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American Slaves:  IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!!

By:  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
     Persecution is what happens to Real Men living in a Sissified world ruled by Tyrants.

     Real men scare people with their Boldness, their Directness, their Assurance.

     They Understand they are Sovereign and have long since matriculated from the School of Hard Knocks, the life changing transition experienced by all who will no longer bow and scrape before their Satanic masters as obedient Slaves and are ready to take their rightful position as Masters of their own lives.

     Such men and women are rare indeed.  They stick out like a sore thumb, and by contrast, mirror the average degraded, Satanically conditioned civilized individual.  The contrast is shocking for most and it angers many.  You see people just don't like being viewed as slaves.  That is why they wear so many masks just to get through the day, living out their scripted and predictable lives.

     These hopeless, impotent, civilized individuals take offense at the drop of a hat.  They can't help it.  They sold their souls a long time ago for the comforts of security, the prized possession of all Satanic serving slaves. 

     How do you know whether one is a Sovereign or a Slave?  Watch what they say.  Then watch what they do.  Do their actions match their words?  Are they integral, at-one, resonating in Truth? 

     Look at yourselves.  Look at every one you know.  Your wife, husband, mother, father, children, friends, associates.  Look at them with clear eyes, as for the first time.  By their Actions, They shall be known.  By your actions, Ye shall be known.  Words are cheap.  Opinions are cheap.  Judgments from such disintegrated human beings are even cheaper. 

     How do you stand up?  Does such unvarnished Truth upset you?  Do you need the "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine go down? 

     Truth is the most valuable gift, you shall ever receive.   Do you regard it as a gift, when "if the shoe fits, wear it" resonates within your very being?    In such case, who is doing the judgment?   Surely if the shoe fits, is it not you who are the sole judge of such and inexplicable discovery?

     There is a reason for my writing to you in this manner.  It is not meant to insult anyone, but to shock your all out of your comfortable newest and latest hypnotic trance that you have not even been aware that you are under.

     You are all playing the satanic game of "Positive Imaged Fellowship", but it is the Satanic fellowship of the damned. 

     How long has this Forum been up. It has seen tremendous growth since its beginnings, has it not?  But what has materially changed in the lives of Ed and Elaine Brown since the beginning of this forum?   They're still prisoners in their own home by a government which refuses to SHOW THEM THE LAW which convicted them. 

     Government is motivated by NUMBERS, not individuals.  THEY OBEY NUMBERS, THEY KILL INDIVIDUALS.

    Their Tyranny will stop only when the NUMBERS become so great as to openly expose their Satanic Game and remove them from their fortress, built upon NOTHING BUT EMPTY WORDS.  What the hell is wrong with your people?  Can you not see that simple fact?. 

     In my view, each of you see yourselves as "good people" but in that positive imaged "goodness" you have betrayed Ed and Elaine with your all talk and no walk.  Your words are empty.  Your actions are empty, your spirit is empty.

      The Ed and Elaine Brown radio program on REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK (RBN) has betrayed Ed and Elaine by not paying attention to Ed and Elaine's Clearcut Solution.   If you are a SOVEREIGN, then DAMMIT, act like a SOVEREIGN.   Yet each of you have failed the test of SOVEREIGN as Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Nature men and women.

     You, the listening audience,  look for anything to distract you from the action that is necessary to stop the Death March to the New World Order.  Ed has told you what to do.  I have told you AD-INFINITUM what must be done.


     Until Servant Government does what their MASTERS tell them to do, ACT LIKE THE SOVEREIGNS YOU ARE AND TURN YOUR BACKS ON GOVERNMENT.  BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT them.  Refuse to cooperate in any and all phases of government, instead of allowing yourselves to be led around by that slavery ring in your noses, looking for any distraction to celebrate from you growing recognition of bondage. 

     Yes, I'm talking about deliberately programmed distractions of the Ed and Elaine program, using Ed and Elaine as a mind control focal point, while silly organizers look for anything and everything to celebrate, rather than act.  The fact is that most of you are oblivious to what I am now referring.  So let me make it clear. 

     Government will throw people in jail, but THEY WILL NOT SHOW THE LAW, NOR WILL THEY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS regarding JURISDICTION over Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural men and women they have thrown in jail.  As long as you are not the one being tossed into jail, what the HELL DO YOU CARE, EH?

     You have been conditioned long ago to embrace the hypnotic suggestion, YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL."  You have accepted its insinuation into your undiscriminating consciousness and so you make a great show of things, but nothing really happens. 

      You're too busy Celebrating images and icons which have enslaved you, locked you into your political and social "busy work."   Currently you're celebrating Ron Paul, a professional politician.  And now, most recently you are even drawn into the CELEBRATION of Aaron Russo's Death.  Men live.  Men die.  Must a man die, before you will act?  What does that say about you?

     You watch with great interest the busy work of Bob Schultz and "We the People Foundation"  who play the "slave game" very well.  They wouldn't know a Sovereign if one walked up and bit them in the behind.  The Government plays the tune, and they dance to it.  Endless, endless, meaningless legal actions which go nowhere because our government no longer follow God's Law, Common Law, or Constitutional Law.  Hell, THE COURTS MAKE IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG.  As for We the People, they are all show and no Go.  They capitulate and play by the rules of their opponents.  Who does not know by now that "those who make the rules win the game."

