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Forum Infiltration by Government Disinformation Agents.  (WAS Re: Ping  all Government/Media Disinfotainment Agents)

"Chadwick Stone©" <chad_stone@> wrote:
Re: Ping  all Government/Media Disinfotainment Agents

 Widdershins <sinistre@liripipe.com> wrote:
 Re: It is You, cowardly Disinformation Agent, Truthlurker who don't Know What You Are Talking About!!

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

cs:  >  Nope, teh convict is back a day later, being torlled by Doc Lurky again.

rk:  By "Doc Lurky," stone refers to one of their own disinformation agents who uses a host of alias variations, of "Lurky" found on this forum. 

rk: >>> An irrefutable word about Cowardly Pipsqueaks.

rk: >>>A significant difference can be discerned between your words and mine. I put my name behind my words like a man, while you slink around using a host of aliases like a coward.

rk: >>>That is something you can NEVER OVERCOME, as you shall remain the cowardly pipsqueak that you are no matter what you say or do!

rk: >>>You are allowed to get away with such cowardice only because lemming-like schmucks you play to, can't tell the difference. It's called lack of discernment

rk: >>> Hell Isn't it?

rk:  Here, widdershins, another disinformation agent runs interference for his cowardly cohort.  Even with such teamwork, they cannot undo the exposure of their devious trade.

w: >> Prove "Chadwick Stone" is not his real name. You know how to do it; I've told you how a half dozen times. But, the empty shirt flaps impuissantly while whining about how the meany heads are using aliases while they poke him with pointy sticks.


w: >>Ray has said the gummint has no jurisdiction over the living, breathing, scratching, spitting, semi-coherent, barely functional naural man. We'll see.

rk:  Now to the business at hand.  To the moderators of these forums who are either part of the disinfo program designed to keep the IGNORANT, ignorant, See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#CENSORED or who lack the backbone to eradicate disinformation agents who are destroying free speech on the Internet through their carte blanche abuse of it, shame on you.  You provide a platform for the debased human conduct seen on your forums  Yet you hide behind a Satanic argument of protecting free speech.  Do you protect yelling fire in a theater also? 

rk:  Why is Raymond Ronald Karczewski© roundly ostracized by anonymous cowards who will not give their true names while they feel free to libel another?  What is so different about him from the rest of the posters on your forums?  Why does he and his words "STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB" from the rest of the conversations going on on your forum. The difference is palpable, is it not?  But do you and your readers understand why? 

rk:  The reason is quite simple.  I am a simple man of Truth.  I am a simple man.  I am simple.  I am direct.  I am not conniving. I do not weave illusions.  I dispel them.

rk:  The ignorance of the contributors to your forum is a collective spell of satanic ignorance, in spite of their credentials, their jobs, their position in society.  They play the game of Satanic Deception and expect to get away with it.  It is a game played by consent, and they assume they have immunity from their debased behavior via the Illusion of Free Speech on the internet, irregardless of how debased and Satanically afflicted their behavior is shown to be.

rk:  They have been robotically conditioned and trained via a lifetime of Satanic Conditioning to expect that when they get out of line, they will be corrected by a smooth-talking, gushy, charming, positive-imaged hypocrite who will take them by the hand and promise them salvation if only they believe that no matter what they do, if they believe in a myth as their "Lord and Savior" who died for their sins, they shall be saved.  So much for "cart blanche" hell raising, eh?

rk:  What these IGNORAMUSES can't stand is a simple man of Truth just simply POINTING OUT their actions to them in the moment, revealing their debasement as human beings.  That is all.  Nothing more, Nothing Less.  They cannot escape their behavior, what's more their behavior is revealed to all who have the eyes to see and ears to hear.  They have lost their secrecy, their anonymity, their Satanic protection; they become self-conscious of their own personal debasement, and now stand fully, openly exposed to the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

rk;  Drives 'em up the wall, doesn't it?

rk:  They must call out the full forces of the Satanic Legion of Disinformation agents to stalk every word of exposure written by a simple man of Truth, a Christ.  They have done so FOR 11 YEARS. Yet your readers are as DUMB and UNAWARE OF IT this moment as they were at its inception of the government/media disinformation Internet campaign 11 years ago.

