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October 25, 2003


Government Criminal Persecutions/Prosecutions of the "American Sovereign People" who stand up for their Rights.

Lynn Schmaltz  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent@arkenterprises.com) wrote:


rk:   May I have your permission to put this communication on my website.There is a need to have more of this kind of info out for public consumption.  There has been a considerable increase in readership of my site of late.  The time IS NOW or NEVER to SHAKE  our countrymen awake from their slumber.


Hi Ray--yes you may put it up.  If they contact you with a question you can just pass it on to me.  At 04:30 PM 11/21/03 -0800, you wrote:


ls:  >  At 02:23 PM 11/21/03, you wrote:

Hi Ray--I'm watching different ones around the country being jailed, as in Hartford Van Dyke of Ore, and Rick Stanley, Colorado activist.  They have tried to work 'in the system, in the courts.'  Like you we did the commercial process when we were trying to stop the foreclosure on our home/business.  Sept 12, 2002, there was a kangaroo court process to have us remove the financing statements.  We were there in the morning and did not return after the lunch recess.  We moved several days later.  They have finally caught up with us where we live now and served for another court hearing for the removal of 'spurious liens,'  their language, not mine.

ls:  >  We've done our filing electronically and this points out to me that their bogus kangaroo process did not remove the financing statements from the judges, county treasurer, deputy treasurer, and county attorney.  It occurs to me at this point that they will be most concerned about our welfare as we are the only ones who can remove those financing statements.  The website has disappeared from which we got our materials and I understand it was 'shut down' by the feds.  surprise, surprise.

ls:  >  In lieu of appearing in their kangaroo court, out of state for us now, I'll be filing more on the e-fileucc.  We were learning as we were going and there were a lot of rough edges.  The information does remain 'public' in the sense that it's in the colorado secretary of state ucc information.  That's a far sight more than all the motions etc we tried filing as pro se with the court that never saw the light of day.  You're right about the dualistic, satanic system.  It's rotten to the core.

ls:  >  We managed to stay 'incognito' for over a year, and I just got careless in giving out information over my cell phone where a 'medical' package could be delivered.  The universe does have a sense of humor--yesterday the mailman delivered the medical package we'd been waiting for (over a month) and we got the service delivery of a summons dated last July.  Now we'll just have to stay out in the open and 'duke it out' with ucc filings which they so quaintly call spurious liens.  Even though we noticed them of our copyrights by public legal announcement, by affidivit, ad nauseam.

ls:  >  I'll be filing more financing statements against their motion, as well as against all parties.  At this point I figure what can they get...........2 old cars registered with an Indian tribe and that's it.  All our efforts of 30+ years running veterinary clinics and then putting the money into a mountain property which was also a bed and breakfast went down the tubes.  What they didn't get, the  medical/insurance system has gotten with Paul's kidney failure of 7.5 years.

ls:  >  Life's a bitch and the thing that really gets me is that we probably sat around a table somewhere in time and saw the opportunity to be here right now and knew it would be just too exciting to miss!  hah.  Paul and I probably even argued over which one of us would get to have diabetes and kidney failure.  He won as he got to be the man, be in the military, and have his system compromised with massive doses of vaccines.  And my family (other than our children) think we fell off the deep end somewhere up there in colorado when we were living in the mountains.  Only thing that happened up there was that we had enough time to think and study and learn.

ls:  >  Hope all is well with you.  I'm going back over some of your filings this fall to see what is a fit.  Did the secretary of state ever reinstate your filings?  It doesn't appear that ours have been rescinded.  Take care and hello to Anita.  And thanks for your outspoken bravery........you do walk your talk.


ls:  >  PS This time when I file, I plan to refer to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report information in my affidavit about the double sets of books in counties and states everywhere.  The way I figure it, the CAFR cooked books (who was first, Enron, the banks, or the government with cooking the books??) have a problem adjusting for the $$millions in financing statements against county officials.  Do they list it as asset/liability or debit/credit?  Those playing with the hidden monies in the trough do not want this information out there.  There's more on all this CAFR that I've pasted here.  It seems to underscore the reason for so much bogus county court activity.  The more laws there are to break the more money for those playing at the money trough.

ls:  >  We all have to learn to 'follow the money and connect the dots.........'.   Here's just a little info:

From: WalterBurien@aol.com (WalterBurien@aol.com)

Date: Saturday, November 08, 2003 9:36 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: [CCCC-USA] Paul Andrew Mitchell confronts Bob Schulz

In a message dated 11/8/03 12:44:56 AM US Mountain Standard Time,

avoice@mtangel.net writes:


Thought you may find this interesting....


From: Paul Andrew Mitchell (paulandrewmitchell@yahoo.com)

Subject: [CCCC-USA] Paul Andrew Mitchell confronts Bob Schulz



And where is P. A. Mitchell's mention of the CAFR on his site? I couldn't find it.