     Have you noticed, Ed and Elaine don't play by the Rules of their Servant Government.  Have you noticed that I don't play by the rules of my servant government?  Why?  Because we understand what it means to be a SOVEREIGN.  We understand the True relationship between ourselves and government and WE DON'T PLAY THEIR GAME, unless they can SHOW US THE LAW AND SHOW US PROOF OF JURISDICTION.

     Our words are our actions, our action are our words.  WE live Truth, while you experience starved arm-chair quarterbacks merely speculate about it. 

     Harsh words, or DOES THE SHOE FIT???  You be the judge!

                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


The Screwed Up Human Race -- Its Solution: DIVINE ANARCHY!!

Inana wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:04 am

i: > Please help us get this out to everyone.

i: > SaveAmericasFreedoms.Com Is Proud to Sponsor:

i: > THE "UNITED WE STAND" FUND RAISER Benefits: Sherry Jackson Defense Fund Through a unified effort, we can all come together to assist Sherry Peel Jackson in her stand and her hour of need! Sherry has been a pioneer in standing for and exposing the truth!

i: > Our raffle ticket fund raiser will be offering a chance to win a Package no true patriot will want to miss!

i: > The "United We Stand" package is a collections of autographed Books - Dvd's - Cd's, Tee shirts plus more!Below you will find a list of those who have given so generously from the heart...These well known pioneers among the patriot community have made this event possible with their contribution of gifts, skill, talent and intellectual dedication. ( We cannot thank them enough)

rk: Have you folks heard enough yet? How many times have you been solicited thus? What was the outcome? Has our world changed materially for the better? Have we eliminated tyranny, wars, health problems, exploitation, race and cultural divisions? Have we solved the problem of redistribution of wealth which is the real reason for our present enslavement?

rk; Has anybody other than this Living Christ shed any light into the dark consciousness of guilt and fear ridden men and women whose spirit has been broken because of Satanic mind control which has caused the daily stress of living every moment of such fragmented and confused existence in this Hell on Earth? Nah! The Satanic forces which rule you don't want you to be healed of body, mind and soul. They want you just the way you are, confused, angry, fearful and EASY PICKINS!!

rk: Do you trust yourself? Or do you Trust the Expert, the leader, the priest, the politician? Who makes your life's decisions for you?

rk: Notice the glib, positive imaged sales pitch above, soliciting your money, your hard earned assets. Do they belong to you as a Sovereign, or are they on temporary loan to you by your SLAVE MASTERS only to give it back to them with interest? Where are your contributions going to? Certainly not to Sherry Jackson, are they? And when you fall for this slick sales ploy, just as you are seduced a thousand times before into participating in telethons, Jogathons, raffles, etc., are you not being manipulated into supporting the very system which is oppressing you? FOLLOW THE MONEY. Look to see where the money goes. Does it not wind up in the coffers of the very corporate masters and their hired gun lawyers who are oppressing you?

rk: You folks are going about it all BASSACKWARDS, are you not? You are not BOYCOTTING, BOYCOTTING, BOYCOTTING the system, you are SUPPORTING, SUPPORTING, SUPPORTING the very system which oppresses you.

rk: The reason the Human Race and its Hell-bound, thought based Society is so screwed up, is because of the Satanic grip of mind Control which is all pervasive in our lives, so much so that we think it is NORMAL.

rk:. Civilized man has lost sight of who he truly is -- a creation of Divine Awareness who has been seduced into the worship of fragmented, opposing Satanic thinking.

rk: All Christs are holistic in consciousness. That is the natural state of man, sans conditioning. They are balanced human beings capable of mastery over their own minds, using the intellect for technical problem solving, and the God-given gift of Divine Awareness for all nontechnical problem solving.

rk: In other words they are guided by the hand of Infinite Intelligence -- God, Such men and women of unbounded balance and clarity of a nonconflicting Consciousness can be rightfully called Divine Anarchists, for they follow God's Law, the Law of Truth, These men and women are holistic, whole, complete, harmonious in mind and action, and therefore stand as a law UNTO THEMSELVES, but ONLY TO THEMSELVES. No one has a right to tell another HOW THEM MUST LIVE. NO ONE. Man made systems of thought may claim they have, but such intellectual claims are always found in Satanic Man's Law -- An Illusion fully admitted to all by administrators of man's law to be inferior and subservient to God's law.

rk: Stated simply so that those possessed of the most confused and dithered Satanically Conditioned Intellects amongst you cannot possibly miss -- the credo of the Divine Anarchist is, and always has been as follows:
Speak Truth: Do not lie. (holistic communication)
Be Balanced: Do not Cheat. (holistic Conduct)
Be Integral: Do not Steal. (holistic Being)
Live Love: Harm no one. (holistic Action)
Then Screw the rules!!

