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       By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

This Living Christ sans the Satanic Biblical Image Of the Spiritual Superstar Icon "JESUS OF NAZARETH" who was nothing more than a simple man of truth and exists as the very Essense of all men at their Subconscious level of mind, the core of their being.  He told you this himself when He said He was "the Truth, Life, and the way."

This Living Christ  has Broken the Greatest Story Ever Told, sinc Civilization began and has exposed the greatest hoax ever to be Played upon Civilized mankind--How Men can be controlled through the Spell of Satanic Mind Control Which causes them to live in a fictional reality and "Believe" it to be real.  ALL BLIND BELIEVERS are members of the "living dead' who Live in a FICTIONAL FANTASY, BAR NONE!

For 22 years, I have delivered PUBLICLY this message to all, unconditionally and without charge, but the vast majority spat upon it and attacked it as it ran counter to their own Satanic Conditioning and not having been charged for it, thought such Truth to be worthless. 

Even the Man JESUS accepted good-will donations and offerings for his Truth.  Additionally, The Satanic elitists of our time and their henchmen have made every attempt to destroy the credibility and even attempt to imprison This Living Christ for 40 years and failed, ultimately declaring  This Living Christ to be DEAD and his messages being delivered by foreign Intelligence disinformation Agents.

The Satanic elitists fear this living Christ as a threat to the continuation of their Satanic Mind Control through the NEW WORLD ORDER and rightfully they SHOULD BE!

Shortly, I SHALL STOP ALL PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS on the Net and PRIVATIZE MY website on a $5.00 per month privately contracted Basis and based on good will donations.  All contracts will be Private and thereby eliminate the third party of government which only applies to contracting publically when one is engaged in COMMERCE!


Since Satanic law (Man's Law) has no jurisdiction over Private Contracting, I suggest many people now engaged in noncommercial contracts revert to private Contracting. Would that no deal a "DEATH BLOW" to HELL ON EARTH?

I have proven Through my own true life's experiences that Satanic Man's Laws Have NO JURISDICTION over Living Men who act PRIVATELY and have not compromised themselves once they have AWAKENED to their true status as living SOVEREIGN MEN who follow God's Law "DO NO HARM and TELL NO LIES."  Such men and women DO NOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. They are above SATANIC LAW, MAN'S LAW and will not be tricked into granting JURISDICTION to SATANIC FICTIONAL government and its equally fictional SATANIC courts, judges, and lawyers.

Let's not support a SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER.  Let us create a divinely directed "NEW WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS"!

No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

This Living Christ is accelerating His campaign Against Satanism.

Strap yourselves in for you are in for a bumpy Ride.  Why?  Because you are all living in hell.  The evidence of that simple fact of Truth is undeniable.  Again Why"

Because Truth is Self-Evident, Truth is "What Is", Truth is holistic, Truth is God, Truth is Christ Consciousness. Truth is Nondualistic.  Truth is grasped only in the nondualistic realm of the Subconcious mind in the eternal moment of NOW.

 Satanism is Dualistic, Satanism is Illusion, Satanism is Thought, Satanism is Partial, Satanism is Unwhole (unholy), Satanism is a Lie, a Contradiction in Essence, Satanism is based in dualism, division and opposition.   Satanism is the basis of the  Intellectully Trained  aftermoment  based conscious mind, Satanism is Illusory, a counterfeit graven, dead image based in Mind controlling beliefs.

You see, the dualistic image of Truth does not resonate with the holistic energy of Truth.

A simple demonstration of this can be seen an felt by any spiritually aware seeker.

A clear demonsration of this can be seen in the holistic energy of this Living Christ's videos.

That seems to be where it stops.  Pay attenion to the energy of damn near every psuedo authority one finds in Government, Religion and Media.   Is it not dualistic progrmmed and creative of DOUBT, CONFUSION, VIOLENCE?   A glaring example of this can be found in the articles and You Tube videos of this Living Christ and the and the bombastic, emotionally unstable Talk Show host ALEX JONES.  Is not his forte that of gloryfying violence in the name of religious ferver?

His approach plays to the Satanic conditioning of the average publicly educated-cultured man!

He is supported by Millions with millions of dollars while the SATANIC FORCES claim this Living Christ is Dead and do everything they can to deny his existance.


