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Re: Ed and Elaine Brown: Defenders of Freedom in a Tyrannical Land.

Reid Sutherland <reid@vianet.ca>   wrote:

Edgar Wolphe wrote:

Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net>

Mar 2, 2009 1:58 PM

rs:  Why do you reply to this idiot?  I suppose you are highlighting his absolute stupidity...(Reid is referring to disinformation agent edgar wolphe) rk

rk:  Amongst otherthings Reid.  I point out the obvious until it hurts satanic conditioned sick egos.   That is why  Christs are never welcome by in their time.

Read What Dave has to say below.  You would think a country of Sovereigns would understand that of which he speaks, yet I would bet not One (1) out of thousand gets it.  Dave and I speak to the souls of Sovereigns.  Jerks like wolphe, on the other hand,  panders to the ignorance of slaves.

Subject: Keep up the good work Ray

Dave <dabodave1@netzero.net>  

Date: Mar 2, 2009 12:08 PM


Keep up the good work Ray, you will always find evil lurking around good, in attempts to discourage and or to propaganda away the good intentions of the good deeds.

I have one case in the US Supreme court now (case 08-8619 D'Addabbo v US et). It exposes corruptions of all governments. In a Supreme court case you ask the judges questions you want answered. I had many, listed but some are listed:

Where in the constitution does it allow any other form of government than that of a Republic? Art 4 Sec 4 specifically states that we are to be a Republic government.

NOT a corporation government.

NOT a democracy.

NOT a socialist democracy.

NOT ran by secrete combinations of societies and companies for profits such as the Federal Reserve Bank for Profit, the IRS and hoards of other agencies with no legal power.

Where in the Constitution does it give authority for Congress to rule over the people? It does not. In fact the only authorized federal agents to arrest anyone at anytime are the federal militia. And they can only arrest people under times of insurrection or rebellion...

They can not be FBI, DEA, CPS, US Marshals, BATF, IRS, US Treasury, etc... As they are NOT federal militia and They are not arresting for insurrection or rebellion....

The Sheriff is the highest elected law officer in the nation. In his county he holds law as constitutional law and nothing else can enter into his county unless authorized in Writing and approved by the sheriff and then duly recorded by the sheriff, the county attorney and the county recorders office.

If an affidavit from the feds caused an arrest and the people on the federal Grand jury that signed the affidavit, including the federal judge who gave final permission, were NOT people living in the territory of the US or federal territories allowed by law such as Washington DC. Then the affidavit is not legal.

The Federal District courts are also not legal, as the Judicial powers given by the authority of law are the supreme court and the 3 judge panel at the appeals courts. All others have no jurisdiction over anyone at anytime.

NO federal court has jurisdiction to have anyone arrested unless they are arrested by sheriffs and brought to them by sheriffs in that county. And as the feds have no implementing regulations that allow them to legally arrest anyone, millions of prisoners must be allowed to go free.


Feds can not judge anyone that is not under their jurisdiction.

Feds can not arrest anyone except by the federal militia.

Feds can not create laws, nor can state legislators, that rule people. They can only regulate governments.

WAR on the people, under the illusions of war on things:

War on tax protestors,

War on drugs,

War on alcohol,

War on smoking,

War on people who do not wear seat belts or have insurance,

War on education,

War on children's rights over the parents rights,

War on animal rights over the peoples rights,

War on hate crimes,

ETC..... all an illusion to create laws that are not laws but illegal actions by organized criminals to make bond servants out of the people, creating an empire that has become a monster of evil, now taking over the world.

several years ago, I warned everyone I could, about the plans of the BEAST, who would crash the world's economy and then buy up companies of power, for pennies on the dollar and eventually be able to deny services, food, work, etc.. to anyone at anytime if they would not take the Mark. I was mocked considerably. Especially by those who want the secretes to be hidden.

Now look at today.

Bail out lies, as only the crooks are being bailed out.

Taking over the world's economy is more like the truth.

So with all this information being out their for people to read, why are we in such trouble?

Because of propaganda handlers, such as the ones after you.

Be of good cheer! WE know who wins this fight! It is our duty to continue onward, without falling into the hate traps, that are set for us as patriots.

Yes, it may make our blood pressure rise when we read remarks of idiots claiming to know things and who try to shoot down the truths. But recognize them and remember who owns them. Lucifer is a very smart spirit and remembers each of us who helped kick his butt out of heaven over free agency laws of GOD. He remembers the ones who actually had spiritual hands in the event especially.

I know that I and probably you and others like ourselves, were strong in support of Jesus Christ during that great war. That is why we were chosen to live during these final days before Christ comes again. We are generals in Christ's Army, sent to do reconnaissance and education work for the people, to awaken them and prepare them for judgment day.

So, keep your armor on both spiritually and physically, and make sure your spiritual side is fed as much as your physical side; as without it, we shall not survive the coming storms; and stay warned and stay educated on what is real and what is fake or an illusion of laws, under color of laws.

David J. D'Addabbo


 The Pen is only mightier than the sword,
if you also own a sword.UCC 1-308,

All Rights Preserved Without Prejudice;

David J. D'Addabbo, Investigator for the People,

Christian, Patriot Preacher.



Re: Ed and Elaine Brown: Defenders of Freedom in a Tyrannical Land.

Kat Man <katmanwon@gmail.com>  wrote:

Reid Sutherland <reid@vianet.ca>   wrote:

Raymond Karczewski <arkent3@earthlink.net> wrote:

Date: Mar 2, 2009 6:03 PM

km:  >  Ray

km:  >  I appreciate your efforts & agree with you!

rk:  Many do, but have lost their voice

km:  > EW needs to wake up & smell the coffee or in other words -
get his head out of his ass!

rk:  Wolphe is a prideful punk who thinks he is too slick to get caught at his disinformation schtick.


km:  > I am thrilled as the people will regain their sovereignty b/c the evil ones abused the public trust & played with derivatives that blow up in their faces!

km:  > NOW with the mortgage market collapsing & tax revenue drying up - the corporate gangsters in govt. may be forced to release All of the non-violent prisoners & legalize DRUGS b/c they will have to make tough choices!

rk:  The people of America need to clean out government and not just talk while they wait years for fixed elections to bypass their vote.  That is the ignorance I speak of.  They've got the words, but they don't have the actions to match them.

km:  > SO ALL IN ALL - I welcome the collapse so We the People will learn from that ATTORNEYS & the BANKSTERS are TRAITORS.

rs:  >   It seems men are born equal under the creator (whatever the creator may be, this fact remains undeniable to me).  Therefore any man who is operating in his full capacity as a free individual MUST CONSENT to being governed/ruled. 

rk:  World governments from the birth of civilization have been Satanically ruled:  (Through opposing and divided Intellectual thought).  It is the byproduct of Man's Fall from Grace. 

rk;  I, for one am a Divinely Guided Anarchist.  I recognize no law but Gods, law, The holistic resonant Truth which unfolds in every eternal moment which prompt the aware to do the right thing at the right time.  That is man's True estate.  It is the Christ Consciousness, that each man has within them but forsakes it in favor of conditioned Satanic thought.  As such Man' Law, the Law of Mammon is a "necessary evil."