See: http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch23.htmAnarchy

rk: What place does Satanically based man's law, rules, policies, protocols have in the life of such an holistic man/woman? Answer: NONE!!!

rk: People of America are being conditioned into a War mind set. Into a violent bloody Revolutionary mind set. It shall be kill or be killed. Are you going to give up your guns? Are you going to board the boxcars taking you to relocation camps? If so, you have chosen slavery to freedom and I have no more to say to you.

rk: Why and how is killing made to be glorious and heroic in times of war, and a crime in Peacetime? That's a gimmee --- MIND CONTROL!

rk: If each of you reading this have no control over your mind, OTHERS WILL.

rk: Killing another is merely the ultimate of material problem solving, is it not? It is the ultimate removal of that which manifests as the problem when thought cannot do it (for thought must end for action to begin).

rk: We have a corrupt government and court system which is daily stripping away our God given Unalienable Rights through Tyrannical mind controlling programs and policies which engender force and fear into fragile, malleable, undiscriminating minds.

rk: The voting system is KAPUT! The elected officials are too compromised and blackmailed from taking any action which threatens the system which employs them. They no longer represent you, the people who elected them. They represent and support the interests of the Corporate contributors who have compromised their integrity early on in their careers.

rk: If you can't get anything else in your life, GET THIS! The whole system of Government is a SATANIC ILLUSION. It does not exist but in the minds of those who BELIEVE in it. Men will give their lives for such beliefs, -- They're call Martyrs and Canon Fodder in various circles. They are as Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger quoted in the book "Kiss the Boys Goodbye": "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

rk: I, this living Christ, am here to tell you it's not true. You are dumb and stupid animals only when you BELIEVE you are. You've read my expressed Divine Anarchist Credo above; Start this very moment to live such a life. No need to try. It is simple enough to do. Don't think it, DO IT!! When another seeks to exploit you out of habit, figuring you to be a "free lunch", merely mirror his behavior in contrast to the actions of an holistic being. That usually is sufficient to send him packing and in search of easier targets. Live this new way in all of your relationships, government and social alike.

rk: If you are threatened with bodily harm, you have the God-given right to Self-defense, and that includes against government officials and agents. If push comes to shove. shove back, not in anger or confusion, but in the pristine clarity of understanding that you are SOVEREIGN and have a Right to live, and no man can make Self-Defense, into a crime, especially in times of Martial Law and War against the People by their own government.

rk: If and when that doesn't solve the problem -- KILL HIM!!

rk: That is the ultimate act of clarity. You need no one to tell you the outcome of such a balance, clear action and its effect upon society. Do not kill because you are afraid. Do not kill because you are confused. Do not kill because you feel compelled to. Do not kill because someone tells you to. Kill because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com


While your Freedoms are Disappearing, You Folks are Playing Pattycake.    

  Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

My Intention in posting this is to show you what happens when one makes a true impact in exposing the Satanic Mind Control of Political and Religious Institutions over the mass mind.   

This is what is happens in the REAL WORLD, while  dilletantes are playing pattycake with one another

To: Earthlink Support

Sept 1 2007  ATTENTION EARTHLINK.  THIS IS THE SIXTTH EMAIL SENT YOU REGARDING THIS MATTER. Four others sent on the 15th 18th, 22nd, 23rd, and 26th of the month were sent yet no reply has been recieved. I consider this an invasion upon my Rights to have my articles BANNED from appearing on USENET because I sent them through Earthlink via my FREE AGENT newsreader WITHOUT A RESPONSIBLE INVESTIGATION into the matter.  I have been sending articles out for 12 years, NEVER have I exceeded the Spam Index.  FORGERIES in my name sent from other individuals who have stalked me and repeatedly tried to stop my posts from appearing are responsible for articles appearing in my name in groups and forums I have NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO.

I DEMAND an answer to this issue as this is the SIXTH EMAIL SENT TO YOU ON 9-1-07,  SIXTEEN DAYS SINCE THE FIRST EMAIL.   I am DISPLEASED with your lack of response in this matter.  If this issue requires the attention of another dept. in EARTHLINK, then please forward it to them with a confirmation of your action.  I receive acknowlegment emails that you have received my complaints, but no reply as to any action taken.  Since my banning, I have managed to send articles through Google.  The Internet is full of FORGERIES in my name.  Anything sent out from and IP service other thaN Earthlink and Google are phony articles and would be responsible for the violation of Spam Index. Please have a live person from Earthlink, email me on the progress of the Investigation.   Ray

 Go to your own search page at:

You will see that most of the articles are not written by me but are comments upon forgeries in my man.  The management of Earthlink is short sighted indeed in accomodating these conspiratorial disinformation agents bent on stopping my posting on USENET>  Below are some examples of comments made by these conspirators.  I ask that my articles be reinstated on Usenet through your NNTP service.   What else am I paying you for.   If you cannot or will not, please advise me of the reasons.  This is becoming ridiculous that after 7 requests for your reasons for banning my articles that you should not reply.  That is no way to run a business.