Raymond Ronald Karczewskię

DIVINE ANARCHISM OF GOD'S LAW or, THE SATANIC RULE OF MAN'S LAW:  Whom do you Worship, Obey, and Serve?

By Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

  From the beginning of the first Civilization, War has occured within the Intellectually constructed society of man.   It grew in number and intensity from civilized minded man to man, from civilized family to family, from civilized tribe to tribe, from civilized encampment to encampment, from  civilized village to village, from civilized nation to nation, from civilized religion to religion.

  The seed of the destruction of Mankind was sown in its very beginning, when man FELL FROM GRACE, when he descended into the dark realm of Intellectualism after a life guided by supreme AWARENESS, direct apprehension of Truth.

  What spirit of civilized Law was served by such proliferation of death and destruction in human society?

  What spirit of civilized Intelligence is exhibited by such endless division, opposition, destruction and suffering?

  SATANIC, is it not?  The word Satan means "Opposer".  SATAN is the divisive spirit of opposition found in the Intellectual realm of the conditionable Human mind.

  I am trying to make this as simple as I can, for I fully understand those  whom I am addressing.  I am addressing the sightless, Spiritually Blind who have made a mess of their lives because THEY CANNOT SEE THE SIMPLE TRUTH WHICH IS ALL AROUND THEM. 

  I am addressing the Spiritually Dead, who, because they ARE SPIRITUALLY BLIND, must compensate for their inability to see, to transcend their present life of darkness with the programmable instrument of an outer-authority-directed, conditionable Intellect which serves as their "automatic pilot" guidance system through life. 

  If you are offended by such a simple fact, overlooked by you and by the rest of the blind believers with whom you associate, do not take what I have just said as an insult but as the gift of Truth, the gift of Love, the gift of healing, a gift, which if understood by you, shall restore you to your Spiritual Sight. 

  Let us cut through the armour of words with which each of you SATANIC WARRIORS and mealy-mouthed victims cloak yourselves  as protection as you venture out into the field of doing  daily battle with your family, your friends, neighbors, associates, etc.  There is no place in your lives where such division does not present itself, is there?  You find it at all levels of relationship,

  How many peaceful relationships do each of you enjoy in the course of a day?  Don't be too harsh on yourselves, for if you look around, you acknowledge that everyone you know is in the same hellish soup, each drowning incrementally with every passing day, looking for help, assistance, a savior to rescue them from a life of either quiet or raging despair.

  They are those who fall to their knees praying to a superstition-graven image which, through mysticism and myth wielded by witchdoctors, priests, and the like, has long and incrementally been inculcated into them via political and religious mind control agendas. 

   The Satanic serving witchdoctors and priests have been replaced by modern-day political and religious mind manipulative elitists who get their power by extracting it through fear and self-doubt of victims who have learned to live on their knees rather than stand up like men. 

   These fear-wallowing victims are the co-dependents who seek Satanic fellowship from their equally drowning loved ones, neighbors, business associates, and other political and religious dupes.  Their lack of intelligent discernment does not allow them to see that if the single individual is IGNORANT, STUPID, PRIDEFUL AND INSANE, multiplication of that individual spirit into a club, an organization, a political party, a religion composed of such like-minded individuals only increases exponentially and strengthens such IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, PRIDEFULNESS AND INSANITY.   Can I get a DUH out there???

 .  How many of you have broken away from that way of life?  How many of you have recovered your balance, your peace, are now able to stand firmly and calmly amid the firestorms of controversy which rule the lives of the victim-minded?  How many indeed??

   How many of you understand your personal contributions to the world you have cooperated in making, whose report card is seen in the devastating daily headlines you read in the controlled media?  This is the community of humans with which you share you lives.

  Are you proud of it?  Are you sad of it?

  How many of you can TRUTHFULLY say you are WHOLE in spirit, mind, and body? 

  How many of you can TRUTHFULLY say you hold yourselves responsible for the quality of your own lives?

  How many of you live in FEAR, in SELF-DOUBT, dependent upon experts and leaders to do your thinking for you?   How many of you need Congressmen, Senators, Presidents to tell you how to live, to make law based on warring words which leave you frightened, inert and made to feel comfortable in your chains of slavery?  Is this the legacy you want to leave your loved ones, your posterity?   Hell, you've already screwed their minds up with the same Satanic stuff which has screwed you up.  But do you really want to continue with the generation to generation, Satanic Tradition of the Sins of the Fathers shall be passed onto their Sons?  Isn't that what you are doing?