rk:  In the land of Paradise, all are Sovereign and Independant through their own Divine Guidance.  That is what the average, Satanically conditioned man strives for pulling him away from himself into a BASSACKWARD Hell on Earth.

rk:  There can be NO PEACE on earth to men who are not peaceful within themselves.  How many of you can really cue in to the energy that I speak of that is calm yet devastating to men of violence who seek to attack a Christ.  No one escapes the Mirror of Truth that is the sword and shield of a Living Christ.

rs:  >The only other way to obtain your submission is by physical force -- but even then, that's your choice.  Of course if you infringe on someone else's freedom (unlikely if you are aware of your own), you shall be denied your freedom by lawful justice.

rk:  If one' follows God's Law of Divine Love, he/she lives in a state of Non-Contradiction.  For them, there is no need to link themselves to the Law of Mammon.

rs:  >  The only cost to freedom is freedom; or so it seems to me.

rk:  Which calls for acting in Truth and with Responsibility.

rk:  The average man is on a Satanic treadmill wasting his life's energy on the Satanic Lie that "One must fight for peace."  Until they awaken to their own spiritual nature, such hell on earth dogs their every step from cradle to grave, never understanding the reason for life.

                 Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Re: Mary Croft  and Christ Consciousness

Reid Sutherland  < reid@vianet.ca> wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

Mar 4, 2009 11:26 PM

-----Original Message-----
>From: Reid Sutherland  < reid@vianet.ca>
>Sent: Mar 4, 2009 11:17 PM
>To: arkent3@earthlink.net
>Subject: Mary Croft

rs: >Do you know of her?

rk:  NO!

rk:  Who indeed is Mary Croft?  

rk:  I received the above question from one of my email subscribers, to which I answered tersely.

rk:  I was moved to investigate further the question of Who Is Mary Croft as Reid is well aware of my writings

rk:  A search for Mary Croft turned up a brief description of her work on http://natural-person.ca/

rk:  A link on the page led to a pdf file  "Mary Croft's Free Book."

rk:        I have been at this task of awakening the American People to their God-Given Sovereignty for 14 years on the Internet, but have approached it from a Spiritual venue.  It has not been understood, and it has not been well received.    

rk:     A Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man or woman  is imbued with God-given, Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Property.  Such men and women of the Sovereign People, the True Government, are the creators of the fictional government formed by them to serve them, the People. 

rk:    Therefore such LBFBSNMW are beyond the JURISDICTION and scope  of corporate  Color of Law Legislative Policies  which govern only those who contract with the Government, thereby reducing them to chattel, Wards of the State.  In other words SLAVES.  The creation (fictional government) cannot have JURISDICTION over its Creator, the Sovereign People.

rk:  A Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natual man or woman, who is equally balanced in a consciousness straddling left brain and right brain activity is capable of holistic perception, i.e., "Divine Awareness".  Hence they are not ordinarily caught in the conflicted vicissitudes of life by Satanic dualistic, opposing thought of the Intellect, the scourge of civilized mankind.

rk:  Jesus of Nazareth was one such Son of God, a Sovereign whose balanced state of Consciousness Threatened the Satanic Status Quo of His time.  Jesus was not understood in His time, nor is he understood at this present time in history.  I have written considerably on this issue over the last 14 years.  Anyone who wants to challenge that statement may find the evidence for such statement on my website http://www.arkenterprises.com/ with its many linked pages.

rk:  The average civilized man or woman has been reduced in consciousness to  the robotic state of "blind believers" via the imposition of fear via political power, and the satanic mystique of Religious Myth and mysticism, inducing a state of confusion and desire for some mystical savior to come to their aid and rescue them.  Do your see that Both, politics and religion are merely the two sides of the coin of Satanic Power which has ruled the civilizations of man, since Man's Fall from Grace.   

rk:  I highly recommend all to read "Mary Croft's Free Book."   She's done a fine job in expressing concepts that Satanic Conditioning does not want you to understand.

rk:  Those of you who "BELIEVE" in the Myth of Christ have had the wool pulled over
your eyes.  You have been trained by your parents, public schools and governments to be the blind who are being led by the blind.  You are incapable of "SEEING" the Truth that is everpresent in consciousness, but ignored in favor of seeking and entertaining the illusion of Security, through Blind Belief .  Thus is Paradise converted into a Hell on Earth.

rk:  Each of you have the opportunity to return to your God-Given Sovereignty, but YOU MUST SEE IT FOR YOURSELF and then have the courage to move away from the destructive herd mentality which is robbing you of your money, homes, and liberty.  You must stand responsible for yourselves.  There is NO OTHER WAY.

rk:  I, this Living Christ, have brought the State of Oregon, and County of Josephine Court System "TO ITS KNEES"   Everything that I have done, YOU ALSO CAN DO!  Read about it on http://www.arkenterprises.com/index11.html

rk:  Ed and Elaine Brown of New Hampshire will also bring the New Hampshire Courts to its Knees when they once again, stand trial for Trumped up Charges.  They however require your assistance.  You may read about what you can do to assure a Restoration to our Constitutional Republic on my home page:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/

rk:  Read Mary Croft's PDF Book.  You will see that she and I are saying the same thing even though we don't know or had any contact with each other.  Truth can be expressed in many ways, if one is capable of reading beyond the "Letter of the Word."

                                   Raymond Ronald Karczewski


Re:  Church of Raymond Karczewski on federal radar
The Gil Gilbertson Fan Club wrote:
Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in  6 days (Mar 15, 7:07 am).

Edgar Wolphe wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

ggfc:  >  Jan Lindsey served as a special agent with the FBI until 1995, when he retired in good standing from the agency and eventually became involved in an anti-tax, anti-government movement.

rk:  Another former Law Enforcement Officer who retired in good standing and WOKE UP to the Satanic Forces controlling America previously unknown to him.  That description fits the vast majority of Law Enforcement people who retained their integrity and oath of office.

ggfc:  >  Now Lindsey faces the possibility of meeting the same fate as one of the tax protester movement's more notorious leaders, 81-year-old Irwin Schiff, who was convicted of tax crimes in 2006 and is now in prison.

rk:  Schiff was a protester who played the lawyer game and lost.  I was not aware that he asserted his Sovereignty as a JURISDICTIONAL ISSUE. 

ggfc:  >  Lindsey, 66, was one of four Las Vegas Valley men arrested Thursday in a raid orchestrated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, an arm of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

rk:  Such corporate US legislative policies do not apply to Ed and Elaine Brown, nor anyone else who are not subject to the Corporate US through contract.  That applies to the vast majority of unaware Americans who have been incrementally conditioned via media mind control and ultimately  intimidated into filing.  It is the signature of the filer which evidences a sovereign to waive his rights and enter into a contract with the IRS and therefore  subject themselves to Corporation Corporate policy i.e., "Color of Law."

ggfc:  >  Herald Call was charged with possession of an unregistered weapon. Shawn Rice, who once worked with the CIA, and Samuel Davis were charged with conspiracy and money laundering.

ggfc:  >  Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Johnson said all four defendants belong to the sovereign movement, which does not believe in the authority of the federal government.