                                     Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Below is the latest celebration of my removal from USENET through Earthink; by those responsible,  I demand a thorough investigation into the matter and reinstatement to USENET   Ray:

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From: Postie's non-existent lien
Subject: Re: Government/Media Disinformation Agents Censor and Block Raymond Karczewski's Posts from appearing on USENET,  while They boastfully post Libelous Articles Like This: --- AND AMERICANS STILL BELIEVE LAW PREVAILS IN THE U.S.??
Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.usenet.kooks
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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 12:41:28 GMT

raymondkarczewski after being TOS'd from Earthlink's NNTP service,  then TOS'd from Supernews' NNTP service, and soon to be TOS'd from Earthlink altogether, whimpered:

> rk:       Surely you will ask the question, "Why the focus on the > reputation of Raymond Ronald Karczewski©,  his family, his wife, his  children?"

I prefer to ask, why don't you move on me, Ray? 


Aug. 18, 2007

To Earthlink Support

Is the following statement True?  Has Earthlink, blocked my NNTP access to USENET?  This is the  second communication regarding this matter in the past week with no response forthcoming from Earthlink support.  If it is True, how can such action be unilaterally taken with no Investigation first. There are hundreds of FORGED articles written in my name sent to forums and groups I never post to.  All be these same people.  These anonymous internet stalkers have been on me for 12 years unrelentingly and seem to operate with impunity.   Through their constant disruption to may articles they have been responsible for having me removed from many forums, now USENET.  The moderators felt it was easier to get rid of me that all of the phony aliases, these people operate under.   I expect an immediate answer and restoration to Usenet, If Earthlink is the responsible party for such censorship. 

"How many times has Widdy been TOSed, spammer?  CDS gave you the boot,  then Earthlink axed your usenet abuse, followed closely by Supernews. How long until L3 finally takes the initiative to completely remove  your ability to spam altogether? "

"Speaking of which, what does your incoherent diatribe have to do with  art.fan.art-bell or alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, spammer?  You're violating  the charters of these froups by poasting your off-topic spam again.  You must be looking for more abuse reports to be sent to your ISP :-) "

"Heh...  considering you've been kicked off three servers you would be  well advised to let the matter drop before your spamming costs you  your Internet access in it's entirity."   NOT TRUE  rk
                                       Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
To: EarthLink Support

To Earthlink Support

   All of my posts sent to USENET through EARTHLINK via my Free Agent software is being blocked by unknown hackers.  This kind of assault have occurred periodically throughout the last twelve years.  I am using Earthlink stmp news settings.  I do not know at what level my articles are being blocked.  The perpetrators now brag that they have accomplished in getting my posting rights revoked through Earthlink.   Please investigate this and get back to me on why I can no longer post through my Free Agent program.  (by the way, I am able to post through google)  Below is a  announcement I have written on my website.  It is followed by one of the anonymous Perpetrators, bragging of their accomplishment.

Raymond Karczewski wrote:
 NOTE:   Since Friday, Aug. 10th, 2007, ALL OF MY POSTED ARTICLES have been banned from appearing on any USENET NEWSGROUP.  Neither are they being ARCHIVED IN GOOGLE.  For Truth and Straight Talk, you will just have to come to this Website and the Few Forums which are left which have the courage to Stand Up to Government Intervention/Censorship.
Raymond Ronald Karczewski ©

Konvict Kampaign Manager 01036  
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 More options Aug 18, 9:49 am
Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell, alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, alt.usenet.kooks
From: Konvict Kampaign Manager 01036
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 16:49:09 GMT
Local: Sat, Aug 18 2007 9:49 am
Subject: Re: Ron Paul Political Consultant Asks to be Enlightened!!, Note Pathetic Disinformation Smear Attempt By Cowardly Anonymous Agent.
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Note: The author of this message requested that it not be archived. This message will be removed from Groups in 6 days (Aug 25, 9:49 am).
On 2007-08-18, raymondkarczewski staggered
up to the mike, hacked up a loogie, and shhhluuuuurred out:

> rk  >>:  No one need be a martyr

Then climb down off that makeshift cross, fatso.  Break apart the  planks, build a bridge to sanity, and start waddling.

> w:  >   Why do as you say, instead of as you do? You spend all sorts  > of time trying to justify grabbing at your gummint handout  withboth   hands, and you know what? It just doesn't work for me. It's a   rationalization about why you should be allowed to break your own  > boycott, and continue to suck at the governmemt teat.

> rk:  Retirement pensions are not welfare.

One doesn't retire after 8 years on the beat ergo your monthly handout from the government you profess to boycott, isn't a retirement check. Of course, you don't boycott government, either, otherwise you would not accept that handout.

> rk: >>  I suggest you read about my two cases

I'll take "mental" and "psychological" for a thousand, Alex.

> rk:  Big, brave disinformation agent, aren't you?

How many times has Widdy been TOSed, spammer?  CDS gave you the boot, then Earthlink axed your usenet abuse, followed closely by Supernews. How long until L3 finally takes the initiative to completely remove your ability to spam altogether?