  How many of you ARE EVEN AWARE that your lives are based in fear, self-doubt and dependence upon others which compel you to look outside of yourselves for that which you need to make you feel whole in yourselves? 

  Does not such a revelation of Truth come to you as a swift kick in the pants?  Or do you merely slough if off by claiming it to be the NORMAL way of life?   After all, you look around and everyone lives that way.  It has become the reinforcing pattern of the LIVING DEAD, has it not?

  Simple Men of Truth have appeared throughout the ages reminding the blind and the dead of where their TRUE ESTATE lies, and have pointed out to them how they got the way they are--IGNORANT, STUPID, CONFUSED, AND VIOLENT.

  Simple Men of Truth have talked about God's Law, the holistic vibratory essence of oneness in spirit.  They have couched it in terms of "Do unto others as You would have them do unto you."  "Love one another as you love yourselves".  "LIVE, LOVE, RESONATE in TRUTH."
Anybody see a scintilla of conflict in such revelations (Truth is always revealed, NEVER taught, CANNOT BE learned)? 

   Do you know what such supreme Intelligence is called?

   Gird yourselves for a real SHOCKER!!  


   ANARCHY is the transcendence of SATANIC grounded MAN'S LAW.

   Only the Anarchist UNDERSTANDS the infinite oneness of FREEDOM.  For He is at-one with TRUTH--unconflicted and peaceful, firm yet not rigid.  He UNDERSTANDS that one cannot serve two masters.  He resonates, finds his being in Love, the Law of God.

  The SPIRITUAL ANARCHIST is SATAN'S deadly enemy which evokes fear in the minds of Satanically mind-controlled minions.

  SATANIC MAN'S LAW fully understands this and so rules over those self-doubting slave-minded victims who capitulate to their Satanic rule when it is applied to them through force, fear, and almost daily subtle and imperceptable imposition of slave-inducing SELF-DOUBT.

  How does the spiritual ANARCHIST, the CHRIST, deal with a Satanic Government whose divisive laws cannot be obeyed without one being drawn into the violent enslavement of DUALISM AND DIVISIVENESS?

  Does the SPIRITUAL ANARCHIST, the CHRIST, resist man's Law?   NO!!

  Does the SPIRITUAL ANARCHIST, the CHRIST, support man's Law?  NO!!


  He neither resists nor supports Man's Law, for He understands the rule of SATANISM, which can ONLY rule through opposition and conflict.

  The SPIRITUAL ANARCHIST, CHRIST, stands balanced, lending neither yea nor nay which serves to fuel the fires of contradiction which is the ORIGINAL SIN that rules the lives of minions who have chosen to consent, to serve, and take up their allocated places in Hell.

  Some think that I have been harsh in exposing the hypocrisy of seemingly "God fearing" Patriot talk show hosts.  Let's put it this way:  If you have to fear "God", the essence of Supreme Intelligence Itself, is that not a clear-cut admission that you are STANDING IN THE FIRES OF HELL ITSELF?  Just how confused can an individual get to be brought to his knees in FEAR OF SUPREME INTELLIGENCE, THE GOD OF LOVE?

  Anyone or any institution which keeps you roiling and broiling in endless thought which prevents even a fleeting moment of INSIGHT which prompts DIRECT AND INDISPUTABLE action in the resolution of harmful collective thought, is your SLAVE MASTER.  Be it the government Politician or Bureaucrat, or the Patrior leader and mouthpiece talk show host. 

  LOOK at what they say.  WATCH what they do!

  Now, wasn't that simple?  Now you understand which law they serve, which God they serve.  Is it the God of Love or the petty "god" of Intellect--SATAN??

  So what about you??   Now that you have had a glimpse of the simplicity of FREEDOM, you are faced with the near impossibility of ACTING to remove yourself from the bondage of thought which presently enslaves you.

  BE AWARE, BE ONE WITH TRUTH, and the petty hell of man's thought dies for lack of support or resistance. 

  SPIRITUAL ANARCHISM, CHRISTHOOD, is yours now, but only for those who are ready to recover from their SPIRITUAL AMNESIA.