rk:  Where is the so-called responsible government IGNORAMUSES are trained to rely upon when on Nov. 2, 1997, an Internet petition was raised to congress to FORCE the FBI to Investigation such crimes of treason against the American People?  see: http://www.petitiononline.com/RayNita1/petition.html

rk:  Where is the so-called responsible government which claims to answer to the Sovereign American People, the True Government of the land, when this Christ, this simple man of Truth, exposed the Corruption and Tyranny of the Oregon and Josephine County Courts?

rk:  Where is the so-called responsible government which supports criminal factions leading a disolution of the US Constitution and a slow but steady assimilation into a SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER?

rk:  Hint:  The same place you Moderators and subscribers to these forums are -- IN SATANIC LA LA LAND, ready to attack a Christ, a simple man of Truth, because he exposes your corruption to you like NO OTHER CAN!

rk:  HELL, ISN'T IT?

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com



Re: Hello, brother CHRIST!!


  Good to hear from you. I have added you to my address list as you requested.  I would like to publish your letter to share it with Internet users.  It comes at a time when I am considering giving up on the American People.  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch204.html#America

  Your comments have the ring of Truth to them.  I suspect there are many out there just like you, who are vacillating on whether to follow up on their spiritual urge to come out of the closet and face the world openly without the phony affectations of Christian religiosity.  I have been addressing this matter of blocked spirituality via satanic mind control for 11 years now.  Tis a lonely battle of one speaking Truth to the winds with no echo to be heard.  I understand what it takes for one to step out of the herd of "go along to get along" and face the consequences of doing so.  I have shared that journey with all who have the eyes to see and ears to hear -- WITH VERY LITTLE FEEDBACK.

  Thank you for yours.   I have tired of "beating a dead horse."  True spirituality is not for  the weak, timid, and codependent.  I intend to let Americans reap the karmic debt they have inflicted upon themselves through their conditioned political and religious ignorance if I receive no feedback between now and the first of March.  Your letter will go a long way to show them what spiritual courage is. 

  I am posting your letter on the Internet.  I have removed your last name FOR YOUR PROTECTION against attacks by the legion of Internet disinformation jerks out there.  I will replace it in future communications, with your permission of course.

  Truly, We are all CHRISTS WITH AMNESIA.  Tis a shame that few have the courage to openly live their Christ Consciousness in this Hellish world they call NORMAL.
                                         Raymond Karczewski

At 06:10 AM 2/4/07, you wrote:

        My name is Bill at this time, I live in Pennsylvania.  You sound like what I forsee myself becoming in another 30 years or so, so I suppose there may be some sort of connection there.  Your "Christs with Amnesia" line - I don't know if that was in reference to an article, a book or what, but it really struck a chord with me.

        I almost fell into myself, but managed to make it out still whole.  I don't know - did you battle darkness at some point?  That was a hellish few years for me.  And now I'm at that most precarious of states - where I'm not yet fallen, but I still could.  I've  survived the worst of the temptations, but yet even though the worst has passed, they haven't gone away completely.  Rather strange to feel that way.

        Anyhow, the "CHRISTS with Amnesia" is a very powerful phrase to me. I've known that I am this for so long, and it's been hell fighting the demons of egotism that seek to creep up and make you think that being a Christ is something that makes you "unique" or "better" - oy, arrogance, what a human tendancy...  But I've known there are others, I've always known.  And you are one, I'm sure of it.  And whether or not I would happen to be one, I realize that even if I am, that doesn't mean this body always will be.  "Free will" and

        I'm 35 years old right now, and I've taken many risky actions to open up the channel from where I've been to where I am now.  I know what this world is, I think you know it, too.  What are we here?  "Wardens" or something?

        That damned Amnesia.  I'm not entirely certain what I'm supposed to be doing, but I have faith that all will go according to plan - whatever the plan was that had been set up prior to this life - and it's got absolutely not a thing to do with "me".  I do know one thing - the job isn't over yet.   So I don't know what all "The Job" entails, but I do know that it hasn't been finished.  I continue in faith that what I 'need' to know will be made known as it is needed - I can't bring any knowledge here that isn't needed for the purpose which I have been sent.  It's a temptation to try, and I've probably
left a little seep through, but by and large, I think I've done okay.

