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JoCo Grand Jury Vote Fraud Investigation --- Internet Censorship NOW Firmly in Place ---You May NOW Kiss Your Country Goodbye!!

Peter Sparacino wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

March 12th, 2001...

To Whom It may concern,

rk: >> You may consider my absence on the USENET newsgroups as evidence of ongoing censorship on the Internet. Since Feb. 23rd, I have submitted my writings to my ususal newsgroups on an almost daily basis, yet none of these articles have reached USENET or GOOGLE (Formerly DejaNews) ARCHIVES. I resubmitted the missing articles FOUR TIMES, none of which appeared on the newsgroups.

rk: >>I emailed GOOGLE Administration on three separate occasions regarding the absence/removal of my articles since the 23rd of Feb. 2001. Though I received autoresponder messages which acknowledged their receipt of my emails, no reply by GOOGLE has been received regarding the mysterious absence of my articles from their Archives.

rk: >>To date, my articles have been arbitrarily removed from the following newsgroups and forums: the Neo-Tech forums, Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune newspaper-sponsored forum, Oregonian (Oregon) newspaper-sponsored (Town Square) Forum, MSNBC Forum, and the following newsgroups; alt.politics.usa.misc, talk.politics.misc, alt.politics.usa.congress, alt.politics.libertarian, alt.religion.christianity, alt.illuminati, alt.society.sovereign, alt.society.revolution, alt.society.anarchy,or.politics, alt.consciousness.4th-way, alt.paranormal, talk.religion.newage, talk.religion.misc, alt.freemasonry, alt.fan.art-bell, alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, alt.politics.org.fbi

rk: >>May I suggest you visit these newsgroups/forums. See for yourself their content. Perhaps then you will understand why my writings elicit such concern from those mind controllers who wish to control the flow of information on these Internet Newsgroups/Forums through the ultimate method of censorship

rk: >> It would appear that the American People are not yet READY TO WAKE UP from their hypnotic slumber!

rk: >> To date, the mind controllers have not succeeded in shutting my Website down. See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm However, any excuse by government to suspend our Constitutional Rights and declare martial law, and you'll see no more of the Spirit of Truth on the Internet.

ps: > Ray our country was captured by the US Supreme Court when they nullified our election system. Their action implement the last few pieces that congress will solidify before the next national election. Anita was our county's last hope when she tried to expose the foci of infection for national election fraud when on the Grand Joury . The whole process was outlined in the book VOTEScam the stealing of America. We did what we could but the fix has been in for the past 20 yrs. American's voices have now been successfully silenced and they don't even know it. So why not have censorship and all the rest of it ? The people of this country have fettered away their constitutional guarantee, but worse... they have played into the hands of Church & State without ever knowing their true identity or first estate. So there you have it

rk: Pete, I'd like to put your comments on my bulletin board. Perhaps it will generate some attention with regards to Anita's Grand Jury contribution. Let me know if you prefer it being posted anonymously (or not at all?).

ps: By all means, Ray...post and use my name and perhaps plug my website. I had a conversation last week with a JAL ... a 80 WWII pilot who wants to run for JoCo Commissioner. I told him of Anita's experience. He asked me to prove it. So, I found the post of her account and copied it for him. I've not heard a peep from him since. Folks just refuse to believe that they have been sold out. As example all the misdirection about campaign finance reform is just hooy... If the Attorney General simply enforced this law the matter is solved: United States Code, Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 201: "Whoever directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official with intent to influence any official act; Or, being a public official, directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally or for any other person or entity, in return for being influenced in the performance of any official act, shall be fined under this title or not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or imprisoned for not more than fifteen years, or both, and may be disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States."

Regards :)

Peter Sparacino

Editor/Publisher -- Behind the Scenes in JoCo



It must be noted that the following report written by my wife, Anita Karczewski, was submitted to Judge Neufeld which resulted in her subsequent release from her Grand Jury Duties.

Anita has not violated her oath as a Grand Juror in divulging information while in the performance of her duties as a Grand Juror for the County of Josephine Oregon. I take full responsibility for releasing this information taken from our home computer files.


Raymond Karczewski



The following report written by Anita was presented to her fellow Grand Jurors on Wednesday, September. 30, 1998. (All names of Grand Jurors were edited out by Raymond Karczewski.)

rk: After review of the report, and although agreeing with its accuracy, the other jurors elected to continue on with the present course now laid out for them by District Attorney Timothy Thompson. After all jurors read Anita's report, a vote of confidence in District Attorney Thompson was taken which ultimately resulted in a 6-1 vote in support of Thompson. Anita being the sole dissenter. For reasons that are obvious, Anita felt she could not in good conscience participate in any further Grand Jury investigation regarding said vote fraud matter and asked to be dismissed from the jury. Subsequent to his reading of the following report in his chamber, Judge Neufeld formally relieved Anita from her service on the Grand Jury in a courtroom hearing. Present at the dissmisal hearing was Anita, Assistant D.A. Steven Campbell, Grand Jury Foreman M. U., Judge Neufeld. and an unidentified court reporter. The court reporter transcribed the proceedings at the direction of Judge Neufeld who instructed the reporter that the minutes were not to be entered into public record. The whole contact with Judge Newfeld, both in his private chambers and courtroom hearing, lasted approximately half an hour. This is submitted for further background info on the vote fraud issue. This is an example of our government in operation..

Ray Karczewski


Grand Jury Panel

Term - July 1, 1998 to September 25, 1998

MU, Foreman

JL, Alternate Foreman

TW, Clerk




Anita Karczewski

Convened every Wednesday at 1:30 PM throughout the term in the Grand Jury room of the Josephine County Courthouse.

August 26, 1998

At the conclusion of its scheduled agenda the Grand Jury informed District Attorney Steven Campbell. of its intention to look into the matter of voter fraud in Josephine County. D.A.Campbell said he didn't know how that kind of thing was handled and would have to check with "the boss," District Attorney TimThompson, "if he was still in the building."

District Attorney Thompson. responded to the jury room and was told of the jury's intention to investigate the possibility of vote fraud in Josephine County. Due to the fact that there were only four weeks left of our term of jury duty, the jury asked for his assurance that it would be held over until it completed its investigation. D.A.Thompson said something to the effect that so few people voted it hardly seemed worthwhile to pursue an investigation. He asked what prompted the investigation and was informed that an account on the Internet home page of Peter Sparacino, a representative of a candidate in the last election, telling of his personal experience and observations regarding the security, handling, remarking, and method of tallying votes in the county election indicated there were serious flaws in the procedure that needed to be investigated to ensure the security and integrity of the election process in Josephine Country.

D.A.Thompson said he would give the jury's investigation his personal attention and that the jury "may" be held over if there were "probable cause" to believe that vote fraud had taken place. He also offered his opinion that Mr. Sparacino saw conspiracy around every corner. He asked what the focus of the investigation would be. Juror N. P. then said that we would start with Mr. Sparacino and would let that "lead us wherever it went for as long as it takes" to complete the investigation. D.A.Thompson said there had never been an investigation into the election process in the 16 years he has worked in Josephine County, and he had no previous experience in such an investigation. He stated that we were in "uncharted waters," but that he would follow whatever orders the Grand Jury gave him.

It was agreed between D.A.Thompson and the jury that the investigation into vote fraud would be scheduled on the agenda to take place from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM each Wednesday after the regular agenda had been completed.

Due to J.L. and D.M. having previously asked to be excused from jury duty on September 2, 1998, the Grand Jury ordered D.A.Thompson to subpoena Peter Sparacino to appear before it to testify on September 9, 1998, the next date on which all the members of the Grand Jury would be present to hear testimony. Mr.Thompson also suggested that County Clerk Georgette Brown testify on September 9th, 1998 as she would already be in the building and available. It was the jury's decision to hear the testimony of Peter Sparacino before proceeding to examine any other witnesses.

September 9, 1998

Upon convening it was immediately noted by the Grand Jury panel that the agenda for that day contained two different and conflicting cases scheduled for 3:00 PM. The first item scheduled for 3:00 PM was an indictment presented by the District Attorney's Office for action by the Grand Jury. The second item scheduled for 3:00 PM was the investigation into vote fraud in Josephine County. Mr. Peter Sparacino and County Clerk Georgette Brown were listed as those persons who were to testify.

During her weekly update to the jury of changes not noted in the agenda for the day, Angie, the court clerk, was questioned about the two conflicting items scheduled for 3:00 PM. She said that she had been gone for the past week and didn't know anything about it and that "Tim" (District Attorney Tim Thompson) would fill us in on that himself at 3:00 PM.

After all items on the agenda had been acted upon by the Grand Jury, District Attorney Thompson. appeared in the jury room. When Anita Karczewski asked why he had failed to carry out the order of the Grand Jury to subpoena Peter Sparacino, D.A.Thompson said that due to a "family emergency" (it was later learned that his father-in-law was ill) he had not gotten around to serving Mr. Sparacino with a subpoena to appear. He said that the fault was his, he would shoulder all the blame, and that although he had intended to contact Mr. Sparacino, he had never gotten around to it.

When Anita Karczewski asked him why he had not delegated someone in his office to subpoena Mr. Sparacino, District Attorney Thompson said to her, "Anita, why do you and I always argue?" Mr. Thompson said that since he had told the Grand Jury that he would give the investigation into vote fraud his personal attention, he felt that it was his duty to take care of it himself.

When Anita Karczewski again asked Mr. Thompson if the jury would be held over until their investigation into vote fraud was completed, once again the District Attorney said that they "may" be held over. At that point she expressed her strong feeling that Mr. Thompson's use of the euphemism "may be" indicated to her that the jury would be delayed out of existence. Mr. Thompson said he did not intend to let this investigation into vote fraud turn into "a Starr" investigation that "dragged on and on for months" (referring to the Grand Jury investigation led by the Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno to look into Whitewater and other allegations against President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their associates which after nearly two years ended with Monica Lewinsky and her testimony that she had had an affair with Bill Clinton).

When the same juror asked if Mr. Sparacino. would be subpoenaed to testify the next week, Mr. Thompson said that "hopefully" he would be able to do that before the meeting on Wednesday September 16, 1998. He said that it takes time to draw up a subpoena, print it out, and have it served. Mrs. Karczewski said, "There go those euphemisms again; "may be," "hopefully." District Attorney Thompson's face turned a deep red and he angrily asked her, "What do you want me to say?" She replied, "That the jury will be held over until the investigation is completed," "That you will subpoena Mr. Sparacino" To which Mr. Thompson replied that the jury will be held over, and that he would contact Mr. Sparacino. "right now." He then stormed out of the room. Juror D.M. commented to Anita that Mr. Thompson. seemed to be familiar with her and asked her how long she had known him. Anita replied that she had met District Attorney Thompson on July 1, 1998, the first day of her Grand Jury duty. On Friday, September 11, 1998, Mr. Sparacinot received a letter from District Attorney Tim Thompson directing him to appear before the Grand Jury on September 16, 1998.