The CAFR; the Annual Financial Report of all local governments. I have found that the extra word of "Comprehensive" added causes the majority to draw a blank, but Annual Financial Report, clicks with instant recognition. The key is government's Annual Financial Report starting in 1946, is the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) and their budget report is just that, a "selectively" produced budget for "the year"

Knowingly, willingly, and intentionally for all intents and purposes government held back their Annual Financial Report from disclosure to the population in all respects for 50 years until brought forward by my disclosure efforts starting in June of 1998. Disclosure as to what the Government, syndicated news Media, organized Education, both Political Parties, were doing through massive and cooperative nondisclosure.. There is no greater fraud in financial terms then to hold back your Annual Financial Report and promote an annual Budget Report as a showing of your gross income and net worth. The fraud now continues as they shuffle to change the accounting disclosure in the CAFR starting in 1999 with GASB transmittal letters 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. Again, where is Mr. Mitchell's simple mention of it?

With Mr. Mitchell's expressed knowledge of the game as he attacks Mr. Schulz, if ignorance to this fundamental fact is claimed for no mention by him of the CAFR and the massive amounts of revenue held and generated annually tucked away within it, does that mean he may be "controlled either by self-serving and hypocritical lackeys or, which is much worse, by minions of unseen hands who prefer to keep their worldwide economic manipulations completely hidden --for fraudulent and financially lucrative purposes."

Per Mr. Mitchell's mention of the national sales tax; "Are you seriously suggesting that those very same corporate State governments can be trusted to collect a 23% INCREASE in sales taxes nationwide and to forward every penny into the Treasury of the United States, where those funds would need to be deposited on a daily basis, if the Constitution is to be obeyed?" it appears that Mr. Mitchell supports the tax but not the method for collection and connects the logic that for the constitution to be obeyed, collection principle is the pivotal words. I would like to know since when forced extortion under any terms is a preamble to the constitution? Not in the country I was born in.

Where is Mr. Mitchell's fundamental mention per a sales tax that overall government's GROSS income is derived by 1/3rd tax income and 2/3rds NONTAX income.


Why not a peep from Mr. Mitchell as to Government's Annual Financial Report which now more clearly outlines a government's gross income and not a "selectively" produced budget for the year? This process of NONDISCLOSURE being no greater fraud in financial terms. The game has always been; Don't mention, don't discuss, and keep the public entertained in the orchestrated realm of left field while business as usual can continue unabated in right field for those minions of unseen hands who prefer to keep their worldwide economic manipulations completely hidden -- for fraudulent and financially lucrative purposes. The bottom line? If all (100%) government taxation as shown in a selectively produced budget report from both Federal and Local governments terminated today, government's annual gross income would decrease by 3.4 trillion dollars and they would only then have 5.1 trillion dollars generated per year leftover to operate from Government's NONTAX INCOME. SOURCE: Totals from (1999) City, County, School District, Enterprise, Investment, CAFRs and the Federal Combined Financial Report (Included and appendix excluded totals)

http://CAFR1.com (Most State CAFRs)

http://www.fms.treas.gov/cfs/ (Federal Combined Financial Report)

The scope is massive, and the participants many!

The key words for the day are;

1. GROSS INCOME from all operations, restricted by statute of not.

2. TOTAL INVESTMENTS from all operations, restricted by statute of not.

3. NET WORTH from all operations, restricted by statute of not.

Truly Yours,

Walter Burien






Joseph McNicholl (joseph_mcnicholl@yahoo.com) wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent@arkenterprises.com) wrote:

At 06:05 AM 11/24/03, you wrote:

jm:  There was ONLY ONE CHRIST, the SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rk:  joe, what you have just said is TRUE, but even then, such TRUTH eludes you.  You demonstrate the flaw of language.  You are a slave of your own SATANIC religious conditioning.  You, like millions of "spiritually undiscerning" intellectually ruled believers, have been and continue to be tethered and enslaved by the very myths and legends propagated by power-oriented SATANISTS.

rk:   You, like millions and millions of IGNORAMUSES, (limited perceiving individuals) miss the obvious, don't you? Religious and political leaders killed the Man because He demonstrated to His contemporaries, the Estate of SOVEREIGNTY (Divine Intelligence) to all through His unconflicted (Sinless) integral words and actions.  He thus posed a threat to their worldly satanic platform of power.  When He was out of the way, these same SATANIC religious/political leaders then created a myth, an ICON for blind, obedient, unaware, believing IGNORAMUSES to be led on the path of self-destruction through such divisive, separative mind-controlling tactics.



rk:  It is Divine Intelligence operant in ALL of CREATION.

rk:  The CHRIST is not a person.  The CHRIST is a state of nondualistic AWARENESS, the I AM THAT I AM which transcends the SATANIC, conflicted, dualistic Intellect.

rk:   Yet pride and fear will defend IGNORANCE (limited perception) to the death if necessary.  Joe, you are the "blind being led by the blind."   Hell, isn't it?

       Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ



By Raymond Karczewski

My spiritual brothers and sisters, I'm going to talk to you in terms that you already understand.

If you do not understand what I am about to say, it is because your conditioned IGNORANCE currently overwhelms you.

Since TIME IMMEMORIAL man has been at war, one with the other, both collectively and individually.

But who and what is the enemy which ACTUALLY is responsible for fostering divisions, separating peoples, bringing on wars, violence, and promoting endless confusion and conflict?

The "who and what" are one and the same -- SATANIC THOUGHT!!


ALL THOUGHT is dualistic, split, fragmented, unwhole, opposing;

therefore SATANIC in nature -- BAR NONE!!