        Sorry, I just felt I had to touch base with you.  I'm not in one of my most lucid moments at the present time, I've been up all night (bi-polar, of course), so I'm probably not sounding as intelligible now as I will the next time I send you an e-mail - that is if there is a next time, of course.  I leave it to you to determine, you may know some reason we shouldn't contact each other
& I'd be willing to accept that.



"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com



On March 1, 2007, I Will Have Shaken the Dust off My Sandals and Have Moved On From the Satanic Sty that Is Usenet .

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

    At the beginning of this month, February 2007,  I announced that I would be leaving Usenet and Forum activities if I saw no support for my message of Truth.  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#America

    I've been at it for Eleven years, literally "Casting Pearls before the swine."   Every single article I have written has, in an infinite number of subtle and not so subtle ways, been slimed, distorted, attacked by the time-tested disinformation technique of "if you can't kill the message, then kill the messenger."   Their mission has been to destroy his reputation, Smear him with every possible, conceivable deception, malicious lie, libel that requires a response, even though the questions, based in utter human debasement, have ABSOLUTELY no basis in fact whatsoever.  When they cannot move their target off balance, they focus their libelous attacks upon his family members. 

  All the while they brag of their immunity from prosecution.  They admit to their ties with the Government's Intelligence Community and  membership in Mind Control cults.   The government, the so-called public servants put into office look away.  HELL THEY BUILD A STONE WALL OF SILENCE so that not a word will be uttered which will draw upon them the public's scrutiny into the Conspiracy to destroy Free Speech on the Internet.  So that our Constitutional Republic is destroyed thereby creating a segue into a SATANIC RULED NEW WORLD ORDER.

     I had more faith in the American People eleven years ago, than I do now. 

    I have given everything away free and without strings.  I have supported my site alone, based on my limited retirement funds to share Truth with all, freely and without strings which Ignoramuses who, because they didn't have to pay for it, have grown to regard as WORTHLESS.

   I have used the last 11 years to expose government and religious mind control tactics used on the American People.  The American People don't seem to care.

   Not a single donation has arrived to show support for the Spiritual Antidote to Hell on Earth,  NOT A PENNY!! 

   I have already made my decision.  I will no longer post on Usenet or Private forums as of March 1, 2007..

   I will "privatize" my site into a subscription only site with log in controls to ferret out the Satanic Disinformation Agents who are allowed to run rampant in their destruction of Free Speech through their IRRESPONSIBLE use of it.

  If that is the world you want, that is the world you have created for yourselves.  You have done so, by your apathy, your silence, your consent.

   All content on my rather large site will be Archived for future  researchers to access the consciousness of a Living Christ and in observing the Satanic Mechanism in place to control others in their speech.  I am, to my knowledge, the sole survivor of such attacks they have used to destroy the reputations of other Newsgroup/Forum Contributors.

   I will bring into focus my Original Messages and Original Sound Files so they may be listened to at the deeper level of Spiritual Consciousness, free of the neverending Satanic Noise which contaminates all other communication on the Internet.

   The vast majority of those who read my extraordinary expositions think that Ray Karczewski is a nut.  It never crosses their confused, Satanically conditioned minds that the spirit of Ray Karczewski's words are different, though they are the same words used by all others on the Internet.  His words touch deeply, bypassing the protected shields of ignorance that keep Slaves thinking they are Free men.  He has presented Truth that can destroy the Power of Satanic Mind Control in Civilized Society.  A Satanic power that has existed since the Dawn of Civilization.   Tis easy for a Legion of confused blind believers ruled by remote authority to defend their confusion by taking the opposite position that "there are more of us than there are of you,"   that one who is free from such Satanic Chains is a NUT.

   Such is the nature of the BASSACKWARD world most of you live in.  Hell, isn't it?