September 16, 1998

At approximately 4:45 PM, upon completion of actions taken regarding indictments presented to the Grand Jury by the District Attorney's Office, D.A.Thompson appeared in the jury room bringing with him enlarged pages of Chapter 254, "Conduct of Elections", of the Oregon Revised Statutes affixed to panels approximately 2 1/5 feet wide by 3 feet high and announcing that Peter Sparacino was waiting outside to testify. He also passed out 8 1/5" x 11" copies of Chapter 254 to each member of the jury panel. When juror N.P. asked if the personal copies the jury received could be taken home or if they had to remain in each juror's folder and left at the courhoused, Mr. Thompson at first replied that they had to remain at the courthouse, he then changed his mind and said that each juror could take their copy home with them to read. Mr. Sparacino was called into the jury room by District Attorney Thompson. and sworn in by Jury Foreman M.U.

Mr. Sparacino was questioned at length by members of the jury and District Attorney Thompson. Mr. Thompson drew a diagram of the office of County Clerk Georgette Brown on the blackboard and details of the room, the placement of tables for the processing of ballots, positions of candidate representatives during the processing of the voter's ballots, position of the AIS machine and other items pertinent to the investigation were filled in by both Mr. Thompson. and Mr. Sparacino. Mr. Sparacino supplied the jury with names of persons he knew of who had also expressed their concern to him of the precedure used by County Clerk Georgette Brown to process the ballots and to declare the outcome. During the course of the questioning juror D.M. asked Mr. Sparacinot what his main concern was regarding the election process. Citing his previous experience as part of the security force surrounding the handling of money in a Nevada casino, Mr. Sparacinot replied that his concern was for the security of the voted ballots against tampering and the accounting for and place of destruction of the unused ballots. Juror N.P. then commented that "we're looking for a crime." Once again District Attorney Thompson commented that the jury was in "uncharted waters" and was on its own in pursuing this investigation. At the end of his testimony Mr. Sparacino was asked by the jury if he would be available to give further testimony during the investigation to which he replied that he would. Juror Anita Karczewski requested that District Attorney Thompson make copies of Chapters 246 - Administrator of Election Laws, Vote recording; 253 - Absent Electors; 258 - Election Contests, Recounts and 260 - Campaign finance regulation; Offenses of the Oregon Statutes for distribution to the jurors the next Wednesday.

September 23, 1998

In her weekly update of changes in the agenda for the day, Angie, the court clerk, informed the jury that County Clerk Georgett Brown would not be available as scheduled by D.A.Thompson and that if it were not too late after we had finished our regular agenda he had planned a tour for the jury of the county clerk's office in its stead. At approximately 4:45PM District Attorney Thompson arrived in the jury room and explained that County Clerk Georgette Brown was not there to give testimony because she had a previous commitment "for which she had paid money." He then led the jury to the office of the county clerk. Upon arrival we were introduced to Assistant County Clerk Arthur Harvey who showed us the room(s) where voter's ballots were processed, described the way in which the tables were arranged where the remarking of the voter's ballots took place, the area in which candidate representatives were seated to observe the process, the AIS machine that read the ballots and put forth a total, the eprom (erasable/programmable) chip used in the AIS ballot counting machine and how it was stored between elections, and the security measures that were in general use in the office. He informed the jury that he had programmed the chip for the last election. Many times during the tour Mr. Harvey stated that he had only worked there for about 11 1/5 months and could not answer their question. At the conclusion of the tour Anita Karczewski mentioned that Mr. Harvey had not been sworn in and was not under oath when answering jurors questions whereupon, after the fact and in the presence of District Attorney Thompson, Grand Jury Foreman M.U. administered the oath which had preceded all testimony heard by the Grand Jury up until September 23, 1998 and inserted the words "the testimony you have given" in place of "the testimony you are about to give." Anita Karczewski voiced her feeling that such after-the-fact swearing in was not valid. District Attorney Thompson. remained silent.

1997 Oregon Revised Statutes

Probable Cause: OR131.005 (11) "Probable cause" means that there is a substantial objective basis for believing that more likely than not an offense has been committed and a person to be arrested has committed it.

8.690 Advising and representing county officers and employees. Upon request of a county officer, the district attorney and deputies of the district attorney shall advise the county court and other county officers on all legal questions that may arise. When any action is instituted against any county officer or county employee for damages for an alleged wrongful act or omission in the performance of official duty, the district attorney shall defend such action. The district attorney shall also prosecute and defend all actions, suits, and proceedings to which the county may be a party. For such services the district attorney shall receive no compensation other than salary.

[Amended by 1957 c.151 s.1; 1965 c.419 s.1]

8.710 Disqualification; appointment of special district attorney. If a district attorney fails to attend any court at which the district attorney is required to be, or is related to the accused by consanguinity or affinity, or, prior to the district attorney's election as district attorney, represented the accused in the matter to be investigated by the grand jury or the crime charged in the indictment, or is associated with the accused in business, or is interested financially in the matter or property out of which the alleged crime or criminal action arose, or is a stockholder in any corporation, any officer or stockholder of which is charged with the commission of any crime, or declines to prosecute or participate in proceedings for the imposition of sanctions for a contempt of court under ORS 33.065, or because of any other conflict cannot ethically serve as district attorney in a particular case, and such facts appear to the satisfaction of the court by affidavit or otherwise, the court shall appoint a regularly licensed and practicing attorney of this state who is not counsel for an interested party to perform the duties of district attorney during the district attorney's absence or inability to serve, or the trial or investigation of such accused. When the district attorney is disqualified as provided in this section, the person so appointed by the court shall receive reasonable compensation for that person's attendance, to be allowed by the court. The court in such case shall order compensation to be paid by the county, except that when the person so appointed performs the district attorney's responsibilities under ORS 25.080, the court shall order compensation to be paid by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services of the state from funds available for that purpose. [Amended by 1985 c.611 s.1; 1991 c.724 s.16]

Petition for Independent Prosecutor

Since the inception of the Grand Jury's investigation into vote fraud in Josephine County, Oregon, District Attorney T.T. has failed to advise the Grand Jury on the proper legal procedure to follow. He has not offered his guidance or assistance in any way and has distanced himself from this investigation through his actions and statements. All delays in this investigation have been on the part of District Attorney T. who, having been directed to do so by the Grand Jury, has failed to subpoena witnesses in a timely manner and has offered excuses for his failure to do so. He has sought to present the testimony of the department/person(s) under investigation prior to the presentation of testimony upon which to determine what or if any charges may be brought against them by the Grand Jury. He scheduled the appearance before the Grand Jury of a witness and then excused the witness from appearing by reason of their having a prior commitment. He has clearly demonstrated to the Grand Jury that he has a conflict of interest regarding this investigation. Based upon sections OR131.005 (11), 8.690, and 8.710 of the 1997 Regon Revised Statutes the Grand Jury petitions the court to appoint an independent prosecutor to advise and guide us through this investigation.

Anita Karczewski



Examples of Internet Mind Control via Disinformation and Obfuscation

rk: Pay no more than mere casual attention to the two examples below of misdirection and obfuscation used by cowardly, anonymous, predatory government/media Internet disinformation agents who prowl these newsgroups/forums, and you will understand how they are able to commandeer and control the flow of public information on these groups/forums. Look at the time and effort expended by the first poster. Has he accomplished his mission?

Then when you open your newspaper or turn on your radio or TV, you might then understand the value of how such nationwide media misdirections such as the O.J. Simpson, and Monica Lewinsky trials free up government officials to work unimpeded behind the scenes in selling out their constituents to a New World Order -- that is unless the purposely "politically correct" thinking, dumbed-down populace is already tuned in to their "favorite" sports and sitcom programs.


Ray Karczewski

The Governor Started Out In Josephine County

Re: JoCo Grand Jury Vote Fraud Investigation (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 18:36:03 GMT

From: He's Coming Right At You! (unknown)

The Magoniste Party endorses Ayers as candidate for Governor of Oregon today. In an official declaration issued today from Casa Azul the Magoniste Party Central Committee unanimously endorsed Ayers's candidacy. Ayers is also rumored to have international support from the nations of Venezuela and of course, Cuba. Ayers in turn has endorsed the goods works of Subcommandante Marcos and expects President Fox to grant him every assistance if he wishes to maintain good relations with Oregon. In solidarity with Ayers campaign, "ill commandante" has declared an immediate state of hostility between his forces and the oligarchy. Supporters of the Kitzhaber regime are warned against further acts detrimental to the general WELFARE! Supporters of the Junta are reminded they may be invited to the polygraph room to answer charges of heresy. The original punishment remains in effect. Party officials have requested the support of the electorate for Governor Ayers's "Plan Oregon" initiative. Plan Oregon will officially end most freedoms in Oregon while at the same time granting some new liberties. The "Plan" will officially designate Governor Ayers "Protector of the innocent" and gives him the title "Father in perpetuity of the supreme being". Ayers appears to favor the simple title of "Big Brother". Opponents are alarmed at the expected costs of Governor Ayers's "Plan". The cost of putting a video camera in every Law Office, Examining Room, Courtroom, Cell, O.R., Bedroom and, anywhere else the Governor feels appropriate is described by the current administration as placing an unbearable burden on the private sector. Ayers counters that a camera in the operating room of Dr. Mark Deatherage alone would have saved the public enough to purchase thousands of cameras. Unnamed officials warn that the cost of Ayers's polygraph force will bankrupt the state. Ayers offers the simple fact that interrogating District Attorney Clay Johnson would have saved the public enough by now to pay for the entire polygraph program, with the exception of the expense of digging the carcass pit and adding lime. Ayers admits the cost of the pit may be staggering but, is more concerned about the disposal of hazardous waste. A possible answer being considered is a glow in the dark thief bracelet with an alarm and, of course a global positioning transponder. The world will always want to know the whereabouts of Dr. Jackson Dempsey and his cohorts at Josephine County Mental Health. If marking a thief seems cruel and unusual it, is only because the populace has become so accustomed to their presence among us. Critics of the "Plan" allude to problems of reliability with the equipment. If the equipment is used only to identify the ethically bankrupt among us, for our protection, and not as an indicator of which individuals require punishment then what can the harm be? Indeed, the encouragment to correct deficiencies of their souls cannot help but be a good thing for those whose nature's have for whatever reason taken a pathological turn. The CIA has long accepted the judgement of the polygraph in matters of life and death. The FBI reluctantly adopts this technology at this very moment. They appear unanxious to know what lurks in their midst. If a bracelet seems too much. Ayers is not opposed to simply implanting a chip in a thief's head. But, having seen the quality of Oregon's surgeons he recommends the bracelet. Should the polygraph indicate problems of a more sinister nature of course further steps will have to be taken. Could any good come of asking every member of society "Are you a pedophile?". The original idea was to conduct interrogations yearly at tax time for the obvious reason but, the plan takes the problem of taxation into consideration. Under the "Plan" all income is the state's and dispersals will be made equally with exception of the priviledged class. The priviledged will include the detainees, the ill, the incompetent, children, and others who demonstrate special need. Freedoms to be curtailed include Soccer, Muddin', Hunting, Insurance sales, Voting, Advertising, Committing Disco. All SUV's are ordered to be delivered to the motor pool. If you have never locked the hubs you will be required to explain. All sporting events will be cancelled but, water parks will remain open as long as they demonstrate the ability to entertain without maiming. Extreme will be ruled an unutterable offense. Nascar fans will be entitled to counseling. The liberty to smoke a joint and get laid will remain in effect. With regards to the army Ayers has decided to impose an immediate draft upon the citizenry. Every citizen will be called to active duty. Those wishing to desert should inform the paymaster of their itinerery so their paycheck can be forwarded. They will continue to receive a full General's salary, the same as every man, woman, and child, whether free or in confinement. It will be the duty of the military to assist all sick and infirm. Every citizen is designated full time crossing guard. The military will enforce the 45 mph speed limit and, the ban on passing up hitch hikers. Those entering the drug parks will be required to turn in their keys until they are determined clear and present. Have fun! Medical care will be free upon demand and all possible resources of the state will be comitted to the care of the populace. Until such time as Oregon can establish a working care system citizens will be allowed to seek outside help at the state's expense. All insurance policies will be cancelled. The press awaits further announcements. Ayers Starts his cyber march through Oregon today by Kicking off his campaign in Grants Pass. A hotbed of thieves. Ayers does not expect an official welcome. Write in Ayers for Governor so he won't have to take the office by other more drastic means. Bush isn't the only one who knows some judges.