rk:  Without access to the facts of the arrest, it sounds like the government is attempting to paint a lot of "Color of Law" activities with the wide brush of SOVEREIGNTY. 

ew:  >  Looks like these guys will be using a defense right out the Court of Ray's playbook.

rk:  That's merely an assumption on your part, is it not?  One must not jump to such conclusions based on the prosecutor's PR statements designed to influence the public before the case  reaches court..   My my, that would be mind control, wouldn't it?  Such access to a cooperative media while the defendants have none is the beginning of the STACKED DECK.

ew:  >  "... all ... tried to explain their constitutional rights to [judge] Levitt, which led to some bizarre exchanges."

ew:  >  Yup! 

rk:  Why wouldn't they be "bizarre"?   When lawyers and corporate agents attempt to assail the Unalienable, and Constitutional Rights of the Sovereign People, with their Satanic corporate, letter of the Law Mumbo Jumbo, the simple Truth of Sovereignty is lost in the Court of BASSACKWARDS. 

ew:   By the way, Ray, don't forget that you are *required* to file an Income Tax Return this year because of the sale of gold and silver used to buy that moped and broken-down bus.

rk:  Keep watching,  Until the Fed, State, and Local government can PROVE jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh and Blood, Sentient, Natural man who has not waived his Rights, nor consented to contract with them, and  remain the Secured Party, Creditor, and Holder in Due Course over the Trademark/TradeName formerly created by the government, plain and simply,  THEY LACK THE NECESSARY JURISDICTION to move on me or any such Sovereign Man of the People.

rk:  This is the burden of proof now facing the Court in the prosecution of Ed and Elaine Brown. Living Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women are the creators of Government.  The Government, a fiction can not be greater than its Creator.  This time, the courts will HAVE TO ANSWER the question of JURISDICTION before any trial begins.  With the aid of the American People fed up with their Freedom and liberty being systematically stripped away from them by their public servants, It shall be seen that it is not too much to ask of a court to answer such simple questions before they put a man and wife away in prison for a life sentence. 

rk:  Ed and Elaine ARE ON TO THEIR SCAM.  The question remains, are the rest of Americans who are  concerned with life, liberty and the pursuit of property likewise aware of the scam?  

rk:  Keep those emails, cards, letters and phone calls coming in to the New Hampshire Court demanding that that issue of JURISDICTION along with the original DEMAND  put to the NH courts by Ed and Elaine of SHOW US THE LAW which singles out and identifies Ed and Elaine as "Taxpayers."  We as a country can take back our Constitutional  Government without a shot fired in bloody revolution, and spend our time more constructively by  prosecuting the Real Criminals, the Government Legislators, officials, Judges, Bankers and all others who now are attempting to enslave an entire nation. 

rk:  Distribute this article widely amongst family, friends. community and business associates who desire a return to our Constitutional Republic (with a whole new cast of public servants).  Don't wait for Martial Law (War waged upon its people by its Hijacked government) to be declared.

                               Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Re:  Church of Raymond Karczewski on federal radar

MaidMarion  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:
Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:23 am        

mm:  >  Great article Ray and hopefully ew will really read with comprehension what you have written, that is, if he is not too brain damaged.

rk:  Hi Maureen, good to hear from you. 

rk:  First off, THERE IS NO CHURCH of Raymond Karczewski.  I have no organized following, and I don't desire to have one.  I am a simple man of Truth, standing alone, expressing the unmistakable Truth that legions seek to avoid.

rk:  Make no mistake, wolphe is deliberate in his intentions to distort and discredit.  He is a government/media disinfo agent whose only purpose is to destroy threads of intelligent communication and bring it down to the gutter, by rousing the satanically conditioned rabble in their most debased satanic conditioned afflictions.

mm:  >  Hopefully the people of New Hampshire and the rest of the country will get behind Ed and Elaine Brown  in this latest miscarriage of justice on the court's part.

rk:  Maureen, I just don't see that happening.  The average reader is conditioned toward reaction and has lost his/her ability to act independently. 

rk:  They, the mass of civilized mankind are kept inert and impotent through constant, unrelenting,  Illusory fear tactics  diseminated and  reinforced by government and media.  Make no mistake, the Alternative media talk shows (Patriot Radio)  are just as guilty as mainstream media.  The two make up both sides of the same coin of Government/Media mind control.

rk:  Civilized people, have lost their spiritual way.  They are institutionally ruled by remote sources which feed the public's addiction to illusion and comfort.  They cannot break away from their codependence upon others, who are equally impostent and fearful as themselves. 

rk:   Fear Narrows AWARENESS. It blinds one to WHAT IS.  It attacks  Individual awareness and reduces one to psychological inertness.  It creates slaveminded individuals who lack the cajones to implement their God-given sanity in a Satanically ruled  insane world.  They are spiritual children looking for their enslavers to liberate them from their enslavement. 

mm:  >  Every time Ed spoke I remember him saying this is not only about taxes it is much more than that. How true that was.

rk:  You and I heard it.  How many others have?.  Now that Ed and Elaine are incarcerated and are now being threatened with life imprisonment, just look at how this forum has died. This forum has lost its impetus.   Where is the fire?  Where is the indignation which leads to action?  Even the idle talkers, who play with words, but take no action have drifted away.  Ed and Elaine need their help now, more than ever. 

rk:  All that need be done, (but I doubt the subscribers have either,  the courage or energy to do so) is for a nationwide PHONE/LETTER/FAX/EMAIL campaign to be launched before Ed and Elaines upcoming trial based on  bogus pyramided charges designed to keep them imprisoned for the rest of their lives. 

rk:   Two simple questions would release Ed and Elaine along with hundreds of other equally victimized men and women now languishing in jails and prisons in our land through such fraudulent court practices. 


2.   demand the fictional court PROVE JURISDICTION over Ed and Elaine, who stood under their sovereignty as Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man and woman. 

mm:  >  If the people of this country can not conclude that they have been ripped off and looted by the "elite" criminals with the bailouts etc.......... I do not know what in Gods name will wake them up.

mm:  >  Keep it up Ray...........I always enjoy how well you refute these poor unfortunates who have gotten it all turned upside down.

rk:   Maureen you are blessed with "eyes to see and ears to hear."

rk:  Most who subscribe to these groups are not so spiritually gifted.   They are blind and therefore must stumble around in life, guided by the "automatic pilot" programmed computer of their Satanic (dualistic-ruled) Intellect.  They are guided by their own projected dream state images, remotely inserted  by unseen authority which feeds them such  illusions through time tested systems of mind-controlling blind belief.

rk:  The present Economic Rape of America and the threat of Martial Law can directly be traced to such satanic mind control.  And yet, the People remain inert.  What the Hell are they waiting for?  They are their own SAVIOR, not some mythical image conditioned into them by Satanic Institutions of Religion.  They don't even understand what it means to be a Christ yet they worship their own graven images placed in their consciousness through a lifetime of mind controlling suggestion. 

rk:  What the average man/woman does not get, is that THE PEOPLE ARE MANY AND THE PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN.  Bureaucrats and enforcers are few AND THEY ARE SERVANTS.  Our servant government operates under the  illusion of "Color of Law", while WE THE PEOPLE are the LAW and have an Unalienable Right to Self Protection.  Any man who would take away your rights and/or your life is your enemy, regardless of uniform worn.

rk:  One last parting comment America.  If you allow Ed and Elaine to be sacrificed upon the satanic altar of "Color of Law" you have sealed your own fate and will soon be locked into your own destiny of slavery or death..