  Such adamant defense of Ignorance in Satanic Fellowship doesn't change your world, does it?  You and all other like-minded still remain supporters of WAR, VIOLENCE, KILLING, DRUGS,  You and all other like-minded still grovel in Fear of their so-called public servants whose image has ballooned into the Fearful spectre of a TYRANNICAL MASTER.  One must ask:  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  Truth is Simple.  I am Simple.  I AM TRUTH!  I hold the key to Peace on Earth, to the dissolution of Satanic Control which enslaves each and every one of you.   It is your complicated conditioned minds that prevent you from SEEING THAT!

  Confused Ignoramuses have always made up the Legion of groveling slaves, and they will continue to do so, as they will fight to the death, if necessary, for their right to remain IGNORANT.

  So, whether you send money or not to show support, I have made my decision.

  I'm outta here come March 1, 2007 and may God have mercy on your souls!!

  To those who have the spiritual "Eyes to See and Ears to Hear" you'll find me at the new http://www.arkenterprises.com -- "Home of the Living Christ".

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com



Josephine County and the State Of Oregon Governments are KILLING my wife

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

  Mine is a story of what befalls a Free Man targeted by government while  living in an Unfree Society.  It is the story of a 69 year old retired Police Sergeant and his 69 year old wife, who chose to spend their retirement years in beautiful Southern Oregon living in Cave Junction, Josephine County Oregon.

  It is the story of a man and woman of Peace and the systematic destruction of that peace, the quality of their lives, their reputations, health, etc. by a government hellbent on destroying the quality of life of their citizens in order to insure their power base.

  It is a story you will not soon forget as you apply the facts to your own experiences when dealing with local and State Government here in beautiful Southern Oregon.

    I hold the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE responsible for my wife's disabling illness

   I Invite all to read in detail the events which have turned a couple's American Dream into a Nightmare by accessing  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html  on their computers.

                                         The Government is Killing My Wife 
Originally posted on the Internet February 4, 2004

    She was recently released from the hospital after a 15-day stay, eight of which were in intensive care.  She is afflicted with COPD, a combination of emphysema, pneumonia, and heart failure.  Her problem began when a Forest Service Fire Supervisor refused the fire crew leader's request to respond early to reports of a forest fire West of Cave Junction,   Oregon.  Why?  The fire was too small.  The supervisor wanted to wait until it got bigger before sending a crew out.  It did get bigger.  It was known as the "Biscuit" fire, the biggest forest fire ever on the West Coast.

    Her health has been downhill ever since.  This has been exacerbated by the tremendous stress she was subjected to in dealing with the bogus criminal charges lodged against me, stemming from my failure to dim my headlights and which escalated to "simulation of legal process" -- "paper terrorism."  The latter charges of "terrorism" arose from my attempt to hold my government officials accountable, see
http:/www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm   My wife is on constant oxygen and is debilitated in strength.  Three times she has fallen, twice outside, unable to get up.  I heard her cries and brought her back to our home.

    I am the only caregiver available to her.  I do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, house chores, and bring wood from the wood shed, a considerable distance from the house for one who is tethered to an oxygen machine.  All of these activities are beyond her present capacity to do safely.

    On Friday, January 30th, 2004, at approximately 8:15AM, once again I was kidnapped by four armed agents from the Josephine County Sheriff's Office.  They were dressed in workman's clothes, driving a white pickup truck with overhead racks, identified themselves as a paving crew looking for looking for the person named Paget, the owner of the property.  When I stepped out of my house to give them directions, I was grabbed by two of the men and told I was under arrest.  They did not ask me for my name, nor would they show me a warrant.

    Today is Monday, February 2, 2004.  I sit in jail while my wife is alone, with no  assistance.  Who will pick her up if she falls again?  This outrageous conduct by our government and courts must come to an end.

    I ask that Governor Kulongoski of Oregon appoint an investigative body comprised of both government
investigators and citizens to investigate the two cases, that of 02 CR 0617 and 03 CR 0170, cases which portray the lawlessness of our court and D.A.'s office.  The government is already cleaning house by course of Josephine County District Attorney Clay Johnson, chief architect of the phony prosecutions, with his announcement of his retirement.  Johnson is the linchpin which binds the state and county to a multimillion dollar commercial judgment filed, then unlawfully removed, by the Secretary of  State's office.  It is these filings which prompted the arrest for "simulation of legal process" and "paper terrorism."  It now appears to be a crime for one to attempt to hold their public officials accountable for their criminal behavior, or for one to engage in contracting without a lawyer.