ALL THOUGHT IS ILLUSION. Its use is appropriate for technical (dead-mechanical) problem solving, but is the origin of DAMNATION (ignorant self-judgment) WHEN IT IS applied to the nontechnical problems of life.

ACTION is NONDUALISTIC, WHOLE, CONSEQUENTIAL -- It is CREATION made manifest at the MATERIAL level of existence.

ACTION IS TRUTH made manifest.




THOUGHT(Example: look at our failing, errant, corrupt (In)Justice System)?

See what I mean? You already understand (have always understood) the answer. You are the Master of your Life. You are not a slave to SATANIC THOUGHT. (Be quiet, and in the Silence of NO-THOUGHT, you will understand this simple TRUTH.)

So the question remains, why does civilized man not end the source of his HELL-BASED CONSCIOUSNESS, his personal worship of SATANIC THOUGHT?


After all, you are the "cocreator" of your life/existence, are you not?

ALL OPPOSITION-based action, that is, ALL THOUGHT-based action is

SATANIC in nature.

How does one bring to an end the deleterious influence of SATANIC THOUGHT in one's life?


What is another word for ending support for opposition-based thought and action?


REMOVE your personal support for the SATANIC ILLUSIONS which rule your personal and collective levels of consciousness, and THEY DIE for their lack of ENERGY/LIFE FORCE.



It is the simplicity of BOYCOTT that shall MANIFEST as HEAVEN ON


Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

ps: please excuse the *caps.* I've been writing about this for

eight years -- yet nobody seems to grasp the simplicity of it. Isn't it  time for man to take his rightful place as an Intelligent Child of God?





By Raymond Karczewski

Josephine County Oregon District Attorney CLAY E. JOHNSON was recently asked by a reporter about his name being forged on  Internet Forums as part of a lengthy government/media sponsored/supported Disinformation/Smear campaign launched against Raymond Karczewski. See http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch88.html#Open

His comment to the reporter -- He would take action if he knew who was responsible for it.

Since November 2nd, 1997 I have been singled out as an object of a COINTELPRO disinformation/smear operation on the Internet.  The result of my efforts to petition Congress to compel the FBI to conduct an investigation into the matter has been met with a STONEWALL OF SILENCE from the White House on down.  See:


Consider the unlimited access to Investigative resources at the District Attorney's disposal and his subsequent expenditure of thousands of taxpayers dollars to prosecute "trumped up" charges against one who was merely traveling the public roadways with his "High-Beam headlights on. (See lengthy section http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm#PAPERS )

This is your government in action. This is the actual operation of government which is not to be confused with the carefully constructed Public Relations Image they promote to undiscerning taxpayers.  As such you support these government operations which are counterproductive and a threat to your own security and Freedom.

Isn't it time to wake up and take back control over our Country and Government?  Be heard, Demand public officials do the job they're payed to do. Hold them fast to their Oath of Office.

Insist District Attorney CLAY E. JOHNSON launch an investigation into the COINTELPRO operation that he himself  has now been drawn into in their continued efforts to smear Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Phone: Circuit Court            541-476-2309

          Sheriff's Department  541-474-5120

           District Attorney        541-474-5200


What is a Patriot?

Quicksilverdime wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2003 6:24 am    Post subject: Very Good, Raymond

qs:  >  Great! Why don't you join us in the Constitutional Rights Enforcement & Support Team (C.R.E.S.T.) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thecrest and repost your message there and contribute your views there also. Could sure use your input. We need to unite together to fight tyranny.

rk:  QS, thanks for the invite, but no thanks.  I would ask that you and other patriots read of my experiences with the Josephine County Oregon Courts.   See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm  and observe the radically different outcome of my case from the many others who have used the same approach.  They're in Jail.  I am not.  What is the difference?

rk:  I stood under God's Law.  I demanded man's law (our present, unlawful, unconstitutional private corporate court system) prove its jurisdiction and/or claim over a Sovereign Son of God.

rk:  Though threatened with years of incarceration for trumped up charges of Felony Eluding an officer and Paper Terrorism, i.e., Simulation of Legal Process, I stood firm in court throughout the  14 months trusting in TRUTH as my sole protection.  I  underwent two trials, was found guilty by two "braindead" slaveminded juries anxious to get home for supper.

rk:  I was offered probation.  As a Sovereign Son of God, I REFUSED to accept the contract offered.

rk:  Yes, you heard me right. I REFUSED to aid and abet in my own PROSECUTION.   Most who wind up facing the black-robed Pharisees who operate our court system do not understand that  as private bankers for the private government corporations who criminalize and warehouse human resources in our publicly funded jails/prisons the private courts are a LEGAL FICTION and HAVE NO JURISDICTION over GOD'S LAW and/or any "living, breathing, flesh and blood, sentient natural man unless the latter waives his protections under his Unalienable Rights and  agrees/contracts with the private courts who masquerade as legitimate courts of the land.

rk:  At my sentencing hearing  I refused to accept any offers by the state.  Although I was in custody and had been so for 102 days, I was set free that day.  See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch84.html#SENTENCING