       A Living Christ Says It's Time to Bring This Government Down.

.                                                             By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

rk:    This sort of attack/misdirection by Government Intelligent disinformation operatives has been going on for my entire time of writing on the Internet--22years. 

rk:    If you will visit  Google Usenet forum and alt.consciousness.4th-way,  you will find where these Satanic vermin are headquartered. 

rk:    They operate under many aliases, CUJO just being one of them.  Note they seldom refer to the contents of my articles, but CUJO matches just about every article that I write but misdirects public awareness away from the content.

rk:    Vicious libel campaigns have been launched against this Living Christ and his family members, living and dead. 

rk:    They are protected from prosecution by every Federal, State and County Law Enforcement Agency contacted and they brag openly of their immunity from prosecution. 
rk:    Few have drawn such attention to government protected mind control for such a long time but you, the American public remain apatheic as your "OX HAS NOT YET BEEN GORED!"  When you finally find a backbone and find the courage to back this Living Christ in exposing the Government's Satanic mind control over a hypnotized Nation of broken-spirited slaves, this Nation is DOOMED.

rk:    I sent to President TRUMP on his inauguration day, Jan,20th, 2017 a certified mail package of the investigative reports seeking his assistance in ordering an FBI Investigation into the 18 year (since 1999) persecution, prosecution of this living CHRIST/SOVEREIGN man. /Today is March 10th, 2017, and I still have not received the signature card verifying the Package was delivered to President Trump. There seems to be NO END to the Satanic corruption at the upper levels of Government rulers.

rk:    I, this Living Christ, have put government in its proper place, EXPOSING THEM as merely servants to their MASTER, THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE.  But YOU, THE PUBLIC continue to wring your hands with anguish and fear, capitulating to a fictional illusion of government.

rk:    Back this living Christ in demanding an FBI Investigation and lets get on with securing Peace on Earth through the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS if not the earth but at least this country.

rk   Read the following mild examples of Government disinformation Misdirection!

Cujo DeSockpuppet    
Mar 8
This Edition of Fake Dead Ray is a CONTRADICTION IN ESSENCE!
Raymond Karczewski <> wrote in

> He is supported by Millions with millions of dollars while the SATANIC  FORCES claim this Living Christ is Dead and do everything they can to deny his existence.

Sucks to be a ghoul that can't get his Honda out of impound.
Cujo -  The Official Overseer of Kooks and Trolls in dfw.*,
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 "Ed Wollmann is a man of substance! Unfortunately, that substance is shit." - Mr. Doobie just before having to apologize to shit worldwide.
    Cujo DeSockpuppet    
Mar 8
Re: This Edition of Fake Dead Ray is a CONTRADICTION IN ESSENCE! Bite My Shiny Metal Ass wrote in

> Cujo DeSockpuppet <> wrote:
>> Raymond Karczewski <> wrote in
>> news:47223405-aab6-4f82-
>> > He is supported by Millions with millions of dollars while the>> > SATANIC FORCES claim this Living Christ is Dead and do everything  they can to deny his existence. Sucks to be a ghoul that can't get his Honda out of impound.
> Especially since the Fake Ray cleverly titled the Honda
> to Raymond Karczewski.

That's fraud.

> Good luck getting Real Ray to
> leap out of his porcelean-ensconced tomb and go redeem
> "his" Honda.

I'm sure after all this time what's left of the Real Dead Ray is worm shit that's been recycled a few hundred times.

> Another $19.95 gift to Oregon.
> Hell, isn't it?

Hell, it is!--
Cujo -  The Official Overseer of Kooks and Trolls in dfw.*,
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"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

                             A Living Christ and President TRUMP!

By    Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

Much has changed since this 79 year old living Christ publicly began writing on the Internet in 1995.  I was slow to announce who and what This Sovereign man was and to publicly explain to all that a Christ is simply a Man of Truth, a manifestation of the Creation of  God, for that is all that a  God Is, the nondualistic essence of TRUTH, of Infinite Intelligence that rules over the Universe. 