You seem to fight with everyone you know

Re: JoCo Grand Jury Vote Fraud Investigation (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 19:54:22 GMT

From: That's all I can make of this rambling (unknown)

I cannot believe how long this post is, and yet it fails to convey anything at all: Are you complaining about censorship? Vote Fraud? Conspiracy? Who exactly did what, when, why, and how at which elections? Were ballots miscounted? Stolen? Are you accusing Thomson of malfeasance? Who wrote this thing? Did you? Did your wife? Did Pete, whoever that is? Why use the third person, then sometimes the first person, and sometimes no pronouns at all? Is this supposed to mean something? Learn to write why don't you. Your borderline illiteracy may well account for people failing to understand you.



Biomass wrote:

Raymond Karczewski

bm: I have just one question for you.

bm: If you don't like America and its LAWS or its CULTURE, why do you live here?

You are free at any time to pack up and ship out. I was just wondering, you know, along with the rest of AMERICA?



rk: So you speak for the "rest of AMERICA," eh? Well that does explain the inertia of this bulletin board. Are you aware that you are the first and only response to any of my posts? Pay attention to the ignorance expressed in it.

rk: Look at this board. Check out the frequency of postings of its contributors. Do you see LIFE or DEATH in the energy behind the words? Our Nation's sovereignty is under attack and all your prideful ignorance can come up can be distilled into a one-liner "like it or leave it" slur.

rk: Biomass is an apt label for the level of intelligence you express, wouldn't you say?

rk: You see, our world is full of conditioned morons who have long ago lost their humanity and have relinquished their spark of Intelligence.

rk: All they are left with is diminished capacity expressed in their use of one-liner cheap shots. This is a typical face-saving reaction of conditioned automatons when their emotional imbalance is reflected back to them as they languish too long before the Mirror of Truth.

rk: Hell, isn't it?

rk: This reponse to your message was not meant to be insulting. I wonder if it is possible for you to see that.

Raymond Karczewski

bm: Never mind Ray, I think I understand now. You are one of those who copyrights a webpage about christianity and GOD. Referance: http://www.arkenterprises.com/

You boast of freedom and censorship, yet you are guilty of the same crimes you boast. Trying to copyright knowledge of GOD.

I hope you don't find this insulting Ray, but you really should be ashamed of yourself.

Ark Enterprises disclaimer

Ark Enterprises Post Office Box 1870 Cave Junction, OR 97523

Copyright © 1996 Raymond Karczewski All Rights Reserved

Copyright includes, but is not limited to: design, contents, text, graphics and audio

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, Ray has attempted to copyright the knowledge of GOD.



[This message has been edited by Biomass (edited March 17, 2001).]


The following libelous attacks arise from the keyboards of assorted anonymous government/media disinformation agents who, through disruption, intimidation, and character assassination control the flow of information on public Usenet Newsgroups/Forums


Like hell. Everything about you is meant to attack

Re: ATTENTION RAY!!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:32:42 GMT

From: What did you do to your family? (unknown)


Do you ever see your son anymore?

Re: Like hell. Everything about you is meant to attack (What did you do to your family?)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:29:23 GMT

From: Christ didn't destroy his own children (unknown)

I can't imagine he would come anywhere near you. Was he released from the mental hospital? What about your daughter, who's so afraid of having anything to do with you she won't touch a computer? And you have the nerve to wonder why people find you filthy and disgusting? If you can't find any love even for your own family, that means your heart is nothing but blackness, hatred, and disease. You have no room to proclaim yourself Christ: Christ didn't destroy his own children. You and your wife are low, stinking people who deserve every bit of contempt society can heap on you.


10 reasons why no country would let Ray past the border

Re: ATTENTION RAY!!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:07:55 GMT

From: Ray's a professional victim (unknown)

Ray and Anita have no choice but to stay in the US, if for no other reason than no other country would ever allow such open disaese anywhere near its borders. Among the principal reasons Ray and Anita could never leave the US:


The sick culture of victims that fosters Ray is changing

Re: ATTENTION RAY!!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:25:48 GMT

From: Lies and self-pity:what sickness this is (unknown)

The age of unchecked lies and loudly-proclaimed victimhood fostered by Clinton is OVER Ray. We don't believe your self-serving myths, nor do we think anyone has made a victim of you. You and Anita have gone out of your way to plunge into mental disease and aggression, and society can only react negatively to people with your lack of character and maturity. We do not feel sorry for you or for your wife, and neither your lies nor your constant proclamations of being victimized by absolutely everyone will wash. You had your moment in the sun last decade with Clinton in office, and you will now be made to act responsibly and in an adult fashion. Grow up already.


Ray gets to ranting but when he calls D.A. Thompson

Re: ATTENTION RAY!!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:31:32 GMT

From: A crook (unknown)

I start listening. I'd think Ray was a complete nut if I didn't know Josephine County. If Ray needs help dispatching the lying thieves that feast on the citizenry in Josephine County, the Governor will gladly provide him an armed force. The thought for the day is NO QUARTER!!!!!!!!!


The problem with Ray

Re: Ray gets to ranting but when he calls D.A. Thompson (A crook)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 16:16:30 GMT

From: His hatred and rage are killing his soul (unknown)

At times, he identifies perhaps a kernal of truth in social problems he can partially understand, but he is so wild, illogical, and undocumented in his accusations that he makes a flaming farce out of his own protest. Sure there are corrupt lawyers out there (DUH!!), but screaming impotently, offering fraudulent documents, and no real proof about corruption only discounts whatever credibility there may be to what Ray is saying. Do you really think the Congress, media, state and federal government, publishers, as well as every damned person who's ever met Ray are out to destroy him? I don't. Do you really think Ray is God? I don't. In addition, virtually everything Ray has said about himself has turned out to be a documentable lie, leading the world to discount him as a fraud and parasite. Ray and Anita are pure psychotic dysfunction, they long ago destroyed any friends or family they might have once had, and they explain all the evil and corruption they've done in their lives by mindlessly blaming the AFAB/Skepticult/Roybot government/media sponsored/instigated/funded/etc. plot to silence them. His rants, especially the ones demanding armed marches in all major cities, are too ludicrously paranoid, overblown, and meglomaniac to be taken seriously. Let him stew in his rage and hatred.

rk: You say above --- "I don't. In addition, virtually everything Ray has said about himself has turned out to be a documentable lie, leading the world to discount him as a fraud and parasite."

rk: So how about PUBLISHING JUST ONE PIECE OF documentation to back up any of the libelous statements you and your cowardly anonymous associates have made about myself and my family over the last FIVE PLUS years of your unrelenting smear campaign?? By the way, why not back up your words with your TRUE NAME/ IDENTITY instead of skulking in shadows when attacking another and HIS FAMILY.

rk: Many question why I widely post these articles on these Patriot/Political newsgroups/forums while average computer-using persons are content to be deliberately dispatched onto "wild goose chase" tangents which lock them into an inextricable, circular, go-nowhere momentum of libel, gossip, ad hominem attack and mindless debate over purposely hand-fed media misdirections. All the while government is freed up to pursue its own New World Order agenda behind closed doors.

rk: While millions can be made to "talk about" dead concepts, I ACTUALLY demonstrate how these government/media sponsored/supported mind controllers/disinformation agents operate.

rk: Truth is all around us, but it MUST BE SEEN to be understood.

rk: It is through the mind control process that the Spiritually Blind have been seduced into their blindness/unawareness via a Satanically-driven Intellect which serves man well in technical areas of problem solving, but creates a Hell on Earth when used to deal with the nontechnical problems of LIFE.

rk: Those who are blinded to the Truth play into the hands of their equally blind leaders, whose sole purpose is control and enslavement via mind control and force of arms.

rk: I shudder when I see just how DUMB civilized man can be, all the while THINKING he is Intelligent.

rk: Again, this is not an INSULT. This is simple TRUTH!

rk: Who amongst you are able to SEE IT!!


The Exorcism Continues!! (Was: Re: The Problem with Ray II (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 19:30:00 GMT

From: (unknown)

unk: Can you prove......that it isn't YOU who is deluded, and not the rest of us? So far, you have said or done nothing to make anyone believe anything but that you are a self-deluded crackpot, with delusions of godhood.

rk: An Intellectually guided blind man asks for proof via the medium of dead concepts when the spiritually sighted are aware of the self-evidence of TRUTH.

rk: Certainly there are many more Satanically (Intellectual) driven, belief impaired ignoramuses than there are of ONE single Spiritually Sighted (aware) man/woman of TRUTH.

That is why they are called LEGION!!

Raymond Karczewski


More Libelous Spins: WAKE UP, AMERICA! -- When is Enough--Enough??