                    Raymond Ronald Karczewski

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com


Re:  A Type Of Meditation That Should Never Be Practiced
becky hicks wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote

bh:  >    Various forms of meditation techniques are being widely and fervently promoted as a way of attaining peace, promoting relaxation, and developing a higher consciousness.

rk:  ALL techiques are Satanic and hypnotic in origin.  Just be quiet and observe without the intellect guiding one's observation.  That is the path to Divine Awareness, the state of Infinite Intelligence, i.e., Christ Consciousness.

bh:  >   However, many people, Christians and non-Christians, who take up these techniques of meditation do not realize the strong biblical warnings against such practices.

rk:  Such warnings themselves arise from conditioned Christian thought, do they not?  Such is the subtlety of mind control.  It is all pervasive while couching itself in positive and negative images.

bh:  >  Although the forms of modern meditation vary, they all share a central goal--the blanking out and emptying of the practitioner's mind.

rk:  Did not a simple man of Truth once say "One must die to be reborn of the Spirit?"  When satanic (Opposing) thought ends, Divine Awareness Begins.  Such is the Resurrection of the Spirit of Truth, in a previously cluttered conditioned consciousness.

bh:   What is the danger of totally clearing one's mind? First, it should be understood that an empty mind is prime territory to be filled with ideas, thoughts, suggestions, sounds, and imaginations.

rk:  Does not technique itself, suggest mind control overriding other mind control patterns already instilled?  Are not such techniques all part of the Satanic Power Struggle of one entity over another, one group over another, one nation over another, one religion over another with the purpose of divide and conquer?

bh:  >   Essentially, a blanked out mind is much like a dry sponge which absorbs practically any liquid with which it comes into contact.

rk:  Not necessarily if holistic attention is being payed at the time.

bh:  >   The cleared mind corresponds to the dry sponge, and thoughts, imaginations, ideas, suggestions, and sounds, correspond to the liquid.

rk:  In other words, it is an "open mind."

bh:   This truth is evident in the fact that very young children whose minds have not had the opportunity to completely learn a language, learn foreign languages effortlessly. Why? Because there's no other language or sound pattern present to buffer the incoming language and sounds.

rk:  In other words, Counter Conditioning i.e., "reprogamming" takes place. 

bh:  >   As the child grows older, his ability to learn language in the same way as he did or could have at a very tender age, departs forever.

rk:  They have become "dead" through their increasingly habitual limiting behavior.  They no longer exist in openmindedness, Divine Awareness, the sign of a living Christ Consciousness operating effortlessly in the "Eternal Moment of Now", the Moment of Truth.

bh:  >   Again, this is why children are impressionable and why brainwashing is extremely difficult to reverse if it has taken place in a child before reaching the age of four.

rk:  Such is the outcome when the "Sins of the Fathers are visited upon their Sons."  The conditioning of the parents is transferred onto their children who have the rest of their lives to undo the harm done to them by ignorant, blind, believing parents and educators.  Thus the horrendous link to Satanic Conditioning exists from birth to death for most, despite its being couched in positive imagery..

bh:  >   When an adult masters the "art" of meditation to the point of totally clearing his mind, his psyche becomes even more impressionable than that of a baby! The difference is that this blanking out of the mind has been achieved unnaturally and carries consequences.

rk:  On that we agree.

bh:  >   Whenever the Bible speaks of meditation, it always consists of active thought, of filling the mind with the knowledge of God's law, not blanking it out.

rk:  On that we disagree. The priori biblical knowledge of "God's law" reduced to conditioned thought become "Satanic law", i.e. limited thought masquerading as Holistic Thought.  Such is the Satanic  nature of Blind Belief which rules and controls the sheeple of this world..

bh:  >  In fact, warnings are made against failure to guard
against an idle mind. Psalm 1:2 says, "his delight is the law of the
Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and night."

rk:  l see no problem in that it applies to oneself.  When another either subtlely or grossly interferes with one with intention of control, that become Satanic in its influence.  The antidote is found in Speaking the Truth and let the Devil take the hindmost.

bh:  >   Joshua 1:8 records, "this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but, thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein." Finally, in Psalm 119:97, king David worshipped God saying, "o how love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day."

rk:  When Divine Awareness is reduce to Intellectual Thought, i.e., "this book of law" it is no longer God's law, but Satanic Law, no longer wholistic awareness, but is the limited reflection of Divine awareness, a mere counterfeit idol, worthy of satanic worship.  Out of such ignorance are all Organized Religions born.  They rob the soul and engender illusion.  Thus begins the selling of souls to Satan for the promise of Security and comfort.

bh:  >  Should such biblical references be used to form a doctrine regarding meditation techniques?

rk:  Only if one knowingly or unknowingly wishes themselves to be plunged into the depth of a BASSACKWARD world of Hell.  Look at the world situation today.  It speaks volumes to the Satanic Mind Control effects upon the collective mind of the Sheeple.

bh:  >   Is biblical instruction really valid for today's world? These questions have been anticipated and answered by the all wise God whose word teaches that, "all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16). Man is also reminded that, "the word of the Lord endureth forever..."(1 Peter

rk:  Anyone pick up on the Priestly bait and switch when mortal man "clothes himself" in God's word, then wields power over the ignorant and the fearful via the cloak of illusion?  Now look at your churches, your ministries, your cults.  Its all there, is it not? Ah yes, the Blind have eyes, but they do not see!

rk: A Christ, a simple man of Truth does not ask for your belief.  He askes for your attention and allows Truth to take its own course.

bh:  >  Meditating to blank out one's mind gives nothing but a false and temporary peace because it is a "peace" obtained through the breaking of God's instruction to, "be sober (have an alert mind), be vigilant (on the watch), because your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8).
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rk:  I agree with your closing.

     Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ  


Read This If You Truly want to be Free!!

By Raymond Ronald Karczewski


     May I suggest you and Brody read the following if you Truly want to live Free from the bondage of your conditioning.  

     Brody is approaching his problems at a superficial, reactionary level. He is like a dog chasing his tail.  One must rise above it, and stand as a sovereign, immovable from threats and intimidations.

      It is the UNDERSTANDING that you are sovereign that is communicated to all, not the ineffective posturing based on the belief that you are sovereign.

     I thank you for your kind words but I shall not involve myself as counsel to any further superficial plans brody has when dealing with such Satanic forces.  He is on his own.  It must be, and so it is.

     Self-discovery, which is what Brody in going through right now is always a solitary event wherein the only one who can help himself is himself.  The average person is always the blind being led by others who are also blind.  The first step into Hell is always easy.  It is nigh impossible to rise above Hell, but it can be done for those who have faith in Divine Intelligence, and themselves.

    Such realization comes from Divine Insight, not linear planning. 