Hear it at http://www.arkenterprises.com/sentence.html

rk: I refused to abide by any of the terms unlawfully imposed upon me that day and in their eyes violated the terms of the probation. I accused the judge and District Attorney in open court of being the criminals in the two cases.   Yet I was released from custody.

rk:  A month passed.  The probation officer stopped at my home, was alone and spoke to me and my wife at  the gate of my property.  The probation officer did not enter the property.  She asked that I submit to arrest and straighten the matter out with the judge.  I refused.  I advised the probation officer it would be necessary to take me forcibly with Sheriff's Deputies, that I would not "AGREE" to such contract.  The Probation Officer left the property empty handed and has not since returned.  See:Testing Jurisdiction of Josephine County Oregon Courts & Probation Dept.  http://www.arkenterprises.com/probarst.html

rk:  No my friend, there is good reason why I am OUT and others are in jail for seemingly the same reasons.  You have to be clear-sighted enough to recognize INSANITY which appears to be normal for the slave-minded.

rk:  Understand who you Truly Are, a Sovereign Son of God.  Follow God's Law of TRUTH and you too SHALL BE protected from the Satanic Bar Association' psychological grip on the American Judicial System.

rk:  Awaken from the hypnotic stupor which muddles the vision and relegates one to endless confusion.  Recover your lost Status as one of the Sovereign of this land, return to the understanding that you as one of the Sovereign People are the true government.


rk:  Demand the courts prove "jurisdiction in personam" and the prosecution produce a claim of injury by a living breathing, flesh and blood claimant, (none were produced in either of my two prosecutions.) Without such claim of damage there IS NO CRIME under GOD'S LAW, Common law, Constitutional Law.   Until then, without such proof at hand, the private, for-profit, corporate courts which proliferate in our Corporate-ruled land today  HAS NO JURISDICTION over a living breathing, flesh and blood, sentient, natural man, unless that man consents to doing business with the corporate court.

rk:  SHOCKING!!  It oughta be!  For millions upon millions have been schnookered into prison through such Satanic Deceptions.

rk:  As to what to do about its.  SIMPLE, Don't Fight It, BOYCOTT IT.

rk:  Begin acting like the Sovereign and the public servants will fall into their proper place.  Without your support, financial and/or otherwise, the Satanic Illusion of Corporate Goverment is readily seen for what is is.  The Emperor is Naked. Shorn of Power.  But this can only be seen by the simple, the direct, the Truthful Son/Daughter of God.

rk:  All organizations are easily controllable through their leadership.  Look how easily they folded up Rick Stanley's organization.  Without Rick, they'all surrendered without a whimper.  That's the illusion of power as exercised through Organizations.  The real strength lies in the individual standing in TRUTH.  When that is understood, millions of sovereigns may take back their country by standing alone and exposing the illusion of our Satanic Court System.

rk:  The present New World Order  nonsense underway in our American society would end in the blink of an eye, should the masses of mind-controlled "munchkins" awaken from their Satanically imposed "politically-correct" slave-mindedness.

rk:  One cannot follow God's Law, and man's law too.  Who'se law governs your life?

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

Yours in Liberty,





The "Big Ray" Saga, The FBI, The Justice Department and a Corrupt Josephine County Court System -- Lions and Tigers and Bears!


Note:  In the following article, (my title -- rk)  Editor Peter Sparacino sums up the "hidden in plain sight" Truth which eludes the average citizen, at least those Josephine County Taxpayers who don't have a glimmer of the corrupt governmental forces at work in our Community.

                                                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Peter wrote:


Update 12/22/03. I had 8 acres on Redwood Avenue just a mile down the road from the pasture where BLACKFOX was found dead and across the street from Jim Rossi who was his good friend.  I sold that property four years ago to people whom later I had substantial reason to believe operated a proprietary business front for the CIA. Their transport business was located very near the CIA's secret hanger at the JoCo airport. A transport driver was being used as an under-cover resource for the FBI. He lived next to my land. He set my pig pen afire and almost burnt my barn down, too. This put us at odds.  He also had many serious issues with another neighbor who reported him to the FBI because of  death threats made against him and his airplane.  It soon became obvious that the man was under the protection of the FBI.  At that point we joined forces to investigate this man since we shared common property lines.  What we learned about him was chilling. He had been in prison for murder; he had gutted his victim with a linoleum knife.  Apparently the FBI sprung him because of his contacts with a crime ring whom the FBI was investigating and needed to get someone on the inside.  Often times agencies trip over each other's secret operations.  I believe that this was one of those times.

    I was told by a reliable source that the criminal/stooge was hauling contraband of the kind that the FBI would investigate and of the kind that the CIA would use to penetrate terrorist cells.  Whatever the truth the fed's respective operations were at risk of exposure because their common stooge was an arrogant criminal who abused their protection by continually threatening his neighbors.  He attempted to murder my neighbor, the flyer,  who reported the nearly successful attempt to the Oregon State Police who did nothing because of the federal protection factor. His arson of my property was ruled accidental which got me riled up because I knew that it was deliberate.

    Since I was publishing this web page and I was also on the Sheriff's Citizen's Advisory  Committee meant risk of public exposure of the fed.'s secret operations was very real unless I was taken out of the loop with their stooge.  It was at that point that the purchase offer came out of left field to buy my eight acres. After the sale everything quieted down with the stooge.