More self-absorbed, self-serving lies from Ray K.

Re: The Exorcism Continues!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:34:47 GMT


You demand lists of all the lies you've told be reposted constantly as evidence of your lies, and yet you never have offered even a shred of evidence even once to back your attacks of other people who alone feed you and your parasite family. Another lie you told is that Ark enterprises is your publisher, when all Ark Enterprises is is you and Anita. No one would ever publish your worthless rants, and you try and deceive people into thinking you're a real author when you simply took your litle essay and paid a printer to copy it for you. Liars like you and Anita deserve to be exposed, and THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD ABOUT YOU RAY THE MORE LIES YOU TRY AND POST

rk: I have previously posted the meaning of the acronym "ARK" in Ark Enterprises. To refresh your somewhat muddled memory, ARK = "Anita", "Ray", "Karczewski.


rk: Now I suppose you are going to say that you never heard of Self-publishing, eh? Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" was a widely distributed *self-published "pamphlet"* and a major force behind the formation of our Country . Ever heard of it?

rk: When all publishing, distribution and promotional channels lie in the hands of the few who rule the many, CHANGE comes about only through individuals willing to self-publish and distribute that which is foreclosed upon and censored by existing business structures.

rk: How far do you see JESUS would have gotten had He written His own words in His own time? Hell, the Religious Leaders of His time manipulated the Roman Court System into stringing Him up for the crime of Blasphemy just for His verbal comments alone.


Too bad it isn't working: your mental illness is possession

Re: The Exorcism Continues!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:47:52 GMT

From: No wonder your posts have to be removed (unknown)

Shame on you at your age for making such a stupid display of your mental illness, hatred, and aggression. No wonder your posts are being removed from boards: the sheer spam was bad enough, but all these new posts about shooting people and starting armed marches against the government just prove how out of control you really are. You deserve whatever action society has to take to keep you safe from yourself and other people out of the way of harm you do daily. Shame on your family for refusing to get you psychiatric help you so obviously and desperately need. Same goes for Anita. As a woman who so damaged her own children she has extra cause for shame.


Ray: how are those armed psychotic marches going?

Re: Can you prove...

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:43:51 GMT

From: Still just you and that nut Anita? (unknown)


You claim you went to law school but never did for one

Re: The Problem with Ray II (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:30:12 GMT

From: Liar (unknown)


Lists of your lies have been posted many times

Re: The Problem with Ray II (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:28:14 GMT

From: Your lies are public record. You know it (unknown)

Don't try and lie your way out of this as well. Lists of all the lies you've posted over the years have been posted as well many times, and you know it YOU LIAR. As if you don't know all the lies we're talking about: your "education" at college and law school (neither of which you attended), family (which you destroyed), work history (none for decades at all), mental illness (obvious), fake legal briefs, fake citations from the Constitution, etc. You know all this already, and are merely hoping someone out there hasn't read those lies exposed and you can still con them. You can't. Anyone can simply check archives to see what you're claiming is yet another lies dripping out of your lying mouth. By the way, take your weapons and leave: you and your armed psychotic marches against the government are offensive and aggressive.

rk: My comments are a matter of Public Record, as are the facts which back them up. Why do anonymous cowards band together and conduct a 5-plus-years-long character assassination campaign with their unsubstantiated editorializing spins? PRESENT MY ORIGINAL COMMENTS IN THEIR FULL CONTEXT. Then present the evidence which you claim make my comments lies. The fact is YOU CANNOT!! Your comments are NOTHING MORE than manufactured deceptions which you attempt to lay at another's feet, seeking to hold them responsible when memories have dimmed. Sorry, "that dog won't hunt!"

rk: But I digress. Let's get back to your overactive imagination. Is the content of your comments above what you propose to serve up as "documented evidence"?

rk: The fact that you habitually and unfailingly go off half cocked, shooting from the hip regarding your personal lack of investigation into my college and law school background, only serves to reveal your own lack of integrity, does it not?

rk: You still have not been able to come up a single "contradiction in Essence" in thousands of my posts throughout the past 5-plus years, let alone have you come up with a single intentional act of deception (lie) on my part without first manufacturing it, then promoting it yourselves.

rk: Hell, isn't it?



Re: The Problem with Ray II (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 21:42:23 GMT


Your lies will not stand Ray: the more lies you post, the more TRUTH will be revealed. Given your sickening history of abuse, fraud, and gambling addiction, every lurid detail will make its way to the surface the more you lie about yourself. YOU WILL NOT REWRITE YOUR VIOLENT, ABUSIVE PAST INTO SOME DELUSION OF HOLINESS RAY. Clinton is out of office, and the tide is turning against frauds and tax parasites like you. You have done too much evil to get away with this, and there are people who know the truth about you and your sickening past. We will tell the TRUTH Ray, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it. Look hard into that mirror: it will undo every stupid myth of your own psychotic fabrication that you try and spam on the net. You are a disgusting fraud, and all the truth will come out eventually. It's up to you and the lies you choose to tell from now on that will make that TRUTH come out. Be ashamed, if you have any decency left in you. I sincerely dount you ever had any to begin with.

rk: As I said earlier, don't editorialize -- PRESENT YOUR EVIDENCE!!

rk: But then what else can be expected of a cowardly anonymous pack of jackals who lack the courage to back up their statements with their TRUE IDENTITIES/NAMES!!!

rk: What concerns me is the millions of people who read these attacks and are not yet AWARE enough to understand the real THREAT they pose to their own personal freedoms, families, reputations, livelihoods and way of life.

rk: It is through such public inertia that our Constitutional form of Government will be set aside as a conceptual thing of the past, and sovereign citizens will find themselves, their children, and their children's children slaves in a NEW WORLD ORDER.

rk: One thing is certain, though. They will get WHAT THEY DESERVE!

Raymond Karczewski


Do not SINK to a NEW WORLD ORDER. RISE to a NEW WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS --- An Examination of Control, Power. Sovereignty and Freedom.

By Raymond Karczewski

Let us look at Life at the Spiritual level, a level that few truly are capable of understanding.

To grasp the truth of what is being communicated in this article, one must be quiet. One must set aside the noise of one's conditioned prejudices. One must transcend the Intellect. One must be reborn in the Spirit of Silence to see Truth as IT IS, not as one's Intellect has been trained to INTERPRET it to be.

For Truth to be seen, one must silence the time-bound instrument of conditioned thought, the Intellect, in order to SEE the "timeless" Truth directly for oneself in an out-of-time (eternal) moment of "insight"; i.e., direct perception.

Life is an eternal momentum, an unfoldment of energy, is it not? In essence, it is without Beginning or End. It is the essence of intelligence which manifests as all living things.

Life IS the *What Is.* IT IS created and perceived in and of ITSELF. Life is INTELLIGENCE -- The atonement of ALL that IS. Life is a marriage of existence and consciousness. A balance which can be observed in a "healthy ego." In a timeless moment of balance, such energy can be seen as an holistic (divine) Intelligence made manifest.

In a time-bound moment of imbalance, Life cannot be seen directly, but can only be partially observed as a fragmented energy directed and controlled by a "thinking" Satanic (Opposer) dualism-driven Intellect. Thus is born the time-bound "unhealthy ego," the conditioned ego of civilized man.

I'll not get into Man's Fall from Grace, as that has been covered often by me in the past. You may find it in my writings on http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm

One momentum leads to Sovereignty and Freedom, the other to control and enslavement.

Each of you ALREADY understand intuitively which momentum guides you in your present state of consciousness and its ultimate outcome.

So the question remains, why do you live the life you are now living? Life's momentum can be changed INSTANTLY by YOU. For indeed YOU ARE LIFE itself.

Let us return to the basic momentum of LIFE. There is nothing to be said to one who TRULY lives a Spiritual Life, for in such understanding there is an atonement with the holistic (nondualistic) energy of Divine Intelligence. Such a person is one who can be said to be "in this world ( the world of civilized society) but not of it."

In civilized society, which is invented (not created) by the Satanically-driven dualism-based Intellect, one inevitably "chooses" to live their life in HELL. One has been seduced by the Satanic Intellect away from his/her True Estate of Divine Intelligence -- CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

In such a Satanically-ruled, fragmented partial realm of consciousness, time is invented and the "eternal" moment of NOW is filtered through and imprisoned by the aftermoment-based realm of thought. The aftermoment is clearly observable to be of the past conceptually-interpreted living moment of NOW.

The past is a DEAD thing. It is found nowhere but in the dead, mechanical instrument of the dualistic, concept-bound Intellect. Thus one finds Civilized Society is a dualism based Hell on Earth, inhabited, supported, and worshipped by the Living Dead.

In that moment of quietness suggested earlier in this post, ask yourself the question: In what realm of consciousness is your life being lived?

In Hell, the dualistic thought-based realm ruled by a Satanically-Driven Intellect, ALL perceptions are filtered through concepts which manifest opposition, confusion, violence and power. Familiar? It should be, for most of you reading this -- THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!

In such an "artificial pseudoexistence," bereft of wholeness and love, emerges the spectre of the Leaders and the Led, the Haves and the Have Nots, the Masters and the Slaves.

Again, in that moment of silence, ask yourself, where do you live your life? Is that REALLY how and where you want to live?

Those who set the momentum have control over those who follow the momentum laid out for them. Thus the leaders and the led, regardless of their position of power or lack thereof, voluntarily give up their personal sovereignty, their wholeness as Spiritual Beings, independent and Free, in order to don the cloak of the codependent HELL BOUND. Why? So that they may achieve the Satanic Intellect's promise that they too may become "gods" in their own right.

This simplicity is beyond the ken of the average civilized human being who in the past has shown repeatedly that they choose death over life when given the opportunity. This is the "silly intentional sacrifice called martyrdom" found in every bloody revolution which has plagued mankind since His "Fall from Grace."

All the while, the leaders still maintain their power, their momentum over the led, by creating more crises which impact the lives of their value-producing codependent followers, by imposing more and more rules, then using the monies gained through their increased taxes, tithings, and fines against them. The followers, the codependent frustrated slaves dumbed down through a relentless campaign of incremental mind control conditioning, can only seethe with resentment over their impotence while fantasizing with relish their own programmed death wish of a glorious, heroic demise via a bloody revolution.

The answer to this as seen though the average conditioned Hell-bound intellect is that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to stop the present momentum short of such necessary martyrdom.

In fact, the answer to this is quite simple, direct and WORLD CHANGING when observed by the "Spiritually Sighted."


There are millions and millions more of value producing HAVE NOTS than there are of the few HAVES who rule them.


Take back your money. Withdraw from the *Voluntary* witholding agreement you have with your employer. Get a full day's pay for a full day's work.

