecution, prosecution, incarceration, intimidation via armed robbery, kidnapping and being held hostage for the debts of another, could shake the resolve  of a man who UNDERSTANDS his True Estate.

This issue has been unfolding for the last five years, yet a blind and sedated public who have been decrying their loss of liberty, their freedom, has neither shown interest nor activism toward bringing about change in their Country which would return them to a life of Sovereign
People -- masters over their public servant government.

One man understood it.  One man continues to live it.  It seems so out of place, so odd, so extraordinary to the average man, yet it is the  simple statement of fact of living free, understood only by those who have the spiritual "eyes to see and ears to hear."

To the taxpayers of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON:  Pay
heed to what you see and read  below.  Especially observe what your Governor, your Attorney General, your Secretary of State, your local Judges, your District Attorney and your Sheriff do about the predicament they now face when just one man who understands his relationship with God and his relationship with secular government stands up and strips away their masks of Tyranny.

Ponder your action in the upcoming Sheriff's Levy.  Are you going to continue to support your destruction, your enslavement? Are you going to betray your children?  Have you not already sold them into a life of slavery?

The least you can do before that time arrives, of voting for increased monies to be used in rendering you fearful quivering slaves, is demand that your State and County public officials, asking for more money, ANSWER the QUESTIONS of JURISDICTION, under oath or affidavit, which allow them to turn FREE MEN into SLAVES.

Pay attention.  Share this with your neighbors.  Let us awaken to the reality behind the headlines of today.  Such awakening shall stave off the inexorable march toward a New World Order.  It will shut down the everincreasing Prison Industry in our Country and return loved ones home who have been falsely imprisoned.  It will sweep clean the filth of corruption and remove the stench of corrupt politicians and judges that permeate the courthouses of our country.  It will return the power into the rightful hands of the True Government, the Sovereign People.  Read:  You will know what to do.  and it will be the Right thing done in the Right Moment.  That is the indication of Divine Intelligence in operation.  "And the meek shall inherit the
                  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
         Secured Party, Creditor, and Holder in Due Course


Judicial Notice Shall Be Taken Of The Following Facts

Jack Aiken Lancaster WW2 Veteran  
1. All courts in the United States are privately owned by the Crown Temple in London.
2. All attorneys and judges are agent of the privately owned Crown Temple.
3. All United States Courts are Admiralty Courts under color-of-law, it appears to be Law but is not.
4. All defendants are wards of the court.
5. All attorneys are attorners or twisters.
6. All attorneys and judges are officers of the court, a conflict of interest.
7. Admiralty Jurisdiction means the judge has the power of an admiral on a ship
8. Admiral on a ship has absolute power over life and death.
9. Defendants have no rights in court.
10. All statutes in the United States only apply to persons who are fictitious entities.
11. United States Courts have no jurisdiction over a man or woman, only artificial persons.
12. Most traffic tickets are infractions,
13. You cannot be put in jail for an infraction.
14. You can plea bargain with the judge to cut down the fine against you,
15. If you cannot be put in jail for an infraction they have no way to collect the fine.
16.The Judge will try to charge you with contempt to coerce you to pay the fine.
17. You cannot be lawfully charged with contempt unless you are disrespectible to the   judge.
18. If you cannot pay the fine they have to let you go because they cannot put you in jail.
19. They may summons you back to court again to pay the fine.
20. Since they cannot put you in jail and you obey all summons they will give up because they want the money and you are wasting the courts time.
21. Search yahoo or Google under Crown Temple to see who owns you and your property.