Speaking of which, what does your incoherent diatribe have to do with art.fan.art-bell or alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, spammer?  You're violating the charters of these froups by poasting your off-topic spam again. You must be looking for more abuse reports to be sent to your ISP :-)

> w:  >  You attemted to extort money by threats of (barely) legal  action against the LEOs, and the the other Officers of the Josephine  County, Oregon Court System.

> rk:  Attempted?  Attempted?

Yes, pumpkin, attempted.  He is saying that you tried but failed which is the truth.  You couldn't even steal, could you, felon?  Not that you didn't try, but of all your failures the most flagging is your failure as a would be thief and scamster.  The only thing you've successfully  stolen is oxygen from that croaking gagging corpse of a wife of yours.

> Hell, you must be deluded to believe this matter between myself and > the STATE OF OREGON, JOSEPHINE COUNTY, and its complicit Agents in  crime is over.  

Yeah, right.  It's over.  Now accuse me of libel for disputing your  kooky k'lame.

> Hell, I've only just Begun..

Heh...  considering you've been kicked off three servers you would be well advised to let the matter drop before your spamming costs you your Internet access in it's entirity.

> w:  >   You were warned by the Oregon State Police that you were  skating on thin ice, but you ignored the warning, and tried to collect  a bogus debt in the form of a lien.


Prove it, convict.  Btw, how many states have you listed as a habitual troublemaker?  I came across an article where officials in Colorado were complaining about California kicking you out instead of locking you in.

> w:  >  The lien had no legal standing, a decision upheld by the  appelate court in your state.

> rk:  Whooop, whooop, whooop [...]

All we need now is a cartoon flipbook of you jumping up and down to the  beat of your whooping, convict.  

Look at that blubber fly!!!

> rk:    The simple fact is that the OREGON Appellate Court REFUSED TO  HEAR EITHER OF THE TWO CASES (02CR0617 and 03CR0170).

That means your legal issue is dead, chubsy.  Appeals rarely result in overturned verdicts, anyway, so you should be thanking them for saving you the embarrassment and legal bills.

> rk:  If a legitimate investigation by a competent investigative body

So you won't be pretending to be a cop again, eh?

> w:  >  You successfully turned a misdemeanor traffic beef into a seven  count felony charge.

> rk:  On the contrary [...]

No contrary to it, hun.  You were convicted, you confessed to being convicted on your kookshite, and your convictions are on the public record.  One merely has to go to the criminal records division at the Joco courthouse to see your many felony convictions.  Public records sure are Hell, aren't they?

> rk:    They committed an act [...]

Filing a number of bogus liens.  And it wasn't "they" that did that, it  was you, Roymond.

> rk:    I was and AM NO MAN'S SLAVE.

You would be more believable if you weren't on the government dole.

> rk:  By the way, when I am finished with them, I am coming after the  lot of you disinformation agents who've been engaged in a conspiracy  to Libel this man and his family for the last 12 years.  Be patient.

Snort!  Come get me, too, fat boy, come get me, too :-)  I've been patient for TWELVE LONG YEARS, yet no fat convict has waddled up to my house with an arrest warrant or court summons.  My houses have gotten bigger, my cars have gotten more luxurious, my income has grown, and I have more money than I know what to do with... of course, I know  what NOT to do with it and that is contribute to your online webshite  panhandling kampaign.  Sux2BU, dunnit?

> w:  >  You made yourself sick through a hunger strike, and the judge,  in a humanitarian gesture,

> rk:  BULLPUCKEY!!  That's all that can be said about that comment.

Thats because you cannot respond rationally to another factspnak by Widdy.  You starved yourself sick, the judge felt sorry for you, he figured an old coot in his dotage belongs in a hospital, not a jail.

> w:  > had you taken to the hospital, and later released you on parole.

> rk:  Do you mean when [...]

Are you so illiterate that you need someone to pull out the Crayolas and construction paper?

> rk:  As to the other statement [...]

As to nothing.  As I previously reminded you (seeing as you're so old and forgetful) you got sick from self-imposed starvation, the judge decided your hissyfit was a symptom of a person needing hospitalization  and thusly ordered it.  Nothing you say or do will ever change that embarrassing fact.  You were (and are still) an object of pity.  Hell, isn't it?

> w:  >  And don't spout any of that crap about agreeing to the  sentence. As far as I know, such an arrangement would have been the > first such in the country.

> rk:  It may very well have been THE FIRST ARRANGEMENT of its kind in > the country.

And there it is, the terminally unique defense.  In my experience the people who are most often terminally unique are alcoholics, substance abusers, the mentally ill, convicts, and undisciplined children.  You already fall into at least one of those catagories, care to keep your lips flapping and add yourself to a few others?

> rk:  These people are not to be feared, they are to be taken by the  ear like naughty children and thrown out of office.

You've had TWELVE LONG EARS to commit this sort of battery, yet you have not?  Afraid to step up to the plate and put your ass where your mouth is? 

> rk:  This simple solution [...]

That particular solution has a legal name, "battery."

> w: > I'd have had more respect for you, if taken your sentence, and  fought from prison.

> rk:  What they HELL do I need the respect of a Satanic jerk like  yourself for?

Because out of SIX AND A HALF BILLION PEOPLE, he's the only one who has offered it.  Hell, isn't it?