Rescind the fictitious National Debt created through interest owed on valueless paper money. Take your money out of the hands of the "money changers" -- the bankers.

Restructure your government by demanding that it fund its own services through the *Trillions* of dollars it currently has in its coffers through investments outlined in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report -- CAFR!

Do that, and there need not be a SHOT FIRED in Revolution!

How many of you reading this, who consider yourselves to be Intelligent, are INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO SEE THIS as a viable solution for mankind's present crisis?


Raymond Karczewski

Since my posts are actively being censored by unknown persons, and are prevented from reaching my usual newsgroups/forums and GOOGLE Archives (though I continue to post to them), a full complement of my writings may be found by the serious reader on my bulletin board http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm at my website. http://www.arkenterprises.com


Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? Ah! United States of America, I knew you when. . . .

Raymond Karczewski

How many reading this still have their heads in the sand -- are not aware that the incremental march toward a New World Order is no longer a hidden mind control process but an "in your face -- what are you going to do about it" process?

How many people do you know whose Internet posts are no longer being allowed to appear on USENET or be archived?

Pay attention to the corporate Internet mergers which have recently taken place. Mergers which control the flow of information and archiving of same on the Internet.

It is a well-known fact that those who control the money and information, (Bankers and Media) within a society have control over the people therein. Ask yourselves: What influence have these institutions had over your personal lives?

I have been writing on the Internet since 1995. My impact on the medium speaks for itself.

I have personally stood up to the New World Order *hired thugs,* and stand intact this day, five and a half years later just as I did on the first day.

Government and Media with all their resources at their disposal could not silence a single man of Truth through their Disinformation Agent launched campaign of character assassination and libel.

Failing to shut me down with their endless, ongoing vicious attacks upon myself and other members of my family, these anonymous, cowardly government/media sponsored/supported disinformation agents have launched numerous complaint campaigns designed to have my ISP shut down my account and thereby achieve their goal of censorship. Unable to deal directly with the simple Truth of my message, they have now found need to resort to "behind the scenes" technical sabotage in order to block my posts from reaching my usual subscribed USENET newsgroups and forums.

As long as my posts were being archived in DejaNews, there remained a documented record, an enormous "body of evidence" which would have sustained criminal charges of "conspiracy to libel" and prove the ongoing government/media sponsored/supported mind control campaign, the substance of which comprised the Criminal complaint I lodged with the Medford, Oregon FBI field office on November 2nd, 1997.

These anonymous individuals have openly bragged of their immunity from Prosecution. They boast of their links to Government's Intelligence Community. Their "in your face, you can't touch us" attitude has openly taunted a computer-using public with their ability to skirt their responsiblities as long as the FBI and/or other Federal/State/County Government officials remain nonresponsive behind their Stone Wall of Silence. These anonymous *hired thugs* feel safe as long as the Stone Wall of Silence remains intact long enough for them to outrun the Statute of Limitations. Yes, folks, this is your government/media in action.

The Stone Wall of Silence was erected by your government -- yes, YOUR government.

It reached from the Clinton White House down through Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith all the way down to the office of Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel. NO ONE AT ANY OF THESE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT HAS MOVED TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY IN RESOLVING THIS INTERNET MIND CONTROL ISSUE WHICH THREATENS OUR VERY CONTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Now it seems that the writing of any one individual on the Internet can be controlled and censored *behind the scenes* through technical means.

Put it to the test for yourself. Go to the Google Archives. Enter the keywords Raymond Karczewski. See if you can find any of the numerous (almost daily) posts I have written since Feb 23rd, 2001. Keep in mind this post is written on March 19th, 2001.

I have written Google three email messages regarding this matter. Although I have received autoresponder messages from Google acknowledging their receipt of my messages no response has been issued by them explaining why my articles are not being archived.

To get an idea of what information is not reaching the public via the archiving process, one may go to my personal bulletin board at http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm There you will see the articles deemed to be a threat to the Satanically ruled Status Quo, and the reason for the vicious attacks and misdirections they elicit.

You may gain a greater understanding of why our Government/Media (see sigline below for an actual response received from MSNBC regarding their censorship of my articles to their bulletin board) cannot stand up to public scrutiny and must therefore resort to outright censorship and historical revisionism in order to pave the way for the New World Order.

I look around me and all I see are sleeping brothers and sisters, unaware of what is unfolding all around them. It is all there for one to see, yet the conditioned inertia of years and years of mind control conditioning has taken its toll. My slumbering brother and sisters "talk about" and complain a great deal about their lot in life, but the sadness of their lives is no better revealed than when the light of Truth shines directly upon their conditioned inertia, mirroring to them their own inability to transform talk into action and thus restore our Constitutional Republic.

Ah! United States of America, I knew you when. . . .

Ray Karczewski


When Christ Speaks --- Who Listens?

Error: posting not allowed.

MSNBC is currently rejecting posts from your site.

Ruminations of a Living Christ http://www.arkenterprises.com



The following libelous attacks arise from the keyboards of assorted anonymous government/media disinformation agents who, through disruption, intimidation, and character assassination control the flow of information on public Usenet Newsgroups/Forums


Your attacks and calls to arms are stupid and offensive

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:14:23 GMT

From: That's your problem you damned kook (unknown)

Ray, your problem is you said everything you had to say many, many years ago, and have been beating a dead horse since then. No one takes you seriously, and never has. You had plenty of opportunity to convince people, but you don't know how to even begin to go about doing such a thing: all you do is systmatically attack, insult, and turn names over to federal acencies demaning they investigate anyone who disagrees with you. Further, everything you say eventually turns out to be yet another self-aggrandziing lie you've concocted. You've stepped way beyond the bounds of mere free speech to make a stupid spectacle of your paranoia and hatred. Just as you cannot tsnad in the middle of the night screaming your paranoia (you'd be disrupting other people's rights just in case you're wondering why you cannot start doing this), your repeated attacks and calls to armed marches are stupid and offensive. If you ever said anything compelling or if you ever had even a shred of proof about all the plots you imagine around you, perhaps someone would have taken you seriously. You don't have any proof of anything though, and your constantly reposted s**t has long since stopped being even amusing. That's your problem. Now shut up already or say something you can document. We don't care about your mental illness and hatred for humanity.


Free speech doesn't mean constant groundless attacks

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:20:19 GMT

From: Put up or shut up!!!!! (unknown)

What the hell have you ever said that was worthwhile anyway? You wallow in psychotic narcissism and rage, and spam that crap constantly everywhere. Yeah Ray, it's a hell of a shock that the same diarrhea you've been posting for years is no longer welcome: put up or shut up you ass. If you've got proof of what you've been accusing everyone of for years on end, let's see it; if you don't, we don't give a sh*t about your personal delusions of grandeur and persecution.


Free speech is not a license for abuse Ray

Re: Free speech doesn't mean constant groundless attacks (Put up or shut up!!!!!)

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 23:32:08 GMT

From: Sick of your indecent rants (unknown)

Just as you can't constantly phone people, abuse them verbally, and then claim it's your right to do so because of the 1st Amendment, violent and mentally disturbed spam is legitimately halted once you've already posted it for the first 5,000 times. You've worn out whatever fleeting welcome you had on any message board, and your unfounded attacks have gone well beyond the bounds of "free speech." The recent spate of posts about shooting people and staging an armed march on major cities is simply psychotic: get help, and stop whining that sane people have grown sick of your indecent rants.

Who gives a hot damn? Your "impact" is ZILCH


Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:26:19 GMT

From: What an impotent, uneducated loser (unknown)

You're just another uneducated, angry white guy who's out to make the world pay for his failures in life. Why the f**k should anyone give a hot damn about that? You guys are a dime a dozen.


So you got kill-filed. What did you expect?

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 23:26:40 GMT

From: Your censor your site, so why object? (unknown)

Ray, you literally choked off entire message boards and lists because of your constant, harrassing spam. Anyone who dares even disagree with you is instantly denounced for investigation to whatever authority you feel compelled to abuse that day, so people stopped posting to avoid constant attack by you. List owners have the right to kill-file anyone so lacking in respect that he would post constant attacks to the list and thereby kill off any discussion. What do you expect: you censor your site constantly! How exactly do you explain your own hypocrisy in this regard, you whiny, self-absorbed jerk.



Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? Ah! United States of America, I knew you when. . . .

Davy wrote:


Tue Mar 20 10:34:59 2001

d: Ray- The FBI and Law(lore) Enforcement are not "Authority". To define "THEM" using dualistic language only perpetuates the mental illness evident by incorrectly assigning a false definition to the entity you are attempting to describe.(Elephants are not Giraffs) Government like Communism like Bolshevism like Judiasm like Nazism is ethereal, undefined, amorphus (blind men around an elephant). Shucks you might as well say Allen Greenspan and the Federal Reserve Board are at the apex of the Governmental Triangle, which while close to being true, is not entirely true. The contention could be made that Government by definition must include some reason,(consent of the governed?)some legitimate reason to exist. Have you read Sausseys' Book -Rulers of Evil? While there are certain points where we may not completely agree with Sausseys' thesis or all his conclusions one could certainly agree that the mind control(information/money nexus) program has a long history. Have you read Eustace Mullins' Curse of Canaan? Today and last night on C-Spawn Ariel Sharon and the Zionist(Satanic/Talmudic +Anti-Christ = JEW[ REV.3:9]) delegation were doing their best to confirm their position "Within the Gates", (have you read Victor Ostrovskys' By way of Deception?) Dore Gold ,Senior policy advisor to the Massmurderer Sharon , was asked on C-spawn about the U.S.S.Liberty(A symbolic act if there ever was one) the moderator asked(axed) the DEAR Lady from Charlston, South Carolina how did she even know about such things as the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla and the intentional criminal attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in a seemingly indignant tone and then as one might have imagined the pompous ass AXED her so that she would not be able to hold this pious NON-jew-JEWs' feet to the fire so to speak. (the question was never answered) Then they(c-spawn) had on two apologists for finacial rape talking about the ponzi- extortion scheme known as "Socialists Security", then they had on a nice chap from England to explain the Federal Reserve System to these poor malnourished cowpeople(GOY) who obviously are too stupid(spiritually blind) to figure out why they Keep getting fleeced so badly by the "MONEYCHANGERS". Ray maybe you can help me figure out something; When the Children of Israel were at Gilgal was the land divided amongst the tribes? What land was deeded to the tribe of Judah? When did all the tribes of the Children of Israel (Kingdom of Israel) become just "JEWS" only? Are all the other tribes now known only as jews? Who Made this decision and did all the tribes(northern 10 tribes) tacitly consent to being known as being only JEWISH? Did the arrival of the Messiah , Who in the 8th chapter of John seemed to have special words reserved for the "JEWS-non Khazar-" at that time were all the children of Israel known as JEWS? Could the Jews of Today that are murdering and plundering around the world be different from the "Children of Israel", Specifically could these Khazar-NON-JEW-JEWS be trespassing? Anyway Louis FREEH is a Non-JEW-JEW and he apparently is at the apex of the FBI(KNOWN MURDERERS). Reporting something (A criminal act) to a murderer indicates a lack of thoughtful analysis.


rk: Read my original article once again. Then read yours. Which is simple? Which is direct? Which is complex and confounding? Wherein does the generated confusion, as reflected in your article, lie?

rk: Life is simple and direct to holistic resonating, sovereign human beings.

rk: It is ONLY within the civilized, conditioned, fragmented intellect that man can be and is enslaved through the medium of his own dualism-based thoughts. It is there and only there where man can be caused through the hypnotic outer direction of political and religious leaders to create his own personal Hell through such suggested, reinforced, mythically based beliefs.

rk: Few indeed understand the simplicity of what I express. The evidence speaks for itself when one observes the explosive emotional reactions to my posts which occur when political/religious psychological buttons are pushed by such observations.

rk: It is not through the medium of technical thought that man will find his salvation, his "Peace on Earth," but through simple, holistic AWARENESS.

rk: Isn't it time to break the Spell which has enslaved mankind to the Satanically-driven Intellect since his Fall from Grace? With the passing of every manifest moment, man is given that very opportunity. Yet one clearly sees that Satanically-ruled, Intellect-bound, prideful, inert ignoramuses invariably *opt* to remain in their dualistic confusion.

rk: Hell, isn't it?