    Eventually the fed's wrapped up their respective operations; the criminal/stooge was sent back to prison; and the CIA proprietary business was allowed to fail; and its operators lost all their business support and have now begun to default on our sales agreement. They don't even seem to care about foreclosure. Once again the feds have left a mess.

    So what's my point ?  Recent national events have shown that the FBI and CIA are deeply flawed agencies who have lost sight of their basic mission, i.e. to serve the public.  I believe that the FBI and the CIA  should be dissolved and that their former functions be incorporated into Homeland Security. Homeland Security could salvage the best of the best and get rid of the rest. We would all be better off.


Editor's note: It should be said that JoCo seems to be crawling with federal agents of one sort or another.  In fact the various sagas  I've reported on all have FBI or CIA connection.  The Big Ray Saga chronicles his formal interaction with the FBI goto http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm then later tells of  Department of Justice charges filed against him.  The Jack Harelson Saga tells of  Bureau of Land Management agents who destroyed his life.  The judge who rigged the law to prosecute Jack was an FBI agent.  The Jim Rossi Saga has FBI contact via the Christine Affair goto http://www.megaone.com/protest/christine.html and likely CIA scrutiny because of his bank case that could reveal a federal money laundering scheme like the BCCI scandal back in 1992 BCCI. http://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/  BLACKFOX's  mysterious death deprived Rossi of his corroborating witness.  Rossi got another person to replace BLACKFOX;  he too died mysteriously.


Best Regards

Peter D. Sparacino




BASSACKWARD:  The Slink of the Serpent!!

New ISP?

Name:   frumpy pumpernickle says "tickle my companion bar, make my 'puter dance"

Date Posted:   Dec 27, 03 - 10:24 AM

Message:   I thought you were banned from this forum for spamming it?

rk:  What you and others similar to you suffer from is Obviously the effects of more disinformation from known disinformation agent ed wilkinson, aka agent sir ed.

rk:  What amazes me about this whole issue is the extreme level of ignorance displayed by the silent readership of this and other newsgroups and forums who, who display their ignorance by their do-nothing inertia support of such satanic sleaze which seem to ooze from cowardly anonymous posters such as yourself.

rk:  These dumbed down ignoramuses are losing their country because of it.  They're "dead in the head" as nothing seems to move them.  They lack the ingredient of timely action in their dumbed down incrementally conditioned Satanic intellectual makeup.  They are unable to distinguish fact from fiction, truth from gossip, cartoon characters  who haven't the backbone to stand behind their/your words from real bonafide human beings.  Hell, isn't it?

But then again, what I propose to the likes of you is quite impossible, is it not?  Ignorant and guttersniping Yahoos like yourself HAVE NO BACKBONE!!

Or was it because you libeled that guy from the art bell newsgroup?

rk:  Perhaps you'll post that which you term "Libel."  Obviously you can't or won't since none occured.  MPD candidate ed wilkinson is a product of his own self-indictment. Can you not see the glaring, unrelated shifts in his writing?

Anyway, what function are you performing for the benefit of this forum?

rk:  The answer to that is quite glaring, is it not?  I AM the singular voice of Truth in an otherwise insane medium of communication ruled over by disinformation agents whose sole mission is to interrupt, interfere, misdirect, confuse and engender BASSACKWARDS as the normal stated level of  behavior.  Hell, isn't it?

From now on, you should ask yourself, what can you do for your fellow man.

rk:  I'm doing it.  However, I must admit that most are not worthy of such a rare gift of love.

What can you do to serve others since you expect others to serve you? What can you do to help yourself talk about something other than yourself?

Your obsession with yourself is glaring.

rk:  Au Contraire!! Your obsession with my posts shouts the contradictions posed by your writing, even though you do so from the SHADOWS.

 Give it up and obey the law. You will find that paying your fines and obeying the law is enjoyable.

rk:  See what I mean about BASSACKWARDS???  You, like countless other cowardly broken-spirited satanic minions worship human corruption as law and SHUN THE TRUTH as only the godly-inclined may come to understand.

It releases endorphins, and makes you feel good about yourself. It will help you overcome your problem with self loathing, so please, for the sake of everyone concerned, forget about yourself and do something for your fellow man.


rk:  Sorry, you'll have slink from the shadows and come out into the light if you wish to benefit from my Truth.

                   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©






BASSACKWARD: The Slink of the Serpent!!

Dec 27, 2003 4:31 am

P.J.  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:


 Hi Ray,

pj:  >  I am a bit confused by this post. Could you provide some background?

pj:  > As a general observation, I have noted a couple of things about your posts. You claim to believe that conflict is a product of satanic consciousness, yet you seem to revel in such conflict. Am I missing something?

rk:  I hardly revel in it.  I merely expose it for what it is!  I recognize I am a relative newcomer to this forum and do not fit in with the expected behavior of a newcomer. (tse, tse, tse, conditioned aren't we)  My posts call for the spiritually sensitive to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING when picking up the gist of my posts.  My experiences with stalkers and disinformation (government cointelpro operation)agents go back 8 years since I began writing on the internet.  It has never let up.  You can get a glimmer of what has transpired by visiting my link page http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialchst.htm  and/or  http://www.PetitionOnline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?RayNita1&1

rk:  Beyond that, it defies explanation because the average reader is a conditioned "dimwit" and is not attuned to such a level of awareness (sorry, but its true)

pj:  > Next, I have read extensively on you website and read all of your posts here. You clearly spent a lot of effort putting down your views for others and I commend you for it. I also believe that the key to saving our country/world is to awaken others to the reality of what is going on around them.

