OREGON STATE POLICE:  Notice of Unlawful Impoundment -- Request Reimbursement

Patrol Division - Hearings:
255 Capital Street, NE 4th Floor
SALEM OR.97310                                                                                                      Saturday, March 1, 2008

                                                                                  Notice of Unlawful Impoundment: Request Reimbursement

Enclosed is facsimile of Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance ; Request Proof of Claim served on Sgt Jeff Fitzgerald, commander of the Grants Pass Oregon Substation, and Trooper TRAVIS LEE via signed affidavits.

It clearly outlines my lawful position that the impoundment of my private automobile used only for personal travel and not used in any way for commercial acitivity, is beyond the scope of the State of Oregon's Color of Law, statutory Police Power policies designed to regulate Traffic, i.e, Commercial use of the Oregon roadways.

It therefore requires re-imbursement of monies spent to get my private property out of impoundment and the non-negotiable charge back fees listed on citation facsimiles for unauthorized use of this Secured Party's private property, i.e., Common Law Copyrighted Trademark/TradeName and physical torture Treatement received. See attached UCC-1, Financing Statement.

My Unalienable Right to Liberty which included the Right to Travel ware Infringed upon by Trooper Lees TORTUROUS DETAINMENT. tactics.

I am a retired Police Sergeant from a California Department. The tactics used by LEE would not have been tolerated.

I seek only Justice and service from my government, for I, a man of the Sovereign People are the True Government and your purpose is to carry out the policies of the People.

The Proof of Claim documents sent to Sergeant Jeff Fitzgerald and Trooper LEE are not meant to be combatative. It applies to all agents and policy makers acting on behalf of the Corporate STATE OF OREGON,. Its purpose is to establish a clear and indisputable answer regarding the policy of STATE OF OREGON JURISDICTION over Living,
Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural MEN and WOMEN instead of their rightful JURISDICTION over the non-living, coporate JURISTIC PERSON.

I await your response and reimbursement.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
c/o PMB 115, PO Box. 159
Cave Junction Oregon,