However, the vast majority of you still embrace your chains of slavery, for you remain comfortable in the "known" even though it is HELL ON EARTH. (Dualistic and an affected conditioned  view) of a hellish world filtered by an Intellectual, Conscious Mind.  You are ruled in your Consciousness by story telling Myths, Legends, and fairie Tales at an early age and most of you carry such illusions with you throughout your lives to your deaths, NEVER UNDERSTANDING the experience that you go through as a twisted, distorted, reinforced illusion that has become your view of a Hell-bound world.  You live NOT in a world of TRUTH, discoverable only in the Eternal Moment of "NOW" but in an fictional aftermoment based hypnotically mind controlled altered reality.  You are LIVING IN HELL, It DOES NOT BEGIN WHEN YOU DIE!

My beloved wife of 49 years is now DECEASED.  She has died. My persecutions, prosecutions, false arrests, and incarcerations by the OREGON  Government at the State and local level had KILLED HER!  She stood by me, though she never came to UNDERSTAND ME in this lifetime. The stresses placed upon her and the inexcusable coverup of the negligence of the federal and Oregon Government and in their handling of the Biscuit Fire, the largest and most destructive  wildfire ever to be experienced on the West Coast of this country is what Killed Her.  AND NO ONE WAS HELD RESPONSIBLE! see:

There Needs be changes to be brought about in relationship of government with its Masters, The Sovereign People, the CREATORS OF GOVERNMENT, THE MASTERS over Government not the ENSLAVED PERSONS created by a fictional Government, through the FRAUD of Birth Certification, the "juristic person" the fictional entity that that is referred to in every code, doctrine, rule, and policy conjured up and written by Satanic (Intellectually driven Divided/Opposers) Lawyers and Judges who wrote and enforce such fictitious rules when NO ONES been harmed, nor rights Infringed (True Crime)

I speak to you as a Living Christ, not the fictional "Dead Christ that our Federal Intelligence Community and their Internet mind controlling sponsored and supported disinformation team who attack privately, yet publicly not say a word about the existence of this living Christ on the Earth for 22 years.

In a Satanic setting, which I perceive Man's law to be, I perceive that President TRUMP is the best opportunity to rescue America from the Satanic Clutches of the SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER.  With that in mind.  That is why He is Drawing the heat that he is.

To all you Christians out there, it is time to break the Spell of a Satanically ruled VATICAN based religion which is no more than the SATANIC POWER STRUCTURE which compliments the iron fist of SATANIC governmental, political power.

When testing the events of a created HELL in your lives, you grow spiritually which is vastly more important than posturing politically.  That is why I Sent him a certified mailing of a request of PRESIDENT TRUMP ON JAN. 20TH, INAUGURATION DAY to ORDER AN FBI INVESTIGATION into my two cases.  I have yet to be notified that he received the package.  With a combined political effort along with ita Spiritual counterpart of the "SECOND COMING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, a world of revolutionary peace stands a good chance of transforming our world.

To all of you who agree with this plan, make your support known,  Spread this far and wide,  Let us light a fire under him.  I have long ago learned the Lesson that GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES,

 "No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the
SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

Watch my You-Tube Videos at:

Change The Quality of Your Life Today

A Living Christ distinguishes Freedom and Slavery: Your Choice!

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ

Myca Patrick
hi I'm interested in your writings and books. Please send me any info or links. I'm very weary of Facebook and comments so please know I'm supporting. The past 7 years have been adreline filled with bad policy enforcers and general public stalkings. doing my best to break this assumption/presumption and remove the fiction from my existence. You know. How powerful your words are so hang high and know there are watchers hearing the truth break down their illusion. blessings

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię
Myca, I don't do private messaging as there are too many in the world that share the same problems.

I only have 1 book. I stopped writing because the average guy isn't interested in what I have to say and I learned long ago NOT TO CODDLE ignorance and outright STUPIDITY.!

The secret to happiness, freedom and Sovereignty lies in the Spiritual realm, not in the Satanic, divided realm of THE POLITICAL Intellect.

Everything you need and seek for is on my websites and videos, but you have to internalize it, understand it, make it your own. There are no pat answers. Most of the reactionary people out there play by SATAN'S rules and therefore give govt JURISDICTION over them by their own consent through satan's invitation via contract, application forms etc. That is how they lose. Their first step dictates the outcome and they accept the mantle of slavery.

You are living, those who are Fictions and enforce fictional Institutions are dead. The dead have NO POWER over the LIVING. Its that simple. Know who you are and hold to it. The dead are all bluff. You just have to call it.

"No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewskię -- A Living Christ