rk:  A daunting task, is it not???

pj:  > However, whenever I have seen anyone question any of your statements, you seem to immediately retreat into a mode of ridicule and sarcasm.

rk:  First off, if one is a discerning reader, one sees that they are not sincere questions.  I deal with them as such.  One sees that I don't suffer fools well, nor will I resist evil and play their game.  I don't cooperative with them, I merely expose (mirror) them in their glaring SATANIC (intellectual-based) ignorance.  The social protocols which most readers/writers of these forums are compelled to follow keep their consciousness well within the conditioned psychological box wherein they are easily manipulated by such anonymous internet prowling mind controlling professionals (and/or their obsequious mimicking, singing to the choir, wannabe dupes).

pj:  > I hardly find this conducive to helping others find the path to truth.

rk:  Perhaps you are not aware of the unrelenting attacks upon myself and my family for the extended length of time I have been writing on the Internet.  Nothing can be understood if only soundbytes are the demands made by the undiscerning reader. Isn't that the problem of IGNORANCE we collectively face in our world today?  One has to really be dumb to allow such chaos to rule their lives and dictate the hellish future they leave as a legacy to their children -- yet the evidence is in, is it not?

pj:  > Am I misreading your posts?

rk:  It would seem so!!

pj:  > This forum is filled with folks who are genuinely seeking the truth about the real nature of our society and existence and as such it is a very fertile ground for sharing your ideas. However, I would be surprised if you have been given serious consideration by anyone here because of the above mentioned backlashes of pretentious ridicule, eg...

rk:  Such are the conclusions of the social architected "in the box" thinking of the average politically correct thinker bound to Satanic ruled social protocol, controllable by those mind manipulators who dominate the government, media and Internet.

pj:  > Quote:

who display their ignorance by their do-nothing inertia support of such satanic sleaze which seem to ooze from cowardly anonymous posters such as yourself.

rk:  I stand by it.  It would appear that you lack the time, the experience and the understanding behind such statement.  I fully understand that!

pj:  > Quote:

Ignorant and guttersniping Yahoos like yourself HAVE NO BACKBONE!!

rk:  I stand by it.  It would appear that you lack the time, the experience and the understanding behind such statement.  I fully understand that!

pj:  > Quote:

However, I must admit that most are not worthy of such a rare gift of love.

rk: I stand by it.  It would appear that you lack the time, the experience and the understanding behind such statement.  I fully understand that!

pj:  > Please take this as constructive criticism. I think that you are a sincere seeker of truth and are really onto something. Check my thread in the Sovereignty forum titled "Unconditional Love - the Ultimate Truth" and you will see that our views are not far apart.

pj:  > I have just found that it is better to refrain from ad hominem attacks if I seek to persuade anyone to consider my viewpoint.

rk:  Nothing "ad hominem" about my posts and/or statements made over an eight year period.  Most readers however, cannot concieve of anyone outlasting such a professional assault over an extended period of time.  It is that which must be understood for life on earth to change.  If one can do it, all can do it, but for their own SATANIC self-doubt.  When a collective consciousness which daily accepts Hell on Earth as normal, and decries one who would stand up to such insanity as being the problem, one indeed defines BASSACKWARDS, does he/she not?

pj:  > Your thoughts?

rk:  You just had them!!

                Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

pj:  > _________________

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson






. . . .And We Call Ourselves Sane?!!!

             By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

   Gather round "children of the dark."  Be prepared to receive the light of Truth which dispells the darkness which envelopes the power of illusion.

   Gather round in your long-instilled codependent fellowship which has addicted you to believe in the illusion that there is strength in numbers. Do you not see that a thousand idiots do not a balanced person make?

   Gather round and listen to the unvarnished Truth which has traditionally sacrificed Human Intelligence upon the altar of Satanic Intellectualism since Man's original Fall from Grace.

   Understand the insanity which grips your present day "civilized" consciousness and which leads you to personally lend your support to making this a Hell on Earth.

   Understand the quality of intelligence that repeatedly is called upon by Satanic (the banking elitist/corporate) leadership to sacrifice Christs, simple men and women of Truth.

   Understand how millions through mind-control techniques can be called upon to obsessively worship the illusory image of an "immaculately conceived mythical superstition" which dominates the satanic mind and panders to sickness, to the degradation (sin) of human consciousness because that is what modern day consciousness finds itself immersed in.

   Understand the ignorance which elevates black robed Pharisees (image conscious letter-of-the-rule Judges) to power in our justice system because we have been conditioned out of our own native divine intelligence of order based in love, in balance.

   Understand how a witchdoctor-based pharmaceutical industry has gained power over millions and millions of lives while their patented medicines have permanently destroyed the body's native intelligence (chemical balance) which assured health and order in the physical realm.