> w:  >  You are no more than a whiny little pussy..

> rk:  On a scale of one to ten, where does that statement line up on  the level of BASSACKWARD respect?

You get what you deserve, convict.  Apparently, your illiteracy has precluded your ability to comprehend that his respect was conditional upon your manning up and taking your lumps... for once.

> [rk: >> I'm 69 years old, a retired Police Sergeant, I've walked the  walk.

You've repeatedly waddled from your easy chair to the kitchen to deposit the product of your gluttony in the bathroom and back to the chair again.  Other that *THAT* all you've done is *TALK*

> w:  >  Bullshit! When it came time for you to step up, you hid your  fat ass behind a self-induced illness.

> rk:  Yet when Patrick Henry said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"

You don't have, won't have liberty.  Ever.  That leaves only one
choice, the question is, are you man enough to make it?

> disinformation yahoos such as yourself have no compunction about  using such statements for mind control purposes.  My actions were  those of "Give me Liberty or give me Death."

Then why are you still alive, felon?

> rk:  >> I  don't know about you, but I've had a lifetime to understand  my place in life, and my actions in life arise from that position.

Speaking of position, how many exotic positions did you experience while imprisoned, fat boy?  Someone as mouthy as you always are couldn't make it through the pokey without getting poked a few times.  Perhaps a few of the cell block guards could manufacture Google IDs and post some tales'0' Karczewskian terror ;-)

> w:  >  There you go, trying to rationalize your being jugged.
> Everything that happened to you, can be unerringly laid at you feet.

> rk:  There is no question [...]

I'm glad you agree.

> rk:  An Investigation would bear out that indisputable fact.  When  that happens, the jail cells throughout the country would be flung  open and innocent men and women, conned into consenting to their own  prosecution and incarceration through the chicanery and deception of  slick, black robed, modern day Pharisees, would enjoy the sweet taste  of Freedom, once again.

Ah, yes, the old, "lets let murderers and rapists roam free" ploy.  You must have a special friend from the inside you would like to come visit while that cadaver of a wife you claim to love, lays sucking an oxygen bottle while stuffed into the corner of the felonious trailer.

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Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell, alt.fan.rush-limbaugh, or.politics, alt.gossip.celebrities, or.politics
From: Abraham.Karczew...@googlemail.com
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2007 05:04:38 -0000
Local: Fri, Aug 31 2007 10:04 pm
Subject: Raymond Karczewski: A Brother and a Troubled Man
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My name is Abraham Karczewski, brother of internationally known writer Raymond Karczewski, an intelligent although troubled man who has chosen to estrange himself from his family all in the divisive name of a bizarre religion that he pieced together to help him cope with various issues that have ravaged his ability to think rationally.

I apologize for airing our dirty laundry in public newsgroups but I have no where to turn other than places I have learned that he reads. It it my hope that he will find and read this email, then respond to me privately.  This is not material for public disclosure, yet public disclosure is the only avenue left for me to appeal to my own flesh and blood for honest discourse and open dialog.

Ray has been haunted for decades by his sexual inclinations and the religion he has invented has been pieced together in such a way as to not only rationalize, but also mandate alternative lifestyles such as homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality.

Mind you, I have no quarrel with homosexuality, my quarrel is with a man who would manufacture a religion which through scriptural mandate, coerces it's members to engage in same-sex liaisons.  This does not conform to any contemporary definition of "consent."  Nevertheless, Ray's various writings on the subject go into disturbing detail to describe what he defines as "holy rituals of the flesh" with other men.

Ray goes on to prescribe constituencies for his congregations,
specifically, temples of 144 members (36 men, 36 women, 36 boys, and 36 girls) with the minors described as "virginal children."  He also demands constant perfection, that these numbers are to never fluctuate.  He states that he shall embark upon daily "divine journeys" to "enjoin himself" with these virginal children.  Here is a perfect example of one of his logical flaws; once he has "enjoined himself" with one of those children, they are no longer virginal.  He makes no provision in his religion for these children from whom he has just taken their virginity, then says nothing toward the fluctuation in his mandated demographic.

Equally distasteful is his "Ritual of the Range" which requires the use of a horse, donkey, or mule as a sexual partner.  He has forced his ex-wife Anita to engage in this ritual with a donkey at a nearby stud farm on at least a dozen different occasions according to the criminal complaint that resulted from the divorce.  The ritual is supposed to teach humility and submission, the animal is a metaphor for Ray as a "LIVING GOD."  Unfortunately, the donkey that was used by
Anita was physically too large for her body and she frequently required stitches to close tears in her vagina.  To this day, she cannot engage in sexual behavior due to the extensive damage to her anatomy.

Anita finally filed for divorce when Ray demanded she service his entire Klavern.  Ray, in case you didn't know, is the Supreme Grand Dragon in the Portland Klavern which is a group of ku klux klansmen who are currently involved in planning security for a white power gathering called "Hammerfest 07" scheduled to occur in that city this October.