    My success with exposing the corruption of the State of Oregon and County of Josephine, came from the guidance born of such Divine Insight.  In the dream state, they seemingly held all the power.  In essence, the government fiction could not reach into the realm of Truth and cause a sovereign into doubting himself and thus thrust  him into the depths of civilized man's imaginary projected hell.

    It is the reason why I am free, and so many others facing the same Satanic Government assault on Sovereignty are now in prison.  They believed the dream.  I always understood I was not of the dream.

     Understand the illusions which create the dualistic prison which holds one in bondage via intellectualism and the illusion disappears, setting you free forever.  Oh, you will be tempted, but unless you consent to the temptation through threats and duress, you shall be protected.  A Free man is always a free man unless he is made to doubt himself.

    All of this nonsense, currently going on with our nation being looted by the bankers while the people who dream they are helpless enslaved munchkins wringing their hands in collective commiseration, wait for some imaginary Savior to come and rescue them is the Satanic Dream that has ruled the world of Intellect since the beginning of time, when man, "Fell from Grace. (Divine Guidance.)

    Thinking that one is sovereign is not the same as UNDERSTANDING that one is sovereign.  The following lengthy treatise is as good as they come.  Giving the dream you participate in through opposition and fear only gives life to the dream and continues one's bondage. 


SEE http://www.arkenterprises.com/clobber.html

Y:  Thank you so much Raymond.  

I see what you are saying.

It is actually I who fears for him, he is of equal nature as you in his understanding and light toward freedom. I appreciate your guidance and council. I think we just wanted to hear a friendly voice, yet understand your position.

I wish you very well and only the light of God to guide you and protect you.

Peace in the Process, Yvonne.


A Past Spiritual Dialogue That Relegates the Illusion of the New World Order To Proper Perspective --  DEAD FICTION..

"Being Awake" Is not "Feeling Awake"

A "Timely" Dialogue with Peter Sparacino, Bruce Morgen, and Raymond Karczewski on August 9th, 1998

rk: In the beginning of the thread "feeling awake," Kimberland asked the simple question, "What does it feel like to be awake?"

rk: The question remains unexamined.

rk:  One only need look at the tangents the thread has since taken and the divisive quality it has acquired.

rk:  Are not "feeling awake" and "being awake" of vastly different vibrations? Is not the latter a vibration of holistic energy which therefore encompasses the lesser vibration of "feeling awake?"

rk:    Certainly this is a topic which calls for serious dialogue. What say, John, Bruce, Eric, Pete, and all others interested in observing moment-by-moment the unfolding spirit of Truth as it manifests itself? Isn't it time to allow Truth to tell us its story? Isn't it time for serious men/women to put away the "things of spiritual childhood," the tendency to debate and compete for whatever temporal pleasures such nonsense provides? Is it not time for men and women of "good will" to speak their Truth? Is it not also time to bypass the constant traps set by those of noisy intellect whose only purpose is to obstruct, obfuscate, and misdirect the momentum of Truth as it unfolds in the moment?

rk:  Let us begin by examining the energy of awareness--awakeness. What does it mean for one to "be awake" and not merely dreamily "talk about" theories of being awake? To do so, must we not speak only of our own self- realized Truth without adding to or detracting from it? It is so easy for conditioned man to fall into the comfortable but corrupting habit of living according to the borrowed dead words of "others.".

rk:   The civilized world is a thought-based world populated by dead men. Men who, through the seduction of a power-promising, dualistic intellect, have eschewed the living energy of Truth as evidenced in the timeless moment of Now in favor of serving and worshipping the false god of knowledge which rules consciousness in the dead "aftermoment."

rk:   Through the medium of conditioning, such dead men operate from blind belief. They emulate, pretend, and parrot the "apparent" living (but actually dead aftermoment based) words of others long absent from this time-bound plane of existence. It matters not to mechanical believers that the dead authors of these words may or may not have had direct experiential resonance of that "living holistic energy of Truth."

rk:    So let us set aside the words of the dead past and allow the timeless holistic (holy) spirit of intelligence to guide us and form our words in the living moment. Anything less is sure to lead to the trap of one's own psychologically conditioned intellectual projections. That is the seduction that all knowledge bound men cannot escape. In their ignorance they do not see that they are the authors of their own thoughts. In their ignorance they do not see that the thought that is habitually reinforced soon becomes the god they come to worship. That is the enslavement of man through his own thought process. That is the nature of mind control.

rk:     Civilizations, ancient and modern alike, have risen and fallen under the same cycle of illusion.

rk:    Meditation is the out-of-time moment of silence which allows a fleeting liberating flash of insight to unburden a consciousness enslaved to the intellect. It is the simple, holistic energy of Truth which stops the momentum of aftermoment-based, linear, fragmented thought.

rk:     In a pristine moment of Self-Realization, one comes to realize the presence of a timeless, multidimensional consciousness which has always been with us but overshadowed by the linear time-bound conditioning we were subjected to as youngsters. That matrix of dualistic thought is the barrier to the realization of Truth, here and now. It is the modern day characterization of the Biblical adage, "the Sins of the Fathers shall be visited upon their Sons."

rk:     Truth is Love. Truth is Life. Truth is the Way. Truth IS!!!

rk:     All else is a corruption, is it not? Why so? Simply because all else is found in the aftermoment of a dualistic thought-based intellect. The energy of the dualistic intellect is friction, plain and simple. Such friction arises from the inherent compartmentalized fragmentation and divisiveness of a contradictory intellect.

rk:     To be awake is to "BE HERE NOW!" To feel awake is quite simply "almost but no cigar," wouldn't you say? What say you Bruce, John, Eric, Pete? Jump in here.

rk:     It's time to awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters from their "feel-good" hypnotic slumber.

Peter: Frankly I think that your "Horatio on the Bridge" stance while facing all comers in the squared circle is an attribute that is not easily dismissed by those who witness your taking on all who dare to challenge the veracity of your postings. Fill the ring with those who are in agreement with your posts plays into those hands who have alleged without any proof or success that you are the leader of a cult from whom you draw your resource and energy.

Peter: Deny them that lie. My belief is that any kind of dialogue takes away from the real issues that your post lay before all who have been following the action...especially if those who log on as being in harmony with your posts are not able to do justice to the concepts for many reasons, such as poor writing skills, inadequate grammar, or the inability to express the greater realities with spoken or written word... I recognize that your posts are not the result of intellection but rather your body becomes a mere physical conduit for the concepts that come from beyond your own human limitations.

rk: Pete, thanks for the comments. However, the time is now for the momentum of the last three years to be broken so that we as humanity may move on to a "new consciousness." In relationship with others on these newsgroups, I have amply demonstrated, through the pushing of conditioned "buttons," what the Hell of the "old consciousness" looks like. Isn't it time that we move on?

rk: At the grossest level of dualistic consciousness, the AFAB bullies have revealed the energy of Hell in quite unmistakable fashion. They operate through the corrupt medium of misdirection and deception. They constantly create "red herrings" of misdirection by skirting the essence of my posts and choose rather the tactic of attacking the messenger with deception, libel, forgery, ridicule, and character assassination. Unable to deal with the inarguable Truth contained in my posts, their only function is to misdirect reader attention onto dark and destructive tangents. But their ignorance is all they have succeeded in demonstrating with their impotent actions in these past three years.

rk: There are others who frequent these groups who see and understand the Truth of what I am saying, yet regard stepping personally into the "nest of vipers" with great trepidation. Mine is the privilege of revealing the "divine" protection afforded one who speaks the Truth in a deceptive world.

rk: It's time to awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters from their "feel-good" hypnotic slumber.