Ray Karczewski


When Christ Speaks --- Who Listens?

Error: posting not allowed.

MSNBC is currently rejecting posts from your site.

Ruminations of a Living Christ http://www.arkenterprises.com



The following libelous attacks arise from the keyboards of assorted anonymous government/media disinformation agents who, through disruption, intimidation, and character assassination control the flow of information on public Usenet Newsgroups/Forums


This guy organizing any armed event is worrisome

Re: Hate is a tactic of Ray K (Hate is a tactic of Ray K)

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 21:00:11 GMT

From: Get help before you hurt someone (unknown)

I can't imagine he knows anyone in their right mind, which means anyone he organizes as part of his armed march against the government cannot be trusted to not use their weapons. Can you imagine a million angry guys like Ray, armed, out for vengeance, and marching collectively on Washington. Someone will end up dead. People like that are inherently out of control, and no amount of reasonable, mature thought, or sense of responsibility will ever reach them. Your own history Ray is full of violence and abuse: keep them to yourself. We want no part of your disease.


What are these "rules" Ray: shoot them down?

Re: Is your brain licensed? (Even the tiniest organisms are dangerous)

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:55:17 GMT

From: Why all this hysteria Ray? (unknown)

Do the JoCo cops know about your armed march?

What about your weapons? If you refuse to license yourself to drive, I expect your weapons are unlicensed as well: why does this question throw you into a hysterical fit?


Every syllable you utter shows you're a HYPOCRITE

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:23:57 GMT

From: Sick of your threats and violence (unknown)

Your posts are long, rambling screeds jammed full of violence and hatred. Your grasp of English language is that of a sixth-grader, and the content is that of a psychotic. And you're condemning vurtually the only person left who is willing to have anything at all to do with you? What a f**king moron you are. You should take writing lessons from Davy, because you're a borderline illiterate.



Re: Every syllable you utter shows you're a HYPOCRITE (Sick of your threats and violence)

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 21:06:12 GMT

From: Do something besides hating people (unknown)

You the f**k do you think you are sucking the life blood out of society and then spending every day all day attacking everyone around you? Get a job you offensive creep. Is this really the best thing you could think of to do with what's left of your miserable life?


Is this the only place you're allowed to attack people now

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:41:20 GMT

From: Your threats will land you in court (unknown)

Why do you feel such a compulsion to attack everything and everybody Ray? You've already been thrown off all other possible boards you used to spam daily because of the constant threats you made to everyone, so you decide to simply concentrate the threats on the last place you're allowed to post? Why do you think someone else won't react like kristine did and take you up on your threats to go to court?



Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? Ah! United States of America, I knew you when. . . .

Davy wrote:

Your Government

Wed Mar 21 09:59:58 2001

d: Ray, my handicap (study of history/poli.sci/govt.-degreed) prevents me from ignoring the glaring error of logic in your(face) article(?).

rk: Davy, with all due respect, your intellectual accomplishments and pride of logic are not only a handicap when it comes to accessing and resonating with Truth, they, (your prideful "degreed" intellectual accretions) are the very clutter which absolutely foreclose upon your coming to atonement with the undefinable nondualistic essence of Truth.

rk: Surely, you have heard the phrase, "You cannot get there from here." Well, here's a shocking revelation for you -- nondualistic Truth cannot be accessed via the machinations of a chattering, dualistic Intellect.

rk: Look at that statement quietly. You will understand why it is true for yourself. You'll not need another to give you inappropriate pat answers, which only condition, and limit you further.

rk: Nowhere can such Truth be displayed so inarguably as when ignorant (limited) Satanically (Opposer) ruled dualistic Intellects continue to function within a nontechnical environment while blinded to its own technically oriented limitations.

rk: Truth is the *nondualistic* whole. It is "What IS."

rk: The idea, the "thought" of Truth is the partial, fragmented dualistic (based in opposites) concept which makes up the Satanic (illusory) world of civilized man.

rk: Thus all those who live exclusively in their intellects are capable of grasping are the endless projections of their own conditioned intellectually based beliefs. That is the limitation which binds the intellectually inclined -- those who have sold their souls for the promise of wealth, fame, celebrity and power.

rk: Your own words indicate that your "god" is the god of intellect, the god of the known, i.e., of knowledge. What you would argue against however is your own ignorance that the god you worship is "Satan," the ruler of the dualistic Intellect. Even your *need to argue* your own confusion is a self-revelation which points directly to one who is a worshipper of concepts, of knowledge, of Satan.

d: What you may have missed is the fact that you are correct about some things but you apparently did not catch the in your face directness posed in the post which asks for the definition (not confusion) of government.

rk: It is only the unaware who ask for arguable, dualistic definitions when the nondualistic Truth is staring them right in the face. Who amongst those who read this do not understand, that is, truly understand the energy, the very essence of Government without having to resort to such peripheral "letter of the word" definitions?

d: Where and how did this so called N.W.O. develope? Perhaps you are a Gentile (not of any tribe of the Children of Israel) ,perhaps all the facts that preceeded your ability to read, write and reason mean nothing to you as they might to others.

rk: Your questions are moot to any man/woman of Truth as the Spiritually Sighted, SEE while the Intellectually Blind, THINK.

d: Who made the weapon you used for the arm(not head) shot. Were they not here to develope the idea of a weapon? Was it important for you to have one at that moment?

rk: Your attempt at argument can be relegated to "apples and oranges." First understand the absolute necessity for utilizing dualistic, mechanical intellectual thought in dealing with technical problem solving. Then discern its utter destructiveness when used for nontechnical problem solving i.e., the rest of life.

rk: Here is an easy test that all may take to determine the truth of what I have said so far. Do not superimpose your own "politically/religious correct" conditioned matrix of thought upon a given direct perception of any "out of time" eternal moment of NOW, then ask yourself, where is there a problem? It doesn't exist, does it?

rk; It is this level of consciousness which man gave up when he succumbed to the temptations of his own "Satanic ruled Intellect" This was his "Fall from Grace," his departure from the holistic state of Christ Consciousness, his descent into Hell. Why? All for the seductive promise of being a "god" in his own right. The rest, as they say, is the HISTORY of Civilized mankind. Hell, wasn't/isn't it?.

d: Thats what the "TRUTH" is; a weapon, the most powerful weapon on the planet. The problem we(righteous-truthseeking people)

rk: Forgive me davy for pointing this out, but the phrase "righteous-truthseeking people" is just another euphemism for confused, outer directed human beings who've been sent off on psychological "wild goose chase" tangents by mind controlling political/religious leadership. When one resonates with the unmistakable nondualistic energy of Truth, there is nothing to seek, is there?

d: face is the apathy and stupidity(spiritual blindness )of others that also inhabit our alleged country(nation).

rk: Davy, in your statements, you have arrived at the point, when "Judge not lest Ye be judged" followed by "Physician, Heal Thyself" comes into play.

d: Have you Read(not to confuse) any of Kelly Hoskins works' like - Vigilantes of Christendom? It would be nice if you could do some reading in the O.T. and please help me understand how these Non -jew-Jews are able to claim that which they are not entitled to . What is the background of Ari Fleisher?

rk: Davy, your words indicate that you are addicted to "worshipping" the words of others. May I suggest you break that habit --NOW! Be quiet. Then read the Book of Life which unfolds from within, and reveals itself to all who would sit in meditative silence. There is nothing that you do not understand. You are the sum total of all humanity who have ever lived, are living, and will live. That is the timeless, multidimensional miracle of Self-Realization. That is the essence of Christ Consciousness. All you need do is remove the conditioned Intellectual blocks which makes civilized man into a bassackward minion in service to his own intellectually constructed HELL.

d: Ray unless you are a dualistically minded santanist talmudic JEW you don't have a Government. Thy KINGDOM come Thy Will be done...ever prayed Ray? Or is it all too confusing?

rk: To whom are you addressing such question. To Yourself, or to another?

Ray Karczewski



Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? Ah! United States of America, I knew you when. . . .