As you can see, Ray is a troubled man.  He has been suffering from schizophrenia since early adulthood, his brain is also ravaged by syphilis which he contracted from poultry he molested as a child on a neighbor's farm.  My niece Kasia and I succeeded in having him committed to the psychiatric facility in Salem for a week but after he was stabilized last month, he was released and immediately went off his medication.

I ask for public assistance in locating Raymond, possibly even observing him and reporting findings to local mental health concerns. Ray is a danger to himself and others and I fear for my brother's life.

Ray, if you are reading this and you wish to discuss these matters privately, then email me at abraham.karczew...@googlemail.com.  Until you make a good faith effort to contact me, I will continue to seek assistance in these public venues under the assumption you have not yet read my post.
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Chadwick Stone  
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From: "Chadwick Stone"
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 14:42:38 GMT
Local: Fri, Aug 31 2007 7:42 am
Subject: Re: The Screwed Up Human Race -- Its Solution: DIVINE ANARCHY!!
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Archie Leach [arc...@no.spam] has entered into testimony

> raymondkarczewski wrote:

>> rk:  You folks are going about it all BASSACKWARDS, are you not?  You
>> are not BOYCOTTING, BOYCOTTING, BOYCOTTING the system, you are
>> SUPPORTING, SUPPORTING, SUPPORTING the very system which oppresses
>> you.

> And you are SPAMMING, SPAMMING, SPAMMING the newsgroups with your
> phony philosophy, raymondkarczewski.

You would think that a *discerning* Christ would have learned his lesson after being TOS'd by CDSNet... then Earthlink's NNTP service... then Supernews... but no.  As Art Deco once said, k0oKs are incapable of learning anything.

Wonder how long it will be until Earthlink washes their hands of big fat raymond, altogether? :P

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A Bleating Sheep Stands out in the Herd --  SO WHAT???

Mike the roboslayer, like, killing robots and shit  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote;

Aug 31, 2007 1:22 AM

m:   >   I dunno, but Ray's logic is...agreeable....but not exactly impressive.

rk:  I speak for myself, of myself, by myself.  That in today's bible thumping, quote-crutched world is singularly  impressive, doncha think?

m:   >   He's not saying anything new.

rk:  All that is known is known by all who know it.  All that is understood, is what lies beyond what is known by everyone who knows. One who understands is a light unto himself and openminded others leaving the remainder of the limited knowers in the dark where they chose to live..

m:  >   He just hasn't considered how difficult it is for many reasons to just "drop out" and stop buying things, or stop living your life in "protest" of the government.

rk:  On the contrary, I just don't pander to those whose first reaction is to make excuses for their blind and ignorant ways.

m:   >   It's not that people are stupid,

rk:  Have you been out of your cave lately?  Just pay attention to the responses to my posts and you will see STUPIDITY in abundance.  The real funny part of it all, is that they attempt to pass off such STUPIDITY as CLEVERNESS.

m:  >   it's that they have families to feed.

rk:  There you've got me.  Stupid People do have families, and yes, even stupid people "gotta" eat.

m:  >  It's easy to be a "drop-out" intellectual when you're living on retirement income,

rk:  One has to first work to get such earned retirement.  You sound like a "poor me, poor me" slaveminded "sour graper" to me.  Do you ever listen to yourself?  You might try it sometime.

m:  >   or daddy's money, or however it is that you do not need to work.

rk:  See "Work" = "Earned Retirement" above.  

m:  >   There are also social pressures against "dropping-out" from friends and family that would not follow your lead.

rk:  "Poor Baby"  Open your eyes, Look behind you, search real hard and you might even find a backbone.

m:  >   It's simple, yeah, power corrupts...and over time it becomes overbearing and people suffer.

rk:  People Suffer because there is a lesson in suffering for them. 

rk:  People suffer, because they are not "holistic" human beings.

rk:  People suffer, because they are ignorant, in other words, limited human beings.  .

rk:  People suffer, because they doubt themselves.

rk:  People suffer, because they are Satanically, mind controlled, undiscriminating, reactionary, programmable automatons.  That's how they got to be so ignorant.

rk:  Yep,  People suffer because they bring it on themselves and deserve to suffer.

m:  >   Then the power vacuum implodes and a certain level of balance is restored.

rk:  Is that when the Faire Godmother, or Christian Savior comes to their Rescue in their belief-ridden state of mind?

m:  >    If humans could change this pattern of history, we would.

rk:  Like I said, human beings in the lot, are an ignorant, mind controlled bunch, are they not?   You are screaming about the light shining in your eyes from my posts.  Hurts, doesn't it?

m:  >  But human nature gets the best of us every time.

rk:  Yep, This must have been really exhausting for you.  Time to close your eyes, go nighty-night, and dream of better days to come.  That's the ticket, eh?

                      Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Christ:  A Mirror of Truth!!