Bruce: Ray, I wish we could, wouldn't that be wondrous? The fact of the matter is that such an awakening is in other than human hands

rk: Are we not, as Sons and Daughters of God, instruments of such Supreme Intelligence?

Bruce: Yes.

rk: As such, is it really out of our hands?

Bruce: Yes, the actual awakening is a combination of receptivity and grace, our role is modest -- we are, so to speak, a pointing finger. We cannot will that the pointing be fully taken, it may be ignored by the closed-minded or there may be obsession by the empty-headed on the finger to the exclusion of that to which it points. Love bids us point, but it is a "bread upon the waters" act with no assurance of or attachment to outcome.

rk: Agreed. The problem lies in the limitation of linear language at the gross level of a fragmented intellect which attempts to distill the vastness of the oceanic multidimensional essence of holistic intelligence into the thimble of its own conceptual projections.

Bruce: -- but of course there is a task at hand for "sleeping brothers and sisters," and that's to get out of the way.

rk: Agreed. How is that to be conveyed to the encrusted, shut eyes of the long slumbering?

Bruce: As expressed above, only the "long slumbering" whose sleep includes a hint that they aren't awake are likely to pay attention. Pounding the tree trunk energetically may shake fruit to the ground, but it does not impart the requisite ripeness, that state of readiness is not under our control.

rk: But when the world of man is burning,

Bruce: It has been burning for all of recorded history, this particular millennial turn is an arbitrary marker coinciding with a mammoth scale of suffering and new technical means to increase or alleviate its physical manifestations. The urgency seen by Buddha, Jesus, and in our own time Krishnamurti, is of the same ilk that you and I see. A burning world is the inevitable result of dualistic consciousness, be it labeled secular or religious.

rk: The question remains, will those not yet ready to awaken from their self-destructive trance state resent their being rescued from self-annihilation?

Bruce: You bet they will, they are enjoying the dream of "self- improvement," "principled living," "vicarious atonement," and whatever other substitute for the truly sacred they've settled for. A "rude awakening" from such a reverie is rarely appreciated, and the usual reaction is resentment followed by a rapid return to dreamland.

rk: It is a matter of time and timelessness and the love of the spiritually sighted for the spiritually blind, is it not?

Bruce: Of course it is, I'm just pointing out that love's work is non-deterministic and no result is vouchsafed.

Bruce: Live a day, an hour, a minute, even a fleeting instant outside the box of conditioning, and when thought returns as it must let it be as a faithful scribe and determined communicator rather than an engine of comparison, deduction, association, and inference.

Bruce: Gil asked "what does it feel like" and the simple answer is that "it" is indescribable, because it is by its very nature untouchable, let alone graspable, by thought -- it is the role and position of thought as the default perceptual filter of consciousness that prevents the direct experience of the truly sacred that theists call "God."

rk: Yes, yet it is closer to the core of one's being than the outer peripheral thoughts one has been conditioned to identify with.

Bruce: Closer even than that, it is* "the core of one's being!"

rk: Yes. The same Intelligence operating through our words has distilled the essence of "beingness" into further clarity even though appearing to arise from the multiplicity of Bruce and Raymond. That is the true embracing nature of dialogue, the antithesis of dualistic divisive debate.

Bruce: The reaction of thought-driven, rote-conditioned "minds" to such an assertion seems to fall generally into two camps.

rk: Ah yes--the dualism of description overwhelms the nondualism of direct perception when the insatiable appetite of the hungry blind feed upon the peripheral letter of the word and miss the essence the words reflect. In your comments above, I see that you point with words. Is not that the very essence of the term "necessary evil?"

Bruce: Absolutely, communication is a child of thought, and in most cases thought is the master and assumes this is the case in the communications of others. Thought in service is anathema to thought caught up in the delusion of mastery.

rk: Words, the very means required to communicate at this gross level of intellect, become the obstacles themselves to such communication. I wonder how many are able to see this. Those asleep hear the same words, but with "closed spiritual eyes." They remain at the level of belief, never seeing what it is that they are believing in.

Bruce: Of course -- with thought's englobement of consciousness in place all there is is "the level of belief." Thought is both the believer and the concoctor of beliefs!

rk: Yes, both Master and Slave. God and godless. The illusion of "Me and Thee." Submit these illusions before the eternal Mirror of Truth, and the disintegration of the nonholistic images ultimately reveals the essence of Love that is the Oneness of All, and "THOU ART THAT I AM."

Bruce: In the absence of dualistic juxtaposition, there is only love. Everything else we call love is a tiny subset at best.

Bruce: The first comprises (s)he who cannot conceive of human consciousness without the constant interpretive intervention of thought and says "impossible" with great assurance. This is reaction of the unreceptive, of those whose conditioning prevents open- mindedness. The second comprises those "minds" whose conditioning does not lack receptivity but immediately demand to be taught "how" -- and are willing to give almost anything, including their very personal sovereignty, to follow and learn "how," the "mind" bespeaking gullibility or empty-headedness which yesterday followed someone else and tomorrow may well follow yet another.

rk: Yes, both appearing to be quite dissimilar, but deeply, fundamentally, of the same vibrational realm of intellect.

Bruce: Splendid observation, Ray. Both the devoted intellectual and the "New Age" spiritual dilettante are thought-driven mentalities, *much* more similar than they are different. Both operate from belief.

Bruce: Between the two camps is the narrow way that is receptive without gullibility, the way that questions both its established conditioning and the unfamiliar assertions of others with equal sincerity and determination to accept only the unvarnished truth, regardless of what it is and what it may imply or cost. Surely it is to these "brothers and sisters," not quite "sleeping" but already questioning whether they are awake, that love bids us speak -- and just as surely these men and women will not settle for a second-hand hint of "What does it feel like," but rather will step off into profound silence and solitude to meet the unknown head-on.

rk: Thank you, Bruce . . . well said!

Bruce: You're welcome, Ray, thanks for the opportunity.




   Thanks for your input.

  God knows you are doing your part.  How does it feel to be whistling in the wind?  Your efforts reveal you to be a strong, intelligent, passionate woman, one with a heart and spirit  lacking in most men of our society.

  You are true to yourself and are thus manifesting your destiny.  Most men and women can only dream of what you have.  They have been conditioned out of their God-given Divine Intelligence and are content to go along with the herd mentality in hopes they will not be selected for the coming shearing and ultimate slaughter.  One can see daily just how fallacious that kind of thinking has had upon America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

  All of my recent communications to Ed and Elaine, like yours, are being kicked back.  The feds have Ed and Elaine locked down pretty tight and with good reason.  Ed and Elaine pose the greatest problem the Satanic system has faced since this nations inception.  Whether the Sovereign People or the Servant/Tyrant government shall prevail. 