Davy writes:


Thu Mar 22 10:50:17 2001

d: Ray You may be the only 'Christ conscience' here on planet earth right now; why would you report anything to anybody?

rk: Obviously, you miss the point of my writings. Have you not even a glimmer that I write on these Internet newsgroups/forums in order to demonstrate the ignorance of civilized man, and to further wake up a "civilized" mind controlled sleeping populace to the Hell they have made of their lives by wallowing in their soul-destroying, intelligence stifling malaise of "codependence" upon a corrupt, exploitive Satanically-driven, Intellectual, thought based structure called "government?"

d: If you are where its' at why go somewhere else?

rk: I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for the duration.

d: You keep reminding those who take the time to read what you write that since 1995 you have been reporting to the "governmental Authorities" that x,y,z, has been done to you, your family ,etc..

rk: In that short time, a mere "blink of the eye" in eternity, I've done a damn good job of exposing man-made government and its mind controlling/disinformation dispensing provocateurs for the corrupt, uncaring, hypocritical structure and minions that they are, haven't I?

d: My point is to understand your alleged "Christ Conscience" in the "NOW" if you really consider Murderers to be in Authority over you, kind of not like the "Christ" like thing to do(seems to me) Seems like if you were really sure of that "logic" "Christ Conscience" thing you would be on the top of a mountain waiting for the Dali LLama to seek some advice from(you).

rk: See how well your own religious mind control conditioning regarding the "Myth of Christ" has cause you to abandon your own common sense as a sovereign human being, a Son of God, A Christ? Ask yourself -- where did you acquire such "thoughts" about Christ Consciousness -- a State of being, of Intelligence of which you presently have NO UNDERSTANDING -- if not from the campaign stumps and pulpits of political and religious mind controllers?

d: Without being any more abrasive could you define Govt.; specifically why you found it necessary to "report" your condition to those in alleged Authority over you?

rk: The key word in the above statement is "alleged," is it not?

rk: In a purported government "Of the People, By the People and For the People," who is truly the Authority? As usual, as a Satanically-driven thinking Intellect, blind to the Truth which is all around him, you've managed to get it all BASSACKWARDS, have you not? Well, Surprise! Surprise!

rk: Not to worry though, I am sure you will find plenty of commiseration, fellowship and support for your presently skewed perception amongst the millions and millions of other conditioned sleeping "munchkins" who have been trained by their leadership to THINK and ACT as you do.

d: Why tell the(A) murderer anything. Perhaps the "law (lore) enforcement conditioning is hard to deprogram from. Hell isn't it. Further if you can explain why massmurderers(non jew jews) form(hijack) a govt., you submit to it, and then claim "Christ Consciousness" ,it just seems a little dualistic.

rk: You've overplayed your hand, oh one who calls himself "Davy." Even your misdirections won't float any longer with a discerning public.

Ray Karczewski


The following libelous attacks arise from the keyboards of assorted anonymous government/media disinformation agents who, through disruption, intimidation, and character assassination control the flow of information on public Usenet Newsgroups/Forums


That's just the point

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:35:13 GMT

From: When's the OLive armed march? (unknown)

You've never proven a damned thing about the government. You are obviously incapable of thought or argumentation, and substitute sheer, unadulterated hatred for them instead. At least you're capable of that: you and your sickening wife are nothing but rage and dstruction. The only thing you've proven is how correct people have been about you all along: after you destroyed your own children, asssaulted any friends you might have had, and moved on to attack everyone in your community, you now attack EVERYONE, even unto organizing armed confrontations with society. where is your evidence about any corruption, besides of course your own? That's the only filth we see around here.


Ray started this decades ago in California

Re: That's just the point (When's the OLive armed march?)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:33:08 GMT

From: He's got legal problems here too (unknown)

He's been making the same mindless accusations for 30 years, ever since he was removed from the Pacifica Police. He first accused the department of corruption and of colluding against him personally, and then moved on to attack the city council, showing up at every meeting, verbally assaulting them, and becoming so emotionally out of control he had to be constantly removed by force. He's apparently never gotten over this, and has been fighting the same exact battle ever since in other states. The language and content of his attacks is EXACTLY THE SAME as it was in Pacifica 30 years ago. Uncanny. Sorry for you folks in Oregon, but we here in California put in our time being attacked by this demented creep. At least he's not coming back here: he continues to flee outstanding arrest warrents and California cops enforcing them. Thank God. For some reason he thinks we've forgotten this, and posted his web site on a shopping index here (what is he thinking anyway?): great work Ray! Way to keep your psychotic history in the public eye!


Anita is long since broken

Re: What kind of abuse does your wife endure? (Diseased mind and no spirit at all)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:05:54 GMT

From: Who knows what Ray's capable of (unknown)

She literally cannot walk upright, she's been beaten down so badly by this guy. She walks around like a dog bent down and desperate for the approval of an abusive master. She does, however, have the choice to leave and affirm her own dignity, but perhaps she has none. I don't know if he's threatened her too though, so maybe she's afraid to try and live like an adult human being. Who knows what kind of domestic violence this man commits and has committed.


This is not mere "psychopbabble": shove your violence

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:47:54 GMT

From: Not enough to destroy little kids? (unknown)

These are more hallucinatory rantings from someone so disfigured by mental illness he can't not assault even people who are originally sympathetic to him. You write repeatedly about shooting people in cold blood and marching on major cities with a million other armed psychos: how many people have you shot? How many have you killed? What about animals: do you hurt them too? What you and Anita did to your children is already unforgiveable, and if you has even a shred of decency you'd be repenting wehat you did to your son and daughter instead of simply spreading your hatred around. Shame on you and your wife for what you did to your own little kids, and I hope you both live fully the hell you've created f yourselves. I can't think of two more despicable pieces of filth it could happen to.


A question for Ray's wife

Re: This is not mere "psychopbabble": shove your violence (Not enough to destroy little kids?)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:00:14 GMT

From: How do you live with yourself? (unknown)

As a mother, I can't understand you allowing your own children to be so hurt. What did you do, just stand by and watch Ray abuse the hell out of them? Or did you actively participate? How do you live with yourself? You make me think some women should be forciobly sterilized so they can't torture kids, or watch while someone else does it for them. You never deserved the gift of motherhood, and I will pray for your kids. Obviously you do nothing but hate.


Davy has in fact misunderstood

Re: Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:57:26 GMT

From: Screeds are never spiritual insight (unknown)

If Ray had any spiritual insight, he wouldn't be so desperate to find some Internet message boards to post his threats. His problem is no one will have anything to do with him once they meet him, and he has so thoroughly threatened ***everyone*** on other forums that he had to be kill-filed so as to not shut them down entirely. He is openly insane in his appearance and what he says, and attacks, quite literally, within a couple of minutes. Anyone with any calm or sense of what is holy does not write much massive and hate-filled screeds on a daily basis. All of which points to only one thing: Ray will wallow in his own hate until he drops dead from it, and not a soul will mourn the passing of such a lowlife.


Have you demanded a federal Davy investigation yet?

Re: Looks like the Ray/Davy show has come to an abrupt end (Finally decided you hate him too, huh?)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:22:56 GMT

From: Unbridled spite and jealousy (unknown)

Your history is unblemished Ray: there really is not a single person who ever wrote to you whom you fail to attack in the end, is there? Do you take speed? What accounts for such uncontrolled spite and jealousy?


Everything about you is sickness

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:12:43 GMT

From: You and Anita are raging impotence (unknown)

From the bestiality, to the threats, to the assaults on your own family, to your attacks on everyone else, you drip disease. Next time we want the opinion of someone capable of all these things, we'll ask you and Anita Ray. Until then it's safe to say no one gives a damn about your anger and impotence.


Hell, isn't it?

Re: Historical Revisionism -- New World Order? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:18:25 GMT

From: You're living the essence of hell Raymon (unknown)

This is the essence of hell Raymond: every vile and hateful thing you ever did to other people is being revisited on you. You've dedicated your life to harming others, and it has come back to harm you instead: your mental disorder gets worse every day, until you've turned on every last person ever willing to grant you the benefit of the doubt. Take this into your mind to whatever extent you're capable of, and understand: God is making it impossible for even someone as blind as you are to your sins to not see what evil you have done. May your children find peace, because you never will. I;m sorry for what you did to them even if you don't give a hot damn.


pssstt- don't tell Ray... but I've hacked his computer

Re: The American People : Masters or Slaves? (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 03:38:06 GMT

From: Davy (unknown)


A question to the flamer on Ray K

Re: Town Square (New Admin)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:53:14 GMT

From: Interested devil's advocate (unknown)

How do you know he's done these horrible things to his wife?

On what basis?


Reread the post

Re: A question to the flamer on Ray K (Interested devil's advocate)

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 22:11:16 GMT

From: Go figure! (unknown)

I said she walks bent over and seemingly intimidated by him. That much is clear from the outside. I speculated as to why this may be the case. Given the way Ray conducts himself in public and how he attacks perfect strangers constantly, I think it's likely she acts that way because he's much, much worse in private. The stuff about his kids he himself posted (hospitgalization and phobia about computers -- what a shock!!), and there is never any family around Cave Junction to visit either of them for years. Again, this suggests Ray is vastly more abusive at home than he is in public, which is already dramatic.


THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Unable to Attack the Message/Messenger: Attack a Man's Wife!!

By Raymond Karczewski

Pay attention to what the words of "Go figure!" aka (also known as) ed wilkinson, former Grants Pass Businessman, former Arms Dealer, Member of the Republican Party Central Committee, former owner of Digital Arts, second generation "ROYBOT," member of the AFAB BULLIES/SKEPTICULTISTS/ROYBOTS, US Intelligence connected, aka Mr. Ed, aka Sir Ed, aka Oregon Ed, aka Ray Kargoofy, aka (LIghtColonel Meepzorp-Bazza, SAIC), aka Raymond Karscrewloose, aka Agent Sir Ed and last, but not least "UNKNOWN" say about the source of his information for such libelous comments regarding another man's wife.

Pay close attention to the words of just ONE (1) Internet government/media sponsored/supported disinformation agent who confesses that his libelous attacks were/are based on mere SPECULATION when he wrote: "I said she walks bent over and seemingly intimidated by him. That much is clear from the outside. I speculated as to why this may be the case."

All this from a coward who has had only one short personal contact with Anita and myself at a Grants Pass Picnic in 1997. See the bottom of this post for his written comments dated 1997/05/31 regarding the one and only personal contact he has had with either Anita or myself.

Then observe the libelous comments which follow from this coward's base of SPECULATION.

To view the libelous attacks (below) in their full context, read the articles marked with *** on my bulletin board at http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm

An example of the spin they have put on my actual comments -- "Pay attention to the spirit of the following post written by one who uses the name kristine campbell ---- And you folks wonder why our kids are killing themselves and each other --- Is this the state of consciousness American Women have been reduced to?" -- can also be seen below.

The bottom line on this issue of government/media mind control/disinformation provocateurs focusing their conspiratorial campaigns of libel and intimidation upon unwary users of the Internet IS that if they can do it to my wife and myself, they can do it to YOU!

So you "think" you live in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," eh? Why not put it to the test.

Sign the petition at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RayNita1/petition.html

Ray Karczewski


A question to the flamer on Ray K

From: Interested devil's advocate (unknown)

How do you know he's done these horrible things to his wife?

On what basis?


Reread the post

Re: A question to the flamer on Ray K (Interested devil's

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 22:11:16 GMT

From: Go figure! (unknown)

I said she walks bent over and seemingly intimidated by him. That much is clear from the outside. I speculated as to why this may be the case. Given the way Ray conducts himself in public and how he attacks perfect strangers constantly, I think it's likely she acts that way because he's much, much worse in private. The stuff about his kids he himself posted (hospitgalization and phobia about computers -- what a shock!!), and there is never any family around Cave Junction to visit either of them for years. Again, this suggests Ray is vastly more abusive at home than he is in public, which is already dramatic.