    Although a copy of this statement is going to the governor in hopes that he will see the wisdom of cleaning up state agencies operating under his watch, I ask that people who are concerned with the errant direction law enforcement and judiciary have taken, honor state and country.  Call or write the governor to motivate him, to remind him of his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.

    After all, when your a caregiver is sitting in jail on bogus charges, who will pick you up when you fall?

                                                Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
                                                Cell 712
                                                Josephine County Adult Jail

    Phone numbers to call and express your opinion:
                Judge Gerald C. Neufeld  (541) 476-2309
                Sheriff Dave Daniel  (541)  474-5123
                    OR email to:  jocosheriff@co.josephine.or.us
                USPS (snail mail) to: Josephine County Courthouse
                                            500 NW 6th Street
                                            Grants Pass, OR 97526
                Governor Ted Kulongoski
                Mailing Address: 900 Court St. NE, Salem 97301-4047
                Telephone: 503-378-3111
                Fax: 503-378-4863

           Anita Karczewski's own words.

AK:  My illness first surfaced when this area was the site of the Biscuit Fire, the biggest forest fire in the nation in 2002, three years ago.  Government, the Forest Service, rather than dousing two small fires, chose to let the two small fires merge and become one huge fire which quickly got out of control and ultimately burned 499,570 acres, had more than 6,775 firefighters from all over this country, Canada, and Australia fighting it, and cost taxpayers $145,754,149 (145.7 Million Dollars).  The people living in this valley were given evacuation notices varying from 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.  In the meantime we all breathed smoke-filled air for five months till the Fall rains finally doused the fire.   I wrote to Governor Kulongoski regarding this giantic blunder on the part of government. (At the bottom of this post is reading material from newspapers and the Associated Press regarding the Biscuit Fire.)

AK:  My illness was exacerbated by the stress of the unlawful arrest, incarceration and prosecution of my husband Ray in two bogus trials and by the refusal of the courts to answer the 23 questions regarding jurisdiction put to them, and to prove their jurisdiction in writing, as is required of them by law.  The refusal of the appeals court to offer an opinion on either of the two (automatic) appeals only exaggerates how the courts wiggle out of the necessity for forthright honesty in matters of law.   The bottom line is and will always be, until the courts are willing to follow the law and US Constitution in proving jurisdiction over living, breathing, flesh-and-blood, sentient natural men and women when they are challenged in court to do so, such bogus courts are unconstitutional and carry with them no force of law.  That is why Ray is home with me and a free man, despite what the records of a private, for-profit Corporate State and Local Courts claim.  They have yet to make a claim against my husband.

On July 18, 2002 I expressed my surprise to a respected business person in the valley that there were (forest) fires burning so close to Cave Junction.  She said the fire department was letting two of the fires burn rather than "call out ten men out to fight a small fire, they preferred to call out a hundred men to fight a bigger fire."

                                Anita Karczewski
To: anitak@internetcds.com
Subject: Request to fight fire was denied (Sour Biscuit Fire,California

Request to fight fire was denied (Sour Biscuit Fire, California)

The Daily Triplicate, Crescent City, California ^

 16 August 2002 |

Kent Gray, Daily Triplicate staff writer

Fire officials have acknowledged a request was made to attempt to extinguish the Biscuit Fire when it was only 100 acres, but that request was turned down.

"They offered to make one run on the fire to do bucket work for one fuel cycle," said Paul Galloway, information officer for the Biscuit Fire said. "But management didn't believe that would be helpful. There were no ground crews to take advantage of it and it would have had minimal effect."

Del Norte County Supervisor Chuck Blackburn said yesterday the helicopter crew believed it could have made an impact.

"The helicopter offered to try and make an impact and they were told no," said Blackburn.  "... I can't say for sure. Maybe it couldn't have been put out. But I've been talking to people who should know, and the people I have talked to said it could have, and should have, been put out."

Blackburn, who said he will not reveal the names of those who have confided in him, said he has been analyzing the fire response for two weeks and has come to the conclusion more could have been done.