   Now they have been moved from their respective prisons and are awaiting trial, I don't have a clue as to how to reach them.

   They are in God's Hands.  No matter what the outcome, Ed and Elaine will have served their purpose in life, and will have offered a sterling example to all how courageous men and women comport themselves when dealing with the Satanic forces of life which eat away the substance of trepidatious souls.

   I have long promoted the nonviolent spiritual solution of BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT to solve the problems of modern day Sovereign  man is experiencing when dealing with his servant government.  The average man and woman believe themselves to be the fictional persons created by a fictional government and continue to operate under the delusion that they themselves are slaves and their government servants are their masters.  The problem with BOYCOTT in decidedly showing the government who is boss is seen in the fact that it does not excite the satanic propensities which lie deeply rooted within the depths of the long-term, incrementally conditioned  human psyche.  Pavlovian conditioning of action/reaction/stimulus/response has taken over in the cluttered existence of the average person. 

  They live in uncertainty, fear, and hopeless emotionality.  Their imaginative La La Land Consciousness implanted by Satanic conditioning causes them to languish in their own self-promoted mess, waiting for some imaginary Savior to come and rescue them --  The epitome of emotional slavedom.  That is the nature of the Herd Mentality. 

    You don't have it.  Ed Brown doesn't have it.  Elaine Brown doesn't have it.  I don't have it.  That which lives within us does not exist , has died in damn near everyone who is now reaping their just spiritual rewards for selling their souls, their integrity in return for a piece of bread, a ladel of soup. an empty promise.  Their illusory world of wealth, comfort and privilege in comparison with however the rest of the world lives out their existenc has been under attack for a long time, by the same Satanic Spectre which feeds on the souls of men by eating out their substanc and spitting them out at the grave.

  The average man and woman is not capable of anything but superficial thinking.  They can't ever get off their posteriors to form an nationwide phone link campaign to inundate their servant government with a mandated demand to answer two simple questions which would establish once and for all wherein the REAL power in life lies.  What are those questions:   SHOW US THE LAW AND PROVE JURISDICTION  over Ed and Elaine, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and Blood, Sentient, Natural Man and Woman who have retained their integrity as Son and Daughter of God.

  The Pharisees of yesteryear have not disappeared.  They are now the Judges of Todays court's, Lawyers who have turned this and all other societies upside down and BASSACKWARDS. 

  Look at how the American People are being led around by their slavish nose-rings.  Sheep led to the slaughter.  Then you have the Mainstream and alternative Media talk show hosts who fuel the fires of coming death and destruction through their platforms of passionate appeals equally divided between politics and feathering their corporate nests by soliciting funds from a scared-poopless public.   What other kind of business thrives on other peoples monies rather than the fruit of their own production profits?  Government and Media.

  No Maureen, America will reap what it has sown. There will be a shakeout.  Many will die, not as Sovereigns but as slaves.

   The True Sovereigns, (not in name only) are prepared to meet the future without fear.  They understand the dream is not the Truth, and they are living out their destiny blessed and protected.

    To all of you who face the morrow with fear, you shall invite that which will destroy you through your own consent and your own malaise born of conditioned impotence.  Satan cannot get to you without that invitation which you provide yourself.  Ed and Elaine understands that, I understand that.  You may ask why so many others who have attempted to do what I have done has sent them to prison while I have been thrown out of their jail.    Tis the difference between a Christ and a societally conditioned Barabbas. 

  The time for idle talk is over.  Americans, act now or betray your Divine Heritage. 

   Let the Future reflect whether GOD BLESS AMERICA OR GOD DAMN AMERICA.

  Enough Said!

                          Thanks for your efforts Maureen,




Dear Ray,

Once again I am grateful for the beautiful way you write. Thank you for your kind compliments.

I have not been able to find Elaine or Ed as of yet. However I have this nature that does not give up easily. Some have called it stubborn but i prefer to call it persistence.

You are right there should be millions awakened now especially with the looting, raping, plundering and pillaging of the country (this recent time around) starting last September.

I have awakened a few people and they too are now looking into claiming sovereignty and opting out of the 14th amendment 2nd class citizenship where by we sovereign citizens of the States were offered privileges and immunities under private international law or the law merchant. We have contracted away our constitutionally safe guarded rights through the Social Security Trust, Federal student loans etc..... Now all we have, until we learn the law (Creator's Law, for me) are state privileges and immunities.

So in other words we signed a blank cheque and gave the government full power of attorney over our lives, liberties and happiness. This is one of the most horrific thing to have happened to a once free sovereign people.

We no longer have Constitutional Article III courts but mostly Administrative Article I courts. The following quote from case law of 1875 Framers and Mechanics Bank vs. Deering gives you some idea how powerful these courts truly are.

"When the State creates rights and individuals against itself, it is not bound to provide a remedy in the courts and it may withhold all remedy or it may provide an administrative remedy and make it exclusive however mistaken it's exorcise."

That is exactly what Ed and Elaine are up against.

Pretty formidable would you not agree?

Well I want to see the courtroom filled with Ed and Elaine supporters all with affidavits of sovereignty in that courtroom that day. So that is what I am going to start working on next.

As soon as I get a new address for them I will be sure to pass it on to you Ray. In the mean time take care, stay safe and God bless.



Tyranny in Josephine County Oregon: Microcosm of Nationwide Law Enforcement War Being Waged Upon the Sovereign People!

 By Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

   For those of you who are interested in maintaining your Freedom against an ever-increasing government campaign of Tyranny designed toward the destruction of our Unalienable Rights and the enslavement of a once Proud and Productive People, read the following links.

   They tell the 7 year-long story of one man's efforts to wake up his countryman, warning them of the encroaching enslavement of the American People,

    This man has been villified, libeled, and unrelentingly attacked on and off the Internet for his lonely stance of informing his family, neighbors, and countrymen of the oncoming corporate government tyranny designed to destroy our Constitutional Republic and bring us into a New World Order.

    One can easily slough off such comments as being merely the  opinion of one man.  However, what cannot be denied are the facts and here they are:  Read them for yourself.

      Two simple events, 7 years apart tell the story.  Same circumstances, but widely different actions taken by the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE.

     In the first case, a traffic stop was made in the early morning hours of Sept 5th, 2002.   The purported Reason?  A Hi-beam violation coupled with bogus information on the Police Computer, eroneously stating that the man's License to drive has been suspended/revoked, when in fact there was no license to suspend.  It had been rescinded in 1999.

     The outcome of this traffic stop was this man was taken at gunpoint and charged with Felony Eluding an Officer for leaving the scene of a Traffic stop after being told he was not under arrest. 

     Felony Charges were later pyramided because of Commercial liens placed against the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE  Judges,Prosecutors, and Sheriff's Deputies by the man attempting to hold his public officials responsible for their crimes and misconduct. 

     The man was incarcerated for 128 days in the JOSEPHINE COUNTY JAIL,, 121 such days in solitary confinement 23/7 in the maximum security wing of the jail. 