  Gather round and face the insanity of a human warehousing Justice System whose Satanic power over intellectualized, broken-spirited children goes unchallenged while debtor's prisons grow exponentially and the incarcerated are now expected to pay for their forced lodgings with their own slave labor wages.

  Understand how human lives are daily sacrificed here at home and abroad through the power of imposed cultural conditioning (The power to divide and conquer).

  Understand how Confusion, Contradiction and Violence are actively supported while Clarity and Peace are passively viewed by the populace with disdain.

  Understand how we send our children to fight corporate wars sold to the public on the basis of "heroic concepts of freedom and self-determination" only to later learn it is Satanic economics and feudalistic policies which are ultimately supported by such organized programs of death and destruction.

  Understand how our fighing "children" who have been abandoned in foreign lands are being held hostage through their employment contract with the military.

  Understand how they become the property of the military and are regarded only as "war resources" by them to be used and discarded by the despoilers of human culture.

  Understand the insanity of civilian mothers asked to purchase and send their military-employed children warm clothing to get them through cold winters in foreign lands while their military employers withold the supply of these necessary means of survival.

  Understand how the sick and infirm arising from recent wars are roundly ignored in their medical care by the military establishment who have deliberately placed them in "harm's way."

  Understand the insanity of a system of goverment which charges our wounded troops who are recuperating in hospitals for their meals and/or the charging of our troops for the storage of their goods.

  Understand the insanity of the military which requires our young men and woman troops to pay for their furlough expenses/return to America.

  For God's Sake, understand the insanity inherent in the words in the illogical phrase "fight for peace" harped on by warmongers who work the crowd into a mob mindset.  How illogical can man be?

Yet there it is, isn't it?

  Understand that Life is Eternal.  The timebound is with beginning and end.  Religious leaders who preach eternal life when death comes preach A LIE.

  ETERNAL LIFE IS NOW!  Eternity does not BEGIN when we die.  Yet millions of IGNORAMUSES can be motivated to martyrdom through such NONSENSE.

  LIFE IS SACRED. Death is a mere Transition.  One must ask, why do humans allow themselves to support HELL ON EARTH and thus make it an eternity for themselves?

  If the military cannot or will not clothe our troops in other countries properly, SEND THEM HOME! Let them protect their loved ones here instead of sending them to defend corporate interests around the world while foreign troops are brought in to control domestic populations considered to be enemies of the Corporate State.

  Understand how the average person's body chemistry has been  destroyed.

  Understand how one now lies victim to the immense pharmaceutical industry which reaps untold profits in servicing the artificial chemical imbalance of the body when true balance was lost to blind believers through their capitulation to mind control techniques which caused them to doubt themselves and thereby relinquish their God-Given Intelligence in return for "feel good" temporary pleasurable Satanic chemical sedation.

  Understand how millions and millions of unaware, culturally conditioned reactionary human beings now fill our ever-growing prison system by unknowingly and ignorantly consenting to their own prosecution and incarceration. This is the curse of slaves who sacrificed their sovereignty in return for societal "privilege."

  Understand how the real producers of wealth, the individuals, are reduced to enslaved Satanic minions which support a system of dependent, parasitical predators that feed off the wealth of the individual through mind-controlling conceptual manipulation.  Can it not be seen that the Redistribution of wealth from the many to the few finds its source in the medium of Satanic Illusion?

  How does it happen to a society, a county, a world?  Easy!!  When the impossible can be made to be Believed, Insanity substitutes for Balance. The illogical prevails, the emotional runs amok and Christly balance is substituted by imbalanced Satanic activism.

  Illogical laws like the "Patriot Act" which is not designed to fight Terrorism but to enslave a domestic populace can only exist in an IGNORANT mind.

  An Illogical system such as a Cashless Society, which places the entire wealth of a population in the hands of the Satanic Few is another example of how millions can be convinced, manipulated, and maneuvered into total enslavement -- AN IMPOSSIBILITY when it is applied to divinely guided living, breathing, sentient, Children of God.

  . . . .And We Call Ourselves Sane?!!!

         Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ


    Let man not Fall for a New World Order.

   Let mankind Rise to a New World Consciousness!

    Raymond Karczewski http://www.arkenterprises.com **************************************************************



 Re: . . . .And We Call Ourselves Sane?!!!

From: pr (shin@netactive.co.za) wrote:

"DrPostman" <Look@mysig.foremail> wrote

"svanier" <svanier@americanprocess.org> wrote

. . . .And We Call Ourselves Sane?!!!

rk:  > >> >    Gather round "children of the dark."  Be prepared to receive the light of Truth which dispells the darkness which envelopes the power of illusion.

> >> *****SPV......Talking about himself he keeps missing the mark.  They will either come and get him or he is lying to us about his probation.

pr:  > >Now that you and a number of posters have ridiculed RK, no doubt believing themselves to be eminently sane, you might want to consider that there are numerous references in secular literature, from well-known psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as spiritual texts, which suggest that what we call normality is actually a state of insanity.

pm:  > bRay mailed me several "bills" claiming I owed him 1.7 billion dollars because I referenced his name in responses on Usenet.  He constantly complains to the FBI about government disinformation agents making fun of him on Usenet.

pm  >  You call that sane?

pr:  I suggested that our so-called sanity may not be all that it is thought to be. I further suggetsed that there may be numerous hints in a variety of fields, including the arts and science, that our normal state of consciousness is one of insanity. Instead of considering the possibility, or maybe just asking for the references, you, as well as another poster refer to RK's actions which are labeled as insane, erratic, non-sensical or something like that.