" Ray and Anita are pure psychotic dysfunction, they long ago destroyed any friends or family they might have once had, and they explain all the evil and corruption they've done in their lives by mindlessly blaming the AFAB/Skepticult/Roybot government/media sponsored/instigated/funded/etc. plot to silence them."

"Same goes for Anita. As a woman who so damaged her own children she has extra cause for shame. "

"From: Still just you and that nut Anita? (unknown) "

"What you and Anita did to your children is already unforgiveable, and if you has even a shred of decency you'd be repenting wehat you did to your son and daughter instead of simply spreading your hatred around."

"You and Anita have gone out of your way to plunge into mental disease and aggression, and society can only react negatively to people with your lack of character and maturity." "You and Anita should do the right thing for the new year, and GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR STATE: you've never been welcome here in your obscene mental illness and vicious attacks against others. "

"A question for Anita: you made those kids with your own body, so how is it you found a way to abuse them so badly your family fell apart?"

"Reading through these posts explaining who Alex Jones is, it seems as though you've finally found someone as diseased, abusive, and hate-filled as you and Anita are."

"I pray God helps you renounce the hatred and rage that has so thoroughly rotted your soul and mind away Raymond and Anita"

"Re: Gore does dogs, sheep, cow, just about anything (if they vote for him (Gore vote whore)) From: And Anita pays $5 for a good ride (unknown) "

"So Anita, Ray recently sent out a screaming screed about how American women are making your kids kill themselves and each other.---- What happened to your kids that Ray would say that Anita, and what role did you play in it?---- What did you do woman? What kind of "parents" are you? "

"WHAT DID YOU DO RAY AND ANITA to make you say "our kids are killing themselves and each other??" The world is better off without disease like you. "

"Re: No: Anita couldn't care less about Ray (Vicious Wife of a Vicious Man)"

"Only Anita seems to be around still, and she's either f**king insane herself or watching him degenerate out of sheer, unmitigated malice. "

"and where would you and that cunt you are married to be if i and my husband and millions of others stop paying into social security?"

" oh well, he and that cunt he is married to STILL don't understand the simple of concept of what constitutes libel, so why i am not surprised that he has no grasp of the electoral process in the very country he lives in? "


Keep in mind that AFAB BULLY/SKEPTICULTIST/ROYBOT ed wilkinson, the author of many of the libelous statement made above, is the same person who wrote the following post shortly after the one and only contact he has had with Anita and myself.

Date: 1997/05/31

ed: I've been reluctant to post much about it because he lives in my town and I don't want to get into a pissing contest with him, plus, he is a charming, witty person in person, and my natural reluctance to offend someone I've broken bread with is making me hesitate, but, here goes...

ed: "Ray is immensely sure of himself. NOTHING can sway him. NOTHING. I brought up many valid points arguing against his theses, and he acknowledged not ONE!

ed: He's huge. 6 foot 3 or something, fat, but the kind of fat you see on bikers, underladen with layers of muscle.

ed: He's an ex-cop from San Fran. who retired on disability. I don't know why, but a friend of mine told me it's 'cause he thinks he was shot.

ed: He's got scars all over him, a nose that looks like it's been broken several times, and he looks mostly like an ex-biker or ex-heavyweight boxer. (Which he was. He won a bunch o' titles in the service.) He lifts weights, and he definitely looks like he could tear a Doug Fir down without too much trouble.

ed: He is so self-confident that he actually goes beyond arrogant. Several times, he told me there was no such thing as the Devil, it's merely man's focusing of dissonant energy. Well, I told him that I have personal experience that there is such a thing as the Devil, and he said "that's your perception." So, I said, "Well, that is your perception that my perception is wrong," and he responded "No, for I'm confined by no labels or illusions. The power of the infinite flows through me and everything that I see is the untrammelled reality, undistorted by any emotion or flaw."

ed: He has a very good sense of humor. I tend to crack jokes and puns constantly and he kept up the repartee, going toe-to-toe with me.

ed: At one point, he was leaning forward, eyes fiercely blazing at me, telling me how everything I see is simply a misperceived perception shell, and he said "You MUST let the power of the infinite move you, to see Maya." Then, he stopped and asked pedantically "You DO know what Maya is, do you not?" And I replied "Yeah...she's a black poet who read at Clinton's inaguration."

ed: Well, he was taken aback for a moment, then he burst out laughing, slapped his knee, said "Maya! A black poet! Ha ha!!" etc., then he slapped my knee and said "You're all right, Ed" even though it was plainly obvious I had said that to jolt him from his self-absorption.

ed: My summation of Ray? He's stark, raving bonkers, but he is definitively his own man.

ed: I know when I speak with people if they are just robots or not, and he is not. Ray was able to respond with spontaneous reams and reams of exegesis with my every comment. I know that he genuinely believes this stuff, and it IS coming from some source external to himself, so...he is no phony BS'er, or would-be Jim Jones. (Although I think he would like to be a would-be Roy Masters. I think he's jealous of Roy, although he admits to no human weaknesses.)

ed: Basically, he sees himself as the locus of "the power of the infinite," and believes that it is his job to wake people up from their deceived minds.

ed: I think he's a total nutcase, but I enjoyed the picnic. He's got an incredibly quick mind, very facile, and I was in my element, as I, too, love to debate furiously!

jm: What did you sense about his emotional tone. Any love there?

ed: Absolute, stone-cold assurance that what he, and he alone, sees, is the truth. He TRULY believes that "The power of the infinite flows through [me]."

ed: A very strange kind of love, like you'd get from a psycopathic cult leader. Where his presence is all-embracing, his eyes are fixed and staring, and seem to blaze, and he tries to envelop you in his persona. But, if you don't agree with him, you feel damned.

ed: Very strange, very powerful, pulsating kind of individual. I got the feeling, as I rode my bike away from the picnic, that his aura (VERY powerful) was chasing after me and trying to envelope me.

ed: He has a very good sense of humor. I tend to crack jokes and puns constantly and he kept up the repartee.

jm: That's interesting. Who would have thunk it from this newsgroup stuff?

ed: Yeah, he was actually nothing like what I had pictured him.

ed: In person, he does have incredible charisma, and he could easily become a cult leader.



The following libelous attacks arise from the keyboards of assorted anonymous government/media disinformation agents who, through disruption, intimidation, and character assassination control the flow of information on public Usenet Newsgroups/Forums


You're problem Ray is that this stuff is true

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:19:48 GMT

From: And you want respect? (unknown)

You and Anita did in fact destroy your family. You yourself posted your son's and daughter's mental problems. What kind of respect do you think people will have for the two of you who abused even your own kids to the point they'll have nothing to do with you?


I dunno. You look pretty roundly attacked.

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:23:39 GMT

From: Don't turn this on Anita you coward (unknown)

Why do you say people cannot attack you? It looks like they do so every time you spam this board. Why are you so eager to turn the attack against your wife? You really are a despicable creep. Take the heat yourself you coward. Leave Anita out of it.


This bears out what people say about you

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:27:25 GMT

From: Your words are like an adolescent child (unknown)

So now you're suuporting everything people have been saying about you all along? This acount makes you out to be perfectly insane, which is exactly what your neighbors say too. Why do you post such humiliating details about your mental illness? Why revel in self-degradation, only to couple it with lethal meglomania? You're a psychiatrist's dream come true: income for life. Your wierd love-hate relationship with yourself is unseemly and disgraceful. I'd expect this from an adolescent child, not someone at the end of his life.


Many people have seen you: why accuse this guy Ed?

Re: How do you know this? This looks libelous Ray. (Your disease is showing again)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 15:10:43 GMT

From: You've threatened so many people Ray (unknown)

The two of you have made such a show of yourselves around these parts, why do you posit no one else has seen you and wrote about Anita's bent-over state? I too have seen you. She is hunched over, and does act utterly subservient to you. What can be going on in your mind to pick out one guy you saw several years ago and continue attacking him without any basis in fact or reason at all? Maybe teh person who wrote about you is one of the people you've threatened in Cave Junction/Grants Pass recently.


You still can't convince anyone to sign the petition?

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 14:27:35 GMT

From: Thank God for psychosis, huh Ray? (unknown)

Only someone as mentally ill as you would still be making a show of that ridiculous "mind control" petition. The only person trying to control anyone's mind is you RAY, and you're just pissed off because despite your desperate attempts at manipulating others, they dismiss you as the kook you are. You and Anita would be mortified from the sahme if you were at all remotely sane. Thank God for psychosis, huh Ray?


Where are your kids then Ray and Anita?

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 14:45:00 GMT

From: You should've been decent parents instead (unknown)

Usually children don't cut their own parents off forever without compelling reasons for doing so. You're the one who keeps sending out posts about your children's mental problems and how they are killing themselves and one another: why try to blame other people now for problems they never had anything to do with? You should have been minimally decent parents to begin with! The fact you decided to take out your rage and hatred for humanity against your own children is nothing we had anything to do with: the fact all you feel now is embarrassment because the public knows what you've done is extra shameful. Instead of feeling embarrassed for yourselves, you should feel deep sorrow for hurting children who had no means of escaping you and your abuse. But if all you're capable of is embarrassment at being caught in public so be it: live the shame and understand what vile people are you to have damaged the innocent to make your own impotent selves feel powerful.


Amen. You are despicable Ray and Anita

Re: Where are your kids then Ray and Anita? (You should've been decent parents instea)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 15:15:13 GMT

From: How 'proud' you must be (unknown)

Not only are you tax parasites, but took your lives off work to devote all your time to hurting kids? Is that all the "accomplishment" you have to show for almost 7 decades on the face of the planet?


Get real. Disease like Ray will never have followers.

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 14:58:00 GMT

From: Hope your torment is over soon (unknown)

As desperately as he's tried to be a cult leader, he immediately attacks absolutely everyone who has even two words with him, even faithful Davy. Strange thing about Ray and Anita is that they are completely oblivious to what idiots they show themselves to be, going out of their way to spam fights they have on other forums so the world can see they are universally held in contempt. They then scream about how people make fun of them, and shrilly claim everyone else will be subject to the same kind of treatment, apparently blind to the fact NO ONE ELSE spends their entire life attacking strangers and threatening them with imagined investigations by the government.


Enough misdirection already

Re: THE NEW AMERICAN WAY: Attack a Man's Wife!! (Raymond Karczewski)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 18:12:25 GMT

From: Enough fraud out of you (unknown)

The "speculation" referred to only one post. You can't dismiss your entire history with such a facile ploy. You and your wife have real problems because you and your wife have gone out of your way to do harm to people around you for years. You have no grounds for complaint. Nobody is coercing you into threatening and attacking people.


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