     The man underwent two trials, stood Sui Juris, constantly and continuously challenging the Court and Prosecutor to Prove Jurisdiction which was evaded each and every time..  However the man understood he was standing in a Kangaroo Court  and understood it was his Juristic Person who was convicted in two trials, not him, the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man. 

  .  In protest of the false arrest, (Kidnapping) False Imprisonment (Being held hostage for the debts of another) the man underwent two combined hunger strikes amounting to 55 days, leaving the man near death.  When it came time for sentencing, the man refused the judge's offer of sentencing stating the court had not yet proven its  jurisdiction over him, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man, and therefore any rulings of the court were therefore Null and Void.  The man was thrown back in jail only to be released when the Jail Nurse feared the man would die in custody, and there would be questions the government would not be able to answer...

    For seven years that question of JURISDICTION has been evaded by every authorized agent of the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE contacted, yet they play with men's life holding themselves "Above the Law" and  unaccountable to the people.

   Read the facts of the first traffic stop at  
The Patriot & thePirate!! Part I   http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch64.htm#Pirate
ThePatriot & the Pirate!! Part II http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch64.htm#Patriot

What was at the root of the first arrest at gunpoint by Deputy Sheriffs of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON?    A Traffic Stop upon a man who maintained his Unalienable Right to Liberty, which includes the Right to Travel? 
     Now read the events of another Traffic Stop, occurring 7 years later:   See: Josephine County Sheriff's Deputies Committing Piracy on JOSEPHINE COUNTY Highways. http://www.arkenterprises.com/piracy.html

    Same circumstances, same phony charges, but observe the lengths taken NOT TO ARREST the man.  Why, because if the man were brought before the Judge this time, the Judge would have to ANSWER the questions of JURISDICTION they have evaded for seven years. 

   Therein lies to story of Freedom in America, or or better said,  lack thereof.  The average man fears the system, while the System fears the Truth

   I look at my fellow man, and am disappointed in what I see.  They huff and puff, and fume, and boast, yet they cringe in fear when it comes time to confront their public servants in their wrongdoing.

    I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, am the man above citing his own experiences with the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE for the last 7 years.

   I continue to do the very same things for which I was arrested 7 years ago, and yet today, I CANNOT GET ARRESTED for doing the same things..  What's wrong with that picture?

   Wake Up America!!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Re:  Josephine County Sheriff's Deputies Committing Piracy on JOSEPHINE COUNTY Highways.
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


      811.175 Violation driving while suspended or revoked; penalties. (1) A person commits the offense of violation driving while suspended or revoked if the person does any of the following:

ORS:      (a) Drives a motor vehicle upon a highway during a period when the person’s driving privileges or right to apply for driving privileges have been suspended or revoked in this state by a court or by the Department of Transportation.

     As of September 23, 1999, my Birthday, My Oregon License was rescinded by me, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, with notice given to the Sheriff of Josephine County, the District Attorney of Josephine County, and the Governor of the State of Oregon.  Since that day, NO SUCH OREGON DRIVERS LICENSE existed. As such there was NO LICENSE to suspend or revoke by the STATE OF OREGON..

     I am not a PERSON as defined by the Oregon Codes, nor was I driving a MOTOR VEHICLE as defined by the Oregon Codes.  I Raymond Ronald Karczewski© was/am a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man excercising my Right to Travel in my privately owned Automobile, the normal Conveyance of travel for the day.

ORS:      (c) Drives a commercial motor vehicle upon a highway during a period when the person’s commercial driver license has been suspended, regardless of whether or not the person has other driving privileges granted by this state.

    I refer you to the comments of Judge LINDI L. BAKER at the time of sentencing for case #02CR0167 When former District Attorney CLAY E. JOHNSON, worked overtime to coerce me into signing a notice of suspension without which I would not be released from the County of Josephine unlawfully  holding me hostage for the debts of the Juristic Person/Defendant,

    BAKER assured me, on the court record that signing the notice of suspension was not an admission of guilt.  If one listens to the court record of such sentencing, one can observe the heavy handed District Attorney CLAY E. JOHNSON telling the judge how to do her job.

   These were the conditions surrounding the issuance of the BOGUS NOTICE OF SUSPENSION place on the police computer.

   Following is a verbatim record of the police statement of the event of the Traffic Stop by Deputy KRAUSS occurring on April 14th, 2009  which appeared in the Illinois Valley New, April 22, 2009 edition from the "Police Blotter.   "Although his vehicle is unregistered and he has no valid driver license, Raymond Ronald Karczewsky©, 71. was cited on a charge of interfering with a police officer following a traffic stop in the 500 block of Caves Hwy, at 6:24 p.m.  His vehicle was impounded.  Karczewsky was transported to county jail where he was released.

  Note my name is misspelled, yet contains the copyright symbol indicating that the Officer was aware that  I am not the JURISTIC PERSON over whom such applied JURISDICTION was claimed by Deputy KRAUSS.. Charges on Citation #11566 issued by KRAUSS  shows violations of DWS-I  (ORS 811.175) and Improper Display (ORS 503.560-- no such number exists )  yet in the Police Records submitted to the Illinois Valley News reflected no such facts.  Are our Police Officers in Josephine County guilty of the fraudulent action of "BAIT AND SWITCH?"

   On April 16th, 2009, I submitted an Affidavit of Conditional Acceptance: and a REQUEST FOR PROOF OF CLAIM to Sheriff GIL GILBERTSON, DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEPHEN L. CAMPBELL, AND TRIAL ADMINISTRATOR KIRK L. BRUST, repeating my 23 questions of jurisdiction over this Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man giving them 10 days from receipt of Registered Mail Service to answer.

      I DEMAND the BOGUS Suspension Information on the Police Computer BE REMOVED.  The STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE are putting their Police Officers in "private financial harms way" by demanding they enforce such unlawful "color of the law" Corporate Policies. 

     The deputies are committing acts of piracy under "color of such flawed law".   As an example, the last time I was cited by Deputy ED CONEY of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE for DWS-I (Suspended/Revoked) Traffic court was held in absentia and JUDGE THOMAS M. HULL convicted the JURISTIC PERSON/DEFENDANT, RAYMOND RONALD KARCZEWSKI© of One Count of "FAILURE TO CARRY/PRESENT LICENSE". which carries with it an $8 dollar fine, (notwithstanding BS court assessments.)  No mention was made of the charges of  DRIVING WHILE  SUSPENDED/REVOKED.  

      HULL was attempting to seduce me,  the Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man Raymond Ronald Karczewski© into paying an $8 dollar fine without mention of the BOGUS DWS-I  charge, thereby contracting with him and granting the court the  JURISDICTION they so badly need in order to get out from under the Avalanche of Commercial JUDGMENTS amounting to millions of Dollars now facing the STATE OF OREGON AND COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE   Needless to say, I have ignored that notice along with all other previous notices by the court, yet they have not come after me with a warrant for my arrest..  Why doesn't somebody call up the court and ask them WHY???

  Just how long does the STATE OF OREGON and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE perceive they can get away with such blatant acts of  unlawfulness without paying the price which grows with each commercial default.. 

                Raymond Ronald Karczewski© 
A Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural Man of the                           
                          Sovereign People.