Mike the roboslayer, like, killing robots and shit wrote:

Farkasm: wrote:

pxichick69  wrote:

Raymond Karczewski (arkent3@earthlink.net) wrote:

 Sep 4, 2007 9:39 PM

rk:    I've taken the opportunity to address some of the typical responses to my original article of "What Ray Is is a Destroyer of Illusion. Ray Is not a Hero, Just a Simple Man of Truth, A Christ, a Vanquisher of Satanic Mind Control.

rk:  The article can be found on my Myspace message board. see: http://forum.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=messageboard.viewThread&groupID=0&page=

rk:  As one can see the thread is growing in numbers, but shriveling in  intelligence.  I am posting my observations of these reactions to my articles elsewhere on the Internet  because this is what is wrong with the world of civilized human beings.  It needs to be exposed for all to see, even the individuals who are blind to their own reflection as they stare into the Mirror of Truth. 

rk:  "Growing in numbers, but shriveling  in intelligence"  Do not take this comment as an idle judgment, rather,  you can take this one to the bank.  The civilized human race is operating at a deficit when it comes to withdrawing their feeble assets from their Intelligence account, that is,  when it comes to expressing their true level of understanding, perception and awareness.  The Mirror of Truth acts as, a gauge to their intelligence operating in their typical  relationships  with others, all the while not having a clue of what they look and sound like to the rest of the world. 

rk:  Face it folks, the average civilized man/woman is an IGNORAMUS.   In otherwords, they are satanically conditioned, mind controlled human being, prideful in their limited consciousness.  They indict themselves with their every word and action, and remain oblivious to it all.  THATS IGNORANCE!!   

rk:  So why me?  Why do I attract them like a lightning rod?  The answer is really quite simple.  I am a simple man of Truth.  Truth is the only holistic state of Consciousness that is untouched by the fragmented, opposing  illusions and attacks launch by the ignorant. 

rk:  Truth acts as a standard upon which all other lesser images of intelligence can be seen for what they are -- accurately and precisely.  Truth has no concern for social, political, and religious taboos, for the latter are no more than examples of satanic mind control parameters set forth by remote authoritative,  elitist satanic controllers , who promise peace and clarity through the positive imagery of words, but deliver a hell here on earth through their daily actions.

rk:  One will note that few, if any will actually have the courage to  address the content of my messages, but instead "join the pack" in delivering silly one-liner assaults which allow them to feel safe in their vague, ambiguous, but maliciously intended retorts. 

rk:  If any of you wonder why you have descended into slavery instead of living the rich life intended for all Sovereign Children of God, all you have to do is open you eyes and take a good look at what you do, not what you think.   Here are but a few examples:

f:   >>>  But how do you combat satanic conditioning with more satanic conditioning?

rk:  A better question would be why do you not perceived the reflection you see as you stand before the Mirror of Truth to be an accurate assessment of your intelligence without addition or detraction from it by the mirror.  It is such accuracy that drives ignoramuses up the walls, as they begin to see their battle is solely with themselves, not the mirror.

pxi: >>   now your just being silly Ray copy your OP and remove your name save it to Doc and look at it in the morning, really look at it and then maybe you'll see the way your coming across to people.

rk:  A good exercise, especially when your comments are being address to a Mirror which can only reflect WHAT IS. .  Can you not see the mirror can only reflect that which stands before it?

rk:   >>>>  "No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

mtr:  >   Jesus was a carpenter. Didn't that take intellect? ....as you stare into the face of the great Satan, pounding at His paws, tongue splitting through the cyber realm.

rk:  Ah!  an Intellectual, and a prideful one at that!  (Your answer lies in my articles concerning technical and non-technical problem solving)  See:  http://www.arkenterprises.com/index8.html

mtr:     Intellectual thought is not the satanic weapon, the satanic weapon is ignorance. God offered us ignorance, to be like the animals that inhabit our world...running from the enemy, attacking our prey with our bare hands (or picking berries and shit, most likely)
Living a life of pack or herd. Satan offered us intelligence, enlightenment, the chance to be master of our own destiny, the chance to be gods. And when we unravel the genetic code, and then create our own, we will be gods in our own right. It is what remains of "god" in us that leads to evil.....fear, hate, jealousy....ignorance. It is the meek who suffer for their lack of intelligence, their fear and hate, their sheer ignorance and acts of selfishness. Jesus was a teacher, a teacher of ideas and intellectual thought. He had no concept of "satan" or "god" as we know it....that came later under the guiding pen of ignorant humans full of fear and hate and devious plots of control. Jesus understood the difference between intellectuality and materialism. The word of Jesus was to vanquish hate, to vanquish fear and selfishness.....to vanquish ignorance. Only when we let free of these shackles will our intellect allow for the end of human suffering.

rk:    Mike here is a Satanist. He pridefully points this out in his comments.

rk:   Mike here, is BASSACKWARDS, and doesn't even know it.

rk:   His intellect is his "god".

rk:   Mike here is an ignoramus, a human being of  limited awareness, one who compensates for it with cleverness of concepts.

rk:     In otherwords, Mike here is a driven intellectual.  Humans like Mike here have followed his formula since the fall from grace. 

rk;    You can see what they have done with the world they have made through their intellect.  Hell, isn't it?

"No other man but I in the recorded History of
mankind, including JESUS  CHRIST, has directly
revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to
enslave mankind -- INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!"

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© http://www.arkenterprises.com