Is responding in such a way sane? I don't think so, because what I suggested has nothing to do with RK's actions.

Questions: Is a spiritually advanced or knowledgable person, and let us not even consider a fully enlightened one, necessarily be characterised by good social adjustment? Assuming that our normal state is in fact a state of madness, would that be a basis to judge other people's actions?

Making that assumption again, is the only question we should ask ourselves not just one of effectiveness? Considering that we are insane, is the way a "more sane" person choses to get this fact across, and propose methods of healing, effective?

We might agree with regards to RK's behaviour the answer would be "no". However, this might just be a superficial impression and the question is: are we satisfied with the surface reflections or are we willing to go below them, and what will you, or I, find then?

Namu Amida Butsu

Peter Reber

"Life knows its needs"



How Freedom is Lost by a Nation of MIND CONTROLLED IGNORAMUSES!!

frumpy pumpernickle wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

rk:  In the past, Carl R. Osterwald (i@mac.com) along with a number of other afab bully/ Skepticultist/disinformation Agents have, with reference to "kook awards" recommended in their posts "Vote early and vote often."

rk:  For your information, Carl Osterwald is a government employee who may be found at the site for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"http://www.nrel.gov/", The Directory shows the following:

Osterwald Carl - carl_osterwald@nrel.gov  alias: carl_osterwald

name: Osterwald Carl

email: carl_osterwald@nrel.gov

office_phone: 303-384-6764

fax: 303-384-6790

admin_asst_num: 303-384-6491

center: 5200

1617 Cole Blvd   Golden, CO  80401-3393

rk:  As most government employees come to know sooner or later, there exists the Job and then there exists the Politics which go along with holding onto the Job. The former is open, the latter hidden.  Isn't it time for a full investigation to be launched exposing the true identities behind the anonymous disinformation, mindcontroller Internet handles?

rk:  Here are the recent results of one such fictional kook awards promoted on both usenet and bravenet forums by these Government/Media sponsored/supported mindcontrollers.  (May I suggest the reader conduct his/her own personal search on google to see just how many AFAB/Skepticultists are involved with such activities.)  Perhaps this simple exercise shall awaken the American Populace to just HOW DUMB THEY REALLY ARE that they should be affected by such cheap mind-control tactics.

rk:  Then go to http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RayNita1/petition.html and lend your signature to the petition.  Its time for the American People to clean house in a Corrupt CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT which no longer serves the People, the True Government.  Yes folks, it's as simple as that. Only mind controlled idiot/minions who have been trained to live in fear of their "Public Servants" think otherwise.


Subject:   First Annual Bravenet KotY for 2003

Name:   frumpy pumpernickle says "tickle my companion bar, make my 'puter dance"

Date Posted:   Jan 2, 04 - 8:15 AM

Message:   Not a lot of participation in this first award, only three votes, but hey, we had fun didn't we?

The winner of the prestigious 2003 Kook of the Year award is none other than:

Raymond Karczewski

Congratulations Ray! You did it!

rk:  My only question concerns the three votes cast.  Were there actually THREE separate people who voted, or did one disinformation agent take his own advice and "Vote early and vote often."

rk:  This is but one example of how a nation of inert IGNORAMUSES are caused to receive their primary view of the world via the printed word and/or words on a screen and are thus manipulated by government/media employed mind controllers who anonymously dominate content on these Internet newsgroups/forums through such  vicious meanspirited reputation damaging deceptions.

rk:  If you think this is all fun and games engaged in by a bunch of fun loving "arrested development adolescents," I would bring to your attention to the fact that the prosecuting assistant District Attorney of Josephine County Oregon NEIL C. MOREY,  in his attempt to SLUR my reputation before the jury in a felony jury trial brought up such kook awards at the trial.

rk:  I sincerely feel this Constitutional Republic known as the united states of America is lost.  Why?  Because of a mass of impotent, emotionally unbalanced, Satanically ruled, intellectually challenged populace which functions at a low level of spiritual awareness.

rk:  This country's future does not lie in the hands of its leadership, the elitist bankers and/or corporate leaders.  It lies in the hands of the PEOPLE!

rk:  In the final outcome one always gets what one deserves.

                Raymond Ronald Karczewski©





On Jan 1, 2004, Free Republic Forum Admin Moderator "drstevej" of  "http://www.freerepublic.com" censored my  first and only article which I posted on their forum  " . . . .And We Call Ourselves Sane?!!!" See  http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch89.html#Sane  (Read what the mindcontrolling Censors do not want you to read)

Then in a followup private message stated  "I predict you will be toast soon."

The forum Admin/Moderator subsequently  pulled the article thread  from the forum preventing the forum readership from being exposed to the *CONDITIONING SHATTERING MESSAGE* with a followup comment stating "Your posting privilege has been revoked."

So much for Free Speech in America, Eh?

Welcome to the DoubleSpeak of the NEW WORLD ORDER!!

Hell, isn't it?

               Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