"I think there was a problem between the regions and getting permission to go in and put the fire out," he said. "I'm not after people's names or pointing fingers. I just want to make sure that regions don't become a problem, the stateline doesn't become a problem, so years down the road when this reoccurs we don't have a problem."

The incident with the California Department of Forestry helicopter occurred on July 14, one day after the Sour Biscuit Fire was ignited by a lightning strike in the Siskiyou National Forest. Galloway said the fire, centered in a remote and roadless section of forestland, was reportedly 100 acres in size at that time.

The Biscuit Fire was one of "hundreds" that sparked throughout Oregon around the same time, Galloway said. Because of this, resources were stretched thin on July 13 and no crews were assigned to the Sour Biscuit blaze until July 14, and those crews basically attempted to make roads into the area.

The first report of the Biscuit blaze was received at 3:15 p.m. from a fixed-wing reconnaissance flight in the area. At 3:50 p.m., another blaze was spotted at Carter Creek.

"There was confusion whether or not there were two fires at first," said Galloway. "Folks from the Six Rivers National Forest also saw smoke in the area and reported it. It was determined later there was only one fire (in the Biscuit area)."

Rick Addy, the federal manager for the Six River National Forest, said interstate fire response is common, with some exceptions.

"The closest forces will respond to a fire, like with a lightning strike, and after the initial attack they take care of theirs and we take care of ours," Addy said. "Except for aircraft. They have to be coordinated because it's not safe to mix aircraft. There's a real safety issue involved."

Galloway said there was no aircraft assigned to the Biscuit blaze on July 14 when the helicopter aid was declined.

Blackburn said an offer from ground crews, with the Gasquet Ranger District in the Six Rivers National Forest, to attack the blaze was also declined in Oregon's Region Six. Galloway said he could find no official mention of this offer.

Galloway said his reports mention no managers' names or offices where the decisions originated from.

Further complications arose with the Sour Biscuit Fire between July 27 and Aug. 1, after the fire entered into California. Blackburn said helicopters were idled in Gasquet while a change of command was being prepared and aircraft communication frequencies were in limbo.

"Nothing was happening here because everything was coming out of Oregon," Blackburn said. He said at 10 a.m. on Aug. 1, he watched opportunities to fight the blaze being squandered because crews were told to wait until 6 p.m.

"They were flying into the Shelley Creek Fire with water and Linda Szczepanik (incident commander of Shelley Creek) was trying to get frequencies released for the Biscuit Fire. I stood there and watched, but she couldn't get the frequencies released. So there's another eight hours lost for Sour Biscuit."

Galloway said it will be at least another week before he can compile a chronology for communications and decisions from fire managers for late July and early August.

Meanwhile, Blackburn said local counties must be proactive if they want to avert similar problems in the future. Blackburn said a meeting is being coordinated for late September between Del Norte County and the Oregon counties of Curry and Josephine to reach agreements with Forest Service Regions Five and Six, the California Division of Forestry, the Oregon Division of Forestry along with local fire officials and legislators.

"We have a good opportunity here to resolve any future problems," said Blackburn. "I'm not calling this meeting to say 'you screwed up' or 'he screwed up.' I'm saying 'What can we do to see that this never happens again?'"

The Sour Biscuit Fire, which eventually burned more than 48,000 acres in Oregon and California, later merged with the larger Florence Fire in Oregon. The combined fire was renamed the Biscuit Fire and is currently responsible for nearly 400,000 acres of scorched forestland.
MY NOTE:  As of this date the Buiscuit Fire web site states that 499,570 acres have burned.  554 personnel are still working on the fire.  68 injuries have been sustained so far.  COST TO DATE:  $145,754,149/145.7 million dollars.
Taken from "Local News Comes First" October 13, 2002

                 Biscuit Fire Fight Most Expensive Ever

                 Associated Press

Southern Oregon -- Southwest Oregon's Biscuit Fire has been contained for  more than a month, but it's not out yet. And the cost of fighting it continues to grow.

The tab is already more than $150 million, making it the most expensive fire  in U.S. history.

The fire burned more than a half-million acres. It began July 13 with a  lightning strike. Fire officials expect it to burn into November, when rainfall  should extinguish what's left of it.